Hollywood Gym & Lounge #8: The Substitute by Tank

It was early afternoon in the Hollywood Gym and Lounge and it was already becoming a trying day for everyone. The air conditioning had broken down and the A.C. repair man assigned was well behind on his work. Halle Berry, topless in her tan gym shorts strained her muscles on the bench press. Many in the gym were surprised at the amount of weight she was able to lift for such a petite woman. It must have been close to 90 degrees in the building but Halle, like others in the gym, was dedicated to her workouts. As beads of sweat streamed down her large, full breasts while she pumped iron, Halle could not take her eyes off Penelope Cruz. The Spanish beauty was dressed in a red bra and shorts as she peddled casually on a stationary bike in full view of where Halle was pumping iron about thirty feet away.

‘She's perfect for my first Challenge Match!’ Halle thought as she eyed Penelope. ‘We're both petite and lovely. Hmmm...the match can be advertised as Pretty Penelope vs. Hunky Halle! I like it! Or maybe...Hot Leopard Halle vs. Pussycat Penelope. I'd love to dominate her in my leopard skin bikini in front of everyone. I better challenge her before someone else beats me to her. Then I'll talk to Kim and Ginny about promoting it!’

As Halle was planning for her match, the wrestling class would require the service of a substitute instructor because Marjean was going on a hiking and camping trip for a few days. Marjean was teasing Claudia Schiffer, asking if she wanted to join her, “I’d be just the two of us!"

The blond beauty quickly declined her ‘invitation.’ Marjean already had two back-up instructors for her class whenever she wasn't able to be there, Torrie Wilson and Cori Nadine. Both were eager for the increased status in the Gym and Lounge the class provided. They felt being the ‘number one’ replacement for Marjean would make them more important - and give them the status that offered the opportunity to lord it over the bartenders. Plus, higher status meant they could hang out at the lounge as one of the ‘insiders.’

Marjean had interviewed both when she began her classes and, after thinking it over, she’d chosen Torrie as her substitute. She liked Torrie's personality and she’d developed a “rapport” with her, not only during her interviews but at night after the gym closed and they could spend some “quality time” together. When she told them of her decision, Torrie was excited and Cori managed to keep her feelings of envy and resentment of being scorned to herself. Cori asked Marjean, “Could I attend as a student, just to learn more about the class?” and Marjean, naively, said it was fine with her.
It was 2:00 PM, the time Marjean usually began her class. Torrie, respectful of Marjean's way of doing things, stood in front of her class wearing a skimpy camouflage fatigue bra and thong as Marjean always wore to class. Barefoot in her revealing combat fatigues, Torrie was one hot looking instructor! The class consisted of Kate Beckinsale, Hudson Leick, Alexandra Paul, Nicolette Sheridan, Nicole Kidman, and Cori Nadine. Torrie noticed everyone was properly dressed in a top and gym shorts except Cori who was wearing only a white thong and matching top - so skimpy it barely covered her nipples,

Torrie was appalled at Cori's lack of respect for her class. The buff brunette knew the rules of dress and Torrie received the impression that her rival Cori was purposely disrespecting her! "Cori, did you bring your gym shorts with you?"

"I need to be comfortable in this heat," Cori replied, her top already drenched with sweat. "I see it's alright for YOU to wear a bra and thong, Torrie!"

Torrie betrayed a look of disdain for her 'student' but said nothing. She began to teach her class thinking, ‘If she continues to give me a problem, she WILL have to be disciplined!’

The other students understood that with the air conditioning not working - not to mention Cori's rebelliousness - it was going to be a hot, steamy, class in more ways than one! Despite the tension, Torrie kept her poise and proceeded with the hour class. Like Marjean, she began with a brief lecture on the advantages of learning how to wrestle skillfully and properly, answered questions from the students - and totally ignored Cori, who yawned as if there was nothing Torrie could teach her.

Then the lovely blond instructor made a bold move, considering it was her first class, telling the class, "Just in case some of you may be questioning my qualifications to teach this class, I now challenge the top student to a match. Alexandra, come forward!"

Alexandra Paul was the top rated student based on previous classes. The former Baywatch lifeguard, wearing a light blue top and shorts, walked to the front of the class and met Torrie on the mat. Hudson was given the whistle. As the two women knelt on the mat and clasped hands, the whistle blew and they began wrestling. Alexandra used her best moves, attempting throw downs, headlocks, and half nelsons; but Torrie skillfully prevented her student from executing any of her well practiced maneuvers. Then the instructor took over!

Overpowering Alexandra, Torrie flipped the short haired brunette to the mat on her belly and straddled on top of her back. Pinning her student's arms behind her back in a full nelson, the athletic blond beauty bent the brunette's back toward her. Then Torrie dug her knees into Alexandra's thighs as the brunette winced in pain. The student was looking more helpless by the moment. As her instructor continued to bend her back toward her, Alexandra found herself looking up into Torrie's large sweat glistened breasts. The blond covered Alexandra's face with her breasts, quickly released her full nelson and executed a Reverse Bearhug around the brunette's small, firm, breasts.

Alexandra was hurting and appeared to have no answers for Torrie's strength and aggression. The blond was in total control. Falling backward she lifted the brunette with her arms still locked around her breasts, propelled her over her head and slammed Alexandra to the mat behind her. The brunette crashed on her back dazed. As agile as a cat, Torrie sprang to her feet, leaped into the air and sprang on the dazed brunette. Torrie's large breasts landed on Alexandra's much smaller pair with a thud, as the strong and sexy blond pinned her defeated student's shoulders to the mat. Hudson, the designated referee counted to three and Torrie raised her hands in victory, then jumped off the overwhelmed brunette and motioned Hudson to take her place back with the other students.

Hudson and Nicky were watching Alexandra lying on the mat trembling and teary eyed after her encounter with her lovely but fierce instructor. Nicole and Kate were staring wide eyed at Torrie, as if they were beholding a goddess. The beautiful blond, her hands resting on her hips, her breasts full and sweat glistened, stood proudly on the mat and glared at her students, like a victorious warrior queen searching her subjects for the least sign of rebellion against her. Cori, her tight fitting white top and thong sweat drenched just from being in the room, stretched her tawny muscular body impatiently, her eyes fixed with amusement on her instructor's skimpy, combat fatigue thong which had become stuck in her crotch while she wrestled and wasn't covering all it was intended to.

The one hour class was less than half over. Torrie was confident after her magnificent performance on the mat that she had established her authority over all her students, including Cori. The blond tigress read Cori's demeanor as more docile than she had been at the beginning of class. How could she not be? The tall, shapely, and well muscled instructor had demonstrated what she was capable of doing if any student dared to challenge her authority. She moved among her class now with more of a swagger, the way Marjean would when she taught.

"For the next few minutes, I want everyone to pair up and practice the techniques you've learned since you began this class with Marjean. Later, you will engage your partner in a three minute wrestling match."

Torrie began to strut toward her students as she spoke. She looked them in the eye and looked to be challenging them to bring out their best. She spoke, moved and conducted herself like the toughest of military drill instructors, raising her voice and threatening to physically discipline any student who didn't give her best. When she got to Cori, she stopped and they stared into each other's eyes. The 5'9” blond in skimpy combat fatigues standing two inches taller than the 5'7” brunette whose moist white top only covered the top of her large breasts down to her nipples. Cori's thong was as skimpy as Torrie's and, like the students, both were barefoot.

Torrie wanted to send the message to her brunette rival that she did not particularly respect her wrestling ability. She was about to pair off her six students to spar and then wrestle each other. The athletic blond also wanted to inform her class in so many words that this muscular and strong looking woman, who looked to be challenging her authority at the beginning of class, was someone she thought of as unimposing, vulnerable, and even liable to get hurt in a match against another student.

Condescendingly, Torrie put her hand on Cori's shoulder and said, "Cori, I'm sorry to drag you into this since you don't have the wrestling experience the others have. No one wants to see you get hurt. I'll give you your choice to spar and wrestle with any of the five students."

Cori well understood her instructor's condescending approach and responded in a way which was sure to insult her rival. "Let's see...," the brunette began to answer as she sized up the other students. "…since you’re worried I might get hurt, maybe it’d be best if I choose a BLONDE! Everyone knows blondes are easily dominated, even ones who ACT TOUGH!"

Torrie knew Cori meant the insult for her personally and so did the rest of the class, but she laughed it off. "Hudson, you be Cori's partner! Take it easy on her! Nicole, you spar with Alexandra! Nicky, you’re with Kate!"

Torrie stared into Cori's eyes and her lips curled in a smile; but her eyes weren’t smiling. Neither were Cori's as she returned the fraudulent gesture before taking her place beside Hudson.
Inside the lounge, everyone was relieved to hear the a/c would be operational within the hour. Charlize and Claudia were bar tending while Paris spent her day off sitting at the bar between Tansel and TNT. She’d consumed a few drinks already and was clearly put out by Cori's statement that, "…blondes are easily dominated."

‘Not THIS blond,” Paris muttered under her breath. "That bitch has the nerve to say that about us?!" she growled. "I hope Torrie beats the crap out of her and makes her eat…eat…well, her words anyway!"

"Don't let it upset you, Paris,” Charlize replied. "Cori just said that to make Torrie angry. Marjean told me Cori really wanted to be the instructor."

"She shouldn't have said such a stupid thing,” Gena Lee Nolin told Amateur. “I guess she didn’t see me in action in the Challenge Room, eh Amateur?" He had to nod in agreement.

Further down the bar, Claudia was more interested in flirting with jb than in the conversation but Paris couldn't let it alone.

"I think blondes ARE tougher than brunettes!" Paris told Tansel, her blue eyes flashing as she sipped her drink through pouty lips wrapped around a brightly colored straw. "Supergirl is blond; just like me!" she said proudly.

"So is Sheena the Jungle Princess!" added Gena Lee.

"But those women don't count,” Tansel argued. “They're fictional characters."

"You saying I'M fictional?!!" Gena protested, angrily thrusting her bosom forward in an unspoken challenge.

Amateur quickly tried to divert her attention to the wrestling class to avoid friction but Paris doggedly kept after the subject. "Well how about Beyonce? She's a blond and she had Liz Hurley bawling like a school girl the other night!"

"Can't count Beyonce either!" Jack Fac yelled across the room; talking over the chicken wing Downtown Julie Brown was trying to push into his mouth. “Anybody’s seen Beyonce ‘up close ‘n’ personal’ knows she’s sure no ‘natural’ blonde…for goodness sakes!”

Paris whirled around and pointed to Charlize who’d busted out laughing, "Well…how ‘bout Charlize?"

"HER you can count!" laughed TNT. “We’ve ALL seen what she’s packing and it’s natural blond fur shur.”

"What about me?" Gena asked Amateur, pouting.

"Oh, definitely! You as well, Gena!" he affirmed quickly.

Charlize pointed to the screen where the sparing session had given way to real matches, “Action’s heating up.”

Kate Beckinsale and Nicolette Sheridan were clasping hands on the mat in front of Torrie. Suddenly, the viewers in the lounge were distracted by the sound of two women screaming. They all turned around in time to see Penelope Cruz race into the lounge chased by a topless Halle Berry.

"But I didn't come here to fight!" Penelope protested, yelling over her shoulder at Halle.


Penelope reached the exit and ran out the door with Halle gaining on her!
Everyone looked at each other, then shrugged and returned their attention to the wrestling on the screen where the match between Kate and Nicolette was still a close one and neither could pin the other. Torrie blew her whistle to bring it to an end, then awarded the decision to Sheridan.

Next, she gestured for Nicole Kidman and Alexandra Paul to come forward, saving Cori and Hudson for last. As their match was about to begin, Torrie looked over at Cori and saw she’d removed her top. She was about to scream at the insolent brunette to put it back on, then decided to ignored her and returned her attention to the match at hand. Cori caught Hudson's attention and gave her a wink; her large breasts sweat glistened as she breathed deeply and began to loosen up. Torrie looked at Hudson and smiled. She was trying to relax the student who appeared tight and a bit nervous. Cori looked intimidating to her. She then looked at Cori again and gave her a smirk before motioning Nicole and Alexandra to clasp hands and prepare to wrestle.

Torrie blew her whistle and the women began. Tall, lanky Nicole got off to a good start, Head Locking Alexandra. She was able to maintain her hold on the struggling brunette for awhile, but slowly the muscular ex-Baywatch lifeguard slithered free and powered Nicole onto her belly. Alexandra straddled her and slim Nicole was unable to force the brunette off of her. With less than thirty seconds left, Alexandra flipped Nicole onto her back, flopped atop her and pinned her shoulders. Torrie counted to three and raised Alexandra's arm in victory.

Finally, Torrie called Hudson and Cori to the mat. Everyone’s bodies were beaded with sweat and Cori's full bare breasts were no exception. As they were given the signal to clasp hands, Torrie was hoping Hudson would use her knowledge from previous classes to teach the prima donna a lesson in wrestling. But Cori proved too strong. Torrie was preparing to study Cori's every move so she’d have a strategy against her if necessary. She was still fuming over the brunette's insolence and wasn't about to take any more displays of disrespect against her.

The lovely blond blew her whistle and they began wrestling. Hudson moved in and tried for a quick Takedown but Cori's superior strength tossed her backward. The blond moved in again and tried a Headlock but Cori slipped out of it and pushed Hudson to the mat.

"No pushing!" Torrie shouted.

Hudson got to her knees quickly but now Cori was the aggressor and she pressed forward. Hudson, using her experience, quickly executed a Half Nelson on the surprised brunette as she slipped behind her. Straining for every ounce of strength, Hudson still couldn’t keep Cori from twisting her arm free. As the blonde's momentum sent her forward, the strong brunette, whipped her freed arm around and grabbed Hudson’s arm. Pulling Hudson into her, Cori wrapped her arms around her in a Bearhug.

Flexing her biceps, the powerful brunette inhaled deeply, her big bare breasts thrusting into and overwhelming Hudson's smaller breasts. Then with a display of her power, Cori lifted Hudson off her knees and lunged forward. Grunting, she picked Hudson up and drove her down on her back!

"OOOOOH!" Hudson had the wind knocked out of her as Cori landed on her with all her weight.

As the brunette pressed her strong body into her foe, Hudson's eyes began to roll back. She had no answer for Cori's sturdy body pressing into her with all her power. She lay motionless hoping Torrie would end the match. Kneeling close to them, Torrie waited until it was clear Hudson wasn’t going to escape, gave a hurried three count and blew her whistle ending the match.

But Torrie refused to raise Cori's arm after she got to her feet so the brunette raised her own arms as she faced the instructor and smiled gloatingly. "Looks like your girls didn't learn much today…Instructor Torrie."

Cori turned to watch Hudson roll off the mat moaning. Then, glancing at the other students who were huddled close to each other, their eyes on her and Torrie. Cori gazed into Torrie's blue eyes and smirked. She could see Torrie was absolutely livid! She looked at the other students, then pointed at Torrie's combat fatigue thong which, as she jumped around refereeing the matches, had worked off to one side leaving her bulging womanhood exposed.

Cori chuckled and exclaimed loudly, "But how do you expect to learn anything about wrestling when you’re being trained BY A PUSSY!"

"Oh really!?" Torrie responded curtly.

Torrie began to pace back and forth; her students hanging on every word and gesture of the two dominant beauties. Without exception, were hoping the lovely and athletic instructor would put the disrespectful brunette in her place. Cori put her hands on her hips and began to smirk as she watched the blond trying to decide what to do. She assumed that Torrie, despite her physical prowess, was intimidated by her and really didn’t want a confrontation, so she was surprised when Torrie turned and snapped, "You’ve caused just about ENOUGH PROBLEMS Nadine! Time we found out who the ‘real woman’ is!"

"It’s about time!" the muscular brunette snickered. "I thought you were going to threaten to run and tattle tale Marjean on me!"

Both women now looked very serious as they stared at each other with fire in their eyes while every student watched intently! Torrie tossed her whistle to Nicole, then knelt on the mat and motioned for Cori to join her. Cori took all her time before finally kneeling facing her instructor.

"I’d hate to humiliate you in front of your class, Torrie," Cori grinned.

Torrie, knowing she meant the exact opposite, answered, "Don't worry, Cori, you won't!"

They clasped hands and Nicole blew the whistle! Cori grunted and quickly pushed Torrie backward. The blond, anticipating her tactic, sat back on her butt and tucked her knees up to her chest as she fell onto her back on the mat. As Cori fell on top of her, Torrie spread her knees and wrapped her legs around the brunette's midsection in a Scissors. With a twist of her hips, Torrie rolled the aggressive student off to the side, grunting as she strained to keep her strong, shapely thighs tight around Cori’s ribs. Cori felt the strength in Torrie’s thighs as she wedged her arms inside Torrie's Scissors between her ankles and calves, then used her powerful arms to slowly forced Torrie's legs to spread by attacking their weakest point.

Torrie maneuvered behind Cori as she felt the brunette's strong arms slowly spreading her legs and weakening the power of her Scissors. The agile blond quickly released her Scissors, lunged and grabbed Cori's arms above her biceps. Scrambling to her knees behind the wriggling brunette, Torrie pulled her arms behind her in a Full Nelson. The skillful instructor was still looking for an early submission as she hammered her knees into Cori's ribs and back.

Cori bent forward trying to flip Torrie over her, but the savvy blond kept her weight low and prevented it. Unable to flip Torrie, Cori thrust her butt back, pressing her weight back onto Torrie until she succeeded in knocking her backward onto the mat. The more experienced blonde maintained her Full Nelson, again wrapping her legs around Cori's ribs and beginning to squeeze.

Like a wild woman, Cori bucked backward onto Torrie with her butt, grunting loudly in the process. She was able to break her right arm free of Torrie’s Full Nelson, then lowered the arm and clamped it around the blonde's head and began flexing her bicep. Most women would have succumbed to Torrie's powerful Leg Scissors by now and even Cori was feeling the pressure around her ribs. But her sturdy, well-muscled body was able to stand up under the power of Torrie's thighs without wilting.

Cori kept bouncing up and down on Torrie, her butt slamming back into Torrie's womanhood as she continued to flex her hard bicep around Torrie's head. Torrie still had the advantage - to the delight of her students and most watching in the lounge - but her plan to force Cori to submit to the same holds she executing had to be scrapped in favor of a deadly maneuver.

Cori’s buff body was even stronger than Torrie had expected and she was growing dizzy from Cori's tight Headlock as the bodybuilder’s bicep was cutting off the flow of blood to her brain. As Cori continued to lift her butt and SLAM it back onto Torrie's womanhood, the lovely blond instructor started to wrestle defensively, trying to pry Cori's arm from her head with her free hand. Her brunette opponent, still grunting and bucking wildly on top of her, forced Torrie to relinquish her advantage which was becoming less in her favor as Torrie realized she had a mighty and savage tigress by the tail!

Torrie used her thighs to twist Cori onto her side and finally was able to break the brunette's Headlock. Cori tried to roll free but the athletic instructor scrambled to her knees and pounced on her back, slamming Cori to the mat on her chest. Torrie, not following the strict rules of wrestling, snapped her knee up into Cori’s lower back.

"OOOOHHHHH!" Cori groaned. The students were hoping their lovely and adept instructor could finish off the insolent brunette and when Torrie wrapped her arms around Cori's throat and applied a Choke Hold while snapping another knee into her back it looked like she might.

But with Torrie having broken the strict rules of wrestling, Cori felt no compunction about following suit! She dug an elbow back into Torrie's ribs which made the blond wince, then she grabbed Torrie about the head and arched her back, flipping the instructor over her shoulder. Torrie landed with a heavy THUD on the floor and let out a grunt.

Cori looked to pounce but as she left the floor, Torrie snapped her legs out and kicked Cori in the belly! She fell back on her ass as the blond got to her knees. Cori quickly struggled to her knees and they advanced toward each other cautiously, each with the intention of dominating the other! Sweating profusely, they began to grapple, Torrie again surprised Cori by driving a knee up into the brunette's belly.

"OHHHHH!" Cori moaned as she doubled over gasping.

Again the blond had the advantage and she Headlocked Cori, her biceps straining as she tightened her arm around Cori's head. Torrie felt she’d heaped enough punishment on the brunette in terms of the Leg Scissors, Full Nelsons, Chokes and illegal Knees to finish off nearly anyone she’d ever wrestled before.

‘Surely, she must be wearing down and ready to submit,’ Torrie thought.

The lovely blond instructor continued to apply pressure to her Headlock as Cori wrapped her arms around her in a Side Bearhug and began to squeeze. Cori flexed her biceps on Torrie's waist while the blond flexed hers on Cori’s head. Both women were tiring in the oppressive heat, especially Torrie who’d been active the entire hour of class while Cori had carefully paced herself. Cori moved back slightly, then began pounding her knee into Torrie’s tight ass; grunting as she continually flexed her steely biceps, tightening her grip on Torrie's slim waist. Cori was also weakening, getting dizzy from the pressure of Torrie’s Bearhug, but she had plenty of strength and fire enough to make Torrie to wince in pain as she pushed Torrie sideways and tripped her to the mat. Still, Torrie retained her Headlock!

Torrie knew she couldn’t force Cori to submit with her Headlock and now that Cori was pressing her weight down on her, she seemed to be as strong as she was at the start of the match. The blond beauty, however, felt herself wearing down from the heat and the pressure of Cori's muscular body. Torrie knew she needed a surprise to turn the match back in her favor.

Cori, pinning Torrie onto her side, used her arms to pry her head from the blonde's Headlock. Torrie saw Cori’s thong right in front of her and knew she needed to do something dramatic to keep the powerful brunette from taking control. She maneuvered her body, reared her knee back and launched it toward Cori's groin…

…and the brunette blocked it! Cori smiled at Torrie, pressing her weight on the blond and forcing her flat on her back. Torrie began punching Cori in her face as she frantically bucked up and down…and Cori retaliated with a straight right that CRACK hit Torrie square in the face!

"OWWWW!" Torrie yelped. The punch dazed the blond enough for the muscular brunette to capture Torrie's wrists and pin her arms to the carpet. Cori’s massively muscled legs wedged themselves between Torrie’s limp legs, wrapping around them in a Grapevine, then Spread-eagling her on the carpet. Grinning, Cori lifted her body with a push-up and SMACK slammed down, her body slamming into Torrie’s pubic mound, belly and bosom. "OOOHHHH!” Torrie groaned as Cori’s rock-hard body slammed hers. “UNNNNHH!” Cori repeated the move and then again! Torrie’s body shuddered from the impact. Over and over, Cori’s hard, muscular frame rose up, then slammed down onto the blond beauty’s. wearing her down and hurting her! When Cori at last released her wrists, Torrie instinctively reached up and grabbed Cori's hair, trying to pull her head down.

“HEY! LEGGO OF MY HAIR, BITCH!" Cori yelled. But Torrie kept bucking and moaning while still yanking Cori's raven hair. "OK, THAT'S IT! NOW YOU’VE GOT ME PISSED!" Cori shouted.

She grabbed Torrie's golden locks and then climbed off of her, hair-hauling Torrie squealing to her knees. Stepping around behind Torrie, Cori released her struggling instructor's hair and Reverse Bearhugged her around her waist. Grunting like a wild animal, the powerful brunette lowered her Bearhug until she had her biceps right where she wanted them - clamped around Torrie's thong! Flexing her steely bicep, the muscular brunette whose heavy breasts were glistening with sweat, pressed them into Torrie's back as she gave an Amazon scream and flexed her biceps with all her might, crushing Torrie's loose combat fatigue thong and her womanhood beneath it!

Then with a breath-taking display of strength, Cori stood up and lifted Torrie off her knees into the air in front of her! Again, Cori flexed her rock hard biceps and Torrie's mouth opened in a silent cry as tears began streaming down her red cheeks.

“OHMYGOD!” someone yelled. The students looked and saw a steady stream of yellow liquid streaming down the inside of Torrie’s left thigh from under her twisted aside thong! Cori's steely Reverse Bearhug had made Torrie wet the mat she’d thought she ruled earlier!

Cori set Torrie on her feet, bent over and THWAP drove her shoulder into Torrie's stomach. The muscular brunette had proven herself too much woman for her instructor, now she proposed to teach her another lesson as she raised her onto her shoulder. Holding Torrie head high, Cori gave another blood- curdling scream and then bodyslammed her lovely, blond instructor to the mat! Torrie hit the mat with a loud SMACK and lay still!

Torrie’s students stood stupefied; gazing down on the unconscious body of their vanquished instructor on the mat at their feet then they gave a collective shiver as they heard Cori growl, "So, who wants ta be next?" The students huddled like frightened deer in the headlights, terrified the wild brunette might attack them next. Cori sneered as she stepped on the ass of the conquered instructor and walked over her to strut proudly in front of the students. She stopped, bent over and retrieved her bra, then looked at them and said, "Looks like that pathetic excuse for an instructor couldn’t handle a ‘real woman’ after all!"

She couldn’t stop smiling as she shook her ass when she strutted out of the gym leaving the students in shock and dismay as they stood in a silent circle around the body of their disgraced substitute instructor!
Later that afternoon, bbb4 was sitting alone at a back table, his company having just left. Having had a bit too much to drink, he was thinking of heading home as well. Suddenly, Julie Strain - dressed as a dominatrix in a black leather outfit with matching boots - arrived and decided she’d have some fun. She pulled out her whip and snapped it at his table. It hit his drink and sent it flying off the table, most spilling onto his shirt. Julie was in a positively wicked mood and she’d left a trail of broken and bloody victims everywhere she’d been that evening. Now, bbb4 would be the icing on her cake.

As he looked up at her, wondering what this sleek and deadly dominatrix would do next, he thought, ‘This place really brings in all kinds!’

Julie stared at him with an evil grin and flashed her whip again, just missing his eyes. She sneered at him and spoke with the utmost arrogance, "I'M EVERY MAN'S WORST NIGHTMARE AND YOU JUST HAPPEN TO BE IN MY PATH TONIGHT!"

She flashed her whip again and was about to strike him with it when suddenly a woman grabbed the end of the whip from behind and yanked it out of her hands. Gena Lee Nolin, dressed in a pink and white striped bikini, had been checking Julie out since she entered and had decided she didn't like what she saw.

"Oh, leave the poor guy alone! What makes you think he’d want a low-life like you?" Gena sneered.

"Stay out of this, little girl; or I’ll make you regret it!" big Julie threatened.

"Oh, yeah?" Gena answered. "Go ahead; MAKE me regret it!"

Julie swung at Gena's face, but the blond ducked and smashed her knee up into Julie's groin.

"OOOOHHHHH!" The tall brunette groaned as she doubled over gasping for air.

Gena kicked her in the face sending her sprawling over the table in front of bbb4. Gena Lee grabbed Julie’s hair and smashed her face down on the table several times! Julie had enough but Gena Lee continued her assault. She lifted Julie off the table by the hair and slammed her back up against a wall and Julie fell to her knees cringing in a corner.

SMACK! Charlize Theron slammed her palm on the bar. "THAT'S ENOUGH, GENA!"

Gena Lee spun and glared at the bartender, then looked back down at ‘The Mighty Dominatrix’ who sat sobbing and trembling like a beaten schoolgirl! Gena retrieved Julie’s whip, wrapped it around her, and then tied her up with it!

"Hope this teaches you a lesson, you big crybaby,” Gena Lee snarled. “It takes more than a whip and black leather outfit to make you a dominatrix!”

Then Gena hitched up her pink and white striped panties and adjusted the matching bra before turning to bbb4. She smiled at him and said, "Mind if I drive you home, bbb bubbie?"

He looked over at Julie, still sobbing and helplessly struggling to free herself from the bondage of her own whip. He had to laugh as Gena’s took his hand and led him out of the lounge.

"We’re going to your place?" he asked eagerly.

Gena grinned, “Oh yeah! Then I’ll show you the difference between a wannabe dominatrix and the REAL THING!”
Another exciting day at the lounge was winding to a close and Teri Hatcher was sitting with Rob, showing her appreciation for him reviving her after her fight with Cameron Diaz a couple of weeks earlier when she’d been KO’ed.

"Cameron's lucky!” Teri grumbled. “Sure she knocked me out, but it happened just when I was about to kick her ass!"

A few seats away, veteran actress Kristy McNichol was asking Poochie2 if they could meet again tomorrow night; confiding she was thinking of getting back into training now that the “seniors” seemed to be getting so much play. “I’ve still got the tight little body the boys want to see,” she said as she rubbed his thigh under the table. “You’ll put in a word for me with management, right?”

“Uhhh, yup; sure; uh-huh; whatever you want Kristy…yeah, that’s it…right there…unnnnnnhhhhhh….oh boy, yeah!”

IRISH said goodnight and left the lounge with Karen, as usual. Just as they were walking out, Alicia Silverstone - who’d had too much to drink - came up to IRISH and threw herself into his arms. Karen grabbed Alicia and put an Arm Lock on her.

"LET ME GO!" Alicia screamed.

"OK!" Karen shrugged. “Whatever you say!” She Leg Swept the blond, spilling her on her butt.

"OWWWW!" Alicia moaned as her butt hit the floor.

Karen stepped over Alicia and took IRISH by the arm, leading him away as if nothing out of the ordinary had happened.

Most of the evening, Jack Fac had been at the bar with Denise Richards who had her hair in pigtails, He glanced at Pam Anderson sitting at the other end of the bar. The self-styled ‘Baywatch Beauty’ was glaring daggers at Denise with whom JF had left the night before. Denise was wearing a canary yellow bra and miniskirt and kept her blue eyes locked on JF to the exclusion of everyone else. She appeared to be greatly enjoying his company.

Pam, wearing a scarlet bra and cut off denim shorts, couldn't take any more. ‘That bitch thinks she can do whatever she wants in here?’ she thought. ‘Well, we’ll see about THAT!’

Throwing back her drink, Pam slithered off her stool and strode briskly down the bar to where Denise and JF were sitting. She pushed in between them, thrusting her big boobs brazenly in JF’s wide-eyed face. Denise recognized trouble at once. She knew Pam had gone home with JF the night before, but she was confident she could handle ‘Pussycat Pamela’ - which was how Denise thought of her - if she wanted to force the issue. Pam, however, had a differing view of what would happen!

"Don't you have respect for anyone, you lowdown tramp?" Pam lit in to Denise. "You saw me leave with him last night! Now show some respect for me or I'll....I'll.."

Since Pam seemed to be having some difficulty figuring out just what she would do, Denise tried to help. "You'll do what, Pam; kick my ass?" she chuckled, then winked at JF.

"I…I challenge you to topless arm wrestling match!” Pam blustered. “Winner leaves with Jack!"

"Alright!" Denise answered with a leering grin at JF.

Both women ripped off their bras as if they couldn't wait to get at it! They agreed JF would signal them to begin. They set their elbows on the bar and locked hands; their big, bare, hard-nippled breasts brushing with each breath. JF gave the signal, "Ready...set...GO!"

Pam grabbed a slight advantage quickly. She strained her arm to the max but couldn’t force Denise’s arm down any further. Denise began to grunt and strain as she slowly brought her arm upright, then began to overpower Pam. Finally, she slammed Pam’s arm down on the bar and raised her hands in victory; her big boobs bouncing.

"We'll go to MY place, Jack!" Denise chuckled as she took his hand.

"Oh, no you won't!" shouted an angry Pam.

She slapped Denise’s face, then grabbed her hair and jerked Denise off her bar stool! JF yelped as he scurried out of the way. Pam threw Denise to her knees and then began to drag her across the lounge on her belly. Denise wrapped her arms around Pam's ankles and tackled her. Pam released her hair as she toppled over backward.

Denise jumped on Pam and both women began wailing at each other with their fists; Denise scoring with harder and more accurate punches until Pam was able to buck Denise off. Pam grabbed Denise’s miniskirt and tore it clean off! Denise stood up wearing only her canary yellow panties while Pam struggled to her feet in her denim shorts.

They eyed each other and moved in to strike but Denise struck first as she snapped a Front Kick to Pam's belly that buckled her knees. She moved in and swept her leg up to drive a savage Knee to Pam’s ribs.

"OWWWWWW!" Pam was hurt as she staggered back from the blow!

Denise took a moment to wink at Jack with a sly grin, then she moved in for the kill as Pam retreated breathlessly. She stepped up to the deadly blond, put her hands on her hips and began to hop up and down on her toes, her pigtails bobbing up and down as she moved toward her foe. Denise was smiling as she watched Pam backing up in confusion, then Denise spun and launched another Snap Kick into Pam's belly.

"OOOHHHH!" Pam doubled over while sexy Denise, giggling, moved forward and Punched her fist deep into Pam's belly.

"OOOFFFF!" Pam crumpled to her knees in front of Denise, with both hands on the floor and her bare breasts hanging straight down. She’d had the wind knocked out of her.

Looking back at Jack Fac with a big grin, Denise turned around and began to shake her ass in Pam’s face. She slapped Pam with her butt cheeks as she wiggled her canary panties. Pam, still hurt by Denise's blows and seeing herself on the verge of a major humiliation, decided to try and talk her lovely opponent out of fighting.

“DENISE....WAIT!" Pam gulped, holding her hands up in front of her to request a stoppage in the action. "Look Denise, we’re both tough girls...let’s call it a draw and flip a coin to see who gets Jack…AWRIGHT?"

Denise and the others watching burst out laughing. Denise dropped to her knees in front of Pam and began slapping her. Pam punched Denise in the face but then Denise rolled onto her back and kicked out with both feet, driving her heels into Pam’s groin!

"UNNNNNNNNNNGH" Pam squealed.

Denise grabbed her by the hair and pulled her close and Pam grabbed Denise's panties and began to tear them. Denise got to her feet and dragged Pam across the lounge by her hair. Pam began to scream and cry as she clung to Denise's panties, slowly pulling them down her ass as she was dragged across the room toward the exit. By the time the pigtailed blond reached the door with her screaming opponent, Pam was still holding onto Denise's canary panties - which were down around mid-thigh - like a bawling little girl clutching her Momma's dress.

Looking over her shoulder at her exposed bottom, Denise screamed, "NOW YOU’VE REALLY PISSED ME OFF!"

Denise dropped to her butt behind her sobbing rival, wrapped her shapely legs around Pam under her huge, hulking, bare breasts and began to squeeze. When Denise flexed her lovely and deadly legs, Pam began begging her to stop.


"Are you SURE it’s OK, Pammie?" Denise giggled.


"Whoops! Wrong answer...PUSSYcat!"

Denise lowered her leg scissors and clamped them around Pam's belly. Resting her palms on the floor she flexed her strong, silky thighs until Pam began to quiver and drool on her canary panties. She finally released her beaten opponent and got to her feet as Pam burst out crying unashamedly. Denise grabbed her by the hair again and dragged her all the way out the door where she kicked Pam in the back of her head with her bare feet. Leaving Pam facedown on the sidewalk, Denise strolled back into the lounge, prancing over to Jack, she smiled broadly and told him, "Let’s go Jack! I'll change when I get home."

As they left, Denise stopped and turned to the few patrons still in the lounge, "Since Pam thinks the fight was a ‘draw’ maybe she’ll want to do it again tomorrow!"

Jack and Denise walked out laughing, leaving everyone wondering when - or if - Pam would return after the thrashing at the hands of lovely Denise Richards!

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