Paris Hilton vs. Katie Holmes by INTERAC

It was a few days after the brawl inside the bar, and all Katie could think of was the three women she got into it with. She thought about how evenly matched she was with all three; Paris Hilton, Dominique Swain and, of course, Michelle Trachtenberg.

Of those three, only Michelle wasn’t in the same kind of hurt that Katie was in. Michelle came in last and never had anyone jump her from behind. She and Paris said there would be another fight between them. No one else around, just the two of them fights it out. She then ran into Michelle and said that they had to fight as well.

It was Dominique Swain that Katie truly wanted to fight. It was Dominique who jumped her first and it was Dominique who she was beating when Michelle interfered. It was Swain who for years had bad mouthed Katie and was being bad mouthed by Katie. She remembered when they were at a small party and the two first met each other.

They slapped each other only once before it was broken up. She was thinking about how many times the two of them were broken apart. She wondered just who would get the win if they did eventually fight and in her daydreaming she never noticed someone sat down in front of her.

“People say I’m dumb, look at you all spaced out…Like you can see the ass kicking I’m about to give you.”

“Paris Hilton! Well, I guess you heard about what happened after our little brawl. We don’t have carte blanche for our little spats from the police no more…now they insist it be someplace private.”

“I have my Hummer limo right here, let’s go and find some place to settle this!”

Katie looked over at it the doors open no one in there, and then she threw down some cash on the table… “And I know just the place, let’s go.”

They both got into the limo and sat on opposite sides and Paris looked straight at Katie and said in a matter of fact way “You know I’m going to beat you, wherever it is we’re going I’m going to win.” Katie just sat there and nodded her head and smiled sarcastically.

Paris looked out the window “So where is this place anyway.”

“Some old warehouse that has rooms furnished in different themes that some actors paid for, they still want us fighting it out even if the businesses don’t.”

“That’s hot” Paris said which caused Katie to roll her eyes and Paris pointed at her “You don’t roll your eyes at me, or something bad will happen.”

“What you’ll try and act again”

“How about I prove I’m stronger than you”

“Yeah right, what you wanna arm wrestle”

“Why not, there’s a table right here.”

“You serious Paris, you want to arm wrestle while driving”

Paris put her elbow down on the little table, and Katie smiled and got down in the same position as Paris. The two women locked hands and the car took a slight turn and Paris got an advantage. Katie tried to get her hand back up but slowly Paris got her more and more down. When the vehicle started slowing down Paris did indeed put Katie down

Katie looked down at her hand, then up at Paris’ smiling face, “Proves nothing, the car jerked and you got the advantage over me.”

Paris empty looking eyes went wide and she slapped Katie, knocking her out of her seat and down on the floor of the vehicle. Katie got up only to have Paris to grab her throat with both hands and force her back down to the seat as she climbed atop her legs to start choking her. Katie tried to separate Paris’s hands but they were too strong.

The Hummer had come to a complete stop when the doors flew open and Paris kicked Katie out onto the ground. “When you get your breath back, I’ll finish the job,” Paris laughed.

Paris got out and walked to an area that was completely empty while Katie caught her breath, then got up and looked around. She saw a chain link fence behind Paris with two walls on either side, each with a closed door in the middle. Paris motioned for Katie to ‘come to’ her.

Paris as was her norm when she wasn’t at an event, she had on a tank top while Katie wore a tee-shirt. As Katie got near Paris she took off her top and threw it to a side. Katie stopped and looked at her and then removed her own shirt.

“You might have beaten me arm wrestling Paris, but my tits could outlast yours.”

Paris reached back and undid her bra, “Then prove it!”

Katie smiled and took off her own bra and she got near Paris and both women brought their hands up to the air and slowly came into each other and as their bare breasts touched they let out a sigh. They put their hands behind their heads and started twisting their torsos. Grinding bare boob into bare boob, and they kept at the furious pace of action for 2 minutes until Paris let out a whimper but just seconds after Katie did the same. Both stepped back and realized they were evenly matched and their breasts were now beat red from that action.

They were bent over and looked up at each other and like some unheard whistle went off they launched their bodies at each other. There hands were up in the air going for the other’s long hair. Instead, their hands got tangled together and they started to push and pull the other. Paris shifted her feet and was able to turn Katie then with what power Paris had she pushed forward slamming Katie into the chain link fence. Katie gasped and Paris was able to grab both of Katie wrists and brought Katie forward and slammed her into the fence again.

“Poor Katie, how about I show Tom what a real woman can do.”

Katie screamed and was able to turn Paris and she slammed Paris into the fence getting a groan from the blonde. Katie had been in fights before and followed the fence slam with a knee lift to Paris’ stomach. Paris let go of Katie’s wrists and started to fall forward but Katie stopped her and grabbed Paris’ long blonde hair and rammed her head into the fence. Katie grabbed Paris by the throat and held her onto the fence.

“Tom’s with me because he wants a REAL woman, someone with talent…if he wanted an untalented skank, he’d sure as hell call YOU!”

Paris grabbed Katie’s wrists with both hands and turned it over and Katie lost her footing and stumbled to a side. Paris realized it and came up with her right back hand nailing Katie in the face. Katie went to the ground, and was nearly knocked out. Paris rested against the fence, than took two quick steps and hit a kick to Katie’s side.

“I’m more real than you could ever be.”

Paris reached down picking Katie up by her hair, but Katie turned into her and punched Paris in the stomach. Katie couldn’t follow up right away as she backed up a few steps. She finally took a step forward and went to slap Paris but Paris got her arm up than trapped Katie’s arm. Paris smiled and went for a slap but Katie did the same thing and now the two women went around in circles arms trapped.

They each looked down, and both women got the same idea and they looked up at the other. “Lets find out.”

They locked on mutual bear hugs and then started pressing their breasts into each other. They brought their boobs up down on the other’s breasts. Then once in a while they would just slam into each other’s chests or move from side to side in the breast fight. Those courses of action went on for a good ten minutes and both women were getting tired from it but knew they had to find out who would win and kept it up. They fell to their knees and Paris started gaining some real momentum as Katie was not keeping up the pace.

Paris’ tits were dominating Katie’s at this point and Katie could do nothing as she was thrown down to her back by Paris who just kept repeating, “Say the words Katie; say the words.”

Katie refused to give in though and was fighting back as much as she could. Katie dug her finger nails into Paris’s back and Paris screamed and then Katie turned her over onto her back. Now Paris’s tits were taking a beating from Katie’s and Paris let go of the bear hug and grabbed at Katie’s hair and started ripping out large clumps of hair until Katie was able to be turned back over. She rolled back atop Katie and after slamming her tits into Katie’s a few times Katie finally screamed, “OK you made your point; so you got stronger boobs!”

Paris got up to her feet and smiled indignantly at Katie and started walking away. Katie looked puzzled and heard Paris snort, “HA! I knew I’d win.”

Katie got up to her feet and grabbed Paris by the back of Paris’s hair and turned her around and slammed a hard punch into Paris’ stomach. As Paris doubled over Katie drove her knee upwards and crashed it into Paris face.

“You won a breast fight, not THE fight.”

Katie picked Paris up by the hair and started swinging her around and around until finally letting go. When she did let go, Paris went face first into the fence and Katie slammed her face once more into the fence and let Paris drop.

Then she lifted Paris’ head back and whispered in her ear, “That’s how you win a fight.” Katie got up and gently kicked Paris in the head and turned around and walked towards her shirt. She picked it up and said, “Pathetic bitch, thought you’d be a challenge.”

Paris slowly started getting up and was tempted to say something but instead ran at Katie. Katie turned but Paris was already jumping at her grabbing her hair and the two went to the dirty floor. They rolled all the way back to the Hummer and they got back to their feet and struggled around slipping in a short slap. Katie started hitting more slaps and Paris couldn’t take it so she got a foot on the inside of Katie’s leg and tripped her to the ground. Paris sat on top of Katie just hitting slap after slap to Katie’s face.

“Tom won’t want to kiss you when I’m done, Katie.”

Katie was trying to cover up and Paris was getting tired of slapping at Katie’s arms and grabbed at Katie’s hair and started swinging Katie’s head side to side. She got tired of that and now Paris was trying to slam Katie’s head to the floor but Katie got her hand up and scratched Paris’s face. Paris screamed and that one move seemed to take whatever fight Paris had out. Katie never noticed as she grabbed Paris by the waist and threw her off the top position. Paris rolled onto her stomach and Katie climbed on her back and just started slapping and scratching.

“Lousy bitch I don’t hear you talking now.”

Katie balled up her fist and hit a punch to one of Paris’s ear,. “Say Tom’s name Paris, come on I dare you!”

Katie grabbed Paris by the back of the hair and brought her up to her feet just to slam her face into the hood of the vehicle. Paris had a reflex kick that got Katie between the legs. It wasn’t enough to truly hurt Katie but it got her some time to recuperate. She tried to climb onto the hood of the vehicle but Katie quickly grabbed her by the belt line and hauled her back down. She then hit a hard punch to Paris’s kidneys which put the blonde down to her knees.

“Please…stop Katie…you win.”

Katie was now looking down at Paris’s tear filled face, and hauled back and hit a haymaker that put Paris out. Katie kicked Paris a couple of times and called her a bitch. Katie removed the rest of Paris’ clothes and threw them in the Hummer. Then Katie got in and sat down, waiting until Paris looked at her.

“You ever come at me again Paris, and I won’t take any pity on you and yes this is pity…”

“Holmes,” Paris said slowly, the effects of having lost the fight showing in her trembling voice. “If I EVER have to come for you again, I don’t want you to take any pity on me.” As Katie slammed the door and drove off, Paris finished, “Because I won’t take any on you!”