Katie Holmes vs. Tara Reid by The Walkin' Dude

Crystal Lake New Jersey was a very quiet town. In fact, "town" was too generous a word. So was village or burg. Hell, "Wide spot in the road" was being very kind. There was really nothing more to the place than a gas station, an old diner, a failed summer camp and a few dozen houses. So you're probably asking ‘Why are we here then? What's the point of even bringing the place up?’ Because there's one place in Crystal Lake worth visiting. Vorhees' Roadhouse, a dank sawdust and peanut shells on the floor kind of place. It mostly catered to a real roughneck clientele, the kind of folks who wanted nothing more than a dry place to drink beer and play pool. But a few nights a year, Vorhees' played host to women's wrestling whenever the league happened to be close by. It's best not to wonder about how a place as tiny as Crystal Lake managed to get a spot on the tour, just understand that the owner of the little hole in the wall had connections that belied his out of the way location. On this particular evening, the loyal patrons of the Roadhouse had enjoyed a loaded card that was just about to be topped off with a match featuring perennial underdog Katie Holmes facing off with perennial loudmouth, Tara Reid.

The announcer stepped into the ring to begin his duties for the last time that evening, "Ladies and gentleman, the following contest is our Main Event! Making her way to the ring, she stands at five feet five inches tall, she is.... Tara Reid!”

‘You Shook Me All Night Long’ by AC/DC roared through the small establishment as the blonde swept down the aisle. For her battle attire, she was wearing a two piece, neon pink bikini that kept everything in place but only by the narrowest of margins. She completed the look with white pads and boots. Before entering the ring Tara teased the folks on the aisle, doing a little bump and grind just out of reach of their grasping fingers. Grinning mischievously, the blonde rolled into the ring and went to her corner, awaiting the arrival of her opponent.

As Tara's music subsided, the announcer brought out the second combatant, "And introducing her opponent, she is five feet ten inches tall, she is....Katie Holmes!"

‘As Got You (Where I Want You)’ hit the speakers, Katie moved through the curtain. Unlike Tara, the tall brunette took no notice of the people at ringside, she simply strode toward the ring, eyes locked on Tara. The fans cheered Katie's appearance as she hadn't had a match in more than a month after suffering an especially hard fought loss to Jennifer Love Hewitt. Seeing her return to action was a treat for the small club. As was her custom, Katie wore the two piece gray bikini with black pads and boots, all topped off by the battered leather motorcycle jacket. Climbing into the ring, she quickly removed the jacket and waited in her corner, eyes never leaving Tara’s slightly mocking face.

When the bell sounded, both ladies walked toward the center of the ring. Katie with a cautious sort of stalk and Tara with a kind of nonchalant swagger that spoke volumes about how she thought of her opposition for the evening.

Facing each other down, the cocky blonde spoke first, "Boy this is going to be easy. If you couldn't beat that lightweight Hewitt, I'm going to make you my bitch in no time." Although Katie loomed over her by a good five inches, the shorter woman's ego allowed her to show no fear of Katie. In fact, she took a step closer to her foe before the brunette could voice a reply.

"I couldn't beat Hewitt?" Katie said incredulously. "That's rich coming from you! If memory serves, that bitch just barely beat me and it took everything she had. You on the other hand, she slapped all over the ring and then forced you to tap out. If anybody is going to be the bitch tonight, it's you!!"

The blonde girl bristled at Katie's recollection of her past losses. Speaking slowly Tara said, "Even losers get lucky now and then." Then she struck Katie across the cheek with a wicked open palm slap that staggered the brunette a step. Quickly recovering from the blow, Katie flips the hair out of her face before lunging forward and shoving Tara hard. The move caught Tara by surprise and she hit the mat with a loud thump before immediately popping to her feet again. Over the urging of the audience, Tara hissed at her rival, "You're dead bitch."

She acted on this statement by charging Katie who was waiting patiently a few feet away. The blonde squared her shoulder, meaning to drive Katie to the canvas, but the brunette deftly stepped out of the way and Tara sailed by, bouncing off the ropes and heading back towards her opponent. Picking up speed she moved with open arms at the brunette, meaning to sink a wicked pair of claws into Katie's dark mane. The taller girl watched the blonde rush towards her and as Tara opened her hands, Katie extended her arm and shot forward. The Clothesline caught Tara right across her ample chest and the blonde crashed to the mat totally stunned by the blow.

Tara was no idiot in the ring, however, and she began rolling away from her foe almost instantly, looking for time to recover. Katie wasn't giving it to her though and she pursued the smaller girl quickly, stooping down and grabbing two handfuls of blonde locks. Katie smiled coldly at Tara's pained grunt as she was hauled to her feet.

Still holding Tara by the hair, the brunette taunted her openly, "Come on Tara, I thought this was supposed to be easy!"

Planting her feet, Katie tightened her grip on Tara's hair before tossing the blonde across the ring as hard as she could. Tara hit the mat with a resounding slap and she just lay on the canvas moaning and rubbing her scalp which felt like it had been torn halfway off her head. Enjoying Tara's pain, Katie stalked over to her and buried her hands in the blonde's hair again before dragging her to her feet. Refusing to accept the fact that she was being dominated by Katie of all people, Tara reached into her bag of tricks and raked both hands across the brunette's face. Katie cried out as Tara's nails scored her features and she released her grip on Tara's locks before stumbling blindly away.

The vindictive Tara followed the retreating brunette, grabbing hold of Katie's hair and yanking it viciously. "Where do you think you're going bitch?" she snarled. Keeping her grip on Katie, Tara ran across the ring with the brunette in tow before leaping into the air and landing hard on her knees, bringing Katie down as well. Katie's face slammed into the canvas and she groaned at the impact of Tara's running Facebuster. With practiced ease, Tara shifted position so that she was laying perpendicular to her victim's head. While Katie was still dazed, Tara wrapped her legs around the brunette's head and locked them tight in a Side Headscissors. Katie began to flail as Tara's strong thighs cut off her oxygen. Savoring the helpless wriggling of her captive, Tara grabs a fistful of Katie's hair and yanks it back and forth violently while at the same time sneering at the brunette. "Come on bitch! You liked pulling my hair so much, I thought I'd return the favor. Let's see your creampuff ass break my scissors!"

Katie's head filled with a dull fury as she was subjected to Tara's belittling diatribe. Making plans at escape, she wrapped her arms around Tara's legs and began pushing herself up to a kneeling position. Tara fought her captive's movement, but Katie had the height and strength advantage. Soon the brunette had achieved her goal but she still had to deal with the tiny problem of Tara's Headscissor. Releasing her grip on Tara's legs, Katie slowly crawled toward the ropes. With the protesting blonde along for the ride, Katie finally reached the sanctuary of the ropes, forcing Tara to break her hold. Cursing at the brunette's tenacity, Tara gave Katie's head one more squeeze before letting go. Katie rose to her feet, a bit light headed after the stint in the scissors. She had just turned to face her opponent when Tara clawed her face again forcing her to cry out. Not showing any mercy, the blonde grabbed Katie by the hair and forced her wounded face down across the top rope. With her grip secure, Tara sadistically pulled Katie face first along the rope, the taut cable beneath abusing the soft flesh of her face. Reaching a corner, Tara tossed Katie into it dismissively before climbing to the second turnbuckle, her crotch hovering directly in front of the dazed brunette's face. Yet again getting a grip on Katie's hair, Tara balled up a fist and pulled it back. But before she began punching she looked out at the audience who was enjoying her cocky dominance of the match thus far.

Speaking to the fans, she said, "This is just where this bitch's face belongs....in my pussy! But before I sit on her face, I'm going to tenderize it a bit!"

The crowd cheers exuberantly as Tara cocks her fist and drives a punch into Katie's forehead. They start to count along as Tara continues to pound her opponent's skull. The assembled mass had reached seven when Katie came to life. She shot her arms around Tara's legs and clasped them, right under her foe's ass. Before Tara realized what was happening, Katie stepped forward and fell to one knee. Tara was dropped crotch first on Katie's waiting knee and the blonde groaned loudly before falling to the mat.

Seizing the advantage, Katie grabbed both of her opponents ankles and secured them under her armpits. Holding Tara tightly, Katie flipped Tara over and sat down, locking in the agonizing Boston Crab. Tara cried out as Katie leaned back as far as she could, putting tremendous pressure on Tara's lower back. The captured blonde slapped her hands against the mat in pain as Katie went about the task of twisting her spine. Still smarting from Tara's earlier taunts, Katie returns the favor, sneering at her helpless rival. "What's wrong? I thought a slut like you would be immune to crabs of any kind by this point in your life." Tara responded to Katie's insult by digging her hands into the mat and pulling toward the safety of the ropes. Katie didn't make it easy for her, but Tara eventually made it, grasping the bottom rope and desperately demanding to the ref that Katie release her.

Seeing that Tara had hold of the ropes, Katie had to let her go, but the brunette leaned back hard one more time before tossing Tara's legs to the mat and standing up. Tara was slow in getting up and it made her easy prey for the waiting Katie. As Tara turned around, Katie scooped her up and dropped her across one knee, executing a perfect Backbreaker. Tara was once again reduced to helpless flailing as Katie poured on the pressure, one hand pushing at Tara's chin while the other dug into her crotch. The blonde's injured back was subjected to more punishment, as Katie looked to prove once and for all that she was someone to be taken seriously in the ring. If Tara had to be her sacrificial lamb, then so be it. As she was being bent the wrong way over Katie's knee, Tara was plotting an escape plan. Realizing that there was no fair way to extricate herself from this torture, she elected (as she often did) to fight dirty.

Steeling herself, the blonde whipped her claws up and sank one into Katie's right breast and the other into her face. Scratching with a maniacal fury, Tara felt the hands holding her loosen and then fall away. Moments later she was rudely shoved off Katie's knee. Her claw was broken in Katie's retreat, but at this juncture Tara doesn't care, she's just happy to be free of the Backbreaker. Getting to her feet, the blonde admires the handiwork her scratching claws have done to Katie's face. The brunette stands back up only to fall victim to a whistling slap across the tits. Katie grimaces as Tara slaps her tits again, paying special attention to the right one that had already been on the receiving end of Tara's clawing. Tara draws her hand back and fires a third huge slap into Katie's chest, this one finally taking the big girl off her feet. The brunette lay on the canvas cradling her injured chest as Tara stood over her, smirking.

Apparently taking a page out of Katie's book, Tara grabs both of Katie’s ankles and spreads her legswide. But here’s where the tactics changed! In one quick motion, Tara fell to one knee, smashing it into the thin gray fabric covering Katie's groin. The downed girl shrieked aloud as Tara stood and repeated the maneuver. Tara dropped her knee into Katie's defenseless mound almost a dozen times before she released her grip. The blonde moved to Katie's side and kicked her hard in the ribs, flipping the brunette over. As Katie gasped for breath, Tara straddled her back and grabbed dual handfuls of dark hair.

Pulling up hard, Tara hissed in Katie's ear, "Your face still isn't ready to be sat on. I think a little more softening up is an order."

Then she slammed the brunette's face down against the mat and began to rub it viciously back and forth. Tara would add in a few hard slams against the mat to complement her grinding, the blonde enjoying listening to Katie suffer. Katie tried to bear the pain with as much dignity as she could muster, but the incessant grind of the canvas against her face felt like sandpaper and soon she was crying out in pain. Her last outburst was cut off when Tara yanked her head up again.

Katie fumed as the arrogant blonde taunted her, "Maybe you should've tried eating the mat Katie. I want you to have the practice when I make you eat something else later on."

Then she slammed Katie's head into the mat a final time before getting off the brunette. She smiled as she watched the injured Katie struggle to her feet. Tara waited for her to turn around before she launched a hard kick right at Katie's crotch (a student of scientific tactics she was not). Unfortunately for her, this time the old standby failed because Katie caught her foot coming in. Hopping on one foot, Tara had only a second to contemplate the rage burning in Katie's eyes before the brunette pulled her in and nearly decapitated her with a standing Clothesline. Katie took a few deep breaths and checked her injured face before focusing on the downed blonde. Tara was laying on her stomach, clutching at the head that Katie had nearly removed with her last counter.

Feeling more than a bit vindictive, Katie sat on Tara's back and seized two handfuls of damp blonde hair and without saying a word, she started pounding Tara's face into the canvas, then repeated the vigorous face scrubbing that Tara had visited upon her earlier! But as much as Katie loved smashing Tara's face into the canvas, she had better ideas in mind for her foe. Pulling up on Tara's hair, Katie slipped one hand and then the other under the blonde's chin. Locking her fingers, she wrenched back, bending Tara with a Camel Clutch.

As Tara struggled in the hold, Katie venomously addressed her former tormentor, "What're you crying for blondie? Does your neck hurt? Does your back feel like it's going to snap? You were so great at running your mouth earlier, what do you have to say now?"

"You're going taste my ass before I'm done with you creampuff!" Tara said through gritted teeth.

Katie's grin was almost a snarl as she responded to her opponent's threat, "You're going to be in no condition to sit on anything, let alone my face. You'll be lucky if you can even walk out of here tonight!"

Changing it up, Katie pulled one hand free of Tara's chin and then slapped it hard against the trapped girls cheek. The blonde's eyes watered as Katie delivered several slaps with one hand and then switched to the other, Tara's face getting redder and redder as the uncontrolled slapping continued. Eventually Katie had enough and tossed Tara's stinging face to the mat disgustedly. Standing over her whimpering opposition, Katie brought her to her feet. Grasping Tara's wrist, Katie whipped the blonde hard into the ropes.

As Tara flew back toward her, Katie positioned her arms and wrapped one around Tara's waist and the other around her legs. Lifting up, Katie hauled Tara into the air, holding her parallel to the mat before falling to her butt, dropping the entire length of Tara's back to the canvas with the Sidewalk Slam. When she hit the mat again, a shock of pain rushed through Tara and she groped blindly at the small of her back, which seemed on the verge of collapse. She arched her back and wailed piercingly before Katie pulled her up again, trapping the blonde in a Full Nelson. Katie pressed down on Tara's neck forcing the blonde's chin down almost into the top of her ample cleavage. Katie jerked the hold from side to side forcing Tara to stumble along as she suffered.

With a cunning born of rage, Tara brought her foot up and then down again, smashing Katie's right foot, not once but two times. On the second impact Tara ground down maliciously, hoping to force Katie to relinquish the Full Nelson. Caught off guard by her foe's sudden burst of activity, Katie howled in surprise and anguish as Tara mangled her foot. Quickly the brunette shoved Tara away before taking a few steps back to gauge the damage done to her foot. She was trying to ease the pain away when Tara's pink boot smashed between her legs, the cunt punt finally connecting. Katie fell to her knees, a silent scream on her lips as she forgot all about the previous pain. Tara pulled the agonized brunette to her feet before grabbing some dark hair and jumping into the air, landing on her shapely ass and driving Katie's face into the mat with another variation on the Facebuster. The crowd cheered the blonde on as she rudely shoved Katie onto her back. Deciding that enough was enough, Tara covered Katie and hooked the leg, hoping to end the match. The referee reached two before Katie shot a shoulder up.

Angry, but not entirely disappointed, Tara straddles Katie again, this time sitting on her rival's sweating stomach. Slapping the brunette across the face to get her attention, the haughty blonde sneered, "These people already understand that I can do whatever I want to you anytime I want. If I want to crush your filthy snatch then I will. If I want to tear out your greasy hair, then I will. And if I want to maul your flabby floppy tits, then I will! In fact that sounds like a good idea!" With a sadistic leer, Tara fills both hands with Katie's bounty before clamping down. Katie wails as her breasts are pinched, kneaded and generally defiled by Tara's experienced hands. The flimsy material of her top offers no protection as Tara takes hold of her nipples and pinches them, taking Katie to the edge of her pain threshold. The crowd is ecstatic as Tara mauls the brunette's chest, several of them urging the blonde to take Katie's tits as a trophy. As Tara continues working the claw, she grows tired of working around the material of Katie's top. With only a small yank, the brunette's top is pulled down and her chest is presented to the open air.

"Now that's more like it," Tara sneered as she resumed her torture with renewed vigor.

Katie felt her top get jerked out of place and she blushed a deep crimson. She tried fighting her way out of the claw, but Tara just squeezed her tits harder and Katie was reduced to helpless screeching again. After a few more minutes of abuse, Tara finally tires of the hold and plans her next move. An attack plotted, Tara seeks one final abuse of Katie's breasts. Pinching each nipple between thumb and forefinger, she slowly pulls up, stretching the flesh as far as it will go. Katie moans as Tara visits this latest degradation on her.

When the blonde does let the hold go, Katie can only roll over onto her stomach and gingerly pull the top back up, covering her tortured breasts. But Tara is far from done with Katie. Standing Katie up, the blonde scoops her over her shoulder in position for a Body Slam. But instead of slamming her down, Tara walks toward the corner and throws Katie into it, tying her to the Tree of Woe.

Standing in front of the helpless brunette, Tara shouts to the audience with a devious lilt in her voice, "Well now, you boys have seen me tear up this posers tits, what say I destroy something else?"

The blonde had a sly grin on her face as she slowly ran her fingers along Katie's inverted womanhood. The crowd erupted at Tara's sadistic implication. Nodding her approval, Tara begins the assault, not by clawing Katie's crotch, but by grabbing hold of the ropes and climbing them. When her foot is in the proper position, Tara places it right in the fork of Katie's groin and begins bouncing up and down. Katie's screams are piercing as Tara places all her weight on the brunette's most sensitive area. Katie flails madly in the clutches of the Tree and manages to get her hands around Tara's boot but the blonde just bounces harder and again Katie feels her snatch being mashed by her pitiless tormentor.

"Come on bitch, give up!" Tara screams at Katie. "I could keep this up all night. I'll split you in two if I have to!"

Katie only shook her head no as the referee asked if she wanted to give. She wouldn't lose in such a demeaning fashion, not if she ever wanted to regain the respect of the fans and her fellow wrestlers. A minute or so later, Tara realized that if Katie hadn't given up by now, she wasn't likely to. But Tara knew for certain that her last two holds had crippled the brunette and she was probably ripe for pinning. Picking her course of action, Tara stepped down from her perch on Katie's crotch and pulled Katie down from the corner. The brunette only groaned as Tara dragged her toward the center of the ring. Tossing Katie onto her back, Tara stood over her and grinned coyly before sitting down, the neon pink crotch of her bikini resting solidly on Katie's chin. The blonde began to grind slowly as the ref went to make his count.

Increasing the pace, Tara told Katie, "This is just the beginning slut."

The referee's hand was coming down the final time when Katie bridged upward and tossed Tara forward, breaking the pin. The small but loyal contingent of Katie supporters cheered as their champion got wearily to her feet. Tara had also scrambled up, recovering quickly from Katie's push. With no wasted movement, the blonde bounds off the ropes and hurls herself at the brunette looking to take her down for the final time.

But as Tara closes the gap, Katie goes on the offensive; taking a step back then lunging forward and lifting her right leg. Her booted heel catches Tara right across the jaw and Tara's head snaps back before she crashes painfully to the canvas. As Katie advances on her rival, the blonde gets to her feet, eyes flashing sparks. Moving fast she launches a Haymaker at Katie's head. But the success of the boot has given Katie some much needed personal momentum and she easily ducks under Tara's wild punch. As the fist sails harmlessly overhead, Katie sneaks behind Tara and locks in the Full Nelson again. Not giving her opponent time to react, Katie rises up on the balls of her feet and lifted Tara into the air before releasing the hold and driving Tara hard into the canvas with the Full Nelson Slam.

Katie was acutely aware of Tara's agonized cry when she hit the canvas and she smiled with grim satisfaction realizing that the blonde's back had taken the majority of the impact yet again. Looking only to further injure Tara's back, Katie hauled the moaning girl to her feet and forced her into position for a Powerbomb. Silently, Katie lifted Tara up, holding the girl in the air with her defenseless snatch inches from Katie's face. When the brunette thought she'd demonstrated her strength well enough she hurled Tara down with all the force she could summon. But as Katie took Tara to earth, the brunette showed off a not often displayed cruel streak. As Tara hurtled toward the canvas, Katie kept up her grip on the blonde's waist and dropped to one knee. Tara's injured back was smashed full force into Katie's knee, an evil variation on the Backbreaker.

The crowd roared it's appreciation at the inventive maneuver and urged Katie on. It seemed as if her recent rally was winning supporters. As Tara writhed on the mat, Katie hooked a leg and went for her first pin of the match. The ref counted two before the resilient Tara managed to break free. Not discouraged in the least by Tara's escape, Katie pushed the weary blonde on to her stomach. Kneeling down, Katie placed one hand on Tara's shoulder and another on her ass. Making certain her grip was firm, Katie pushed off the mat, legs rising into the air until she was almost inverted, the brunette using Tara as the base of her handstand. Holding aloft for just a moment, Katie swings back down and drives both pad covered knees into the small of Tara's back. The blonde wails silently as Katie's full weight crashes down on her.

Remembering Tara's viciousness, Katie repeats the move over and over again, each new impact bringing fresh moans from the pink clad blonde. Arms tiring from the attack, Katie stands up, bringing Tara up as well. Leading the dazed girl like some disobedient pet, the brunette takes her to the corner and throws her in chest first. Tara wheezes as the barely padded metal of the buckle presses roughly into her chest. Ceasing the assault for a moment, Katie grabs a handful of Tara's hair and pulls back hard.

Leaning in close, Katie whispers to the blonde, "The pain in your back is about to get a lot worse bitch.. I suggest you start consulting a chiropractor because after I'm done with you, your spine will be going in new and interesting directions."

Finishing her threat, she slammed Tara's face down against the buckle and commenced her attack. Pulling back her arm, Katie drilled a stiff forearm shot right into the blonde's lower back. Hearing Tara's cry of anguish only motivated Katie further and the brunette pulled back and fired again, enjoying the shiver that ran the full length of Tara's body. Listening to the crowd grow louder as she abused the blonde, conscious thought seemed to leave Katie and her motions became almost mechanical, her forearm slamming into Tara's spine incessantly as Tara screamed and the crowd roared. Katie was pulled out of her daze when the referee tried pulling her off Tara.

Katie fixed the official with an evil look and said, " She hasn't given up and I haven't heard anything crack, so back the fuck off! You weren't this concerned when she was trying to crush my cunt."

The referee backed off as Katie resumed battering Tara's back. After about another thirty seconds, Katie drives one more shot home before backing out toward the center of the ring, leaving Tara slumped in the corner. Crouching low, the brunette sprinted forward planning to drive the point of her shoulder into Tara's defenseless back. Moments before impact though, Tara weakly moved to one side, leaving Katie to collide with empty space. Well not entirely empty. Katie's surging form went right between the middle and top ropes, her lowered shoulder ramming solidly into the steel post. A wave of agony ran through the brunette as she fell to her knees, the injured shoulder still resting against the post.

Tara on the other hand, wasn’t resting! When she heard the distinctive thud of flesh and bone on steel, she whirled around to survey the wreckage, scowling at the ache in her spine as she did so. Seeing Katie helpless forced Tara into action. Moving gingerly, Tara grabbed Katie's arm and a handful of her gray tights. Tara pulled Katie away from the post before tossing her forward again, ramming Katie's mangled shoulder into the unforgiving steel yet again. This time Katie was able to extricate herself from her predicament, but as soon as she was free Tara pounced on her. Like a shark that smelled blood, the blonde zeroed in on the shoulder driving numerous fists and elbows into the damaged region. An especially hard shot with the point of her elbow brought Katie to her knees, tears welling in her eyes.

Back in full control of the match, Tara couldn't resist taunting her opponent, "You put up a good fight bitch, but now you're done. I don't lose to creampuffs like you."

With Katie prone before her, Tara went behind the brunette and bent down. With a sick grin, she grabbed Katie's bikini bottoms in both hands and yanked up hard. The blistering wedgie pulled Katie to her feet and the bottoms deep into her ass. Katie was too preoccupied with the painful digging of the bikini to fight back when Tara lifted her into the air. A moment later she wished she had because Tara brought her nearly naked ass down across her outstretched knee, a beautiful Atomic Drop. A jolt ran through Katie's entire frame as she flopped to the canvas, abused backside on clear display for everyone to see. Convinced the Atomic Drop had finished Katie off, Tara flipped her over and hooked a leg, going for the win again. But the brunette refused to stay down, tiredly rolling a shoulder off the canvas at the two and a half count. Scowling, Tara dragged Katie to her feet and stood in front of her. With nothing but hate in her eyes, Tara latched onto Katie's tits again, mauling and tearing with the second Breast Claw of the match.

Her eyes filling with tears as she withstood Tara's torture, Katie focused all her remaining strength on escape. Fighting the agony of the claw, she brings her arms up and forces them between Tara's vice like grasp. Forcing her arms apart quickly, Katie is able to break the vicious hold. As Tara stumbles back a step, Katie moves forward, intent on some sadism of her own. Looping her arms around Tara's damp waist, Katie cinched in the Bear Hug, putting as much pressure as possible on her rival's ravaged back. As Tara struggles in the hold, Katie brings her height advantage into play, lifting Tara off the mat and shaking her like a rag doll.

The blonde tosses her head back and cries out. Eyes closed, sweat pouring down her face, Tara refuses to submit when the referee asks if she's had enough. Another squeeze from Katie forces her eyes open Tara shrieks again as the brunette crushes the life out of her. Sensing the situation is quickly becoming hopeless, Tara can think of only one solution. With a concentrated effort of will, the blonde shoots her head forward, burying her teeth in Katie's disabled shoulder, chewing for all she's worth. Katie's eyes fly open and she cries out as Tara gnaws on the wounded region. Unable to bear the pain any longer, Katie releases the hug and drops Tara. When her opponent hits the ground, Katie fired a punch as hard as she could into the side of Tara's head, trying to stop the biting. Her fist connected with a solid THUNK and the blonde's head fell away as Tara collapsed on the mat.

Katie didn't fare much better, managing to take two steps back before tripping over herself and sprawling to the canvas. Both ladies stayed down for the majority of the referees count before slowly making their way to a vertical base. Each combatant's face was fixed with a snarl of feral intensity as they approached for the last time. Katie made the first move, firing off a hard fast shot to Tara's temple. But Tara managed to dodge out of the way and she brought her treacherous foot up one more time, catching Katie right between the thighs. The brunette's face went gray as she started to sink, but Tara didn't let her fall. Striking fast, Tara shot her right hand down and clamped it tightly around Katie's face. Tara's fans screamed their approval as the blonde cinched in the deadly face claw she used to finish opponents. She called it ‘The Mind Fuck.’

Watching Katie fade in the hold, Tara whispered through clenched teeth, "Just tap out, before I crush your skull bitch..."

Indeed Katie did feel like she was on the verge of total collapse. The black spots were dancing in front of her eyes as she raised her hand, ready to tap out yet again. But as her arm rose up, she remembered Tara's steady barrage of insults through the course of the match. Most of all she remembered one word: Creampuff.

Through the haze in her skull, Katie had one coherent thought, "I will NOT be remembered this way."

Mining reserves she didn't know existed, Katie gripped Tara's wrist and pushed hard. Tara was in shock as Katie stood up, her head still in Tara's claw. The blonde was just beginning to scream again, when Katie's foot shot up and buried itself in Tara's gut. All the air rushed out of Tara as she doubled over, relinquishing her claw. Her face free of Tara's horrific grip, Katie pounced. Grabbing the kneeling blonde, she forced Tara into the Powerbomb position again. But this time when she lifted Tara up, she shifted her so that the small of Tara's back was resting tightly against Katie's uninjured shoulder. As soon as Tara was in position Katie jumped high, tucking her legs and landing hard on her knees. The jolt she felt was minimal but the impact bent Tara into an almost perfect inverted U before Katie tossed her to the mat.

Katie's fans cheered wildly as their heroine connected with the modified Over the Shoulder Backbreaker, a move someone had unofficially dubbed ‘The Holmes Wrecker.’ Tara was out as Katie knelt over her for the cover. But just as she was about to hook Tara's leg, another idea crossed her mind. She had Tara beaten, that was true, but if she didn't finish her with something memorable, most of the fans would just count her victory as another fluke win. A grim look crossed her face as she realized this.

"Fuck that!" she said. "This's no fluke and I'll prove it to everyone."

Getting to her feet, she drags Tara’s unconscious bulk along for the ride, throwing the blonde chest first into the corner again. Amidst the puzzled murmur of the audience, Katie lifts Tara up and places her on the top turnbuckle, facing the crowd. Moving slowly but steadily, Katie slipped through the middle rope, onto the apron of the ring before climbing the turnbuckle herself. She ended up precariously balanced on the second buckle, her crotch scant inches from the blonde's face. Breathing deep, Katie grabs Tara's head and forces it downward, placing it between her thighs. Wrapping her arms around Tara's unresponsive middle, she carefully lifts the blonde up off the buckles. Katie doesn't stop lifting until Tara's back is once again resting against her shoulder. Initiating the final step of her plan, Katie carefully places one foot on the top turnbuckle and then the other, standing high above the ring with the semiconscious Tara draped over her shoulder. The crowd began to buzz, then roar as Katie's plan became clear. Taking one more deep breath, the brunette leaped off the top rope and landed hard, delivering a ‘Holmes Wrecker’ from the top rope. Tara was bent even further this time, her head and feet almost touching the mat before Katie let her go.

The crowd was in the middle of a "HOLY SHIT" chant as Katie stood over Tara and placed one foot on her unresponsive chest. The count was unnecessary at this point, three seconds later and Katie was officially the winner. The referee immediately signaled to the back, bringing out the other officials to help with Tara. Katie watched the proceedings for a second before turning to enjoy the raucous adulation of the audience.

She celebrated for a few minutes and was just turning to leave when a loud, definitely drunken male voice shouted from the audience, "What're you all happy about Holmes? So you won a match. It doesn't change that you're a second rate creampuff, you bitch!"

Later, no one ever came forward to admit to saying this to the brunette. No one wanted to accept responsibility for the words that put Tara and six referees in the hospital for the better part of ten days. When Katie heard the idiot shout, something deep inside broke. Her smile vanishing, she moved slowly to the outside of the ring, grabbed a steel chair and rolled back in, her attention fixed on the officials tending to Tara. Some people in the crowd tried to warn the zebras, but they were drowned out by their fellow audience members. With no hesitation Katie brought the chair up and down over and over again, watching coldly as it smashed against backs and heads.

She’d leveled three ref's before the others even knew what was happening. The other three tried to rush the woman, but she moved like someone possessed, laying them all out in seconds. Surveying the carnage around her, Katie's gaze fell upon Tara, still unconscious after all this time. With an evil gleam in her eye, Katie slid outside the ring again, this time looking under the squared circle. After a bit of searching, she found what she was looking for. With a slight groan of effort, the brunette pulled the folding table from under the ring and set it up right there on the floor without a word.

By this time the normally rowdy crowd had become unnaturally silent, everyone watching to see what Katie had in mind. Back in the ring, Katie hoisted Tara into position for a Powerbomb. Holding the limp blonde high, Katie walked toward the ropes and held Tara for a few seconds before simply dropping her over the top. Tara crashed through the table and hit the thinly padded ground with an ungodly smash as the fans were divided among crazed cheers and derisive booing. Finally more officials hit the ring and began tending to the blonde and their wounded brethren, but only after several of them had surrounded Katie and forced her from the ring. Katie went up the ramp without a word of protest, surveying the damage with that same cold, detached look.

Right before she stepped through the curtain, she took one last look at her handiwork and mouthed to anyone who may have been watching, "Who's the creampuff now?"

Then she spun on her heel and disappeared into the back.