Britney Spears vs. Katie Holmes by unknown 24-Sep-99

These two lovely girls were meeting in a locked bedroom catfight. The room was laid out as follows.

Along one wall a large Queen sized bed, to the right of the bed a large dresser to the left a desk. Britney was the first one to enter the room wearing a pink nightie barely containing her chest, a few seconds later Katie entered wearing a black nightie. Katie was the first to brake the silence.

"Glad to see you could make it slut I thought maybe Shania had finished you off."

Britney quickly snapped back, "Fuck you bitch!!"

The two teen stars charged each other digging their nails into each others scalps. The room came alive with the screams of young girls neither wanting to let up. Britney made the first move slamming her knee upwards smashing it into Katie's private mound eliciting a high pitched squeal from the raven haired beauty. Britney took full advantage of her stunned rival using her long nails to rip at Katie's nightie tearing the top portion to pieces revealing Katie's firm tits. Britney wasted no time tearing into her opponents tits.

She grabbed Katie's left tit with both hand and wrenched it hard right getting a loud scream from Katie in reply. The pop princess was enjoying dominating her raven haired opponent twisting and contorting her breast into oblivion.

Katie tried in vain to pry her torturers hands free from her chest but to no avail. Katie showed her first signs of aggression of the match reaching out she sent a sharp slap across Britney's face followed by two more finally breaking the hold. The two teen start separated starring each other down, Katie's naked pert breasts heaving as she breathed. Britney commented first.

"Ha, you call those tits? Those are just flabby pieces of fat!!"

"Well at least mine are real you silicone slut!!!" Katie shot back.

"How about you put those fakies against mine you cunt?"

"Anytime bitch!!" Britney shot back.

Britney pulled down her teddy unleashing her large firm tits, they looked even firmer free. The two ladies charges and met with a loud SMACK!!!!

Britney instantly, and shockingly, found herself instantly overwhelmed by the smaller chest of Holmes. Britney howled as her tits were being poked and jammed by Katie's hard nipples. In seconds Katie had backed Britney into the wall, holding her arms against the wall and above her head Katie continued the tit onslaught taunting Spears.

"What's the matter slut silicone, can't take a beating?"

Katie held Britney in place slamming her chest into Britney's causing the pop stars tits to mushroom against her chest. Britney moaned and groaned as her perfect orbs were crushed, suddenly the pressure let up and Britney opened her eyes only to be met by a hard slap sending her to the floor. Britney lay slumped against the wall her tits burning staring up at her raven haired aggressor.

"Had enough bitch?" asked Katie.

"Fuck you" spouted Britney.

Katie responded by slamming her knee forward into Britney's left tit eliciting a high pitched squeal. Britney lay in a heap on the floor sobbing her eyes out as Katie stood above her laughing at the damage she had done. With the fight firmly in hand Katie not only wanted win but she also wanted to humiliate the pop princess. Katie reached down and stripped Britney of what little clothing she had left. Katie then forced Britney to her feet, and sunk her fist into Britney's gut doubling the star over. Katie laughed as Britney dropped to all fours but her laughing soon stopped as Britney lunged forward with a hard uppercut connecting firmly between Katie's legs.

Completely unprepared Katie screeched as her crotch was lit on fire by the fist of Spears. Both girls now lay on the floor sweat covered and exhausted but Britney was still in worse shape. The two stars now turned to face each other chests heaving, Britney looked to even the score and sent a hard right hand directly into the center of Katie's left tit smashing it against her chest. Katie yelped and clutched her tit as she did Britney sent a second punch this time connecting with her right tit.

Britney now rose to her feet and forced Katie up by her hair, which she used to fling the raven haired beauty into the dresser chest first. Katie slammed into the dresser her body recoiled and she groggily stood dazed in front of the dresser. Britney took advantage and with a running start she slammed her body into Katie's slamming Katie into the dresser again but this time with Britney's weight completely behind her. Katie half conscious collapsed into Britney's waiting arms. Britney then proceeded to lay Katie out across the bed and strip her just as she had done to her earlier. Britney easily straddled the weakened body of Holmes pinning her arms under her

Britney began to lightly teases Katie's nipples. Britney skillfully aroused Katie's nipples till they were full and erect with Katie moaning loudly. Then Britney suddenly tore into Katie's supersensitive tits digging her nails deep and wrenching hard. Katie was suddenly awake screaming and crying.

"Please Britney stop!!!! please!!!! I give!!!!!"

Britney just laughed at Katie's please for mercy taunting her, "What's the matter hon? Tits can't take a little beating?"

Britney continued her assault and soon Katie's tits were bleeding freely and she had passed out from the pain.

Britney finally stopped the assault satisfied with her first victory she groggily headed for the door, she was now to face a girl who equaled Britney in almost every way: Christina Aguliar.