Katie Holmes vs. Michelle Williams by Hawkeye (Celebrity Catfights Message Bd 04-Jun-99)

Trouble had been brewing slowly but surely on the set of Dawson's Creek. It was a given that not all of the show's stars would receive similar amounts of attention. The entertainment media knew that the public quickly loses its focus if it's not narrowly placed and so the powers that be had decided to crown Katie Holmes as the newest media darling and teen queen.

At first Michelle Williams had taken this in stride, the show was still a great opportunity for someone trying to make their mark. But as the success of the show mounted, so the disparity grew and the tensions between the two teen starlets began to grow.

When Katie showed up on the cover of Rolling Stone, Michelle had decided that enough was more than enough. She convinced one of the production assistants to call Katie in for a late shoot in one of the soundstages.

"Just a little practical joke," Michelle said to the PA, as a smirk creased her perpetually pouty lips.

The assistant talked back and forth on the phone for a few minutes as Michelle watched intently, nervously biting that full lower lip until she was flashed the thumbs-up. Now everything was in motion, there was no going back.

Michelle quickly made her way to the soundstage and waited, there would be little time for preparation as Katie was not far away. Slipping through the door, Michelle realized that she hadn't really given her attire much consideration. The petite blond had worn a very tight black mini for the shoot that night and hadn't perceived till now how restrictive it really was. But if things went as planned, it wouldn't matter, a quick Pearl Harbor job and back to her trailer for shrimp and tofu. Michelle positioned herself behind the door and waited. Her green eyes glinting with a combination of excitement and anticipation. Michelle crouched as she heard someone approach and as the person came through the door and took a few steps into the cavernous building, she could see that it was indeed Katie. "Jackpot," she thought to herself.

Katie had obviously had time to get casual as she sauntered in wearing a short, sky blue, cotton tanktop

and cut-off jeans. The taller, thinner wisp of a brunette shot glances around the soundstage, unfortunately for her, looking behind did not come to mind.

Michelle jumped from her hiding place and caught Katie in the small of the back with a vicious tackle

that first arched Katie's back and then, as Michelle tried to run through her target, Katie snapped back and fell forward with a smack on the cement floor. Michelle landed on top of her costar, her dress already riding up her taut, alabaster thighs. She began to rain a series of blows on the back of Katie's head, but still Katie hung on to consciousness.

"Maybe it's good you're still with us," Michelle murmured, "what fun is there in this if you don't know who did it."

She rolled the lightly tanned brunette over and saw what she had hoped to see. As the cobwebs cleared from Katie's vision, her eyes widened and her mouth fell wide.

"You?" Michelle could barely make out the whisper of a question, but the look on Katie's face was more than enough, the shock, the fear.

Michelle reveled in the moment.

"When I'm done with you, you won't be appearing on any covers for a long time," Michelle said. "Then they'll have to turn to someone else and that someone will be me."

As Michelle spoke, she eased up Katie's body and wedged her way underneath. She proceeded to clamp her shapely thighs around Katie's head, locked her toes and squeezed with all her might.

Katie's babyface passed through several shades of red, but Michelle was not totally satisfied. The hold was effectively cutting off the blood to the starlet's brain, but Michelle was not afforded a very good view of the spectacle and this was something she had gone to a lot of trouble for and was not going to miss. She released her headscissors and climbed back into a position straddling Katie, who was nearly dead to the world. Michelle gave the lithe teen a couple of backhand slaps hoping the painful stings would bring her back. Being only slightly successful, Michelle reached behind her and slipped off Katie's cutoffs leaving only tiny white cotton undies to cover Katie's unprotected crotch. Extreme measures were called for and who was Michelle not to answer the call. She slid down Katie's body and with both hands snatched at the pubic mound with such force that she actually made holes in the undergarment where her fingers had forced their way through. Katie sat up with a start and instantaneously a high pitched scream echoed throughout the otherwise vacant building.

"That's my girl," giggled Michelle, as she continued to increase the pressure on Katie's tender genitals.

As Katie began to thrash from the pain, Michelle released her grip, stood up and jumped high in the air stomping the breath out of Katie's midsection and bringing the slender actress under more control. Katie had now rolled into a ball to protect herself from the onslaught as best she could.

"This cement floor is so uncomfortable," Michelle said in mock discomfort. "Why don't I fix that for the superstar."

Michelle helped Katie to a standing position and threw her in the direction of one of the sets. Katie stumbled and fell skinning both of her knees. She had been unable to catch herself, as both of her hands were still busy massaging away the pulses of pain that emanated from her nether regions. Katie did manage to get back to her feet again, but not for long as Michelle planted her foot into Katie's tight derriere and pushed her onto a couch on the living room set. Katie fell face first into the sofa and by the time she pivoted around Michelle was once again upon her.

Michelle climbed atop Katie and landed a surprisingly good right cross to the chin. A slight tint of crimson colored the spittle that began to ooze from the corner of Katie's mouth. Michelle now cradled Katie's head and brought it up to hers.

"You know what's so good about this," Michelle said, "is that you'll be too humiliated to tell anyone I did this to you and I'll get off free and clear. All the fun and none of the consequences."

She threw Katie's head back to the couch and slipped her dress down to her waistline revealing where the more petite Michelle really held the advantage over her more famous costar. Michelle's ivory breasts were near perfection in proportion and form and her nipples had swollen with the excitement of the action. Her jet black mini accentuated the milkiness of her skin and now looked like nothing more than a tattered sash around Michelle's hips.

Slowly she descended upon Katie's terrified visage, nestling Katie's nose and mouth between her yielding bounty. Michelle slipped her hands underneath Katie's head and gently forced it up so as to make the smother more complete. In fairly short order, the wriggling that Michelle had felt underneath her ceased. She grabbed one of Katie's arms and waved it. The arm's movement brought to Michelle's mind the look of an overcooked spaghetti noodle swaying back and forth.

Carefully, Michelle removed her hand from underneath Katie's limp neck and let her head fall gently to the cushions. Michelle pulled back to survey the damage, as she did beads of sweat rolled off her supple breasts and dropped lightly on Katie's forehead. Michelle reached down with her right hand and grabbed Katie's face at the cheeks forcing her into an exaggerated pucker.

"How in the hell did they choose you over me?" Michelle said, releasing her grip and slowly getting up from her straddle of the chestnut-haired actress.

She glanced around the expanse of the soundstage and a mini-fridge by a director's chair caught her eye. The battle had been fairly short and very sweet, but she could use something to replenish the fluid that now covered her pale skin in a dewy mist. Michelle walked over, turning to keep an eye on the comatose Katie every few steps. She grabbed a bottle of water and walked back to her vanquished foe.

"Kicking your ass is thirsty work," Michelle said, as she winked and raised the bottle to her full, flushed lips.

She took several long swigs of the water and adjusted the lower part of her mini back to its original location.

"I shouldn't be greedy should I," Michelle said between swallows, "that's how all of this got started, greed."

Michelle then took the bottle in her outstretched arm held it over Katie's head and spilled the remainder, a full half of the contents in Katie's face. The water poured into the brunette's mouth and nose causing her to gag and spit and shake her head to avoid the final part of the flow.

"So Sleeping Beauty awakes," Michelle said as she remounted Katie's lithe, tanned frame.

Michelle leaned forward until hers and Katie's noses lightly touched.

"You know from the look of you I'd say you've had enough," Michelle whispered.

"Not hardly," Katie whispered back while simultaneously bringing up her right knee into Michelle's pussy.

Michelle surged forward and released a low moan as she fell on top of Katie, who quickly pushed her off to the side and let Michelle fall to the floor of the set with a thud.

Katie was in no way fully recovered, but even in her state she knew this might be the only chance she would have. She rolled off the couch and landed square with the smaller blonde, once again causing the green-eyed lass to grunt in pain. Katie grabbed the first parts that made themselves available and on Michelle this wasn't a difficult choice. The brown-eyed beauty mauled at Michelle's already exposed bosom, first fashioning her hands into claws and simply squeezing for all she was worth and then grabbing the brownish protuberances and twisting from side to side. Michelle wailed and screamed while ineffectually slapping at Katie's bruised, but still beautiful face. After leaving Michelle's bust red as roses in bloom, she moved down to Michelle's belly. She was in too close for devastating shots, but her rapid fire fists showed their effectiveness in the coughing and choking spasms that Michelle was now suffering.

"You wanted this, well I guess you've got more than you can handle, now you'll know why they chose me," Katie yelled at the sultry blonde.

She proceeded to bring the top of her forehead down on Michelle's nose with a painful head butt. Michelle shrieked and reflexively grabbed at her nose. As she pulled one of her hands away, it brought with it a considerable amount of blood. Michelle took a moment to gaze at the red now staining her hand, she then leaned up and cupped her other hand under her flaring nostrils, more blood dripped into her palm. Katie, meanwhile, had not escaped the head butt unscathed. She was physically stunned by the collision and somewhat psychologically stunned by the sight of the blood she had brought forth from her castmate.

The blood had the opposite effect on Michelle. She flew into a rage, first punching Katie in the sternum to force her back and after getting to her feet clotheslining the brunette to the floor. Michelle was working on pure adrenaline now and Katie, who hadn't fully recovered from the night's first attack, was going to have to bear another assault. Michelle began kicking Katie in the ribs and the legs time and time again until Katie sobbed uncontrollably. Next, she grabbed Katie's legs and spread them wide apart, so wide that the cotton panties that had been damaged in the earlier attack now split and flew off making Katie's vaginal area an inviting target.

Michelle spun to the right 45 degrees and mashed her right heel into Katie's crotch. Katie let loose with a scream that reverberated throughout the building and escaped into the now empty lot. Michelle decided that she would need to finish her work in a hurry, lest she be interrupted. She ground first her heel and then her toes into the tender flesh, but Katie's screams only grew louder and more urgent. Though Michelle was now receiving great waves of pleasure from her actions, she knew things were getting risky and that a new tact needed to be taken.

She circled around and picked up the meekly struggling Katie under her arms. Michelle proceeded to drag Katie back to the couch from behind. Michelle then plopped down with Katie following into her lap. The exotic blonde then brought her left arm underneath the chin of Katie, while bringing her right forearm along the opposite side of the head with her hand forcing down on the top of Katie's scalp. Michelle leaned back into the sofa taking Katie's feet off the ground and removing all leverage for any possible escape. At first Katie seemed all limbs flying this way and that, but slowly her legs became still and her arms soon followed them into repose, lying limp at her sides.

Finally, all that was left in motion was her tongue hanging out of her mouth trying to gulp in oxygen and her eyes which lazily shifted from side to side looking for some escape that even Katie herself knew would not come. Ultimately, her eyes rolled over white and she was out.

Michelle convinced that Katie was not coming back from this attack, let her fall to the floor. Once again, she looked around, but this time she was not looking for water. No, this time she had something else in mind.

Michelle found what she was looking for in a toolbox next to one of the cameras. She staggered back to the limp and beaten form of Katie on the floor.

"Honey, that pose just doesn't do a thing for me," Michelle said, "to make the cover you're going to have to come up with something special."

Michelle's left fist was wrapped in several feet of electrical cord, which she began to unwind. She pinned Katie's legs together and tied them in a massive knot at the ankles. She then brought up both of Katie's arms in front of her, slipped the cord around her wrists and tied them so that all four limbs were secured to each other. Michelle then carried the unconscious brunette to the sofa and dumped her there.

"Now that's a picture that's worthy of a cover." Michelle spat the words out in anger, but her countenance

brightened considerably when she took a few steps back, studied the beaten and battered Katie, and realized what she had accomplished.

Michelle swept both hands back and over her forehead taking the moist blonde locks that had fallen over her face. She wiped at her nose, the blood had begun to dry.

"Maybe, I won't be ready for my cover in the next few days, but honey you're going to need intensive care."

Michelle walked over to behind the door where she had first set upon Katie. She reached over and picked up a brand new Nikon and walked back to the couch.

"Time for your close-up Ms. Holmes. Say cheese."