Hot Body Battle by Kit 1-Mar-00
Pamela Anderson, Carmen Electra, Daisy Fuentes, Jenny McCarthy

A few years ago Pamela Anderson, Carmen Electra, Daisy Fuentes and Jenny McCarthy all agreed to compete in a beauty contest for MTV's spring break. These four hot honeys were anxious and determined to prove to the world, and well as to each other, which of them of was truly the top pin-up model. The contest was slated for Sunday afternoon on the beach.

The first round would have them appear in short cut-off jeans and tight white tanktops. They would then dance and strut one at a time and then all together. The top three girls with the most crowd approval would move on to the next round while the sole loser would have to take a seat and watch.

Round two was the lingerie round and the three would compete just as before with the two finalists moving onto the final.

A bikini round would then determine the winner and all the proceeds would go to the winner's favorite charity.

The night before the big showdown, the four foxes meet with the crew to run through a dress rehearsal. A tiny trailer backstage was to serve as the girl's makeshift dressing room. Inside it was hardly big enough for two girls, much less four.

As they changed into their little shorts and tank tops, a topless Jenny and Pamela suddenly turned into each other. Jenny's left boob wedged between Pamela's wide cleavage as Pamela's left boob sank into Jenny's deep cleavage.

"Hey! Look out," exclaimed Jenny trying to shake her tit free.

"Watch it!" remarked Pamela trying to wiggle her tit out from between Jenny's chest.

"You call those tits?" asked Jenny.

"They're better than yours," barked Pamela.

Their tits slapped back and forth at each other as they parted and went about getting dressed.

In the meantime, Carmen and Daisy were trying to get their lovely asses into the tight cut-offs when Carmen's hip accidentally bumped against Daisy's hip, knocking her slightly off balance.

"Move over!" said Daisy throwing her hip back at Carmen.

"I was here first," snapped Carmen bumping her ass back into Daisy's ass.

"Like hell," Daisy spat.

Carmen and Daisy grinded their firm buttocks back and forth for a second or two as they finished getting into the binding shorts.

Back in the trailer to change for the lingerie contest, Pamela accidentally hair slapped Carmen in the face as the blonde peeled off her tank top.

"Dammit, bitch," said Carmen rubbing her face.

"What? And who are you calling a bitch?" asked Pamela facing her.

"You hit me in the face with that blond mop of yours," stated Carmen.

"Blonde mop?! Why you little," growled Pamela in Carmen's face.

The bare chested girls were nipple-to-nipple as Carmen threatened, "You better back off honey or I'll tear out every strand of that dishwater hair."

"After this is over, bitch, I'm gonna make you eat those words, you two-bit whore," said Pamela.

"Anytime, anyplace, sweet cheeks," snarled Carmen.

A few minutes later, Daisy and Pamela realized that they were both wearing the same pink teddy. This lead to a brief dispute as each decided to take her case before the director.

About the time that Daisy and Pamela were arguing, Jenny and Carmen became distracted and wound up crossing their white garterbelt straps together before latching them onto their white stockings. The sound of nylon running caused both of them to look down and notice the switch.

"You stupid blonde," squealed Carmen.

"You fuckin' idiot," cursed Jenny. "You're gonna pay for that, bitch."

"Go to hell! You're paying for mine, slut," said Carmen getting in Jenny's face.

"Looks like you've got two fights on your hands now, bimbo," Jenny growled.

"I can whip both of you playmate sluts at the same time," snickered Carmen.

Back in the trailer to change into their bikinis, tempers were at an all-time high. It was hot and they were tired. A dangerous duo considering their attitudes towards one another.

With the size of the trailer being what it was, it wasn't hard to mistake certain items, especially when two girls were wearing the same colored bikini. Jenny had put her yellow bikini top on the dresser and Pamela mistook it for being hers.

"What the?" said a puzzled Pamela when she realized something wasn't right with the top.

"Hey!" shouted Jenny. "That's mine."

"Oh! No wonder I couldn't fit into it. The cups are too small," said Pamela throwing it onto the table.

Jenny stepped nose-to-nose with Pamela and said, "I've had all the shit I'm gonna take from you, bitch."

"Then take this, bitch!" said Pamela thrusting her round, firm tits into Jenny's tits.

Jenny stumbled back into Carmen, knocking her into Daisy, but as she tripped back, she managed to lash out with a slap that smacked across Pamela's pretty face.

"Bitch!" yelled Carmen as Jenny bumped her into Daisy.

"Look out, bitch!" shouted Daisy being thrown off balance.

"Whore!" screamed Pamela charging into Jenny.

The girls had all been in various stages of dress and undress, but all were topless. Pamela only had on her pink lingerie panties. Carmen had on her white lace panties and one white fishnet stocking. Daisy had on her pink bikini bottoms, and Jenny had on both of her white nylons and her yellow bikini bottoms.

Pamela dove into Jenny, knocking all four of them to the floor of the trailer. Arms and legs whipped around and around. Hair was pulled and the sound of slaps and punches on flesh could be heard above the cries and curses as the pile wiggled in one spot until finally splitting into two separate bodies.

Carmen and Jenny rolled out together with their hands firmly embedded in each other's hair. These two MTV divas hated each other's guts. For the past several months, people had been comparing their bodies with each other, and both girls were sick of hearing about it.

Their legs locked and unlocked together and around each other's backs as they fought. Both blonde and brunette cried out at the loss of a handful of hair. The catfight they'd both been itching to have was now a reality.

Pamela and Daisy were standing on their knees slapping each other's cheek and jerking hair. It was wild and woolly as they knocked the other's face off and tugged on hair.

"Yikes!" cried Daisy as Pamela slapped her to the ground and straddled her.

"You bitch!" yelled Pamela as she started to slap Daisy's face.

Daisy bucked and kicked as she latched onto Pamela's firm globes hanging above her head and squeezed them together. Due to the fact that Pamela was nursing her baby, two hard streams of milk squirted into Daisy's face.

"Eeeeoo!" cried the blonde, grabbing Daisy's large nipples in return.

Carmen and Jenny continued their slow, rolling grind across the floor back towards the other two fighters. Carmen winced as Jenny yanked her white panties up her ass. The brunette landed a pair of fists into the blonde's ribs as they rolled up next to Pamela and Daisy.

With her tits ablaze with fire, Pamela could take Daisy's strong fingers no longer. Screaming out in agony, Pamela fell off into Carmen and Jenny just as Carmen raked her claws down Jenny's left cheek.

"Come back here, bitch," Daisy said going after Pamela and diving into the pile.

The four hellcats frolicked in a mass of humanity as limbs and body parts were hard to distinguish. Pamela screamed as the outer portion of her right tit had a bite taken out of it. Jenny moaned deeply as her cunt took a hard blow from a knee. She also lost her bikini bottoms during the fray, leaving her totally naked except for the white nylons she still had on. Carmen screeched at the loss of two clumps of hair, and Daisy caught a fist in the kisser that split her lower lip open.

As the pile split into two groups, Jenny found herself scissored at the waist from behind by Daisy's strong legs. Daisy had two handfuls of blond hair, stretching Jenny's neck back as she pumped her tan thighs against the soft waist between them.

"Oooh! Fuuuuck!" moaned Jenny as her guts were being squished and several strands of her hair were pulled out by the roots.

Pamela and Carmen had gotten to their feet and were throwing punches. Pamela ducked a blow and fired back with a fist that sank into Carmen's smooth belly.

The blonde then straightened the brunette upright with an uppercut that pulped Carmen's top lip. Carmen missed with another swing, but Pamela connected with a hook to the jaw that buckled Carmen's legs.

Jenny struggled and scratched at Daisy's forearms and thighs in an effort to free either her hair or her waist, but it was no use. Daisy continued punishing her as she now had the blonde in tears.

Carmen managed to stop Pamela's onslaught with a jab to the nose that watered the blonde's eyes long enough for her to shake out some of the cobwebs in her head. Daisy added more torment to Jenny as she reached around Jenny's body with her left hand and squeezed the blonde's left melon. Jenny bellowed out as her tittie turned to putty in Daisy's strong hand.

Pamela and Carmen lunged together and tossed each other back and forth by the hair. Staggering around in circles like a pair of drunks, the two catfighters toppled onto Daisy and Jenny, freeing Jenny from her entrapment.

Once again another free-for-all erupted on the floor. Jenny winced at the loss of a handful of hair and a set of teeth sinking into her shapely right buttcheek.

Carmen was crippled when a flying elbow slammed into her right eye and she lost a wad of hair as well. While flat on her back, Daisy's left tit was crushed flat by knee that stood on it and grinded back and worth. Pamela had her panties ripped off, and a few moments later felt the terrible pain of having a clawhold clamped on her luscious pussy lips.

By now all four fighters were tired and hurting in various places. Secretly each wanted this thing to be over, but pride and determination kept them fighting on. Pamela and Jenny rolled out of the pile with their hands in hair. The two playmates had their legs clasped together as their bodies were lined up perfectly with each other. They were going to settle this fight with their bodies. Just like with Carmen, Jenny's body had been compared with Pamela's countless times.

"Bitch, you're a sorry excuse for a Playmate-of-the-Year," hissed Pamela rolling on top.

"You're just jealous, slut," moaned Jenny from under the weight.

"You wish you're body was as hot," Jenny added pulling firmly on Pamela's hair.

Pamela pulled back hard on Jenny's hair. "Let's just see," Pamela said as she put her nipples into Jenny's nipples and pressed her bare cunt into Jenny's bare cunt.

The milk from her ripe titties began to ooze out as her tart, hard nipples bent Jenny's nipples back into the areolas. Jenny moaned in discomfort, but arched her hips to meet Pamela's downward thrust and grind. Their pubic hairs tangled together as Pamela pumped and Jenny bucked pussy-to-pussy.

Daisy had given Carmen a pair of hard backhands to the face and was now perched upon the small of Carmen's back and pulling back fiercely on her dark, wild mane. Carmen's face was a mess. Her right eye was swelling shut rapidly and her upper lip was fat and glossy with blood.

"Yeeeeooo!!" she cried at the loss of more hair.

"Give it up, you stupid bitch!" demanded Daisy pulling Carmen's little panties further up her tight ass.

"Yeeeoouu!!" howled Carmen again as her pussy lips were split apart by her panties.

Daisy began to spank the brunette's wiggling ass.

Slap! Slap! Slap! Slap! Slap! Slap!

Carmen had tears rolling down her face as she bucked and kicked under the ass-whipping.

Jenny pulled Pamela off by the hair and slowly rolled on top.

"Now it's my turn, you cunt," she said pushing her tits and grinding her sex into Pamela's.

Pamela's hard, round tits held up strongly under Jenny's equally impressive chest. Her milk still flowed freely and allowed for non-friction fighting between their nipples and tits. Pamela also unhooked her legs from Jenny's legs and then wrapped them high around her waist. Jenny's waist was still tender from Daisy's legs, and she moaned uncomfortably.

Jenny widened her legs, and this allowed their pussies greater contact as they now opened up to each other. After a few more thrusts and grinds, their clits found each other and began fencing.

"You miserable cunt," groaned Jenny as their clits fought.

"You slimy slut," moaned Pamela pumping her thighs against Jenny's waist.

After spanking her ass, Daisy flipped Carmen onto her back and sat upon her chest, pinning her arms underneath her. Daisy slapped Carmen's face and then noticed what Pamela and Jenny were doing.

"Bitch, you're either gonna cum or give," she threatened as she reached behind her and pulled Carmen's panties out of her pussy. The half-conscious Carmen hardly knew what was happening as Daisy inserted a finger up her twat, but Carmen's hips rolled uncontrollably with the stroking her clit was getting.

"I knew you were a whore," laughed Daisy as Carmen grew wetter and hotter by the second.

Being an expert fuck, Pamela could control her urges but Jenny was having difficulties. She felt the tide rushing forward as Pamela's hard clit had beaten hers down.

"Ooooo!! Nooooo!!" Jenny mumbled biting her lip. "I hate you, bitch! Yes! Yes! Yes! Ooooooo!!!" she howled as she flooded Pamela's pussy with her juices.

"Lights out, bitch," snarled Pamela as she pulled back on Jenny's hair and delivered a left fist across Jenny's jaw knocking her out and off of Pamela.

At the same time, Carmen's body was shaking out a massive orgasm that left her drained and unconscious. Pamela and Daisy got to their feet. Both took in some air as they stared at each other.

"It's back to you and me again, you cheap tramp," said Daisy.

"Let's go, bitch," said Pamela.

With their remaining energy Pamela and Daisy tore into each other like crazy women. They ripped out hair as they had a savage hairpulling catfight that left them both blind with pain. Letting go with one hand, the pounded each other twice in the stomach and traded uppercuts to the chin that dropped them both to their knees.

Daisy backhanded Pamela across the mouth, smashing her lilps open and knocking her on her back. Daisy then straddled the blonde and latched her hands around her pride and joy. Milk squirted from Pamela's tits like gushing oil and splattered across Daisy's face.

Pamela cried out and tried to pull Daisy's hands off, but Daisy knocked them away and went back to milking the life out of Pamela's melons. Pamela sank her meathooks into Daisy's titties and began clawing and scratching away.

"Eeeeeoooo!!" screamed Daisy as her tender orbs took the mauling.

For nearly a full minute, Daisy and Pamela worked each other over. Daisy's breasts were scratched senseless, but Pamela's tits were being milked dry and she was in great pain.

"Oh god! I can't take it no more!" she screamed pulling Daisy's hands off her dried up tits.

"You'll take this, cunt!" cursed Daisy as her face dropped and her teeth bit into Pamela's left areola.

"Aaaaarrrgggg!!!" screamed Pamela as she passed out.

Daisy rolled off and slowly got to her feet. She wobbled over to the dressing table and leaned on it for support. Looking into the mirror she gasped at what she saw.

"There's no way that I've got the hottest body now!"