Kelly Hu vs. Alyssa Milano: Hu Do You Think You Are? By S.P.Eider

Kelly Hu lay back on the sand, letting the sun caress her exquisite body. The beach was deserted and Kelly felt safe from the usually insatiable paparazzi, so much so that she had removed her bikini top and gave the seagulls that soared overhead a view most men would have emulated Icarus for. Wearing only a thong as black as her raven hair, Kelly's copper skinned body glistened with a layer of suntan oil, one leg raised slightly up at the knee. Kelly had the kind of body you wanted to view in wide screen, panning slowly across her perfect form in slow motion to fully appreciate the sheer beauty she possessed.

A native of Hawaii, Kelly enjoyed use of some of the Island's best, and most secluded, beaches. Her current location had been a family secret for many years and so hearing an unfamiliar voice caught the dark-haired beauty a little off guard. "Hey," said the voice. Kelly started slightly, and looked upwards to face the owner of the voice, shielding her eyes from the sun that beamed brightly down from behind the visitor's head.

"Alyssa?" said Kelly, the glare of the sun, making it difficult to immediately identify the woman. "Alyssa Milano?"

Kelly was already surprised to have a visitor on what she thought was a private beach. She was even more surprised to see it was not an eager photographer, but an attractive actress.

"Hi," said Alyssa simply.

If Kelly was perfection, then Milano was simply the next word along in the thesaurus. At 27, the actress had been a model for many years and not without good reason. She stood on the beach wearing no more than a red thong, a stud in her pierced belly-button and 6 tattoos, each one clearly visible. The tattoo likely to draw the most attention, based on it's location, was a sacred heart on Alyssa's appealing, rounded butt. On her back were rosary beads and cross; an angel on her left ankle; a garland of flowers wrapped around her right ankle; a fairy kneeling on grass on the lower part of her flat, tanned stomach and on the inside of her left wrist, a Hindu 'Om' symbol.

As attractive as the tattoos were, however, they were unlikely to have drawn most guys attention from Alyssa's face, exquisitely beautiful, her dark brown eyes drew you in and didn't let go. The smile on the brown-haired woman's lips was elfish, sneaky yet sensuous, as though promising more than you could ever hope to get. In the unlikely event you could drag your eyes from the hypnotic effect of Alyssa's unparalleled beauty, you would quickly be enraptured at the sight just below her neckline. Alyssa's breasts could only be described using words that were so often applied to the idea of 'dream breasts' - firm; pert; fulsome; but what the description lacked in creative writing, the reality more than compensated for.

Kelly stood up and the two women stood face to face, tantalizingly breast to breast. Kelly was slightly taller than the brown-haired girl and looked down at Alyssa with a mixture of curiosity and anger that her solitude had been interrupted. "Just what are you doing here?" asked the brunette. In truth, she already knew the answer. In recent weeks, Kelly had been approached to face Alyssa in the wrestling ring, a request Kelly had repeatedly turned down.

Kelly's refusal to fight had not, however, been on the grounds that she was in any way against combat between two consenting females. In fact Kelly was always eager to enter the ring at the earliest opportunity. But she considered herself a skilled fighter and saw Alyssa as an unworthy opponent; a woman not nearly as accomplished as herself. It was for that reason alone that Kelly had turned down the chance to meet Alyssa on the canvas.

Realizing that Alyssa had probably felt a direct challenge might change her mind, Kelly again asked the young actress what she wanted. Kelly was looking forward to seeing the look on Alyssa's face when she turned her down yet again.

Alyssa stayed silent for a moment, before answering Kelly's question with the last answer Kelly was expecting. Alyssa raised her knee in a sharp, sudden movement, it's destination - Kelly's unsuspecting pussy. The blow connected hard and deep, the color instantly fading from Kelly's cheeks as she slumped forwards, a choked "uummfff….." escaping her lips. Pain spread through Kelly's lower body and she felt the sting of tears form in the corner of her dark eyes. Hands at her throbbing crotch, Kelly looked into the smiling face of Alyssa.

"What are you . . ." were the only words Kelly was able to utter before Alyssa moved again.

Grasping a handful of Kelly's hair in one hand, Milano drew back her other fist and drove it into Kelly's face. Kelly yelped as Alyssa's knuckles crashed into her jaw, the blow reverberating throughout her head. Alyssa gave the brunette precisely zero seconds to recover before punching the coffee-skinned beauty again, a stunning right cross that knocked Kelly's head as far sideways as it could go - still trapped as it was in Alyssa's unwavering hair hold. Kelly again cried out in pain and was still doing so when Alyssa's third strike hit home with (as certain hip hitmen might say) great vengeance and furious anger. The punch split Kelly's lower lip and the brunette spat a spray of claret from her mouth as her head was again smacked sideways.

Tasting her own blood, Kelly was snapped from her reverie. Skilled in both Karate and ballet, Kelly quickly used her extensive Martial Arts knowledge and delivered an efficient front snap kick to Alyssa's gut, her fairy tattoo making the perfect target for Kelly's bare sole. Alyssa's grunted and instantly released her grip on Kelly's hair. Making the most of her freedom, Kelly did not wait to engage Milano in further pointless conversation. She knew she was in a fight now and her only desire was to finish it. And, of course, thoroughly enjoy herself in the process.

Concentrating on Alyssa's winded gut, Kelly feigned a punch to Alyssa's head before suddenly burying her fist into Milano's stomach. The blow caught the TV Witch wanting and choking on an intake of stolen breath. Doubling over, winded, Alyssa's next sensation was that of an elbow being mercilessly driven into her back. She dropped to her knees, holding her aching stomach whilst burning pain from the elbow strike coursed through her back.

For the first time since arriving in Hawaii, Alyssa began to wonder if she had done the right thing. Milano had first heard of Kelly's refusal to fight her a month ago and had been enraged. Alyssa had taken on and beaten numerous opponents and knew she was a match for this stuck up, self important bitch. It had been that confidence that had put her on a flight to Hawaii to confront the Martial Law star and challenge her face to face. Alyssa had not planned to fight Kelly here and now but the smug, self-satisfied look on Hu's face some forty-five seconds previously had pushed Milano over the edge and committed her to a course of action that she was beginning to have second thoughts about. Kelly's bare foot suddenly smacking into her face did not help Alyssa's frame of mind.

"Come on," mocked Kelly, standing over the kneeling Alyssa, who clutched her recently kicked face. "Show me what you've got."

Kelly backed off and allowed Alyssa to get to her feet, where she stood for nearly two full seconds before a spinning heel kick from the brunette cracked against Alyssa's jaw and sent her sprawling once more to the ground. Alyssa lay face down on the warm surface, blood from her mouth staining the golden sand. For a moment, Alyssa could almost believe she was simply out sunbathing, taking in a few rays. She tried to ignore the pain in her gut, back and head and lose herself in the moment. Unfortunately, reality came crashing in instantly in the form of Kelly Hu.

Sitting astride the stricken woman's back, Kelly leant forwards, her ample chest pressing against Alyssa's skin as she hissed, "Now do you see why I didn't face you in the ring? It was for your own good. Just think how your fans would have felt if they had been forced to watch you suffer THIS?"

With that, Kelly moved into a squatting position, her butt on the small of Alyssa's back. The brunette then took hold of Alyssa's arms and placed each one in the crease between her crouching thighs and abdomen. Once Alyssa's arms were trapped, Kelly laced her fingers together under the Alyssa's chin and pulled her head up and back - hard!

Alyssa grimaced as the camel clutch bit cruelly into her spine and bent her backwards like an unwilling contortionist. She tried to scream but the pressure on her neck and back locked her jaw shut and she could only groan pitifully through clenched teeth. Kelly jerked back further, implacable in her torture of the helpless Milano, her spite and desire to hurt the girl unrelenting.

Alyssa's position was one of utter helplessness, her arms outstretched over Kelly's crouched legs, she could do nothing that might affect her position. Kelly's rump pushed into her lower back as the cupped hands beneath her chin continued to pull Alyssa more and more into a position where she resembled a human banana. A single tear slid down Alyssa's cheek and into the corner of her mouth, its taste as salt as the sea that stretched out as far as the agonized actress could see. Alyssa knew the fight was over and could now only hope Kelly's completion of the match would at least be swift. Alyssa uttered a weak submission and waited for blessed release.

Kelly, however, had other ideas. Her dominance over Alyssa had stirred a fire in the Hawaiian beauty and she had only just begun stoking the flames. With no concern for the well-being of the woman beneath her, Kelly continued to lean back into the hold, relishing every yelp and groan from her victim. Such was Kelly's insatiable desire to hurt Alyssa she failed to notice her bare feet starting to slide into the sand, the silica surface failing to offer the same purchase as the smooth canvas of a wrestling ring. Noticing an almost imperceptible decrease in the pressure on her spine, Alyssa began to writhe in the iron grasp of her captor and suddenly found herself free, Kelly losing her footing and falling backwards as Alyssa crawled slowly away.

The brown-haired girl's back was still entertaining a symphony orchestra of suffering but Alyssa knew better than to dwell on the pain. Already, Kelly was advancing on her, ready to finish Milano off. Alyssa was not done yet however and quickly utilized the one weapon at her disposal, the very substance that had only recently been her savior. Grabbing a handful of sand, Alyssa threw it into the face of the approaching Kelly who was caught completely off guard. Instantly the brunette was blinded, her eyes streaming as she desperately rubbed her eyes and spat sand from her mouth. Alyssa needed no further invitation to dance.

Moving in on the visually impaired Ms Hu, Alyssa grabbed the unseeing Hawaiian by the shoulders and lifted her knee into Kelly's soft underbelly. Kelly grunted, her butt jerking outwards as she doubled over. Alyssa took quick advantage of the Hawaiian's stooped position and lifted her knee again speedily, this time targeting Kelly's breasts. Kelly screamed as her tits were flattened against her body, Alyssa's knee temporarily changing them from soccer balls to hockey pucks. Kelly stood upright, undecided as to what was more worthy of her attention - trying to clear her vision or nursing her now throbbing bosom.

Neither option proved viable as Alyssa, now firmly back in the ascendancy decided to demonstrate her own, not unimpressive, kickboxing skills. She fired a picture perfect roundhouse kick to Kelly's face, Alyssa's heel thudding into Ms Hu's cheek with pinpoint accuracy. The strike snapped Kelly's head sideways sharply but she remained standing and blindly executed a kick of her own, hoping to make any sort of contact with her opponent. She did. But unfortunately, not in the way she had planned.

Alyssa easily caught Kelly's swinging leg by the ankle and, holding the brunette's limb aloft, powered her own foot into Kelly's inviting groin. If Kelly's screams had been loud before, the cry of distress that accompanied this impact could have been heard two states away. The top of Alyssa's foot thumped hard enough into Kelly's pussy to literally lift the Hawaiian off her supporting leg. Nauseous pain spread through Kelly's lower body and she dropped to her knees in sheer agony.

Alyssa did not waste the opportunity and quickly stepped over the downed brunette, facing her back, her luscious thighs on either side of Kelly's stooped head. Looking downwards, Kelly's vision had finally begun to clear. Still dazed, the sight that first greeted her eyes was somewhat puzzling, such was the perspective she was seeing it from. Although the surface beneath her was clearly sand, she could not immediately identify the two shapes that stood side by side on the yellow sediment. It was only when the two shapes shifted slightly, one crossing over the other that Kelly realized, too late, that she was looking at Alyssa's feet.

At the moment Alyssa's feet crossed, her ankles locked, the strong grip of Alyssa's thighs made their presence known around Kelly's head instantly. Kelly let out a quick yelp as the first wave of pressure engulfed her head, almost threatening to knock the young woman out then and there. Her fixed view of the sand beneath her offered Kelly no options in the increasingly tightening grasp of Alyssa's legs and her weak attempts at escape only strengthened Alyssa's resolve AND her grip on the brunette's pretty head. Kelly pulled weakly at the back of Alyssa's calves, pretty much the only part of her tormentor's body she could reach. Hoping to dislodge Alyssa like she herself had lost her grip earlier, Kelly jerked at the actress's lower legs but to no avail.

Although she was in little danger from Kelly's futile gesture, Alyssa was appreciating her dominance far too much to risk the tables being turned once more. Reaching down, Alyssa hooked her own arms under each of Kelly's arm's and jerked them upwards spitefully. A weak but emotive screech came from between Alyssa's legs as Kelly felt her arms suddenly bent awkwardly backwards, muscles moving in directions not advised by any physiotherapist. The armlock, best described as a reverse nelson given Alyssa's current position, rendered Kelly completely helpless. Any minuscule hope of escape had vanished the moment the use of her arms had been denied her.

Tensing the muscles in her legs to increase the pressure of the scissors hold, Alyssa simultaneously clasped her hands together across Kelly's back, the Hawaiian woman's arms still locked in place, bent up and backwards not unlike a ballet dancer emulating a swan. Alyssa could now attack Kelly on two fronts, the slow, steady, strength-sapping headscissors and the vicious, muscle-tearing pain of the double armlock.

Trapped, tortured and defeated, Kelly soon offered a heartfelt submission. Concerned her cries would go unnoticed, that Alyssa would not accept such an easy submission, Kelly was relieved when Alyssa released the armlock as soon as she had submitted. It was no consolation to Kelly three seconds later when the elbow strike to the small of her back proved her fears had been correct.

The grip on her head showed no signs of abating and if any further sign was required of Alyssa's continued animosity towards her Kelly received it swiftly when she felt her bikini thong being pulled mercilessly up into her most delicate of areas. Alyssa laughed with delight as she executed the spiteful wedgie, yanking Kelly's g-string to its breaking point- and beyond - the garment snapping like an elastic band as tears began to form in Kelly's eyes.

Disappointed that her last particular method of abuse had been cut short, Alyssa reverted to a more hands on approach… and feet on…. and knees on. Finally releasing the headscissors, Kelly was able to savor approximately 2.5 seconds of liberty before Alyssa's foot thundered into her now bare pussy, the familiar, but no less intense pain again coursing throughout her entire body. Sagging forward, Kelly's only resistance to a roundhouse kick to the face was to block Alyssa's onrushing foot with her face. In retrospect, it was not Kelly's most effective defense but her thoughts, like the movement of her very body, were becoming slow and sluggish.

Kick after punch after knee hit home, each blow more effective than the last. Kelly was finally, decisively put down with a punch to the left kidney, a knee to the crotch and a final, gymnastic kick to the face that knocked Kelly almost three feet from where she had been standing when the blow connected. She lay on the sand, seagulls soaring overhead like vultures over carrion… but Kelly had more important predators to worry about.

Standing astride her beaten foe, Alyssa wiped the sweat from her face, radiant, not only with victory, but a thrill of an altogether different variety. Removing her own modest attire, the naked Ms Milano placed a bare foot on the bruised face of Kelly Hu, stirring the brunette enough so she would be aware of what was to come.


Alyssa dropped to her knees, her bare crotch inches above Kelly's face. Grasping the Hawaiian's long black hair in her hands, Alyssa pulled Kelly's sobbing face deep into her pussy, shuddering with pleasure at the initial contact as Kelly's nose touched her already moistening lips. At first, a gentle caress was enough, the merest brush of Kelly's face on her sex enough to send quivers of excitement racing through her body. Alyssa's hips moved slowly, her vagina sliding back and forward over her sexual slave's face.

With her last vestiges of defiance, Kelly was reluctant to open her mouth, to use her tongue as Alyssa demanded. She soon changed her mind when Alyssa reached back with one hand, pinching Kelly's own sex-lips between the nails of her thumb and forefinger and twisting sharply.

A glass-cracking scream was quickly followed by the soft, subtle caress of Kelly's suddenly eager tongue on the pussy of her mistress. Before long Alyssa's needs became more urgent, her desire more animalistic. A gentle caress was no longer enough and she pulled Kelly's face forcibly and fully into her mound, grinding her vagina hard across Kelly's sobbing, humiliated face. The movement of Alyssa's hips grew ever faster as her pleasure rose to it's very limit. At which point, she held Kelly's face as deep into her body as it could go, Alyssa's body suddenly wracked by jolts of ecstasy at the expense of her beaten, used foe.

Finally satiated, at least sexually, Alyssa looked down at the face of her casualty. Kelly's face was awash with blood, sweat and some obvious contributions from Alyssa herself. Moving forward, Alyssa lowered her pert but cheeks onto Kelly's degraded features. She planned to stay there for quite some time…..