Mummy Dearest (aka Scorpion King): Patricia Velasquez vs. Kelly Hu by John J © 2003 All rights reserved.

After her victory over Rachel Weisz at "The Mummy Returns" wrap party, Patricia Velasquez started to get consideration for the female lead in the next Mummy, "Scorpion King." Kelly Hu had been the only woman being considered and Patricia was thrilled that the Sorceress might be tweaked so she could become a distant relative of Anck-su, her character in both "The Mummy" and "Mummy Returns." Needless to say, Kelly Hu was NOT pleased with that! The executive producer of "Scorpion King" called both Kelly and Patricia to the studio for more questions and interviews. Both complied, but neither was pleased the issue was still up for debate. Both thought the matter should’ve been settled in her favor already and the other should be out looking for another role.

Kelly was on the sofa in the producer’s outer office, tapping her high black heel nervously on the rug as she waited to be called in. She wore a black skirt and white silk blouse tied under her breasts. Those, together with her dark nylons gave the Asian an eye-popping look. The blouse had just enough buttons open and the skirt was just short enough to make both items very sexy and flirtatious, but not in an unprofessional or overtly suggestive way. Then the door to the office opened and Patricia walked in! Kelly immediately stood up to face her rival. Patricia's outfit was much like Kelly's; feminine, beautiful and sexy without being outlandish or overtly sexy. Patricia's blouse was white, tied as Kelly's under her breasts, but her skirt and heels were royal blue. Patricia also showed just enough cleavage and leg to be feminine and sexy, but not quite slutty. Kelly got right into Patricia's face, right in front of a large mirror that dominated one wall of the office.

"What the hell are you doing here?"

Patricia laughed, "What am I doing here? What are YOU doing here, is more the question, bitch?" she fired back as the producers, The Rock, Brendan Frasier and Rachel Weisz watched through the one way glass.

The two sexy brunettes moved closer, glaring hatefully as Kelly hissed, "This is MY interview. Get your skanky ass out of here!"

Patricia glared back, "YOUR interview? This is MY interview. You're the one who needs to go!"

The gorgeous Asian brunette got into Patricia's face and told her softly, "I'm not giving you another fucking warning. This is MY interview and MY role. Now get your ugly fat ass out of her, before you get hurt."

The voluptuous Hispanic beauty chuckled and tossed her hair, "I'm NOT going anywhere, slut. You're the one who better drag her fat ass out of door, not me."

The two beauties glared at each other hatefully and Kelly put her hands on her hips, "Arguing and shouting won't accomplishing anything. Neither of us is going to budge, that's clear. So, shall we wait and let the producers choose OR shall we settle it between us?"

"Are you suggesting we fight for the role?" Patricia asked with a huge smile.

Kelly snapped, "It's clear we don't like each other, so, yeah! Let's fight! I'd love to wipe that stupid smirk off your face."

"Fine! The loser gives up the role and leaves. Agreed?" Patricia fired back nastily.

"Agreed!" Kelly said quickly.

Everyone in the private office moved forward slightly in their seats, eager to see the fight. They all figured bringing them to the office at the same time, under the pretense of an interview, would start fireworks. There was no love lost between the two sexy brunettes and they figured the fight would solve several problems. It would resolve which got the Sorceress role and diffuse the hatred between them. The animosity couldn't have been erased by picking one over the other since neither would've accepted that solution. Both needed closure so it seemed this alternative would resolve both issues quite neatly. Of course there is always something more and in this case, Rachel Weisz wanted revenge on Patricia for humiliating her at the "Mummy Returns" wrap party. She knew Kelly was a tough fighter, but whichever beauty won she knew Patricia would get bruised, if not worse. Rachel also knew that seeing Patricia fight she might see something to give her an edge in their rematch, one she badly wanted and intended to have sooner or later!

As they watched, the two sexy brunette actresses began to circle, fists clenched, ready for battle. After a few moments, Kelly fired a right hook at Patricia's jaw which the Hispanic model deflected with ease using her raised left arm. Patricia countered with a straight right at Kelly’s tits, but Kelly dodged and avoided the punch. With the opening salvoes fired ineffective, the two beauties circled again, awaiting a chance to strike. As they circled, Patricia saw an opening and pounded an uppercut toward Kelly's chin. The sultry Asian actresses leaned back to avoid the clumsy punch, then quickly spun and arced out her leg. Kelly's high-heeled foot cracked into the side of Patricia's face; her head snapped to the side and she staggered, wobbling and seeing stars from the blow to the head!

The sultry Asian beauty lunged toward her dazed adversary and tackled her into the wall. A soft grunt came from Patricia as her back slammed the wall. Kelly held Patricia pinned on the wall with her shoulder firmly ground into the Hispanic beauty's ribs as the gorgeous Asian fired repeated punches to her stomach. Patricia held firm and took a number of the blows in silence, not wanting to show Kelly her fists were having an effect. But after the fifth punch, Patricia couldn't hold back any longer and gasped in pain, her belly throbbing. Though the stomach blows hurt, Patricia wasn’t weakened much. Her head cleared and she saw a chance to counterattack and took it!

Patricia balled her fists together and slammed them down into Kelly's lower back. The double ax-handle made Kelly let out a grunt as her knees buckled, putting her on the lush carpet on her hands and knees. Patricia continued to attack, giving Kelly a hard kick in the belly. Kelly clutched her side as she rolled over in silence, refusing to allow herself to cry out in pain. Patricia raised her high-heel and took careful aim, then thrust the heel down viciously, stomping Kelly's belly…but the Asian rolled away as Patricia's heel came down and Patricia’s foot hit only the floor.

She quickly reset herself to stomp again, but Kelly was faster as she swung around and used her legs to sweep Patricia's legs out from under her, bringing the Hispanic model down to the carpeted floor beside her on her ass. The two sexy brunettes pushed, shoved, and grabbed each other as they rose to their knees. Patricia tried to wrap Kelly in a headlock, but the Asian eluded her, twisted around and put Patricia in a headlock! Kelly gave Patricia's hair a hard yank as she pulled her trapped rival around the room in the headlock, trying to use a hip throw to put her down again. On her second attempt, Kelly was successful and Patricia landed hard on her back.

The Asian brunette scrambled into position and straddled her foe's midsection. With Patricia trapped firmly beneath her, Kelly bounced several times, driving the air out of Patricia’s lungs while Patricia grabbed at Kelly's classy white silk blouse and tore at it.

Patricia grunted, "Get your damn fat ass off me! You weigh a fucking ton!"

Kelly just bounced again, slamming her luscious round ass down on the Hispanic beauty's belly even as Patricia gave another hard tug on her blouse.

"Make me get off, tough girl," Kelly taunted as she grabbed a fistful of Patricia's long dark hair and pulled as she rolled onto her side, trapping Patricia in a scissors around her neck.

Kelly captured Patricia's arms as she rolled to keep her hands under control. Then she squeezed her powerful thighs, constricting the Hispanic model's neck as Patricia gasped and groaned. Kelly poured on the pressure, shutting off Patricia’s air until she choked and coughed, unable to catch her breath. Kelly released Patricia's hands so she could reach down and pull, yank and tear her rival's white silk blouse. With a hard yank, all the buttons popped and the knot above Patricia's navel unraveled leaving the blouse thrown open and useless; her sexy satin white bra exposed and visible.

"What ya gonna do now, tough girl?" Kelly snapped as Patricia shifted her head a bit. She bit down on Kelly's thigh and the Asian screamed, "You fucking bitch! You BIT me!??"

The sexy Asian released her scissors and rolled away from Patricia who gulped down some air as she pulled off the torn white blouse. She rubbed her sore neck and continued to suck precious air into her lungs as she rose while Kelly, a few feet away, checked the bite marks Patricia had left on her luscious thigh. With Kelly occupied with the teeth marks on her smooth skin, Patricia moved slowly trying not to attract her attention as she moved into position, then lunged at Kelly. She forced the Asian beauty to the carpeted floor as she slammed into her, grabbing Kelly's blouse as they tumbled. Kelly got a leg up and kicked Patricia away as she tried to mount her but Patricia kept her hold on Kelly's partially torn blouse as she was kicked away. As Patricia rolled and tumbled to the side, she pulled Kelly's torn blouse away in her hand!

Kelly removed the torn remnant of her blouse and flung it away as she got to her feet and dove at Patricia. The Asian wanted to slam her full body weight onto Patricia's but the Hispanic hottie raised her knees as Kelly flew toward her and Kelly yelped as her pussy slammed onto Patricia's knee. Patricia grabbed Kelly and rolled her over, slamming her down on her back. She straddled Kelly and planted her full round ass on the Asian's chest. Patricia bounced several times to knock the air out of Kelly just as she’d done earlier. Kelly retaliated quickly as she yanked Patricia's bra, pulling and tearing it from the model's full boobs. Another hard yank tore it off and with Patricia's luscious melons now bared and vulnerable Kelly lost no time in sinking her nails into the soft globes; then she squeezed hard! Kelly twisted nipples, scratched and mauled as harshly as she could while Patricia howled as her previously perfect puppies burned with pain.

The Asian viciously yanked and tugged Patricia's left breast, pulling it down until Patricia was forced onto her side. She grabbed Kelly's hands trying to pry them off her aching puppies. Then she attacked as she wrapped her arms around Kelly and snapped her head forward. Kelly saw stars from the headbutt as Patricia's forehead whacked her nose. Patricia's hands went to Kelly's long dark hair and, with a rough tug, flipped her over to reverse their positions. Now the sultry Latina slipped into position to repay Kelly for her tit attack as she ripped and pulled Kelly's lace bra until she tore it off. Once she had Kelly's ample tits free, Patricia went after them furiously. The model dug into the tender mounds and ravaged them, twisting and scratching as. Kelly cried out as Patricia cruelly abused her melons. The Asian girl gritted her teeth and focused, pulled back her fist and slammed a punch to Patricia’s jaw. The Latina model wobbled, rocked by the unexpected punch; her tit grip weakening slightly. Kelly punched her again and Patricia tumbled off, rolled away to the side clutching her aching jaw.

As Patricia rolled one way, Kelly rolled the other; both sexy brunette's hair disheveled; their blouses and bras lying torn and tattered in pieces on the carpet. They gulped air between heavy breaths as they rested and recovered their strength to resume the battle. All four previously perfect boobs heaved up and down, scratched and bruised, large black and blue marks and welts clearly visible as were small trickles of blood from the scratches and punches to both ladies' bodies. The gorgeous actresses' heavy breathing slowed to near normal after a brief rest, and they both rose to continue fighting. Neither made a move to indicate she’d had enough or was ready to surrender and give up the role.

"Come on, bitch! You want more? Let's go," Patricia hissed as she stood and prepared to fight.

Kelly didn't reply, she simply glared angrily as she kicked off the carpet from her position on one knee, lunged forward and drove toward her Latina rival. Patricia backpedaled as Kelly surged forward, but she ran out of room when her back hit the wall and Kelly's charge slammed into her, driving the air out of her lungs again. The sultry Asian braced a forearm across Patricia's neck as she held her pinned and choked her, at the same time. Kelly stepped in a bit to secure her footing, then powered a knee up, driving her kneecap hard to Patricia's crotch. She gasped and cried out as the knee punished her pussy, sending waves of pain shooting through her. Kelly showed the Hispanic beauty no mercy or compassion as she pulled her knee back and pounded it in again, adding another wave of pain to Patricia’s aching pussy. She would have slumped groaning and gasping to the floor but for Kelly's forearm holding her tightly in place, choking her.

Kelly took a step back, drew her free hand and hammered her fist into Patricia's navel. Patricia tried to double over, but couldn't because of the arm locked across her neck. Whatever air was left in her whooshed out as the hard fist bore deep into her belly. When Kelly removed her arm from Patricia's neck the Latina folded over and dropped to her knees, gagging and gasping she gulped in air. Her chance to get air into her lungs was short-lived because Kelly quickly splashed down on top of her. Patricia grunted when Kelly's full weight crashed down on her. Kelly spun into position and sat down in a schoolgirl pin on Patricia’s chest with the sides of her thighs pressed on the sides of Patricia's face, with her crotch under the Hispanic’s chin.

Kelly hissed, "Are you ready to give up now, slut?"

Patricia didn't respond, she just pulled at Kelly's skirt until she tore it, then with the skirt partially torn off, Patricia yanked viciously at Kelly's thong, pulling it up and giving the Asian a painful wedgie. Patricia bucked her hips up hard at the same time she pulled and Kelly was bucked off her chest. She rolled aside, more pissed than hurt by the wedgie attack as Patricia turned over and tried to put some distance between she and Kelly. But Kelly lunged and grabbed Patricia's skirt and tried to pull her back. Kelly had a fistful of skirt in her hand, but it ripped down the back as Patricia pulled away. Both beauties were breathing hard and nearing exhaustion, but they continued the fight now, topless and wearing only panties, shredded stockings and high heels.

Patricia tried to get up, but Kelly knocked her down with a hard kick to the ribs that sent her over onto her back. Kelly grabbed Patricia's legs as she rolled and with a firm grasp of the Latina's ankles, raised her foot and stomped down hard on Patricia's hurt pussy. Patricia screamed in pain, sat bolt upright and grabbed at her throbbing crotch just as Kelly gave it another stomp! The Asian released Patricia's ankles and moved to straddle her again, sliding back up into schoolgirl position.

“Can you hear me NOW?” she demanded. "Give up, right fucking now bitch, or I'll knock your sorry ass out!"

Patricia squirmed and thrashed her legs, straining to get free, hissing, "Screw you, puta!"

Kelly didn't say anything, just reached behind her, grabbed a handful of Patricia's panties at the crotch and ripped them off along with a handful of her thick pussy hair. As Patricia screamed in agony, Kelly stuffed the torn panties and pubic hair in her gaping mouth! Then she slid up and planted her firm butt squarely on Patricia's flushed face. Taking a firm hold of Patricia's long, black hair, Kelly pulled her face up and held it tight against her ass, using her firm butt cheeks to smother the writhing Hispanic hottie. Patricia squirmed, bucked, kicked and slapped Kelly's hips and thighs for more than a minute as her frantic movements slowed until they finally stopped altogether. Once Patricia stopped moving, Kelly held her a few more seconds, then let go of her hair and Patricia's head hit the floor with a hollow THUD!

Kelly stood up but continued to watch for the slightest signs of movement or resistance as she kicked Patricia in the side several times. Seeing no signs of movement aside from the heaving rise and fall of Patricia’s chest, Kelly planted her high heel firmly on Patricia's battered boobs and raised her arms as she flexed in victory. After posing a while, Kelly grabbed Patricia by the hair and yanked the panting, still-dazed brunette to her feet. She pulled Patricia over to the mirror on the wall, holding her with an arm around her waist, her hand closed on a fistful of Patricia's pubic hair; displaying her victim like a prize as she glared at their reflections in the mirror.

"I know you're all back there. Was that what you wanted to see? Did you enjoy the show? Now, where do I sign for my Sorceress role?" Kelly yelled at the glass.

A few seconds later, the door opened and the whole group poured out of the inner office to congratulate her. She opened her hand and let Patricia slide down her to the carpet, her body folding in sections like a sack of potatoes. Patricia lay sprawled at Kelly’s feet sobbing, her face buried in her arms. Kelly stepped over her, completely ignoring her former foe as she walked to the desk and signed the contract. Then, still almost nude, she stood with her hands on hips and chatted with everyone while one of the studio flunkies took her keys and ran down to her car to get a change of clothes.

Patricia continued to lay on the floor until long after Kelly and the rest had gone off to the nearest bar to celebrate the signing of the contracts. The defeated Latina rummaged through the torn and tattered clothing on the floor, trying to salvaged a piece of this and a part of that so she'd look halfway decent when she stumbled and staggered to her car for her return home. She never said another word to Kelly or asked about getting a part in "The Scorpion King" ever again.