Karate Choppin' Cuties: Kelly Hu vs. Michelle Yeoh by TNT

"EEE-YAH!" the resounding martial arts keiai shout blasted the air a split second before Michelle's sexy, cute go-go boot clad foot found its mark.

"Unnnngggggh..." Kelly groaned as her tight abs exploded in pain; she gasped for air, raised her arms then dropped them to her woundedness as a flash of movement overtook her. "Noo....uhhhuhhh..." the gorgeous petite Hawaiaan moaned as Michelle's lightning fast fingers flashed out to bury themselves in her lustrous dark hair. A hard pull and Kelly's pretty head felt like it was about to leave her shoulders as she was yanked backward. "Noooooooo!" she cried as she went flying onto a table full force. CRASH! She hit with stunning impact, sending dishes, silverware and glasses in all directions!

"So you think you're good fighter, huh girl?" the sarcastic yet incredibly sweet, soft icy voice echoed in her foggy brain. "So, show me what you got, bitch!" the voice demanded.

Michelle moved in fast, blocking the angry Kelly's fists as Kelly threw several fast and furious punches until she sputtered out her anger, giving evidence to her swift, amazing rebound from her rivals' initial blistering attack.


Kelly's punches and strikes were all matched with perfectly timed blocks as two sexy hot go-go boots blazed streaks of motion as Michelle's feet accomplished their own quite successful battledance, connecting time and again with Kelly's long, sexy, pantyhose clad legs. Michelle's acrobatic skills were on full display, going full blast; her small torso and hips swiveling; her miniskirt flashing its own erotic show.

"Uhhhhh...Ummphhh...Unnnggggh..." Kelly's groans announced more frustration and irritation than actual pain as she tried to dodge her opponents' kicks and fancy footwork while trying to take her out with her quickly tiring arms and hands.

WHAM! "Argggggh! Uhhhhhhh..." Kelly took two quick steps back as precious air escaped her lungs. Her groin once again had felt Michelle's wrath; her solar plexus followed suit instantly and was now screaming for relief.

Michelle smiled as she watched Kelly's beautiful face morph into a surprised, most ugly grimace as she zipped in, grabbed the front of Kelly's beautiful dress with both hands and spread her arms wide, tearing it open to the waist and exposing a bulging beige lace bra. A double handful of hair, a hard forward tug and a perfectly executed painful headbutt left Kelly dazed even as it brought a whole new world of blazing color to her rivals reeling senses.

"Oooohhunggg....NOOOOOO!" Kelly wailed as felt herself flying forward.

Suddenly, an arm came out of nowhere, circled around her neck and snapped her head back, bending her torso over backward into a perfect, and painful-but-most-erotic arch.

"Nice bra, Hu!" The words, however soft and sweet, sent a shiver thru the beautiful Asian as she felt strong, skillful fingers fumbling with her bra's clasp.

"Noooooooo!" Her impotent, frantic, protest was gone as quickly as her bra released its treasures. "A skilled martial artist uses any and all weapons," Michelle chuckled as she wrapped the flimsy yet strong bra around Kelly's neck, tightened and pulled it snug. "Nice; firm; even a bit bigger than mine," Michelle laughed as she jerked her gasping rival around the room on her makeshift 'leash' then gave her a shove and yanked the bra back hard, sending Kelly spinning and staggering like a lovely drunken sailor across the room.

"Aaaaaaawck..." CRASH! Another small table went flying as did our gorgeous, but now topless, beauty.

Michelle laughed as she watched Kelly slowly, angrily, drag herself to her feet. Michelle kicked out of her boots and then wiggled her toes as she prepared for their next "dance" as she watched Kelly intently, enjoying every second of her discomforture. Kelly's torn dress hung loose around her hips - a most erotic sight while her exposed breasts bore the marks of battle. But her stiff, erect, nipples seemed to be telling their own, different, version of the story. Kelly angrily brushed her tousled hair back and tenderly rubbed her wounds, then snarled and fired an angry stare at her seemingly smug, completely confident rival as her fingers curled into tight fists. Kelly spun around and resolutely headed straight for trouble.

"Eeeeeiyahhh!" Kelly lunged as she uttered her perfect gutteral, peace shattering warcry. Twas a most beautiful, perfectly timed flawless assault and a normal or even an excellent opponent would have suffered grievously, perhaps even been devastated. But 'excellent' was a couple rungs below Michelle on the skill ladder and she made a more than perfect evasive move - seeming to almost vanish in thin air as Kelly charged forward fast - too fast!

"Naaaauhhhhh!" the lovely warrior grunted as she tried desperately to put the brakes on before the onrushing wall made its unwelcome presence felt.

"Nice try, sweetie!" Michelle's rude, nasty words carressed Kelly's ears a split second before she felt a hard tug at her backside. RIPPPPPPP! (Giggle. Snort. Hiss) "My, my! Stripped for action!" Michelle taunted as she finished tearing Kelly's dress off of her luscious - and now near naked - body. Kelly was stripped down to only a pair of the worlds sheerest (and sexiest) pantyhose since she'd lost her stilletto heels a bit earlier.

WHAM! "Unnhhhhhh..." Michelle's fist slammed into the back of Kelly's neck and her lovely eyes rolled back, filling with her tears as, once again, Michelle's fast 'python' wrapped around her throat and her fists of fury slammed into her lower back and kidneys. A chiropractor would soon be making good money from Kelly's well-muscled back which was even now being bent every which way but loose. "Aawwwwck....Let me go, damn you....YIEEEEEE!" Kelly grunted in angry, embarrassed, protest.

"Gladly dearie!" Michelle said finally after a brief torture session of, "Lets turn the would-be Kung Fu master into a pretzel!"

After a confident snarl and a few more choice comments, Michelle freed Kelly, gave her a shove and treated her to a spinning kick that sent her flying. CRASH! "AIEEEEEE!"

"Why you clumsy little tramp," Michelle snipped. "Here, let me help you up!"

As Michelle stepped in and extended her hand, Kelly grabbed her arm, leaped to her feet and fired a perfect punch to her overconfident rivals chin.

"Uhhhhhh…" Michelle groaned as her head snapped back. RIPPPPPPPP! The unmistakable sound of satiny sheer material giving way filled both women's ears; bringing delight to one, embarrasment to the other. Kelly chuckled as Michelle’s two perfectly formed small breasts found freedom and her eager fingers captured two stiffening nipples and she pinched - hard. "AIEEEEEE!"

"Sooooo, Mz KungFu hussy; how's THAT fee....UNGGGGGH!" Kelly's brief taste of victory and revenge turned sour in a heartbeat when two open palms clapped both ears, delivering an earthquake of agony. Before she could let go of Michelle’s nipples to cover her ringing ears, sharp nails dug deep into her wrists to complete the end of the beginning of her end.

"Yieeeeeee!" Kelly gasped as Michelle dug into her sensitive flesh a little deeper, then grabbed her wrists tight and wrenched her hands out to the sides and twisted them sideways, forcing her to her knees.

"Stupid wench,” Michelle hissed. “You must learn who is your better!" Michelle smiled as she watched Kelly squirm and then beg for relief. Suddenly, Michelle released her wrists and grabbed her by the hair, jerked her to her feet, then unleashed a fast and furious assault; her blows, punches and kicks sending the screaming Hawaiian beauty reeling about the room. "Now you're learning understanding," Michelle said as she fired a punch to Kelly's jaw dazing her, then began slapping her silly. Backhand…Forehand…Backhand! Kelly groaned and gasped with each slap, her lovely head whipping first to one side, then the other; her long lustrous hair flowing erotically with each loud WHACK!!!

"Nooooo, stoppp, not my boobs, please!" Kelly screamed as Michelle began to give her beautiful full breasts short, rapid-fire, open-handed, stinging slaps. Occassionally, she threw in a painful nipple pinch with a twist in place of a slap.

"Such nice BIG, TENDER titties," Michelle taunted as she teased Kelly’s nipples to full erection.

"Nooooo…..ahhhhh!" A look of sheer terror encompassed Kelly's face as her rival suddenly stopped, let her throbbing breasts go and stepped back, taking up a stance before she launched a perfect - almost slo-motion, roundhouse kick.

KERWHUMPPP! Kelly flew backward, landing hard on her butt, her long legs flying up and out. After what seemed an eternity she found herself crawling away, groaning; until strong, eager, quick hungry hands reached and grabbed; leaving her pantyhose in tatters and small, ripped pieces.

"Now for some real fun,” Michelle said. “Aside from the true martial arts!"

She pulled Kelly’s frantically kicking, long, lovely legs toward her and after a few more slaps to the once arrogant, defiant, lovely face and a humiliatingly taunting nose tweak, Michelle mounted Kelly's waist, straddled her chest and pinned her arms at her sides under her knees.

"My dear, dear fiesty little brave warrior, do you still think you’re so tough? Want to please your superior, huh?" she snickered as she reached down and cupped Kelly's red, aching breasts and teased the stiff, soon-to-be-rock-hard nipples to full erection with skillful fingers Kelly was only now beginning to fully appreciate.

"Noooooo...Uhhhhhh...Pleaseeee....," Kelly's protests slowly morphed into muffled groans of pleasure as Michelle played her body like a finely tuned musical instrument. Her defiance was overturned by delicious pleasure as one lovely warrior - reluctantly at first, but then eagerly and willingly - submitted to another, acknowledging her total, complete and satisfying victory.