Vanessa Hudgens vs. Lauren Storm by Jackflash

It had been a rough couple of weeks for Vanessa. First of all, there was the leaking of her nude photo on the Internet. Having her naked figure displayed before all the world didn’t bother her all that much…she is proud of her body, and rightfully so…it’s the fact that she was catching such grief from the mouse’s suits over the whole thing. She’d love to tell them where they could stick their standards and practices contractual clause…in fact, she’d be happy to stick it there herself…but there was too much money riding on those silly little musicals for her to risk losing her contract.

But was really disastrous, in her estimation, was the fact that she lost in her fight to Hayden Panties. “I had that bitch dead cold,” she’d tell anyone who would listen. “But she just got lucky.”

Having made the argument as often as she has since the match, she’s almost starting to believe it herself. The best way to wash that particularly bitter taste from her mouth is, simply enough, to go and win another match. For various reasons, Hudgens opts to avoid a rematch with Panettiere…”Not that it’s anybody’s business, but I’m not afraid of that cunt. I just don’t feel like kicking her ass just yet.”…but decides taking out her frustrations on another blond spitfire will serve well enough. “Like mom always said…when you fall off of one horse-faced bitch, you just climb right back up on top of another.”

The blond spitfire who answered the call is Lauren Storm. Looking to live up to her name, she had begun to build a reputation as a fierce, relentless fighter in the handful of catfights she had already done. Even in those she lost, she came away with the respect of her opponents for having put up a hell of a fight.

Lauren didn’t aim to lose to Vanessa. Indeed, she took this match with the intent of bolstering her own rep by handing the feisty brunette her second stunning defeat, using Nessa’s own notoriety as a springboard to greater heights for herself in the elite catting circle.

Hudgens, of course, knew this. And she could almost admire Storm for her brashness…if she didn’t hate all blondes on principle, that is. But she could feel pity for Lauren, because she knew that she was going to take out every bit of anger and frustration she was feeling on her soon-to-be-hapless opponent. When the night was over, it was indeed going to suck majorly to be Lauren Storm!

Lauren enters the living room first, clad in a royal blue bikini which complimented her golden mane quite strikingly. Next comes Vanessa, wearing a dark green bikini. Her entrance is derided by the blond, who announces with a laugh, “Ladies and gentlemen, presenting Miss Nudeiverse of 2007!” Hudgens ignores the comment, keeping her game face in check.

But Storm presses on with the trash talk. “Must really hurt to have been outted in your birthday suit twice like that, Nessa,” she taunts. “Was that snapshot of you taken after your last match? Because I couldn’t see the ‘Property of Hayden’ brand on your ass.”

If it is anger which the blond is hoping to provoke, she is surprised to instead see a warm smile break out across her adversary’s face. With body language that suggests no threat, Nessa walks over toward Lauren and extends her hand.

“No reason we can’t be sporting. Good luck to you” she says in a voice rich with compassion.

Hesitating at first, Storm mulls the offer. She quickly concludes that the brunette is intimidated of her, and hoping to avoid a humiliating beating by playing nice up front. Unveiling her own megawatt smile, Lauren accepts the proffered hand and shakes it.

The smile never leaves Vanessa’s face, but the eyes suddenly grow cruel. Gripping her rival’s hand to hold her in place, the brunette suddenly drives her knee up, slamming it hard and deep into the unsuspecting blonde’s lower belly.

Doubling over with a gasp, eyes wide, Lauren is only beginning to comprehend what has just happened with the next attack comes; a second Knee Lift, this one smashing into her face, sends her sprawling back onto the carpeted floor.

Wasting no time, Hudgens leaps up into the air, landing with both feet upon her fallen foe’s stomach, forcing the air from her body with a sickening whoosh. Lauren rolls to her side and curls up, desperately sucking in air and trying to fight back the tears.

Finally speaking, Nessa callously says, “You ever been stripped, bitch? Let’s see you make jokes now.”

With that, she claws and yanks at her adversary’s skimpy bikini, tearing it from her body and leaving the blond as naked as the day she was born, much to Lauren’s chagrin. Being subjected to such sudden humiliation is often the catalyst that empowers a seemingly helpless fighter to suddenly become a raging wildcat. And indeed, that might well have been the turnaround miracle which Lauren needs to mount her own offensive…if her rival gave her the chance.

But instead, Nessa ruthlessly and methodically retains her control with a steady stream of moves, ranging from complex submission holds to such brutality as breast claws and eye gouges.

It is while applying an Octopus Hold on her opponent that Hudgens hears the blond gasp out, “E-enough…I quit!”

But surrender isn’t quite what the brunette is looking for just yet. Releasing her hold, she bends down to the floor and picks up Lauren’s discarded panties. She then grabs Lauren by the hair and stuffs the garment into her mouth!

“Oww! What…? Hey, what are you…MMMMFFFFFFF!”

Thus gagged, Lauren was unable to verbally offer her submission again and Hudgens got to ignore her first offer. What Nessa does did do was continue with her onslaught. Minutes tick by as Lauren is reduced to little more than a limp rag doll, her body twisted, pulled, bent and pounded relentlessly by her merciless antagonist. And if Storm continued to entertain any hope of somehow plucking victory from the jaws of defeat, that hope is snuffed out by the Atomic Drop that crushes into her womanhood, agonizingly robbing her of her last vestiges of strength. Finally deciding at last that it is time to end the match, Nessa wraps her legs around the blonde’s head in a Figure Four Choker, her powerful dance-trained gams crushing Storm’s skull and driving her into unconsciousness.

Perhaps Lauren has enough presence of mind left before the darkness consumes her to hear her tormentor remark, “You thought you could take me, bitch? Don’t you know I’m a motherfuckin’ Disney princess? We always have the happily ever after!”

Vanessa doesn’t even bother with a victory pose. She doesn’t need one. This overwhelming triumph will go a long way toward erasing from peoples’ minds her loss to Hayden…and will also serve to put Panties on notice that Nessa remains a threat she needs to not underestimate.