Rachel McAdams vs. Kate Hudson by The Walkin’ Dude

Well hello there! It is I - your heretofore unnamed narrator - back from our post Labor Day hiatus. I must say, I’m delighted to see you look us up again. And you’ve picked a good time, for on this night in early fall, the promotion has made its way to the tiny farming community of Gatlin, Nebraska where, at it’s favorite watering hole - a place called the Silver Key - the patrons are being rewarded with a fine card from top to bottom. The action has been fast and furious all evening and the crowd has reacted accordingly; raining praise on those they love and scorn on those they love to hate. Yes it’s a fine night to be in the oddly named establishment and a particularly fine night to be observing the gorgeous grapplers of the promotion as they prove why they’re the best at what they do.

Of course by now you’re wondering about the specifics of the match I’ve been assigned the task of presenting for your amusement so, without further ado, I’ll explain. Often it’s the main event that draws the most attention, but tonight is different; tonight we’re drawn to the penultimate match; not because the main event isn’t worthy of being reported (of course it is for it pits Christina Aguilera against Jennifer Love Hewitt). No, it’s because one of the participants in this particular match has been heralded as one of the best new grapplers on the scene - and it’s her debut for the promotion, so it seems only fair I devote this edition to her.

Of course, I still haven’t told you just who is involved in the match and for that I apologize. Without further ado, the combatants in this contest will be limber blonde veteran Kate Hudson taking on the debuting brunette, Rachel McAdams. As stated previously, McAdams has a tremendous amount of positive press surrounding her arrival in Richard Fannin’s promotion and everyone in the front office and a great deal of the roster is eagerly anticipating her first outing. Though I’d be willing to bet that her opponent is not among that number. Kate had played the spoiler on several occasions and she’s developed *quite* the reputation in locker rooms as a woman willing to trounce any beauty touted as ‘the next big thing.’ So, to Kate, Rachel McAdams is just another untested rookie, a product of great PR and hype. The svelte blonde was going to take dubious pleasure in stripping away any and all mystique the debuting brunette had built up. Sadly I fear I’ve started to ramble so for the sake of moving on, lets head down to ringside and the Announcer shall we?

Bringing the mic up, the Announcer takes a breath before beginning his routine. “Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first, she stands at 5’6” and she is…Kate Hudson!” Godsmack’s ‘Keep Away’ roars through the club and Kate sweeps through the curtain, striking a quick pose at the top of the ramp before strutting to ringside. For her match this evening, the toned blonde was clad in light blue hipster bikini bottoms and a gray tropical motif top that most closely resembled an oversized bandanna that had been tied tightly around her sleek chassis. Her long blonde hair hung loose on her shoulders and the look was finished off with simple white pads and boots. Smiling confidently, she slid into the ring and went to her corner.

Catching his breath, he continues, “And her opponent, she stands at 5 feet, 5 inches tall, making her debut tonight, she is Rachel McAdams!” Oleander’s ‘Are You There’ fires up as Rachel makes her presence known. The solidly built brunette is clad in a sporty red 2-piece bikini with slender white belt and matching red and white pads. Her dark red hair and bright blue eyes provide a pleasing contrast to her pale skin as she saunters to the squared circle and slides into the ring, eager for the match to begin

DING! DING! DING! The bell tolled its typical announcement that the match was officially underway as, eyeing each other carefully from their corners, Kate and Rachel moved quickly to the center of the ring, dropping into loose, low crouches. Closing the distance between them, Kate sank even lower and appeared to be on the verge of lunging forward when she suddenly stepped back and stood up. This tactic caught Rachel off guard and the auburn-haired beauty stepped back a bit, waiting to see what the tall blonde had up her sleeve. The green eyed beauty stared coolly at her darker tressed foe a moment and then said in a rather nonchalant tone, “There’s quite a lot of buzz surrounding your debut here Rachel.”

Not quite sure where this headed, Rachel responded carefully, “I suppose there is.”

Kate’s smile got a little more predatory, “You’ll excuse me for being a buzz kill then.”

McAdams’ face hardened at the none to subtle implication. “I may be new here Kate but this is far from my first match If you’re going to beat me, you’re gonna have to work for it.”

“Oh I intend to,” Hudson purred as she raised both arms over her head; curling her fingers toward Rachel as she waited for the brunette to accept her invitation and lock up in the Test of Strength.

Rachel had never been one to back down from a challenge and she didn’t intend to start doing so now. Stepping forward, she lifted her arms and placed them palm first against Kate’s before lacing her fingers with the blonde’s. The test in place, both women put their considerable strength into the effort, the sinewy muscles in their shoulders, arms and legs clearly trembling with the effort. Things were pretty even for the better part of a minute but then Hudson rose up on the balls of her feet and pressed down hard, dropping Rachel to one knee with a panicky little groan. Licking her lips in satisfaction, Kate took a breath and pressed down again, forcing Rachel to kneel before her. Holding the brunette penitent before her, Kate wiggled her hips in an arrogant little display, knowing full well that Rachel was getting an up close and personal view of her gyrations.

Continuing the subtle grind, Kate looked down and teased, “Feeling all that confidence and hype beginning to evaporate? Welcome to the big time Red.”

An angry grimace crossed Rachel’s face as she flicked her gaze up to meet Hudson’s. Blue eyes flashing she shot back, “I’m glad the big time rolled out such a suitable welcome mat for me.”

Taking a microsecond to enjoy the sneer that blossomed on Kate’s face, Rachel exploded upwards off her knees and leapt into the air in one graceful movement. Still holding onto Kate’s hands, Rachel landed with her boots planted on the blonde’s upper thighs and then leaned back, tossing the bigger girl up and over with a basic, but beautifully executed Monkey Flip. Kate hit the mat with a crash and quickly released her grip. Getting to their feet at the same time, brunette and blonde employed an identical strategy, lunging forward with talons extended to lock up in the middle of the ring.

Unfortunately for Rachel, Kate had thought of something the brunette hadn’t and McAdams found herself on the receiving end of a hard Knee Lift, the blonde burying the broad expanse of her thigh right across Rachel’s belly. The brunette gasped and doubled over as Kate pounced on her, scooping the smaller girl up and holding her inverted in position for a basic Body Slam. Never one to pass on an opportunity to gloat, Kate turned in a lazy half circle, slapping Rachel’s red clad butt as she did so. Tired of the preamble, Kate rose up on her toes and tossed Rachel hard to the canvas, the impact of the Body Slam actually flipping McAdams onto her belly after she hit. But Hudson was also not one to drag things out and she wasted no time dropping to her knees to shove Rachel onto her back and go for a cover. But much like the brunette had told her moment ago, it was hardly her first match and Rachel popped a shoulder up just after “ONE!” had been counted.

Clearing her head, Rachel got to her feet and eyed Kate warily; then brushing a lock of hair from her eyes, McAdams beckoned the blonde in, taunting, “A Body Slam? That’s how you thought you could put me away? If I wasn’t already convinced I was gonna whip your ass, I might be insulted.”

Kate’s eyes narrowed, she wasn’t one to tolerate such disrespect from a fledgling member of the roster. Dropping into her crouch, Kate lunged forward to lock up once more, but this time Rachel was ready for her. The brunette snagged Kate’s right arm as it was coming towards her and in one deft movement, slipped behind her foe and pinned the arm tightly between their bodies, a simple but wickedly painful Hammerlock. Maintaining the hold with one hand, Rachel used her free hand to teasingly rub and then slap at Kate’s bare belly, continuing this treatment for several seconds before whispering in the blonde’s ear, “Here’s a promise Kate, you take me seriously and I guarantee I’ll do the same. But if you try to make an example out of me, I will be more than glad to do the same to you.”

She wrenched up on the Hammerlock and shoving Kate forward, adding a hard slap on the butt for the blonde as she stumbled free of the hold. Rolling her tweaked shoulder, Kate whirled to face the brunette with a poisonous scowl on her face.

Choosing her words carefully, Kate sneered, “You’re going to regret trying to one up me rookie. I’m gonna tear you apart and then sit on your face to put you down. Not a very auspicious way to debut I would say. But perhaps your new gimmick could be ‘Kate Hudson’s Bitch’ I wouldn’t mind having a useless flunky to order around.”

McAdams only sneered in return and purred, “Well why don’t you stop running your giant mouth and try to do something about it?” That incensed the blonde further and she sped towards Rachel, erasing the distance between them at a rapid pace. But Rachel was ready for her this time too and as Kate neared her, Rachel dropped low and scissored her legs out, tripping the taller blonde up with a Drop Toe Hold. Kate let out a startled ‘ooOOff!‘ as she hit the mat. Rachel immediately went about the task of winning the crowd over. Straddling the blonde’s back, the brunette used one hand to teasingly tousle and fluff Kate’s golden mane while the other hand busied itself by raining taunting slaps down on Hudson’s taut backside. This only lasted for about ten seconds because Kate got her bearings back quickly and shoved up hard, bucking the smaller brunette off of her.

Getting to her feet, Kate stared daggers at Rachel as she fixed her hair and gave her trunks a minor adjustment. Assuming her crouch again, Kate invited Rachel to come get some, hissing, “That was your last mistake Red.”

McAdams rolled her eyes before lunging forward to meet Kate’s challenge, but she found herself on the receiving end of a boot to the belly instead. Gasping loudly as she doubled over, Rachel was helpless as Kate trapped her in a Front Face Lock and used her free hand to cinch up the brunette’s tights. With very little effort, Hudson hauled McAdams off her feet and held her inverted in the stall position for a typical Vertical Suplex. But Kate had something more innovative in mind for the mouthy brunette and she demonstrated as such by moving awkwardly forward until she was standing only a few steps from the edge of the ring. Feeling her arms begin to tremble, Kate simply tossed Rachel down and watched her land gut first on the top rope, the rookie retching and gagging as the taunt cable cut into her midsection.

Knowing that Rachel was hung up on the outside, Kate did what any veteran of the ring would do and helped the rookie back into the ring. Of course she did this by grabbing a double handful of Rachel’s hair and pulling as hard as she could. Rachel hit the mat flat on her back, dazed and looking up at the lights. She had barely been there for two seconds when Kate took off, heading for the ropes at a dead run before bouncing off and making a beeline for the downed brunette. With only a foot or so between them, Kate leapt into the air and tucked her legs up under her before pistoning them down again, stomping down hard on Rachel’s defenseless belly with both booted feet. Even more air was driven out of McAdams’ sturdy frame as the force of the blow jackknifed her. Knowing she could probably seal the match right here, Kate went fore an arrogant cover, straddling the brunette’s waist and simply placing both hands on Rachel’s shoulders as the ref went to count. The zebra had just reached “TWO!” when Rachel managed to squirm free. S

till in firm control of the situation, Kate pulled Rachel up by the hair and slipped behind her. Pulling the winded brunette in close, Kate moved quickly and with a few simple movements had bent Rachel over her knee with a painful Abdominal Stretch. Using one hand she pressed down on Rachel’s chin, bending the brunette nastily over her bent leg. With the other she slapped at Rachel’s exposed torso, slapping at first and then digging her claw in to knead the firm flesh like bread dough. Listening to the brunette sputter and gasp in her clutches, Kate smiled and cooed, “You like that sweetie? I’m gonna have fun using your flabby tummy as my own personal clawing range.”

Kate punctuated this threat by pinching a bit of skin between thumb and forefinger and shaking it teasingly.

Growling at how Kate had referred to her as ‘flabby’, Rachel bucked and squirmed as she tried to escape the hold, but just as it looked as though she were making some progress, Kate shifted her grip, helping herself to a wicked, groping handful in the front of Rachel’s trunks. McAdams screeched in pain and indignation as her groin was attacked, but at this juncture the only available avenue of escape was submission and she’d be damned if she was going to tap out just yet. Allowing herself a final derisive slap of Rachel’s center, Kate released both holds and tossed the brunette to the canvas. Grinning haughtily, Kate pulled Rachel to her feet once more and stood behind her. Ducking low, the blonde wrapped both arms around the brunette’s midsection and tucked her head into the space between Rachel’s arm and her torso.

Her grip satisfactory, Kate pulled up and leaned back, meaning to drop McAdams on the back of her head with a Back Drop Suplex. Things didn’t go as she had planned however, because as Rachel was directly over her head, the brunette managed to twist her body and wrench loose of Kate’s grasp. She fell onto the blonde hard, crushing the taller girl to the mat with a makeshift Body Splash. Kate gasped as Rachel held her pinned to the canvas and it was only when she heard the ref strike the mat a second time did Hudson realize the gravity of her situation. Calling upon her reserves, the blonde pushed as hard as she could and tossed the brunette off her, breaking the count. Catching her breath, Kate got to her feet and stared down a recovering Rachel. Angry that the match had almost slipped away from her, Kate ended the lull by charging forward, extending her right arm as she did so, the clothesline all but assured to decapitate McAdams when it connected. Luckily for the brunette, the strike didn’t connect, as she was able to step aside at the last possible moment. With Kate off balance, Rachel grabbed her foe by the shoulder and spun her around to face towards her.

Before Kate could even blink, Rachel booted her in the gut and trapped her in a Front Face Lock. In the same breath, McAdams fell back, using all her weight and momentum to spike the top of Kate’s skull into the mat with a DDT. Hudson let out a loud groan and flopped onto her back, able to do little more than clutch feebly at her aching skull. Seeing the opportunity present itself, Rachel exploited it as best she could. Standing over the blonde, Rachel measured her opponent carefully before leaping into the air and coming down with her elbow smashing right across Kate’s throat. The blonde gagged and rolled onto her side in a vain effort to escape more punishment but the brunette was having none of it. Grabbing a double handful of golden hair, Rachel jerked Kate to her feet and pulled the wobbly-legged girl close to her.

Locking eyes with her foe, Rachel spat, “You wanna try and use my stomach like a speed-bag? Well I’m more than happy to use your head like a basketball. Hold on tight, doormat. You’re about to go for a short, but painful ride.”

Ceasing her diatribe, Rachel tucked the crown of her head under Kate’s chin and leapt into the air. On her way down, she fell to her knees, cracking Hudson’s chin with a painful Jawbreaker. Kate grunted again and was snapped upright, holding her abused face with both hands and paying no attention whatsoever to her opponent. This proved to be an unwise decision as Rachel used the opportunity to bounce off the ropes and then level the oblivious blonde with a Dropkick that planted both boots directly in Kate’s face.

Relishing the heavy thud her boots made against Kate’s features, Rachel pushed up off the canvas and stalked over to her downed prey. Taking a moment to get a shot in, Rachel said sweetly, “Does your face hurt Kate baby? You could always just give up and hope I’d leave you alone.”

Not receiving anything in the way of a cogent reply, Rachel booted her rival in the gut and went to work, driving a series of hardhearted forearms and elbows into Kate’s neck and shoulders. After nearly a dozen of these shots had Kate on spaghetti legs, McAdams backed up and bounced off the ropes, gaining speed as she headed back towards the blonde. When the distance was perfect, Rachel cupped her hands under Kate’s chin and twisted to the side, wrenching her foe’s neck with a Swinging Neckbreaker as she fell to the mat. Kate’s hands again flew to the back of her head as she tried to fight off the growing pain and stiffness in her neck. She was still trying to recuperate when Rachel shoved her onto her belly and took a seat beside her head. Sidling up so that the point of her hip was against the blonde’s ear, Rachel snagged Kate’s head in the crook of her arm and cinched the Side Headlock on tight. Squeezing as hard as she could, McAdams leaned back, putting more pressure on Kate’s neck even as she tried to pop her head like a grape.

Feeling Hudson struggle futilely, Rachel wrenched the hold even tighter and purred, “Hurts doesn’t it Kate? Nobody ever wants to tap to something as simple as a Headlock but it sure hurts like a bitch doesn’t it?”

Hearing the brunette’s taunts ring in her ears, Kate hissed in pain and anger. Getting her bearings back, the blonde struggled for a moment before she was able to lock her arms around the brunette’s waist. Ignoring the grinding pain in her skull, Kate managed to get her knees under her and then get to a vertical base, despite the notable handicap of having Rachel latched onto her. Ready to take control of the match, Kate got one hand onto the small of McAdams back and shoved hard, trying to dislodge her attacker.

Unfortunately, Rachel held tight and added to the blonde’s misery by running forward a few steps and then leapt into the air, expertly transitioning from the Headlock to the Bulldog. Kate moaned as her face met the canvas again and her vision was in the process of clearing when Rachel pulled her to her feet again. Pushing in close behind the blonde, Rachel looped an arm across Kate’s throat and pulled tight, cutting off her rival’s oxygen. She had barely held the Sleeper for a second when Kate came to life in her grip, hammering wild punches into McAdams tenderized belly.

Finally, the blows forced Rachel to relinquish her grip and Kate went on the attack, streaking after the staggering brunette. Standing beside her opponent, Kate threw an arm across Rachel shoulders while threading her near leg across the brunette’s leg. Without so much as a word, Kate pulled backwards, falling to the canvas in a short brutal arc that ended with the back of Rachel’s head bouncing off the canvas. The Russian Leg Sweep had worked perfectly, stunning McAdams and giving Kate the few seconds she needed to recover. Feeling a bit more in charge, Kate pulled Rachel to her feet and grabbed her left wrist in both hands.

Backing the smaller beauty into the ropes, Kate leaned heavily against her foe and whispered into her ear, “You’re tenacious I’ll give you that Rachel. But I’ve made a career of breaking tenacious girls. Tonight will be no different.”

Through talking for the moment, Kate whipped her prey hard across the ring and positioned herself in the dead center, waiting for her stumbling opponent to draw within reach. Moments later, Rachel did just that and Kate reacted accordingly. Ducking low, she wrapped both arms around the brunette’s upper thighs and lifted up to her full height, all in one motion. Hudson kept Rachel in this precarious position for less than a second before falling backwards, dropping McAdams face and chest first into the mat with a Flapjack.

Rachel hit the canvas with a loud splat! The injured brunette unable to decide if her face or chest demanded more of her attention. Her choice was made moot in the next instant as Kate pulled her to her feet and marched the weak-kneed rookie to the center of the ring. With a nasty, two handed grip on the brunette’s mane, Kate bent her double and proceeded to drive rapid fire Knee Lifts into Rachel’s gut. McAdams gasped and moaned with each impact, every clubbing blow taking a little more strength out of her well toned form. Finally an especially heavy shot took her legs out from under her and Rachel would’ve collapsed to the mat if it hadn’t been for Kate’s grip on her hair.

Keeping her grip on the brunette’s locks firm, Kate pulled Rachel’s sweating face against the smooth plank of her abs and held her there as she cooed, “No, no, no Rachel. You don’t get to fall down until I say so. And we’ve still got a long way to go before I’m finished with you.” Receiving little more than a muttered groan for her troubles, Hudson hauled the brunette up by her hair and scooped her up onto the blonde’s shoulder. With the rookie’s softened stomach lying heavily across the point of her right shoulder, Kate wrapped both arms around her foe and rocked back on her heels ever so slightly, letting Rachel bounce and jiggle in her grasp. Tightening her grip, Kate giggled as she said, “Hope you had lunch a while ago Rachel. Cuz otherwise this is gonna bring it all back up real quick.”

Then she bent her knees and leapt into the air before tucking her legs under her again. As she came down, Hudson received only the tiniest shock to her system, landing comfortably on padded knees. Rachel on the other hand was nearly impaled on her tormentors shoulder and she flopped like a dying fish as Kate let her roll limply out of her clutches to land on the canvas below. Getting to her feet in a slow, languid movement, Kate took the opportunity to primly adjust the placement of her trunks and top before pulling Rachel to her feet again.

Refraining from words, the limber blonde merely grabbed Rachel’s wrist and hurled her towards the corner, her grin growing even wider as McAdams slammed back first into the thinly padded steel. Playing to the crowd, Kate cocked her left arm in a bicep flex before sprinting towards the corner and damn near crushing Rachel with a savage combination Clothesline/Body Splash. Grinding roughly against the limp body of her victim, Kate stepped back and allowed McAdams to lurch forward a bit before Kate grabbed her around the throat with both hands.

Pulling Rachel’s face up to meet hers, Kate said happily, “Dismantling you is fun bitch. It’s more entertaining when they learn to fight back.”

She twisted her torso to the side and tossed Rachel halfway across the ring in an explosively powerful Beal Toss. McAdams’ back arched in agony when she hit and she was in the process of trying to massage some relief into the brutalized muscles when Kate pulled her to her feet. Enjoying the success she was having with the Irish Whip, Kate felt no need to change her strategy and whipped her battered nemesis across the ring, once again waiting in the center for her inevitable return. When Rachel got in close this time, Kate scooped her up, holding the brunette under her left arm while the right arm held her victims legs up. Injecting a bit of theatrics into her performance, Kate spun in several tight circles before falling to the mat to complete the Sidewalk Slam. Rachel lay stunned in the middle of the ring, able to do little more than stare up at the domineering blonde who was at this moment straddling her waist, one foot placed arrogantly on either side of the brunette’s hips.

Looking down at the fallen form of her opponent, Kate made a little tsk-tsking sound in the back of her throat before looking out at the audience and mouthing ‘Lets end this, shall we?’ The crowd agreed that this was a great course of action and their pitch and volume only increased as Kate sauntered over to the corner and ascended to the top turnbuckle. Steadying her position, Kate took a deep breath and flung herself into the air, coming down with the full force of her weight across Rachel’s exposed belly. The brunette flopped miserably under the crushing weight of Kate’s splash but it all appeared for naught as the ref knelt to make his count. His hand was coming down for the final time when McAdams somehow managed to roll a shoulder up.

When Rachel got free, Kate couldn’t believe it! She’d been certain the smaller brunette was out of it for good. Frustration getting the better of her, Kate pushed off the mat and stomped away at the downed girl for several seconds before going to her feet and pulling them off the canvas. Hooking the captive limbs in her armpits, Kate dragged Rachel toward the corner, stopping a few feet from her destination. Then holding her grip firm, Kate fell backward, propelling Rachel up over her and sending the brunette face first toward the turnbuckles. Kate got to her feet quickly, expecting to see Rachel lying sprawled in the corner but instead she was greeted with the frightening image of McAdams standing defiantly on the middle rope!

Before Kate could muster a counter, Rachel leapt at her and slammed both boots into the blonde’s chest with a scintillating Missile Dropkick. The force of the Dropkick knocked Kate head over heels and she almost went sliding under the bottom rope before being able to put a halt to her sprawl. Wincing deeply, the blonde got slowly to her feet just as Rachel rose to hers.

Flipping an errant strand of gold hair from her eyes, Kate hissed, “You fucking stubborn bitch!”

She loped toward Rachel with fists flying, planning to batter the brunette into submission but the auburn haired rookie surprised her, blocking her punches and landing several shots of her own, all of them snapping Kate’s chin back. Seeing the fireworks go off behind the blonde’s eyes, Rachel sprang into action, grabbing hold of her rival’s wrist and whipping her into the ropes. Moving forward to meet the blonde, Rachel gave Kate a taste of her own medicine, scooping the bigger woman up and then popping her hips in a smooth half circle to drive Kate into the mat with a textbook Power Slam. Hoping the surprise and impact of the maneuver would be enough to carry the day, Rachel bore down on Kate’s wriggling form as the ref made his count. The brunette managed to hold her prey in place for twp seconds before Hudson was able to shove her way free. Flattening Kate with the Slam sent a surge of adrenaline rushing through her veins and McAdams wasn’t one to let this natural burst of energy go to waste. Pulling Kate to her feet, Rachel booted her in the gut and then ran the ropes once more.

As she reached the point of no return, the revitalized rookie muttered, “Your turn to fall down Kate. Don’t worry, you have my permission.”

As she uttered the last word, Rachel brought her knee roaring upwards and drove it hard into Kate’s temple. The blonde’s long legs turned to water and she crumpled backwards, coming to rest on the canvas with a dazed, uncomprehending look on her face. Rubbing her knee gently, Rachel refocused her attention on the downed blonde and stalked over to where she was laying. Kicking Kate onto her belly, Rachel straddled her rival and pulled her to her knees.

Deftly sliding her arms under Kate’s, Rachel clasped her hands together behind the blonde’s neck and whispered, “I’m impressed that the Knee Lift didn’t knock you cold. But lets see how good your neck is at taking prolonged abuse.”

Cinching her grip tight, Rachel bore down on the Full Nelson as hard as she could, viciously jerking Kate from side to side as she did so. Gritting her teeth, Rachel rode out Kate’s thrashing with a stoic determination, but the veteran blonde was still able to get her feet under her and regain a vertical base. Unwilling to let the gasping girl go that easily, Rachel changed tactics. Keeping her grip on the Full Nelson, she broke into an awkward sort of run, pointing both of them towards the corner. When she was certain Kate couldn’t protect herself, McAdams released the hold and shoved Hudson forward as hard as she could. The blonde tripped over her own feet and went face first into the second turnbuckle, hitting it with a loud THWAP before simply lying still. Pleased with how her tactics were working out, Rachel pulled Kate up out of the corner and lifted her up, setting her on the top buckle. Pulling the disoriented blonde down, Rachel had tied her victim to the aptly name Tree of Woe!

Rubbing her hands across Kate’s prone belly, Rachel grinned as she teased, “I always wanted to do this move in front of a capacity crowd. Thanks for indulging me Kate.”

Not waiting for an answer, Rachel sprinted to the opposite corner of the ring and then charged back at her inverted foe. With no room for error, Rachel left her feet in a low hop that ended with her boots being driven full speed into the blonde’s defenseless face. The mob roared at the application of the Baseball Slide Dropkick and Rachel saluted her growing fan base with a quick pump of her arm before turning her attention back to Kate. Peeling Kate out of the corner, Rachel dumped the mewling girl on the canvas in a tangle of limbs before bothering to pick her back up. Intent on not only out wrestling, but out performing the blonde as well, Rachel backed her foe into the ropes and whipped her towards the opposite side of the ring, intent on hitting another flashy and crowd-pleasing maneuver.

But Kate wasn’t willing to simply play training dummy for Rachel’s offense and she proved it by putting on the brakes and pulling McAdams towards her. As the brunette lurched towards her Kate went low, wrapping up the rookie’s legs like she was going for another Flapjack. But when Kate rose up this time, she didn’t simply fall back. Instead she spun around so that Rachel was pointing towards the edge of the ring and THEN she fell back, dropping her victim throat first across the top rope. Rachel’s head snapped back on contact with the cable and she fell to the mat instantly, crying and gagging as she cradled her injured throat. Relishing being back in charge of the contest, Kate pulled Rachel to her feet and hauled her over her shoulder again, this time with the small of her back resting across the point of the blonde’s shoulder. Securing her grip around the brunette’s midsection, Kate bounced up and down on her heels bending Rachel to the snapping point with the Canadian Backbreaker. Marching around the ring like a conquering Amazon, Kate asked the crowd, “You guys wanna see me snap this twig?”

The crowd replied “YES!” Yes, they would love to see that.

Grinning malevolently, Kate said to her victim, “You heard the people Rachel. That means your spine is about to go CRACK!”

With her prey in tow, Kate approached the corner and deposited Rachel there, leaving the brunette tied up in a kind of Inverted Tree of Woe. Allowing her rival no time to recover, Kate moved back towards the center of the ring where she dropped into a low crouch. Planting her feet, Hudson exploded towards the corner, sprinting at her opponent in a dead run. Giving herself a final boost, Kate lowered her shoulder and rammed full speed into Rachel’s exposed back, crushing the smaller girl in the corner with the devastating Spear. Yanking Rachel out of the corner, Kate dragged her away from the ropes and went for the cover, taking care to hook both legs this time. Despite the wicked velocity of the tackle, Rachel was still able to get her shoulder up before the deciding count.

Growing irritated with her inability to put McAdams away, Kate expelled an exasperated breath before getting to her feet and pulling Rachel to hers. Scooping the brunette onto her shoulder like a sweaty, disheveled sack of potatoes, Kate pointed them both towards the opposite corner and took off running again. This time when she drove Rachel’s back into the buckles, she held on tight and pulled McAdams back towards the center of the ring in one quick motion. Charging forward again, Kate took a few more steps and then leapt, falling forward to crush the brunette against the canvas with her brutally augmented Power Slam. Feeling the smaller girl shudder beneath her, Kate went for the cover once more only to be denied yet again.

Extremely annoyed now, Kate glared down into Rachel’s dazed face and spat, “You just don’t learn do ya? Guess they don’t say live to fight another day where you’re from.”

Hearing only a low moan in response, Kate stood up and went to Rachel’s feet, hooking both limp limbs up under her armpits again. This time, Kate turned over and sat down, locking in the Boston Crab perfectly as demonstrated by the awful wails coming from Rachel.

Grinding her butt against McAdams’ lower back and trembling rear, Kate leaned back on the hold and demanded surrender. “Give it up rookie! Unless you want to sped the next several days recovering in the infirmary. I don’t care either way but trust me when I say I’m gonna sit on your face whether you’re crippled or not. Better to just be embarrassed than to be embarrassed and hobbled.” She ended this line of reasoning by leaning back even more, forcing another round of shrieks from the brunette.

Slapping the mat in agony and frustration, Rachel vowed she wouldn’t submit. Blocking out the pain as best she could, the auburn-haired warrior got her hands on the mat and pushed up, lifting her entire frame off the mat as she started the agonizing crawl to the ropes. After several more moments of unadulterated agony, the ropes were in her grasp. Her desperate fingers had just brushed the bottom cable when Kate stood up and pulled her back towards the center of the ring.

Sitting down, Kate shook her head no and with a cold, taunting grin said, “No sanctuary for you there bitch. The only relief is in tapping out. So why don’t you just SUBMIT!”

She leaned back as far as physics would allow her, trying to wrench a cogent cry of surrender from her mangled nemesis. But Rachel still wouldn’t give in and when Kate eased up ever so slightly, the brunette got her hands under her and began crawling towards the ropes again. This time she was able to grab the bottom rope right before Kate could pull her back and the ref forced the dominant blonde to release the hold. Unable to fathom the brunette’s unmitigated gall, Kate held the Crab as long as she could before tossing Rachel’s legs aside with a definite look of disgust.

Watching the brunette use the ropes to pull herself up, Kate waited just long enough for Rachel to regain her balance and then she went on the attack again, cinching her foe up in a hard Front Face Lock before she could even protest. Grabbing a handful of tights, Kate yanked the brunette over her head for a Vertical Suplex and it almost landed except for one minor change. As she was held aloft over the blonde’s head, Rachel managed to wriggle free and slide down Kate’s back. In a flash, the exhausted brunette reached back and cupped both hands under Kate’s chin and then sat out, snapping the bigger girl’s head backwards against her shoulder with a Reverse Neckbreaker. The surprise counter caught Hudson flat-footed and she fell to her side, once again clutching at her injured head. Rachel wasn’t doing much better either; her back was absolutely killing her. Doing her best to ignore the network of aches and pains in her lower half, Rachel pushed her way to her feet and surveyed the situation.

Seeing that Kate was still down and cradling her head, Rachel remembered an old saying from the halcyon days of boxing; “Kill the head and the body will die.”

Taking the advice to heart, the brunette ran the ropes and headed back towards the blonde. Dropping low once more, Rachel slammed her boots into the back of Kate’s head, the Low Dropkick rolling her nearly out of the ring when it connected. Smiling for the first time in several minutes, Rachel pressed her attack, bringing Kate to her feet and dragging her away from the ropes. Standing in front and slightly to the side of her nemesis. Rachel looped one arm across Kate’s chest and over her shoulder while the other arm went under the blonde’s arm to cinch the weary veteran in an inescapable loop.

Her blue eyes throwing sparks, Rachel threatened, “You better be careful about threatening to sit on my face Kate. I’d be more than happy to show these people how good I can smother should you end up on the losing end of this fight. And right now, that’s looking pretty damned likely.”

She placed her leg behind the blonde’s and shoved forward. Hudson was taken off her feet and she was driven back first into the mat by Rachel’s modified version of the simple STO. Seeing that her victim was downed in mid ring, Rachel looked to even a score from earlier. Going to the corner, she went to the top rope, pausing only long enough salute the mob before she leapt into the void. Rachel’s aim was true and she came down with the point of her elbow landing neatly between Kate’s breasts.

The blonde grunted in pain and rolled to her side, but Rachel pulled her back and went for the cover, nearly getting a 3 count for her trouble. Cursing the blonde’s wherewithal, Rachel pulled her opponent to a sitting position and stood behind her. Lacing her fingers across Kate’s chin, Rachel pulled back and then drove her knee forward, ramming the bony joint into the base of the blonde’s neck. Kate moaned in anguish as McAdams kept up this strategy for several seconds, simply driving her knee between Hudson’s shoulder blades as violently as possible. Convinced that Kate wasn’t going to be able to move away from her next attack. Rachel straightened up and ran the ropes behind Kate. Approaching the blond at a rapid clip, Rachel executed a perfect front flip over her opponent, grabbing Kate’s head in both hands as she sailed over. The result was to drive Hudson’s forehead into the canvas as well as wrenching her neck once more the blonde snapped back up to the sitting position, weakly holding her forehead and moaning as Rachel stalked her from behind. Grabbing a large handful of damp gold tresses, McAdams hauled Kate to her feet and got in her face, retaliation for the blonde’s previous verbal assaults.

Staring deep into her foe’s eyes, Rachel said quietly, “So you like using the corner to your advantage do ya? Well so do I.”

Speaking no more, she hurled Kate towards the corner, waiting for the meaty thud to tell her the blonde had connected before sprinting after her. Bringing her arm up, Rachel drove her right forearm into Kate’s mouth, but she didn’t let the bigger blonde fall. Instead, she muscled her back into the corner and climbed to the second rope. Letting Kate’s slick face rest against her heaving stomach, Rachel grabbed a handful of hair with one hand and began to drive closed fists into Hudson’s forehead with the other. The crowd started to count along and they had reached “NINE!” when McAdams suddenly stopped.

The brunette looked up and grinned, drawing a finger across her throat before commencing with her next move. Foregoing the punches, she laced both hands behind Kate’s head and fell back, propelling the blonde nearly three quarters of the way across the ring with a Monkey Flip. Listening to the wet SMACK Kate made when she hit the mat filled Rachel with savage delight and she looked to keep building on her good mood as she sauntered over to where the blonde was sprawled on the canvas. Bending down, Rachel grabbed another handful of hair and pulled Kate to her knees. Standing before the penitent blonde, Rachel pulled her fist back and whispered, “Let’s tenderize your arrogant mug a little more before I sit on it. That OK with you?” Then she launched a fusillade of short, stinging rabbit punches to Hudson’s head, each blow making a dull, but painful sounding thunk against her skull.

As she was battering Kate’s forehead to a shiny finish, Rachel thought of another tactic she could employ. Ceasing the pugilistic assault, she laid her free hand palm down on Kate’s face and clamped down shut, locking on the temple crushing Iron Claw.

Hudson struggled and tried to pull away but Rachel held her in place, purring, “You should be submitting right now Kate. At least with this you can still breathe. The face sit though, that’s a different story.”

Kate fought against the crushing pain in her skull, focusing on nothing more than balling her hands into fists and driving them into the brunette’s gut. In this endeavor she was successful and it allowed her to frantically pull herself towards the ropes and scream for the ref to force Rachel to break the hold. But much as she had punished the rookie earlier, Kate found herself being dragged out of the ropes and pulled away from the reprieve they offered.

Shrieking and cursing, she was still mostly blinded when Rachel hauled her to her feet only to slam her down to the mat, her head still trapped in the Claw. Feeling her hand start to go numb, Rachel released her grip on Kate’s skull and flexed the hand several times to get it feeling more normal again. Ready to resume the fight, Rachel got to her feet and pulled Kate to hers. Before trapping the wounded blonde in a Front Face Lock. Grabbing a handful of tights, McAdams prepared to fall back and deliver a potentially match ending DDT when Kate wrapped her arms around the brunette’s waist and stood up. Rachel was lifted clear off the mat, held startled and flailing in that position for a mere eye blink before Kate tossed her down hard, slamming the rookie’s back into the canvas with a modified Spine Buster.

Rachel shrieked when her back hit the mat. Sure she’d been in control for the past few minutes but her back and ribs had still taken a lot of punishment and there was no way they had healed up yet. Blinking back tears, the gutsy brunette rolled onto her belly and pushed to her feet. She saw Kate trying to clear her head and Rachel knew that she needed to act now if she was going to win this match. Steeling herself, she dropped into a crouch and lunged forward only to have Kate raise a boot a slam it right into her jaw. Rachel saw stars and collapsed, holding her injured kisser even as Kate sank to her knees in exhaustion. Hands on her thighs, Kate took several seconds to simply breath and shake the last sensations of the sadistic Claw from her head.

Focusing on the whimpering brunette, Kate’s eyes narrowed and she hissed, “Still with us huh? Well slut, if I have to break your back to win this match, then that’s what I’m gonna do.” Feeling mildly refreshed, Hudson got to her feet and pulled Rachel to hers. Jerking the brunette in close, Kate scooped her up and held her perpendicular across her chest. Turning in a slow circle, she slapped at Rachel’s defenseless butt and then quickly dropped to one knee, bending her foe’s spine over the cruelly posted joint. Rachel let loose with a piercing cry but it fell on deaf ears as Kate simply tossed her across the ring like a sack of garbage. Wiping the sweat off her brow and chest, Kate smiled at the audience and asked, “I think that was a good noise, don’t you?” Strutting over to where Rachel was laid out on her stomach, Kate placed a boot on her back and looked down. With an imperious gleam in her eyes she sneered, “You’re not getting off your knees until you beg for mercy bitch. You’re gonna CRAWL to me and plea for me to not ride your face all night long.”

Looking to make good on this threat, the blonde dropped down fast, driving the point of her knee into Rachel’s spine. The brunette shook violently and tried to crawl away but Kate was relentless, pulling her knee up to drive it down over and over again. When she got bored with this tactic, Kate found another that appealed to her sensibilities. Standing on Rachel’s back with both feet, she bent down and grabbed hold of the brunette’s wrists. Finding the grip she wanted, Kate pulled up fast, yanking McAdams’ torso off the mat while also torturing her back with the modified Surfboard.

Grinding her heels into the screaming brunette’s spine, Kate worked the hold and asked, “Ready to beg for mercy yet you impudent bitch?”

Tears and sweat rolling down her face in equal amounts, Rachel shook her head furiously ‘no’ and roared back, “FUCK YOU KATE! YOU’RE THE ONE WHO’LL BE BEGGING WHEN THE MATCH IS OVER! JUST YOU WAIT AND SEEEE…AAAAAHHHHH!”

Rachel’s threat broke down into another sad wail there because Kate had released her wrists only to jump up and come smashing down ass first onto the brunette’s back. Grinding her hips back and forth, Kate taunted, “What’s the matter Rachel, my ass crushing your delicate little back? Well don’t you worry it’ll be crushing your delicate little FACE soon enough.”

Looking to put the final nail in the brunette’s coffin, Kate got to her feet and pulled Rachel up via a handful of sporty red trunks. Maintaining her grip on the brunette’s battle togs, Kate reeled her foe in and drove a heartless forearm shiver right across Rachel’s back. McAdams trembled all over and almost went down, but Kate held her up, pulling her back in for another half dozen shots across the lower back before finally letting go of the tights and letting Rachel collapse face first to the mat. Deciding it was time to end the match (and end it emphatically) Kate stood by Rachel’s head and slowly pulled her up, wedging the brunette’s head between her thighs. Preparing the coup de grace, Kate snagged her foe’s left wrist in her right hand and her right wrist in her left hand before pulling them tightly across McAdams’ chest. Ready to go, Kate took a deep breath and hauled her victim up, letting Rachel stay in the stall position for several seconds before slamming her down to the mat, completing the Cross-Arm Powerbomb.

Stacking Rachel on her shoulders, the blonde poured all her remaining strength into the cover, and she could almost hear the bell ring to signal the winner but Rachel defied all odds and pulled free of the pin nanoseconds before the 3. Absolutely incredulous (as well as exhausted) Kate silently pulled Rachel to her feet, wondering what the hell she would have to do to keep the newcomer down. Knowing that Rachel’s back was very close to giving out, Kate hurled her towards the corner and gave chase, not even bothering to wait and see if the brunette had reached the buckles. This turned out to be a costly error because even though Rachel did hit the buckles, she was able to move out of the way at the last second and Kate’s lowered shoulder sailed through empty air until it came to a screeching halt against the unforgiving steel post.

Hudson went a few shades paler upon impact, she tried to cry out, but the pain was just too great. She would’ve been content to simply sit there with her misery but just then Rachel yanked her out of the corner, whirled her around and drove her already aching head skull first into the mat with another DDT. If Rachel hadn’t been so demolished herself, she could have covered Kate for the win right then and there but instead she merely collapsed beside the blonde and tried to get her bearings back. She had known her debut match would test her, but she had not been prepared for a contest that was this long and this brutal.

Several moments later, both she and Kate stood on legs that looked like they would fail any minute. Seeing the hated other still standing, two sets of eyes narrowed as the closed in for what would be the final moments of the match. Acting only on instinct, Kate buried a knee in the brunette’s gut that stunned Rachel long enough for Kate to sidle up beside her and wrap an arm across her chest.

Holding the rookie in position, Kate whispered hoarsely, “This ends now.”

Struggling desperately, Rachel answered, “Not just yet!”

Rachel banged an elbow into the blonde’s temple; all she needed to break Kate’s grip. As the taller girl stumbled away, McAdams shot forward and extended an arm, catching Hudson across the throat with a Lariat that nearly turned her inside out. Shaking off the pain in her arm, Rachel limped over to the wreckage of Kate and pulled her to her knees before locking her in a Standing Headscissors, the traditional setup for the Pile Driver. Not wasting any oxygen with a taunt, Rachel wrapped her arms around Kate’s waist and tried to invert her, but the blonde planted her feet and remained firmly rooted to the ground.

Cursing under her breath, Rachel tried to lift her quarry again, but Kate used the momentum against her and flung the smaller brunette up and over her with a jury-rigged Back Body Drop. The landing did nothing for Rachel’s spine and ribs and she lay splayed uselessly on the mat as Kate got to her feet and approached. Beyond all coherent thought now, Kate only knew that she wanted to beat this girl more than almost anyone she had ever faced in this ring. Pulling McAdams up, Kate wanted to launch an ego shattering verbal barb at her foe, but nothing witty came to mind so she simply bellowed a triumphant roar into Rachel’s drowsy face. Bending down, the decimated blonde lifted Rachel onto her shoulders in a basic Fireman’s Carry.

Slowly turning to face all four sides of the ring, Kate began to spin with increased speed until she and her victim were nothing more than a nauseating blur to those in attendance. When Kate began to feel her balance slipping away, she flung herself backwards, crushing Rachel between her and the canvas with the Spinning Samoan Drop. She could have covered Rachel for the win but the blonde had an uncontrollable urge to destroy her nemesis with her signature maneuver. Getting gingerly to her feet, Kate kicked Rachel onto her belly and stood near her legs. Looking out at the mob with a fevered light in her eyes, Kate slowly raised her right arm over her head, the signal that she was about to administer her finisher, an Inverted Powerbomb she called “Blonde Ambition.”

Over the screams of the crowd, Kate bent down and wrapped both arms around Rachel’s thighs. Holding the damp limbs in a death grip, Kate hauled her victim off the canvas until she was facing out toward the audience, her butt pressing right up against Kate’s chest. Ready to end the brunette, Kate began to spin once more, picking up speed for the inevitable drop to the mat that would complete the deadly maneuver. But just as she was about to sit out and demolish Rachel for good, the brunette snaked an arm behind Kate’s head and pulled tight in a crude, yet effective Headlock.

In the same instant, McAdams yanked her legs free of Kate’s grip, sending them soaring out in front of her. With her head still trapped in Rachel’s arm, Kate was pulled off balance and she was dropped face first into the mat by the Bulldog Headlock, an incredibly ingenious counter to her finisher. Kate groaned once and lay still on the canvas, her breathing shallow and rapid as Rachel got ever so slowly to her feet.

Knowing that it was now or never, Rachel stood over her former tormentor and said, “You guys have never seen anything like what I’m about to show you.”

On that cryptic statement, she pulled Kate to her feet and stood in front of her. Then to the crowd’s surprise, she bent down and placed her head between Kate’s legs, as if setting herself up for a Pile Driver. In the same instant, she cinched her arms around Kate’s thighs and clasped her hands, holding the blonde in place. With a groan of exertion, Rachel stood up with Kate now draped on her back, head down with her face right about level with the brunette’s butt. Smiling knowingly as the crowd buzzed with anticipation, Rachel bent her knees slightly and then jumped into the air. As she came down, she tucked her knees under her and landed rather easily at the same time the crown of Kate’s head was being driven into the mat. The crowd leapt to their feet and roared as Rachel successfully delivered the McAdams Smasher for the first time. But if they thought the show was over they were sorely mistaken. You see, right as Kate’s head connected with the canvas, Rachel released her grip on the blonde’s legs allowing her to fall flat on her back. And with Kate’s head directly behind Rachel’s butt, all the victorious brunette had to do was scoot back a bit and sit down, dropping the full weight of her flawless rump across Kate’s unknowing features in a perfect Front Face Sit.

As the ref shook off his amazement at the move he’d just seen, McAdams casually tucked some hair behind her ears and placed both hands on her damp thighs with a slight smacking noise. Blue eyes glowing with triumph, the brunette moved her hands from her thighs to her hips and lazily hooked her thumbs into the edges of the clingy red briefs. Running her hands in opposite directions, Rachel's grin only got wider as she stretched the slick material tightly against her groin, especially savoring the tiny snap the briefs made against her hips when she pulled her hands free. Properly adjusted, McAdams put her hands on her butt and scooted forward another inch before settling back down, making sure her mound was resting snugly on Kate's mouth. Looking down at the flushed expanse of her opponent's forehead, Rachel teasingly walked her fingers from Kate's hairline to the tip of her nose whereupon reaching she pinched the blonde's nostrils shut. The sudden lack of air brought the crippled blonde back around and her eyes fluttered open weakly, only to bulge in horror when she realized Rachel was astride her face.

Hudson began to thrash frantically in a last ditch attempt to save herself from the impending indignity but Rachel held her place stoically, letting Kate tire out before she bothered to say, "Looks like you lost Kate, and now I get to introduce you and these people to exactly what I can do. Thanks for being such a good welcome mat."

Kate tried to protest, but her pleas for mercy were cut off as Rachel grabbed a double handful of hair and yanked brutally upwards, forcing the blonde's face into her steaming center. Mashing Kate's face energetically, Rachel added to the blonde's misery by grinding her hips forward in a battering ram like movement. Listening to Kate sob in shame and rage only motivated McAdams further and she increased the pace of her ride, totally lost in the savage pleasure of feeling the blonde's nose and mouth rubbing against her groin. Knowing the end was near, Rachel kicked the face ride into overdrive.

Microseconds before the climax washed over her, she pulled Kate's face in as tight as she could and clenched her thighs shut, making sure there was absolutely no way for the hapless blonde to avoid the tide of her juices. Deeply satisfied, Rachel slowly unclenched her thighs and leaned back. Slowly opening her eyes, the brunette realized that she'd never heard the ref make his count and looked over at the official. Not surprisingly, the normally jaded zebra had been struck motionless by the sight of the McAdams Smasher and the face sit that followed.

Locking eyes with the awestruck official, she asked in breathy, expectant voice, “Count now?”

The ref finally did his job and administered the academic count. Knowing the fight was finally hers, Rachel spread her thighs a bit wider and delivered one more long, slow pass of her womanhood across Kate’s face. Brushing a tangle of hair from her eyes, Rachel pushed slowly to her feet and placed one booted foot on Kate’s slowly rising chest.

Raising her hands in victory, Rachel soaked up the cheers of the crowd as she thought, “Now you see what I can do ladies. Anyone who gets in the ring with me is gonna end up like Kate here; flat on her back and nuzzled up against my crotch. Get ready, because I’m coming for all of ya.”

She broke her pose and exited the ring, leaving behind a devastated Kate Hudson and a quickly growing fan base.