Helen Hunt vs. Lucy Lawless by Doug Haig 16-Jul-99

Lucy Lawless and Helen Hunt stood barely inches apart, their ravishing faces glowing with pure hatred. Without a word or signal, Lucy savagely backhanded Helen hard across the face with her left hand, Lucy's diamond ring painfully smacking against Hunt's cheek. Staggering back a step, Helen drew back her slender arm and smashed her fist hard into Lucy's face, with a punch that would have come close to knocking out any other woman. Lucy sailed back, a torrent of blood fountaining out of her mouth as she crashed onto her back.

Helen stood over her fists clenched and raised. "Get up and I'll give you some more you slut!!!" she roared at Lucy, her face red with anger. Lucy grabbed her legs and brought Helen down to her and they began wrestling around the floor as they each tore into the other's body. Helen gasped in pain as Lucy raked her sharp red nails down the center of Helen's large breasts, dragging hard against Helen's small breasts and leaving four scratches that had Hunt's pretty eyes blazing with fury...

"YOU FUCKING BITCH!!! MY TITTTSS!!!" Helen cried out and pushing hard against Lucy's large breasts.

Helen slammed her backward onto the floor and drove her knee into Lucy's unprotected cunt, missing and striking just above it, Helen's kneecap ramming just below Lucy's navel, as Lucy Lawless' sultry face turned red in pain from the force of the blow. Helen drew her shapely leg back to strike again, but Lucy grabbed a handful of her right breast in both hands and tugged the blonde actress off her as Helen cried out at the abuse of her breast.

In terrible pain, Helen cocked back her right hand and smashed her ringed fist hard into Lucy's groin, and this time the brunette's body quivered in pain as Helen rocked her with another tremendous pussy punch, Hunt's knuckles painfully parting Lucy's pussy lips as Helen's fist buries itself partly inside. Helen twists her hand around, bringing screams of pain to Lucy Lawless' puffy lips. Helen got up on her knees, pulled her arm back again, and launched another vicious punch right into Lucy's spread-open pussy. Lucy's body shuddering underneath Helen. Again and again Helen threw vicious punches deep into Lucy's defenseless pussy, as the brunette's legs were spread open and vulnerable. Helen pulled herself off of Lucy, but the brunette just lay there holding her pussy, moaning loudly.

Helen Hunt climbed on top on Lucy Lawless, and straddling the woman, whispered, "You like my breasts so much, here have a better look at 'em" Helen said, dropping her large breasts onto Lucy's face.

But Lucy suddenly grasped Helen's dangling breast, ripping it hard to the side as now Helen cried out in pain. Lucy kept her fingers gripped tightly around Helen's mouthwatering breast as she started to twist it around hard and brought her leg up and over Helen, sliding her other leg under her stomach, and then pulled Helen painfully forward by tugging her by the breast, and clamped her strong legs powerfully around Helen's slender waist. The blonde actress cried out in pain as Lucy locked her ankles and poured the pressure on while she ripped at Helen's breast, her tit now starting to show deep and bloody scratches as Lucy tortured it with her red nails.

But as Lucy Lawless was ravaging the blonde's breast, she didn't notice that Helen, her head right in front of Lucy's chest, sinking her teeth into the top of Lucy's tight left breast. Lucy's loud scream filled the room, as Lucy frantically pulls at her head by the hair, ripping out two handfuls of Helen's thick blonde tresses to no avail. Lucy's face is twisted in agony as she tugs at Helen's hair with wild abandon then she shifts her attack again and starts to pummel the outside of each of Helen's smaller breasts, her fists sinking in deeply as Helen's body stiffens in response to each blow, but she refuses to stop her biting attack.

Helen Hunt has Lucy Lawless red-faced with tears forming around her eyes, until Lucy suddenly smashes her fist into Helen's left ear as she lets loose a pain-filled cry from Helen's savage breast bite. Helen's teeth open as Lucy sends a second harder blow crashing into her ear that really rocks the beautiful woman. As soon as Helen's teeth come off her foe's now wounded breast, Lucy releases her scissors in a flash and kicks out at Helen, her left foot catching Helen square in the mouth, mashing Hunt's lips against her teeth. Lucy's nails rip across Helen's right breast as it's pulled from her fingers as the actress sails backwards, blood flying from her mouth, till she crashes onto the floor with a thunderous crash and a moan of pain.

Helen shakes her head trying to clear the cobwebs for her head as blood drips from her mouth to the floor, her foe stalking slowly towards her, Lucy's eyes blazing with fury, her left breast showing off a pair of teeth marks with blood oozing out of the places were Helen's teeth broke the titflesh. Lucy's jaw was black and blue from Helen's opening punch. Lucy takes no chances and raising her foot she sends it down with all her weight behind it, ramming it onto Helen's stomach and breasts again and again like she's crushing grapes, as the actress is all but pounded into the hardwood floor. Helen is all but defenseless now, and Lucy jumps up and crashes down ass first onto Helen's chest, her shapely round breasts getting crushed painfully under Lucy's well shaped ass cheeks as she cries out. Lucy bounces up and down a few more times as Helen moans in agony with each bounce. Lucy sinks her fingers into Helen's pussy and assails her clit with her nails.

Helen screws up her face in utter pain as Lucy's manicured nails rip her pussy lips, "You liked pussy-punching me, Hunt?!?!!! I'm gonna DESTROY your cunt tonight, BITCH!!!"

Lucy Lawless hair-hauls Helen Hunt to her feet, then Lucy winds up and belts Helen in the mouth, driving her backwards against the wall where Lucy sends some punches to her head and belly while she has her stunned and trapped against the wall.

But Helen sends her knee crashing towards Lucy's cunt but instead hits her hard in the thigh, driving Lucy back a few steps as she reaches out and grasps Lucy's breasts, Helen nearly ripping open Lucy's swollen and bruised breasts. Lucy cries out as Helen's hard fist all but crushes her left breast under it, then Helen begins a flurry of blows, all aimed at Lucy's already battered breasts, bring Lucy to her knees in pain as she struggles to ward off the furious blonde's blows. The two rings on Helen Hunt's right hand painfully carve into Lucy's large breasts, as Lucy Lawless screams out in agony.

Helen drags the tough brunette to her feet, and taking a tight grip on both of Lucy's breasts, tosses her to the floor by her ravaged breasts, ripping both hands away at the last second. Lucy moans in pain, as Helen almost ripped off her tits. Lucy suddenly leg sweeps Helen to the ground next to her, and they become a tangle of limbs as they roll around till they bang hard into the couch. Lucy gasps in pain as a blow to her left breast connects, Helen's fist burying deep in the raw breast. Helen Hunt's left hand grips down tightly on Lucy's right breast, as Helen Hunt starts to jog Lucy Lawless' firm breast up and down, shaking the large mound furiously. Helen pulls back her fist and smashes a punch down on Lucy's sensuous mouth, snapping Lawless' head back with the strong punch.

Helen begins to pummel Lucy's breasts again with abandon, as Lucy's arms desperately try to block Helen's painful punches. Lucy falls back and rolls away fast, coming to her feet just as Helen does and they charge each other fists blazing. Helen again pounds Lucy's breasts like speed bags, till Lucy is completely on the defensive, her eyes glassy from the pain radiating from her swollen breasts as Helen's fist slams her nipple deeply into the soft titflesh of her right breast. In a last ditch effort, Lucy clinches with Helen and sends her knee crashing into the blonde's undefended cunt, taking her off her feet.

Helen's face turns white as she crumples to the ground from the devastating blow, moaning in pain. Now it's Lucy who's on top as she rips open Helen's breasts, squeezing the sweat-slickened mounds in her fingers, and now Lucy's rings cleave into Helen's thick, half-dollar nipples, as the actress's cries echo throughout the room. Lucy digs her nails into the soft undersides of each breast and rakes them outwards, then crushes each around the nipples and twists them around by them as Helen's voice echo's off the walls. Soon her finger nails have left multiple punctures all over Helen's creamy round breasts.

Helen Hunt wasn't done for yet though, as she attacked Lucy Lawless with savage breast punches, Lucy's breast almost engulfing Helen's fist with each blow. Both women tore into each other and Lucy found herself flat on her sweaty back as the blonde tried to wrap the brunette up in a waist scissors. Having seen her foe's leg muscles, Lucy was not going let that happen and she ripped into Helen's raw and tender breasts again with a swipe of her nails, and punched her with her other hand right in the left nipple.

That paused Helen for a moment and Lucy rolled out from between her legs, sending a foot thudding into Helen's hard stomach. The blonde doubled over in pain. Lucy took advantage by slapping her hand down hard on Helen's back, Hunt's back glassy and shiny with sweat. Lucy ploughed her knee fiercely into Hunt's belly, and Helen was still gasping as the brunette caught her in the belly with another hard knee. Lucy added another very hard knee to Lucy's left breast crushing it beneath her kneecap, blood vessels in Helen's small breast busting in pain, as Lucy straightened her up.

Wrapping her slender arms around the blonde, Lucy picks Helen up in a tight bearhug, crushing her in her strong arms as Helen struggled to free herself. Lucy Lawless painfully digs her clenched fists hard into Helen Hunt's back, and as Helen moans out in pain, Lucy rolls her muscular forearms hard into Helen's lower ribs and back. Hunt, desperate for air, starts to breast smother Lawless' face and just as Lucy is about to sink her teeth into one of Helen's mounds, Hunt gets dumped onto the floor in a heap.

The blonde yells in rage and pain as she wraps her legs around Lucy's waist as Lucy tears a handful of blonde hair from Helen's head to stop her. Lucy lets out a small moan as Helen's powerful thighs start to crush her sides and she again rips at the blonde's hair as she bucks wildly between her foe's scissors. Helen tears into Lucy's breasts from behind and begins trying to twist Lucy's breasts around, tugging on them and trying to rip the breast of Lucy Lawless' body completely. Lucy cries out as the blonde's strong fingers gouge her breasts, and Helen's crimson fingernails tear at her nipples and twist her titflesh painfully, her sides getting more and more painful as time goes on. Lucy's face is twisted in pain.

But Lucy twists her hard body around and tears at Helen's sweaty breasts, sinking her fingers into them as now the blonde moans out loudly in pain. A scream of pain echoes across the room as Lucy rakes her nails across the underside of the blonde's left breast, repeating the savage rake again as her foe's face turns red.

"OHHH GOD!!! LUCY---MY BREASTS!!! OHHHH GOD MY BREASTS....YOU BITCH!!!!" Helen moaned out loudly in pain, as her breasts were ravaged by the brunette.

Helen, her sexy body wracked in pain, abandons her attack on Lucy's swollen and red breasts, the brunette struggling with the blonde till she manages to tear away Lucy's hands from her breasts and get her legs up higher, wrapping them around Lucy's throat, muffling a cry of rage at not having been able to keep her foe's legs from her vulnerable neck. The blonde is on her side with Lucy's face between her sweaty thighs, a look of determination on Helen Hunt's sweaty face as she grinds her sexy gams together and begins suffocating her trapped foe.

The brunette actress bucks wildly between her foe's thigh's, trying desperately to latch onto something as Helen continually thwarts her attempts at blindly grabbing some titflesh. Lucy's face too far from Helen's bush to do any good, and with her head locked in place she couldn't bite her thighs. Lucy reaches her hand into Helen's pussy, tugging a handful of pussy hair from her cunt that brings a cry of pain from the blonde. As Helen reaches down to grab at Lucy's hand, the hot brunette latches onto Helen's bruised right breast with her left hand and gives it the hardest squeezing she can.

Alternating between the breast and her foe's pussy hair Lucy soon has Helen in trouble, a deep moan coming from her lips as Lucy rakes her nails down the front of her breast, ravaging her nipple with her nails as they tear down it. Helen's blood-engorged nipples feel only seconds away from their bursting point. Making use of the blonde's pain, Lucy is able to get to her knees, still trapped between Helen's powerful thighs, her air almost gone as she twists Hunt's small breasts in front of her for all she is worth. Lucy suddenly begins to smash Helen's throbbing breasts together, grinding them into each other as she digs her nails into the sides and that's all Helen can take as her legs snap open and she kicks out at Lucy in tears, driving her away as she clutches at her swollen and pain filled breasts.

"YOU GODDAMN WHORE!!!," Lucy says cattily, as she stands up and motions for the brunette to get up and fight some more. "Look what you did to my fuckin' BREASTS!!!" she screams, cupping her tender orbs.

Helen is hurting as she struggles to her knees with her breasts cupped gingerly in her hands, her foe looking ready to pounce on her any second. Lucy charges forward and slams a knee into Helen's left breast, relishing the cry from her foe as her knee wails into the already swollen flesh, till suddenly her own cry echoes across the room as the blonde rams her fist into Lucy's undefended pussy, sending her to her knee's with her hands between her legs and a grimacing red face. Helen's forearm smashes Lucy across her breasts, repeating the move as she tugs a handful of light brown pussy hair from her now pained looking foe. With a scream Helen Hunt delivers a third forearm smash and sends a teary eyed Lucy Lawless flying backwards and Helen dives on her, latching onto both breasts as she straddles Lucy, wrenching her firm globes around her chest with all her remaining strength as the brunette cries out in utter pain.

Lucy's breasts are on fire as Helen rips them around, her manicured fingers crushing the soft flesh between them, Lucy's fiery nipples being twisted and pinched between Helen's many rings, as another moan escapes the brunette's lips as the blonde pushes her fingers down into the titflesh, her red nails first, adding her weight behind them. The scream reverberates against the window glass as Lucy's breast's are punctured by her rival's sharp nails, Helen adding to the torture by twisting the swollen breasts around with her hands with her nails still dug in, continuing the titty twisting attack much to the pain of her foe as she yells in her face.

"OHHHHHH!!! OHHH GOD NOOOO!!! PLEASE HELEN!!! NOOOO!!!! YOU BITCH!!! YOU FUCKIN' BITCH!!! My BREASTS!!! MY BREASTS!!!! I'M GONNA KILL YOU!!!!" Lucy Lawless cries out in total pain.

The brunette is soon desperate to escape her rival's claws and as soon as the blonde's right breast hangs close to her mouth she latches onto it with her teeth, sinking them in as Helen Hunt lets out a scream of her own, and rears back in utter anguish as she whips her hand s from the brunette's ravaged breasts and tries to pull her head from her now bleeding breast. Wedging her fingers into Lucy's face, Helen manages to get Lucy to release her soggy, bleeding nipple, but Lucy immediately begins clawing and punching the other breast for all she is worth till she drives the extremely pained Helen off her stomach.

Blood drips down from both of Lucy's breasts where Hunt's polished nails pierced her skin. As Lawless rises to her feet, she holds each of Hunt's burning breasts in a death grip, the now screaming blonde's back being pulled off the floor by her breasts as she grasps at her foe's hands frantically, till suddenly Lucy comes down knee first, driving it between Helen's legs and onto her torn cunt, in a brutal bush-bursting knee drop.

"How's that little move feel, BITCH!!!", Lucy purrs cattily into her moaning foe's face as she grinds her knee savagely and the blonde actress cries out in utter agony.

Still holding Helen's breasts in her hands she rams them together a few times as her foe begins to sob in utter pain as each time Lucy Lawless rams Helen Hunt's very swollen breasts together. Lucy drives her red nails in like Helen Hunt did to her earlier.

Helen lashed out, clapping her manicured hands onto Lucy's breasts by the nipples and threw her to the floor by them. As she straddled Lucy, Helen began ripping her nails across her left breast, and punching the solid mound of titflesh as hard as she could, blood vessels bursting in Lucy's breasts. Helen was hitting Lucy's breasts with such force that Lucy Lawless' swollen left nipple began to split apart painfully. Slamming her hard fist into the left breast, rings-first, Helen had her brunette rival sobbing in pain. But suddenly Helen ripped from her perch by her hair, and thrown to the floor. Lucy had snaked her hands up Helen's back and grasped her thick blond hair. Lucy cocked her hand back, and her powerful slap to Helen Hunt's face rocked her head and sent her crashing to the floor holding her cheek. Lucy again sent slap after slap into Helen bruised and swollen face.

Lucy Lawless grabbed Helen Hunt by the hair and dragged her to her feet, crying in between slaps, then unleashed a hard blow to her gut, Helen's firm stomach seeming to fold over Lucy's hard fist. Lucy let her drop to the floor, as Helen held her arms over her hurt stomach as she cried out in pain. Lucy raised her arm to strike Helen's face when the beautiful blonde beat her to the punch, smashing her rival right in the nose, breaking it with a sharp crack. Blood gushed out, coating Lucy large breasts with a bright red shellac, as Helen dropped back, pleased with her work.

Lucy was first stunned, then enraged and attacked Helen with both fists, clobbering her to the ground in seconds as she overwhelmed the blonde with a flurry of hard blows to her face and breasts. Lucy reached down and latched onto each of Helen's already swollen and bruised breasts, digging her red nails into the sides and first pulling them apart as far as they would go then slamming them together as she grounded her nails into the flesh deeply, Helen Hunt's screams of agony echoing off the walls. Lucy Lawless was hunched over, mauling her Helen's breasts savagely, when Helen clasped her hands together, raising her thumbs, and shot them up hard into Lucy's cunt, Hunt's sharp red thumbnails disappearing into Lucy's vagina. Helen's pain was momentarily forgotten as Lucy Lawless screamed in agony as white-hot pain flooded her entire body from her groin.

Helen Hunt dives into Lucy's side, sending her crashing to the floor. The blonde screams out in a rage as she tears at Lucy's tits, relishing the look of fear that crosses Lucy's face as her fingers grope at the huge mammaries. Lucy's moans of pain are like music to Helen's ears as she rips at the nipples of each one, dragging and shaking each breast around by them as the brunette tries desperately to free herself. Lucy reaches out and grabs each side of Helen's breasts. Now it's Helen whose in trouble as her face turns red with agony, Lucy's sharp nails digging into the sides of her breasts as they lay on their sides inches apart, each trying to savagely out maul the other, Helen puts up a good fight, but her breasts are just too sensitive and soon the brunette is making headway and mauls her way on top of Helen, still gouging each breast from the sides with her nails as small trials of blood start flowing slowly down some of the wounds.

Lucy lets out a yell as Helen desperately starts punching her breasts and face, her hard fists having an immediate effect on Lucy as she pounds on her. Lucy is forced to release Helen's breasts as she tries to block the flurry of blows that slam into her. A left to her eye blinds her and she does not see the right that explodes on her already swollen lips, mashing the bottom one into her teeth and ripping it open on the inside. Her mouth filling with blood, a stunned Lucy takes a crushing blow to her right breast as Helen's muscular forearm slams into her chest hard. But Lucy brings her fists down, both of them driving into Helen's nipples, as she moans out in utter agony, her nipples disappearing into the soft supple flesh as the Helen's breasts expands outward from the sides painfully from the force of the blow.

Now in control, Lucy taunted her rival.

"So, you still think you could take me on, huh, you BITCH!!! I'm gonna rip these little breasts of yours right off your body and mount them on the FUCKING WALL!!!"

The brunette tore at each of Helen's breasts with renewed vigour, then sent a nails first slaps across each one adding to the already large amount of bleeding cuts, as the now ravaged Helen Hunt cried out for mercy. Her hands falling from Lucy's swollen and aching nipples as she sobbed loudly. Lucy Lawless ignored her anguished cries, heaping more punishment on her already totally ravaged and bleeding breasts.

Lucy is again taken by surprise as now Helen kicks up her knees and smashes them hard into Lucy's spine, and Lawless screams in pain as falls aside. Helen drags Lucy across the carpet, adding some kicks to her sides as she pulls her over to the couch yelling and struggling, as Lucy finally manages to reach back and tries to release her hair from Helen's strong grip as the blonde smashes her head into the arm of the couch till she is bleeding from an open cut on her forehead.

Seeing Lucy stunned and bleeding, Helen drapes the brunette's body over the arm of the couch, Lucy's breasts separated by the arm, each hanging down the side. With a savage smile Helen sends her knee crashing into the right breast trapping it between her knee and the side of the couch, her face lighting up as Lucy's turns stark white and a second later her anguished screams fills the room.

Helen slams her knee in again, sinking it into the flesh and then keeping it there, grinding the bone of her knee into the flesh as the breast was rubbed against the lower part of the couch's side, smiling through her tear soaked face as Lucy's scream's again fill the room, rattling the window's in their panes from their volume. Bringing her long sharp nails to bear Helen starts to scratch at the brunette's well shaped ass cheeks, adding a few scratches to them as well as the back of her well muscled thighs.

Helen drags her loudly moaning and now sobbing arch rival off the couch by her hair, completely unprepared for Lucy's sudden fistic attack. As the tear streaked and crying brunette's fists pound on Helen's face driving her back a step, Lucy releases her handhold of blonde locks and digs a left hook deeply into Helen's right breast from the side, burying it up in Hunt's red and aching titflesh.

Helen smashes a punch into Lucy's throbbing tit, and the brunette clutched her right breast as it comes crashing back down after Helen's hard uppercut sends it flying. Lucy hooks her ringed fist to Helen's face, then to her stomach, straightening her out with a knee that slams into her breasts and sends Helen soaring backward just as she starts to bend over from the blow to her stomach. Lucy comes right after her as the blonde backpeddles away.

Lucy swings a hard right roundhouse at Helen, intending to end the fight, her fist hitting nothing but air as Helen manages to duck just enough and while the brunette is off balance Helen slams her fist into the bruised part of the right breast were Helen had kneed her, causing her untold agony as she collapses to her knees clutching her throbbing wounded breast, screaming as Helen kicks her in the kidney then sends her fist crashing into Lucy's chin with all the power she had in her slender arm. Lucy Lawless' mouth was smashed shut, and her eyes rolled up into her head, as she pitched down hard face-first on the hardwood floor, not even putting her hands out to break her fall.

Helen Hunt collapses to her knees next to Lucy Lawless; Helen's swollen breasts are raw and radiating pain outward. Lucy is slowly coming around, moaning loudly as the pain in her tits and pussy rouses her awake. Both actresses pull themselves to their feet on opposite sides of the room, breathing heavily.

"You ready to give it up, you cunt-lick?" asked Lucy breathlessly.

"FUCK You, Lawless, I already knocked your ass out." Helen shot back.

"Do I look like I'm quitting, bitch now?" Lucy said.

"All right you BITCH!!" Helen screamed, "No rules, no mercy, winner takes all and I'm gonna kick your fuckin ass but GOOD!!!"

Lucy charged at Helen in a rage, blocking Helen's punch and smashing the blonde right in the mouth, then Helen's fist hit her in the belly and Lucy doubled over gagging. The bigger breasted Lucy came right back at her, smashing a haymaker into Hunt's face, so hard that her cheek split open, blood flying as Lawless' fist drove her head first onto the floor. Helen spits out a mouthful of blood.

As Lucy advanced on her Helen's sexy leg came shooting up and the heel buried itself in the pit of Lucy's stomach, forcefully rearranging the brunette's innards. As Lucy doubled over in agony Helen's hand gripped her head by her hair and pulled it off the ground as she slammed her knee into the small of Lucy's back. She cried out as Helen grabbed her right ass cheek and gouged her nails into it, Helen's fingernails having been cut sharply to allow her red nails to painfully rip at Lucy.

"Not so tough now are you, huh, Bitch?" Helen snarled at her as she released her hair and reached around to grab Lucy's breast, confident in her dominant position as she almost ripped off Lucy's nipple before and sinking her nails into the luscious orb from the side , tugging it upwards.

Lucy struggled hard and managed to twist around and then brought her elbow crashing into Helen's small right breast, driving into it deeply and sending it flying upwards. Helen nipple disappeared completely into her breast as she cried out in pain. Lucy grabbed Helen's throbbing tit and pushed, forcing Helen to the floor onto her back with her attack. Lucy straddled her as she screamed in rage under her, bucking her body off the floor, then ripping at Lucy's left breast with her nails, just as Lucy was able to grab it by the wrist like the other already was.

Helen's red nails leaving trails of blood behind as Lucy's face twisted in agony. She tucked each hand under her legs securely as Helen shrieked in frustration trying to get her arms out. Now free to send some blows into Helen's face,. she smashed Helen's nose, breaking it painfully. Helen Hunt moaned out in pain, then screamed in anguish as Lucy Lawless grabbed her breasts and smashed them into each other as she gouged her nails in. Lucy then switched and jabbed her fingernails into the underside of each one, ripping at and mangling the tender flesh with her sharp nails as Helen cried out and twisted her head around and spat blood from her lips. Helen freed her left hand and managed a punch to Lucy's side, Helen's ringed fist smashing Lucy on her ribs as Lawless clutched her side in pain and fell over, as her ribcage erupted in waves of agony.

Helen was still punch drunk and could not take advantage, and a hurt Lucy all but fell on her and jamming her knee into Helen's cunt with what little strength she had left, stunned the blonde beauty. Helen's voice rose to a high pain-filled pitch as Lucy smashed her hand hard and deeply into Helen's small right breast, flattening it completely against the blonde's ribcage while Helen sobbed in pain. Blood vessels burst as another harsh punch flattens Helen's breast, and as the blow drives in, again sinking in deeply, Helen's face contorts in agony. Helen backhands her fist across Lucy's lower lip splitting it wide open and snapping her head back as hair and blood flew through the air.

Helen took immediate advantage by driving her fingers deep into Lucy's cunt and ripped her nails into Lucy's tender womanhood. Helen drove Lucy off her as she twisted her clit in her nails and she reached out grabbing a handful of titflesh, and crushing the breast between her fingers and palm, Lucy's screams reached new levels of volume. Helen started to force Lucy onto her back as Lawless' hand had found the blonde's cunt lips and Lucy tugged at them so hard Hunt thought her pussy was about to be ripped out. Helen now cried out in agony.

With Helen's nails still clinging onto her ravaged clit, Lucy desperately rakes her nails savagely into the wounded underside of Helen left breast as she screams out in utter agony abandoning her attack on Lucy's clit to grab at her hand to stop her from further antagonizing the cuts on her breasts. Helen yells in rage as she gouges her nails into Lucy's right breast now and squeezes for all she is worth, Helen's long fingers turning white from the force of driving them into Lucy's tit.

"I'm going to rip this breast right off your body BITCH" Helen screams.

But suddenly blood is flying from Helen's pretty face as Lucy snaps Hunt's head back from a blow to her chin. Helen falls off to the side, tugging on Lucy's throbbing breast till her nails rake down it opening cuts as they go till five bloody scratch marks cover the whole front of her breast. Lucy clutches the wounded breast in her hand as she moans in pain, then with her eyes blazing she uses her free hand and slams her hand palm first down onto the nipple of Helen's breast, sending the titflesh outwards as her heavy hand rams into it driving the nipple painfully almost into the ribcage. She slaps at the outside sending it flying into the other one then proceeds to forehand and backhand them over and over with her hard fist till the breasts are covered in black and blues. Grabbing the now tenderized flesh in her hands has Helen screaming at the top of her lungs, her once magnificent breasts all bruised up and swollen to twice their normal size.

Helen Hunt is sobbing out loudly in ultimate pain, "NOO!!! NOOO!!! MY BREASTS!!! THEY'RE GOING TO EXPLODE!!!! LUCY---YOU BITCH!!!! LET GO OF MY TITS!!!!"

Helen desperately punches Lucy in her side again striking almost the same exact spot and sending waves of pain shooting through Lucy's side as she grimaces in agony and releases her titty hold, grabbing at Helen's arm. Lucy screams as Helen's fist again finds her rib this time definitely bruising or cracking itas Lucy falls over onto the floor in agony, trying frantically to get back up before Helen can.

Helen's face is a blood-soaked mess, her nose bleeding and broken, her lips mashed into her teeth and also bleeding while they puffed up, her breasts were covered with dark black and blues, scratches and huge bruises around the nipples from being battered by Lucy's hard fists, each breast swollen to almost twice it's normal size.

Lucy's cheek is swollen and bruised, her lower lip swollen and bleeding, her stomach and side have huge black and blues from Helen's hard punches, and the 5 deep scratches running down her right breast are still bleeding as are the cuts on her left breast and both have many bruises and small cuts from Helen's constant assaults on them. Lucy left eye is nearly swollen shut from the rings on Helen's hands smashing into her.

They each tried to get to their knee's shakily and soon were facing each other when Helen reached down and began to tear at Lucy's cunt with her nails as Lucy followed suit burying her own hand deep into Hunt's pussy, ripping her nails around inside as blood started to make it's way down her arm as it dripped from Helen's now ravaged pussy walls. Lucy was not in much better shape as Helen's nails found her clit and dug deeply and painfully into it , both women crying out loudly, their heads on each other's shoulders as they rocked back and forth in battle.

Lucy was ripping out all of Helen's pubic hair as she grunted with each tug. Helen's punched weakly with her free hand into Lucy's right breast then her left, back and forth as Lucy followed suit and soon both women were screaming at the top of their lungs as each of their once magnificent breasts were pounded into bloody bruised messes, the breast flesh popping out their sides as each stinging blow was driven in with all their remaining strength. Lucy was in utter agony, barely keeping from passing out, but she knew what would happen if she did, and her breasts throbbed from Helen's constant punches. Helen gave her another fist to her side and Lucy was blinded by the devastating pain, as the pain exploded from her wounded side and in a last ditch effort she switched tactics suddenly, raking Helen across the eyes and blinding her. Helen frantically rubbed at her eyes with her free arm as Lucy's fist plowed into her face snapping her head back.

Another blow slammed into her damaged right breast, sending it flying upwards as she cried out, then Lucy grabbed a handful of flesh from each one and pushed them upwards so hard she slammed Helen onto her back with her legs trapped under her in a kneeling position. She mashed the mammaries into each other then again used the heel of her hand to try and send the nipple of each right through Helen's ribcage. Helen reached up and wrapped her fingers around Lucy's throat and began to choke the life from her as Lucy smashed her fists into Helen's face and breasts over and over till Helen's hands dropped down at her sides and still the furious Lucy continued to punch her face to a bloody pulp, blood and mucus running down from Helen's broken nose as the blonde sobbed out in pain.

Lucy Lawless dragged a moaning Helen Hunt to her feet, and Lucy's hand blasted out, ramming it hard into Helen's hard toned belly, exploding the air from her lungs. As Helen bent over, Lucy trip hammered her across the shoulder blades, slamming her locked fists down on the blonde's lush back, splattering the blonde face-first onto the floor.

"There, how do you like THAT you cunt?!!?" Lucy screamed, reaching down to grab a handful of Helen's pretty blonde hair.

Picking up the lithe blonde, Lucy hoisted her across her muscular shoulders and spun her in circles, and then dropping her, crotch first, across an upraised thigh. Helen's eyes crossed and she grabbed her pussy, falling to the side. Helen Hunt's crotch felt like Lucy Lawless had just split it open completey. Lucy picked up Helen by the hair again, standing her up on shaky legs. The blonde was whimpering, bent over and clutching her groin. Helen never saw Lucy's kick slashing through the air, but she felt it as it blasted deep inside her cunt.

"OHHHHHH GOD!!! NOT THERE!!!!" Helen screamed in agony, falling to her knees, hands instinctively going to her wounded snatch and falling to her side in tears.

"Oh, no you don't, cunt," Lucy growled, dropping on Helen's head with her knees, bouncing the blonde's skull off the floor painfully.

The blonde reached between Helen's tight thighs and latched on full, digging her fingers through the pubic hair and mauling the wounded pussy lips, tearing out hanks of light brown hair as she did. Lucy howled as she pulled and pulled at the crotch, hair coming out in bloody chunks, Lucy's hand stained bright red. The blonde cried for mercy; Lucy just made things worse.

"OOOOoooooohhhhhh....MY CUNT!!!!" Helen moaned.

"Let's get down to business, you fuckpig," she spat at the begging blonde, plunging her hand into Helen's pussy.

Lucy grabbed a huge handful of beaver and pulled so hard, Helen came up off the floor, suspended on Lucy Lawless' strong arm by a fistful of cunt fur. But not for long. With an obscene ripping sound, the hair ripped free and Helen crashed to the floor, denuded in the pussy, which was oozing red like it had been cut with a knife.

"NOOOOOOOOoooooooo..." the sobbing blonde actress screamed as Lucy now used her fist to punch and pummel the tender twat tissue, her knuckles tearing the flesh of Helen's pussy.

"You Fucking Bitch... I'm gonna rip you apart..." Lucy growled, accentuating each word with a violent punch to Helen's twat, the agonised blonde crying out loud on each one.

Lucy lifted the groggy girl to her feet and lifted her over her shoulders again, spinning her around and delivering her this time, crotch down, across the arm of the couch, her pussy splattering out around the rough fabric, scraping raw what already wasn't bruised, bloodied or battered. Helen's eyes were shut tight against the pain, tears flowing from the corners as Lucy held the blonde steady and dragged and pushed Helen back and forth across the sofa's arm, dragging her burning pussy along it. By the time the brunette fell off the couch, she was nearly unconscious from the extreme pain.

"Uh-uh, no you don't, not yet," Lucy hissed, getting the blonde over on her back, spreading her legs.

With that, Lucy put the heel of her foot squarely on Helen Hunt's pussy, each of Helen's sexy legs on either side, reached back to grab her feet, and then brutally pulled back as hard as she could. Helen's bloodied cunt ramming into Lucy's foot with agonising force. The pain was so horrific that Helen screamed until she was hoarse. Lucy pushed her back a bit, only to pull forward hard, kicking her foot out at the same time, bashing her cunt into her heel again. Over and over, Lucy ravaged Helen's raw cunt until it made a squishing sound on contact with her foot. Lucy laughed evilly and got to her feet, lifting the barely awake blonde up by the hair and hauling her to the corner. Lucy growled down at the groggy Helen, who was starting to come around from the new wave of pain sheeting over her.

Helen awoke screaming and looked down to see Lucy's foot imbedding itself her destroyed cunt. She tried to fight, but Lucy had her in too much pain to do anything. Lucy pulled back her foot all the way out and then slammed it in again, a brutal, dead-on kick to the center of cuntland, her foot slicing in farther this time, a spray of blood pumping out the sides from the impact. Again and again, Lucy reeled back her foot and slammed it home, punishing a cunt that would never be the same again. Helen passed out again. Helen twitched against the pain, more so when Lucy ran from across the room and jumped, heels first, down onto Helen's burning pussy.

"OH GOD NONONONONONONO .. GOD LUCY ... PLEASE STOP PLEASE STOP PLEASE STOP ... MY PUSSY HURTS SOOO MUCH!!!" Helen screamed non-stop now, trying to get Lucy Lawless to stop.

But Lucy was possessed as she jumped high and then came crashing down, grinding the heels of her blood-stained feet deep into Helen's battered cunt. She stood on it now, on the pubic area, punching the heels down again and again until she felt the bone splinter beneath, sending shards of bone stabbing deep inside the pussy. Helen's liquid blue eyes were swollen shut from crying so much and so hard. Lucy pulled her foot back and gave her one last slam with her foot. Lucy Lawless then fell to her knees, spread Helen Hunt's trembling legs, and thrust a fist deep inside the blonde's ravaged cunt. Helen screamed again, hoarsely, as her throat gave out under the constant assault. Lucy pushed and grunted, twisting her arm, fisting the cunt deeper and harder, powering it in. Lucy growled, thickening her fist, anything to make the intrusion into Helen's cunt that much more painful. The blonde cracked her eyes open and looked between her legs in horror.

Lucy growled, "I said I was gonna destroy your pussy tonight. You think I was kidding??"

Angry spit sprayed from her clenched lips onto Helen's teary cheeks.

"Like the way this feels, you cunt. Not even your fucking doctor takes you this deep."

With a vengeance now, Lucy violently pulled her fist almost all the way out and then thrust it back in, harder each time, sheets of blood spilling on the floor as she did, a mist of blood seeping out from the sides of Lucy's plunging fist, coating it and drenching Helen's pretty thighs.

For five tortured minutes, Lucy fist-fucked the broken blonde, the shattered bones of her pussy area grinding as she did. When Helen passed out this time, Lucy slapped her bloody hand across Hunt's face until she came to, moaning in pain, and then Lucy climbed on top of Helen, and brought her head down to Helen's left breast and just about put the whole breast in her mouth, biting down as Helen, her eyes ablaze with pain and torment, turned white faced again and after a few seconds screamed out her surrender, as Lucy's sharp teeth bit clean through Helen's thick nipple. Shaking her head violently around, with Helen Hunt's severed, bleeding nipple still trapped there, a defeated Helen Hunt passed out under a victorious but shattered and exhausted Lucy Lawless.