Helen Hunt vs. Andie MacDowell by Doug Haig 01-Jul-99

The two women lock up in the centre of the room, ramming their bodies together hard. Both Helen and Andie stay locked up together for a moment as they grappled for an advantage. Andie's slightly larger breasts were crushed into Helen's, as Hunt slapped her hands hard onto MacDowell's lush back and raked the skin with her nails, her red manicured fingernails ripping into the tender flesh as Andie shuddered in pain and broke away from the blonde. Andie felt the raw burning skin on her back with one hand and with a scream threw herself at Helen, grasping the woman's arm and twisted it, turning the wrist up forcibly. Andie interlaces her fingers with Helen's, again giving the wrist a good hard twist as Hunt gasps in pain. With her free hand Andie drags her short polished nails over Helen's left buttock, trailing burning red welts. Andie crushes Helen's fingers with hers, painfully cracking the knuckles while still hiking up her bent arm.

Helen was dizzy with pain, as she suddenly threw her fist deep into the pit of MacDowell's stomach. Caught totally unprepared, Helen's fist sunk in, as Andie winced in pain. Helen heaved the brunette over into a knee that lands right across Andie's belly. Then Hunt leans over MacDowell and drives two more knees into her breasts for good measure. Helen takes advantage of her stunned foe, slamming the heel of her hand hard between MacDowell's larger breasts and into her sternum. Andie takes two staggering steps backwards before Helen delivers another slam to her sternum, sending MacDowell crashing to the floor with a dull thud. Andie rolls away, but Helen is there again, landing a sweeping kick directly into the brunette's exposed ribs. The blonde's bare foot sends Andie barreling over, clutching her wounded sides. Helen though takes a seat on the floor and scissors the beautiful Andie across her chest, clamping her sexy gams around her sweaty breasts, but doing even more damage to MacDowell's bruised ribs. Feeling like Helen's scissor hold is cutting her in two, Andie rocks back and delivers a fist to Hunt's taut belly, gasping with effort as Helen punishes her by flexing her chest scissors. Andie pulls back and gives her another punch, this time burying her fist into Hunt's blue bikini bottom. Helen screams out in pain, as pain shoots up through her entire body from the blow to her pubic area. Andie, seeing the weakness, rocks back to give her another shot, but this time Helen squeezes her rock-hard thighs first, ending MacDowell's punch in mid-stride. Andie lets out an agonising moan of pure pain, but manages to slide her glistening torso partially out of the scissor hold.

Andie painfully climbs to her feet, her back to Hunt as she holds onto her aching torso. Helen can see gold at the end of the tunnel, and runs forward and stomps the brunette in her lower back, sending her crashing face-first into a wall. Helen is on her in a second, landing hard piston like blows to Andie's ovaries and back. Andie collapses under Helen's attack, falling on all fours, as Hunt hauls her up on her feet with a sharp and painful tug on her hair, then reaches around to MacDowell's front and tears the bra off her chest, Andie's large breasts spill out, as Helen picks her up with an arm snaked through her crotch, carries Andie for a split second, before dropping her belly first across her knee in a devastating hold. Andie's breasts fly out of control as she splatters down onto Helen's kneecap. MacDowell lets out a low moan as her stomach and tits take the full force of Hunt's knee. Helen smiles as Andie tries to pry herself off the knee wedged into her soft gut, as MacDowell lets out a throaty moan and flops onto the floor in a sweaty tangle of arms, legs, and breasts.

Helen slides Andie against a wall, and digging her nails into Andie's armpits, she pulls the brunette to her feet with a screech of pain. Andie's erect nipples present an irresistible target as Helen claps her hands onto each one and ferociously rips them about. Andie jerks her body from side to side, pulling Hunt's hands away, but only adding to the fiery pain in her blazing nipples. Helen works Andie's tits from side to side, giving her painful nipple pinches when Andie reaches out and pulls off Helen's bra. Releasing Andie's tits with a nipple ripping jerk, Helen winds up and delivers a vicious crotch punch, dropping Andie to her butt in the corner. Helen moves in behind her and saddles up a grinding set of standing head scissors. Helen pours on the power and jumps and twists her legs to increase the pain and damage MacDowell's head and neck. Grinding her teeth, Helen screams with the effort as she tries to crush Andie's skull between her muscular thighs, as Andie moaned and rocked in pan underneath her.

Her legs and ass dripping with a layer of sweat, Hunt releases the scissors hold. As her thighs ache and quiver from the effort, as Andie seems to be all but beaten. Without much effort, Helen hoists MacDowell up and applies a torturous face-claw. Agonising minutes pass, with sweat pouring off both women's' bodies down their naked chests. Helen is picture of concentration, while she digs her fingers in Andie's throbbing temples, so much that she fails to notice until to late the MacDowell's hands have found her unprotected groin. Rallying back, Andie rips her nails side to side across Helen's bikini bottom, both raking the soft pubic area and her lower belly. After savagely ripping out a handful of pubic hairs exposed by Helen's crooked bottoms, Helen moans out in pain, clutching her womanhood, as Andie staggers away, regaining her strength.

After a few moments of rest, Helen meets Andie again in the centre of the room, and with a slap of female flesh the two women lock up again. The two woman seem better off and push and shove one another, but Andie lands two hard punches right onto Helen's belly button followed by a knee lift across Helen's dripping breasts. Andie cocks her fist back and smashes Helen in the face, blood bursting from Hunt's upper lip as MacDowell's fist rams home. Helen drops to the floor, and while there gasping in pain Andie delivers a knee to the back of her head. With blonde hair flying, Helen crashes face first to the floor. MacDowell rolls her over and sits across her thighs, and returns the favour with a crushing gut claw right onto the small space between Helen's sweat-soaked briefs and belly button. Grabbing her wrist for extra pressure, Andie digs in, listening as Helen lets out a low, aching groan of pain. Hunt tries to sit up and break the hold, but can only get her back off the floor a few inches before Andie twistingly applies even more pressure to the stomach claw, sending the blonde moaning back to the floor.

Helen does manage to swing her arm around and club Andie in the ear, breaking the hold, but is too injured and winded to follow up. Her belly is on fire. Clutching the side of her head with one hand, Andie lowers Helen's bottoms exposing her light brown pubic mound. Andie vengefully rears back and slams an elbow right into Helen's groin before moving her claw hold south to Hunt's pussy. Andie's strong hands and nails dig in hard, and Helen arches her back in protest to the agony exploding between her legs. Hunt is in terrible pain as MacDowell's fingers do the walking down bush street. Andie twists and jerks her hands, completely incapacitating the blonde. Andie screams at Helen "Its OVER!! Now GIVE you BITCH!!!" Hunt just writhes in pain, not believing that a woman she hurt this much is now in control of their fight. Adjusting her grip slightly, a sly smile spreads over Andie's face as she continues her genital claw, as Hunt lets out a scream followed by a squeaky cry of utter pain.

Without having her stomach muscles knotted in the claw hold, Helen is finally able to sit up quickly and rake her nails across MacDowell's eyes. With a scream of pain, Andie lurches back, as Helen crawls away, one hand wedged between her legs. She stumbles to her feet, bending at the waist trying to relieve the searing pain in her groin. Andie slowly gets to her feet as well, eyes watering and running down her face with sweat.

Both women are a mess and exhausted, the fight taking much longer than either had expected. Their hair was matted and limp, hanging in sweaty strands against their shoulders, and their breasts were now sagging and throbbing and mottled with black and blues and scratch marks. The women came together for a third time, each feeling now was the time to put the other away. Helen struck first, smashing her fist into Andie's face, mashing her sensuous lips hard against her teeth, ripping them open on the inside. MacDowell stumbles back, as Hunt swings a punch against her face again, smashing her fist against her jaw. Andie's chin splits open from the force of the blow and she crashes to the floor, nearly unconscious. Helen, knowing the end is coming up, seizes Andie's right leg with one hand and plants her heel in her pussy. With all the strength she has left, Helen wrenches Andie's foot around and falls down hard on the brunette's knee, breaking her leg with a loud audible snap. The scream dies in MacDowell's throat as her head clunks back heavily on the floor. Helen Hunt climbs on top of Andie MacDowell, and drops herself across Andie's body, flopping herself down hard and beating the woman at last.