Helen Hunt vs. Julianna Margulies by Doug Haig 06-Jul-99

With a loud SMACK Julianna Margulies and Helen Hunt lock up in the centre of the room, smashing their breasts together and wrapping their slender arms around each others' bodies. Grinding their breasts together hard, four hands grasped at the other's hair, and an intense hair-pulling contest began, with heads and bodies shaking violently as both Helen and Julianna each tried to topple her rival. First Julianna's head would be wrenched backwards, arching her lovely back almost to the breaking point, then seconds later Helen's head would be wrenched back, as Hunt moaned in pain.

This war waged back and forth, each woman crying out in pain, until Helen wrenched Julianna's head back much further than either had done before. Julianna moaned in pain and fell backwards, but with Helen's hands wound tightly in her hair she couldn't fall far. Helen drove a hard knee into Julianna's side, catching the sultry brunette in her ovaries with a loud "Ummmmph!" and then slams her knee in hard into Julianna's midsection, connecting right below her navel.

Two more swift knees follow to the same location with the same result, and Julianna falls moaning to the floor, both arms clutching her midsection. Getting in behind Julianna, with her left hand still in her hair, Helen yanks the woman's head upwards while smashing her fist directly into her spine, as Julianna's whole body shuddered at Helen's assault. Wishing to inflict some serious pain, Helen snakes her hand between Julianna's thighs from behind and sends two fingers deep into Julianna's pussy, raking the woman's cunt walls with her sharp nails. Julianna's hips tighten as she cries out in intense pain.

Getting to the front of her, Helen takes full control of Julianna with a handful of her black hair, first hauling her to her feet, then giving her a hard open-hand slap to the face. Helen throws Julianna in a wall, and then smashes her palms hard onto her breasts, crushing them against her ribcage. With her fingernails Helen lightly teases Julianna's half-dollar nipples to their fully erect state before nearly tearing them off her breasts with a nipple ripper. Julianna moans loudly in pain, as Helen gets right up in her face.

"FUCKING BITCH!!" Helen screams at her, wrenching her breasts around.

Julianna slides down the wall, but she manages to get a finger poked into Helen's eye, breaking the blonde's nipple lock hold on her.

With Helen's eye watering, she gets in control of their fight again by picking Julianna up in a face-to-face bearhug. Helen smiled wickedly as her small breasts flowed over Julianna's, pressing into Margulies' slightly larger globes. Julianna lets out a low moan, as Helen adjusts her pressure points, crushing Julianna's lower ribs while grinding her clenched fists into her opponent's kidneys. As Helen continually cinches down and tightens her grip on Julianna's torso, more moans escape from her lips.

Helen rolls her forearms hard, digging them further into the soft area below Julianna's ribs and lower back. Gasping now in complete agony, Julianna falls forward into Helen's face, shifting her weight more than a little, and Helen loses her balance and goes pitching backwards, with Julianna landing squarely on top of her. Although Julianna is stunned by the fall, her impact was nicely cushioned by Helen's body, and Julianna gets to her feet first.

Julianna moves in behind a dazed Helen, and drives her elbow hard into the back of the woman's neck. Helen drops to the floor, and Julianna moves around her slowly, cupping her red sweat-soaked breasts. Julianna Margulies reaches down and hefts Helen Hunt to her feet, clapping her hands around her foe's small breasts and rips into them, clawing her manicured nails hard into the tender undersides of Helen's breasts, then trapping both nipples in her palm between the nails of her thumb and index finger.

Julianna's nails almost tear Helen's blazing nipples off her breasts, and for the first time in their fight, Helen moans in pain. Julianna leans forward and drops her larger, dripping melons into Helen's face and goes for a titty-smother. Helen's beautiful face fits perfectly into Julianna's cleavage between her tanned round breasts. Leaning forward even further, Julianna forces her soft breasts in Helen's face, cutting off light and air. But suddenly Helen blasts a knee into Julianna's exposed pussy, smashing hard into the tender lips, getting a scream of pain from the brunette as Helen throws her aside. Helen gets shakily to her feet, with Julianna rolling about on the floor in pain. Helen takes hold of Julianna's ankles, prying her legs apart, leans back and delivers a groin stomp with every ounce of her weight.

Julianna lets out a thunderous scream of agony, turning over and over on the floor trying to escape. Helen doesn't let her go far. Going up on her, Helen delivers a double knee drop to Julianna's lush back, then straddling her, Helen rolls her over the brunette's sweaty body over roughly, cocking her fist back. Suddenly Julianna throws an extremely hard punch that smashes into the side of Helen's mouth, sending a torrent of blood spurting out of the blonde's smashed lips. Julianna pounds her fists down onto Helen's breasts, the tit flesh expanding painfully from the hard blows as Helen cried out. Julianna's fists hit Helen's breasts like line drives, both of Julianna's rings doing untold damage, bursting blood vessels inside Helen's breasts as she moaned in pain.

Helen had never been in so much pain. Her firm breasts were getting banged around unmercifully by Julianna's fists, but then Julianna put her in even more pain when she started to scissor the blonde's swollen nipples between her fingers and slap the tit out of her grip. Helen, moaning and almost blind with pain, reeled back and sunk her fist deeply into the pit of Julianna's rock-hard stomach. Every ounce of wind was knocked out of her, as Julianna clutched her midsection she rolled away from Helen. Helen breasts throbbed painfully, and both were both swollen to twice their normal size, while Julianna gulped in air, coughing hard and tasting blood.

Getting to their knees, both women started to exchange hard open-palmed slaps to each other's faces. Back and forth, the sound of hands cracking across cheeks echoed in the room, followed by gasps of exhaustion and moans of pain. One of them was going down, and each knew it would be the other. Blood dripped from both women's' mouths; Julianna's bottom lip was completely split open, with blood flowing down her chin, while Helen had four bloody streaks on her face where Julianna's nails had sliced her cheek open, and her left eye was half swollen shut from the ring on Julianna's hand that smacked into her face.

Julianna surged at the blonde, and circled her arm around her neck and punched hard at the base of Helen's spine. Helen winced in pain as she felt Julianna's knuckles collide with her back, so she smashed her right fist hard into Julianna's kidney. The intense pain was too much for Julianna to bear, so she pulled Helen's head down while she shot her knee up. The collision of Julianna's knee with Helen's face was loud, and blood poured out of Helen's nose immediately. As if to make sure her slender leg had done the job, Julianna repeated it twice, her knee crunching into Helen's broken nose. Helen's nose and mouth were filled with blood, and she dropped from Julianna's arm to the floor, blinded by the most devastating pain she'd ever felt.

"Who's the better woman, Bitch? Say it!" Julianna snarled at her.

"Fuck you, you miserable cunt-lick," Helen hissed back.

Julianna fell on her foe and began raking her red nails across Helen's blood-engorged nipples, and soon Helen had deep and jagged red welts running across her breasts, her tits burning in pain as sweat ran into the cuts.

Almost at the end of her rope Helen reached out and smacked Julianna hard in the face, catching a finger in Julianna's eye, and Margulies fell off of her, screaming in pain and clutching her watering eye. Hunt climbed on top of her and tore Julianna's left breast up as high and as far as it would go, then a little further, then punched the place where Julianna's breast and chest met, a very painful spot to hit any woman. Helen drove her fist into Julianna's tender breast, and beat that same spot over and over, until she had Julianna sobbing in tremendous pain.

"Now who's the better woman, bitch?" Helen hissed at Julianna, as another one of her hard chops tore into her breast."You better say it, or I'm going to rip those sparrow-tits off your body and shove them up your ass!"

Julianna's cries and moans became louder as Helen started to rain down blow after blow, burying her fists deeply into Julianna's larger globes of titflesh. Helen, still on top and straddling Julianna, with both women breathing hard pinned the brunette's arms with her knees, Helen looked down at the prone and sweaty woman. Julianna did not offer any resistance but let her hard body go limp.

"Give?" asked Hunt, anxious to finish the fight.

Julianna only smiled in reply, then, her eyes suddenly filled with promise, she whispered, "To the winner, the spoils."

Helen relaxed her grip, happy with her victory, and rolled over onto her back, while Julianna sat up and smiled once more. Leaning over to Helen's crotch, she slowly moved her head between the blonde's toned thighs, Helen moaning softly as she did so. Julianna playfully licked Helen's belly, the blonde sighing with pleasure, before the brunette's tongue began to make soft, wet circles on the woman's stomach, working it's way down to her pussy lips, before parting them with the tip. Helen's body stiffened as pleasure ran through her every fibre. Julianna knew what she was doing.

She parted Helen's moist pussy and began to flick her tongue in and out in a slow steady rhythm, the blonde's hips rising and falling to match the tempo set, as Julianna worked deeper, clutching at the ass of the blonde. Helen took Julianna's head in her hands and pushed her in deeper, moaning out as her legs wrapped around Julianna's shoulders, locking her in tightly. Margulies rolled her tongue around Hunt's clit now, the blonde crying out 'Yes' before moaning to herself with pleasure. Julianna worked the clit quicker now, building to a climax in Helen's wide open, wet bush. At last, Julianna took Helen's whole clit in her mouth ...... And bit down as hard as she could!

Helen lurched up in pain, the scream lost in her throat as she fought to get away from the blonde, hands scrambling at her head as she pushed Julianna back, tears flooding into her pretty eyes.

Helen lay naked on her side, hands pressed on her damaged pussy, sobbing beyond control as wave upon wave of pain hit her senses. Julianna got shakily to her feet and then drove her bare right heel into Helen's soft belly.

The brunette spat on the fallen blonde before whispering, "You know, I never did say I had quit!"

Julianna kicked Helen about the body several more times, the blonde crouching to try and avoid the blows, before, Julianna sat down heavily on Helen's wounded midsection, and clapped her right hand on Helen's ravaged left breast and with all the strength she had ripped the mammary sideways, tearing her breast as Helen screamed in pain.

Julianna saw Helen's red and swollen breast draped on the hardwood floor, so she slammed her fist down hard on the tender target, catching the sweaty breast right in the nipple and crushing it between her fist and the floor. Helen's face turned ashen as she let out a thunderous scream of agony from her torn lips, cupping her wounded breast as she rolled away. Julianna took a moment to wipe the sweat streaming down her face, as she watched the devastated blonde rock back and forth in pain. Julianna climbed on top of Helen, and gripped both of her red and aching breasts tightly by their raw nipples, and slowly began to jog Helen's breasts up and down before savagely ripping them back and forth as hard as she could, trying her best to rip the breasts right off her body. Julianna was shaking Helen's smaller mounds as hard as she could, as Helen moaned out in pain.

"What's the matter, those titties of your's hurt a little... I'm gonna make sure you know what pain really is, BITCH!" and with that Julianna got to her feet, facing Helen's feet, standing heavily on Helen's matted blonde hair, and keeping a firm grip on her nipples, hauled the woman up by her breasts as high as she could, then tried to smash Helen's nipples right through her body by slamming her down. Julianna did this again and again, until a sobbing Helen almost passed out from the pain, her breasts raw and swollen and radiating pain outwards.

"Get up, you whore," Margulies snarled at Hunt, hair-hauling the blonde to her feet.

Julianna latched her strong fingers around both of Helen's flaming nipples and damn near twisted them off her breasts.

"Do you give?" Margulies asked, giving Hunt another violent nipple rip.

"No, no," was all Helen answered.

"Fuck you" Julianna sneered back at the blonde.

Julianna delivers a high roundhouse punch, connecting on the side of Hunt's face, causing blood and saliva to spray out of Helen's mouth as she falls hard to the floor, out cold.

"Anytime you want another rematch, bitch, you know where to find me," Julianna Margulies said, between gasps of pain from the damage Helen Hunt had inflicted on her breasts and body. Helen lay motionless on the floor, as Julianna painfully pulled on her clothes and left.