Helen Hunt vs. Martina McBride by Doug Haig 07-Jul-99

As they came together Helen Hunt ripped Martina's white bra apart, as the brunette quickly did the same to Helen's black one. Helen sank her red manicured nails into Martina's breasts, but Martina McBride quickly fired back with hard uppercuts to Helen's breasts, as the blonde woman gasped in pain. Martina began landing breast blows, slowly pushing Helen back. Changing her attack, Helen pushed Martina's breasts forward, flattening McBride's much larger mounds against her body as she winced in agony. As Martina began pinching Hunt's pink nipples, Helen twisted Martina's breasts, as the brunette dropped to her knees moaning, trying to free her battered breasts. Grabbing Martina's short brown hair, Helen slammed her knee over and over into Martina's breasts, until finally letting her slump to the floor in pain.

Helen straddled Martina and sent hard nails-first slaps to each of her unfettered breasts. Martina reached up for Helen's breasts, but before she could latch on she screamed as Helen's hard fists found their mark, striking the outside of each breast. Helen again drove her fists into the outsides of her rival's breasts, this time grinding them between her knuckles and rings much to Martina's obvious pain. Martina frantically raked her nails down both of Helen's breasts, catching both nipples painfully. Helen ripped punches into each of Martina's ripe and undefended breasts, getting a moan of agony from her foe's lips at each pain filled blow. She reached down and started to squeeze the Country singer's breasts as Martina's screams bounced off the walls, becoming even louder when her foe's extremely powerful manicured hands start to twist the pliable titflesh around.

"You Fucking Bitch!" Helen shouted. "I'm gonna kill you!"

As Helen ripped on a handful of Martina's hair, Martina latched onto her rival's much smaller breasts with her fingernails, digging them in and ripping the breasts downward as Helen yelled in pain! Another yank forced Helen to bend down to alleviate some of the torture Martina was dishing out to her tits. Helen reached back and ripped off Martina's panties and began mauling her pussy, as Martina screamed and tried to free herself. Desperate, Martina slammed her fist into Helen's left breast, painfully crushing the small globe against her body. Before Helen could respond Martina wrapped her legs around Helen's waist and began to twist Helen's breasts left and right as the blonde screamed in agony. Helen grabbed at Martina's nipples, but Martina kept crushing her breasts in her manicured hands, trying to split Hunt's breasts open, forcing Helen to grab at her wrists.

Letting go, Martina turned Helen around and locked her legs around her chest. Positioning her legs so that her knees dug into the blonde's breasts, Martina grinned at the untold agony they caused. Helen desperately raked her red nails across Martina's well toned calves, trying to free herself. Crying out as her shapely legs were getting marred, Martina let go and put Helen in a half nelson. With her free hand, she reached down and ripped off Helen's black panties, pulling out pussy hair as Helen screamed in pain. Hurt, Helen started to drive her elbows backward and glanced off of Martina's breasts. Soon she was hurting from the constant blows and loosened her hold. This was all the opening Helen needed as she bucked and turned and managed to free herself and rise to her feet.

Martina quickly stood and the two came together, mauling each other's breasts. Martina had endured a lot of punishment from Helen and smiled savagely as she ripped her French manicured nails across the blonde's breasts, wallowing in her moans of pain. Helen grimaced and tried to fight back, but it was having almost no effect on her maddened foe and as Martina dug her fingers into the soft titflesh and twisted in opposite directions as she struggled against the intense pain. Martina cocked both arms back and brought them crashing down in an arc on either side of Helen's tits, and they exploded into the sides of both smaller globes of titflesh. Helen's blood-engorged nipples felt like they were only seconds away from their bursting point. To make matters worse for the blonde, Martina then drove her fists into the flesh till they slammed Helen's breasts together. Martina ground her rings into Helen's nipples, really working over the tender flesh as Helen cried out in agony.

Martina slammed a powerful uppercut into Helen's chin, putting her flat on her back. Straddling the blonde, Martina crushed her nipples in her palm tightly as she gave Helen's breasts the strongest tug upwards that she could. Helen's shoulder blades left the floor as she grabbed at the wrist of her foe with both hands, screaming in agony at the immense pain.

Rising to her feet, Martina pulled Helen to her knees. Martina began punching Helen in the face, splitting her lip and opening a cut above her eye. In pain, Helen desperately clawed at Martina's bruised and swollen breasts, but the sultry brunette responded by slamming her knee over and over into Helen's breasts. Pulling Helen to her feet, Martina began slamming her knee into Helen's cunt as the blonde grabbed hold and struggled to stay on her feet. Knowing she had to fight back, Helen reached back and threw a punch into Martina's face. Martina moved her head back in time to avoid the first blow, but Helen's next punch smashed into the side of McBride's face, the two rings on Helen's right hand splitting open the skin on Martina's cheek. Martina dropped back in pain but then smashed her fist deeply into Helen's stomach, and while the tall blonde was doubled over Martina dropped a elbow into the back of Helen's neck. Blinded by the most devastating pain she ever felt, Helen crashed to the floor.

Martina knelt down beside Helen and clapped her strong hands onto Hunt's breasts. Grinning, Martina started pulling and twisting Helen's mouthwatering breasts, crushing her nipples as well as the blonde sobbed uncontrollably. Reaching down, Martina began pulling out cunt hairs; Helen fought back, dragging her red manicured nails across McBride's fuller breasts, then gave Martina two hard thumbnail scratches deeply across her nipples. Martina moaned in pain.

The pain Helen was causing her breasts was driving Martina crazy, and with a scream of rage Martina went back on the offensive, raking and dragging her sharp nails down Helen's breasts, over and over again. Helen moaned in pain as her tits burned in pain from Martina's blistering breast rakes. Martina kept on clawing Helen's breasts until they were streaked with blood, and then Helen dropped to her knees in pain.

"Lights out, you fucking bitch" Martina said in a low and angry voice, taking burying her hands in Helen's thick hair and starting to pull her to her feet, cocking her knee back to smash into Hunt's swollen breast.

As Martina reared back to flatten the mammary again, Helen beat her to the punch with a devastating low blow into Martina's battered feminine organs. Helen's punch carried all the power she had left, her right fist smashing hard into McBride's pussy. Searing pain shot up Martina's supple body from her vagina, as Helen crashed another hard punch, this time to the front of Martina's groin, right below her pantyline. As Helen's ringed fist crashed low into McBride's groin, Martina let out a low moan, and sickened by the feel of warm liquid leaking out between her legs. Martina lurched forward and threw up, then sank to her knees beside Helen, her hands clutching her pussy.

Although Martina was worse off, Helen wasn't much better as she wrapped her slender arms around Martina's midsection in a front bearhug, crushing their sweaty breasts together. Helen's hard nipples bent Martina's back, as Helen painfully drove her breasts into her foe's, their nipples twisting around each other's. Since Hunt's bearhug wasn't that tight, McBride slipped her arms out and smashed her thumbs into the sides of Helen's breasts, relishing in Helen's moans of pain, before pushing herself against Helen and causing both of them to fall to the floor, Helen landing hard on her back with Martina on top of her. Helen managed to roll on top of her Taking Helen's blonde hair in her hands, Martina forced herself to shut out the pain coursing through her body as she pulled Helen's face down towards her own, then rammed her forehead into Helen's nose, breaking it with a sharp crack and instantly turning the tide of the fight. Tears filled Helen's eyes as felt the impact of Martina's forehead and her hands instantly released the other woman's breasts. Blood flowed down Helen's face and dripped onto her sweaty breasts.

Pushing Helen against a wall, Martina cupped her huge breasts and began slamming them into Helen's, as the blonde cried in pain and responded in kind. Helen smashed her small breasts into Martina's, crying with each blow due to the incredible amount of power behind them. In lots of pain, Martina began slamming her breasts into the tender undersides of Helen's. Sobbing in agony, Helen was nearing her threshold for pain and fought wildly, struggling to break free. Grinning, Martina stepped up her attack and began ramming her breasts into Helen's. Grinding her nipples into the blonde's sore areolas, Martina stepped back and unleashed her twin peaks, swinging them into Helen's with a lot of force. Outfought, Helen fell to the floor, cupping her battered breasts. Straddling Helen, Martina rubbed her breasts against the blonde's bloody ones, humiliating her foe.

"What's wrong, bitch?" Martina taunted, "Aren't your tits tough enough?"

"You slut..." Helen replied weakly, "You're destroying my tits..."

Grinning, Martina slapped Helen's breasts a few times before draping her own sweaty tits over Helen's face and breast smothering her out cold.

Martina rolled off of Helen's body and lay on the floor next to her, trying to catch her breath and soothe the pain radiating from her swollen breasts. Lying there with her eyes closed, Martina didn't notice Helen coming around slowly, and by the time she did the blonde was almost on her feet. Picking herself up off the floor, Martina quickly got into a fighting stance, but thinking she had Helen completely beaten already she wasn't ready to fight again so soon.

"C'mon you bitch, lets finish this" sneered Helen.

"Bring it on, you skinny, flat-chested piece of shit," Martina managed to say through clenched teeth. "Now I'm gonna show you what pain really feels like."

Pulling her to her feet, Helen struck first with a hard blow to the midsection that caused Martina some visible pain, much to her satisfaction, and kicked upwards that caught Martina squarely under the blonde's breasts, the tough blonde managing to stay on her feet even as Helen kneed her in the belly. Martina sent the blonde back a few steps with a straight shot to Helen's left breast as she grunted from the kneeing, then grabbing a handful of Helen's thick blonde hair she tugs Helen into a punch to the side of her head.

Using her hair as a handhold, Martina started pounding her again and again as Helen's teeth were rattled in her head by the powerful blows. Helen struck with her knee and rammed it for all she was worth into Martina's belly, so hard that she lifted the woman off her feet. Helen pulled back and slammed Martina in the face with a forearm smash that had blood trickling down Martina's left nostril. A dazed and stunned Martina shook her head to clear out the cobwebs and just missed blocking a kick to her side that put her on her left knee in pain as she rubs at her hurt kidney. Martina narrowly ducked another kick that would have ripped her head off but cried out as Helen's foot slammed into her right breast and sent her to the floor in agony!

Helen tugged Martina up straight by her breasts as her cries filled the room. Helen slammed her knee into Martina's cunt, taking her off her feet and all but devastating her completely. She tossed the agonized blonde to the floor by her breasts and waltzed over to her adding a stomp to her full and round right breast. Standing on her hair and grabbing each nipple in a powerful grip, Helen ripped her foe's breasts upwards till Martina was forced to rise up off the floor in agony, arching her back only to get stopped when her hair is pulled to its limits. Helen toyed with her for a minute enjoying her screams of torment with each powerful tug on her now swollen breasts!

"It's time for you to cry, you stupid bitch!" Helen shouted as she twisted Martina's breasts, enjoying in her screams. "Remember that titty-smashing you gave me? Well now its payback time, BITCH!!!"

Helen smashed her manicured hand downward, the heels of her hands crashing into the base of Martina's breasts. Martina screamed in pain, as Helen, violently bringing her fist down on Martina's breast, heard the "pop" as one of Martina's milk sacs burst under Helen's pounding. Frantically, Martina reached up and grabbed Helen's hanging breasts, throwing her down to the ground by them. Rolling away, Martina cupped her aching breasts, trying to massage the pain away. Both sets of tits were showing the marks of battle as small blood vessels broke and bruises dotted the skin. Their nipples were extended and raw, breasts tender, but Martina was gasping for air, nearly finished, and the lower half of both breasts were turning purple before her eyes.

Up quickly, Helen came down knees first on Martina's breasts, almost flattening them as the blonde cried in agony. Helen straddled her and slammed two hard blows into each of Martina's once lovely breasts, smashing them down into her ribcage then grinding the knuckles in as Martina bellowed out in agony. Helen continued to punch them all over as Martina cried out with each punch, her body jerking around as she frantically tried to protect her breasts. Abandoning her punchout of Martina's swollen and bruised breasts, Helen reached back and dug her hand into Martina's pussy, the blonde jerking upwards and almost bucking Helen off as her pussy hair was savagely tugged. Martina fought with the last of her reserves as she reached up and wrenched Helen's bruised breasts left and right as they hung from her chest. Pulling Martina's hands from her chest, Helen began punching Martina's mouthwatering breasts until she finally screamed her surrender, sobbing in pain. Helen screamed as she kept on punching Martina in her sweaty swollen breasts with clenched fists and slapping the round globes with her open hands, until she couldn't raise her arms anymore.

Helen stood quickly and pulled Martina to her feet with two hand full of hair. Holding Martina bent over, Helen slammed her knee into Martina's head and then pulled her head forward, trapping her neck between her thighs. Helen then reached down and grabs her large hanging breasts.

"Time to milk this cow dry!!!" laughed Helen, as her hands pulled, pinched, scratched and twisted on Martina's already swollen, badly bruised breasts for a full minute.

Ready to humiliate her hated foe, Helen forced Martina onto the floor on her back, and started to work on Martina's clit with her thumb as her other fingers pushed deep inside of her. Holding Martina in a very precarious position, Helen worked her fingers rapidly and aggressively. In a few minutes, unable to control herself, Martina climaxed. Helen worked Martina over as she moaned loudly and her body heaved in spasms as her orgasm washed over her in waves, each one wracking her body as she moaned out in pleasure and pain. As Martina's thick and warm flood covered Helen's rings and fingers, Helen pulled out her hand and slammed her fist into Martina's pussy, wiping her sticky manicured hand off on Martina's face and hair.

Pulling Martina to her feet, Helen slammed her breasts like a freight train into Martina's breasts, knocking her back into a wall. As Martina bounced back Helen slammed her breasts into Martina's again, as she started sliding down the wall. Grabbing her hair, the blonde held her up as she slammed her breasts over and over into Martina's, enjoying her cries of pain. Finally, taking a firm grip of McBride's hair, Helen pressed her smaller breasts against Martina's face, her sweaty breasts forming a perfect seal around Martina's face, cutting off air and light, slowly and deliberately crushing and smothering her thoroughly beaten foe. Martina McBride's body soon went limp as the victorious Helen Hunt let her fall to the floor.