Helen Hunt and Tammy-Lynn Michaels (w/Melissa Ethridge) by Bob 11/20/01

Shortly after she met Melissa Ethridge, Helen Hunt was in love with the singer. The two were 'friends' for a while, but then Melissa started ignoring Helen and didn't even return her calls. Helen suspected Melissa may have found someone else and then she started hearing rumors Melissa and Tammy-Lynn Michaels, of the show "Popular," were an item. Helen wanted Melissa and vowed to do whatever she had to, including fight for her woman.

With that background, it wasn't surprising when Helen went by Melissa's building one night to follow her if she went out or lie in wait for Tammy-Lynn if she showed up at Melissa's. Helen sat in the lobby, covering her face by pretending she was reading the latest issue of 'Variety' the showbiz trade paper which, coincidentally, had a cover story entitled, "Life and Loves of a Superstar."

Helen had waited quite a while when she finally saw Tammy-Lynn enter the lobby. She watched Tammy-Lynn get into the elevator and go up to Melissa's apartment. She was furious. She threw down the paper and stormed out but she didn't go far. After walking a few blocks she abruptly spun on her heel and headed straight back for Melissa's building.

In the lobby, Helen waited impatiently for the elevator, tapping her foot and drumming her fingers on her crossed arms. Then she took the car to Melissa's floor. From outside her apartment, Helen could hear laughter from inside. She knew that she'd catch Melissa and Tammy-Lynn at just the right time. She started to knock when she remembered she'd never returned the key Melissa gave her when they first met.

Helen went into her pocketbook, took out her key, and quietly tip-toed into Melissa's apartment. Sure enough, Melissa and Tammy-Lynn Michaels were on the couch with their arms around one another. She'd definitely caught them by surprise.

Helen screamed at Melissa, "You bitch! How could you dump me for this sleaze? Why settle for a kid when you can have a real woman?"

Tammy-Lynn glared at Helen. "A sleaze? What's your problem bitch? I've got a better body, I'm prettier, and I am a real woman."

Melissa looked at Helen, interrupting Tammy-Lynn, "Hey, we never had anything going. We were just friends, but now that I have someone serious and I don't have time for a....friend."

"Friend!" Helen screamed. "I'm just a FRIEND! You lyin' slut. We did a helluva lot more than 'friendship' and I'm gonna do whatever I have to do to make you take me back."

Melissa laughed, "You want me back? Winning back won't be easy, sweet cheeks. You want me back you're gonna have to kick Tammy-Lynn's ass and, sweet as it is, it don't kick so easy. I know, 'cause I've seen a couple other bitches try it and fail."

A defiant Tammy-Lynn smugly said, "Yeah Blondie, kick my ass! Or better yet, why don't you just kiss my ass, then go home and cry yourself to sleep - alone and lonely like every other night!"

Angrily, Helen moved forward toward the couch but Tammy-Lynn put her foot up, putting it on Helen's stomach. Helen stopped for a second and then brushed the away. Tammy-Lynn didn't waste a second, replacing her foot back on Helen's stomach. Helen grabbed Tammy-Lynn's foot and dragged her off the couch.

Tammy-Lynn's butt dropped on the floor and Helen looked at Melissa, "This is going to be easier than I thought. When I'm done with her, you better be ready to go down on me or you're next."

Melissa smiled and said, "I'm shaking, babe. Besides, this fights not over yet."

Helen laughed as she bent down and grabbed Tammy-Lynn's short blond hair. She pulled the young actress to her feet and slapped her right hand across Tammy-Lynn's left cheek, leaving a bright red mark on the pale skin. Tammy-Lynn grabbed her cheek and Helen saw her eyes filling with tears. Helen decided it was time to move in for the kill. Since she was older than Tammy-Lynn, she assumed she was also stronger and tougher but that Tammy-Lynn would have better stamina. Helen wasn't going to give Tammy-Lynn any chance to tire her out.

Tammy-Lynn just stood there as Helen made her move, grabbing Tammy-Lynn's hair. But Tammy-Lynn reacted, her left hand flashing out and scratching Helen's right cheek. Helen released her hold on Tammy-Lynn's hair to touch her bloody cheek. As Helen looked at the blood on her hand, Tammy-Lynn reared back and punched Helen in the right eye. Helen staggered back and as she did, Tammy-Lynn grabbed the front of her white blouse and pulled, ripping it off in one piece.

Helen was shocked. She hadn't expected to lose her blouse and Tammy-Lynn saw an opening. She grabbed Helen's short red skirt and it spilt apart as soon as Tammy-Lynn yanked on it. Again, Helen didn't know what to do. Tammy-Lynn reacted before Helen could figure out her next move, quickly grabbing Helen's bra and yanking it down.

In a few seconds, Helen was reduced to nothing more than her black panties, black stockings and red heels. Seeing her opponent had still not reacted to her stripping, Tammy Lynn grabbed Helen by the hair and pulled her head forward. She kneed Helen in the face and sensed Helen was ready to go down.

Still, Tammy-Lynn had more punishment to dish out. She grabbed Helen under the chin to hold her up, then brought her right hand down on the back of Helen's neck, following with another knee to the face. Tammy-Lynn let go and watched Helen collapse on the floor.

Looking over to Melissa, Tammy-Lynn shrugged and arrogantly said, "Looks like the fight's over. The wimp isn't going to kick anybody's ass tonight. I see why you dropped her, but why were you ever interested in this wimp in the first place? What, did you smack her around or something?"

Melissa laughed, "Oh, we were friends - nothing more. I guess she didn't realize that, thought it was something more." Then she added, "Tammy, how 'bout ripping the rest of her clothes off before you throwing my jealous ex-lover out. And from the looks of it, she's got the same shoe size. I know heels aren't your thing, since you like those heavy shoes, but I'd like you in those red shoes of hers. Take them off her and put them on when you toss her ass into the street. K?"

"Yeah, I'd like that." Tammy-Lynn replied. "Anything to please you 'Lissa."

Tammy-Lynn walked back to Helen, who was lying on her stomach and removed her red high heels. She studied the heels, admiring them.

"You're right," she nodded. "I would look good in these. Maybe I'll try heels."

Tammy-Lynn decided it was time to finish the fight. She reached down to remove Helen's panties, but Helen rolled to her right and kicked her in the stomach. Helen's kick caught Tammy-Lynn by surprise and hurt her. Tammy-Lynn groaned as she grabbed her stomach. Again, Helen's leg shot upward, kicking Tammy-Lynn in the chest. With a loud groan,Tammy-Lynn collapsed to the floor.

Both actresses lay on their backs trying to catch their breath while Melissa screamed, "Get up Tammy-Lynn! Get up and finish the bitch!"

Instead of inspiring Tammy-Lynn, however, Melissa's words seemed to spur Helen to fight even harder. She rose to her knees and threw herself on her fallen foe. Helen mounted Tammy-Lynn and put Tammy-Lynn's arms under her knees. Tammy-Lynn couldn't move to defend herself as Helen started throwing lefts and rights to her face. Helen reached behind her, grabbed Tammy-Lynn's dress and ripped it off. Helen shot a malevolent glance at Melissa, who had become aroused when her lover lost her dress.

Helen winked and said, "I hope you were as excited when I lost mine."

Melissa shrugged her shoulders and Helen retorted angrily, "Well, you're about to get another treat - at least not at MY expense."

She threw another right and left to Tammy-Lynn's face before she pulled Tammy-Lynn's bra off. With Tammy-Lynn not fighting back, Helen decided to go for her panties too. When she stripped off Tammy-Lynn's panties, Helen smiled over to the couch where Melissa was sitting. She looked like she was about to orgasm.

"Oh well," Helen thought. "I may as well finish this little sleaze off first, then I'll deal with Miss Melissa."

Helen gave Tammy-Lynn another slap but to her surprise, Tammy-Lynn had managed to get her arms loose while Helen was paying attention to Melissa and she reached up and slapped her back. While the slap didn't hurt Helen, it caught her by surprise and nearly toppled her off of Tammy-Lynn. Tammy-Lynn knew Helen's stunned reaction to her slap would give her a chance to rally. She gave Helen another hard slap, then started bucking her hips and kneeing Helen in the back until Helen slipped off of her onto the floor.

Tammy-Lynn scrambled up prepared to resume the fight. She'd made a mistake in thinking the fight was over earlier, but she wasn't going to make the same mistake again. As Helen got to her knees, Tammy-Lynn bent down and raked her nails across the blonde's forehead. Helen screamed as blood started running down her forehead into her eyes.

Tammy-Lynn planted her left foot on Helen's chest and kicked her down onto her back on the floor. Helen popped back up but once again, Tammy-Lynn used her left foot to push Helen down. Helen wasn't about to quit and she popped back up for a third time.

As Tammy-Lynn tried to put Helen down yet again, Helen caught her foot and lifted it, trying to dump Tammy-Lynn over. She struggled, not about to go down and let Helen win the fight. Tammy-Lynn hopped on one foot as she struggled to stay upright. She even grabbed a handful of Helen's hair to help her keep her balance. Then, without warning, Helen leaned over and bit Tammy-Lynn's ankle. Tammy-Lynn screamed as Helen drove her shoulder into Tammy-Lynn's knees, knocking her down and allowing Helen to scramble back on top of her.

Helen was determined to end the fight as quickly as possible now that she had the advantage. She grabbed Tammy-Lynn's hair and started pulling but to Helen's surprise, Tammy Lynn grabbed her hair too and they both began to pull. They continued to pull each other's hair when they tumbled over onto the floor and started to roll. They rolled around the floor for a couple of minutes until Helen again got up on top of Tammy-Lynn.

Even then, they continued to pull hair. Tammy-Lynn tried push Helen off but she couldn't. Finally Helen let go of Tammy-Lynn's hair and grabbed Tammy-Lynn's wrists, trying to pull Tammy-Lynn's hands from her hair and pin them to the floor. But even being on top, Helen couldn't do it. Helen continued to pry Tammy-Lynn's hands from her hair until Tammy-Lynn jerked her head upward, head butting Helen in the eye. Helen lost her hold on Tammy-Lynn and grabbed her eye.

Once again Tammy-Lynn used her well-manicured nails to scratch Helen, this time across her bare chest. Blood flowed from several parallel welts Tammy-Lynn's sharp nails left on Helen's chest. Helen was badly dazed by this brutal attack, however, she was still on top but she had to do something before Tammy-Lynn struck again.

Before Helen could make a move, however, Tammy-Lynn once again grabbed her by the hair and butted her. This time when Tammy-Lynn's head smacked into her nose, Helen's body stiffened and she toppled off of her. Helen was a wreck, bleeding from scratches on her cheeks, forehead and chest. Her nose was streaming blood; one eye was black and swelling and the other was swollen nearly completely shut.

Tammy-Lynn stood up and looked down at Helen. She knew from the damage to Helen the fight must be nearly over but there was no way she was going to give Helen another chance to recover.

She gave Helen two hard kicks in the ribs that made Helen grunt, then told the gasping blonde, "Get up, bitch."

Helen struggled to get up, but Tammy-Lynn, kicked her in the face and knocked her to the floor. While Helen's eyes were still open, Tammy-Lynn knew the fight was over.

She stared at her beaten foe and said, "You're a lot tougher than I thought."

Tammy-Lynn put her foot on Helen's chest and began to press down. After about thirty seconds of her weight crushing Helen's chest, the blonde's body went limp. Melissa stared at Helen's face and body the entire time Tammy-Lynn was putting the finishing touch on her jealous rival.

"She's a mess, Tammy-Lynn. Pity the fool that tries to cross you. I can't believe what a mess you made of her. I sure hope we never fight."

Tammy-Lynn was exhausted.

"Whadda you expect someone who fights me to look like? I beat the hell out of her. Believe it or not, she gave me a better fight than anyone since Ellen."

Tammy-Lynn rolled Helen over onto her stomach and bent down over her.

"Well, I might as well remind her who won. She may not feel this now but she's gonna feel it tomorrow."

Using both hands, Tammy-Lynn then raked her nails the length of Helen's back several times.

"Hey Melissa, keep an eye on her while I clean up. Mind if I borrow some clothes cause after I get dressed I'm going to throw the tramp in the dumpster out back and give her a reminder so she doesn't come around any more. I doubt she'll come to before I've cleaned up, but if she does I don't think she's gonna be in any condition to, or want to, fight. Still, if she comes to and wants another beating, go ahead and give it to her."