Helen Hunt vs. Demi Moore by Hoystead (NOTE: REALLY UGLY AND BLOODY!!)

Demi and Helen circled slowly. Both knew they were going to fight but neither knew how far the other planned to go. It began when Demi roughly shoved Helen, hard enough to let the blonde bitch know who was in charge, but not hard enough to knock her down. Helen resolved the issue when she drew back her right fist as far as it would go and slammed it into Demi's midsection.

Demi let out a deep groan of pain as Helen's fist powered deep into her firm tummy just above her panty line. Helen loosed another punch that crashed into the same spot and Demi let out a cry as she doubled over from the low blow. Helen took advantage of the brunette's position as she reached over and grabbed Demi's long dark hair in one hand and punched her even farther below the bellybutton with the other.

Demi's legs buckled and again she cried out. She would have fallen but for Helen's strong grip on her hair keeping her upright. Helen jerked back on Demi's hair so that she was looking straight up at the ceiling, then cruelly buried a hard fist in Demi's left breast, pancaking the heavy flesh against Demi's breastbone. Every bit of Helen's power had gone into the punch and the pain that registered on Demi's face was instantaneous as the brunette crumpled to the floor thinking Helen had just blown her tit apart. Demi lay breathing heavily in severe pain, her left breast feeling like it had exploded under the fist.

"Get up bitch, we're nowhere near finished yet," Helen sneered, pulling Demi to her feet and wrapping her left hand behind Demi's neck to hold her in place.

Helen took a step back and then came forward, kneeing Demi between the legs; a solid shot that crunched into Demi's pussy like a freight train. Demi's thin white satin panties did nothing to shield her pussy from the cruel blow and her knees buckled again. Still, the blonde bitch held her up and Helen punched her again in the breast. Demi screamed as Helen's fist splatted into her rapidly swelling baggy breast, pinching the tender orb between knuckle and breastbone.

Demi moaned aloud as Helen reached up and clasped each of her trembling breasts and began violently twisting and squeezing the battered boobs, clamping down on the nipples and using them to give her aching breasts several violent twists.

Demi writhed and howled out in pain, grabbing at Helen's wrists, trying to alleviate some of the pain. Demi cried out in agony, knowing from experience that at this rate it was only a matter of time before Helen worked her body into defeat.

Suddenly, Demi dropped her hands from Helen's wrists and, with a cry of pain and rage, slammed herself into Helen, wrapping her arms around the blonde's lithe body in a bearhug. Clinched together, both women surged forward into the other, bringing their breasts into one another as their sweat-slick bodies stuck together in a tight embrace.

Demi dug her manicured nails into Helen's back and began raking furiously over her sweat-drenched body, ripping Helen's flawless alabaster skin and leaving dark, red welts. Reacting quickly, Helen slapped her hand on Demi's sweaty back and clawed her nails as hard as she could. All four sets of nails wreaked havoc on flat backs, as both blonde and brunette dug deep furrows and raised heavy welts that instantly filled with blood.

Demi scratched downward, tearing at the tender flesh of Helen's lower back, while Helen raked upward, digging into Demi's back and the sensitive skin at the back of her neck. Helen suddenly threw back her head, letting out a thunderous moan of pain, as Demi lacerated her back deeply with her nails. Moaning filled the small room as Helen and Demi ripped and clawed their nails over each other's backs until Demi worked hers around Helen's upper body until she could carve into the outside of the blondes smooth, creamy breasts and making Helen scream louder as she was definitely getting the worst of the exchange.

Helen's red polished nails tore into Demi's back. She plowed hard and deep until the pain became too much for Demi, and with a scream of utter pain she shoved Helen away. Both women were drenched in sweat, the raw, scratched skin on their backs burning from it. Helen’s back was covered with deep red scratches and bloody red marks scored the outsides of her smaller breasts, streaking across the expanse of pale flesh from armpit to nipple. Even though Demi had given better than she got, her body too was racked painfully. Her back looked as if a road map had been carved on it and her own blood mixed with Helen’s stained the waistband of her white panties. Both actresses were being ripped apart by the other, and both knew the battle wouldn't end until one of them could no longer get again and continue the fight.

Feeling the blazing skin and deep trenches Demi had carved into her, Helen moved in and, in one fluid motion, grabbed Demi's thick brown hair in her left hand as her right fist swung in a low arc. She blasted the brunette across the mouth, her fist crushing Demi’s lush, full lips. Demi's head rocked to the right as blood sprayed grotesquely from her face as Helen kept boring in, slamming Demi back against the wall and throwing a punched that thudded into Demi's firm abs. The punch wasn't all that hard, but Helen kept her fist shoved in Demi's belly, using her own momentum to push the fist deep into her guts.

The air was forced from Demi's lungs as the blonde jerked her fist out and again slammed it back into Demi's now-soft abs. Picking up where she’d left off, Helen jammed her carefully manicured nails onto Demi's larger breasts, sinking the red nails deep into the firm globes before she raked them down forcefully over the aureole. Helen's strong nails plowed Demi's sensitive breasts, blazing and carving a fresh trail of carnage in the tender mounds. Demi's breasts, soaked with sweat and blood and were covered with raised welts, shook and quivered in pain.

"Take a last look at your tits, bitch. I'm gonna destroy them before I'm done."

Demi threw back her head and let out a thunderous scream of horrible pain as Helen began to ravage her breasts. The purple nipples were swelling fast, the delicate skin on her aureole becoming tighter and tighter with every wrench of Helen's powerful hands and every scratch of her highly polished nails. Knowing her precious nipples were in danger of giving out completely, Demi knew she'd be suffering the ultimate defeat if Helen made good on her threat and destroyed her breasts. She was determined that wouldn’t happen. In fact, if anything, she was going to annihilate Helen’s breasts!

Getting her head back into the fight, Demi slid her hands up to Helen's sweaty, creamy breasts and positioned her nails in the cleavage between the small peaks. Then she began digging into the blonde actresses swollen tits; pressing her nails in deep, she raked her claws over the breasts and nipples, separating Helen's tits as she pulled to the sides, then released them and let the supple flesh spring back into place as her nails ripped away to the moans of pain from Helen.

Demi's nails blazed horribly, bloody trails across Helen's magnificent breasts as, face to face, their eyes glowed with sadistic satisfaction at the pain etched on the other’s face. Helen's light grey eyes were clenched tight shut in agony as her breasts were mauled and Demi continued to carve her nails in hard, scraping away at Helen's breast flesh with fanatical fury. Demi was grunting with exertion as she tried to hollow out Helen's precious breasts.

She leaned in close to Helen's ear and whispered, "I'm going to rip these tits off tonight, Helen. Think you're in pain now? Wait till you feel THIS!"

Helen's head rolled weakly as Demi gave her battered breasts another clawing.

The blonde actress could only splutter, "Unnnnhhhhhhh..." as Demi ripped her flesh.

Demi was letting her well-known venomous streak show as she re-positioned her nails back in the already deep scratches she’d gouged in Helen's flesh and then dug her nails in again, shredding Helen's glorious, pear-shaped breasts which were now covered with blood.

Demi roughly pulled her hands off Helen’s tits, then winding up, smashed a hard right fist that thundered head-on into the left breast, flattening it against her chest. Helen moaned loud and long in pain as air blasted out of her mouth, Demi's shoulders were sprayed with blood as Helen recoiled her head back in agony at the moment of impact.

Demi lined up her punches very carefully and Helen experienced another burst of pain as her hard right fist exploded into Helen's small left breast and again smashed in into her quivering body. A hard right uppercut to the ravaged breast, smashed it upward and the pulverized breast bounced and flopped on her chest. Pressure cuts appeared on Helen's swelling breasts where Demi's hard punches were bruising and busting them up as she riveted her with brutal punches.

Demi stopped tearing apart Helen's breasts and backed away, letting Helen slump in the corner, sobbing in anguish, her raw breasts radiating and throbbing in pain as she tenderly cupped her breasts in her long fingers, trying unsuccessfully to assuage away the hurt from Demi smashing her once-creamy smooth flesh into a bloody pulp.

Tears of pain and rage streamed down Helen's ruddy face as her eyes burned with hatred for Demi. In that instant, Demi knew she had her! She knew she could put Helen away any time she wanted and destroy the haughty blonde bitch for good. She'd stop short of actually killing her, of course; it was always more fun to leave them alive with the knowledge that you were capable of doing so much more. Since her marriage to Bruce had ended, Demi found herself revisiting some of her previous conquests whenever the need for some sexual release became too strong. There was a long list of women who were too frightened to deny her any request, no matter how insane or perverted.
No, she wouldn’t kill Helen but she was going to work the blonde over and give her the ass-kicking of a lifetime. With this thought in mind, Demi let out a scream as she ran into Helen, fists flying, clobbering the Oscar-winning actress body back into the wall. An explosion of pain tore into Helen's cheekbone, as Demi' fist made contact just below her eye, hitting like a sledgehammer. Helen reeled back, her head snapping as Demi still came on, her stone-hard fist again slamming Helen's face, breaking her nose with a sharp crack. Blood curtained down her face as Demi drove her to the floor on her ass.

Helen rolled onto her knees, her hand over her shattered face, a mixture of her sweat and blood dripping on the floor from the heaving tips of her freely swinging bare breasts.

"Du duckin’ ditch!!!!" Helen screamed, "Du brook my dose!!!"

Her right hand clamped over her broken nose as blood welled out between her manicured fingers.

Demi stood over her threateningly, her fists clenched at her hips as she hissed, "Stay down on your knees, bitch!!!"

She placed her foot on Helen's shoulder and roughly kicked the blonde to the floor on her back. With a scream, Demi launched herself into the air above Helen, splashing down onto her midsection with her body extended full length, landing with her full weight as hard as she could. Every cubic inch of air was driven from Helen's lungs as Demi’s weight crashed onto her, completely winding her.

Helen gasped for air while Demi, her body nicely cushioned by the blonde's, had no such problem. Demi went wild on the blonde, burying her hands in her thick golden tresses on either side of her head and pulling in opposite directions as Helen screamed. Demi wrenched Helen’s head back and forth, straining her neck muscles. Demi spread her legs wide, her feet digging into the carpet for a better grip as she abused the blonde beneath her, hurt Helen still further.

Through her pain, Helen realized Demi's spread-eagled legs and she brought her right leg up and drove her knee into the juncture of Demi Demi's legs as hard as she possibly could. The pain was so sudden and intense that Demi couldn't even scream; her mouth just opened into an 'O' and hung open in a silent moan. Helen thumped her kneecap into the V again, connecting with Demi's cunt. Demi felt her pussy had just been driven up into her throat as she gurgled in pain.

Helen slapped her hands flat on Demi's sweaty back and raked her nails up her spine, troweling her blazing back before she slid her left hand into Demi's dark brown hair and yanked her head back. Savagely, Helen slammed her right palm up under Demi's chin and shoved the brunette's head back still farther. Demi's hard body was slowly being bent over in a 'U' as Helen increased the pressure. Helen started to stand the brunette up onto her feet and her snarl of rage chilled Demi to the bone.

The blonde whispered, "Are you ready for this, bitch? This'll hurt you a lot more than me."

She threw Demi's body down on her back and fell on top of her, raising her knee again as it burrowed into Demi's wide-open pussy! This time Demi screamed so loud it hurt Helen's ears. Helen's knee impacted the brunette's pussy squarely, cracking onto Demi's pubic bone as Demi's hands shot down trying to shield her searing crotch.

Helen wasted no time capitalizing. She immediately wrapped both hands around the brunette large breasts and turned both tits as violently hard as she could. Demi sobbed in pain and grasped Helen's wrists in an attempt to pry away the blonde's hands but Helen twisted again and Demi's breasts which were so swollen and engorged with blood that Helen knew it was only a matter of time before the purple nipple exploded.

Helen's hands tore into the brunette actress's succulent globes, squeezing, ripping and pinching her breasts until they were mottled with reddish bruises and black-and-blues. Whenever Demi tried to mount any offense, Helen again slammed her knee into Demi's shattered crotch. Demi almost passed out from the waves of pain emanating from her swollen and bleeding breasts.

"Let's see how you like getting your tits ripped off, Demi!" Helen screamed as she shook her breasts to the sides, then up and down as the delicate skin stretched nearly to breaking.

Demi's breasts were slippery with both women’s blood and each nipple had a deep thumbnail scratch on. Helen pulled her clawed hands from Demi's bloody breasts and hauled the brunette to her feet by the hair. Helen started taking aim on her globular targets with her clenched right fist, as her left hand held Demi by the hair. A hard right uppercut landed solidly on her ravaged left breast, connecting under the bottom slope and rocketing the misshapen tit upward. It bounced before it wobbled back into place on her chest. Helen followed with another solid uppercut, this one to the bottom of the right breast, powerfully smashing it upward and splattering blood across Demi's ravishing face.

Helen continued to hammer away with uppercuts, alternating between Demi's breasts. Each blow to Demi's heavy breasts splattered more blood as the breasts themselves were smashed against her body by the crack of knuckles-on-breasts that echoed off the walls each time Helen's rock-hard fist crashed into the battered tits.

Helen pounded and pummeled Demi's soft orbs as the blonde battered the brunette, then shifted her attack north, giving Demi a hard fist on the chin so hard that Helen thought that the brunette's head would come off her shoulders Demi's teeth clacked together as her mouth was smashed shut by Helen's fist. Demi slumped over on her feet, her aching, almost broken jaw resting against Helen's right shoulder.

As saliva dribbled off of Demi's split lip, she knew the fight would belong to this bitchy blonde if she didn't do something immediately. At such close quarters, Helen was digging in uppercutting punches into Demi's midsection, short, powerful shots that forcefully lifted her up on her toes. Demi's arms were draped around the blonde's waist, supported by Helen's hips. Now, Demi dropped her right hand down between them and found Helen's vulnerable cunt. Suddenly, Demi latched hard onto one of Helen's labia, crushing, pinching and pulling up on the swollen cunt lip flat. Helen's damp blonde pussy erupted in pain, the most disorienting pain she'd ever felt and her body began to convulse in pain as Demi tenaciously held on, keeping her grip throughout Helen's struggles.

Demi yanked Helen's fleshy pussy lip up as she pulled it outward away from her body, threatening to rip a chunk of it off the blonde's body. Helen's pain-wracked body was forced to follow Demi to the center of the room as Demi wrenched her cunt lip up and down, leaving Helen to moan in pain as she bounced from one foot to the other. Intensifying her pain, Demi reared back with her left hand and began rocking Helen with powerful openhanded slaps, splitting her lips and forcing the blonde actress upper body backward while pulling her hips forward with the painful grip on her pussy.

Helen had to clinch with the brunette to keep close to her or risk having part of her pussy ripped away. Realizing her dilemma, Helen landed a hard punch to Demi's nose, a powerful haymaker, rocking the brunette slut. Helen chose her next punch carefully, lining a straight powerful shot that flattened Demi's left breast to her body. Demi winced, instinctively releasing her right hand from Helen's cunt to protect her breast. Helen staggered away clutching her pussy to massage some of the fiery pain away.

Then Demi was on her again, slapping Helen silly with slaps and backhands to her face. Helen was in serious trouble. Her greatest asset, her face, was being ruined by Demi’s barrage of slaps that came in fast and stingingly hard. As Demi’s hard open hands swept back and forth across her swollen face, Helen's right eye closed to just a swollen slit. Then Demi closed her hand in a fist and two huge punches tore into the blonde's head. Demi’s punches were hard and cruel, spinning Helen's whole body left and then back right. Helen moaned aloud in pain and shock as she staggered sideways and crashed into the wall.

Demi reached out and clapped her strong hands around both of Helen's well-sculpted breasts. Using her manicured nails, the brunette again began to jerk and twist Helen's puffy pink nipples. She yanked the blonde's breasts, stretching and straining them away from her body. Helen's swollen breasts and nipples were stretched fully taut and she looked down in horror as her misshapen tits snapped back like over-extended rubber bands whenever Demi let go. Helen moaned as Demi turned, twisted, and pulled unmercifully on her reddened nipples. Blood and sweat glistened on the sexy blonde's breasts, as she moaned in agony, the sides of her tits creasing as Demi tugged them.

As Demi's hands twisted and corkscrewed Helen's tits, the deep scratches she’d inflicted earlier opened up and blood began to flow again, radiating out from the nipple and streaming across her breasts, making Helen's smaller tits slippery. The big brunette again raked her nails roughly across the nipples, mashing the fattened, blood-engorged nipples flat between her strong fingers. Helen's nipples were hardy and extremely thick and Demi kneaded them harshly between her fingers and ground in her fingernails. Helen leaned her head back, her eyes closed, moaning with every painful twist of her bleeding nipples.

Demi knew Helen's breasts would never be the same again as she distorted them horribly in her grasp, crushing the blonde's milk bags as Helen sobbed and cried out in pain. Releasing her death-grip on the blonde's nipples, Demi grabbed a handful of breast flesh in each hand with her sharp thumbnail on the upper slope of Helen's breasts and started to dig her fingernails into the tender flesh at the bottom of each cone. Demi was clawing apart Helen's tits as her nails bit in deep. Helen rolled her head to her right, groaning in pain while her breasts were being ravaged by her vicious enemy. Demi then reached up and began digging her nails back into the scratches and scoring on the top of Helen's breasts as she raked the blonde's tits down, opening them up again, causing blood to stream freely down over her rapidly pumping belly.

Demi's nails and fingers were plunged deeply into the soft red meat of Helen’s breasts, as she scratched her nails savagely over the burning nipples. Helen moaned and grunted from the ripping motion as Demi's polished nails tore across her chest, her strong hands flattening Helen's breasts against her hard body, then driving her nails deep. Helen's breasts opened up, covered with a thick coating of blood oozing out to mix with her sweat.

Both women were exhausted and in horrible pain, the fight having lasted far longer than either had expected. Both knew they couldn't last much longer. Demi's toned leg suddenly came blasting up, clobbering Helen's cunt and causing the blonde to moan and collapse on her knees. Demi wasted no time. She pulled her blonde enemy's head down into her right knee that crushed her lips and crunched into Helen's bloodied nose. Demi dropped to her knees beside her blonde foe and pushed her over on her back. She spread Helen's shapely legs, pulled back her hands and, as Helen moaned, Demi in a last burst of strength, rammed her fist into the junction of Helen's legs, her punch crunching deep into her wet, swollen cunt. The brunette's fist ripped the blonde apart, tearing into her insides and destroying her womanhood.

The blonde sobbed in pain and rolled to her side, doubled over as Demi ripped her strong fist out, Helen feeling like Demi just tore her pussy open. Roughly rolling the blonde back over onto her back, Demi cocked her right fist again and took aim at what was left of Helen's left breast.

Helen saw where Demi was aiming and a look of abject horror crossed her face as she pleaded, "Please!! Not my breast Demi! Don't!! You'll Kill Me!!"

But Demi’s fist was already on its way, plunging into the underside of Helen's small, round breast. Helen screamed, white-hot agony making her body arch, her eyes wide in shock and pain, head thrown back as her scream echoing through the room. "Aaaaaaaaaaah! Oh God!! My breast! My BREAST!"

Blood erupted over Demi's hand as Helen's breast collapsed beneath it. Helen's body spasmed once in pain before her eyes rolled back into her head as she passed out. Only the slow rise and fall of her battered chest showed she'd survive to fight another day. Demi had destroyed Helen's breasts exactly as she’d promised.