Helen Hunt vs. Julia Roberts by Doug Haig 02-Jul-99
Julia Roberts wasted no time, closing with her blonde opponent fast, and cocking her fist back Julia threw a hard punch that smashed into Helen Hunt's face, so hard it knocked the blonde actress flat on her ass. As Julia came up on her, Helen hooked her sender arms around Julia's knees and took her down. Roberts landed with a solid thump, right on her back as Helen climbed on top of her and raked her red polished nails across Julia's larger breasts, as Roberts gasped in pain. Hunt began to give her rival hard open-handed, nails-first slaps that smacked loudly into the outside of Julia's firm left breast, that had Roberts literally white with pain.

But, as Julia cried out in agony, she clasped her hands around Helen's small breasts and pushed them as high as they would go. It was now Helen's turn to cry out in pain as the redhead slammed her backwards onto the floor, driving her knee into Hunt's pussy as they fell. Helen's face turned red from the force of the blow, and Julia's beautifully manicured hands tore off Helen's black lace bra and ripped into her breasts, savagely driving her dark red nails into the small firm breasts around the nipples. Helen moaned in pain as her supersensitive nipples were harshly worked over by Julia. Julia crushed the smaller breast into her nails, as Helen fought to pull her hands away. Nearly blind with pain, Hunt clamped her strong hand around Julia's left breast and tugged the mammary down with all her strength, getting a cry of pain from the redhead and felt her nipple mauling start to lessen.

Helen kept her fingers tightly gripped around Julia's breast, twisting around her nipple so hard Hunt thought she
might rip it off the breast completely. The blonde wrapped her legs around Julia's slender waist, while still painfully pulling Roberts' mouthwatering nipple around. Clamping her strong legs around Julia's body, Helen locked her ankles and poured on the pressure as she ripped at the redhead's breast, the nipple now bleeding where Helen's sharp nails had tortured it.

But then a loud scream filled the room as Julia, her head right in front of Helen's chest, sunk her teeth hard and deep into Hunt's left breast, biting into the breast just to the right of the nipple. Helen frantically pulls and tugs at Julia's hair, trying to get the woman's teeth off her breast, but to no avail. Helen's face is twisted in agony as she moans in pain, as Julia starts shaking her head from side to side, putting the brunette in even more pain. Helen sends two teeth-rattling punches to the side of Julia's head, which hurt her foe enough for Hunt to slip her fingers between her teeth and breast, and slip her soggy and bleeding nipple out of Julia's mouth.

Staggering back, Helen cups her wounded breast, and then flies at Julia in a rage, cocking her fist back and smashing it into Julia's mouth, mashing her lips against her teeth and ripping them open on the inside. The redhead goes sailing back, blood flying out of her torn lips as she crashes down on the floor with a loud moan of pain. Helen is on her in an instant. Smashing her body down on top of the blonde's, Helen grips both of her breasts and begins to grind them hard between her fingers. Julia gasps in pain as Helen takes both of her red and throbbing breasts in her hands and starts to rip the sweaty breasts around by the nipples as hard as she could, and as Hunt's tight grip finds the sac behind Julia's nipple she crushes it, as Roberts screams in pain.

Out of desperation, Julia reaches up and claps her hands onto Helen's red swaying breasts, and with one massive wrench Roberts rips her breasts hard to the sides, as now Hunt screams in utter agony. Julia mauls the blonde onto her back, and slashes her large ring across Helen's breasts, getting a moan of pain from the brunette as Helen's half-dollar nipples are almost at the bursting point. Julia crushes Helen's breasts against her ribcage, driving in her nails.

Julia Roberts reaches back with her fist and smashes Helen Hunt full in the mouth, both of her lips exploding in blood. Julia delivers some solid punches to Helen's belly, her fist sinking into her taut stomach as Helen struggles to free herself and fight back. Both women roll across the floor, with Julia still in control, although Helen tries to pull herself free by giving Roberts a blistering back raking with her nails. Julia winces in pain, and separates from the blonde, her hands trying to soothe the fiery pain in her back. Feeling the raw skin, Julia charges Hunt and slams her up against a wall, smashing her fists hard and deep into Helen's breasts, pounding them like they were speed bags.

Helen's arms come up to protect her chest, but Julia's punches rip into her breasts like line drives, as Roberts tries to bury her fist completely in Helen's ravaged left breast. Both actresses were exhausted, this fight taking longer than either had expected. Sweat streamed down both girl's bodies, and their breasts were bloody from scratches and mottled with black-and-blues from their constant twisting and pounding. Julia pushed some sweaty strands of red hair out of her face before attacking Helen again, this time taking a hold of Hunt's breasts and throwing her to the floor by them, ripping her hands away at the last moment so hard she thought she might've torn the brunette's breasts right off her body.

Julia takes no chances as she stands over the blonde, raising her foot and sends it smashing down onto Helen's body with all her weight behind it. Hunt's body jerks about painfully on the floor, as Roberts rams her heel into Helen's stomach and breasts over and over like she's stomping grapes as she pounds Hunt into the floor. Julia jumps into the air and comes down hard on the blonde's midsection, her shapely ass crashing down on Helen's red and aching breasts. Julia bounces up and down on Helen, and each time Helen lets out a low and throaty moan as her breasts are crashed into her body. Julia reaches back and snatch-slaps Helen in the cunt, raking her hard nails across Hunt's clit as the blonde screams in pain.

Helen's eyes grow wide as Julia again smacks her hand hard against her pubic mound and curls up her two middle fingers into Helen's stinging groin and starts applying pressure. Helen's body stiffens and quivers under Roberts' assault, and she lets out a deep moan as Julia's strong fingers and nails tear into her warm moist pussy, her whole body on fire from the excruciating pain.

Feeling the fight won, Julia lets off the pressure between Helen's legs and locks her legs around Hunt's battered midsection and pumps the woman's body. Helen is hardly putting up a fight anymore as Julia slams her hands onto her foe's throbbing breasts and crushes them, digging her nails in and shaking the breasts back and forth. With a heave Julia lifts Helen's body up off the floor by her breasts alone, while keeping Hunt's lower body locked down with her legs and ass.

Helen Hunt screams in pain.

"Listen to me bitch. Quit now or I swear to God I'm gonna destroy you." Julia Roberts snarls.

"You go screw yourself!" Helen yells back defiantly, and throws a wild but accurate punch up at Julia's chin.

Helen's right fist smahed into Julia's face painfully as Roberts' head snapped back and the redhead fell off her. Unwrapping Julia's shapely legs off her body, Helen took immediate advantage, plowing her fist into Julia's left breast, driving the redhead intothe floor as she gasped in pain and tried to protect her chest. Which was exactly what Hunt was waiting for, as she drove an uppercut deeply into Julia's exposed belly, forcefully rearranging her innards.

Helen pulled Julia Roberts to her feet and took full control of the fight as she wrapped her slender arms tightly around Julia's waist in a bearhug, digging her clenched fists hard into Roberts' lower back. As Hunt continually cinches down and adjusts her pressure points, Julia moaned in pain, as Helen rolls her forearms hard into the soft area between Julia's back and ribcage. Helen's smaller breasts were pushing roughly into the undersides of Julia's large breasts as the blonde squeezed harder and harder. With a loud grunt Helen threw Julia's body at a wall, and she slammed into it hard on her back.

Julia's back was in agony as her sweaty body slid down the wall as she dropped to her knees in pain, but Helen wasn't taking any chances as she reached out and grasped a handful of red hair and pulled Roberts up off the floor. With her free right hand Hunt delivered a spectacular punch that smashed directly below Julia's belly button, sinking into the soft flesh as every ounce of wind was driven out of the blonde's body. With Julia doubled over, her arms clutching her wounded midsection, Helen took two handfuls of hair this time and viciously rams her knee into the redhead's left breast, crushing the smaller breast flat against her chest, as Julia cries out in pain. Again and again Helen's knee comes up, smashing her rival's breast as hard as she could, with Julia turning white with pain as Helen's knee shots cause blood vessels to erupt and burst in her breast.

Julia was nearly blind with pain, but after one of Helen's knees crashed into her breasts, while Hunt was still standing balanced on one leg, Julia used her body to slam Helen against the wall. With Hunt taken by surprise, Roberts unloaded a hard punch into Helen's midsection, the fist sinking in as Helen dropped to her knees, clutching her stomach after Julia's unexpected blow. But Julia took too long to regroup herself, and while on her knees Helen delivered a strong fist that uppercutted into Julia's pussy, then threw another one that slammed into the same place, as Roberts' mouth opens wide in a silent scream. For a third time Helen rams her fist up Julia's pussy, parting the lips painfully as Helen buries part of her fist inside of Roberts. Helen viciously twists her fist left and right really trying to inflict some serious pain, before ripping her fist out from between Julia's thighs and getting to her feet again.

Helen claps her hand tightly onto Julia's swollen right breast with her strong fingers and gives the breast a hard squeeze, and with her other hand she latches onto Julia's left globe of firm titflesh. Twisting both mammaries at the same time Julia's voice reaches new levels of loudness as Helen slams her up against a wall, her breasts getting the mauling of her life from her hated rival. She grasps at Helen's wrists, desperate to free herself from the devastating pain being inflicted on her, as Hunt does her absolute best to rip Julia's breasts off her body completely. Helen gripped both large nipples and wrenched the bigger breasts hard, but suddenly Julia struck back.

Julia smashed her fist down on Helen's creamy left breast after first putting her other hand underneath it in a fist, knuckles up. As Hunt breast was slammed down on the knuckles, Julia pushed down on it and grinded her fists upward and downwards with all her strength, and now it was Helen's turn to moan in pain as Julia ravaged her breast. Not wasting an instant, Julia attacked both of Helen's breasts, sinking hard punches into each one, then drover her knee into the blonde's firm belly, doubling her over for a change. The pain Julia was causing her breasts was driving Helen crazy, and with a scream of rage Helen went back on the offensive, raking and dragging her sharp nails down Julia's breasts, over and over again. Julia moaned in pain as her tits burned in pain from Helen blistering breast rakes. Helen kept on clawing Julia's breasts until they were streaked with blood, and then Julia dropped to her knees in pain.

"Lights out, you fucking bitch" Helen said in a low and angry voice, taking burying her hands in Julia's thick hair and starting to pull her to her feet, cocking her knee back to smash into Julia's swollen breast.

As Helen reared back to flatten the mammary again, Julia beat her to the punch with a devastating low blow into Helen's battered feminine organs. Julia's punch carried all the power she had left, her right fist smashing hard into Helen's pussy. Searing pain shot up Helen's supple body from her vagina, as Julia crashed another hard punch, this time to the front of Hunt's groin, right below her pantyline. It was like something had released inside Helen and she was sickened by the feel of the flow of warm liquid leaking out between her legs. Helen lurched forward and threw up, then sank to her knees beside Julia, her hands clutching her pussy.

As Helen writhed in pain, Julia got to her feet, still massaging out the burning pain that was radiating out of her breasts. Roberts hauled Hunt to her feet by the hair, and was surprised as a moaning Helen threw a punch at Julia's head but Roberts was alert enough to block it, and in turn smashed Helen full in the face, the ring on Julia's right hand cracking into Helen's nose, shattering it as blood streamed down the blonde's face. Julia threw a dazed Helen hard into a wall and gripped each of Helen's half-dollar nipples, grinding in her short nails as she tore into Hunt supersensitive areola.

Helen's breasts were on fire, her nipples almost being torn off her breasts. Julia mashed her fingers into Helen's breasts and pushed them both upwards until the titflesh was strained to its limits. Her breasts nearly being pushed off her chest, Helen released her grip on Roberts' wrists and instead grasped Julia's swollen left breast at the tip and began to crush the nipple between her thumb and index finger, rolling and pinching the tit as hard as she could. Julia moaned in pain but kept right on crushing Helen's red and aching breasts. Julia's nipples were as hard as rocks as she grinded them into the upturned and tender undersides of Hunt breasts.

Julia throws Helen to the floor by her breasts, ripping her hands away at the last moment, so hard she thought she might've torn the breasts right off Helen's body. With Helen on her back Roberts straddled her stomach and clapped both hands onto Helen's luscious breasts and smashed them together hard, getting another moan of intense pain from the blonde's lips. Trapping Helen's nipples in her palm between her thumb and forefinger, Roberts starts to jog each of Helen's breasts up and down, ripping the breasts back and forth and shaking her breasts around hard. Julia begins to scissor Helen's left nipple between her fingers, pulling it up, the slaps the breast from her grip by slapping the base of the tit.

Helen moans in pain as Julia twists her body and gets in behind her, wrapping her slim but powerful legs around Helen's midsection, locking her ankles. Julia dug her manicured nails hard into Helen's breasts and leaning back, Roberts really pours on the pressure, crushing Hunt's body with her gorgeous legs, while pulling her breasts backwards in opposite directions. Helen struggles hard, trying to break Julia's iron grip around her torso, but to no avail. Minutes go by, with Helen moaning in pain and Julia straining to maintain maximum pressure around Hunt's waist.

Getting to her feet, Julia winds a clump of Helen's blonde hair around her left hand and pulls the actress to her knees, cocking back her right fist. Helen's hands shoot up to protect her face, but Julia slapped her hands away and with all the power she had, smashed her fist into Helen's jaw. Helen Hunt's mouth was smashed shut, and her eyes rolled into the top of her head as she was knocked out cold. Stepping backwards and releasing her hair, Julia let Helen pitch to the forward on her face, Helen's body hitting the floor hard with a sickening thud.

Realising that Helen Hunt wasn't going to get up, Julia Roberts gave Helen's body a solid kick in the side before leaving the beaten woman on the floor.