Helen Hunt vs. Rene Russo by Doug Haig 05-Aug-99 11:00:30

Helen Hunt and Rene Russo began to slowly circle each other, hands out in front of them till Helen charged forward catching the brunette's hair in her hand and pulling hard. As her hair was pulled Rene let out a scream and grabbed at the blonde's hair, but before she could secure a grip, Hunt kneed Russo savagely in the crotch and collapsed to the floor in agony as Helen tugged on her hair and dragged her up again.

Helen smiled cruelly as she kneed her right breast repeatedly, blood vessels inside of Rene's breast bursting until Helen released the redhead, letting her fall to the floor, holding her breast and sobbing in pain.

As Helen advanced on Rene she assumed Russo was finished, so to her surprise she found herself holding her groin in pain after a vicious kick from a prone Rene. The redhead used the time to get her wind back, and rising off the floor she tackled Helen and straddled her, trapping Hunt's slender arms under her knees. She grabbed Helen Hunt's grey jogbra and ripped it apart exposing both of the blonde's lovely breasts.

Rene Russo sank her manicured fingers into each one and began to twist and squeeze as Helen bellowed out in pain and struggled frantically to free her arms. Helen's tits were taking quite a mauling from the redhead, but she seemed to be weathering it and refused to submit even when Rene grabbed both nipples and almost tore her breasts off her body repeatedly.

Still not able to get a submission, Rene changed tactics and began to slap at each breast with all her might leaving bright red hand prints on each one as tears began to form in Helen's eyes, Rene's hot pink fingernails slashing at Helen's small firm tits. Rene gripped the blonde's fiery right nipple tightly between her knuckles, pulling and stretching the breast out before slapping it away hard, as Helen sobbed and moaned in pain.

With a scream of agony and rage Helen finally managed to buck enough to free her right hand and immediately sank her fingers into the redhead's left breast. Rene gasped and sat back, trying to escape the pain, and seeing her chance, Helen wrapped her legs around actress' head and managed to pull her off backwards.

Helen massaged her red and swelling breasts, then attacked Rene again. Helen grabbed Rene's red jogbra and ripped it open with one pull. Hunt seized Russo's left breast and gave it a tremendous, painful pull, dragging Rene down to the floor face first. Helen started to twist it in her hand as Rene screamed out in pain as Helen grabbed her hair and twisted her head around hard till she was laying on her back. Helen slammed her shapely ass down hard on Rene's face, almost breaking Russo's nose in the process.

Sitting squarely on Rene's face facing her legs Helen clutched each of the brunette's legs by the ankles and tucked each leg under her armpits. While still sitting on her face Helen clapped her manicured hands around each breast and squeezed as Rene screamed in anguish at her assault and struggled to breathe under Helen's gorgeous ass.

Rene was in serious trouble now, her breasts being ravaged by Helen as she bucked and strained to escape the blonde's devastating hold. Reaching up, she tried to secure a hold on her hair. Rene was in total agony, her breasts aching furiously as Helen alternately slapped at them and tugged them up harshly by her nipples. Helen would yank a breast up by the nipple, then slap it out of her hand, almost ripping Rene's nipple off in the process, while Helen's crimson nails tore and ripped into Rene's breast.

While being subjected to Helen's savage mauling, she almost yelled out her surrender, but then she finally managed to finally latch onto a handful of Helen's thick blonde hair and, yanking as hard as she could, managed to pull Helen over and off of her causing her to crash on her back in the floor.

Helen was furious at having been knocked off her excellent position, but before she could do anything the redhead crashed down on her, driving her knee into her cunt and smashing both palms down onto her breasts crushing them against her rib cage as Helen wailed in pain. Rene Russo twisted her rings around hard into Helen Hunt's titflesh, digging painfully into the blonde's throbbing nipples. Rene tugged and twisted both breasts like a women possessed as Helen winced in pure agony as she cried out in torment, but Rene could not get Helen to submit.

Getting nowhere with her constant abusive breast assaults, Rene lowered her attack to the blonde's crotch, ripping open the grey lycra shorts and jerking on Helen's cunt lips as the blonde roared in pain and rage. Helen was in agony as Rene ravaged her cunt, pulling brutally on her pink pussy lips, and threatening to rip out a chunk of Helen's vagina.

Reaching up Helen clasped Rene's left breast as it hung down and ripped it to the left hard, almost pulling Rene off of her who grimaced in pain as she discontinued her crotch attack for a few seconds. Seeing the effect, Helen grabbed the other and tugged at them as Rene screeched in torment, as Helen's red nails raked fire across Rene's burning nipples. On the fifth tug Hunt was able to drag the redhead off her screaming as Rene pulled at her wrists trying to free her now ravaged breasts as she fell at Helen's side.

The blonde was able to slide her right foot under the redhead and wrapped her up in a waist scissors as she continued to maul her breasts. Rene struggled to free her tits from her Helen's clutches as her sides were crushed by Helen's powerful leg scissors, her well toned legs muscles straining as she poured on the pressure.

After a short struggle the redhead managed to turn to the left and grabbed the blonde's right big toe. Wrenching hard on the toe, she managed to break the scissors as Helen bellowed in pain, her toe almost fracturing from Rene's savage twist. Helen was on her back as Rene, kneeling now, and still holding her toe grabbed her left ankle and pushed both feet up and over her till her toes were almost touching the floor by the sides of her head as she screamed in pain. Rene continued to put her weight on the legs lifting them slightly before pushing down again and almost snapping Helen in half.

Luckily for Helen she was very limber or she would have passed after being folded in two by Rene. Hunt reached up and grabbed at both of the redhead's aching breasts again, this time smashing Russo's slightly fuller breasts together with a wet sounding 'SMACK' repeatedly as Rene howled out in agony. Finally reaching her tolerance for pain, Rene reluctantly released her hold and fell back, yelling out as her breasts were pulled outward as she surged backward till she reached the extent of Helen's reach and they were released.

They glared at each other as they each caught there breathe. Both women were tiring fast and each wanted to end it quickly as they started to approach each other. Before Rene could react Helen forearmed her across the breasts eliciting a scream of pain from the redhead and knocking her back a few steps holding her arms protectively over her chest. The blonde smiled as she kicked out, catching Rene's cunt squarely and putting her on the floor in pain. Helen grabbed a handful of Rene's red hair and wrapped her long powerful legs around a kneeling Rene's neck, twisting her head by the hair to control her as she struggled under her and increased the pressure on her neck.

In a desperate move, the redhead used every ounce of strength she had left and lifted Helen up and then over her as the stunned blonde crashed to the floor backwards, startled and dazed, as Rene immediately sat on her face and started to rain punches down on her breasts, stomach, and cunt. Helen was kicking her legs up, blindly trying to kick the redhead in the face or chest, but kept just missing as Rene's continued fistic assault on her body started to take it's toll.

As Helen's legs came forward once again Rene was able to trap them both in her hands and then she stood up, tugging the legs up hard and pulling Helen over onto her stomach. She began dragging Helen over the rough floor as Helen screamed out in torment as her breasts were dragged and burned fiercely along as she frantically tried to cover them with her hands.


Rene Russo then started to spin the blonde around as she held on tightly to her ankles, slowly picking up momentum with each turn as Helen slowly come off the floor higher and higher with each revolution till she was released to crash to the floor with a loud "OOOOOOOFFFFFF!!!" in a tangle of limbs. As the blonde lay there trying to get her bearings, Rene come down ass first on her already floor-burned breasts crushing, them under her generous ass and then continued to bounce up and down on them as Helen sobbed in pain Rene was exhausted as well, and fell off Helen and rested trying, to catch her breathe.

After a few minutes Rene Russo sat up, only to meet Helen's fist to her eye that smashed her backwards to the floor, the rings on Helen Hunt's right hand painfully slicing into her face. Helen straddled Rene and started to maul her breasts, digging her manicured fingers into the flesh as she pulled and twisted savagely.

"Fuck with my breasts, BITCH", she screamed as her very red burned breasts swayed back and forth as she continued to maul her Russo.

Rene was beside herself with pain as her already aching and over mauled breasts were getting quite a going over from Helen. Rene was now sobbing in pain and anger as she reached up and clasped her hands on Helen's smaller globes and tore at them with a strength she had not known she possessed, pulling a now-screaming Helen off her by them and kneeing her repeatedly in the cunt till she finally released them, screeching in agony, as now Rene straddled her and trapped her arms under her legs. Rene slapped at Helen's breasts over and over till she couldn't raise her arms up any more and fell to the floor exhausted as Helen sobbed uncontrollably as she held her ravaged breasts cupped in her hands, rocking back and forth.

"MY BREASTS!!! OHHH FUCK!!! OHHH SHIT!!!! RENE---MY TITS!!! THEY HURT SOOO MUCH!!!!" sobbed Helen, her breasts painful to the touch.

"That's the fucking IDEA, Helen. I rip those small titties off your body, them I win!!!"

Rene Russo struggles to her feet, and hair-hauls Helen Hunt up with her, the pretty blonde moaning in pain as her swollen breasts shake painfully as Rene pulls her up. Dazed, with her small breasts radiating pain outward, Helen nonetheless surprises Rene by smashing her knees savagely into Russo's hard body, Hunt snap-raising them up quickly to crunch Rene in the stomach and ovaries. As Hunt drive s each knee into Rene's lower body, Russo draws a pained gasp.

Hunt works her Russo's lower body over with a rainstorm of knee lifts, each sliding lower and lower and each blow followed by a scream of rage from Helen and a gasp of pain by Rene . As more and more of Helen's low blows land on Rene's taut belly and pubic area, all resistance drains out of the redhead, and Helen throws the woman hard into the corner.

Hunt doesn't let up for a minute, using her now free hands to pound Rene's ribs and breasts, following on with an elbow across the throat. Helen leaves her elbow across Rene's windpipe, rolling her forearm down and using it to choke and gag Rene. Hunt drapes Russo's over her own shoulders and begins to smash away at Rene's defenseless breasts with her fists, thudding hard straight punches and arcing uppercuts into Rene's pert breasts. Rene's fuller tits takes a beating, wobbling back and forth on her body as Helen unloads blow after blow into her chest. Hunt then takes Russo by the hair, reeling back and delivering a devastating head butt, following up by ramming her head into Russo's stomach and groin.

Stunned by a titty bashing and then a headbutt to the crotch, Rene slowly slides to her butt in the corner, holding her red and aching breasts. Helen takes a moment to catch her breath, then reaches down and scoops up Rene's two sweaty breasts. Helen draws screeches from Russo by squeezing and mauling Rene's round breasts as Helen uses her red nails to scratch away at the soft underside of each dew-soaked melon. Hunt concentrates her red nails on the tender flesh just where the bottom of Rene's breast joins her chest, ripping away at it with her short nails. Rene grabs Hunt's wrists trying to force her to give up her grip on her swollen globes, but Helen's hand strength is incredible.

"What were you saying about ripping MY tits off, you fucking BITCH??!!!" Helen sneered.

As Hunt continues to work Rene's breasts, Russo goes on the offensive, dragging her nails down Hunt's thighs, leaving behind painful red streaks and breaking up Hunt's mammary mauling session.

After rubbing the sting out Rene's scratch marks, Helen pulls her redhead enemy up to her feet and toward the centre of the room, clamping her iron grip on Russo's now-fiery nipples to encourage her. Helen again sends the redhead to the floor, ripping her hands away from Russo's breasts with such force that Helen checks her hands to make sure Russo's breasts aren't still hidden inside.

Helen rolls Rene to her side, and Hunt extracts a measure of revenge, ever so slowly dragging her red fingernails down Rene's tanned shoulders, across her back, down her bare buns and across the back of her legs. Rene's deeply tanned legs and shoulders clash with her pale white body and red streaks, before Helen starts working a chinlock from behind, pulling and twisting at Rene's head, and Helen makes certain that her rings cut painfully into the soft tissue of Rene's throat.

Hunt's face is a mask of concentration as she adds more and more pressure to Russo's neck. Occasionally Helen reaches down to tweak the tips of Russo's breasts, surgically grasping the erect nipple between her fingers and twisting away at the point. Russo's screams and fights to get away, but Helen is too strong, working the breast until Rene becomes unmanageable, then returning to the chinlock.

"Give it up you Bitch," Helen whispers, "Or else I'm gonna work you tit until it falls off!!!"

Rene lets out a low moan of complete pain, as Helen's sharp nails almost slice through her tender blood-engorged teat.

"OHH GOD HELEN---PLEASE---MY NIPPLE!!! ITS GONNA EXPLODE!!!" Rene cries out in agony.

Leaning back, a desperate Rene Russo is able to lash out at Helen Hunts' knee, snapping it inward painfully and causing Helen to collapse to the floor, writhing in pain. Rene punches Helen's weak knee again, breaking the blonde's painful chinlock and sending a look of pained terror across Helen's sweaty face. Rene covers up, unable to capitalise on the pain she's dealt out to Helen. But Hunt recovers quickly and takes a seat behind the still reeling Russo, wrapping her legs around Rene's body. Rene knows what is coming and immediately turns away and to the side trying to escape the body scissors.

Rene is only partially successful, leaving her body at a ninety degree angle to Helen's, but still trapped in Hunt's grasp. Helen's legs clamp down on Rene's waist and stomach, lower than Hunt had promised, but still high enough to squeeze a little air out of Russo. Rene's face is down and her rock-solid ass is pointed at Helen. Hunt flexes her strong legs and butt in an effort to crush Russo's ribcage, which she looks close to doing. Rene screams in pain, letting even more air out of her lungs, and egging Helen on as she works her legs higher on Rene's torso. Helen's thighs tighten like steel around Rene's stomach, slowly moving up to her chest. As Helen's thighs encompass Rene's chest and breasts, the pain becomes unbearable, freezing Russo's struggles and forcing some more air out of her body, while Helen spanks Rene's tanned butt as she tries to escape the scissors.

Russo counters the body scissors by reaching back and grabbing a hold of one of Helen's small breasts. Crushing Hunt's rock hard breast, Rene begins a game of chicken, seeing who will release her hold first. Leaning back too late, Helen gasps quickly and moans lightly as Rene squeezes her small breast, rolling it and twisting it slowly between her manicured fingers.


The body scissors relax ever so slightly and Rene momentarily cracks a smile, seeing Helen's face contort
with pain as her nipple is twisted like a bottle top. Hunt grits her teeth, loosening the body vice even further but Helen knows she has hurt Russo's badly and surges the pressure back on her foe's ribs with the body scissors, even as her cherry nipple takes more and more abuse. Rene's smile disappears as she again moans loudly each time Helen pours more pressure onto her aching ribs.

While working Rene's body, Helen slaps at Rene's hand ineffectually, her eyes tearing up from the pain in her tender breast. Summoning her fortitude, Helen gives one heaving squeeze of her ripped thighs. Screaming out a gut wrenching groan, Rene's hopes for escaping the body scissors are dashed as she is forced to let up on Helen's breast, releasing the blonde's tender breast just as Helen was considering releasing her.

After a few more seconds trapped between Helen's vice like legs, Russo is becoming desperate for air resorts to an extremely dirty maneuver to secure her freedom. Between the groaning pulses of crushing pain, Russo slowly and stealthily moves her hand up Helen's sweaty leg, and Helen looks down just in time to see Russo jam her thumb into Hunt's pussy.

Crying out in agony, Helen releases the scissors and tries to roll out of the hold, but Rene pins down one of Helen's thighs, continuing to ram her thumb home, completely disabling the blonde beauty. Rene keeps one hand forcing down Helen's leg, and uses the other to ram fist after fist into Helen's bush. In a final burst of energy, Rene buries her ringed fist deeply into Helen's pussy, smashing Hunt's vagina as hard as she could, pounding Helen's red and swollen pussy lips, then opens her fist and in one giant ripping, pulling motion, Rene tears out almost all of Helen's soft brown pubic hair, as Hunt sobs in pain, slapping her hand down on the floor.

Both women were now devastated and crawling on all fours as Russo braves the pain in her chest to follow behind Hunt. Rene's view of Helen's exquisitely tight ass is interrupted by Russo's vicious upper cutting, cunt bashing attacks centered between her Helen's legs. Helen finally gives into the agonising pain in her crotch and covers up, rolling onto her side and wedging her hands between her legs shielding her snatch from Rene's pounding fists. Rene immediately attacks, grabbing both of Helen's ankles, prying them apart and delivering a bush busting stomp.

Helen's hands still protect her groin, but Rene just stomps through them several times, finishing up with a knee drop targeted right into Helen's crotch. Surveying the devastated blonde actress rolling on the floor, Rene takes a moment to wipe the sweat from her eyes and massage the pain from her swollen red teats, then resumes her attack on Hunt's bush with a new vigor.

Again prying Helen tight thighs apart, Russo looks down into Helen's face as if to ask her if she wants another. Hunt shakes her head, but Russo drops a knee into groin anyhow, guaranteed to change Helen Hunt's sex life for weeks to come. Standing up, Rene checks Helen's face again, now with tears streaming down her face. Rene looks into her Helen's liquid blue eyes again, and sees that the fight could be nearing an end.

Dropping Helen's feet, Rene walks around to Hunt's head. Kneeling down in front of Helen's face, Russo spreads her legs and lowers her sweaty snatch right onto Helen's face. Muffled screaming can be heard from below as Helen struggles wildly to get out from under Rene's smothering face sit. Russo immediately grabs Helen's strong hands and arms, taking a glancing knee to the head in the process. Hunt begins pumping her legs as though she were climbing stairs, each knee hitting Rene on the top of her head and shoulders. Russo continues on, despite the knee lifts raining down on her head and shoulders, bearing down with all her weight, knowing that Helen will be out in a few seconds. The forcefulness of the knees begins to taper off as do the number of knees as the darkness begins creep in on Hunt. Russo is able to sit upright, putting all of her weight down on Helen's face.

But Rene was too confident that she was victorious and suddenly felt a searing pain shooting up her supple body from her vagina. Screaming out in pain, Rene topples off Helen, Hunt's mouth bloody from where she bit down hard on Russo's pussy. Moaning and breathing heavily, both battling women stumbled to opposite corners of the room before coming together again.

"You're tougher than you look Bitch," Helen says. "Its gonna be a pleasure ripping your tits off and shoving them up you ass!!!"

"Helen, if you touch my breasts again, you won't even live to regret it," Rene fired back.

Helen Hunt and Rene Russo each secured a grip on the others tits. Helen glared daggers at Rene as she began crushing the brunette's firm breasts and pushed hard against Rene's chest, Helen's fingernails digging in painfully at the bottom of each globe of flesh as she tried to force her foe back towards the wall. Rene was grimacing in pain already as her sensitive breasts were throbbing with pain from Helen's attack already, but she suffered silently and dug her pink nails into Helen's areolas as she had planned to do and even as she was forced back a step she saw pain flashing across Helen's eyes from her attack. Rene tugged each of Helen's breasts outward and was rewarded with a small moan.

"You're mine now, Hunt", she purred at the blonde as Helen's face started to twist in pain.

Helen then desperately started to twist Rene's breasts left and right as the muscles in her arms stood out like steel cords and now it was Rene's turn to let out a moan as she was forced back another step, "Looks like you spoke too soon, you cunt-rag!!!", Helen Hunt said between breathes as she forced Rene Russo back another step by mashing her breasts into each other and got a louder cry from her foe. A redfaced Rene was in real trouble, her breasts exploding in agony from Helen's mashing and with a great effort Russo suddenly tugged Helen forward towards her as she intentionally stepped back and then with a scream Rene managed to twist Helen around her and she slammed her back against the wall as she pushed forward with her arms held out straight and rammed them deeply into each of Helen's breasts. Helen felt like Rene had just smashed her nipple straight through her breasts as the pretty blonde, her eyes blazing in pain, let out a deep moan of pain.

Helen's face showed the agony of the move and a tear started to form in her right eye as she swallowed hard and tried desperately not to let go of Rene's breasts and try and pry her hands from her swollen breasts, her legs buckling under her.

"Thought you were so fuckin' tough, bitch.....," Rene taunted, "How tough do you feel now, Helen??!!!"

Rene continued to push her hands into Helen's breasts and as they mushroomed out and around her fingers. Helen's face twisted in utter pain now as she was forced to remove her hands from Russo's breasts and grabbed each of Rene's wrists as she tried to pull her hands from her tortured breasts.

Desperate to escape, Helen's knee shot up at Rene's cunt, but her extreme breast pain caused her to misjudge and it struck higher then she intended, hurting Rene but not as much as she needed. Rene retreated back as Helen clutched and then massaged her aching breasts as she leaned against the wall when Rene's foot shot out and smashed into Helen's taut belly. Russo's foot almost disappearing into Helen's midsection.

"OOOOOFFFFF!!!! OHHHH GOD!!!" sputtered Helen as she bent over in pain and threw up violently onto the floor.

Slumping down to her knees in pain, Helen Hunt's stomach rumbled like crazy from the trauma it had been put through. Rene Russo smiled cruelly as she grabbed two handfuls of Helen's thick blonde hair and started dragging her hurt foe away from the wall by it.

Rene again brought her knee up into Helen's belly, relishing the even louder, "OOOOOHHHHHHHH!!!!" that flew from Hunt's mouth.

"What's wrong, getting a tummy ache? Lets see if my ring can help fix it," Rene purred as she power-slammed her right fist deeply into Helen Hunt's gut.

Hunt's taut belly folding over Russo's fist as her punch sunk in deeply, rearraging Helen's insides. Rene suddenly forced Helen's head down onto the floor and smashed her face first against the carpeted floor.

Rene climbed on the utterly stunned Helen's back, and she reached out with both hands and dragged her hard nails down both of Helen's ass cheeks leaving long red scratches as Helen stiffened beneath her. Russo got to her feet, turning around and facing Helen's head as she stood just above her feet.

Rene nudged Helen's left side with her big toe and taunted, "How're you feeling now, BITCH???"

Helen started to slowly rise onto her hands and knee's and twisted her head around to look at Rene as she stood behind her, blood pouring from Helen Hunt's left nostril from the smash to the carpet earlier, a bump turning black and blue on her forehead above her left eye. Helen's blue eyes were blazing with fury as Rene taunted her.

"Who's tougher, BITCH??!!! Thought you could take me on and.... AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!"

Rene Russo suddenly cut off in mid-sentence as Helen struck out with her foot and smashed it into her pussy, crunching her heel deep into Rene's womanhood, ripping her cunt apart as blood seeped down the redhead's legs as Helen's kick sent her reeling backwards and onto her ass, both hands covering her now injured organ. Helen could barely get to her knees, but she managed to charge headfirst and crushed Rene's breasts with the top of her head, sending her foe flying backwards in agony.

Rene clutched her smashed boobs in her hands as she struggled with the pain that coursed through them while Helen struggled to regain her senses and continue to press her advantage.

"I hope you liked that, you CUNT!!!" Helen cried out at her rival as she started to crawl on top of the still reeling Rene.

She chopped her hand right onto Rene's nipple as if trying to split her tit in two with a karate chop, her hand sinking deeply into the titflesh as Rene let loose an agonised scream.. Helen knew Rene could not take many breast blows and she ripped her other fist deeply into her foe's other tit, luxuriating in her agonized scream of pain and Helen grinded in her knuckles and rings as her Rene's whole body shuddered in utter agony beneath her.

"HOW'S THAT FEEL, RENE?!!! NOW I'M GONNA TWIST YOUR TITS RIGHT OFF YOUR FUCKIN' BODY!!!" Helen taunted, as her fingers dug deeply into each of Rene's tits and her rival quickly grabbed her by the wrists and desperately tried to pull the ravaging hands from her aching breasts....

"NOOOOOOOOOOO, AAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH..... HELEN... OHHH MY TITS.... OHH GOD... OHH GOD!!!" screamed Rene at the top of her lungs as the blonde beauty squeezed her swollen titflesh in her strong fingers.

Rene was completely at Helen's mercy now as Helen Hunt tore her aching titflesh all around, her face twisted with fury at having almost lost to the bitch as she paid her back in full for Rene's earlier breast squeezing.

"DAMN YOU, RENE!!!!" Helen shouted as she abused and mauled Rene's breasts horribly.

Helen gouging in her long red nails deeply into Rene's bloodstained nipples.


Helen Hunt tore at Rene Russo's breasts, pulling them upwards and pulled Rene up off the floor then slammed her back down again as she rammed her fingers deeper into her breasts as tears streamed down Rene's face, but still Rene refused to concede.

"FUCK YOU, HELEN!!!" Rene screamed as her breasts were torn apart by the blonde.

Now with their lithe and sweaty bodies pressed together, they fought on hard, their taut stomachs and full breasts sliding across one another. Rene managed to roll on top of Helen, and Helen reached up and took a grip of Rene's hair, pulling her face down towards her. Fearing a headbutt, Russo fought with all her might to resist, the muscles in her neck straining, but could not prevent the inevitable downward motion of her face towards Helen's.

Hunt waited until she was almost face to face with Russo, opening her mouth as if to kiss her. Rene's mouth parted involuntarily in reply and Helen sunk her teeth deep into Rene's vulnerable bottom lip, ripping a deep cut in it as Rene let out a muffled, agonized cry. Helen released the torn bottom lip and rolled Rene off her quickly, straddling her bloodied rival and then proceeding to drive numerous right handed punches into Rene shredded lip, blood flowing freely from the wound.

Rene offered no response for she was clearly beaten, her head rocked lifelessly back and forth as each new blow struck. Rene Russo was still sobbing to herself and only half conscious as Helen Hunt picked up Rene's white panties and rammed them into her mouth, jamming it in as tightly as she could. The panties immediately began to color with Rene's blood. As she struggled to spit them free, as Helen Hunt climbed off a totally defeated and bloody Rene Russo.

The End