Elizabeth Shue vs Helen Hunt (c) by John J. 9/99

Elizabeth Shue wanted to get noticed by some producers and directors in a bad way. She hadn't received any great movie offers for a long time now, and she was worried. When she heard about the fights, she jumped at the chance to get her name out there again.

Helen on the other hand, joined up on a dare. A friend of hers had dared her to sign up for the fights and go up against one of these young hotshot actresses. Helen was never one to back down from a challenge and she did it.

Elizabeth Shue was thrilled at the news of her opponent when she heard, and she planned and plotted how she would stick it to the Emmy winner.

Helen, for her part, dismissed Elizabeth as inconsequential. She decided that Elizabeth was a second rate actress and not worthy of notice by an award winner, such as herself.

Fight night arrived and Elizabeth entered the ring in a gold string bikini and heels. She waited for her adversary and Helen entered the ring in a much more conservative white full coverage bikini.

This was the first fight of the tournament that the fighters were actually waiting for the official start to the fight, instead of going for a sneak attack before the bell. The announcer finally got the chance to actually start a match. He hit the bell, and the familiar "DING" filled the arena.

At the bell, the two women charged at each other, and went right after each other's hair. They tugged violently back and forth, as each tried to unbalance her foe and gain an early advantage. Elizabeth began to overpower the older woman and force her back as she started to win the hairpull contest. She sadistically wrenched Helen's head back hard, and floored her with a swift knee to the pussy.

Helen groaned as her legs buckled and she went down to her knees. Elizabeth clubbed her across the back with a double-fisted axe handle, and sent Helen the rest of the way to the canvas. Elizabeth nailed Helen with a leg drop across the tits, which she converted into a tit crusher, which is essentially a bodyscissors across the tits. Elizabeth released the tit crusher and slid down while she choked Helen to keep her under control.

Helen did manage to get free though, with a big elbow to the gut. Elizabeth had to release her. Helen rolled away and got up. Helen wanted to get back into this fight, and she fired a dropback that caught Elizabeth right across the tits. Elizabeth dropped like a ton of bricks. Helen went over and picked her up by the hair, just to bodyslam her down again.

Helen hauled Elizabeth to her feet again and whipped her into the corner. Helen went in right after her and monkey flipped her back to the middle of the ring.

Helen went for a leg drop across the tits, but

Elizabeth rolled out of the way. Now it was

Elizabeth's turn to get back on the attack, Elizabeth placed Helen in a traditional body scissors as she squeezed the breath out of her adversary.

Elizabeth grabbed at Helen's full bikini top and ripped it off, as she showed off Helen's tits to the whole audience. She squeezed and mauled at the tender globes, while she constricted her legs around Helen's midriff.

Helen tried valiantly to escape. She raked her nails down Elizabeth's thighs, but Elizabeth wouldn't release her. She tried repeated elbow smashes to the gut, but nothing would get Elizabeth to let go.

Elizabeth kept that hold up for quite a while, and Helen was clearly weakened. Elizabeth knew just how to do it for maximum punishment. She would slowly release the pressure by a tiny bit, giving Helen a chance to breath. When she did take a breath, Elizabeth would clamp down harder again, knocking the air right out. After several long gruelling minutes in that hold, Helen was weakened and exhausted.

Elizabeth tired of that move and got up and hauled Helen to her feet by the hair. Elizabeth grabbed her rival by the throat and put her in a chokehold. She backed Helen up to the ropes and kept that chokehold in place. She grabbed Helen's arm and whipped her across the ring. As she came back, Elizabeth nailed her with a clothesline across the tits. Helen went down hard. Elizabeth hauled her back to her feet and grabbed her by the throat and chokeslammed her down hard to the canvas.

Elizabeth picked Helen up and threw her down through the ropes, to the concrete floor. Elizabeth climbed the ropes to the top turnbuckle and set herself. She launched herself and kneedropped Helen off the top rope. Elizabeth got up and hauled Helen to her feet and slammed her into the apron. Elizabeth was ready to continue her assault, but Helen just dropped limply to the concrete floor. Elizabeth saw that her opponent was out cold, and she stopped. She was worried that going too far would anger the movie people. Helen was checked and Elizabeth took the win.

Elizabeth smiled and waved to her fans and to the producers and directors that were present as she triumphantly strutted back to the dressing rooms.

The end.