Helen Hunt vs. Shania Twain by Doug Haig

Helen and Shania circled slowly, hands raised, red nails bared like talons. Hunt rushed at the country singer, slamming her body into the brunette's. Twain stood her ground, her massive breasts smashing against Helen's smaller globes. Shania pushed her larger breasts forward and leaned heavily into Helen. Their tits mashed together and bulged upwards and to the sides as the two women wrapped their arms around each other's hard body.

Helen knew she was outgunned in the breast department and pushed her chest forward while turning her torso to the left, causing four mammaries to assume some wonderful shapes as they slid across one another. Shania wasn't expecting Helen to fight back and the sudden thrust of Hunt's chest caused her to fall roughly on her ass.

All the anger that had been building up between them suddenly exploded as the brunette grabbed Helen's legs behind the knees and pulled. Hunt cried out in pain as she slammed her bottom on the hard wood floor. As Helen sat there, rubbing the pain out, Shania got to her feet and threw herself at Helen, toppling down directly on top of the enraged blonde as both women let out shrieks. Screaming out curses, the two nude women locked up in a two-handed hairpull that had them rolling across the small room. With their eyes nearly shut and teeth clenched tight, each woman ripped at the other's hair, jerking their heads around as they cried out. Shania slapped Helen's face hard, leaving a welt and a cut as one of her nails sliced her cheek. Hunt reeled back and unloaded a hard slap of her own, but the ring on Helen's right hand painfully cut Shania's chin.

The sweat and anger all mixed together as the two women grappled tightly, locking their slender legs around one another. Each freed a hand from the other's thick hair and grasped a breast and squeezed. With sweat now running freely off their bodies, both battling women screamed in unison as they twisted and mauled each other's breasts, still furiously pulling hair with the other hand. Again they rolled, locked at the hip as suddenly all four breasts came under attack. Their hair, now damp and stringy, whipped at their faces as they fought, large red scratches appearing on their breasts as nails took their toll on the firm breasts. Shania moaned out in pain as Helen raked her nails across her brown nipple, as she tried her best to rip Hunt's breasts off her body completely.

Shania leaned forward and sunk her teeth into the top of Helen's small sweaty breast. Shania started to shake her head from side to side as she heard Helen cry out in pain and only bit down harder until she tasted blood. Hunt drew her arm back and backhanded Twain hard across the face, snapping her head back enough to pry the brunette's teeth off her wounded tit. Both women staggered to their feet and circled each other, hands curled into claws. The red welts and scratches stood out on their breasts as they heaved and rolled on their chests. Each woman was now intent on destroying the other.

With a scream of mutual hatred, the women lunged at one another, securing a grip around each other's back. There was a loud smacking sound as female flesh collided and their voluptuous bodies crashed together, stumbling from wall to wall locked in each others arms. Then the hard back scratching began, and soon Helen and Shania were screaming at the tops of their lungs as they raked their long healthy nails into back and buttocks. Each scratch and squeeze forced the enraged women closer together as their breasts smashed tightly as they grappled for fighting space. The nipples dug into breast flesh, and their hips were soon thrusting forward, trying to knock the other to the floor. Hunt and Twain thrashed about the room this way, moaning out in pain, until Shania reached up behind Helen and grasped a handful of her wet blonde hair and tore her head back. Twain then put the blonde in even more pain when she slammed her other hand into Helen's jaw, ramming the women's head back even further and held it there, Hunt's neck muscles straining as she fought against her foe.

Helen rammed her knee up, aiming for Shania's pussy, but her blow hit on the singer's thigh, bringing instant bruises with it. Shania did the same, smashing her knee into Helen's groin as hard as she could, bringing a moan from the actress's lips. Helen brought her nails slashing down on Shania's breasts, as Shania released a wild slap to Helen's face that connected loudly, as both women cried out in pain. Twain's breasts had three bloody streaks down them from Hunt's nails, and with a scream of rage Shania dug into Helen's breasts with a vengeance. Shania trapped Helen's left nipple between two of her knuckles and squeezed mightily, as Hunt thought her breast was on fire from the pain. She turned her head and bit into Shania's ear, while she ripped her sharp nails deeply into Twain's firm ass cheeks. Shania pushed Helen away and cocked her fist back, but Helen swung hers at the same instant and a double crack could be heard as both women connected with the other's face.

Enraged now, both blonde and brunette began punching furiously, fists smashing into faces and shoulders. Shania planted her feet and slammed a hard right into Helen's creamy left breast. Hunt couldn't believe the pain that shot through her body but returned a punch to Twain's huge breast, her fist disappearing up to the wrist as this time Shania moaned in pain. Shania pulled Helen forward and plowed her knee deep into Helen's soft belly, doubling the women over as the air rushed from her lungs. While Helen was bent at the waist, Twain unloaded a vicious punch that cracked into the side of Hunt's face, Shania's knuckles and rings causing a torrent of blood to spurt out of Helen's mouth, as she fell sideways and landed hard on her back. Shania stood over Helen but wasn't cautious enough as Hunt smashed her heel into Twain's groin like a freight train, with enough force to send Shania hurtling backwards landing in a sweaty heap.

Helen got shakily to her feet, blood streaming down her mouth. Taking a running start, Helen punted her foot into Shania's exposed pussy. Shania moaned in pain, as she body shuddered from the impact, as Hunt planted her foot between the singer's beautiful breasts and took a nipple in each hand and tugged them upwards, Shania crying out in utter pain as Helen almost tore the breasts off her body. Twain raked her nails down Helen's leg, but Hunt had her in too much pain to be effective. Helen lowered her body to put an even harder grip on Shania's breasts, when Shania managed to seize a handful of Helen's thick blonde hair and with everything she had threw her foot upward into Helen's unguarded pussy, hitting the blonde so hard that Hunt went flying over her and landed on her back hard, moaning at the sharp pain shooting through her body from her cunt. Shania was on her in an instant, straddling the blonde. Shania pulled back and rammed her fist into Helen's pussy.

"How's that feel, BITCH?!!" she screamed as Hunt moaned in pain.

Helen's pussy was wracked with pain as Twain reached back stuck two fingers into it, raking her cunt walls for good measure. In complete agony, Helen smashed her fist into the pit of Shania's stomach, and the singer's mouth gaped open in pain and fell to the side off and out of Helen.

Hunt ignored the pain pulsing out of her pussy and rolled on top of Shania, as their breasts came together again and fought their own dual, crushing and slithering against one another. Nipples buried deep in the breast meat scraped against the other tit hard causing sharp sensations of pain. Both women began banging their chests together, locked top and bottom as they were. Shania's heavier breasts were crushing Helen's smaller mounds, as Helen moaned out as her breasts were swallowed up into Shania's. Twain smiled wickedly as her breasts flowed all over Hunt's, flattening them against Helen's body.

Hunt rolled on top of Twain and locked her ankles around Shania's ankles as they thrashed about, thrusting their hips at one another. Each tried to angle their thrust against the other's pussy, the slapping sound of their hips sounded like lovers in the final moments. Their thigh flesh would ripple as hip met hip furiously. Then Helen caught Shania directly in the pussy. Shania gasped out in pain, as Helen pulled her to her knees.

Both women were an absolute mess by this point, but realizing that it wasn't over yet, they slammed into one another in a bearhug. There was no back scratching, no talking as they moved their upper torsos together trying to get the other in a death grip. Each slight move pushed them closer together. Their breasts were burning now as they rubbed together harshly. Nipples twisted and dragged together, sending streams of pain through their bodies. With head lying on the other's shoulders they took turns slamming their joined fists into each other's back, first one and then the other squeezing hard. Each time one would slam their fists, the other would cry out. Both blonde and brunette were sobbing now, partly because of the pain but mostly because one could not defeat the other. Each could feel the other's harsh rasps for breath in her ear, and each wanted the other beaten and sobbing on the floor on front of her. Helen Hunt thrust her breasts into Shania Twain, as the combination of bearhug-titfight went on.

Both women thought each breath would be her last, and neither could believe her foe had fought this long and hard. Their grips on each other's back continued to tighten as Helen rolled on top of Shania. But even though she was on top Shania was in the better position for leverage, and poured every bit of power she had into the blonde's torn back as sweat streamed into her eyes, stinging them. Barely able to breathe at all, Shania crushed Helen's body into her own, when Helen screamed out, "ENOUGH, STOP!!"

Shania relaxed her deathgrip on Hunt, and although she felt too weak to move, pushed Helen's body off of her and shakily got to her feet. Reaching down, she clamped her hands into Hunt's hair and dragged the defeated blonde to her feet, her red breasts swaying gently.

"I'm not finished with you yet, you bitch," Shania breathed.

Shania turned Helen around and wrapped her arms around Helen's firm midriff in a reverse bearhug, and lifted her up, Hunt's legs flailing about, Shania's slick breasts work their way up and down Helen's sweaty back. Lifting her up as high as she could, Twain smashed her down, Hunt's pussy crashing down on her outstretched knee, Helen's breasts flying out of control as she opened her mouth to scream but instead crashed to the floor in a sweaty heap, as Shania achingly left the completely beaten actress there on the floor.