The Kiwi Hunter: Jennifer O’Dell vs. Rachel Hunter by 2xifpkd

Rachel Hunter already had a reputation for appearing on celebrity gimmick shows, so the host of “Celebrity Wrestling” wasn’t surprised to find her name on a contract. The big redhead had a well-earned reputation as one of the premier ‘big girl’ fighters on the beach and was looking forward to her foray into Apartment Wrestling. The confident redhead fussed with her blue bikini as she awaited the entrance of her opponent, then a door across the room opened and an athletic blonde in a pink bikini emerged.

“Jenny O’Dell…good. At least the TV audience will get a good show,” Rachel thought as she stepped out to greet her foe with an extended hand for the shorter blonde. “Good luck,” Rachel said, adding under her breath, “You’ll need it.”

“Nothing personal. I hope you understand that I’ll do whatever it takes to win,” Jenn replied confidently as she pumped the supermodel’s hand.

“I meant, Rachel calmly stated. “…the punishment I deal out bitch…it’s ALL personal.”

The women backed apart and began to circle. Jenn stepped in and grabbed a handful of red hair, twisted her hips and spun the redhead face first into the wall. WHAM! Jenn hopped up and planted her heels in Rachel’s tight ass, slamming the big Kiwi against the wall once more! Rachel pressed her hands off the wall, lifted both feet off the rug and kicked backward in a Mule Kick. Then as Jenn went sprawling, Rachel floated back to drop her left knee on Jenn’s right breast while the blonde lay on the floor.

“Unnnnnnngh!” Jenn moaned.

She shoved the lanky redhead off her chest, only to be trapped by Rachel’s long, lean legs as the redhead scissored her waist. Jenn turned to face her foe and quickly split Rachel’s legs apart and drove her left hand up under the swell of the redhead’s right breast. THUD.

“AWWWWWGHH!” The thumping impact drew a grunt from Rachel.

The redhead quickly probed Jenn’s chest with her own fingers and Jenn hissed as Rachel clamped down on her tits and squeezed fiercely until the shrieking blonde fired her right fist into her attacker’s gut below the navel and forced Rachel onto her back. Jenn heard Rachel groan again as her fingernails raked the big redheaded babes boobs. The blonde reached up and caught red tresses in her hands and pulled, jerking Rachel off and throwing her from atop her.

Jenn rolled beside her redheaded foe and wrapped her muscular thighs around the model’s midsection. Rachel grabbed Jenn’s waistband and jerked up, then drove her right knee into Jenn’s scissoring right hamstring. Jenn was forced off the redhead and rolled to safety just as Rachel’s legs Mule Kicked into the space she’d formerly occupied.

The perspiring women closed and Rachel hammered her left forearm down across Jenn’s breasts, pounding the protruding puppies flat and taking Jenn’s breath away. The blonde straightened up as Rachel’s right foot slammed up into her tummy and sent her staggering back into the wall with a loud WHUMP!

The redhead raised and extended her left leg, pinning the blond against the wall with her foot on the blonde’s throat. Jenn struggled until she finally broke the choke, but then slumped forward into Rachel’s arms, resting her cheek on the redhead’s accommodating right shoulder.

Rachel again took Jenn’s waistband in her right hand as her left dug deep into Jenn’s tight abs with a Stomach Claw. Rachel jerked the blonde off her feet by her bikini bottom and sent her crashing to the carpet. Jenn groaned as she lay on her stomach and Rachel’s right knee dropped down onto her right glute.

“Get up you tawdry strumpet!” Rachel demanded as she stepped on Jenn’s lower back. The redhead leaned over and kicked Jenn in the ribs, then again kicked the defensive blonde’s left thigh. “Damn it! Get up off the rug, you whore!” she chided as she hair-hauled Jenn to her feet.

The groggy blonde howled as Rachel grabbed her tit and twisted as she spun Jenn around in a tight circle. Jenn spiraled downward until she lay at the feet of the redhead who stood over her smirking. The redhead again hair-hauled the moaning blonde to her feet, then bent over and drove her right shoulder into Jenn’s midsection. “Unnnunnunnoomph.” Jenn grunted as Rachel drove her back against the wall. THUMP!

“Just doing what it takes to win trollop,” Rachel chuckled as she slapped the top of the blonde’s head and Jenn jackknifed forward. “Lick these off, will ya dearie?” Rachel taunted as she planted her left foot on her opponent’s flushed face.

Then the redhead bent down and gripped the straps of Jenn’s bikini top and dragged on her chest across the rug.

“Nooaaaughh shit…” Jenn howled, then the straps of her top broke, freeing her boobs and spilling them loose.

“May I have your surgeon’s name! He did good work on those puppies. Too bad I’m going to ruin his creation,” Rachel giggled as she gripped Jenn’s tits in both hands and twisted.

When Rachel let go of the soft orbs, she sat on Jenn’s back facing her legs. The redhead pressed her hips against the small of Jenn’s back as she reached down and grabbed the blonde by the knees. Jenn’s moans turned to pained howls as Rachel leaned back and spread her knees apart. As Rachel straightened her back and lifted her hips to drop her ass on Jenn’s back, the blonde’s tits were mashed into the rough carpet.

“Quit resting, you cheap slut !” Rachel growled as she CRACK spanked Jenn’s firm flank with her left palm.

The blonde lay face down on the carpet trying to regain her composure. Jenn had never been overwhelmed like this before and wasn’t sure what to do. Her first priority was to scream as Rachel’s fingers dug into her hair and winched her back off the rug to press head against sweaty thighs. Jenn felt elbows press against the back of her arms and hips bending to grind her face against moist flesh. The blonde groaned as her knees were trapped by long fingers and pulled forward until she was in a seated position. Jenn shrieked as the big redhead kept her head tucked in while jerking her ass off the carpet.

“Ooooof...” Jenn rasped as Rachel leaned ahead and rode her to the floor.

The redhead slid her hips along the bumpy path across Jenn’s torso and paused to grind her crotch into the blonde’s face before rising with a whoop. Rachel stood with feet straddling her conquest’s shoulders as she did a sensual bump and grind dance over Jenn’s face. The redhead ended with a flourish of her hands which she transitioned into a right palm to Jenn’s right breast. Rachel stomped her right heel into the groaning girl’s right orb and flexed her biceps at the camera.

“Want to submit strumpet? Here then are my terms,” Rachel snapped. “There’s just, make it two conditions. First, you must lick all the sweat off my thighs. swab my cunt with your tongue. Oh, there’s a third...I actually have three terms for your quitting. Third, you finger yourself to orgasm in front of these cameras. Oh, and finally ... I do have a fourth item for you to will clasp your hands behind your back and squirm on your plastic boobies until the camera runs out of film or your tits bleed...well, not bleed so much as blush really bright red. Those are my terms for your submission. Do you wish to comply?” Rachel yelled in her beaten foe’s face.

“Huh? No!” Jenn bleated as she raised her weary arms to cover her red, raw, bare breasts.

“Right then; strip you it is!” Rachel chuckled. She grabbed waistband and clumsily jerked it down the blonde’s thigh dragging Jenn’s bum and back across the stinging shag. Rachel stopped the removal in the middle of the room with Jenn’s panties around her knees and hopped up to drop her ass on the battered blonde’s gut. Jenn’s search for air was soon changed to a desire to moan and sob as Rachel flailed away at her searing chest. Rachel finally rose above the defiant blonde and slowly lowered her panties.

“Stop! You win…” Jenn snorted as Rachel dropped her ass on the weary blonde’s tits. “You win! I give…I give…I giimmmphhh…”

Her plaintive whimpers were abruptly cut off when the big redhead spun round and ground her groin into the sobbing lips below. Jenn’s arms slapped the rug in submission as her nose flattened against pubic stubble and her lips pressed into damp lips of Rachel’s choice. The blonde finally wrapped her arms around Rachel’s waist as the redhead’s back arched up to receive the full pleasure of tongue on slit.

“Oh! Oh! Yea! Oh, Jenny! OOHunnhh!” Rachel cooed then loosed a spray of juices into Jenn’s face.

The redhead ecstatically slid her hips down Jenn’s form and humped her sticky crotch onto Jenn’s sore tits until the blonde quit trying to buck her off. Rachel buried her right fingers into Jenn’s left boob and elongated the orb as she used it to wipe her crotch. Rachel clamped her right hand tight across Jenn’s throat and leaned forward to press her tits into the blonde’s battered breasts.

“OHMMNNPh!” Jenn sobbed as Rachel pinched her nose shut and pressed her lips to the blonde’s with a dominant kiss.

“Would you at least like to try number one then?” Rachel chortled as she raised her lips and gazed into the blue eyes of the shuddering blond below.

Rachel released Jenn and smirked as Jenn replied by licking her left inner thigh. The redhead slowly shifted her body until Jenn had swallowed the sweat accumulated on her upper leg.

The redhead raised off her quarry and tugged gently on Jenn’s hair to guide the blonde to her knees. The camera ran out of film as Jenn sobbed pitifully with her breasts sagging in front of Rachel’s bent knees as the big redhead SMACK swatted her right palm down on the blonde’s splendid ass for the third…WHAP…and fourth…and more, times. SPLAT! THWAP! CRACK!

While the TV audience watched Rachel spank Jenn’s rapidly reddening bottom, a news ticker style crawl across the bottom of the screen promoted the up-coming show, “Next weeks feature match: Supermodel/Talk Show Hostess Tyra Banks faces Oscar Winning Actress Charlize Theron on The Red Carpet.”