Konnie Huq vs. Louise Nurding-Redknapp by Harry

It started as a practical joke by Konnie Huq to get revenge on Cat Deeley for humiliating her in a catfight. Konnie had reluctantly appeared on Ms Deeley's Saturday morning show in a number of skits. In one, she was to appear dressed as a policewoman and be the butt of several jokes. Instead of letting it lie, Konnie stayed in costume and hung around on the sidelines as the show progressed. The next scheduled guest was Louise Nurding singing her current song, 'Stuck in the Middle with You' which had been recently released with a very sexy video but a distinct lack of critical approval. As Louise strutted her stuff in her outfit from the video; black ankle boots, black stockings, short black mini skirt, white blouse and a black tie, a plan formed in Konnie's mind.

In a flash, she walked on stage to "arrest" Nurding for 'crimes against music' and 'murdering a good song' and promptly slapped handcuffs on her which she carried as part of her costume. This flummoxed the production staff and took Ms. Nurding completely by surprise; so much so that didn't know whether this was a late alteration to the schedule or a wind up. Konnie left her no room for doubt as she dragged the singer off stage leaving the dancers perplexed and forcing the production staff to switch to some naff cartoon. It was when Louise and Konnie took her to an unused area of the production studio that Louise realized that this wasn't a planned event. Konnie was quited amused.

"What the fuck is going on you stupid cow?" snapped Louise, clearly irritated at the turn of events as she slipped off the plastic handcuffs and eyed the young Asian. Konnie was wearing a typical police uniform, sensible black shoes, black stockings, short black skirt, tight white blouse and a hat with her hair tied up.

"Getting my own back on Cat the slut," sneered Konnie. "Besides which, your song is so crap you deserve to be arrested for singing it!" she continued starting to giggle.

Louise just snapped and with a screech of rage, put her hands on the Asian TV presenters shoulders and pushed her back into the dressing room. This surprised Konnie as she actually had no quarrel with Louise. Still, having been pushed backward Konnie began to fight back. She took hold of the shoulders of Louise's blouse and began to struggle with her as they staggered round the room.

"Stupid cow!" hissed Louise as she knocked off Konnie's hat and reached for her raven black hair. Konnie responded by aiming to grab Louise's hair but before she could do so, Ms. Nurding had dragged her forward, spun and thrown Konnie towards a dressing table. With nothing to attack Konnie put her hands forward to steady herself, only to find that Louise was behind her now. With one hand the singer pulled Konnie's hair loose and then attacked the strands while the other grabbed the collar of her police blouse. With this grip on her opponent Louise now tried to bang Konnie's head down against the table, but each time Konnie was able to use her hands to prevent this happening. When the first couple of attempts failed, Louise began to pull at the back of Konnie's white blouse to gain extra leverage, causing ominous sounds of ripping cotton.

Konnie knew she had to fight back, and when she found herself about to be forced down to the table she instead used her hands to propel herself backwards and into Louise so that the pair of them staggered backwards. Fortunately for Konnie the two of them broke contact and she was able to turn and face Ms. Nurding before the singer could resume her attacks.

"You'll pay for that you talent-less bitch!" hissed the Asian TV presenter as she launched a vicious slap across Louise's face.

Louise stepped back with the venom of the blow that surprised her. But despite her clean cut image Louise knew how to bitchfight with the best! She launched herself forward, grabbing Konnie's dark hair, pulling and twisting it. Konnie responded in kind as she wrapped Louise's lighter colored hair round her fingers making the singer squeal. They started to stagger about the confines of the changing room, face to face as their bodies pressed tightly and their stockings rubbed and hissed. The sound of battle was soon joined by grunts and moans of pain and effort.

Louise tried to lash out with her booted feet, but failing to make contact she simply gave Konnie a chance to trip her. The pair of them fell, still locked together, onto their sides. Momentarily winded by this sudden introduction to the floor and carpet, the tempo slowed although their hands didn't move. As Louise came to her senses, she resumed hair pulling and yanked the Asian woman's head back.

Konnie responded by pulling hair in kind and then swung her left leg over that of her singer opponents which enabled her to roll over so she was kneeling above Louise. Sadly for her, there was little she could do to exploit this as Louise's grip on her hair kept her bent forward. Similarly Louise was struggling and thrashing her legs in an effort to make the position as uncomfortable as possible for Konnie while her knees rubbed and banged into the TV presenter's thighs and legs. Louise moved one of her hands out of Konnie's hair and instead placed it across her face pushing it upward.

"Get of me you stinking cow!" snarled Louise, intent now on handing out some humiliation to this upstart TV presenter.

Konnie moaned and squealed as her head was forced up and back painfully. She retaliated by moving her hand and clamping it over the singers right breast - squeezing through her blouse and bra. Louise arched her back in response to this attack, and in doing so, managed to roll herself and Konnie over until Konnie was on the bottom.

Even then, the raven-haired woman didn't relinquish her breast claw and, indeed, the switch of position allowed her to wrap her legs round Louise's thighs in a scissors. This was not what Louise had envisaged in this fight against the upstart TV presenter and in the new position she reached down and started to pull at Konnie's white blouse, ripping and tearing the flimsy material in the process.

Konnie responded by starting to pull open the singers top so she could get a hand inside and take a proper grip on her breast. But Louise was having none of it and kept one hand engaged in hair while pulling the other hand down and pushing it up under Konnie's short skirt. There followed a desperate, fumbling race between the two women to rip each other's clothes. It was a race that Louise won, initially tearing the top of Konnie's stockings she got her hands to work inside the TV presenters unseen panties, squeezing her firm, round backside. Pain shot through Konnie just as she ripped open the singers blouse and started to grope her breast flesh encased in a black bra.

"No!" wailed Konnie as Louise's fingers scratched at her flesh causing her to break her scissors so she could press her butt to the floor and keep it out of harms way. Now free of Konnie's painful scissors, Louise broke off her attack and moved her hand to protect her breast while continuing her hair pulling. Konnie struggled keeping hold of her opponents hair until she decided to return to proven tactics, viciously pulling Louise's hair and head to the right.

Louise toppled over with the force of this assault and, squealing in anguish, Konnie rolled with her. The two women were soon rolling across the carpet, body pressed against body, struggling for advantage. Each fluctuated between having one or both hands in the others ever dampening hair as they slapped any exposed parts of the others body. Their flailing feet kicked, largely ineffectually, and scrapped down each other's stockings causing long ladders to appear.

Insults, curses and slurs where hissed and they only broke apart when they rolled up against a closed wardrobe and Louise was able to push the Asian away so she could catch her breath. Konnie was secretly grateful for the pause herself and she too took an opportunity to pause and catch her breath. Although she prided herself on being fit, Konnie knew she had only limited experience in vicious cat fighting.

Louise rose to her feet, her outfit damp with sweat and in tatters but still largely intact. When she saw herself in a mirror she was filled with a burning desire to completely humiliate the non-entity TV presenter slag.

Snarling in a most un-Louise way, "Get on your feet slut!"

Konnie slowly stood up, satisfied to see the state that she had reduced this tart of a singer to. As Konnie took stock of her own state, Louise was reaching out for her hair pulling and yanking. Konnie responded in kind, tugging away at the singers hair with the added intensity of finding herself locked in this contest face to face with her opponent. Both women hurt like hell but neither was prepared to admit it.

Konnie's more practical footwear allowed her better a footing and she used it to her advantage to push Louise back into a long unused padded seat. The look of shock on Louise's face as the back of her legs made contact with the furniture made Konnie realize she now had the upper hand. Konnie used her grip on the singer's hair to force her down and followed her so that she was kneeling astride her seated opponent, banging her head against the headrest.

Louise let out a long stream of 'oh fuck's and 'get off me you fucking slag's' but to no avail.

When Konnie felt the pain in her scalp lessen she imagined Louise was about to give up so she was in for a surprise as she felt her blouse being finally ripped open and her bra being pushed up to expose her breasts. Louise's fingers clamped themselves on the dark breast flesh. Naturally, Konnie's brown nipples were hard from the excitement and intimate, if violent, contact with another woman and Louise had no hesitation in twisting and pinching them.

Now it was the TV presenter's turn to let out expletives and expressions of pain. She was caught in the dilemma of wanting to protect herself and still keep hurting Louise. In the end, Konnie let go of Louise's tangled and damp hair and started to rip at what was left of her white blouse. She had no hesitation in pulling down Louise's lacy black bra so that her white breasts and erect pink nipples were exposed.

Realizing what was about to happen to her, Louise braced herself as best she could as she started to pull Konnie's breasts apart by the nipples. But it was still a painful shock to her when Konnie assaulted her breasts, paying her back for her own nipple torture. Konnie's dark skinned fingers stood in stark contrast to the singers pale skin as she pressed the delicate flesh between her fingers and knuckles.

Louise let out a scream of anguish and arched her back, was unable to escape the pain that was being inflicted on her tender bosom. Just as Konnie thought the fight was swinging back her way, Louise brought her knee up catching the Asian woman at the base of her back. Although not all that painful, it distracted Konnie long enough for Louise to move her hand down the TV presenter's sweaty stomach and gain a handhold on the waistband of her dark skirt.

As Konnie recovered she felt her skirt being pulled down. When she realized her skimpy white panties - the only thing covering her crotch - were now exposed, she gave Louise's breasts an extra hard twist like the top of a sticking jar! She was rewarded by an almost tearful wail of pain but even that was nothing compared to her own scream when Louise grabbed her crotch and sunk her fingers in and scratched. Louise turned to yanking the thin white panties hard up into Konnie's womanhood but her now damp underwear ripped so instead she started to pull the Asian's dark, trimmed pubic hair.

Konnie had already learned that lesson in her previous fight so, not unsurprisingly, Konnie's reaction was to try and get away from her opponent. But in doing, so she forgot she was on top of the bench and she fell off of Louise and landed on her back on the floor. The result was that she had to let go of the singer's breasts although Louise also momentarily broke contact with her.

"If only the audience could see what a little skank you are, Konnie!" hissed Louise.

As Konnie lay on the floor slightly stunned, Louise was on her in a flash; one hand going for her crotch, the other trying to pin her down. The hand in her crotch immediately brought Konnie to her senses and she struggled to sit up so she could come to grips with Louise. Konnie tried to knee Louise in the crotch despite her pain, but Louise's askew skirt got in the way. Louise planted a hand on Konnie's face attempting to suffocate her and Konnie had to use both of her hands to pull it off of her if she wanted to stay in the fight. All the while, Louise's other hand cruelly and brutally tortured her pussy.

Konnie started to cry, not tears of surrender as Louise thought as she eased up slightly and instead started to rip at the TV presenters stockings; no, these were tears of rage!

As she pulled Louise's hand from her mouth, Konnie screamed, "You dirty fucking skank slut!"

She grabbed a handful of the footballer's wife's hair and pulled while her other fumbled with Louise's skirt. This genuinely took Louise aback and it took her a few seconds before she resumed her assault on Konnie's crotch. Louise was further surprised when Konnie used her hair hold to turn her over so they were both laying on their sides on the floor. Konnie had her other hand grabbing and ripping Louise's skirt which she was able to grab but not well enough to do proper damage to it.

Louise responded to Konnie's hair pulling by slapping the Asian's bare breasts, then putting her hand under Konnie's chin and pushing it back in hard, short, vicious bursts. Between her sobs, Konnie managed to finally rip off Louise's skirt to reveal her unclad crotch with a short covering of light colored pubic hair.

"Your husband know you don't wear panties in public, you cheap slut!" hissed Konnie as she reached out.

This time it was Konnie's fingers taking hold of the singer's short hairs at the same moment Louise gathered a handful of Konnie's raven black hair. As Louise banged Konnie's head on the head on the floor, Konnie's fingers began to pinch cruelly the most sensitive parts of Louise's womanhood. Konnie struggled to stay in the fight and the squeals of pain from Louise as she tugged her pubes, gave her hope.

But Konnie's hope evaporated as the waves of pain that washed over her and her tears of rage turned to sobs of anguish and pity as the room began to spin and her body went limp. Louise wasn't as vindictive as, oh, say one of the Spice Girls. She let go of Konnie after a few seconds and let her head drop to the floor one last time. After pausing to take stock, she stood up and saw her ripped outfit, laddered stockings, stringy and disheveled hair and her battered breasts. As she shook her head in amazement at her own ability to withstand pain, she was startled to hear clapping from behind her. Louise turned and saw Cat Deeley leaning on the door clapping.

"Atta girl Louise!" Cat said smiling, "you certainly showed that slut who's the boss!"

Louise smiled as Cat slipped her arm around her waist and supported her as she took her back to her dressing room so that no one could see her in this state. They left Konnie Huq's nearly nude body sprawled on the floor where it had fallen.