Liz Hurley vs. Anna Kournikova by Alexis 18-Jul-2000

Some young girls just don't know when to keep their mouth shut. At least, that's what Liz Hurley was thinking after she was told about Anna Kournikova's comment. It started when Kournikova posed in her sports bra in a Hanes advertisement in the papers during Wimbledon. The ad read: "Only the ball should bounce." In the same issue, Liz Hurley was pictured naked in a Estee Lauder advertisement. When asked what she thought about how Liz looked, Anna said flatly, "I think she's ugly."

Liz handled it with aplomb as writers asked her for a comment about Anna. Liz simply said, "I think she's very beautiful."

People remarked about Liz's class and how she didn't let the youngster's brash comments bother her. Liz did not believe in a public battle. Instead she had something else planned. And that's why she paid the desk clerk at the London Ritz-Carlton $500 for Anna's room key.

When Anna came back to her room from a social function there were no lights on. Her clothes were still scattered over various chairs as were her tennis equipment, including uniforms, balls and spare rackets. She closed the door, took of her coat, thought about taking off her heels but didn't, and was ready to sit down and relax for the next day's match.

A voice from the darkness cooed, "Don't bother getting comfortable you little UGLY whore. I'm about to teach you a lesson in manners you will never forget."

By the time Anna turned around Liz Hurley was already on her. Anna is 5'8" but Liz still towered over her. She tugged at the smaller blonde's hair and slapped her face. Anna was tired from the day's long match. She stumbled and fell over the coffee table. Liz yanked her to her feet by her hair and slapped her face again. And then she used a backhand which sent the smaller, younger woman tumbling over the couch. Liz was on her quickly, again pulling her to her feet by her hair. Anna was shocked. She was sore. And the young athlete was getting the stuffing knocked out of her by the older femme fatale. Again Liz used the back of her hand on Anna, sending her staggering against the wall.

"Now that's what I call a backhand, bitch!" Liz shouted. "By the time I'm done with you you'll really know what 'ugly' means."

By now Anna was whimpering. She was out of breath. Her face was stinging from the slaps. She could taste her own blood inside her mouth. Her head hurt from where the taller and more experienced Englishwoman had yanked her around. Liz pulled Anna towards her and pulled the smaller blonde's face deep into her cleavage. Liz was wearing a black leather mini-dress, low cut, which revealed her wondrous, soft breasts. Not only did she have a height advantage, she also had on knee-high black leather boots with five-inch heels which caused her to tower over Anna.

The surprise attack and experience of Liz had already had their effect on the 19-year-old tennis star who was struggling for air. Her pretty face was nestled deeply in Liz's ample breasts. She was getting lightheaded and the smell of the leather and Liz's perfumed cleavage made her even more dizzy. Liz yanked Anna's face from her cleavage just before Anna was to pass out.

"I need to keep you awake little girl. Hugh's on his way up in about twenty minutes and I promised him I'd put on quite a show with you."

Again she backhanded Anna, who reeled face first into the wall. Liz was on the attack again. She was relentless. She slid her fingers under Anna's short white dress and yanked it up over the pretty blonde's head and arms. Anna was all tangled up in her own dress which made it easier for Liz to lead her towards the couch and lean her over the back of it so her muscular ass was in the air. When she bent over, Anna's thong dug into her crack as she struggled to free herself from the confines of her dress which served as a straight jacket.

Liz laughed out loud with her haughty accent and then started spanking Anna's ass. She spanked is so hard and for so long the muscular ass started to hurt her hand. To give her palms a break, Liz slid her fingers down to the back of Anna's knees and dug her nails in and dragged them up the tennis star's hamstrings. This caused Anna to scream and to squirm helplessly.

Liz then took the opportunity to pull the younger woman back up to her feet. Anna's head and arms were still tangled in her dress. Liz pushed her back against the wall again and reached up and ripped off Anna's exposed bra revealing the largest set of nipples she had ever seen on another woman. This turned on Liz a great deal. And she now could hardly wait for Hugh to get there so she could put on her show with the youngster.

"Hugh will love these," Liz said.

She used one hand to pinch and pull at one of the nipples while using her other hand to hold the dress over Anna's head. With just a couple of pulls on the nipples, the grew even larger and inspired Liz to do something even more wicked. She made sure Anna was still tangled in her dress when she bent down and pushed both of Anna's smaller breasts together. She pushed so hard the large nipples were turned towards one another. Liz then placed her mouth on both nipples at once. It wasn't easy since they were so big.

Then, once she had them between her lips she bit down firmly and held them in her mouth. Anna's screeches were muffled by the dress over her head. Then Liz let go of Anna's breasts with her hands and just held them between her teeth. Then like a dog ripping into meat, she bit down harder and tugged savagely back and forth on the young hard breasts. Anna was now screaming for mercy and close to passing out again. But Liz just laughed through clenched teeth while whipping her face back and forth as fast as she could.

The pain was too much for the 19-year-old and she started to slide down the wall but Liz wouldn't let her. She stopped her with a knee placed between her thighs.

After Liz tired of her chew toy nipples she said, "I think it's time for another backhand. You know, my tennis coach always felt it was my strong suit when I was your age, so long ago."

With that she let her backhand fly against both smaller, hard breasts. The nipples grew even bigger if that is at all possible with the stinging shot. Anna struggled with the dress and was almost out of it. When Liz pushed forward with her body weight to pin the girl back against the wall.

"You're not going anywhere, not until Hugh gets here at least."

With that she thrust her breasts against Anna's and pinned her back against the wall.

But the pin had a strange effect as the large nipples of the younger woman pushed right through the thick leather of Liz's dress and flattened her larger but softer breasts. It actually hurt Liz. She stepped back for a moment to look down and that's when Anna drove her powerful leg upward, lifting her knee right between Liz's milky thighs. It was a blind shot, since Anna's face was still covered by her dress, but she could tell she had found her mark first by the thud of her knee against the soft flesh of Liz's vagina, which then drove deep against her bone. Liz was breathless. She stumbled forward accidentally into Anna but the blinded Anna again lifted her knee. Again it was a direct hit as Liz let out a silent scream and sucked for air. The older Brit's thigh's shook, she reeled in a half circle and then collapsed over the back of the couch with her ass in the air, her hands holding her pussy over her thong.

This gave Anna the freedom to pull the dress from her sweaty face. She was red and blotchy and breathing heavily. She took a moment to catch her breath. She wanted to run from the room or just fall down against the wall and sit and cry but she couldn't resist the sight she saw in front of her. There was the famous Liz Hurley, bent over the couch, her luscious thighs in the air along with her soft ass. She was writhing in pain while she slowly rocked back and forth. Anna could hear Liz gasping for air with her face against the cushions of the couch. The young tennis star wasted no time in raising her knee to the exact same target, this time from behind. Liz's hands were in the way and her fingers paid the price. The older woman immediately gasped and tried to scream but was still breathless. She pulled her hands away from her pussy.

Anna then thought about giving the older pussy another hard knee, but then remembered Liz talking about her backhand. She looked around the suite and found what she was looking for. She grabbed one of her spare tennis rackets and stepped right behind her target again. She brought the racket back, turned it so it would fit between Liz's high class thighs and then followed through with the hardest backhand she had ever stroked. The titanium racket gave a sickening thud against pussy then bone.

Liz's body lurched first up and then collapsed down. Her thighs were spasming. Again Anna, angry and looking for revenge, followed through with another backhand. This time Liz's legs shot out straight and then collapsed over the back of the couch flaccidly. She hung there lifelessly.

Liz's body was barely moving. Anna didn't want her to be able to scream when she came around so she took a tennis ball, opened Liz's beautiful mouth and placed the ball between her teeth like a pig with an apple in its mouth. To make sure the ball would not go anywhere she pulled out a pair of sheer thigh-high stockings from her suitcase and wrapped one around the back of Liz's head and the tennis ball.

Anna then took two tennis balls and slid them down the back of Liz's thong. She pushed one hard up against Liz's furry patch of pubic hair and made the swollen and sore lips open slightly to take it in. She took the other ball and placed it against Liz's stuck up English asshole. Liz was nearly oblivious to it all. The whacks with the racket had driven her towards unbelievable pain and close to unconscious. Anna then used her racket again slightly tapping each ball through the thong. She tapped harder and harder. Liz could feel the yellow fuzz rubbing against her injured lips but the softness of the ball felt good against her clit. The harder Anna hit the balls, the more Liz started to stir and squirm.

To make certain she could not move she took the other stocking she had retrieved and tied Liz's hand's behind her back. Again she went back to firmly whacking the balls with the racket. When it seemed like Liz was about to pass out again the wicked 19-year-old stopped and gently massaged the balls against the older woman's ass and clit through the thong. This brought about an uncontrollable surge of orgasmic pleasure as Liz's body tensed and quivered. Her orgasmic scream was blocked by the ball against her mouth.

After Liz had orgasmed and her thighs had spasmed and weakened again Anna came up with one more idea. She pulled the thong off of Liz and took her fingers and slid three of them right up inside the gurgling Englishwoman. But Liz had no fight left in her as a girl half her age rammed her fingers in and out of the model. Then when Liz was ready to cum once more, Anna stopped, removed her fingers from the wetness and then wickedly took her racket and slid the handle roughly inside Liz Hurley's cunt, causing the older woman's body to writhe in pain, torment, humiliation and then finally, another uncontrollable orgasm. Anna left the racket in Liz when the doorbell rang.

Anna greeted Hugh Grant at the door naked. She warned Hugh that if he didn't do what she said, she would call the police and the press about what had just happened. Not only had the high and mighty Liz Hurley broken into her hotel suite, she had attacked her. She reminded Hugh that that wouldn't look good in the press. She told him she'd already taken photos of Liz. Then she made him sit naked on the couch next to where Liz's head rested (she was still bent over the back of the couch) while Anna dropped to her knees and sucked him off in front of Liz.

"If you thought Divine Brown was good, wait to you feel this," she said before she had started.

And she was right.

Hugh couldn't control himself inside the mouth of a 19-year-old arrogant and beautiful tennis player as she made him cum in front of the very dominant Liz who stayed tied in her position with one of Anna's rackets stuck deep inside of her.