The Battle of Britain: Elizabeth Hurley vs. Melinda Messenger by SamDog 16-Jun-2000

The gym was cold and dimly lit as Elizabeth Hurley entered the ring, dressed in a robe. Slipping out of the robe, Elizabeth revealed her elegant body, dressed in nothing but a red bikini. Elizabeth stared across the ring at Melinda Messenger, who had already stripped to a gold string bikini and was now stretching in her corner. Though they each had wanted to rip apart the other with her nails, neither woman's career would succeed with scars of battle, as the brunette reluctantly wore a red pair of opera gloves and the blonde wore a black pair.

Walking over to her, Melinda jabbed her finger into Liz' left tit and taunted, "You dumb bitch. When I'm through, your ugly face will be so badly rearranged that you'll never show yourself in public again!"

Elizabeth replied, "Try it, whore. I'd poke your breast too, but I don't want saline squirting everywhere..."

Insulted, the blonde slapped her across the face and Elizabeth responded with a slap of her own. The two then lunged together, starting the brawl.

Elizabeth was at the top of her game. With both her modeling and acting career, she'd established herself as a dominant British star. However, she also wanted to make that known physically, not just by her reputation. Naturally, she and Melinda, also very popular, would eventually face off against each other. While she'd done well in fights against other up-and-coming British starlets, the brunette was worried about Melinda. She'd had a lot of trouble in fights against Catherine Zeta-Jones and Cindy Crawford. Melinda on the other hand had fared very well against Catherine, and had totally demolished Cindy. Elizabeth knew she was in for a tough time.

The two stumbled around the ring, screaming as they pulled each other's hair. Suddenly, Melinda let go and landed a pair of punches to the face, sending Elizabeth stumbling backwards. Melinda continued punching her, knocking the brunette onto the ropes. Bending her over the ropes, the blonde continued to hammer on Elizabeth's face as the brunette cried out in pain. Desperate, Elizabeth punched her twice in her belly, pausing her attack as the blonde groaned in pain. The brunette continued to punch her in the belly, pursuing Melinda as she backpedaled. Suddenly, Melinda lunged forward and clotheslined Elizabeth, knocking her to the canvas. Grabbing her hair, the blonde pulled her up and began ramming her face-first into a turnbuckle, the brunette groaning with each blow as she sank to her knees.

As Elizabeth moaned in pain, Melinda began ramming her knee into her back, digging it into her kidneys as the brunette screamed aloud. Grabbing her hair, Melinda pulled Elizabeth to her feet and twisted her around, slamming her back into the corner. As the blonde began slapping her in the face and snapping her head back and forth, Elizabeth desperately grabbed Melinda's tits and began squeezing and pulling on them right through her top. Melinda screamed and slammed her knee twice into Elizabeth's cunt, grinning as she screamed and dropped her hands to defend her womanhood.

Ripping off Liz' top, the blonde grabbed her tits and began yanking left and right as the brunette howled in agony.

Elizabeth screamed aloud as the blonde squeezed and pulled on her breasts, grinning at the brunette's agony and taunting, "What's wrong, bitch? Can't take the pain? Too bloody bad!"

Radiant, Melinda began twisting Elizabeth's tits left and right, relishing in her cries as she futilely tried to pry Melinda's hands from her aching breasts. Desperate, Elizabeth tore off Melinda's top and grabbed her breasts, struggling to fight back as she gouged her fingers into her breasts. Letting go of the brunette's tits, Melinda began punching them viciously, flattening them as the brunette screamed in agony.

Desperate, Elizabeth began slamming Melinda's tits together, the blonde screaming in pain as the brunette slowly backed her out of the corner. Letting go, the blonde grabbed Elizabeth's nipples and began yanking down on her tits by them, the brunette screaming aloud. Elizabeth grimaced as Melinda pinched and twisted her nipples, wrapping her fingers around her tits and digging her nails into them as the brunette howled in agony. Wrapping her arms around her waist, Melinda picked the brunette up and powerbombed her to the canvas, as Elizabeth groaned in pain. Standing over her, Melinda began kicking and stomping on Elizabeth, the brunette crying out with each blow as she curled up into a fetal position.

Rolling Elizabeth on her back, Melinda dropped to her knees, driving her kneecaps into the brunette's tits as she screamed in pure agony. Straddling her, the blonde grabbed Elizabeth's nipples and began twisting them back and forth as the brunette screamed and grabbed her wrists, trying to free herself. Sinking her fingers into the brunette's tits, Melinda began gouging them as Elizabeth howled in pain. The blonde then began slamming her tits together, mashing them together as Elizabeth cried out loud.

Letting go, Melinda began slapping Elizabeth's tits back and forth before pressing her hands into them, mashing them against her chest as the brunette screamed aloud. Desperate, Elizabeth reached up and grabbed Melinda's breasts, twisting them frantically and trying to free herself. Ignoring the pain, Melinda began punching her tits as Elizabeth screamed aloud, tears streaming down her face. Standing, Melinda pulled Elizabeth to her feet and rammed her knee into her cunt five times, as the brunette sobbed and slumped to the canvas.

Picking Elizabeth up, Melinda carried her to a corner and placed her upside down against the turnbuckle. Elizabeth's legs were on either side of the cornerpost, hanging over the top rope at the knee as her arms dangled uselessly. Grinning, the blonde began punching Elizabeth's cunt, her fists ramming into the brunette's soft pussy as she screamed with each blow. Grabbing the ropes, Melinda began ramming her knee into Elizabeth's tits, relishing her sobs as the brunette's breasts were flattened against her chest. Finally, Melinda grabbed Elizabeth's ankles and straightened out her legs, letting the brunette slide to the canvas. Watching as she slowly made it to her hands and feet, Melinda slammed her foot up into Elizabeth's tits. Melinda relished the feeling of her foot flattening Elizabeth's breasts against her chest as the brunette cried out, knocked backwards and slumped in the corner.

Grabbing Elizabeth's legs, Melinda dragged her out of the corner into the middle of the ring.

Spreading her legs, Melinda grinned as Elizabeth weakly begged, "Please, no, don't hurt me..."

Relishing in her cries momentarily, Melinda dropped to the canvas, slamming her knee into Elizabeth's cunt as the brunette screamed aloud and began sobbing weakly. Straddling her, Melinda began twisting and clawing her tits, before reaching down with one hand and punching Elizabeth twice in her cunt. The brunette screamed as the pain permeated through her entire body, lying beaten on the canvas as tears flowed from her eyes. Exuberant, Melinda sat on her chest, facing her legs, and ripped off her bikini bottom.

Grinning, Melinda began ripping out Elizabeth's cunt hair, shouting, "Bitch! Scream for me!" as the brunette moaned and struggled beneath her, her legs flailing uselessly.

Bouncing her ass several times on her chest as the brunette groaned with each blow, Melinda began pulling and twisting Elizabeth's pussy lips before she reached into her cunt, raking her inner walls as the brunette sobbed loudly.

Unable to take any more, Elizabeth shouted, "I GIVE!!!! PLEASE!!! NO MORE!!!!!!"

Reaching deeper into her cunt, Melinda grabbed Elizabeth's clit and began twisting and pulling on it, shouting, "Say it, slut! Who's the better woman?"

Battered and beaten as she sobbed in pain, the words finally escaped Elizabeth's mouth as she moaned, "You are."

Elizabeth continued to sob uncontrollably as the blonde continued to work over her pussy with her fingers.

Melinda scooted backwards, sitting on the brunette's face and grinding her ass into her face as she continued to maul her cunt, taunting, "Don't worry, bitch! I've just started with you..."

Elizabeth struggled frantically to escape from Melinda's clutches, but to no avail as the pain was immense and her air supply was slowly dwindling. Desperate, Elizabeth bit down hard on Melinda's pussy as the blonde screamed in pure agony and momentarily halted her attack. Seeing her chance, Elizabeth brought her legs up and wrapped them around the blonde's neck. Letting go with her mouth, the brunette brought her legs down, bringing the blonde with them as her head was slammed into the canvas.

As the two slowly made it to their feet, Elizabeth managed to kick Melinda in the back, sending her into a corner and slamming against the turnbuckle, flattening her voluminous breasts as she cried out in pain.

Turning her around, the brunette grabbed Melinda's tits and began pulling and squeezing them as the blonde screamed in agony. Coming to her senses, Melinda began fighting back, punching Elizabeth in the face as she split her lip and snapped her head back and forth, blood flying everywhere. Desperate to stay on the offensive, the brunette slammed her knee into Melinda's cunt again and again. The blonde screamed with each blow as she slowly sank to the canvas, holding her wounded womanhood as she sobbed in agony.

Suddenly, Melinda screamed aloud as Elizabeth pulled her up to her feet by her tits. Turning her around, Elizabeth trapped the blonde in a hammerlock. Grinning, the brunette shoved the blonde hard, smashing her into the corner as the turnbuckle mashed the blonde's tits as Melinda cried out in pain.

Laughing, Elizabeth taunted, "What's wrong, bitch? Do those weak balloons of yours hurt? I guess you're not as tough as you thought..."

Letting go with one hand, Elizabeth began punching Melinda in her back, the blonde's legs going limp. Turning her around, Elizabeth slammed her back into the turnbuckle and sent two punches to the blonde's belly, Melinda groaning as she doubled over. Pulling her up straight by her hair, Elizabeth then slapped her twice across the face, snapping her head left and right. The brunette finally pulled the blonde's head down and brought her knee up at the same time, Elizabeth's knee connecting solidly with Melinda's forehead as the gorgeous blonde dropped to her hands and knees, dazed.

Pulling her back up, Elizabeth draped Melinda's arms over the top ropes as the blonde hung limply. Suddenly, Melinda was brought screaming back into reality, howling as the brunette viciously squeezed her breasts. The blonde screamed aloud as Elizabeth began raking her nails across the front of her tits, leaving red welts and bloody scratches as she ravaged Melinda's tits. Her eyes blazing with fury, Elizabeth punched Melinda's breasts again and again, knocking them in every direction and mashing them against her chest as the blonde cried out, sobbing in agony. Unable to defend herself as the brunette grabbed her tits and began twisting them, Melinda desperately grabbed Elizabeth's wrists and tried vainly to free her aching tits.

"You miserable slut!" Elizabeth taunted, "You won't be showing off your ugly udders any time soon!"

Reaching down, Elizabeth ripped off Melinda's bikini and began ripping out the blonde's cunt hair, smiling as she relished the blonde's cries of agony. Grasping her pussy lips between her fingers, Elizabeth began pulling, pinching, and twisting them before letting go and punching the blonde in her crotch, Melinda's resistance totally destroyed by the brunette. Reaching inside her pussy, Elizabeth began raking her nails across Melinda's inner walls, before finding her clit, pulling and twisting it as the blonde sobbed aloud, finally screaming her surrender.

Dragging her out from the corner, Elizabeth put Melinda in a reverse headlock and began pumping her knee into the blonde's tits, mashing them against her chest as she cried out with each blow. The brunette letting go, Melinda fell to her hands and knees, a mere shell of her former self. Dazed, the blonde was helpless as Elizabeth slammed her foot into her face, knocking her onto her back. Standing over her fallen foe, Elizabeth stepped on Melinda's hair and reached down, grabbing her red and swollen boobs. The brunette then yanked upwards on them, the blonde screaming in utter agony as her back was pulled up off the floor.

"What's wrong, bitch," Elizabeth taunted, "not such hot shit any more?"

Letting her fall back to the canvas, Elizabeth yanked up with all of her strength again, lifting Melinda's back off the floor once again as the blonde screamed and sobbed uncontrollably.

Not letting go, Elizabeth asked, "Who's the dumb, two-bit whore?"

Melinda sobbed and didn't answer at first, but after the brunette dug her nails into her battered breasts.

Melinda weakly replied, "I am."

Yanking up even harder, Elizabeth asked, "So which one of us is the better woman? Say it, bitch!"

Totally defeated, Melinda replied, "You, you are! Please, stop!!! No more....."

Unable to take any more pain in her breasts, Melinda finally passed out, ending her suffering. Letting the blonde fall back to the canvas, Elizabeth planted her foot on Melinda's chest, relishing in her victory. The blonde had given her quite a beating, but it was nothing compared to what she'd done to her. Stepping through the ropes, Elizabeth left, leaving Melinda a beaten and battered mess lying in the ring.