Claudia Schiffer vs. Elizabeth Hurley (The Beach Brawl by SamDog 01-Jul-99)

Claudia Schiffer walked slowly across the deserted beach. Obscured from view by two large sand dunes and away from most tourist roadways, there was nothing there but the sand, the sea, the birds, and her opponent. At the other end, Claudia saw Elizabeth Hurley. She was decked out in a black halter top and matching lycra shorts, and apparently had been waiting for some time. Dressed in a leopard-spotted bikini, Claudia adjusted her top as she walked over to Liz. If the fucking bitch wanted a fight, she'd be sure to give her one.

The two women came together, grabbing each other's hair. Claudia released her hold with her right hand and started throwing punches, as Liz did the same. Suddenly, Liz was kneed savagely in the crotch by Claudia and collapsed to the ground in agony as the blonde tugged on her hair and dragged her up again. Claudia smiled cruelly as she kneed her right breast repeatedly, till she released the brunette to fall to the ground holding her tit and sobbing in pain. As Claudia began to straddle Liz, the brunette bucked wildly, knocking the blonde off her. Rising quickly to her feet, Liz nailed Claudia with a kick as she got to all fours, knocking her back with a kick square on the jaw.

Pulling Claudia to her feet, Liz cocked her fist and landed a powerful right to the blonde's face, as Claudia staggered backwards. Liz put up her fists and Claudia followed suit, trading hard breast and gut punches with the British bombshell till she was driven back in pain from a pair of vicious uppercuts to each of her tits, trying to cover up from her foe's savage assault. Another pair of unanswered blows to Claudia's face and tits put her on her ass as Liz trapped her immediately in a standing scissors, pulling on the blonde beauty's hair and leaving clumps of it at her feet on the sand to drift away in the light breeze. Claudia ripped off Liz's halter top and began attacking her tits, as Liz punched her face. Claudia brought her right hand up and attacked her foe's left tit with little effect till she picked up a handful of sand and rubbed it harshly into the breast for a minute. Soon the English girl was red faced and screaming in agony, her tit rubbed raw from the abrasive sand. Claudia added a punch to Liz's jaw that snapped her head back and sent her hair flying from the force of the blow as she crashed to the ground.

On their feet, the two women crashed together again. Thin, lush thighs flashed, kicked, and locked together as the women struggled in a tight embrace, screaming and scratching. Suddenly, with feline grace, speed, and ferocity, the two girls launched their bodies together. Long, tapering fingers clutched at billowing hair, gripped tight, and pulled savagely. Liz's hand clutched around Claudia's back, her clawing fingers snagged on the blonde's bra strap. As she tore it off, Liz felt a thousand needles of pain in her scalp where Claudia held a fierce two-handed grip on her luxurious brunette hair. Attacking relentlessly, the two girls screeched wildly as they pitted their feminine voluptuousness against one another. Disregarding the hold Claudia had on her hair, Liz pulled back on her top until it shed from her body. Claudia's hands flew down to protect her clothing, but it was too late. Liz had her bikini bottom in tatters as she ripped it from Claudia's full hips.

Freed from the restraint of her clothing and terribly angered at this humiliation, Claudia suddenly lashed out with her fists, knocking Liz to the sand. Showing her tremendous fury, Claudia flung her body on top of Liz. Striking and clawing wildly, she put Liz on the defensive. A trickle of blood appeared at the corner of Liz's mouth. As Claudia crawled over Liz, the fight reached a feverish pitch. Scratching, biting, pulling hair, the girls ripped into each other mercilessly. Their bodies writhed together in an angry tangle of flesh. Liz's fingers dug into Claudia's smooth, white tits and drew harsh, crimson lines across them, as Claudia screamed in pain. Claudia and Liz were knotted together in an angry embrace. Claudia ripped off Liz's shorts and ripped her hand into Liz's cunt, as she screamed in pain.

However, Liz had greater endurance than Claudia, as she finally rolled the blonde under her and, straddling her thighs over Claudia's hips, was able to hold her there. Claudia fought desperately to break Liz's hold, ripping her fingers into the brunette's breasts. The two women strained their bodies together. Liz was slowing overcoming the weakening Claudia, exulting as she brought her knees up on Claudia's shoulders and pinned her. Holding Claudia down solely with her legs, Liz had her completely subdued. Liz was winning the wild brawl, and was hammering home her victory, as Claudia's face slowly became a bloody mess. Liz stood, pulling Claudia to her feet. She then punished Claudia with punches to the temple, face, jaw, breasts, stomach and cunt. Claudia was defenseless and could only stagger backwards, hoping to escape the next blow. Finally, Claudia fell beaten into the shallow edge of the surf. Liz laughed as she grabbed Claudia's arm, dragging her deeper into the water. Liz pushed Claudia's head underwater until Claudia's desperate flailing to breathe halted. She then dragged the gasping girl back to the sand.

Claudia spit out a mouthful of sand as Liz's hand gripped her head by her hair and pulled it off the ground as she slammed her knee into the small of Claudia's back. She cried out as Liz grabbed her right ass cheek and gouged her nails into it. Liz released her hair and reached around to grab Claudia's boob, confident in her dominant position as she sank her nails into the luscious orb from the side , tugging it upwards. Claudia struggled hard and managed to twist around and then brought her elbow crashing into Liz's large right breast, driving into it deeply and sending it flying upwards as Claudia grabbed it and pushed at it, forcing Liz to the ground onto her back with her attack on it.

Claudia straddled her as she screamed in rage under her, bucking then ripping at her left tit with her nails, just as Claudia was able to grab it by the wrist like the other already was. The nails leaving trails of blood behind as Claudia's face twisted in agony. She tucked each hand under her legs securely as Liz shrieked in frustration trying to get her arms out. Now free to send some blows into Liz's face, she smashed Liz's, nose breaking it, adding her blood to what Claudia had already contributed, then she pummeled Liz's face before she grabbed her tits and smashed them into each other as she gouged her nails in. She then switched and jabbed her fingers into the underside of each one, ripping at and mangling the tender flesh with her sharp nails as Liz cried out.

Liz's voice rose to a high pitch as Claudia ripped her hand deeply into her foe's right breast, flattening it against her ribcage while Liz bellowed. Blood vessels burst as another harsh flattening blow drove in, again sinking in deeply as Liz's face contorted in agony. Liz backhanded her hand across Claudia's lower lip, splitting it open and snapping her head back as hair and blood flew through the air in unison. Liz drove her own fingers into Claudia's cunt and ripped her nails into her clit. She was soon driving Claudia off her as she twisted her clit in her nails. Liz reached out, grabbing Claudia's tits and crushing the flesh between her fingers and palm, Claudia's screams blending with the crashing surf as it hit the rocks. Suddenly, blood flew from her face as it snapped back from a blow to her chin, tugging on Claudia's throbbing boob till her nails rake down it opening cuts as they go till five bloody scratch marks cover the whole front of her tit.

Claudia clutched the wounded tit in her hand as she moaned in pain, then with her eyes blazing she used her free hand and slammed her hand palm first down onto the nipple of her foe's tit sending the titflesh outwards as her hand rammed into it, driving the nipple painfully almost into the ribcage. She slapped at the outside, sending it flying into the other one. Claudia then proceeded to forehand and backhand them over and over till they were covered in black and blues. Grabbing the tenderized flesh in her hands had Liz screaming at the top of her lungs, her once magnificent tits all bruised up and swollen to twice their normal size.

Suddenly, Liz grabbed a handful of sand and threw it into Claudia's eyes, blinding her. As she struggled to clear her vision, Liz grabbed Claudia's tits and threw her off her. Claudia rose slowly to her feet, never seeing Liz's knee till it was too late as it smashed into her unprotected crotch almost lifting her off her feet! A red faced and wounded Claudia tried to stay on her feet but Liz punched her right in the kisser, sending her on her way to the sand. Liz was right on her and trapped her in a waist scissors from behind, her strong legs crushing Claudia. Liz enjoyed her moans of pain as she pinched her nipples while Claudia pulled at her legs and bucked wildly trying to escape. Liz had no intention of losing her dominant position and sent some teeth rattling punches to the sides of Claudia's head that settled the pretty blonde down and resumed her nipple torture as tears began to stream down a devastated Claudia's face.

Liz grabbed a hand full of sand and slammed it into Claudia's cunt as she bellowed out in agony, screaming even louder as Liz ground her fist in using the abrasive sand to tear at the blonde's cunt. Grabbing a handful of sand she reached around and rubbed it savagely into Claudia's larger tits, alternating till they were covered with sand burns and Claudia was sobbing in absolute agony, totally devastated at Liz's use of the harshly abrasive sand. Liz released the German blonde, allowing her to fall forward onto the sand. Liz jumped ass first onto her back, her well shaped ass cheeks ramming the poor blonde to the sand and sandwiching her tits roughly and painfully between her rump and the sand.

Claudia's tits oozed out the sides of her body as Liz jammed her knee down on the right one, grinding the soft flesh brutally into the sand as Claudia screeched out in utter agony, her face red and tears starting to fall down her lovely face. Liz taunted her as she reached back and tugged a handful of her foe's curly pubic hair from her pussy, threatening to bald her if she didn't surrender. She basked in Claudia's pleas for mercy but refused to release her till she surrendered fully to her and said she was the better woman. Claudia was crying in agony as Liz's knee ground her tit deeper into the hard abrasive sand till the scream was suddenly cut off. Liz was pushing the blonde's face into the sand, cutting off her air. Liz maintained her hold until Claudia passed out.

Rising to her feet, Liz pulled Claudia up by her tits and began slapping her in the face, as the blonde slowly came to. Liz released her hold and began throwing bombs at the surprised blonde, driving her back as blow after blow connected with her face, chest and stomach as Liz continued taking her apart punch by punch. Liz ripped two hard jabs into each of Claudia's pert tits then began assaulting her belly as the blonde struggled to block the punches and counter punch. A left hook exploded on Claudia's right eye, already almost swollen shut, and as she grunted in pain she blindly threw a right roundhouse. Liz never saw it coming as it plowed past her arm and into her nose, blood spurting out all over both of them before she went flying backwards.

The blonde shook her head trying to clear out the cobwebs from her foe's fists slamming into her head and seconds later she furiously grabbed Liz by the hair and lifting her up, she smashed two punches into her mouth then another two into each of Liz's breasts as the brunette let out a pained cry. Claudia slammed her forearm into Liz's tits, sending her backwards in pain as she followed up with a knee to stomach that doubled the brunette over and with a smile Claudia straightened her up with an uppercut that blasted her in the face as Liz collapsed to the sand just about knocked out. Grabbing Liz's legs, Claudia spread them apart and slammed her foot into the brunette's cunt over and over, as Liz screamed, begging for mercy. Flipping her over, Claudia began dragging Liz around the sand and in half a minute she was crying out in agony from the abrasive sand as it continually tore at her skin. Her breasts were getting dragged red and raw, her nipples on fire as she tried to keep them covered to no avail.

Claudia let go of Liz's legs and grabbing her tits, pulled her up to her feet. Her rival's face was filled with even more pain and agony, her supple breasts all but covered in bruises as they were torn upwards and she was painfully forced to follow them. Claudia rammed her knee into Liz's cunt, reveling in her cry of pain. Claudia slammed her knee into Liz's cunt again, her face a mask of hate while Liz's was one of agony. The beach filled with screams coming from Liz as she was dragged back upwards by her tits seconds after starting to slump down to the ground. Claudia twisted each tit in her hands and slammed her knee into Liz's cunt once more. Liz went beyond her capacity for pain and passed out, her triumphant rival's hands releasing her bruised and swollen tits as she finally let the defeated British beauty fall to the sand in utter defeat. Claudia strut away victoriously, looking sexier then ever before. As Liz slowly came to her senses, she vowed revenge and took the long way out of the dunes, not wanting to be seen.