Shania Twain vs. Liz Hurley: Poolside Domination by New Guy 08-Oct-00

It had been a hard night for Shania Twain. She had just returned to her luxurious hotel at 2 in the morning, completely spent and exhausted from her concert, less than half an hour before. Her whole body ached, but, she was too wired to simply fall asleep, and wanted to relax. She remembered the hotel had a pool in the very back, so she thought maybe she would go for a nice relaxing dip in the cold water. To her dismay however, she found that she forgot her bathing suit in her tour bus.

"Damn it!" Shania said.

However she looked out the window and saw complete darkness. She smiled and took all her clothes off, put on a bathrobe, and merrily trotted down the steps to the pool.

By the time she hit pool side, she felt a little funny, but, never the less she quickly looked around, and dropped her robe, leaving her completely nude. She giggled and walked into the pool, and swam to the deep end into the corner, where she put her arms on either side, and relaxed her body. The cool water rushed all over her creamy body, and she closed her eyes and leaned her head back, not seeing the a light in the third floor go on.

You see, Elizabeth Hurley also wanted to take a late night swim, but didn't plan on seeing a nude woman lounging in the corner. She quietly walked to the corner of the pool where Shania was humming a tune to herself, unaware a woman was above her ready to ruin her weekend. Her eyes were closed, getting ready to fall asleep, until her eyes shot open in a fit of pain!

"AGGGHHHHH!" Shania moaned, as she looked down to see a large pair of hands gripping at her huge mounds.

No one, not even her husband, had ever squeezed her boobs this hard, and Shania was feeling it. The hands released there death grip, leaving ten finger marks deep in her bosom. Shania rubbing her hands on her aching tits, only to have those same strong hands grab her head, and dunk her under the water. She was struggling to get up from the water, but also sub-consciously wondered who her attacker was.

Was it Heather Graham, her mortal enemy?

Was it Debbe Dunning, looking for revenge from her defeat at her hands?

After about a minute under the water, Twain's gagging body was dragged up from the water, and up onto the concrete sidewalk. She was gasping for air , when her tormentors foot and lower leg smashed into her back, sending the water flying off of her. Shania arched her back forward, and jutted out her big titties, only to have those two big hands grip them and squeeze, harder than before!

She had her eyes squinted close and her mouth open wide as if she was screaming. However she was in too much pain, and nothing more than a faint whisper left her body. She didn't even bother trying to fight the hands off of her, she just left her hands up and behind her back, as her tit flesh seeped out between her opponents greedy fingers. Suddenly the hands left her breasts, Shania finally letting out her scream and rolled onto her side in the fetal position, arms wrapped around her voluptuous, bruised and battered titties to protect them from any more abuse.

Tears rolled down her eyes. She didn't even bother to look up at the woman doing this to her. This was the first girl ever to take Shania Twain, and not dominate her. No, she has been dominated before. This is the first girl to ever hurt Shania Twain, and make her want to quit. For the moment however she was trying to nurse her wounds. Sooner than later however those two hands reached for Twain's arms to uncover her favorite targets.

"No, no, leave me alone please. I'll go away, please don't touch them anymore!" she pleaded.

What she heard next shocked her.

"Little tramp, I haven't begun giving you the bludgeoning you shall receive tonight!"

"A Brit?" she thought, and she looked up to see a scowling Liz Hurley tug her hair and pull her to her feet.

Shania was shocked, and soon hurting again as Liz slapped her across the face, sending her down, tits first into the grass and mud. Shania quickly rolled onto her back and as the bikini clad Liz rushed forward, Shania monkey flipped her opponent onto her back into the mud! Twain quickly got to her feet and walked towards her British tormentor with an evil grin, preparing to take this fight and end it quickly.

"Get ready to get taken to the shhhAAAGHHHHHHH!!!"

Shania's threat was stopped with a quick and well placed boot to her cunt.

Shania moaned and slowly toppled to the right, landing hard on the concrete. She rolled onto her gut and held her hands by her crotch, trying to work the agony out of her woman hood. Cockily walking towards her nude injured foe, Liz stood atop Shania, slowly sat down atop her, grapevined her legs, pulled her arms from her crotch and pinned them high above her head, and then pressed her equally hard body into Shania's.

Twain's nude body was pressed into the rough concrete, and her oxygen was also being taken away as the 125 pound amazon pressed her hard into the concrete. Shania was in agony, Liz in ecstasy seeing her opponent struggle beneath her. Shania agony was only increasing as Liz began rocking her tight sweaty bod against Shania's, forcing the wet songbirds tits to scrape against the rough, sharp concrete.


"Quiet darling, you may wake the neighbors," replied Liz as she continued to work her into the ground.

"I grow tired of this assault," said Hurley, as she let her soaking wet opponent peel herself of the equally wet concrete.

Shania slowly pulled herself to her feet, only to have Hurley grab her arm and whip her into the diving board, the back of her knee striking it hard, causing her exhausted form to flop on top of it. Shania's nude form lay half way on and half way off of the board, her head and legs dangling weakly off each side, her back bent, supporting her weight. Liz looked as her nude chest slowly rose and fell, bringing in much needed oxygen.

Liz felt she had had enough rest, so she straddled Shania's trim waist, and began alternating crushing blows to her sweat soaked tits. These weren't the average jab any other woman would send into such magnificent tits, but these were more like heavy weight blows punishing her perfect sacks. Sweat and pool water flew off her jiggling titties as what felt like the force of Mike Tyson was dropping onto her breasts. Shania somehow, was managing to absorb this brutal punishment, her eyes were shut tight, teeth gritting, her hands searching her opponents body to mount a counter-offensive, finally reaching its targets, her throat.

Hurley gagging and choking as she now felt Shania's power, soft delicate hands grabbing at her neck and crushing her wind pipe. However she continued destroying Twain's titties in her relentless punching attack. Shania thought if she could just take a little more, Liz would be choked out, and the punishment would stop. Just a few more moments, a few more punches, she knew she could hold on, she had to keep fighting. That time never came, as she relinquished the choke hold shortly, and covered up her tits, now swelled to an enormous size, now black and blue.


"If you want to be finished for good, meet me in room 341 tonight. I'll truly finish your blasted carcass for good!" Liz remarked as the country queen gave a horrified look into her opponents eyes. "But not now. Not here. Not that way."

Shania tumbled off of the diving board, the force of Liz's knee into her nude crotch too much. The sexy brunette hits the ground with a thud, her head and shoulders splashing into the pool. Right before the rest of her body hit the ice cold water, Hurley grabs her legs and straddles her waist. She reaches behind Shania and begins to rub her aching womanhood.

"Just a little taste of what tonight will be like darling" said Liz in an erotic voice, as she began to finger the Nashville cutie.

Shania's head bobbing limply in the water, slow, erotic moans leaving her. She was getting very excited. Liz could feel it, and she worked her harder and harder. Twain's damaged and mauled nipples grew hard, she began to perspire, she had reached her climax. Just as she was about to explode all over the poolside, Hurley relinquished her sex attack!

Shania looked up weakly and shot her glassy eyes directly to Liz.

"Gotta save something for tonight darling. I trust when you wake up you'll find my room. Good night for now, wench!"

With those last words, Elizabeth Hurley wrapped her hands around the prone woman's neck, and began to choke her with vicious fury. Shania gagged and began to scratch and rip at her foes hands, bloodying them. This only made her choke harder, along with the childish squeals and moans from her opponent. Liz then pushed Shania's head under the water, squeezing her throat even harder than before.

Shania looked up through the water with fearful eyes, looking into the eyes of the raging Brit. who completely owned her. Liz pushed her head further beneath the water, viciously bending Twain's back. Shania's shoulders were now submerged, as she arched her neck and head back under the water, aching in pain, gritting teeth trying to survive. She grabbed at the forearms of her opponent, trying to pull her in the water with her, in a last ditch effort to survive this beating she had endured. Her grip then weakened, and completely was broken; arms lifelessly flopping into the pool; eyes closed, mouth open, her last oxygen bubbles rose to the surface.

Shania had been unceremoniously choked and drowned unconscious by the dominant Elizabeth Hurley. Liz had had her way with Shania, as she pulled her out of the water, dragged her to her robe, and covered her nude, black and blue body. What was worse for the country queen was that the war was far from over.

As Shania lay unconscious under her silk robe, Elizabeth Hurley knelt beside her, kissed her cheek and whispered sweetly in her ear, "The best, my dear, is yet to come!"