Liz Hurley vs. Michelle Williams by BenPhunk 13-Jul-2000

First this story is dedicated to all the good folks in the FWA, esp. Shiai, Walter, Bill, and Hawkeye (in my opinion one of the best writers on the net-vote for Michelle in the tourney and see what I mean.) for helping through some rough times and being good friends.

Second I would like to dedicate this story to Kim &Ginny + all the writers who have contributed for creating a veritable franchise of some of the best fetish entertainment pretty much ever.

Finally this story is really graphic, and violent- although no animals were harmed in writing it. So be warned!
The lights in the arena dim, leaving the audience in darkness. Slowly red light bleeds across the audience, as blue and white pyrotechnics burst from behind the jumbotron. As "God Save the Queen" by the Sex Pistols shake the spectators to their very roots, the folks in TV land can barley hear the boos and hisses as the video starts. A touching montage of Liz's greatest hits ensues- Queen Liz pouring a keg of douche on a naked, bleeding, and convulsing Parker Posey; Queen Liz hanging Reese Witherspoon by her hair while American flags protruded from two out of three possible orifices; Queen Liz inserting a piece of "kryptonite" inside Teri Hatcher's swollen labia; Images that has brought this great nation of ours together.

Finally as Sid starts crooning(?) the first chorus of " No future...No Future...NOW!!!" the picture on the small screen is completed as a shower of popcorn, beer, and soda hit the Malevolent Monarch's parasols that are being held over Her Royal highness glorious form as she makes her entrance.

Adorned in her usual pre-match ensemble- in the black variation, black silk bodice, ribbed in black lace, a black 16th century silk hoop skirt with the center panel torn off, revealing black silk panties, stockings, garter, and black calf length patent leather boots. Two azure eyes contrasted, by an icy diamond tiara, and a silken red rose embroidered on the top of the right stocking thigh. A sneer stretched across her full mouth, as Her Highness scoffed at the plebeians who thought their jeers mattered to Her. Her Majesty, handling Herself with the grace and poise that has made her famous throughout the world, humbly extended two middle fingers covered in dark gray opera gloves, twisting Her wrists ever so slightly.

As Queen Liz I approaches the ring, and Sid makes his sincere prayer yet again, Her third footman, climbs up and separates the ropes, while the other two servants lift Her Royal Highness to ring level. As Queen Liz I steps through the ropes, the ring fills with various debris. Striding forth to the center of the ring, the glorious Queen elevated her hands above her head, whilst her men relinquished Her of Her skirt, gloves and tiara.

"Not too bad, eh? That will teach them." Her Majesty thought.

Being introduced first for a match was not an indignity Queen Liz I was accustomed too. It had only happened once before- in fact it had only happened once before, when she was a challenger for the TV title. But it had been five long years deep inside the trenches of the ring wars, and after a near disastrous feud with her former tag partner Natasha Henstridge, that had cost her the belt, Queen Liz I once again was a challenger- this time for world gold.

As Queen Liz impatiently paced around the ring, the arena was set ablaze by white hot lights, and the feedback opening to "Foxy Lady" by Jimi Hendrix.

As Jimi pronounced "You know, you're a little heartbreaker, HA!" the white pyrotechnics and crowd seemed to erupt in perfect unison. Their champion strutted down the aisle.

"The White Hot Venus" Michelle Williams was in the building. What's more, she was making her way to the ring. Adorned in a sheer white peek-a-boo teddy, that teased a glimpse of the white, cherry patterned, skin tight silk one piece that seemed painted onto her body. The bottom half of her firm, round, apple shaped ass danced on the periphery of her white fur fringed hem line, hugging the thong that was in-between them, while the world championship belt clung on to dear life around her waist, accentuating the seductively feminine "S" shape that had won Ms. Williams as many fans as her ring prowess and natural charm did. One hand slapped hands with the fans, the other mysteriously clutching a heart shaped box of chocolates. As she got to the ring Michelle placed the ominous candy onto the apron. Grabbing the top steel cable rope, Michelle bounced on her bare feet, and bounded into the ring.

As the ring crew cleared the debris that greeted Queen Liz I, Michelle grabbed the box of chocolates, and strutted seductively to the center of the ring. The White Hot Venus started to gyrate, swinging her hips in great and small , slow circles, the throng was whipped into a frenzy. Taking one of the bows that created the knot that held her teddy aloft, and Michelle pulled; as the sheer silk and soft fur floated to the ground, the side of The Dawson Dreamboat's alabaster breasts strained to stay inside the silky cups of her suit. Sy had said that this particular aspect of her costume was "the icing on top of the cake!" Michelle still groaned when she thought about that one. Handing the belt over to the ref(in name only is this league), the L'il Vixen took the mic.

"Hey Quennie. I brought ya a gift. Seeing how I am "the saccharine sweet little tart" that you're going to grind into "powdered sugar" I thought it would be nice if I gave ya these box of chocolates. Their your faaaavvvvv... CHERY BON-BONS! 'Cause your gonna be really depressed after I kick your ass tonight! Ring the bell- these good folks paid for a show!"

Michelle blew a kiss the fans, the bell rang. Crouching down and charging towards The Benevolent Monarch, the desparity between Michelle's 5'4 110lbs frame vs. Liz's 5'9 135lbs. frame was clearly enhanced. As her shimmering hazel eyes locked into the cold glare of Her Majesty's icy blues, Michelle had two thoughts-

"Whoa, boy."


"I've taken down bigger."

As Michelle launched her immaculately compacted body into the air at the counter charging Queen Liz, slamming into her chest and shoulders full force- the weight of The White Hot Venus taken the larger woman unto the mat. The force in which the back of Elizabeth's head met with the hard ungiving canvas was sufficient enough to stun her, as her legs gave out from under her, flying into the air only to drop limply against the ground. Michelle spinning around on top of the downed Monarch, pausing for the slightest second so as to give Liz a little taste of cleavage, Wrestling's Li'l Vixen bounced up to her feet, only to drop an elbow right on top of her unfortunate opponent's forehead. As Liz's legs kicked and hands pounded, Michelle took the opportunity to spring up again and repeat the move- this time answered with a weak kicking and pedaling of nylon and boot, and a weak wave of the arms. In happier times it would look like Queen Liz was making a snow angel.

Michelle bounced up again on the balls of her feet- and as if all the running, jumping, in her revealing thonged costume didn't allow ample opportunity did a little shimmy and shake for the appreciative fans before plucking the beleaguered brunette off the mat by her arm, and whipped her into the opposite turnbuckle.

"This is too easy." Thought Michelle as she watched The of the Ring slump into the corner- her rubber legs splayed in front of her, her arms draped over the top being the only thing holding her up. The White Hot Venus was young but not stupid. But then the memories of Liz's incessant trash talk, the memories of all the doubters and nay-sayers telling her that she would never make it, that she didn't have a killer instinct flooded her mind, and Michelle sprung into action...literally. Taking two jogging steps forward before cartwheeling across the ring, pasting Hurley in the side of the head with another elbow.

As Liz lurched forward, her eyes crossed, her knuckles turning white clutching the top ropes, Michelle saw the bitch who tried to drive a wedge between her and her "Big Sister" Claire Danes- and then she saw red. Grabbing Queen Liz I by the point of her aristocratic chin, Michelle Williams cocked back and unloaded a hay maker, and another, and another only waiting for the Monarch to weave her head straight in order to knock it back it its side.

Suddenly the half dropped blue eyes of Liz Hurley snapped open- stabbing Williams with a malicious glare- stopping The How Venus in her tracks. Before Michelle could shake herself out of her chagrin, Liz snapped her arms around her waist, bare shoulder pressing against silken bodice, Hurley's fists digging into the small of Li'l Vixen's back. For the first time since the opening moments of the match, The Queen of the Ring's stockened legs straightened, as she lifted the Dawson Dreamboat up into the air- arching her back, and flinging Michelle Williams face first into the lightly padded steel post.

As the White Hot Venus crashed onto the floor in a heap her hands instinctively shot up to her million dollar face checking for damage, and attempting to massage the pain out, as her the pads of her bare-feet pounded a tattoo onto the floor. Before Ms. Williams could transform the little stars dancing above her head into ring-lights, she heard Hurley's husky voice scowl above her, as she felt her golden roots being yanked from their follicles.

"You have you have given Us your worst, now let Us give you Ours."

As Liz peeled Michelle off the mat like a color form. Holding her young, nubile foe aloft by her hair, Liz swung Michelle's head back, in order to build momentum for the brutal turnbuckle ram. The first of ten consecutive such blows as the audience counted in exasperation, leaving the White Hot Venus shaken, slack jawed, and sucking air, a gash of blood dripping from her forehead into her eyes. It was now time for Michelle to hang from the ropes- but not for long.

Queen Liz grabbed the tops of her soft alabaster breasts and yanked them out of their cups. Squeezing with an iron grip, kneading them roughly together, stabbing Michelle's tender udder undersides with ruby red nails, Hurley was rewarded with a blood curdling scream and the sight of Michelle Williams hopping up and down on her tip toes trying to alleviate the pressure, moaning in sheer agony. The moaning become a high pitch scream as Liz started to spin out of the corner, her revolutions taking her to the center of the ring- the momentum lifting Williams off her feet being suspended by centrifugal force, and of course, her breasts. Just as the wave of nausea crept from the pit of her stomach and met the torment spreading from her chest, Michelle felt herself flying as the Queen released her grip sending the White Hot Venus across the ring.

As Wrestling's Li'l Vixen came crashing to the canvas she skidded chest first to the ring ropes screeching all the way. Michelle's protective instincts kicked in again, as she rolled herself onto her back, crossing her arms over her battered chest shaking her head back and forth trying to focus past the immense pain in her immensely swollen globes. Ms. Williams' respite was brief though, as Hurley stomped across the ring, a grin on her face a mile wide. The Malevolent Monarch had every intention on inflicting more degrading torture to the upstart, but first she had to sufficiently ground the high flyer.

Getting to her target, Liz bent down and grasped the hurting Michelle by the hair, flipped her over to her hands and knees and walked her in a fashion that more befitted a dog than a world champion over to the ropes, draping the White Hot Venus' neck over the middle cable. Clutching the tope rope with her fists Hurley raised her knee and bent it only to drop it on the back of Michelle's neck. Using her grip on the ropes as leverage Queen Liz began to bounce up and down, as Michelle's hazel eyes bulged out of their sockets, her pouty lips puckered into a large "O" and her bared breasts dangled listlessly underneath her.

The up till now almost non-existent ref had seen enough. He didn't mind corner work, as long as it wasn't too excessive. He didn't mind stripping and humiliation- hell Sy had always stressed that that was what made this league so special. But blatant choking of a champion was not about to happen in his ring. Not on his watch, dammit! Storming over he began to deliver the mandatory 5 count.

If there was two things Liz Hurley knew how to do they were how to make a snide remark, and how to cheat. She knew that the ref was feeling threatened a bit testy, but she also knew it would take a lot more to DQ her on a PPV main event title match. As the count reached 4, Hurley released the choke and took a step back, punctuating the break with a kick to the back of the ailing Michelle's head- knocking the champion half way out of the ring, her torso being the median between the ring and the apron, suspended and dazed.

"I'm warning you Hurley! Break or I'll..."

"Do what?" Liz fired back- grabbing the White Hot Venus' sweat soaked legs and pulling her back, scrapping the already damaged breasts with the steel cable, before suspending Ms. Williams quickly reddening throat back against the middle rope. The only sensations that the Li'l Vixen felt was the black nylon knee pressing against the back of her neck, her small and precious air supply quickly depleting, and pain, sheer and utter pain. The beleaguered ref shook his head in frustration, knowing that the Bitch Queen was going to take this to the limit, and began to deliver the count again. Recent history repeated itself, as Liz again broke at four, and sending a stomp to the back of Michelle's head. This time he got right into Liz Hurley's face, his own visage florid as he started to scream.

"This is my RING! YOU'LL FOLLOW MY RU..."

Before he could complete his sentence, Liz shoved him down. Judging by the crowd's reaction, who would normally boo Hurley to high heaven, the ref knew he had no other choice but to let this match go, and just make sure Hurley didn't kill the Blonde Bombshell.

The Queen of the Ring majestically strode outside of the ring and onto the apron. Bending down she grabbed Michelle's sweaty red splotched breasts, and lifting them over the top cable and pulled down, before jumping down to the cold, hard, concrete- jamming the tender undersides of the White Hot Venus' breasts against the steel cable, while all 135 lbs of Hurley pulled down on her sweaty melons.

As the top ring rope bent to the point of touching its middle counterpart, Liz released her hold, catapulting the young Michelle across the ring, her limp body bouncing on the mat before settling into a series of convulsions, gasps and sobs that transformed the world champion into something that resembled a depressed fish flopping out of water. Satisfied with her handiwork, Liz strode onto the ring apron, separated the top and middle rope, and slipped back into the ring. Sauntering over to her writhing opponent, Liz sneered and uttered "Pathetic" dripping with contempt, before unleashing a series of stomps to the belly and breasts of her rival, bending Williams in half, lifting her legs and torso off the mat, only to flop almost lifelessly back down to the mat, again and again.

Stopping the stomps for a brief second, Liz took a step back, thrusting her hands in front of her curling her fingers back and forth, motioning the champ to get up. Michelle was unwilling to comply though- and instead curled into a fetal position, one arm wrapped around her tortured tummy the other gently cradling her battered breasts. Seeing as her victim was unwilling and unable to comply Hurley hauled Williams up by her hair.

Holding the White Hot Venus bent at the waist, raised her fist into the air and gave throw an uppercut into the beleaguered blonde's breadbasket, lifting poor Michelle off her feet and causing her to gag. The Queen of the Ring pumped her fist in the air, almost feeling the gold belt around her waist, and was met with a chorus of boos.

Michelle was in deep trouble, and she knew it. She did not want to lose her title like this...dominated and humiliated. Once again her instincts took over and fired her forearm into the only spot available to her... right between Liz's legs. The Queen's eyes almost popped out of her sockets, he mouth dropped, her ivory skin turned a shade of ash, as her grip on the champ's hair loosened.

Michelle reloaded and fired again, putting her entire weight into it twisting her own heels, and lifting Hurley off her feet, the crotch section of her panties into her actual crotch, and in the process, gained her freedom. The ref secretly smiled in satisfaction at the sight of the Queen taking a dose of her own medicine. As Liz came crashing down hitting the back of her head on the hard, unyielding canvass, her hands shot directly in between her thighs, as her feet pounded away on the mat, while The White Hot Venus sunk to her knees, her bare chest heaving up and down in an attempt to regain breath and composure.

Knowing she had to press her advantage, Michelle got up and ran to the ring ropes, only to build up enough speed to reach the other side. Stepping onto the bottom cable, in a feet of unbridled athleticism, the Lil' Vixen bounded up the second and then third rope, only to launch her self off into a somersault, her knees stabbing Queen Liz right into the Monarch's unprotected gut. Seeing a way to end the match right there and then, Michelle slid her legs back and pressed her torso against Liz's, hooked her rival's leg, as the ref dropped to his knees.




Somehow Liz had managed to lift her shoulder off the mat and roll limply to her side. The White Hot Venus slammed her palm against the mat in frustration. Getting up, un-selfconscince about the swaying of her breasts, Michelle grabbed Liz's top roots, setting her on her knees. Looking down at her opponent, Michelle's hazel eyes lit up- seeing the once proud visage of the self proclaimed Queen of the Ring gasping for air, waving her arms, and pleading desperately. But the only act of pity that Michelle could muster was a knee to Hurley's face. As a trickle of blood ran down from the Malevolent Monarch's nose, a wave of self satisfaction ran through Ms. Williams.

Tucking Liz's limp head underneath her armpit and locking Liz in a front face lock, Michelle tugged at the waistband of Hurley's panties and pulled up. As the black silk quickly ascended up Liz's crack, uncovering a glorious half moon that shined for the screaming throng, the material biting into The Queen's love mound, she had no choice but to slowly rise to her feet- only to be brought down by a quick and brutal DDT. As Liz laid there listlessly face firmly planted in the ground, Michelle scrambled up her victim's back, finally coming to rest in a straddle.

Although Michelle "The White Hot Venus" Williams was a face, she was a face in a league that prided itself, in Sy's words "bringing something spicy to the public." So her humiliation techniques were more playful then sadistic. Besides there was no love lost between these two. Grabbing the other half of Hurley's panty, she yanked up, and in one flick of the wrist Liz's bikini briefs became a thong. Liz started to shake her head back and forth, slowly coming to her senses, as Wrestling's Lil' Vixen started to play the bongos on her opponent's butt- although both sets of cheeks turned red only one set shimmied and shook to the delight of the audience.

Liz became enraged, and putting her arms under herself attempted to push up. Michelle sensing this quickly switched gears, pulling the briefs up and out with both hands. As the silk separated Queen Liz's labia and bit into her rectum, the temporary surge of fight soon left her, as yelp escaped her lips, her arms collapsing from under her.

As Williams worked the wedgie, she decided that she needed to put an end to this- albeit in a spectacular fashion. Pulling as hard she could, to a chorus of moans, screams and curses uttered by Hurley, who was quickly spreading her legs wide to alleviate some pressure, finally something gave- namely Liz's underwear. A loud rip followed by even a louder cheer filled the arena, as The White Hot Venus held Queen Liz's panties up in the air for all the world to see- succeeding in something that many others had tried to accomplish before her, stripping the surely Hurley inside the ring.

As Liz sobbed uncontrollably, Michelle examined the panties and noticed something was missing- the crotch. Looking down at Liz's prone form, Michelle's pouty lips spread into a devilish grin. Digging her fingers between Liz's thighs, The White Hot Venus struck pay dirt, violently yanking the pussy soaked silk out of Liz's snatch- eliciting another scream from the downed Monarch. Holding the strip of cloth to her nose, Michelle sniffed and then her face screwed into a mock grimace.

Waving her hand in front of her face and waving from side to side, as if to clear the air, Michelle tossed the loin share of the panties to the appreciative crowd, while tucking the crotch strip up one of her own leg holes- making sure that there would be no swift retribution, Michelle balled her fist and sent another shot to Liz's most sensitive and now most tender and raw of areas.

Getting up, Michelle allowed Liz to get into a fetal position, in a futile attempt to message the pain out of her mound. Bending down and plucking Liz up by the hair, Wrestling's Li'l Vixen paraded her around the ring, Hurley tenderly covering her neatly trimmed chestnut pubic hair. Whipping her around Michelle launched Liz into the turnbuckle- The Queen of the Ring hitting the top of turnbuckle face first. Spinning 180 degrees, Liz crashed down on the ground, spread-eagled, head drooping.

Taking that as her cue, Michelle bounded across the ring, leaping into the air, and spreading her own legs wide. Landing on top of Liz's head and chest, Michelle grabbed the two top ropes and started to bounce up and down, slamming her weight onto Liz's chest, while rubbing her crotch in the challenger's face. As the crowd roared in approval, Michelle decided to give them something a little extra special. Stopping her bouncing for a moment, The White Hot Venus thrust her hips forward, locking her ankles outside the ring, and started grinding her crotch into Hurley's face.

As Liz kicked her legs and started to slap Michelle's thighs and ass, a sheer look of pleasure crossed Ms. Williams' face, as her scent and dampness flooded Liz's senses. Soon the Malevolent Monarch's struggle stopped, as Michelle's grinding quickened, the friction of her suit adding to her pleasure, and finally working herself into an orgasm her sweet juices soaking through her silky suit and onto Liz's face. Dismounting, and sending a sharp kick to Liz's head to revive her, Michelle tossed her out of the corner and into the center of the ring.

Skipping to each side of the squared circle(and much to the chagrin of the otherwise pleased audience, tucking her breasts back inside her suit), running her hands across her slender waist in the rasslin' classic belt motion, left the ring, and the apparently lifeless Liz. Slapping hands with cheering front row fans Michelle hoped to the top turnbuckle, steadied herself, and started to do a little bump and grind, before launching herself off the corner.

As The White Hot Venus descended she thrust her legs in front of her, spreading them wide. Her radiance in apparent victory quickly soured as she noticed Liz's leg shoot up, her booted foot impaling The White Hot Venus' ... mound of Venus. As Michelle thudded onto the hard unforgiving canvass, she curled into a ball, for now it was her turn to try to massage the pain out of her groin.

Liz slowly stood up, and although her legs still seemed to made of rubber her gaze focused on the still sobbing Williams, and let the rage take over. No one had done what Michelle had done to her, and now she was going to make her pay. Storming over to her enemy, Liz snatched Michelle's ankles from the floor and separated them. Looking down at the hurting heroine, a look of terror etched onto her face, The Queen of the Ring sneered.

Thrusting her leg back, Liz punted Michelle in the cunt. As a small high pitched screeched passed through The White Hot Venus' body, Hurley kicked again, this time being rewarded with violent thrashing, and Michelle mouthing pleads of mercy, which was answered with another kick to the crotch. As Michelle went limp, Liz measured another boot, stomping down hard, and grinding, until blood started to seep through the sides of Michelle's leg holes.

"Oh dear, even We know not to step through the ropes at the time of the month, dear, how déclassé."

Sliding Michelle's sweat soaked costume off her body, with a skilled aplomb, Hurley tossed it to the side not even given a fan the excitement of getting a priceless souvenir. Digging her talons into Michelle's scalp, Hurley hoisted Williams dead weight up right, placing her in a headlock, and running to the center of the ring before leaping into the air and ramming Michelle's head into the mat- performing her bulldog finisher, the "Hail Britannia." Flipping the former champion onto her back, Liz slapped her in the face reviving her.

"You wished to see Us, in Our glory? Well little stripling you shall now have a first class view."

With that Liz straddled Michelle's head, circled her arms around her waist, and lifted, while standing up- making sure that the White Hot Venus' head was held firmly between her thighs, Michelle's face pressed against Liz's labia. Parading around the ring with her victim upended, Liz sauntered to the center of the ring, and dropped to her knees delivering a devastating Tombstone piledriver, forcing Michelle's face into her crotch.

Releasing her hands she allowed Michelle to flop to the floor her legs twitching ever so slightly. Pinching her nipples, Liz began to grind in reverse facesit, as the ref reluctantly counted to three. As the bell rang Liz refused to get up, pleasuring herself on top of her vanquished foe. Rocking back and forth faster and faster, pulling harder and harder on Michelle's nipples, Liz exploded onto the former champion's face, and then stood up giving all a good view of Michelle Williams' cum soaked visage. A stomp to the breast woke the former champion up enough for her to start crying, curling into a little defeated ball.

"Aww, what's the matter love? Depressed? Well We have the perfect way to chase those blues away. How about some chocs?"

Liz lilted dripping with sarcasm, as she marched to Michelle's corner and grabbed the box of bon-bons. Ripping it open, the Queen of the Ring walked over to Michelle, and kicked her onto her back. Dropping her ass onto Michelle's mid-section, The Malevolent Monarch gripped a handful of chocolates, and rubbed them unto Michelle's face. Not satisfied, she went back into the box and rammed another handful of confectionery torture up Michelle's snatch rubbing them into a mess of cherry and pussy juice, and blood as squelching sounds and moans passed from Michelle's orifices. As Liz penetrated her victim with her middle finger, she worked the former champion into an unwanted orgasm.

Her work done, the belt won, Liz smeared the remainder of the chocolate/vaginal mess in between Michelle's breasts, and claimed her belt, as the rafters filled with boos, and the ring filled with debris.