The Last Hurrah #9: Jessica Biel vs. Erica Durance by The Walkin’ Dude

This world can turn me down,
but I won’t turn away.
And I won’t duck and run,
cuz I’m not built that way.
~3 Doors Down

After the last of the human wreckage from the last match had been cleared out, the Announcer stepped into the ring and proclaimed, “Ladies and Gentlemen, the following contest is a Stretcher Match! To win, either combatant must place their opponent on THAT stretcher...” He indicated a sturdy looking, hospital grade stretcher that was waiting patiently at the base of the aisle. “... and roll it across the yellow line at the top of the ramp. Are we clear? Very good. Now, introducing first, she stands 5’7”… allow me to bring to you.... Erica Durance!”

‘Let Me Out’ roars to life and the powerful brunette breezes through the curtain. Striding confidently to the ring, Erica is a sight to behold, clad for her battle in an electric blue bikini with pale yellow ties across her hips and back. Her pads and boots are of the same vibrant shade and it provides an impressive counterpoint to her lightly bronzed physique and chestnut brown hair. Reaching the edge of the ring, Erica pauses for only a second before leaping onto the apron in one graceful, catlike motion. Entering the ring, she gives the roaring fans one more confidant pose before settling into her corner.

When the roars for Erica had died down, the Announcer brought the mic back up and said, “And her opponent; she stands 5’8” tall…she is... Jessica Biel!”

Slither hit the speakers as Jessica makes her way through the curtain and stalked quickly toward the ring. As of late, Jessica’s gone back to her teal two-piece bikini with matching pads, boots and wristbands and . Her blonde mane hangs loose on her toned shoulders, looking just as ready for battle as the rest of her. Reaching the edge of the ring, Jess hopped up on the apron and stood there a moment before slipping under the middle rope. Going to her corner, Jess turned a hard glare on Erica (seeing the brunette sporting her colors was more than a little irksome) and waited silently for the bell.

The bell rang and Jessica was immediately out of her corner. Under normal circumstances, the blonde would have been happy to let her opponent come to her, but seeing Erica in the electric blue bikini was just too much. That was HER color damn it! Every girl in the locker room knew Jess had the market cornered when it came to that particular shade and even though Erica’s togs weren’t an exact replica of her own trademark look, it was clear from the smirk she’d shot Jess on the way to the ring that she had intended to steal more than a little of her chromatic thunder. Reaching the center of the squared circle, Jessica locked eyes with Erica and thought, ‘Now you’ve gone and done it babe. Before I saw the gimmick infringement, I was just gonna put you on the stretcher, but now I’m gonna BEAT you with it.’

Keeping a wary eye on the blonde’s rapid march to mid-ring, Erica took a few extra seconds to smooth out her ponytail, adjust the placement of her elbow pads and even check the pale yellow strings that held her bottoms together. Assiduously ignoring Jess, she finished her cosmetic adjustments, turned to the audience and asked, “Blue’s a good color on me don’t you think?”

There was the usual roar, then an especially devoted fan screamed, “NOBODY ROCKS IT LIKE YOU, ERICA!”

The brunette grinned broadly and now she did turn in Jess’s direction. Shrugging her shoulders, she told the fuming blonde, “What can I say, the people know class!” When she got nothing from Jessica, Erica’s grin melted into a cold smile as she muttered, “Go ahead tramp; keep ignoring me! But it’ll be hard to do when I’m wheeling your broken, used-up, ass down the aisle on that stretcher!”

Ready to tell her rival this fact under more intimate conditions, Erica strode out of her corner and headed for Jessica.

Steadying her nerves against whatever bit of verbal nastiness Erica was sure to unleash, the blonde held her tongue until Erica was in shoving distance before she greeted her with, “Who the hell do you think...” SMECK!

Jess was cut off in mid-sentence when the brunette simply chested into her and shoved forward. The brief but jolting impact staggered Jessica back a step or two and by the time she had caught her balance, Erica had already made another challenge. Wide, angry eyes getting a little wider and a whole lot angrier, Jess flicked her gaze between Erica’s face and her outstretched left arm. Obviously the other woman wanted a Test of Strength and Jess was happy to oblige, she just couldn’t believe the bitch was dumb enough to stick her hand in that particular blender.

Hands on her hips, Jessica taunted, “Congratulations Erica. You are now officially even dumber than you look.”

Nonplused, the brunette fired back, “Since when are you afraid of a little clinch Jesse? All that time on your knees in the parking lot take the fun out of this game?”

That taunting smile was back and even though the expression told Jess that she knew the insult was a lie and she KNEW that Jess knew it was a lie, it didn’t stop the blonde from wanting to tear the bitch’s slandering tongue out right then and there. Shaking her head in a dumbfounded ‘Can you believe this chick?’ gesture, Jessica stepped forward, raised her right arm and SLAPPED her palm against Erica’s. As their fingers locked, Erica raised her right hand and Jess raised her left, but just before they could complete the test, Jess pulled her hand away.

Aggravated by the hesitation, Erica grumbled, “Anytime you’re ready soft-serve.”

Ignoring the brunette’s quacking, Jessica smiled and said, “Just a minute Erica. I think it’s only right for you to know what you’re getting yourself into here. All these people seem to know, but you’re as clueless as ever. Lemme just show you what you’re TRYING to stack up against.”

One hand still locked over her head, Jess took a step back and curled her free arm into a lingering bicep flex. Making sure Erica got a great view of the awe-inspiring power that the American commanded in her shoulders, Jessica fixed her seething foe with a saccharine smile and as the fans continued to cheer for her mind-game, she cooed, “See Erica? It doesn’t matter if ya mooched my colors because these folks see right through you. At best, you’re... generic Amazon. And while that may be good enough for county fairs and 3 star cruise ships, the good people in this arena will only accept genuine, Jessica Jess quality UNNNGHHHH!”

Having had quite enough of the blonde’s mouth, Erica reared back with her unoccupied hand and SMACK, slapped the taste outta Jessica’s mouth. As the taller girl’s head flew back in a shimmering gold cloud, Erica stabbed her hand out, locked fingers with her rival and completed the Test of Strength. Immediately pouring all her power into rolling her hands over Jessica’s, the brunette growled, “You always were a mouthy little ERRGGHHHH!”

As Erica was completing her barb, the surprise in Jessica’s eyes was replaced with a raging fury and it was that fury that helped her bend Erica’s wrists back at a terrible angle. Wrenching control of the Test from her rival, Jess rose up on her toes and pushed down, adding even more power to her merciless grip on Erica’s hands. As the brunette started to sink to one knee, Jessica sneered, “And you were always a snot nosed little punk that didn’t know how to respect her betters. Guess nothing’s changed since the old days have they bitch?”

Ignoring the fiery burn in her arms and the cold numbness growing in her hands. Erica channeled all her considerable strength down into her legs and she was rewarded several seconds later when she started to push off her knee. Enjoying the startled, angry look on Jessica’s face more than just about anything else in the last six months, Erica evened out the Test and replied softly, “Nope. You’re still a whining, pampered slut and I’m still kicking your ass all over the ring. The more things change, the more they stay the same.” Simultaneous with the last word, she rose up on her toes and SHOVED down with all her might.

Jess groaned and tried to push against the brunette, but the shift in height had given Erica all the advantage she needed and soon it was Jess kneeling before her nemesis. Twisting and rolling the blonde’s wrists to add to her discomfort, Erica licked her lips and said, “I’m gonna make a SHOW out of you tonight Jessie. And ya know how I’m gonna do it? I’m not just gonna beat your ass and then trundle it up the aisle on a stretcher. I’m gonna wheel your blubbering, beaten ass all the way from the ring to an ambulance and the last image people will have of you tonight will be a pair of taillights fading from viUUNNNGGHHHHHH!”

Feeding on the brunette’s condescending tone like it was the water of some poisoned oasis, Jessica let out a furious roar, shoved her way to half crouch and exploded forward to THWAP her shoulder into Erica’s midsection. As Erica’s grip on her wrists fell away, Jessica powered all the way up, wrapped her arms around the brunette’s upper thighs and rumbled toward the nearest corner with Erica slung over her shoulder like a sack of potatoes. Never once slowing, Jessica merely adjusted the angle of her shoulder and then BWAM, she drove her opponent back-first into the corner.

As Erica ‘oofffhed’ and slumped against the buckles, Jess took the middle rope in each hand, pulled back and then thrust forward to give Erica a second taste of her shoulder. Doing the brunette the added kindness of grrrrrriinnnnding her shoulder back-and-forth against her belly, Jessica treated Erica to another half dozen or so Shoulder Blocks before she leaned in one last time, wrapped up Erica’s thighs and pulled the Canadian free of the corner. Holding Erica prone in that same sprawled, gut-first, dead animal sort of position, Jessica marched her girl around the ring for a few laps and when she was certain she’d proved her point, she rose up on her toes and flung Erica off her shoulder to land flat on her back in a makeshift Back Body Drop.

Snapping her trunks back into place, the blonde pointed an index finger at her chest and declared, “JESSICA BIEL...” she trailed off and jerked a thumb in Erica’s direction. “... OR NOT JESSICA BIEL? WHICH IS MORE APPEALING?”

She would’ve waited around to hear their answer, but Erica suddenly pushed to her knees and that got all of Jess’s attention. Stalking around behind the brunette, she waited in silence for Erica to get her feet back and when she did, Jessica roared forward and whipped her right boot up in an attempt to find the base of the other girl’s neck. It was fortunate for Erica that she heard the pounding of the blonde’s feet when she did; if she’d tried to duck a second later Jessica still would’ve taken a chunk of her head off. As it was, the strike missed by the slimmest of margins. Even better, the wayward Boot put Jessica’s back to Erica and the brunette wasted little time in pouncing on her startled foe. Wrapping Jess’s brawny arms up in a Full Nelson, Erica craaaaaanked down on the back of her rival’s head and chided, “Sorry Jess, doesn’t matter how hard you look at them, you still don’t fill out a top the way I do.”

Grunting as her chin was forced into the top of her own cleavage, Jessica ignored the sweat running down her forehead and spat, “I’m sure you’ll fill out the body cast better too, but we can confirm that a little later.” She fell silent, save for the occasional grunt and pant as she tried to pull free. Pressing as much of her weight across the blonde’s wide back, Erica pressed her lips to Jess’s ear and whispered, “Keep talking shit Jessie, I dare you. If ya piss me off enough, I’ll make sure the next blue outfit I wear to the ring is a Jessica Jess original.” The thought of being stripped of her togs in front of a crowd this large was galling beyond measure and perhaps it was fear of just such an outcome that gave Jessica the extra burst of strength she needed to tear her arms down and break Erica’s Full Nelson.

Whatever it was, it had engineered her freedom, but it didn’t last very long as Erica immediately grabbed a handful of Jess’ waistband and reeled her into a Forearm Smash that CLAPPED against the small of the American’s back. Jess shrieked and fell to her knees. There weren’t many girls in the promotion that could elicit that sort of reaction from her, but Erica was one of that select group and she never missed an opportunity to remind the blonde as much. Dusting off her hands as Jessica collapsed in front of her, Erica sighed and asked, “Generic Amazon huh Jessie? Let’s just see about that...”

Leap-frogging over the penitent beauty, Erica ran the ropes, sprinted back and as she was close to tripping over her foe, she slid to her knees and extended her left arm to THWAP Jessica across the chin with a Low Clothesline. The power of the collision flattened Jess out against the canvas and sent Erica skidding onto her belly but despite the awkward landing, the brunette still replied well ahead of her foe. Pushing to her feet, she sauntered over to Jessica’s head, looked down and said, “After you’re done collecting your teeth, try to tell me how generic that felt. Or this for that matter...”

Explaining what ‘this’ was as simply as possible, Erica extended her right leg out straight in front of her, held the position for a moment and then dropped to the mat to complete a gorgeous Leg Drop across the blonde’s windpipe. Taking the time to rub the curve of her thigh back and forth against Jessica’s protesting features, Erica smiled and said, “Ya know what Jessica? I am generic. After all, there’s only one blueprint for perfection. But as you prove day in and day out, dumpy comes in all shapes and sizes.”

Getting nothing interesting for her troubles, Erica peeled her thigh off Jess’s face, rolled to one knee and got to her feet. Shortly thereafter, she sank to one knee, took Jessica by the right wrist and scraped her off the canvas. Backing Jessica into the ropes, Erica chested into her, blew a smirking kiss into the blonde’s face and then whipped her across the ring.

Striding to the center of the squared circle, Erica set her feet and prepared to celebrate Jess’s return with one hell of a Power Slam, but before she could greet the American properly, Jessica actually sped up, leapt into the air and pointed her left shoulder between the Canadian’s breasts. Erica had just enough time to realize that she was about to go for a ride and then Jess’s Flying Shoulderblock hit home and the sturdy brunette was turned inside out by her equally tough opponent.

Enjoying the surprised puff of breath Erica had exhaled onto the back of her neck as the strike connected, Jessica pushed to her feet and made a show of brushing some imaginary dirt off her left shoulder. Plucking a shoulder-strap back into place, the blonde smiled down at Erica’s quivering form and chided, “Tits feelin’ a little pancaked baby? Lemme help you with that.”

Dropping down, she helped herself to a handful of the brunette’s ponytail and pulled her to her feet. Standing to Erica’s left, Jessica used her right arm to hook Erica’s left out and away from her body, giving Jess unrestricted access to acres of prime abdominal real estate. Eyeing Erica’s navel with an evil grin, Jess tensed for a moment, then brought her knee slicing up to THUMP against Erica’s belly.

Holding the brunette up as the air rushed out of her, Jess shook her head and muttered, “I can’t believe that you had the nerve to call me soft serve a few minutes ago, cuz if anyone in this ring deserves that nickname it’s you. I mean, you’re pasty, (THUMP) mushy (THUMP) and not even deserving of being compared... (THUMP) to the real thing!”

THUMP! Jess’s knee hit home one more time and it was finally enough to collapse the wheezing brunette onto her knees. Hands on her hips, Jessica shook her head ‘no’ and said, “Not time to rest yet Erica, that’s what the stretcher is for.”

Taking the brunette by the straps of her top (blue and yellow, Jess thought disgustedly. What are you, eight?) Jess hauled her to her feet and immediately wrapped her victim’s neck in a Sleeper Hold. Snuggling her girl up tight, Jessica used her left hand to cup the top of Erica’s skull while her right arm was chosen for the honor of actually Choking her out.

Taunting her victim with a not so subtle grind of her hips against Erica’s bunched buttocks, Jessica kissed the brunette’s flushed cheek and said, “If baby goes to sleep, the ride to the hospital will go that much faster.”

Doing her best to fight off the black cracks and swirls that were creeping into her vision, Erica didn’t bother with a verbal retort to Jessica’s barb, instead, she leaned forward and TWISTED into her adversary. The movement didn’t free her, but it did change the Sleeper to a more survivable Side Headlock and as an added bonus, it allowed the brunette to wrap her arms around Jessica’s waist.

Intent on showing the blonde who was stronger, Erica dipped her knees and lifted up fast. Jess let out a startled cry as she was hoisted off the mat and it was clear by the way she tightened her grip that the blonde expected to be dropped onto the mat with a Belly-to-Back Suplex, but that wasn’t what Erica had in mind, at least not yet. Keeping her grip around the American’s waist tight, Erica marched her squirming bundle over to the edge of the ring and when she was close enough, the brunette lifted up a little bit more just so she could drop Jessica crotch-first across the top rope.

Tugging away from Jess’s clutches, Erica beamed into the gasping girl’s stunned face and taunted, “Aww, do you trunks hurt? Don’t worry, I’m sure there’s a specialist at the hospital that can help with that, not to mention all those lingering STD’s.” When Jess’s eyes turned to meet hers, Erica put her hands against the blonde’s face and SHOVED hard, sending her tumbling out of the ring to land with a meaty SLAP!

Slipping through the ropes, Erica posed on the apron and told the crowd, “I HOPE YOU TOOK PICTURES OF THIS BITCH DURING HER ENTRANCE CUZ HER EXIT AIN’T GONNA BE SO PRETTY!”

As the mob cheered her on, Erica raised both hands and clasped her fingers together in a Double Ax-handle. Waiting for Jessica to get her feet under her, Erica sprinted forward and leapt off the apron just as the blonde was lurching around to face her.

There were a few brief seconds where Erica was soaring majestically toward her rival but they came to an abrupt end when Jessica simply stepped forward, opened her arms and plucked the brunette out of the air in a tight Bear Hug. Crushing the incredulous grappler in her iron coil, Jessica charged forward and BWAAANGED drove Erica’s head back against the unforgiving steel ring post!

Erica let out a terrible sob and tightened up for a moment before going limp in the American’s Bear Hug. Tossing the boneless beauty to the mat, Jessica rubbed her hands across her hips and sneered, “Sorry Erica, you just can’t stand up to me. Don’t worry though, I’m sure you’ll be the prettiest girl in Intensive Care.”

Helping to put Erica one step closer to her goal, Jess jerked the brunette off the mat and trapped her in a tight Front Facelock. After she’d tossed Erica’s near arm over her shoulder and hooked a handful of tights, Jessica bent her knees and lifted the smaller woman up over her head in a Vertical Suplex. Holding Erica inverted, Jess made sure her grip was steady before she pulled her hand away from Erica’s tights and motioned for the crowd to start counting. Happy to help her out, they chanted, ‘ONE... TWO... THREE... FOUR... FIVE... SIX... SEVEN... EIGHT... NINE... TEN!’

At that point Jess rose up on her toes and dropped to the mat to splatter Erica against the thinly padded concrete. Getting to her feet, Jessica slipped her thumbs into the waistband of her briefs, snapped them against her hips and asked, “STRETCHER?”

When they responded in the affirmative, Jessica strutted over to the stretcher and quickly rolled it up to Erica’s supine form. Hauling the brunette off the floor, Jess dumped her across the stretcher and said, “Looks like you get to go out in style bitch.” With Erica laid low, Jessica took hold of handle and started rolling the brunette up the aisle toward the line that would end the contest. Jessica had made it about a quarter of the way up the ramp and was really beginning to believe that Erica might be out and that’s when the brunette tucked both knees up against her chin and then pistoned her boots into the American’s chin.

Jess grunted and staggered back several steps, giving Erica just enough time to get off the stretcher and thus save herself from an ignominiously quick defeat. Flipping hair out of her face, the angry brunette stalked towards her glassy-eyed competition and sneered, “You’re gonna have to do a lot better than that before you even THINK about putting me on UNNNGGH!”

The blonde broke free of her feigned stupor and hammered a straight right hand against Erica’s chin to clip off her words with an almost mechanical precision. While Erica was busy trying to un-dim her lights, Jess moved in close, buried her hands in the brunette’s dark locks and pushed down hard. Forcing Erica to her knees, Jess removed one hand from her foe’s tresses so she could cup the back of her head. Twisting Erica’s head to the left, Jess pulled the Canadian forward so that the side of her face was pressed tightly against the blonde’s gulping paunch. Hoping that the photographers were having a field day with this pose, Jessica held her rival prone in this position just long enough to tell her, “You feel that baby? That’s perfection you’re currently resting your tear-stained cheek against. You can fight it all you want, in fact I hope you do. But that doesn’t change the fact that no matter how good you are, no matter how hard you try, you’ll never be perfect.”

Punctuating her statement with a final grind of the brunette’s face across her taut midriff, Jessica pulled the shorter woman to her feet, took her by the wrist and whipped her back toward the ring. Erica made the trip in a series of long, loping strides that only began to shorten near the end when a less addled part of her brain realized she needed to slow down and start to turn before she ran gut-first into the ring apron. This was a task she managed to accomplish just before the squared circle rushed up to meet her and…THUD! The small of her back crashed into the ring apron and she let out a pained howl as the shockwaves raced through every inch of her lean frame.

Watching Erica collapse onto her haunches with a predator’s avid curiosity, Jessica turned her gaze to the stretcher and murmured, “Better get this back where it belongs.”

Getting in place behind the headrest, Jess wheeled it around and lined it up with her wounded adversary. Smiling wickedly, Jessica leaned forward and started to run, pushing the stretcher in front of her like some sort of medieval knight carrying the world’s oddest lance. When the yards between them shrank to mere feet, Jess roared, “Durance; party of one!”

Looking up, Erica pushed to her feet just in time to avoid having the stretcher take her head off, but that just meant her belly took the brunt of the impact. There was a meaty THUMP, followed by a much harder THUMP and a bright, clear scream as Erica was impaled by the stretcher, slammed back against the apron and opened her mouth to let the whole world know how miserable the experience was.

On the other side of the stretcher, Jessica leaned forward as hard as she could in an attempt to pinch her opponent in half. Savoring the feel of Erica’s body yielding to the stretcher, Jess taunted, “Why fight it Erica? You’re gonna end up here anyway, why not just lean forward and let me roll you up the aisle?”

Gritting her teeth, Erica pushed back against the stretcher and spat, “Cuz then I’d be Jessica Biel and we both know I’m better than that.”

Jessica’s smile was gone like a puff of smoke in a stiff breeze and the expression that replaced it was far less pleasant. Pulling the stretcher away from Erica’s midsection, the blonde stalked forward and planted a sharp Knee Lift in the brunette’s navel. Sweeping the gutted wrestler into her arms, Jessica hissed, “Lemme make sure I heard you correctly. Did you just call me a quitter?”

Struggling feebly against Jess’s coil, Erica replied, “I called you by your name, I just assumed you knew it was synonymous with posing quitter bitch.”

Holding her rage in check just long enough to muscle Erica into a Front Facelock, Jess maneuvered herself around beside the stretcher’s left side. With her back to the gurney, Jess slung Erica’s near arm over her shoulder and hooked a big handful of impostor bikini bottoms. Bending her knees, the furious blonde asked, “Does THIS feel like something a quitter would do you fuckin’ tramp?”

The words were still coming out of her mouth when she lifted up, attempting to take Erica off her feet with a Vertical Suplex. This would have gone off without a hitch if it hadn’t been for Erica threading a leg inside and around her foe’s leg, a simple tactic that effectively blocked the throw.

Cursing under her breath, Jessica wriggled her leg free and tried the Suplex a second time but much to her chagrin, Erica beat her to it and the blonde found herself being hoisted into the air over the brunette’s head. Doing the best she could to prepare herself for landing on a slab of thinly padded concrete, Jess was completely unprepared when Erica took two wobbling steps toward the stretcher and dropped her forward, sending the American down gut-first across the wheeled litter.

All the air was immediately forced from her lungs and that meant she could manage nothing more than a pained wheeze when Erica grabbed her by the hair and tugged her head up to sneer, “Before that bell rings again, you’re going to climb onto this thing of your own free will. Because it’s the only thing that’ll save you from the ass beating you’re about to receive.”

Tossing Jessica’s head away in disgust, Erica jogged away from her downed nemesis and didn’t stop until she’d put several yards between them. Lining up so that she was pretty much perpendicular to the blonde’s hanging head, Erica put a hand over her face to shield her eyes against the overhead lights as she made a show of looking to the back of the arena. Taking a deep breath she called, “HEY YOU GUYS UP IN THE CHEAP SEATS; HERE’S A SOUVENIR TO FIGHT OVER!”

As the mob started to urge her on, Erica exploded into a dead run that had her bearing down on Jess in the blink of an eye. When the time was right, the brunette brought her right leg up in a vicious arc that ended with her boot THWAPPING off Jessica’s chin. The kick might not have actually decapitated the blonde, but Jess’s head could have very well been on the upper deck for all the signs of life she was currently showing. Admiring her handiwork, Erica nudged Jessica off the stretcher and let her go tumbling to the floor without a second look.

Wheeling the stretcher away from the action, Erica patted the sweat-dampened pad and said, “Don’t go too far buddy, I’ll need you again soon enough.” Returning her attention to Jessica, the brunette sauntered over to where the American was laid out and commented, “Ya know, ever since you ALMOST beat Jennifer Lopez this summer, all I hear about is how Jessica Jess is ‘unbeatable’ on the outside of the ring. I think it’s time we put that particular rumor to rest.”

Treating Jess to a hard stomp to the ribs just to keep her in place, Erica walked a few feet away, then dropped to one knee. Fitting her fingers in one of the seams that kept the pads in place, Erica stood up and peeeeeeled it back, exposing the cold, gray concrete beneath. Savoring the nearly electric tingle that ran up her spine as the crowd started to buzz, the Canadian beauty strolled back over to her flattened opponent and pulled her to her feet. Reeling Jess in, Erica led her over to within a few feet of the bare patch and stopped. Wrapping her arms around the blonde’s sweat-slicked belly, Erica locked her hands tight and pulled Jessica close.

Doing her best to break Jess’s spirit before she broke her body, Erica whispered, “Did you actually have the nerve to refer to yourself as perfection? Jessie baby, I can feel you giving ground already. If you’re the perfect anything, I’m guessing it’s loser.”

Unable to free herself from the brunette’s coil, Jessica settled for panting, “Fuck you Erica.”

Erica shook her head, “No Jessica, fuck YOU! I hope all that time in the parking lot has prepared you for THIS...”

Crushing down even tighter, the brunette bent her knees, then heaved Jess up and over her, sending her sailing through the void to land spine-first on the concrete with an Overhead Belly-to-Belly Suplex.

The THUD of her impact vied with Jessica’s scream for loudest sound in the arena, with scream just barely winning out in the end. And when the blonde’s shriek faded into nothingness, there were thousands of other voices ready to take up the slack for her. Getting to her feet, the brunette checked on Jess’s condition (still smoldering ruin, which was as it should be) then headed over to the area of ringside where the commentators and timekeeper held court.

Hands on her hips, Erica told the timekeeper, “I’m gonna need to confiscate your chair sir, there’s official ass kicking business underway.”

Nodding his approval, the Time Keeper vacated the steel chair and Erica immediately folded it up with a loud BWANG. Holding her new weapon by the legs, the brunette strutted back around the corner just in time to see Jessica pushing to her hands and knees. Licking her lips, the Canadian whispered “Beautiful.” and picked up her pace a little. As her shadow fell across the penitent blonde, Erica raised the chair high over her head and cooed, “Quitter says what?”

“Whaaa?” BWAM!

Erica brought the chair down as hard as she could, smashing the weapon across the defenseless expanse of Jessica’s back. The kneeling blonde became a prostrate, sobbing blonde in the blink of an eye. To Erica there was no greater sight in all the world! Placing the heel of her left boot firmly between Jessica’s shoulders, Erica raised the chair in one hand and asked the crowd, “HAS THIS BITCH HAD ENOUGH?”

They replied in the affirmative and while Erica was secretly disappointed, she consoled herself with the knowledge that such an emphatic dismissal of this overrated slut would surely result in a title shot down the road.

Lowering the chair, she strolled toward the stretcher and told Jessica, “Just wait right there baby, I’ll bring the car around for ya.” A moment later she did just that, pushing the chair aside to make room as she peeled the battered beauty off the floor and muscled her onto the stretcher. Giving the blonde’s cheek an insolent pat, Erica chided, “You’re just too CUTE when you’re broken and crying.”

Getting nothing but a weak moan for her troubles, Erica shrugged, positioned herself behind the American and started to wheel her up the aisle. Making a show of her progress, Erica put a little extra wiggle into her hips as she trundled Jessica toward the goal line and she was quite pleased to note that every eye in the stadium was on her and not the battered, wounded girl she’d so recently demolished.

They’d just crossed the halfway point when Jessica groaned, sat up and tried to push her way off the stretcher. Scowling, Erica grabbed her shoulders and snarled, “Sit your ass down Jess!”

Shrugging the brunette’s hands away, Jessica spat, “Get the fuck offa me!” and shoved her way to the floor.

Knowing that she’d have to take the blonde back to the ring and start over again, Erica muttered, “You obnoxious little bitch!” She followed with a short, stiff Clothesline to the back of the blonde’s skull that instantly robbed Jess of her verticality. Hoisting Jessica onto her shoulders in a Fireman’s Carry, Erica glared at one of officials stationed along the ramp and said, “Get the stretcher back to the ring fast. If pudgy here is in as bad a shape as I think she is, I’ll need it sooner rather than later.” She marched back to the ring and wasted no time in rolling Jessica’s crippled bulk off her shoulders back into the ring. Spying the chair she’d lit the blonde up with a few minutes ago, Erica muttered, “Yeah, I could go for another one of those.” Picking up the chair, she glanced into the ring and saw that Jessica was just then trying to get her feet under her. Shaking her head in disbelief, the brunette said, “You must get off on having this thing wrapped around your head.”

She slid under the bottom rope and popped to her feet. Raising the chair over her head, she stalked over to Jessica and paused just long enough to let out a low, taunting whistle. This proved to be a costly error as Jess suddenly roared forward and wrapped both hands around Erica’s throat. With the chair still hanging over the brunette’s head, Jessica let out a hateful scream and LIFTED her incredulous opponent off her feet and held her aloft in the choke for less than a second before she sat out and DROVE Erica back-first into the mat with a Biel Bomb directly from left field.

As the ring shook from the impact, Jessica leaned forward and wrapped her arms around Erica’s thighs, only to then remember that there were no pins or submissions in this match. Shoving the Canadian’s suddenly boneless gams away from her feet and snarled, “You arrogant slut, I am gonna BREAK you!”

Taking control of the chair that had so recently been used against her, Jessica set it up in the center of the ring and when she was certain it was still sturdy enough to stand, she turned her attention to Erica. Dropping to one knee, she wrapped her fingers in the brunette’s damp mane and scraped her off the mat. Doubling her foe over with a Knee Lift SMECK to her belly, Jess stepped to Erica’s left and wrapped her arms around the Canadian’s waist to apply a simple Gut-Wrench.

Smiling for her fans (they’d become much louder after the Biel-Bomb) Jessica told them, “This pathetic bitch isn’t the only one who knows how to throw a Suplex.”

Proving her point, the blonde lifted up on her toes and HURLED Erica across the ring in a low, looping arc that ended with Erica coming down full-force across the seat of Jess’s devilishly placed chair. Erica’s weight wasn’t enough to collapse the chair, which was good for Jessica, because she wasn’t done using it just yet. After snapping those trademark electric blue togs back into place across her hips, Jessica strutted over to Erica and made a point of planting a boot in the brunette’s gut as she stepped over her. After returning the chair to its factory preset position (Erica’s landing had knocked it over) Jessica pulled her nemesis off the canvas and backed her into the ropes.

Chesting into the shorter grappler, she purred, “There’s so many ways I can think of to hurt you with that chair, but I don’t think it... or you for that matter... will be holding together for much longer.”

Taking control of the Canadian’s wrist, Jess stepped back and whipped Erica across the ring, taking pains to make sure she didn’t hit the chair as she did so. Following after her rival, Jess positioned herself a few feet in front of the chair and when Erica had closed in on her, she went low and Scissored her legs in between the brunette’s ankles. With little more than a twitch of her legs, Biel’s Drop Toehold ripped Erica’s legs out from under her and sent the unfortunate beauty, WHACK, face-first into the seat of the chair.

This time the chair did give way and collapsed with a series of sad little snaps and crunches as Erica used it as the world’s most uncomfortable pillow. Basking in the ‘HOLY SHIT’ chants, Jessica got to her feet, put a boot against the side of Erica’s face and told the crowd, “WELL, ERICA KILLED THE CHAIR, LOOKS LIKE I’LL NEED TO FIND SOMETHING A LITTLE BIGGER!”

Leaving them to ponder this message, Jess slipped out of the ring, dropped to her knees and flipped the ring apron up. Peering into the darkness, it didn’t take her long to find what she wanted and the audience’s cheers got even louder when the blonde Amazon reached into the gloom and pulled out a wooden table. Eyes gleaming in anticipation, Jessica struggled to her feet and slid the table under the bottom rope. Rolling in after it, she got to her feet, grabbed the table and positioned it at an angle up against the nearest turnbuckle.

Satisfied that it wouldn’t go tumbling out of the corner at some inopportune time, Jessica headed back to Erica and pulled her to her feet. Kicking the ruins of the chair out of her way, Jessica tugged Erica in close and taunted, “Since you’ve had your fill of metal, I thought you might like to taste some wood next. Oh and I’m passing on the cheap phallic joke, not because I respect you, but because I figure you’re too fucking far gone to understand it.”

When Erica didn’t respond, Jess slipped an arm between her thighs and quickly scooped the brunette up onto her shoulder. Wrapping one arm around Erica’s waist, Jess positioned the other under her girl’s chin and pushed it up, a move that forced Erica to look straight ahead.

Wheeling around in a half-circle, Jess set her sights on the table and took off at a dead run. When she reached the point where she’d have to stop or risk crashing into the table herself, Jessica put on the brakes and hurled Erica forward, sending the Canadian’s forehead into the waiting table with an ominous THUNK! Erica collapsed against the table, but Jessica wasn’t done with her, not by a long shot! Grabbing a huge handful of the brunette’s togs, Jessica yanked her to her feet, spun her around and took hold of her wrist again.

Cooing into Erica’s woozy features, Jess said, “I don’t care if you break first, you’re going THROUGH that table.”

Stepping back, she whipped Erica to the opposite corner, then took off hot on her heels. Erica just had enough time to turn her back into the buckles before BWUUNG she slammed against them. That would’ve been bad enough, but less than two seconds later, Jessica followed her in and THWAP, smashed a beefy bicep across the brunette’s chest with a powerful Clothesline.

As Erica sobbed and sagged into her, Jess grabbed her opponent under the armpits and pulled her out of the corner. Getting as far as mid-ring, the blonde taunted, “Bet that stretcher’s starting to look pretty comfortable isn’t it bitch?” ‘bitch’ was still hanging in the air when she twisted her hips and hurled Erica up in a deliriously high arc that sent her CRASH through the propped up table.

Drinking in the sight of her decimated nemesis, Jessica said, “All right, let’s make it official. That move is no longer spelled b-e-a-l, it’s B-i-e-l. I’ll have to make sure to let Archer know.” Turning her gaze from Erica and the table to the sea of cheering faces, Jessica announced, “YOU WANNA SEE THAT AGAIN?”

They replied with an affirmative, so Jess hopped out of the ring, went back to the same spot as before and pulled out a second table. But instead of sliding this one into the ring, she flipped it on its side, tugged the legs into place and set it up next to the apron. Happy with the positioning, she slid into the ring and made a beeline for Erica. Dragging the brunette free from the wreckage of the first table, Jessica lifted her to her feet and marched her to the edge of the squared circle and the waiting table.

Stepping through the ropes and out onto the apron, Jess forced Erica to do the same and soon the enemies were perched carefully on the narrow canvas ledge. Wrapping her hands around Erica’s throat for a second time, Jessica leaned her face forward and whispered, “No matter what happened before or what happens after, THIS will be the moment that everyone remembers first when they think about tonight.”

Ready to make some memories, Jessica bent her knees and LIFTED Erica off her feet, but before she could complete the Biel-Bomb, Erica darted out a hand, grabbed hold of the top rope and held on for dear life.

Growling in frustration as Erica thwarted her finisher, Jessica lowered her to the apron but didn’t release her grip on the brunette’s throat. Throttling the Canadian just because she could, Jess demanded, “Let go of the rope you fucking EEERRGGHHHH!”

Erica did release her hold on the rope, but only so she could lunge forward and bury a knee between the blonde’s thighs. Jess’ jaw came unhinged and she squeaked into Erica’s face. The brunette hardly noticed, she was too busy fuming about how the American had made her look like a bitch these last few minutes. Deciding to erase those moments from the crowd’s collective memory, Erica locked eyes with Jessica and purred, “You are REALLY going to regret setting up that table.”

Leaning back, Erica scooped Jessica off the apron and onto her left shoulder in one quick but careful motion. Moving slowly to make sure she wouldn’t lose her balance, Erica wrapped her left arm across the bare expanse of Jessica’s back, right above her dangling arms. She then used her right arm to cup the back of Jess’s neck, positioning her so that her head was just about even with Erica’s hip. Preparations complete, Erica pushed up on her toes and stepped off the apron.

The ‘HOLY SHIT’ chants had already started a second later when she came down and used Erica’s head and shoulders to smash the table with the most vile application of the Test of En-Durance anyone had ever seen.

If this had been your standard ‘hardcore’ match, it would have been over right then and there. I don’t care how tough you are, NO ONE survives Erica’s finisher delivered from the apron, though a table to the floor. Only thing was, Erica couldn’t go for the cover, she had to get Jessica on the stretcher and all the way up the ramp to win this match and at the moment, the brunette didn’t think she was capable of such a task. Sitting next to a starfished Jessica Biel in the ruins of the table, Erica looked longingly from the stretcher to the ramp to the blonde and back again, but just looking didn’t give her the boost of adrenaline she so sorely needed.

Rolling to her knees, she cleared some of the debris away from Jess’s head and whispered, “OK Jessie, I might not be able to lug your fat ass up the ramp at the moment, but I can humiliate you in front of the entire world and that’s even better.”

Doing just that, she turned Jessica’s face toward the lights, then scooted forward and slowly, regally, lowered her ass onto the American’s face. Sadly, Jess’s reaction to the Reverse Face Sit was minimal, she groaned and tried to wriggle her head free, but Erica just ground her hips down and that put an end to her escape efforts. Hands on her thighs, Erica noticed the blonde’s defenseless chest and took appropriate measures. Reaching out, she gently tugged the material away, baring her rival’s bounty for a suddenly redlining crowd.

Offering the crowd a smile of supreme satisfaction, Erica thought, ‘It doesn’t matter that I can’t win the match this way, doesn’t even matter that Jessie here isn’t awake enough to fully comprehend how badly I’m owning her. What matters is that it’s happening. No matter what she does after tonight, this stupid bitch will ALWAYS look back at these few seconds and know she was nothing better than a bar stool.’

Enjoying this thought very much, Erica’s smile broke into a grin and she roared for the crowd, “I THINK IT’S TIME FOR A TEN SECOND RIDE! COUNT ME OFF FELLAS!”

As they ticked off the seconds, Erica rode Jess’s features as hard as she could; long, slow, sweeping thrusts of that glorious backside that would have indeed embarrassed Jessica beyond measure had she been fully recovered from her table dive. But she wasn’t, so she only offered up muffled groans and sighs as Erica sated her tawdry desires. When the mob finally reached ‘TEN’ Erica took hold of the American’s nipples between thumb and forefinger and cooed, “Wake up Jessie.” before twisting the pliant flesh as hard as she could. That cruel tactic did succeed in bringing Jess around and she shrieked mightily as Erica finally pushed up off her throne.

Snapping her bottoms back into place, Erica told the crowd, “I wanna see pictures of that on the net by the time I get back to my locker room, understand?” Not waiting to find out if they did, Erica whirled around, buried her hands in Jessica’s hair and pulled her to her feet. Going nose-to-nose with the American, Erica smiled sweetly and asked, “You just spent ten seconds in heaven Jessie baby. How’d ya like it?”

Beginning to realize what Erica had subjected her to, Jess hissed, “I’m gonna kill you, you fucking…UNNGH!”

Erica’s knee found the pit of Jessica’s taut stomach once more and the blonde found herself doubled over and wrapped up in a Front Facelock. Still standing amidst the shattered pieces of the second table, Erica looked around, found a suitable landing spot and dropped to the floor. Jess was yanked off her feet and driven forehead-first into a piece of the broken table, which was probably only slightly better than taking the DDT on bare cement. The sledgehammer-to-pumpkin THUNK of her nemesis skull against the table chunks did what even the Facesit hadn’t been able to do, it revitalized the brunette and that meant nothing but trouble for Jessica.

Popping to her feet, the domineering Canadian licked her lips and taunted the wounded blonde with, “After riding your face and then smashing it in, I think I’m finally ready to push a certain large sack of shit up-hill. Lemme just get your chariot.”

Jogging away, she appropriated the stretcher from the official and happily rolled it back to where Jess was splayed out. After positioning the stretcher at the base of the ramp, Erica turned her attention to Jessica and easily scraped her off the floor. Holding the taller woman perpendicular across her chest, Erica sauntered back to the stretcher and dumped Jess onto it.

When she was certain the blonde wasn’t going to tumble off, she got behind Jessica’s head and started on the long journey up the aisle once again. As she passed by the screaming throng of spectators. Erica flashed a brilliant smile and chided her nemesis, “Smile for the nice people Jessica. Show them that even a beaten, humiliated poser can go out with a little dignity.”

They were well beyond the halfway point and Erica had just started to put a little more hustle into her pushing when Jessica shifted her weight and rolled off the stretcher to land on the ramp on her hands and knees with a muted THUMP!

“FUCK!” Erica roared. Stalking around the stretcher, she buried a kick in Jessica’s ribs and snarled, “Do I have to tie your stubborn ass down?”

Incredibly, Jess fired back, “You gotta wear me down Erica. And you can’t fuckin’ getting it done!”

Running her hands through her hair, the brunette muttered, “Should’ve been a casket match, cuz you’re gonna be dead by the time I’m finished with you.” Burying her talons in Jessica’s matted locks, Erica pulled Jessica to her feet and wasted no time in scooping the brunette up onto her shoulder. For a moment, the crowd came to life in a flurry of cheers and protestations as they thought Erica was looking for another Test of Endurance, but they needn’t have worried, the brunette’s actual plan was far worse. Turning to face the ring, Erica sighed and said, “Looks like we have to start over again...”

Saving her breath for what was to come, the Canadian broke into a flat out run as she stormed down the ramp and back toward the ring, all while carrying Jessica on her shoulder like a sack of potatoes. Just as the crowd’s inquiring buzz was reaching deafening levels, the brunette reached the end of the aisle and the instant she did, Erica rose up on her toes and dropped forward and down to SPLAT Jess on the thin mat with the longest Running Power Slam in pro-wrestling history.

Pushing up off the once again quaking blonde, Erica rubbed a forearm across her face and told Jessica, “I think we need to get this back in the ring for a while, if only to prove I can kick your ass just as easily in a more structured environment.”

Decision made, she grabbed Jessica by the hair and pulled her to her feet. Leading the blonde over to the ring apron, Erica hopped up onto the ledge and coaxed a semi-responsive Jessica into doing the same thing. Standing side-by-side on the apron, Erica smiled, thought about saying something and decided against it. Actions, as they were so fond of saying, spoke louder than words. Letting her actions do the talking, Erica reached out with her right hand and grabbed Jess by the throat while her left hand secured a firm grip on the American’s right inner thigh. With little more than a grunt, Erica lifted Jessica over her head in a perfect Military Press and held her there for nearly five seconds before dumping the blonde over the top rope and back into the squared circle.

Following her crippled adversary over the ropes, Erica nudged her into the center of the ring and spat, “I’ve been waiting to do this to you ever since you horned in on the Darkness.”

Scraping Jessica off the canvas, Erica thrust the blonde’s head between her thighs and applied a tight Standing Headscissors. Leaning down, she wrapped her arms around the American’s waist, locked her hands and liiiiiiifted Jessica up into the void and brought her to a stop when the small of her back was resting comfortably against Erica’s right shoulder. Her hands knotted just below the swell of Jess’ rack, Erica began to turn in a slow circle, which meant the Erica Driver was only a few seconds away. The legions of Jess fans in attendance pleaded with their heroine to escape this predicament; after all the punishment she had taken, there was no way she could eat the brunette’s primary finisher and not leave on the stretcher.

Just when the Jessica faithful had resigned themselves to watching their favorite sample another section of canvas, Jess burst into squirming life and managed to wrench herself off the Canadian’s shoulders. Cursing, Erica whirled around to find her foe... and was cordially greeted by a brutal punt between the thighs. The low blow ripped an agonized howl from the brunette, but her lamentations were cut off when Jessica trapped her in a Standing Headscissors of her own.

With Erica secured (at least for the moment) Jessica finally had the opportunity to reach up and tug her top back into its proper alignment. Smiling as the disappointed boos rained down, she said, “I’ll make it up to you, promise.”

Getting back to her rival, Jessica bent down, reached under Erica’s middle and, instead of wrapping her arms around the brunette’s sweaty waist, she reached across her torso to grab Erica’s right wrist in her right hand and her left wrist with her left. Once her grip was secured, Jess pulled tight, crossing Erica’s own arms across her breasts. Calming her nerves with a deep breath, Jess then bent her knees and roared triumphantly as she lifted Erica up into position for a Powerbomb in one deliciously smooth arc. Wanting to show everyone that there was still a whole lotta fight left in her, Jess held Erica aloft long enough to turn to every side of the ring before she drove her down, neatly folding Erica in two as she hit a Cross-Arm Powerbomb.

Shoving Erica away even as the brunette was still suffering the effects of the Powerbomb, Jessica pushed to her feet and wandered over to the broken pieces of the table she had tossed Erica through what seemed like a lifetime ago. Inspecting the wreckage carefully, she found a piece she liked and picked it out of the pile. Testing its weight in her hands, she stalked into place behind Erica and waited for the brunette to get up. Several seconds later, Erica did just that and Jess went about repaying a favor from earlier in their battle. Still several feet behind her nemesis, Jessica purred, “Bitch says what?”


Jessica lunged forward and as Erica was stumbling around to confront the source of the noise, the American swung her chunk of table like it was a Louisville Slugger and nearly smacked Erica’s face off her head. As the glassy-eyed brunette went down in a heap, Jessica shook her head nastily and sneered, “You think falling down is gonna save you from me? You have no idea how wrong you are.”

Illuminating Erica’s ignorance, Jess knelt down, grabbed a handful of hair and slid the chunk of table under Erica’s head. Letting Erica’s hair go without a second thought, Jess straddled her opponent’s back and placed her left foot in the small of Erica’s back. Bending down, she took the Canadian’s wrists in either hand and stood up. Planting her heel as deeply in Erica’s back as she could get it, Jessica reefed back on her foe’s arms and suddenly Erica was howling in pain as Jessica tried to tear off her arms with the Surfboard. Nodding approval of her own efforts, the blonde would occasionally relax the pressure on the hold and give Erica a few seconds of relief only to crank back even harder a few seconds later. Savoring every drop of her nemesis’ suffering, Jessica taunted, “Scream for me Erica. Scream my name to the rafters and MAYBE I’ll let you be unconscious when I toss you on that damn stretcher.”

Blinking back tears, Erica shook her head ‘no’ and hissed, “I don’t take demands from anyone whose nose was up my ASS a few minutes agOOHHHHHHHH!”

In a vicious display of brutality, Jess shifted the placement of her foot from the small of Erica’s back to the base of her neck. Relaxing the pressure on her plant leg, the blonde allowed Erica’s head and chest to rise several inches off the canvas before she smashed Erica’s battered face into a piece of table Jess had so kindly placed beneath her with a STOMP. Tossing Erica’s limp wrists aside, Jess gave her fans a glowing, sultry flex of her biceps as she said, “This bitch tried to domme me on the outside... I am NOT gonna let that stand.”

Attempting to right the aforementioned wrong, Jessica peeled Erica’s limp frame off the mat, dragged her over to the edge of the ring and promptly tossed her through the top and middle ropes. Sauntering out after her devastated adversary, Jessica resumed her hold on the brunette’s mane and led her on her hands and knees over to the steel steps. Forcing Erica to stand with a hard tug on her hair, Jessica stood behind Erica and in front of the steps. Still using the brunette’s hair as a means of control, Jessica bent her rival backward and easily wrapped her right arm around the Canadian’s neck.

Wedging Erica’s chin into her armpit, Jess secured the Inverted Facelock and completed her preparations by grabbing a handful of those hated imitation tights. Letting her gaze sweep along the helpless expanse of Erica’s abs, there was just a hint of admiration in Jessica’s voice as she said, “I have to admit Erica, you’ve got a pretty sturdy frame supporting that ugly head of yours. But tell me, is it stronger than steel?” Hoping to find an answer to her question, Jess suddenly lifted up fast, jerking Erica off the floor and into the air over her head. The American only let her hang there for a second before she fell back and dropped her victim chest-and-gut first across the top of the steps. There was a metallic, yet somehow meaty BWONG as Erica’s ribs and sternum were pushed to their limits compliments of Jessica’s murderous application of the Inverted Vertical Suplex. Looking up into Erica’s gasping face from her place on the floor, Jessica smiled, got to her feet and said, “Nope, definitely not stronger than steel. Guess you’ll need to hit the Ab-dominator after this match.”

Punctuating her statement with a derisive SLAP to Erica’s trembling buttocks, Jessica stepped in and applied another Front Facelock.

Resuming her hold on the brunette’s waistband, Jessica grunted, “Let’s get you off these cold, hard steps and onto a soft, comfy stretcher.”

Jessica bent her knees and then lifted up, hauling Erica off the steps and into the air for what appeared to be a Vertical Suplex. But as Erica passed by the 45-degree angle mark, Jess sat out once again and drove the Canadian skull-first into the barely padded floor with an Implant DDT delivered from several feet higher than normal.

Erica let out a low groan and rolled onto her back only to have Jessica yank her to her feet and WHAM, slam her back into one of the steel corner-posts. Chesting in on the dazed beauty, there were sparks in Jessica’s eyes as she hissed, “You’ve beaten me with a chair, you’ve put me through a table and you fuckin’ sat on my face in front of a sold out crowd. I just want you to know that I’m going to repay ALL of those little favors before I wheel your ass out of this arena.”

Treating Erica’s head to a final THWOCK against the post, Jessica left her slumped in place so she could strut on over to the announcer’s table and purloin another chair from the timekeeper. BWANG! She raised it to shoulder level, fixed her gaze on Erica and roared, “PAYBACK’S A BITCH, DURANCE!”

On a wave of cheers from the audience, Jess charged forward and SWUNG the chair at Erica’s head. Through a haze of sweat and tears, Erica saw the chair coming and in a simple act of self-preservation, she dipped aside at the last second and the chair hit SMACK against the post that she’d just recently vacated. Growling her frustration, Jessica had to drop the chair as the impact against the steel shook her arms like insane tuning forks. Turning a furious pair of eyes on the brunette, Jess snarled, “Fucking cowaARRRHHGGHHHH!”

Erica responded to this slander by planting the toe of her left boot in the center of Jessica’s teal briefs. All the color drained out of the American’s face but no one in the crowd was privy to this bit of information because Erica pulled her crippled nemesis in close and whispered, “You’re right Jess, payback is a bitch... and you’re MY BITCH!”

Taking the blonde by the wrist, Erica pointed her girl toward the barricade and WHIPPED her into the steel. To her credit, Jess tried to put on the brakes, but her legs still felt like limp spaghetti after the heinous shot to her trunks so all she could manage was a weak half-turn and that wasn’t nearly enough to keep her from smacking against the barrier. BWANG!

Nodding appreciatively as Jess nearly stove in the barrier, Erica settled into a tense crouch and then exploded forward. Bearing down on her rival, Erica lowered her shoulder and plowed forward the last few inches and damn near tore Jessica in half with a Spear that knocked both ladies over the barricade and into the front row. Oblivious to the cheers and gasps of the fans around them, Erica and Jessica stayed laid out on the floor for nearly fifteen seconds before Erica shoved up off the battered blonde and roared her triumph to anyone who would listen.

Literally quivering with Jess-hate, Erica ripped the American off the floor and trapped her in a Front Facelock. Shooing the fans away from the action, Erica wormed Jessica’s near arm over her shoulders and hooked a handful of the blonde’s tights. Breathing hard, Erica snarled, “Gonna bust you up inside Jess... hurt you way down deep.” Thinking of nothing but the other woman’s pain, Erica lifted Jessica off the ground and up over her head. Holding Jess prone, she took a few wobbling steps forward and proceeded to drop her belly-first on the guardrail. Releasing the Facelock, Erica slapped the back of Jessica’s head and taunted, “Having a hard time breathing Jessie? Don’t worry, you’ll have other things to worry about soon enough.”

Hopping over to the other side of the barricade, Erica spooned in behind the blonde and wrapped her arms around Jess’s sagging tummy. Mashing her fists into the blonde’s paunch, Erica bent her knees, lifted Jessica off the barrier and then bridged up and back to drop Jess almost directly on her head and shoulders to complete a hellacious German Suplex.

Digging deep into her reserves, Erica got to her feet, stalked over to where Jessica was folded up and booted her upturned butt as hard as she could. Savoring the little tingle that ran from her toes to mid-thigh, the brunette pulled Jess to her feet, shoved her back against the apron and nuzzled in close.

Cheek-to-cheek with the crippled blonde, Erica’s voice was ragged as she promised, “You’re going to leave the arena on that stretcher Jess, there’s nothing you can do about that. The ONLY thing you can control is how many pieces you’re in when I wheel you out of here. Keep that in mind before you give me any more shit.”

Jessica moaned and tried to turn toward the brunette but Erica simply spun her around, grabbed a rude handful of American briefs and rag-dolled the Amazon under the bottom rope and back into the squared circle. Sliding in after her prey, Erica got to her feet and quickly helped Jess to hers. Making sure to stay clear of the various detritus that was littering the ring, the Canadian stood in front of Jessica and wrapped her arms around the blonde’s hips with absolutely no interference. Hands clasped across the meat of Jess’ butt cheeks, Erica locked her hands, rose up on her toes and stayed there for just a moment before dropping to one knee so she could SLAM Jess’s beleaguered crotch down onto her barely-padded knee.

The Inverted Atomic Drop was nothing the fans hadn’t seen a million times before, but the familiarity didn’t stop them from cheering, nor did it keep Jessica from openly sobbing as her hands flew south to protect her injured center. Backing away from the paralyzed American, Erica licked her lips and chided, “Just hold that pose please.”

Turning on a dime, she sprinted into the ropes and came roaring back at the blonde. Just when it appeared the brunette was going to be content with simply mowing her rival over, Erica brought her left leg up in a viper-ish blur and THWACK, drove the sole of her boot into the side of Jess’s face. Jess’ head snapped around ninety degrees and those world class legs shuddered something fierce, but the blonde didn’t go down and that in and of itself was enough to get her fans cheering again.

Those cheers quickly died when Erica stepped in, booted her in the gut and applied a Front Facelock. Slinging Jessica’s near arm over her shoulders, Erica hooked the blonde’s waistband and lifted her up over her head with a bit more effort than it would have taken her even five minutes prior.

Most fans thought that Erica was merely setting her foe up for a Delayed Vertical Suplex, but the eagle-eyed grappling aficionado would have noticed that in lifting Jess into place, Erica had twisted the larger girl around a good ninety degrees, meaning that Jessica’s back was now lined up with Erica’s left shoulder and not her back as in the garden variety application of the maneuver. Erica held this position for a good ten seconds before Jess’s weight started to press on her.

When the burn in her arms got to be too much, she released her grip on Jessica’s waistband and as the American started to fall back to the mat, Erica used her recently freed hand to secure a loose Three Quarter’s Facelock and then she joined Jess in her decent; dropping down just as Jess passed by her so she could drop her opponent’s chin across her right shoulder, effectively hitting a ridiculously elevated Stunner from the Suplex stall position.

The move more commonly known as The Black Crush worked like a charm! Jessica was left flat on her face in the center of the ring while Erica strutted circles around her and generally basked in the love of her fans. Feeling much improved after nearly shattering the American’s jaw, Erica glanced from the audience, to Jessica, to the stretcher and back again before yelling, “TIME TO TAKE OUT THE TRASH!”

Egged on by the cacophony from her admirers, Erica buried her talons in Jessica’s hair, peeled her off the canvas and muscled the unresponsive beauty onto her shoulders in a Fireman’s Carry. Unable to keep herself from milking every last bit of her dominance over the beefy blonde, Erica grinned out into the crowd and asked, “You think the good doctors at Arkham General will be able to fix her by ChrisMUUNGH!”

She was probably trying to day ‘Christmas’ but no one ever confirmed this because Jessica pulled her knee in and SLAM drove it against the side of the brunette’s face. Erica groaned and shimmied, but didn’t go down, so Jessica was more than happy to pepper her cheek and jaw with Knee Lifts until she decided to let the blonde go. And when she did, Jess kindly repaid the favor by whipping the Canadian around to face her. While Erica was still trying to figure out what happened, Jessica stabbed out her right hand and wrapped it around the brunette’s throat. Adding the security of a handful of blue tights to the mix, Jess clamped down hard on both grips and snarled, “Say goodbye to your spine, Erica.”

Lifting straight up, Jessica lifted Erica several feet into the air and flung her right back down, rudely fusing her back to the mat compliments of a nightmarish Choke Slam. Having to make a conscious effort to keep herself from going for the cover, Jessica didn’t give Erica any time to recover as she immediately pulled the brunette to her knees and forced her into a Standing Headscissors. Noting with some interest that there was yet another fragment of the first broken table not too far away, Jessica muttered, “I’m glad the zebra didn’t bother to sweep out the ring, it would have made hurting you that much more difficult.”

Wrapping her arms around the brunette’s damp waist, Jess made good use of the official’s laziness by lifting Erica up for a Piledriver and then walking forward until Erica’s head was hanging directly over the chunk of shattered wood. Nodding her approval as her faithful fans implored her to, ‘DROP HER ON HER HEAD!’

Jessica smiled, shook her head ‘no’ and replied, “I’d rather drop her on her face!”

And that’s exactly what she did! Rising up on her toes, the American waited a few seconds before pushing up and falling forward, effectively driving the brunette’s chest and belly into the canvas while her face was treated to the unpleasant encounter with the piece of table. Pushing to her knees after the Facebuster disguised as a Piledriver connected, Jess brought both hands up, flexed her fingers, then brought them SLAP-PAPP down on Erica’s unguarded glutes.

As the mob was cheering this impromptu spanking, Jess coaxed them to even greater heights by digging her nails in and raaaaaaaaaking them all the from the brunette’s butt to just past the small of her back. Snickering as she watched the Canadian’s freshly clawed rump jiggle wildly, Jessica got to her feet and told the crowd, “Ya know, when I was digging around under the ring for a table, I found exactly what I need to safely transport Erica to the stretcher. I think I’ll go get it.”

Jogging to the proper edge of the ring, she slipped through the ropes, dropped to the floor and flipped up the apron. Breaking into a smile, she reached into the dark and shortly thereafter pulled out an aluminum trash can that seemed to be overflowing with the accouterments of ‘hardcore’ wrestling. Shoving the can between the ropes, Jess followed her new toys back in and popped to her feet. Sorting through the treasures she mused, “Let’s see what Santa brought me this year.... ohhhh, I LIKE THIS!”

Reaching into the cluttered mass of weapons, she seized upon what had caught her eye and quickly removed a bamboo Kendo Stick from the trash can. Holding the weapon by its taped handle, Jessica pointed the mock sword toward Erica and taunted, “I’m gonna lash my name across your ass, babe!”

Swinging around behind Erica in a wide circle, Jessica waited for her nemesis to get to her feet before she ‘tap tap tapped’ the cane against the ground. Whirling to meet her attacker, Erica saw the cane and she brought her arms up to defend against a possible overhead strike, but the moment she committed, Jess went the other way and CRACK smashed the bamboo across her belly like a baseball bat. Grinning from ear-to-ear as Erica sank to her knees, Jess taunted, “Strike One...”

She raised the Kendo stick again and CRACK slammed it down against Erica’s right shoulder. Erica howled and tried to cover up, which was a noble gesture, but certainly not enough to keep Jess from smirking, “...Strike Two...” CRAAACK!

This time Jess did go for the overhead shot and with the brunette doubled up from the two previous shots, Jessica had to trouble bringing the cane down across the crown of Erica’s skull. This third shot finally drove the bamboo past its point of no return and it shattered with a brittle little snap less than a second after Jessica had brought it down over Erica’s head. If Erica had been a little more with it, she might have thought that the loss of her weapon would force Jess to take it a little easier on her opponent, but sadly, that was not the case.

Tossing the bottom chunk of the Kendo Stick aside, Jessica bent down, grabbed Erica by the shoulder-straps and spat, “Get your punk ass up, we’re not done yet.” Proving her point admirably, he blonde bent down and threaded one hand between Erica’s legs while the other snaked its way around her captive’s chin. Grunting with the effort, Jessica lifted Erica off the mat leaving the statuesque brunette draped parallel across her shoulders in the body-snapping Torture Rack.

Wrenching down on the hold as hard as she could, Jessica trudged around the ring with Erica sobbing on her shoulders. Trying her best to break the Canadian into two equally beaten halves, Jess turned a ferocious smile on the cameras and demanded that her fellow employees, “SIT, WATCH, LEARN!”

Knowing that all eyes her on her, Jessica bent her knees slightly and then pushed up, twisting her torso hard to the right. In the same moment she released her grip on Erica’s legs, letting her foe’s lower half go swinging out behind her. With Erica’s chin still in her grasp and the rest of the brunette stretched out behind her, Jessica dropped straight down, landing easily on the mat while Erica landed HARD on the back of her head and shoulders the latest victim of the American’s Torture Rack Neckbreaker.

Glowing with the prospect of victory, Jessica bounded to her feet even as the ring was still shaking and made a prim little show of adjusting the edges of her battle attire. Grinning coyly into the crowd, she brushed some imaginary dirt off her left shoulder, then drew a thumb across her throat and announced, “This is SO over!” Sauntering back over to the trash can, Jessica snickered and muttered, “Isn’t that always that way? No matter how cool the toys are, the box is always more fun.”

Taking the can by the handles, she upended it, scattering a good half dozen ECW grade toys all over the squared circle. The trash can was all she needed though and after she’d tucked it under her arm, she damn near skipped over to where Erica was laid out and clutching the back of her neck. Burying her claws in the brunette’s hair for what she hoped was the last time, Jess pulled Erica to a sitting position and cooed, “There’s only one place for trash like you Erica...”

She stuffed the can down on Erica’s head, engulfing her from head to waist in the aluminum receptacle. Shoving the metal-sheathed beauty over onto her back, Jessica jogged to the nearest turnbuckle and slowly climbed to the top rope. Standing up straight, she raised both arms high over her head and roared, “EVERYONE ELSE CALLS IT A SPLASH, I CALL IT A TRASH COMPACTOR!”

The last words were still hanging in the air when Jess leapt off into the void and came crashing down with all one hundred and thirty plus pounds landing directly on the trash can and the defenseless brunette housed therein. There was a loud metallic CRUNCH even the ‘HOLY SHIT!’ chants couldn’t block out and then both Erica and Jess were flat on their backs, both devastated by the American’s brazen kamikaze maneuver.

Happy to have something to do for what seemed like the first time in ages, the ref pulled the squashed can off Erica, checked the brunette for any obvious signs of injury and finding none, began his count. Despite the fanatical urgings of an entire crowd, it took Jessica and Erica till just past ‘NINE’ to get up, and even then, ‘get-up’ was more like groan and slop over onto your hands and knees. Still it was enough to keep the match going and a few seconds later, Jess got her second (or possibly third, fourth or even fifth) wind and shoved to her feet.

Eyes blazing, the determined vixen realized that Erica was pushing to her feet and that meant she had to hit her again. Glancing around, the first thing her eyes fell upon was the lid to the trash can and she picked it up without even thinking about it. Holding the solid metal disc in both hands, she raised it over her head and the moment Erica’s eyes met hers, she lunged forward and brought it down in a vile, swooshing arc.

Moving faster than anyone would have imagined she could at that point, Erica slipped in under the arc of the trash can lid and thrust her head under Jess’s left arm. In the same motion, she threaded her right arm across the blonde’s chest and cupped grasped her shoulder while her left arm wrapped around the American’s waist so she could palm the small of her back. Before Jess could do so much as blink, Erica pushed up onto her toes and fell straight forward, landing on her belly in a landing that, while uncomfortable, was infinitely preferable to the spine-first jolting that Jessica absorbed through the Uranage.

And if the Slam wasn’t bad enough, the moment Jess arched her back, Erica looped her right arm around behind Jessica’s head and in doing so grabbed hold of the blonde’s right wrist. To finish off this miserable little combo, Erica reached through the hole created by her opponent’s bent wrist, grabbed hold of her own wrist and reared back with all her might, instantly putting Jessica in screaming agony with the brutal simplicity of the Anaconda Vise. Ripping and tearing at the hold, Erica craaaaanked back on the Vise, and despite the fact that such a concession would mean nothing, demanded, “TAP! TAP OUT YOU MISERABLE CUNT! I’VE GOT YOU TRAPPED, SO TAP... THE... FUCK... OUT!”

Tears rolling down her cheeks, Jessica hated to admit that she WANTED to tap out... felt as though she NEEDED to tap out to avoid further injury, but her pride would not let her free hand betray her. Even if it didn’t count, even if she came back and won the match, Erica would be able to say she’d made her submit and Jess wasn’t going to give her nemesis the satisfaction. So instead of tapping, she raised her free hand, balled it into a fist and then ever so slowly extended her middle finger and wiggled it in front of Erica’s furious face.

“BITCH!” the Canadian screamed and she pulled back even harder on the hold. Jessica’s defiant but rather useless gesture faded into another bout of gurgling and shivering and just when the blonde thought she was going to pass out, Erica released the Vise and kicked her away. Shoulders rising and falling in furious hitches, the brunette got to her feet and hissed, “You’ve bent all you can Jessie, now you’re going to break.”

Heading for the edge of the ring, she slipped out onto the floor, dug around under the ring and pulled out the third folding table of the evening. Setting it up in almost exactly the same position as the one she’d put Jess through earlier (that one the official had cleared out, couldn’t risk the ladies falling from the ring onto a jagged piece of table scrap right?) Erica jiggled the table to make sure it would hold and when it did, she slid back into the squared circle.

Rolling to her feet, she went into a deliberate stalk behind the downed grappler and slowly hoisting her off the canvas. Standing a little to her foe’s right, Erica kissed Jessica’s sweat streaked cheek and said, “You might be conscious when you go through that table, but I doubt it. You should thank me for that when you wake up.” Erica dipped her shoulder against Jess’s ribs and muscled the blonde up across her shoulders in what was essentially a very loosely applied Torture Rack. Fitting one hand under Jessica’s butt and another between her shoulders, Erica spun in a slow circle and proclaimed, “I hope there’s a halo to go with that stretcher!”

Simultaneous with the last word, she PUSHED Jessica up and off her shoulders and took a single giant step back. As the American began her short descent to the mat, Erica brought her left foot slicing off the mat and THWACK gave a vile Kick to the base of Jess’s skull while she was hanging in mid-air. Jessica had just been introduced to one of the newest moves in the brunette’s arsenal; an inverted version of a move called the Go To Sleep, or ‘GTS’ for short. Erica would come to call her version the Calgary Guillotine.

Digging the pointiest part of her boot into the flattened blonde’s ribs. Erica motioned to Jess and exclaimed, “THIS... IS ABOUT TO GO THROUGH THAT...” She pointed to the table, then continued, “AND THEN SHE’LL TAKE A NICE LONG RIDE ON THAT!” She pointed to the stretcher and the capacity crowd demanded that she carry out her boast.

Happy to do so, the Canadian pulled Jess to her feet and led the semi-conscious beauty to the appropriate corner. Shoving her in back-first against the buckles, Erica drew a deep breath, wrapped her arms around Jess’ waist and lifted her into a sitting position on the top turnbuckle. Slowly climbing up after her quarry, Erica dug her hands into Jessica’s hair and carefully pulled the blonde up so that she was standing on the top buckle. With both ladies several feet above the ring and even higher above the floor, Erica was very careful as she leaned in and whispered, “If you thought eating it from the apron to the floor was bad, wait’ll you try it from the top roPUUNNNNGGHHH!”

In an amazing display of balance, Jessica slammed her right knee up into the brunette’s groin. Even more impressive, she kept Erica from tumbling off her perch to the canvas below. Resetting her footing, Jessica wrapped her hands around her wheezing adversary’s throat and whispered, “Give my regards to the ambulance driver.”

Dangerously close to empty now, the American channeled her remaining strength into her arms and LIFTED Erica up in a two-handed choke. Holding her there, the blonde swung around toward the outside of the ring and stepped out into nothingness. For a second, every voice in the stadium was hushed as Erica and Jess seemed to hang suspended in the void, then gravity resumed control and Jess was just BARELY able to sit out before Erica with a CRASH went through the table to the floor below, completely and utterly decimated by an Atomic variation on Jessica’s Biel-Bomb finisher. Hurting more than she’d ever let on, Jessica laid over the wreckage of her opponent for several seconds before she was able to push to her feet and haul Erica to her knees.

Dragging the unconscious brunette in her wake, Jess trudged over to the stretcher and somehow managed to get the other girl onto it. Praying that she wouldn’t pass out on the journey up the ramp, Jess drew all the energy she could from the ‘UN-BIEL-EVABLE!’ chants that were shaking the arena, and though that final journey wasn’t the strutting victory lap she’d imagined at the beginning of the night, it passed without even the slightest twitch from Erica.

When she crossed the bright yellow line at the top of the ramp, the bell rang to declare her the winner and that confirmation of victory seemed to rob her of the last of her strength. Leaning heavily on the stretcher, she lowered her face to Erica’s and whispered, “Anytime you want more baby... you just look me up... cuz I won’t be hard to find.” Somehow, some way, Erica’s eyes fluttered open and though they only registered the vaguest of awareness, Jessica knew that her challenge had been heard and probably accepted. Stepping away from the stretcher, she glared over at the waiting officials and said, “Get her outta here!”

The herd of zebras descended on the stretcher and soon Erica was being trundled out of sight. Jessica watched her go and as the crowd’s roar got even louder, Jess saw Erica lift her right arm and try to gesture, but it proved to be too much effort and her arm went limp before Jess could ascribe any meaning to it. Brow furrowed, Jessica sighed and muttered, “She was probably just gonna flip me the bird.”

That was when a familiar voice sneered, “No, I think she was trying to warn you about US!”

The blonde whirled toward the voice and THWAP! was promptly met with a pair of Super Kicks that knocked her flat on her back.

Through the fireworks going off behind her eyes, Jessica saw Jennifer Garner lean over her and purr, “What’s the matter Jess? I thought you were itching to prove you could beat a champion.”

Unable to do anything but twitch, Jess watched as an unfamiliar face lined up next to Jennifer Garner’s. Moments later, a bright, cheerful British voice added, “I think she was just running her mouth. Perhaps we should show her the error of her ways?”

Clapping her new friend on the shoulder, Jennifer replied, “I think that’s a delightful idea Michelle. But let’s do it back in the ring, I want all these people to see what happens when someone mouths off to me.”

“May I do the honors?” Michelle Ryan asked.

“You may!” said Garner, offering her fellow brunette a smile that was all dimpled malevolence.

Scooping the decimated blonde onto her shoulders, the newest European export to be signed by Fannin’s promotion strutted down the ramp and gleefully mocked all the Jess fans that demanded she put the American down. Reaching the edge of the ring, the two vixens tossed Jess into the ring and rolled in after her. Hands on her hips, The Crimson Assassin told her friend, “I think we should do this in something a little more comfortable.”

“Capital idea!” said Ryan. In one sleek motion, the brunettes peeled off their tank-tops and sweat pants to reveal the blood red vinyl bikini’s that would soon be known as their trademark battle attire. Strutting over to Jessica’s smoldering form, Michelle tugged her to her feet and pushed her towards Jennifer. “After you.” she smirked.

Tugging Jess into her grasp, Jennifer dipped her knees and placed the back of her head against Jessica’s belly while using her right arm to hook her foe’s left leg behind the knee. A second later she threaded her left arm across the back of Jess’ head and pulled tight with both arms, squishing her foe up into something like a deflated C. Holding her victim close, Jen leaned forward so she was facing the mat and then SWUNG backwards as hard as she could, taking both women off their feet so Jess could land wickedly on the back of her abused head and neck compliments of the Cradle Neckbreaker Garner had dubbed The Spy Groove.

Immediately releasing her grasp on the blonde, Jennifer got to her feet, pulled Jessica to hers and slung her to Ryan, saying, “She’s all yours.”

Scooping the boneless blonde onto her right shoulder, the Brit brunette reached down, gripped the blonde’s left wrist and pulled the captured limb away from her body. Offering the crowd a Cheshire Cat grin, Michelle started to spin in a slow circle and picked up speed with every revolution. When they were little more than a blur, Ryan rose up on her toes, slung the blonde off her shoulder and sat-out, spiking the American’s head into the canvas with her oddly named ‘6 Million Dollar Driver.’ Scooting forward, the brunette took an insolent seat on the devastated beauty’s face and groped at her breasts.

Enjoying the outraged roar of the crowd, Michelle glanced at Jennifer and asked, “Put her down for good?”

Garner nodded, “I should think so.”

Barely able to suppress a burst of cruel laughter, Ryan got to her feet and scraped the blonde off the mat. Standing Jess up on legs that looked like they could give way at any moment, Michelle stepped back, turned around and SMACK, snapped a back kick into Jessica’s gut. The blonde’s jaw dropped open and she staggered around in a half circle and THWAP, was greeted by a flawless Super Kick from Jennifer. The second strike rocked Jess back on her heels but all that did was allow Garner to tag her with another Super Kick at the exact same time that Ryan soared into the air to THWAPP the back of her skull with a Leaping Enziguiri.

The tandem strikes finally used up the last of Jessica’s strength and she collapsed in a nerveless heap as the two domineering brunette’s loomed over her. Flipping a loose lock of hair out of her face, Jennifer placed the sole of her boot against Jessica’s cheek and taunted, “Be careful who you call out slut, you never know when they might answer.” Then she spun around and was slipping through the ropes.

Bending over, Ryan slapped Jessica’s insensate cheek and cooed, “Can’t wait to beat your ass again luv... but I’ll make sure you’ve got a little more fight left in ya next time.” Then she too was gone; scurrying up the ramp to join her partner in celebrating what was sure to be the first of many glorious destruction’s.

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