Natalie Imbruglia vs. Holly Valance by The Priest

The back room of a night-club outside Boston was packed to the rafters when the manager called the girls out for their no holds barred wrestling match. First to take the short walk down the beer stained carpet to ringside was Natalie Imbruglia from Sydney, Australia. The former 'Neighbours' soap opera star turned pop singer, wore a silver and black T- shirt tucked into black shorts and brand new Nike trainers. She was greeted with polite applause and appeared pensive as she climbed the steel steps and entered the squared circle, sliding her sleek body between the bottom and middle ropes. She bounced on her toes, trying to release the tension from her body and as her firm, average sized breasts bounced in the loose tee, the applause grew.

Then, the manager called out her opponent, Holly Valance, also a star on an Australian soap. The barefooted Holly wore a skimpy little white bikini which the male dominated audience loved. Wolf whistles filled the air as she slowly and seductively bent at the waist, thrusting her firm bottom outward as she entered the ring.

Holly's upstaging her clearly upset Natalie who let her fellow soap star know it in no uncertain terms, "We all know you're just a New Zealand slag with no talent! The only reason you're here is because you came to Oz and let your tits hang out."

Natalie had been pissed at Holly for a long time; the main reason for the fight. Nat had left 'Neighbours' after two years to start her singing career and Holly, who appeared on the show a few years later, had recently left to follow her example and move into the music world to compete with her. Natalie had two good albums behind her and let her music to her talking for her. She hated that Holly's first single (a cover no less!) had gone straight to number one in a lot of countries simply because of a music video that left little to the imagination.

Truth told though, the real reason the girls were standing a few feet apart bickering at each other now was because of Steven Taylor, a small time entertainment agent with a couple of clients in the pop world. He was known for having his ear to the ground and it wasn't long before he picked up a rumor that Natalie had trouble with the way Holly went about her business. He called Holly and by telling her a few exaggerated stories, managed to turned her against Natalie. Then he turned his attention to Natalie, repeating what Holly had said about her. At the close of their conversation Natalie was fuming and a couple of well-planned phone calls got the fight signed, sealed and delivered!

Both girls wanted to fight in private but that wasn't Steven's plan. He was in it to make money and needed a paying audience, the more the merrier! By coincidence, it turned out both beauties were in the US in early July and he convinced them a little publicity could help them break into the US market, but he warned them that whatever they did, their record companies must be kept out of it - otherwise the fight was off! Blindly, they both agreed and here they were, facing each other in a 14 ft square ring.

"What's wrong little Miss Loser, can't stand the reality that I'm a sex kitten who gets to the top?" Holly said smugly.

"Fucking slut! Come on," Nat snapped stepping forward. "Let's see what you've got."

Nat reached out her right hand to grab Holly's long hair but Holly blocked her arm and retaliated with a stinging right hand slap. The pain from the slap froze Natalie momentarily, leaving her wide open for a second slap from Holly that followed. The second slap sent Natalie reeling back into the ropes and as she put out her arms to steady herself, Holly quickly followed with a lethal backhand that flattered Natalie's tits! The match was less than fifteen seconds old and already Holly had the older woman in tears! Seizing control, Holly grabbed Nat by the hair and flung the Aussie joyfully to the floor. She followed with a couple of swift kicks to the stomach, then went for the win.

One.. Tw..”

Natalie pushed her left shoulder up off the mat to stop the count. Holly quickly rose to her feet, grabbing Natalie's hair on her way up.

"You Aussie bag of trash," spat Holly, slapping Natalie across the face again.

Natalie, who was on her knees facing Holly, cried out as pain exploded in her head. Holly went to slap her again, but this time she was caught by surprise as Natalie grabbed her bikini top, pulled Holly toward her and rolled the younger girl up and over in a small package pin

One.. Two..Thr…

With her legs kicking and flailing in the air, Holly barely managed to avoid defeat by pushing Natalie away from her. Both girls took time to rise to their feet.

"Almost had you there little girl," taunted Natalie.

Instead of a verbal reply, Holly rushed towards her opponent throwing a wild right which smashed into Natalie's chest. The punch sent the Aussie crashing down to the canvas with such force, that it almost knock her tits off .

"Your poor tits are taking one hell of a beating LITTLE girl," taunted Holly as she stood over Natalie.

Nat stayed on the mat a few seconds, rubbing over her breasts and trying to ease the pain they felt. Holly moved around to the side of her fallen foe, stalking her like a bird of prey awaiting dinner. After the few moments break she badly needed, Natalie struggled back up on to her feet, but Holly was waiting for her and took great pleasure in stomping her back down. Then, to the surprise of everyone watching, Holly using one smooth, quick motion, was able to scoop Natalie up and bodyslam her back down to the canvas.


One.. Two.. Thre….”

Again, somehow, Natalie kept herself alive!

"SHIT!” Holly said as she dropped next to Natalie with a stunned look on her face. She couldn't believe Nat had kicked out. Natalie, herself was also stunned, not just from the blow but from the knowledge that Holly had so much strength. She started crawling away from Holly on her hands and knees, needing time to re-group, time to think of a plan. But, more bad news was waiting for her! As soon as she clawed herself up onto the middle rope, Holly was there waiting for her and humiliated Natalie with a couple of hard slaps to her tight ass as she struggled to get to her feet.

"Your ass his mine Natalie and you know it!" Holly gleefully announced.

Holly grabbed Natalie’s hair again, twisting it in her hands until Natalie's screams could be heard all the way down to Beacon Hill in downtown Boston. Out of desperation more than anything, Nat reached out and grabbed Holly's bikini bottom. With a swift pull, she had yanked them down around her thighs and nearly to the self-proclaimed sex kitten’s knees.

Backing away from Natalie, Holly released her hold on Nat’s hair to retrieve her falling bikini bottom. Nat's cries had turned to tearful laughter.

"Wow what's that smell," giggled Natalie as she waved her hand in front of her nose.

But her laughter quickly turned into a frown as Holly sexily wiggled out of her bikini, fully exposing her gorgeous ass and lush pussy for the whole room to see. The crowd’s roar turned deafening as Holly twirled the bottom half of the bikini over her head and sent it spinning out into the grasping crowd of her new-won fans.

"Let's see what you've got in there prude,” she challenged Natalie. “I'll give you two choices; take those shorts yourself or I'll take them off for you!"

"Damn you!" was all Natalie could say.

Again, both girls locked up in the center of the ring and it wasn't long before they were down on the mat rolling around struggling for supremacy. Natalie, struggling beneath Holly, learned forward and bit the New Zealander on her forearm.

"AAAARRRRR!" screamed Holly as Natalie rolled her over.

A bitch slap from Holly quickly reversed the situation as she regained the dominant position. Then, with Natalie on her back, Holly was able to get both her hands on Nat's shorts. A weak face slap, a hair pull and even a rake of her nails down Holly's left arm couldn't stop the inevitable. After a brief struggle, Holly owned Natalie’s pair of black shorts.

Unlike Holly who was totally comfortable with her body, Natalie rolled onto her side, pulled her knees up and covered her pussy with both hands out of sheer embarrassment.

"Give them back, you fucking bitch, I'm not a slut like you," Natalie cried as the crowd urged Holly on to greater feats of humiliation.

"Here they are if you want them," replied Holly, holding them out to Nat, but keeping them just out of reach as the Aussie leaned forward and reached with her left hand. Holly tossed them out of the ring and again the crowd roared their approval for Holly!

"Goddam bitch!" The tearful Natalie whimpered.

She knew she was being beaten by her hated rival in every single way see could think of and the only way left to save face, would be to destroy the New Zealand bitch and make her beg. The girls again locked up in the center of the ring and this time both were able to stay on there feet. During the hair pulling and clawing, it became apparent to Natalie that she hadn't thought of every way she'd been beaten so far for to her astonishment, Holly's right hand came up and clamped down on her exposed and unprotected womanhood.

"Oh my God,” Natalie gasped. “What the hell do you think you’re doing?"

“Just relax and enjoy yourself," Holly replied with a lecherous grin.

In her confusion, Natalie was being backed up into one of the corners. When Natalie's back hit the corner turnbuckle, Holly’s body slammed into her and she used the impact of her hips on her arm to drive three of her fingers slid deep inside Natalie. Simultaneously, Holly leaned forward and kissed Natalie, forcing her tongue into Nat's mouth as her other hand came up and closed over the squirming Aussie's right breast. Holly began to caress Natalie lovingly as she pinned her thrashing body against the post.

Natalie's brain was being overwhelmed by the conflicting signals, scrambled by Holly's sudden display of passion toward her. She was almost oblivious to the fans reactions, but flash cameras were exploding by the dozens as she stuck her bare bottom between the ropes in an unsuccessful effort to escape Holly’s probing fingers. Without really knowing what she was doing, Natalie opened her legs a little wider in her effort to brace herself, making Holly’s task even easier.

"Good girl," Holly whispered into Natalie’s open mouth as she wiggled a fourth finger into her drooling pussy.

The sound of Holly's sexy voice set the alarm bells ringing in Natalie’s brain. She was suddenly aware that she was being sexually abused in front of hundreds of people by a slut from the country Australians hated more than any other. Ignoring the growing sensation overtaking her, Natalie got her hands up on Holly’s chest and shoved the New Zealand witch away with what little force she could muster.

But a powerful backhand slap from Holly that set Natalie's tits bouncing stopped her resistance and didn’t allow her the time she needed to recover and mount a counterattack. Then a second and a third shot from Holly followed and Nat had to protect her battered bosom. Holly drew back and landed a stunning forehand face slap. Natalie crashed straight down, bouncing on her bare butt with her back on the ropes.

With Natalie sitting dazed in the corner trying to figure out where she was, Holly smashed her right foot into Natalie's perfect mouth and the Aussie songbird toppled sideways in a heap. THUD! Taking advantage of the situation, Holly grabbed Natalie’s ankles and dragged her out of the corner. A wicked smile creased her face as she mounted the fallen girl, putting her plan into action. Holly straddled Natalie, hot pussy pounding down on Natalie's wide-open wet spot.

"Oh my god, what am I doing?" Holly giggled to herself.

The crowd’s cheers soon dispelled any misgiving or embarrassment and she resumed bumping mounds with her rival. After all it was this bitch beneath her who wasn’t going to be able to show her face in the States again after this debacle! That thought brought a huge smile to Holly flushed face.

"On with the execution!" Holly shouted.

Her next calculated move was to slowly and seductively lift Natalie's T-shirt over her head, releasing the Aussie's fine globes for all the world

to see. Spurred on by the encouragement of the uncontrollable crowd, Holly leaned over and started to lick and suck Natalie's tits until her tan nipples were hard and stiff.

In her mind, Natalie was fighting Holly off with all her might, but in reality she was laying flat on her back barely resisting so little that Holly wasn't even sure Natalie knew what was happening. Playing with her new toy, Holly used her knees to wedge Natalie's legs apart as far as they’d go, then started to slowly grind her wiry pussy down onto Natalie's opening labia.

At the same time, Holly resumed licking Natalie’s perky, stiff nipples. She continued exploiting Natalie's body using a slow, rhythmic pace; her womanhood gliding over, in and out of Natalie's whenever and however she wanted. Her mouth and hands, tenderly and lovingly caressed and fondled Natalie's heaving breasts.

A shot of pure pleasure suddenly broke Holly's concentration. Until now, this had been all about humiliating Natalie, a girl Holly thought could, to put it bluntly, use a good shag to loosen her up a bit. But she herself had been experiencing a tingling down below herself, which was fine. But now she needed to make sure she was OK. Holly carefully rubbed her clit over Natalie's a few times, slowly increasing the pace as she did so. Natalie's panting and moaning were the best sounds she'd ever heard come from the ‘so-called singer’ Holly thought to herself.

For her part, the waves of ecstasy flowing from her pussy shocked Natalie to the realization that she needed to escape - FAST. The only problem was that she'd never known anyone so HOT and so SKILLED. Holly's mouth, hands and pussy were attacking her in all the right ways and all the right places! Holly had taken control of her body and Natalie was burning up; finding it hard just to breathe. She squirmed under Holly in a weak attempt to get some respite but any movement only adding to her own pleasure.

"Oh my God! Oh my God," gasped Natalie as she felt her climax approaching. "I…can't… take.. it!"

"That's it Nattie,” Holly whispered as she gave her another bump. “Let it go baby; let it flow. Enjoy my body," Holly told her.

"OH…..OH…..OK!" Natalie panted as she passed the point of no return and surrendered to the pleasure.

Looking deeply into Natalie’s eyes, Holly knew it was time for the finisher. She grabbed Natalie's limp wrists and pinned them to the mat over the Australian’s head.

One.. Two.. Three!

Just as Holly had known, Natalie had been too powerless even to resist weakly. She just lay there and dribbled on the mat with little mewing sounds as the referee counted her out.

"I use my body to get what I want little girl - not what you want!" Holly told her defeated rival.

Natalie could do little more than stare look up hopelessly at the sex kitten who'd just become her conqueror. She wanted to finish the job Holly had started but knew she mustn't - not in front of all these people! To be beaten like this was bad enough, but to follow her humiliating defeat by bringing herself off in the ring would be something that would haunt her forever.

Steven's brain was working overtime as he watched Holly proudly strut the ring, receiving a standing ovation and leaving behind her on the mat, a sexily frustrated LOSER.