Kathy Ireland vs. Heidi Klum (c) by John J.

Kathy Ireland knew that just after having had her baby and still losing her maternity weight, that she would have to work very hard to get back into swimsuit shape to be a major contender for the coveted SI Swimsuit Edition covergirl spot.

Heidi Klum, on the hand, felt assured that she would get the spot. She didn't see anyone else in the running that was her equal, and she made numerous statements and press releases to that effect. When speaking about Kathy Ireland, Heidi had commented, "That overweight, over-the-hill Mommy? Serious competition for me? You've got to be kidding! She should stick to cranking out babies and making dinner, and leave the swimsuit issues to us young women with the beauty and figure to do it justice! What does she think it is, the Geriatric Swimsuit Issue?"

Kathy fumed after she read that comment and fired back, "Overweight and over-the-hill huh? I guess that's why I've been asked to do more modeling jobs than that little teeny-bopper has even heard of. Hell, she can barely even properly fill out the top of the swimsuit. She hasn't even gotten her tits fully developed yet! She doesn't have decent hips. She's hardly even a woman!"

The barbed comments and press released continued for a while, but then it all settled down as photo shoot time came. Things seemed quiet during the actual photo shoots. The final day of the photographing and filming had ended and the ladies had retired to their rooms to sleep and get ready to return to Los Angeles the next morning.

Just before dinner, Kathy had slipped a note to Heidi. The note simply ready, "Meet me on the photo shoot beach at sunset. We need to have a private discussion. Kathy." Heidi read the note and smirked to herself, knowing exactly what was going to happen on the beach.

Kathy was already waiting on the secluded beach wearing a sexy white bikini as Heidi walked up to her in an equally sexy red bikini.

She sneered, "I'm surprised you had the guts to show up, little girl."

Heidi hissed, "I wouldn't have missed this for anything! You're gonna be sorry you started this, Grandma! 'Cause I'm gonna finish it!"

Kathy fired back, "Let's quit the talk and settle this."

Heidi set her defense and responded, "Fine. Let's do it!"

The two swimsuit beauties circled each other, claws extended, ready for battle. Kathy lunged, and Heidi grabbed her arm and twisted it back into a hammerlock. A couple stomps to the back of the calves buckled Kathy's legs and sent the brunette down to her knees. Heidi shifted her weight and brought both herself and Kathy down to the sand, with Kathy face-first into the sand and Heidi perched on top of her back. Kathy grabbed a fistful of sand and tossed it back toward Heidi. The sand didn't hit Heidi's face, but it made the blonde flinch and gave Kathy just the chance she needed to unseat Heidi and escape.

The two ladies rolled apart and quickly scrambled to their feet, ready to continue. They charged together and locked up. They were a tangle of arms, legs and hair as each tried to secure a hold on the other, while preventing the other from doing the same. Kathy gained control as she secured a reverse headlock on Heidi. Kathy grabbed Heidi by the bikini bottoms and hoisted her up into the air for a suplex back down to the sand. Heidi landed with a grunt. Kathy turned and quickly followed up with an elbow drop to the tits. Kathy rolled and twisted as she tried to secure a grapevine pin. Kathy secured Heidi's arms, but couldn't get Heidi's legs under control. Heidi made her pay as she brought her knee up hard into Kathy's pussy. Kathy gasped in pain as she rolled off the blonde.

Heidi got to her feet fast, and went after Kathy. She grabbed Kathy's legs and spread them apart. She set herself, jumped, and dropped her knee into Kathy's hurt pussy. Heidi ground her knee in, adding every bit of pain she could. Heidi concentrated so much on hurting Kathy, that she weakened her hold on Kathy's legs a little. Kathy snapped her legs in and locked on a headscissors on the blonde. Kathy wrenched her legs to the side and pulled Heidi down to the sand as she choked her in the headscissors.

Heidi flailed and struggled to get loose, but Kathy kept on the pressure. Kathy watched with a smile as Heidi struggled to breathe. Heidi suddenly reached up and raked her nails down Kathy's thighs. Kathy yelled in pain as Heidi left two rows of deep bloody scratches down her thighs. AS the beauties separated, Kathy lashed out with her foot. Heidi zagged when she should have zigged and the kick caught her squarely in the mouth, giving her a bloody lip.

Kathy fought the pain in her crotch and got up quickly. She grabbed Heidi by the hair and blasted her with a nasty knee lift to the face. Heidi flopped down to the sand, as blood spurted from her busted nose. Heidi spun around and took Kathy down with a legsweep. Heidi lunged at the brunette and splashed down on top of her. Kathy grabbed a fistful of blonde hair and flipped Heidi over.

Soon the two babes began to tumble over and over, as each tried to gain control. Heidi managed to stop the rolling and she seated herself atop Kathy's body. She scooted forward and planted her butt on Kathy's tits. She bounced several times hard, bashing her ass into Kathy's full found tits. Kathy grunted with each bounce. A sudden bridge knocked Heidi out of balance and forced the blonde off her position. Kathy rolled to the side and got away.

While Heidi was still getting up, Kathy jumped at her and tackled her to the sand. Kathy pulled and tugged at Heidi's flimsy bikini top and tore it off the blonde. Kathy took the tiny top and wrapped it around Heidi's neck and began to choke her with it. Heidi retaliated as she ripped off Kathy's top as well. Heidi sunk her nails into Kathy's full, round tits. Heidi squeezed and mauled at Kathy's extremely sensitive tits and laid into them without mercy. Tears welled up in Kathy's eyes as the pain overwhelmed her. She released the choke hold on Heidi and grabbed at Heidi's hands. Kathy managed to pry Heidi's hands off her tits, but not before Heidi had left plenty of welts, bruises and bloody scratches behind.

As Heidi got up, she threw a handful of sand at Kathy's face and tits, knowing how badly the sand would burn in the scratches. Kathy yelped in pain as the sand hit her scratches and also blinded her. Heidi hauled Kathy to her feet by the hair and held her up. Heidi got some distance and nailed Kathy with a dropkick. The brunette staggered back, almost into the water. Heidi put Kathy down with a snapmare nearly in the water. She held the brunette's face down by the hair as the water approach. Kathy flailed and struggled as the water covered her face. Kathy suddenly reached back and grabbed some hair and flipped Heidi off her back. Kathy jumped up and gulped down some air, nearly out cold.

Heidi quickly recovered and came back at Kathy. She pulled Kathy into a standing headscissors. She put Kathy down with a piledriver. Heidi locked her long legs around Kathy's neck and applied a figure-4 headscissors. Kathy struggled, but soon her struggles stopped as she was nearly out cold. Just before knocking Kathy out cold with the scissors, Heidi stopped.

Heidi got up, sat down on Kathy's tits and sneered at the brunette, "Give up, or I'll do it! I mean it."

Kathy sneered, "Go to hell!"

Heidi slid forward and planted her ass on Kathy's face for a moment, wiggling her bottom as she did.

She backed up and sneered, "I'm fucking serious! Give up now, bitch!"

Kathy cried, "OK. I give up. Please stop!"

Heidi got up and gave Kathy a final kick to the pussy, then walked away.

Two days later, Kathy gave a press conference. She read from a prepared statement and refused to take any questions.

"Due to family obligations mostly involving my baby, I cannot see how I would have the time to fulfill the duties of the Sports Illustrated Covergirl model. I think it's a great honor that I was considered for the spot, but I am just unable to fulfill the duties. Therefore, I respectfully request that my name be withdrawn from consideration. Thank you."

The End.