Kathy Ireland vs. Elle MacPherson by Kit

It was late, almost 1AM., when Kathy Ireland casually walked into the bar of the hotel. Although the last few days had been tiresome, Kathy couldn't sleep, and a little cocktail to help her along was what she needed. All she wanted was some peace in which to drink it.

The bar was almost empty. A middle aged couple sat cuddled together in one corner, and two old gentlemen were at the bar nursing their beers and watching Sportscenter.

As she approached the bar, she glimpsed someone sitting alone in a corner booth. It was Elle MacPherson.

"Oh great. More of that bitch is all I need," she thought.

Elle was equally displeased as she thought, "What the hell is that skank doing here."

Kathy and Elle made eye contact and traded little smirks as Kathy went to the bar and Elle sipped her drink. As unpleasant as it was, Kathy knew she'd have to go over and Elle knew she would. It was an awkward situation.

"Mind if I sit down?" asked Kathy in a monotone voice.

Elle shrugged. "Suit yourself. It's a free country."

Kathy didn't responded, but rolled her eyes as Elle stuck her nose in her glass and took a sip.

It was the summer of 1995, and both girls were in the twilight of their bikini-modeling years. That summer Sports Illustrated was putting out a special summer magazine featuring it's favorite past models. Cheryl Tiegs, Christie Brinkley and Rachel Hunter had gone to Alaska, while Carol Alt, Kathy Ireland and Elle MacPherson had gone to the Florida Everglades and New Orleans.

"I'll be glad to get the hell out of here tomorrow," said Elle exhaling the smoke from her cigarette. "This has been the worst shoot of my life," she added flicking the ashes.

Kathy knew that barb was intended for her, but she chose not to volley back. "I hear you," she said lighting her cigarette.

Elle looked to the bar and said, "I don't know why they made you and me pose so much together."

Kathy wasn't going to let that comment slide. "Yeah," she said as she put the glass to her lips. "It was a bitch," she said taking a drink.

"Excuse me?" asked Elle looking back at her. "What did you call me?" she said. "

Huh?" asked Kathy acting surprised.

"You said 'bitch'. Did you call me a bitch?" asked Elle in a firmer tone.

"No. I said 'it was a bitch'," answered Kathy.

For a few seconds the two supermodels locked eyes. Each saw the hate and animosity that the other felt. For years the two had competed fiercely with each other in swimsuit editions, and for the past few days their rivalry had been rekindled.

"But you know," said Kathy taking a drag. "I should've. That's what you've been," she added blowing smoke across the table.

"Oh! Is that right?" asked Elle nodding with a intense glare.

"Yeah, that's right," spat Kathy glaring. "Just admit it. You've always been jealous of my career," she went on to say.

"Oh really!?" snapped Elle taking a drag.

"Uh-huh," Kathy nodded.

"I don't know why. My body is much, much better than yours, I just don't use it like you do," Elle said.

Kathy smirked, and said, "Oh please."

Elle continued, "Hell, bitch, everyone knows that you had to spread your legs for all you got. You suck as a model and an actress."

"Fuck you, bitch," snarled Kathy leaning in close. "At least mine are worth spreading," she added.

"Do you care to find out, bitch?" asked Elle leaning in to meet her.

"I'm not afraid to fight you, if that's what your thinking," responded Kathy.

"Then lets take this up to my suite," said Elle.

Kathy nodded, "Lets."

The models took a final swig and snuffed out their smokes as they proceeded to Elle's room for a catfight.

Once inside, Elle locked and bolted the door shut. Turning around she started to unbutton her blouse. "You gonna get out of that dress, bitch, or do you want it ripped off?" asked Elle removing her shirt.

Kathy unzipped the black summer dress and let it fall around her heels as Elle shimmed out of her khaki shorts. The girls kicked off their shoes and walked to the middle of the room.

"I've waited for this for a long time," said Elle as she started to circle.

Kathy circled saying, "You should've said something years ago, bitch."

The extra years hadn't hurt the girls one bit. Kathy's body was sleek and sexy in her black lace bra and tiny black lace panties. Elle was lean and beautiful in her yellow satin bra and matching thong.

Elle and Kathy now crouched and circled as they closed the distance between them, each looking for that perfect moment or opening in which to strike.

"I'm gonna fuck you up, bitch," stated Elle growing anxious to tear into her rival.

"Then shut that cock sucking mouth, bitch, and fight me," Kathy replied.

"You slut!" shouted Elle lunging forward.

Ready for that, Kathy sidestepped and belted Elle right in the belly.

"Uuugghh!" groaned Elle doubling over.

"Stupid cunt," mumbled Kathy as she latched onto Elle's hair and threw her down.

Kathy quickly straddled the gasping Elle and sent two cheek blistering slaps across Elle's face before sinking her hands in her hair. Elle tried prying Kathy's hands loose as Kathy beat the back of her head into the carpet. As Kathy continued slamming her head to the floor, Elle switched defenses and grabbed two fists of Kathy's hair and started bucking.

"Oooouuucchh! Bitch!" shouted Kathy as Elle shook her head from side to side while bucking.

Kathy held her upper position a few more seconds as she stopped pounding Elle's head into the floor and started pulling back on her hair.

Elle winced, "Fuuucckk!"

Elle lost a handful hair, but returned the favor to Kathy as she succeeded in shaking and bucking her off. Rolling to their knees, the girls rubbed their scalps as they glared hatefully at each other.

"Slut!" Kathy yelled leaping.

The two women fell to the carpet in a tangle of arms and legs. Their long legs laced together and their fingers intertwined as they rolled over and over each other. Kathy broke a hand free and grabbed Elle's left boob. Elle yelped out, but latched onto Kathy's right boob. Within seconds their bras were off and they squeezing and pinching each other's titties.

"Yeeoooowwww!" cried Elle as Kathy gave her cheek a taste of her fingernails.

Elle sent a fist under Kathy's right eye in return. Kathy fired back with an uppercut to the jaw, crunching Elle's teeth together, and then she rolled Elle onto her backside and pinched both of her pink nipples.

"Eeeeeooowww!!" Elle screamed as her nubs were turned back and forth.

"Fuuuuccckkk!!" howled Kathy as her right tit took a savage scratching.

Kathy Ireland and Elle MacPherson continued mauling each other's breasts for a few more moments. But this wasn't enough. Their hatred saw both supermodels going for the other's womanhood. Kathy's panties and Elle's thong were soon pulled off as each went for the other.

"Oooooo!! Fuuuuuuuccckkk!!" cried Elle as her curly pubic hairs were being pulled.

"Ssshhhhit!! Eeeoooww!!" Kathy wailed when her short and curlies were yanked.

Kathy put a claw-like grip on Elle's pussy. Elle winced out through gritted teeth as she slipped her long finger up Kathy's tight twat.

"Aaaaahhh!! Nnnnooo!!" bellowed Kathy as Elle invaded her sex organ and flicked a fingernail on the top of her pussy wall.

Kathy let go of Elle's snatch and freed her own. The two super divas then wrapped their arms around the other's back, sealing their bodies tightly together. They were cheek to cheek and hissing in each other's ear as their breasts, bellies and beavers lined up opposite of each other. Their tan, toned legs snaked together as Kathy and Elle rolled very slowly across the floor grinding away and squeezing each other to death.

"I hate your fuckin' guts, bitch," growled Elle in Kathy's ear as she rolled on top and mashed her tits with Kathy's.

Even though Elle's tits were slightly fuller, Kathy's tits were up to the challenge. Their nipples rubbed and took turns bending. Their silky smooth stomachs slapped together with each breath they took. The sweat building thicker and heavier by the second. Their brown bushes became tangled as their vulvas started flexing together, parting a little more each and every second.

"You're a miserable model," whispered Kathy in Elle's ear as she rolled on top and pumped her crotch into Elle's crotch.

"And you're just plain miserable, slut," replied Elle as she rolled Kathy on her back.

"Fuck you," snapped Kathy lifting her crotch into Elle's, the lips peeling a little further apart.

The slow roll continued back the other way as they bear-hugged each other as tightly as possible. Their tits continued mashing and flattening out as their cunts were now slick and slippery and opening fully to each other like fresh flowers in bloom.

While neither one had any lesbian tendencies, they both seemed willing to prove the better woman. With their hot, sweaty cheeks pressed together, Kathy and Elle slowly re-shifted their tangled legs in order to get their hot, wet pussies lined for battle.

"You can't take me, bitch," Kathy said softly as her pussy made full contact with Elle's pussy.

"Like I said, my body is much better and so is my sex, you cheap slut," whispered Elle from on top.

Resting their heads on the other's hair-matted shoulder, Kathy and Elle began gyrating their hips as their clits found each other out.

"Mmmmmmm," moaned Kathy as Elle's big, stiff flesh came into touch.

"Ooooooo," Elle groaned as Kathy's long, hard nub poked back.

For about five long, grueling minutes, the supermodels fucked. Kathy rolled them on their sides as she and Elle fought to keep the other's face pinned to the carpet by means of her own. Their tits were still mashed fully, but not fighting, although their nipples had crusted over and were still twisting and bending together. At times they would dig a set of nails into the other's back as they experienced a moment of unwanted pleasure.

Kathy could feel Elle's pussy starting to quiver. She knew her rival was close. Pulling back on Elle's hair, Kathy rolled her way on top and started humping her pussy hard against Elle's thrusting cunt.

Elle felt the tide rising deep within. She knew she couldn't hold out much longer. The thought of being forced to orgasm to her rival was repulsive, but she couldn't hold it back.

"Oooo, you bitch," she moaned. "I hate you. I fuckin' hate you."

"Come on, you cheap slut. Cum, bitch, cum," mumbled Kathy as she spent all her strength on Elle's pussy.

Kathy grew mad and gave Elle's face a light slap as she ordered her to climax. Elle's face wrenched and her eyes opened wide as the tide rushed forward.

"Ooooooh, gawd. I'm going to cum. You bitch! Oooohh, nnnoooo!" she cried shaking her head back and forth with the help of Kathy pulling on it.

"Yeeeeeesssss!! Yeeeeeessss!! Ooooooooooo!!!" Elle moaned loudly as her sex flush away the sweat of their hot, wet pussies.

A smile of satisfaction spread across Kathy's face as she rolled off and lay on her back. For a few moments both models lay on their backs spread eagle and breathing deeply. Their red, bruised breasts sank into their chests as their soft tummies rose and fell with each expansion of the lungs.

Turning her head and looking at Elle, Kathy asked, "Bitch, you still think your body is hotter now?"

"Go to fuckin' hell, bitch. This isn't over yet," said Elle trying to sit up.

Kathy rolled towards her and pushed her back down saying, "Then I've got plenty more to give. So, spread 'em, bitch."

"Alright, bitch. Bring it on," said Elle parting her legs.

Kathy turned and positioned herself into a 'V' with Elle. With their pink pussies parted, Elle and Kathy shoved them together with a dull, smacking thump. Both girls moaned softly and pushed their pussies into better positioning. Rolling their hips counter-clockwise, they each grabbed hold of the other's legs around the thigh and started pumping.

"Aaaah," moaned Kathy as her clit found Elle's clit.

Elle groaned as well as their stiff nubs fenced with each other in sexual combat. Then like two sex-starved nymphos, Elle and Kathy fucked. They dug their nails into each other's thighs as their hips lifted and fell rapidly together. The sound of their pubic hairs bushing together made like Brillo pads as the friction turned the flesh red. Their tight, shapely butt cheeks burned against the carpet and their titties shook like bowls of Jell-O. The girls haunched down tighter, each trying to spread her pussy over the other.

Kathy could feel the burning sensation to cum. Closing her eyes she fought to maintain control. She grabbed several pubic hairs on the top of Elle's cunt and pulled.

"Scream my name, bitch!" Kathy said tugging.

"Fuuuuucccckkkk!!" Elle cried instead as she too grabbed some cunt hair.

Thrusting with all their might, Kathy and Elle screamed and shouted at each other. Both expressing their deep, deep hatred for the other as they balded each other's bush. Elle felt as if her whole body was about to split. She was on the verge of a major league orgasm as Kathy's pussy was taking hers in whole.

"Nnnnnoooooo!!" Elle yelled as she suddenly sat forward.

Kathy rose up with her as she and Elle wrapped each other in a bearhug. Their tits dangled together with their nipples touching as they kept pumping their pussies together. Kathy was almost in tears as she fought back the dying urge to cum.

"Motherfucker!" she screamed as she took double fists of Elle's hair and yanked back.

"Aaaaaahh! Ssssshhhhit!" cried Elle as she jerked back on Kathy's hair with one hand as her other latched onto a nipple and pulled.

"Eeeeeeooooowww!!!" wailed Kathy as her tender nip was stretched beyond limits, but took a nipple between her fingers as well.

For the next few moments they remained frozen in mortal combat. Each was having her hair removed at the roots. Their nips were purple and being twisted and pulled harder than before. Their asses burned and blazed from the carpet as their hot pussies continued fighting.

"Aaaaaaaaarrrrggggggg!!! Aaaaaaarrrrrgggggg!!! Aaaaaaarrrrrggggg!!!" screamed Elle as her body erupted against Kathy's.

Kathy held Elle tightly by the hair and nipple as her rival's body spasmed out of control with sexual fluids. Elle's face told the story as she stared at Kathy while screaming out her name. Kathy kept pulling hair and nipple alike and fucking Elle's pussy until she couldn't squeeze out one more drop of juice.

The girls fell onto their backs, still joined at the cunt. Kathy could feel Elle's pussy twitch occasionally as they lay motionless. Elle was sobbing softly while Kathy just tried to get her senses and wind back about her.

Elle's pussy made a 'ploop' sound as Kathy pulled her crotch away and rolled to her knees. Slowly Kathy stood. Her hips ached and she had trouble standing at first. Gingerly she slipped her dress back on, not bothering with her bra and panties which were ripped to shreds anyway.

Elle looked up at her with tear filled eyes. She was holding her crotch and still sobbing.

"P..p..please," Elle begged, looking up at Kathy.

Kathy just looked at her expressionlessly, hesitated, then turned and left Elle laying on the floor in pain.