Gabrielle Reese vs Kathy Ireland (author unknown)

After the altercation on the beach volleyball court, when Gabrielle Reece spiked the ball into Kathy Ireland's nose and on the next play Kathy socked Gabrielle in the belly with a cheap shot, Kathy and her partner, Cindy Crawford, retired to their posh dressing trailer and Gabrielle and her partner, Elle McPherson, went to theirs. The game was declared a forfeit and Gabrielle and Elle were the winners. But as Kathy and Cindy were recounting the incident, they heard a knock on the door. Cindy opened it, and in walked Gabrielle, followed by Elle. All the girls were still in their beach gear, tight bikinis.

Gabrielle brushed past Cindy and strode up to Kathy, who got quickly to her feet.

"I was hoping you would do that," Gabrielle sneered. "I was hoping you'd throw the first punch so you'd give me an excuse to really wallop you. You've got an attitude, bitch, and you need to learn respect."

"C'mon, Gabby, let it go," Elle said. "You said you wanted to make up."

"No!" Gabrielle thundered in a booming voice that froze all three supermodels. "She asked for it, and she's going to pay!"

Kathy's eyes gleamed with fury. She was so furious at being taunted like this that she ignored the fact that her rival was a good head taller than her, and a toned athlete as well. She lurched forward and brought her right hand around in a wild swing at Gabrielle's head. Gabrielle ducked and easily avoided the blow. The tall jock laughed. Kathy spun around on the ball of her right foot and lunged again. She brought her right fist around in a haymaker swing at Gabrielle's head, but Gabrielle easily dodged that blow as well. As Kathy stumbled past her, off-balance, Gabrielle stepped in and punched Kathy hard in the stomach with her right fist. UUH! Kathy grunted, and she doubled over.

Gabrielle caught Kathy by the shoulder with her left hand, held her up. "That's for the cheap shot," she hissed. "And this is for being a bitch." Pumping her strong right arm like a jackhammer, Gabrielle pummeled Kathy's belly. Kathy grunted and her face puckered with each fist to her stomach. Elle and Cindy watched slack-jawed as panic filled Kathy's eyes and the pain of each gut-punch twisted across her face. The pretty model's arrogant features now contorted in helpless agony.

"Do something," Cindy hissed, shoving Elle forward.

"You think I'm going to mess with that?" the Australian beauty said, gesturing at the tall angry amazon swinging hefty punches into Kathy's soft belly. "Do something yourself." But Cindy just stood there, staring, with a worried look on her face.

Gabrielle finally let up on Kathy's belly, but only to crack a punch to her cheek with her right fist, then a left uppercut to Kathy's chin. Another right cross sent Kathy reeling across the trailer. Kathy kept her feet by clutching the vanity table, and, after reorienting herself, staggered toward the door.

Elle and Cindy jumped back, but before Kathy reached the steps, Gabrielle caught her from behind and spun her around by the left shoulder. Gabrielle's right fist connected firmly with the meat of Kathy's bare belly.

"OOUFF!" Kathy grunted.

She was dazed by the blow, and Gabrielle slammed three quick punches to the brunette's soft stomach, causing Kathy to double over reflexively. Gabrielle grabbed two handfuls of Kathy's tresses and held Kathy's head down as she brought her knee up into Kathy's face. The blow sent Kathy staggering backwards into a corner.

Gabrielle advanced toward her, fists clenched, wearing an expression of contempt. Kathy stood hunched over, panting and gasping and clutching her stomach.

After a few seconds of intense silence, Gabrielle grunted "You fucking bitch!" and slammed a roundhouse right to Kathy's jaw. Kathy's head snapped to the side. Gabrielle hit her again with an uppercut to the belly-button. Again, she connected squarely. Kathy's jaw dropped open and she moaned.

"Stop it, you're hurting her," Cindy Crawford yelled, and she tried to grab Gabrielle from behind.

Gabrielle wheeled around, broke free of Cindy's ineffective grip, and grabbed Cindy's wrist with her left hand. With her free right hand, Gabrielle delivered a series of punishing blows to Cindy's belly with her right. Elle dropped to her knees at Cindy's side to comfort her.

"UUUMPHH!" Cindy moaned and sagged back to the floor, where she curled up in a sobbing heap.

Gabrielle paid her no more attention, turning back to her first target, Kathy Ireland. The momentary distraction had given Kathy time to pull herself together, and as Gabrielle turned toward her, she charged hard and shoved her shoulder squarely into the big girl's bare belly. With a grunt, Gabrielle staggered back and fell over Cindy's body. Kathy kept running and stumbled out the door of the trailer, down the steps, half falling. But Gabrielle was up in a flash and hot on her heels. Kathy reached her left hand back to ward off Gabrielle. But the athlete grabbed Kathy's arm and twisted it. Then Gabrielle slammed Kathy face-first into the metal side panel of the dressing room trailer. While Gabrielle pinned her quarry, she gave the brunette a couple of punches, and then a knee, to the lower back.

Gabrielle then spun Kathy around and slammed her bare back against the hot metal and let go of her arm. Kathy attempted one desperation punch at Gabrielle's head, but Gabrielle saw the punch coming and easily blocked it with her left arm. Still holding Kathy's right hand with her left, Gabrielle began to pummel Kathy's stomach again. After a dozen belly-slammers, Gabrielle let Kathy drop and the supermodel slid to her ass on the sand, clutching her stomach.

Gabrielle looked down at the suffering brunette and said, "This is for punching me." And then she kicked Kathy hard in the belly with her right foot. Gabrielle then said, "This is for that stupid shoulder tackle." With that, she kicked Kathy in the stomach again. Kathy was now only semi-conscious. Then, Gabrielle said coolly, as she drew back her leg, "And this is for being such a fucking bitch!" With all the power she could muster, Gabrielle delivered a finishing boot to Kathy's bare belly. Kathy groaned and then lay still.