Kathy Ireland vs. Brooke Shields + Cynthia Gibb by bocarat

Brooke Shields was preparing to go overseas to star in the London stage production of 'Chicago' as Roxie Hart. It was a professional move that would give credence and respectability to someone once called the 'Worst Actress in America'. Her longtime friend, actress Cynthia Gibb, was visiting. She was reading a magazine as she watched Brooke pack for her trip. Brooke had given birth almost two years ago, and was determined on to put her career back on track she'd gotten back in shape. She looked amazing as she approached the big 4-0! Brooke was a neat freak, an organizer from hell. S

he screams in mid-packing mode, "Where the hell is my pink sweater?"

Cynthia ignores the comments and looks back at the magazine, then finally looks up and says, "It's over there on the chair by the bed."

Brooke looks up, sees the sweater and quickly folds, wraps and packs it.

"You know," Cynthia says. "You're wound tied tighter'n a spring! You've gotta learn to relax." Brooke agrees, and stops and looks at the numerous suitcases now all over the spare bedroom. "C'mon," Cynthia suggests. "Let's go downstairs and get a couple of drinks, hon! Try to relax."

The two women march downstairs to the outdoor bar and pool. Both women are dressed casually, and soon Cynthia and Brooke sprawl out on the chairs by the pool, and sip their alcoholic drinks. As Brooke lets out a deep sigh, Cynthia begins the conversation.

"Things have really been good to you Brooke, I hope you take some time and appreciate all that is going right for you."

Brooke nods, "You know I really do need to. I mean I got a beautiful baby, a great husband and now I'm going to be on the London stage. Wow! I just can't imagine it all being mine!"

"Yeah! You are one lucky bitch Brooke!" Cynthia replies. After a moment Cynthia asks, "Now you're back on top Brooke, is there anyone you'd like to get even with or take revenge against?"

Brooke looked at her, and said, "What are you talking about?"

"Come on you know; someone you'd like to call out - and beat the crap out of!" Cynthia replied matter-of-factly. "You've been in this business a long time, there must be LOTS of people you want to settle a score with!"

Brooke said, "I'm not that kind of person!"

"Bullshit! Who is it Brooke?" Cynthia scorned her and when Brooke didn't reply, she continued, "I know whom I'D go after." Brooke looked at Cynthia with interest, still not saying a word; just awaited her answer. "Kathy Ireland! That's who!" Cynthia snorted.

"Why?" Brooke asked.

"She was on my show 'Deadly Games', a nice show with decent cast and script. She showed up and was such a bitch on the set, that I just wanted to take her on right then and there. I didn't care what happened, or what showed or who showed it to whom! I just wanted a piece of that bitch!"

Brooke smiled at her friend as she laughed to herself. "You know she and I almost got into it on the set of 'Suddenly Susan'?"

"Really!" Cynthia said. "Do tell me ALL about it!"

"The episode was called Love and Divorce American Style. She was screwing up her lines, it was late and I let my temper get the better of me. We called each other a few names, and..." Brooke ended the statement.

"Well!" Cynthia demanded angrily. "I want details!"

Brooke then said, "She came to my trailer to apologize, or at least I thought so but we ended up pushing and shoving each other. Just before we could really get into it, an associate producer knocks on the door and calls me back to the set."

"That's it?" Cynthia exclaimed. "Nothing else happened?"

"Nope!" Brooke replied. "We finished our scenes, gave each other a few catty looks, told each other to go fuck herself and left the sound stage where we were filming. That was my one and only real big time Hollywood Catfight."

"So!" Cynthia asked. "Do you still want a piece of her?" Brooke just grinned and nodded.

The next morning Cynthia was on the phone with agents, friends and acquaintances. She was making arrangements to settle the score with Kathy Ireland. Kathy and Cynthia were both mothers three times over, and about the same age. Ireland was about 5 inches taller than Cynthia, and a bit heavier. Brooke was taller than Ireland, and was stronger in her legs, but due to the workouts for the Roxie Hart part, she also felt that she was stronger than the former supermodel. Brooke was also a mother of a two year old. Finally, Cynthia was able to connect with Kathy Ireland.

Kathy answers, "Hello! Who's calling please?"

Cynthia felt like a young girl back in high school. "Hello, this is a representative of Ms. Brooke Shields. She would like your company for a lunch meeting tomorrow at her residence. Can you attend?"

Kathy responds icily, "I'll check my schedule. What's this about please?"

Cynthia thought quickly, and devised a statement to judge the demeanor, and stroke the memory of the mega-entrepreneur supermodel. She said, "It's regarding a unresolved manner from several years ago on the set of her show 'Suddenly Susan'! Do you recall the event?" Cynthia asked.

"Why sure I do! I do recall that event!" Kathy replied. "Do you know why all of a sudden she's interested in this?"

Cynthia disguising herself as the personal representative said, "No I don't, but I believe it's about some outstanding issues, Brooke would like to handle personally before going overseas."

"Issues? How many issues does she have to resolve?" Kathy asks.

"A few; just a few!" Cynthia replied.

She gave Kathy the details, hung up the phone, then quickly called Brooke to give her the 'good news.'

Kathy arrived at Brooke's home wearing jeans, sneakers and a dark blue v-neck sweater. She took a deep breath as she rang the doorbell, knowing that it would be a tough morning working. She was surprised to see a slight, brunette answering the door. She recognized the woman, but couldn't place the name or the face immediately.

"Good morning Ms Ireland, we've been expecting you!"

The woman was dressed in a white tennis outfit, and also in sneakers. She led Kathy to a large entertainment room, where she was asked if she would like something to drink. Kathy asked for some water, but would have preferred a stiff drink to calm her nerves. The woman brought Kathy water in a drink bottle, and she excused herself, to announce to Brooke that her guest had arrived, and left Kathy. Kathy milled about the room looking at pictures and some of the knickknacks that decorated the room. Suddenly Brooke entered and greeted her guest.

"I didn't think you'd have the guts to show up," Brooke sneered. Kathy just nodded. Brooke said, "Let me introduce Cynthia Gibb; she's here to help with our issue!"

"In what way?" Kathy asked nervously.

"She won't interfere, she's merely here to help and assist us by ensuring we don't kill each other!" Brooke says in a matter of fact tone.

Cynthia speaks up, "You and I were in a series a few years back called 'Deadly Games', you remember?"

Kathy doesn't answer the questions, but tries to absorb everything thus far, and to determine if she's in any danger.

"Well, are we going to do this here, or what?" Kathy asked, pointedly ignoring Cynthia's question.

"No!" Brooke replied. "Upstairs in the guest bedroom. It's more secure and a far more intimate spot for us to resolve our differences."

"Lead the way!" Kathy said.

As Brooke led Kathy upstairs, she couldn't really remember what the problem was, but the problem was right here in her own home and Brooke was ready for it. As they entered the room, Kathy looked at Cynthia, and said, "I thought she said this was between the two of us?"

"It is!" Brooke assured her. "She's only here to handle any disturbances or prevent interruptions."

"Oh, OK!" Kathy said. "I'm ready, so let's begin," she said as she started to move about the bedroom in a defensive crouch.

"Hey!" Brooke suddenly shouted. "Are you gonna take those clothes off, or do I have to strip you bare, bitch!"

"You wanna fight dirty bitch? Hell, you should have said so. Two can play that game!" Kathy said with a shrug.

Soon both women were in their birthday suits, and were ready to fight. They quickly locked up and Kathy surprised Brooke by being so strong. Brooke was able to break the hold and the two wrapped their arms around their necks and waist. Brooke then began to pump and crash her pelvis into Kathy's. Brooke forced out her leg between Kathy's, and the two women used their thighs and legs to pound their bodies into each other's. As the two women were clinched up, Brooke reached out and grabbed a hold of the meaty and sweaty left breast of Kathy's. Their flat stomachs smacked into each other as, Kathy snaked her left arm up and took a firm hold of Brooke's breast.

They women exchanged grunts, and groans. They broke off the impasse, and Brooke was able to get Kathy into a choke hold as Kathy pulled the back of Brooke's hair. The two circled, groaning and inflicting whatever pain they could on each other. They broke off again, this time Kathy got Brooke into a choke hold as Brooke pulled Kathy's thick mane of hair. Brooke also started to force her pelvis into Kathy's mid-section. The two women, still on their feet, fell into a mutual bear hug and forced their breasts and nipples into the others. Each grabbed the other's fine, firm ass, hoping to force the air from the other's lungs by squeezing the air and fight out of her.

Brooke roared, grunted and then threw Kathy on her back onto the bed. Kathy and Brooke both used their legs and bodies to move up to the center of the bed. Brooke started grinding her clitoris into Kathy's pussy. Brooke started to bounce her tits and body on top off Kathy's each time grinding her pussy into Kathy's. The bouncing got intense, and soon Kathy was able to use the give in the mattress to flip Brooke off of her and then she and Brooke wrestled on their sides. They pulled hair, and nipples and kneed each other in their stomachs and lower when possible. Brooke was able to gain a slight advantage by securing a vise like grip on Kathy's right breast. Brooke rode the hold as, once again she forced herself on top of Kathy.

Brooke started to grind her juicy pussy down onto Kathy's, bringing out deep moans and gasps from both women. Kathy used her right leg to kick Brooke in the face and knock her off momentarily. Brooke recovered quickly, and began to hammer her chest into Kathy's. Each time she prepared to launch into Kathy's chest, she made sure to rub her pussy into Kathy's to distract her, and cause a burning sensation to Kathy's love mound. Brooke now had Kathy's arms pinned at her sides. Brooke made sure to rub the sensitive nipples of Kathy's with her own torpedo like nipples. The grunts and groans turned into moans, as Kathy was able to free her hands and firmly grasp the firm, sweaty ass of Brooke. The two women guided the other to erotic contact between their legs, and nipple and breast pounding. Kathy then reached up and sucked and then bit into Brooke's swaying boobs.

Brooke jumped up and off of Kathy, who quickly took the lead and attacked Brooke's sensitive breasts. Kathy rolled onto Brooke, and continued her assault on Brooke's boobs. Brooke retaliated by sucking and biting Kathy's tits. The two women were now sucking, and biting each other's breasts. Their hands pulled the mammary glands of her rival down to her mouth, as each continued to assault each other's precious assets like youngsters taking food out of their parent's hands while being fed. Kathy's breasts were fuller, but Brooke's were up to the competition. Kathy was now on top of Brooke but each was facing opposite directions in a sixty-nine position, near the top of the bed. Pillows were thrown off and at each other with their available hands.

Brooke chuckled as she reached back and goosed Kathy from behind with her index finger, then with both her first two digits as she shoved them in Kathy's love mound. As Brooke fucked Kathy's pussy with her fingers, Kathy pulled away and down Brooke's body, shocked by the sudden (and decidedly unwelcome) penetration. She slid down Brooke's legs, which then quickly snapped closed around Kathy's head and neck. Brooke now had Kathy trapped between her legs as she closed them around Kathy's neck, cutting off her air.

Kathy wrapped her legs and thighs around Brooke's neck and tried to do the same but Brooke's hold was stronger and the rapidly weakening Kathy was running out of gas and energy. Cynthia, who had been sitting in a chair in the bedroom since the beginning of the fight, had grown more and more aroused as the fight progressed. Now, she got up from her chair and began to shout encouragement to Brooke.

"Break the bitch in half, honey! Snuff her out Brooke, snuff that cunt OUT"

Brooke looked at Cynthia, trying to control the once great supermodel between her firm, muscular dancer's thighs. Cynthia got up and moved to the two women in the middle of the bed, and untwisted Kathy's legs around Brooke's neck. She also gave Kathy's firm, round ass a few loud spanks, which stung and hurt the supermodel. Kathy squirmed, but could not protect herself from the vicious assault. As Kathy moved in the trap, she allowed Brooke to force Kathy's head between her legs, and towards her pussy. Kathy was faced down in the bed looking head on at the juicy, sweaty, musty pussy of Brooke's, and trapped between the strong, dancers legs and thighs.

As Kathy struggled with the hold, Brooke increased the pressure on her neck and shoulders. Brooke was fighting with the long, strong legs of Kathy's attempting to put their own strangle hold. Brooke was caught, then escaped Kathy's thighs, legs and ankles around her own vulnerable neck. Cynthia slapped Kathy's ass once again, and Kathy released Brooke's neck. Brooke started to grind her pussy into Kathy's face, as she was almost riding Kathy's face into the bed. Brooke could feel the fight leave Kathy's body. She looked into the eyes of Cynthia, who was somewhere between and executioner's dream and carnal lust! Kathy stopped moving, and Brooke slowly released her death grip on Kathy. Brooke pushed Kathy off of her, and she rolled to her back with her arms across her chest taking in deep gulps of air.

Cynthia began to rub Brooke's shoulders and neck, saying, "That was amazing Brooke!"

She looked at the welts, scratches and red face and neck on Kathy who slowly she regained her composure and color, and began to appear as she also began to stir on the disheveled, sweaty bed. Kathy looked up at Brooke not saying anything, as the two locked eyes in a moment of understanding. Kathy continued to lie on the bed, as Brooke moved away from Kathy to the edge of the bed, and eventually up still recovering herself. Brooke looked back at Cynthia who was now taking off her top, and bra. Her shoes were off, and she was now removing the remainder of her clothes. Kathy looked up and saw Cynthia crawling over toward her, preparing to mount her.

Kathy still dazed from the previous fight brought her hands up to meet Cynthia's hands, as Cynthia was now on top of her and on her stomach. The two struggled briefly before Cynthia plopped herself on top of Kathy, and began to hump and fuck the former supermodel. Kathy had her hands in Cynthia hair, pulling and tugging it from side to side. Cynthia had her hands in Kathy's pulling her hair away from Kathy's scalp.

Cynthia screamed at Kathy, "I'm gonna fuck you raw bitch, just like I spanked your sorry ass slut!"

Kathy could only mutter a weak, "Fuck you!"

Cynthia, being a good 6 inches shorter than Kathy, had a difficult time controlling the enraged model, as she was trying to fuck her. Kathy was able to throw Cynthia off of her, and mounted her as well.

Kathy growled at Cynthia, "I'm gonna fuck your pussy raw, you worthless whore!"

The two women groaned and grunted as the bigger and stronger Kathy controlled the tempo and the battle. Brooke wanted to intervene, but was becoming increasingly aroused at the sight of her best friend and the bitch that she just defeated in another tantamount struggle of emotions of hate and sexual release. Kathy was on top of the smaller Cynthia, as she rubbed, and bounced her body. Brooke could see the welts on her ass, and the scratch marks on her chest, thighs and face. Finally, Cynthia released the pent-up orgasm she had been building since the fight began. "There bitch!"

Kathy lay still for a moment, then slapped Cynthia. "THIS is for attacking me when I'm down!" she said as she slapped Cynthia again. "And THIS is for spanking me, you slut!" she said, punching Cynthia in the left cheek. Cynthia slumped down in a cloud of pain and pleasure, laying sprawled across the bed as Brooke moved to check on her friend.

"Was that REALLY necessary?" Brooke said.

"This IS a fight, isn't it?" Kathy said.

"Still," Brooke continued. "You could've really hurt her!"

"You mean like when you and she both attacked me?" Kathy snapped with a toss of her mane.

"Alright, you made your point," Brooke shrugged. "Shower and get the hell outta my home!"

Kathy pushed Cynthia off her sweaty, firm chest and made her way to the shower to clean up and go home to recover. Brooke checked and saw Cynthia was all right, so she went in and checked on Kathy in the shower. She looked at the tall, athletic build of the former supermodel and decided that the battle wasn't quite over yet. She stepped to the shower door and saw Kathy had her back to her. She opened the door and the sound startled Kathy who wasn't expecting company. She dropped the bottle of shampoo she was holding and reached for Brooke's hair. But Brooke was already reaching up to lock hands with Kathy and she slammed Kathy back up against the shower wall, then pulled Kathy's body into her as she again slammed her back against the wall. Brooke brought her thigh up between Kathy's legs lifting her left leg off the floor. Brooke started to rub and grind her chest and pelvis into Kathy's as each woman groaned and grunted with each hit of flesh.

Brooke whispered in Kathy's ear, "Now I'm gonna fuck you raw my little pet."

She grabbed two handfuls of soft ass flesh and used her thighs to force Kathy's thighs to spread wide as she proceeded to put pressure on her love mounds. Kathy gritted her teeth, hoping she had enough stamina to fight off the urge to cum, and the urge to quit! She bravely held on, fighting the pressure building within her just as it was in Brooke who was on the verge of releasing large amounts of juicy cum.

The soap covering Kathy made both women's bodies slick with suds and they slipped and slithered against each other until their legs buckled and they tumbled to the floor of the shower which proved disastrous to Kathy. The slime on the shower floor took away what leverage and mobility she had, and soon her right leg was sticking up in the air against the wall of the shower stall. She slid around on her ass, both hands gripping Brooke's breasts, then her thighs. Brooke felt shaken, as almost climaxed. Acting quickly and lustfully, Brooke forced herself on top of Kathy, wedging Kathy's right leg up against the wall as she pounded her pussy down on Kathy's and pumped Kathy until the echoes of her orgasmic shook the shower walls and could be heard through the entire home. As Brooke finished riding the supermodel, she slowed the tempo of her thrusting with sporadic spurts of energy. In the bedroom, Cynthia slowly recovered from her semi-dazed state and ran to the shower where she watched the final throes of a very exciting and action-filled morning and conclusion as she sat on the side of the large jacuzzi tub.

The cool water that falls on Brooke from the shower head, heightened the intensity of the building orgasm within her, as she looked down on the thoroughly defeated supermodel mom; admiring her erect nipples and watching the beads of water and soap suds as they streamed down her beautiful, sprawled out body. Brooke leaned in and massaged Kathy's breasts, and kissed her fully on the lips.

Kathy looked up at Brooke in horror at Brooke who said, "In this town, fighting is just another a form of entertainment!"

She then assured Kathy that justice can be blinded by the "razzle dazzle" such as she'd just employed." Then Brooke humps and pumps her pussy with a climatic finale into Kathy's and cries out, "And all that Jazz!" as she climaxes.