Match 1: 'Downtown' Julie Brown vs. Catherine Zeta-Jones by Jack Fac

The scene is Cardiff, Wales; a major sports arena where a challenge boxing match has been arranged between tawny vixen 'Downtown' Julie Brown and 'The Welch Witch' Catherine Zeta-Jones. Cathy Zee has been spoiling for this fight for awhile and feels that Julie is finally ripe for the plucking once and for all.

"I'm just the one who can retire her old ass once and for all," boasted Jones in an interview to the British newspapers and tabloids.

Of course Jones and Brown have one thing in common; each has faced Naomi Campbell and each has beaten her in what, at the time, were considered something of an upset. After that, however, the similarities ended. Brown had racked up a ton of victories in her career against the likes of Darryl Hannah, Liz Hurley, Cheryl Hines, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Diane Lane, Lucy Lawless and Kim Cattrall - to name only a few of her victims. 'Downtown' lost her great coach and trainer, Eartha Kitt, early this past year and had searched long and hard for a replacement before finally settling on an "interim coach", her sparring mate, Lela Rochon who replaced Kelly LeBrock who’d taken enough battering from Julie during their sparring. Lela was stronger and quicker than LeBrock and she was helping 'Downtown' hone her inside moves.

Jones had lost to Peta Wilson in a huge upset and had also been walloped senseless on the baseball diamond by Charlize Theron (who had several defeats at the hands of CZJ herself.) So Cath Jones has lots to prove!

The ref is the veteran Elke Sommer who eagerly runs her hands over Catherine's body after Jones whips off her robe to reveal blue panties and matching blue high heels.

Julie is in her trademark purple thong and she too gets a good, close-up, inspection by Sommer who explains she's just checking for 'foreign objects, although Julie whispers to Rochon, "Does she really think my tits are foreign? Hell, I got ‘em in Los Angeles, for Christ's sake."

Rochon ignores her and gives her last minute advice on beating Zeta-Jones, "Stay close to her. She can be dangerous; don't get careless like you did with Hennessey." Julie had gotten KO'd by Jill Hennessey several months before when she seemingly had the fight won. This was the 'new Downtown Julie' and past mistakes were being ignored, if not forgotten entirely.
* * * *
Round One
- Brown closes quickly and hammers Jones with some deft inside body shots. Julie's footwork is much improved with the sessions Rochon has put her though. Downtown wallops Jones again even harder with some vicious 'tit shots' which send Cath Z backing up. Jones is enraged and charges Julie swinging wildly as Julie slips all the punches and fires a scoring shot to Jones exposed jaw. Cath Z is sent sprawling on her ass as the crowd roars it's approval. She is up by six as Downtown attacks with abandon. More body shots connect to Cath Z's midsection. Cath Z's hubby, Michael Douglas, can't believe the poor performance his wife is putting out here. He had hired Linda Kozlowski out of retirement to coach her and his investment hasn't paid off so far.

Downtown ends the round by slamming Cat Z's face with wicked left right speed bag type combos. Downtown is the winner of this round.

Between rounds: Linda K. is coaching Jones to 'use the ring' and make Downtown pay every time she comes close.

Round Two - Cath Z is moving better this round and gets Downtown with a hard right to the side of her face. Julie's legs buckle but she holds steady. 'Follow up follow up' roars Kozlowski. Cath Z whips a scoring left hook to 'Downtown' Julie's head and BROWN GOES DOWN! Julie dropped on her butt by a CZJ left hook! The round is going better for Cath Z; her confidence growing as the sweat roils off her forehead. CZJ uses her upper body strength to muscle 'Downtown' back into the ropes and rocks her, then KNOCKS HER DOWN AGAIN! The crowd is sensing a Catherine Zeta-Jones upset. Suddenly, Downtown Julie Brown is back on her fee mid-ring, motioning to Cath to come get her. Jones looks very assured at this point and Zeta-Jones walks into a flurry of punishing hooks and jabs to the body and head from the 'Tawny Vixen'.

"Don't count your damned chickens yet, you snobby wench,' snarls Downtown as she uncorks an overhand right which catches Cath under the left eye and sends her head twisting sideways. Jones' legs quiver and then buckle. 'Downtown' is on her like a cat...left/right/left; body, head, body. The blows from 'Downtown' Julie Brown find Cath's face and Zeta-Jones is staggered in the middle of the ring. 'Downtown' Julie shows her 'Killer Instinct', thrashing the Welsh beauty with a barrage of blows.

"No more," moans Jones as she cowers in the corner with her arms crossed in front of her face.

"Shut up you wuss," laughs Brown as she pulls Jones' arms down and slams one final shot that folds Catherine Zeta-Jones double before she crashes facefirst to the canvas. Elke gives her a perfunctory ten count during which Jones never moves; then smilingly raises Julie's right hand in victory.

"Damn you can fight when you put your mind to it girl," Elke gushes. "Let's get together for a drink after you change, huh?"

"You got it German lady. And you can have me for the night too," coos Julie as she pulls down Catherine's panties and waves them overhead, then poses with her foot on Jones' bare butt for the photographers.

It's just one more win in the books for 'Downtown' Julie Brown who now proclaims herself 'the new Welsh Champion' adding yet another honor to the great ring feats she has performed in a long and storied fight career.
Match #2: Vanessa Hudgens vs. Hayden Panettiere (rematch)

If a formal poll were taken of the aficionados of the exclusive catfighting circle, maybe the most requested rematch would be one between Hayden Panettiere and Vanessa Anne Hudgens. In the minds of the two young ladies, however, no poll was necessary. For Hayden, it was a triumphant launch to a staggeringly successful fighting career while for Vanessa, it had been a rare falter in an otherwise glorious career. Hayden would love reprising the event with a second win over the brunette, while Vanessa had thirsted for revenge over the blond since that night.

And for the lucky spectators in attendance on that evening, it had been a splendid contest between two spectacular young warriors. A return engagement promised even more magnificence. Why a rematch hadn't been arranged until now can only be chalked up to some form of temporary insanity on the part of the promoters. But the match WAS finally booked and the two eager participants couldn't wait to face off on the field of combat.

Widely known and feared for her vicious ruthlessness, Nessa nevertheless had a legion of fans who appreciated that she was a woman without glossy Hollywood glamour for her in a match, no sir! Hudgens came to fight and to win. Not always necessarily according to Hoyle, granted...and many were the spectators who appreciated her dearly for it!

Hayden was hailed by many as the 'New Golden Girl' of catfighting but her lustrous smile, twinkling eyes and flirtatious manner thinly masked - in the minds of many - a rampant narcissism. Not for nothing was she derisively called "The Queen" behind her back by many, including those in her entourage.

Suffice it to say, there were a number of individuals in attendance who, having cheered for Panettiere the first time, wouldn't be terribly upset if Vanessa Hudgens claimed the victory this time around. Even Hayden's manager, it was said, thought a little bit of 'disappointment' would be good for her.
* * * *
Vanessa was introduced first and she stalked into the large apartment living room like a panther; dark eyes flashing; her nubile body clad in a pink string bikini that contrasted with her bronzed skin and jet-black hair. The broad smile on her angelic face bespoke the 'good girl' image she projected to the world at large. But to those who'd seen her in battle knew that visage concealed a savagely brilliant warrior who stopped at little to obtain a victory.

Next came Hayden; beaming her mega-watt smile. For some, the little wave and the too-friendly salutations to the crowd seemed insincere while others (less jaded to the coquetry of a beautiful lass perhaps) lapped it up. Whatever her motives, there was no denying her beauty; her honey-hued hair crowning a taut body tanned golden by the California sun. It drew all eyes to size it up...all one pair!

Nessa's attention was quickly riveted - not on Hayden per se - but on what she was wearing. Hayden's white halter tube top meant nothing to her, but Vanessa instantly recognized the red panties Hayden was wearing...for they were hers!

When they first met, Hudgens had sought to rattle Hayden by mocking her name, referring to her repeatedly as "Hayden Panties." Thus when the blonde won the fight, she turned the tables and lived up, so to speak, to her nickname. She relieved Hudgens of her panties; humiliating her by leaving her 'de-pantsed' as well as 'de-feated.'

Now, Panettiere was playing psychological games, wearing the same panties tonight as her silent way of rubbing the defeat in Nessa's face. Hudgens lifted her eyes to catch Hayden's and the glimmer in those blue orbs sent a further taunt to the brunette.

Win or lose, Vanessa swore she'd take those panties back tonight.
* * * *
At the bell, the two young women moved like seasoned pros, cautiously circling while visually searching for an opening. When they drew near enough to lock up, with gritted perfect teeth, their bodies strained against one another. After several inconclusive moments, Vanessa suddenly seized the advantage by changing tactics, twisting her upper body and flipping Hayden to the floor with a hip toss. But the blond wasn't caught entirely unaware and used her momentum to somersault forward, landing in a crouch, then quickly jumping back up; twisting in the air so by the time the pads of her feet touched the carpet, she was facing Vanessa.

But Hudgens had been expecting it (one doesn't obsess on someone without learning to anticipate her moves), and she flung herself forward, nailing Panettiere across the chest with a Forearm Smash, taking both beauties to the carpet where they struggled for control. But on her back, the blond was at a distinct disadvantage.

From a seated position at Hayden's side, Vanessa grabbed her left wrist and, planting her feet against the blonde's ribs and neck; then the sultry brunette yanked the arm tight, twisting it to add painful pressure. Hayden grimaced as she slapped her shoulder, trying to numb the pain somewhat. She also planted her feet on the floor and, using Nessa's own hold to brace herself, managed to slowly rise up to her feet. The effort wasn't without additional agony on her trapped arm, but at least she was upright.

If only for a moment.

Still holding the blonde's wrist, and with her own feet still against Hayden's body, Vanessa jerked her body to the right, and managed to flip Hayden over her back down to the carpet. The move broke her grip, but it gave both beauties the seconds they needed to scramble back up to their feet.

Seeking to retain control of the match, Vanessa lunged forward and went low, intent on grabbing Hayden's legs to flip her back to the floor. But Hayden instinctively sensed that, and managed to draw her right knee up; nailing Hudgens in the chest. A heartbeat later, a double ax-handle to the back dropped Nessa to all fours.

Suddenly, slender fingers begin to untie the back of the brunette's string bikini top and - seconds later - the garment was pulled free, unleashing Vanessa's firm breasts. Hayden gave a condescending "Yippee" as as she twirled the pink halter overhead a few times before casually tossing it aside. No one watching had to be told what was happening; the blond was seeking to humiliate Vanessa, pure and simple.

Unfortunately, Panettiere may have wanted to press her advantage a bit before going for the stripping for it gave Hudgens the precious seconds she needed to gather her wits and catch a breath. With a growl, Vanessa wrapped her arms around the flaxen-haired battler's lower legs and carried out her earlier attempt, pulling Hayden's feet out from under her and dumping her on the carpet on her ass with a THUD and an accompanying yelp of pain.

Vanessa was on her in an instant in a flurry of arms as she landed slaps and punches to Hayden's face, chest and belly. In the melee, Hayden's tube top was liberated - leaving both girls topless. And the onslaught continued as the encouragement from the spectators grew louder and louder in favor of Vanessa.

But Panettiere was too experienced to be on the defensive for long. Nessa grabbed her by the hair and pulled her to her hands and knees, then started to drag her toward the near wall (where she intended to slam her head into the plaster). Hayden's right arms flashed up, slamming a forearm rudely and with devastating result into Vanessa's pubic mound. The brunette was lifted off of her feet by the impact, crumpling back to the carpet and curling into a trembling ball with her hands wedged tight between her quivering thighs.

Rising, Hayden shook off her own aches and exhaustion, exhilarated at being in command of the contest once again. Her taut, tanned, body glistening with perspiration; her sun-kissed hair matted with sweat against the top of her shoulders; she was an undeniable vision of ferocious feminine beauty. But the eyes of most spectators were on Nessa as she valiantly rolled over and struggled to her hands and knees. Their verbal encouragement may or may not be empowering her...but it clearly vexed Hayden whose pristine features twisted in an angry veneer.

"Shut up!" she snarled. "I'm the popular one here...not that little tramp!"

To punctuate her words, she lashed out and kick Vanessa in the ribs, knocking her over on her side with a groan. Kicking Vanessa onto her belly, Panettiere mounted her back and slid her hands under Nessa's chin; then agonizingly hauling her head back. To add to her torment, Hayden used her right hand to grind her knuckle in Vanessa's eyes, causing her to howl in pain.

Finally, she released the cruel hold and stood up, helping Hudgens back up to her feet with two handfuls of her disheveled hair. Hayden roughly pushed the dark-tressed beauty back against the wall where, trapped, Nessa had no means of escape and had to withstand a barrage of punches to her exposed breasts and belly, each sinking a little deeper and eliciting increasingly pathetic yelps, howls and mewlings of pain.

Halting her torrent of blows, Hayden took a few steps back, hands on her cocked hips, and contemptuously eyed her battered rival up and down as Vanessa used both hands against the wall to keep herself from sliding down onto her butt. Hayden wore a scornful smirk on her lips as she watched Vanessa, groaning and swaying precariously; her eyelids half-shut; her mouth gaping as she sucked air; stumble forward and fall against Hayden, draping both arms over Panettiere's shoulders to keep herself from collapsing.

"Pathetic," the blond sneered with snobbish disdain.

But the next sound from Hayden's mouth was a wretched wail of misery as Hudgens puts the last of her strength into a knee lift squarely into Hayden's groin.

"I owed you that!" Vanessa rasped as Hayden dropped sobbing to her knees on the carpet.

Driven to the point of exhaustion, Nessa realized she couldn't sustain a prolonged attack, so she decided to finish Hayden with her next move; a modified Grounded Octopus Hold. Their bodies entwined, Hudgens stretched Hayden's lissome figure in ways that painfully strained a half-dozen or more muscle groups; using her right leg across Hayden's throat to slowly choke her out.

Frantically, Panettiere's hands slapped and clawed her antagonist's flesh but so intent was Nessa on victory, she blocked out the pain and for several long minutes, the harrowing tableau played out with the sweat-soaked bodies of the women glistening under the room lights; their muscles twitching and quivering as one struggled to shake off the effects of the brutal hold while the other labored to keep it applied. The onlookers were on the edges of their seats in awe-struck silence, none daring to predict whose will would prevail.

After what seemed an eternity, Hayden gave a choked sigh and her body went limp. She was beaten...but Vanessa and every other person in the room knew the contest wasn't over just yet. Flush with the thrill of victory, and despite her exhaustion; Vanessa released the hold and staggered to her feet. Her eyes narrow and locked the purloined panties around the blonde's waist.

Taking her coveted crimson garment by the waistband, Nessa began to work it slowly down Hayden's thighs, lifting her hips as she slipped it under her rear. The groaning blonde weakly struggled to preserve her dignity, her fumbling fingers grabbing at the top of the panties to tug them back in place. But Hayden's fingers lacked the power and, with a sharp tug, Vanessa jerked them down the length of Hayden's sun-kissed legs, lifting her feet with them before whisking them away - leaving the teary blonde in helpless, hapless, shame.

Holding her regained raiment in her hand at last, Vanessa studied it for a few moments, then said, "Y'know, you did have these a few months; so in a way they're really yours now. I'll be kind and give them back."

Anyone who knew Hudgens definition of 'kindness' was aware she wasn't going to look upon this largesse as a good thing.

Wadding the fabric in a ball, Vanessa grabbed the still-dazed blonde by the hair at the back of her head and lifted her upper body. Hayden's slack jaw fell open and she roughly stuffed the moist garment in Hayden's open mouth; an impromptu gag that muffled the moans and whimpers that were to come, because Vanessa wasn't done yet!

Slipping her thumbs in the waist of her own panties, Nessa seductively slithered them down her legs to the appreciation of a roomful of wide-eyed spectators. Stepping out of them she bent, picked it up and stood fully nude. This was of her own volition and there was no shame in this nakedness, for in victory she remained cloaked in suppositious robes of splendor.

Vanessa took her own sweat-soaked panties and pulled them over Hayden's head, turning the crotch panel over Hayden's nose and eyes.

"A crown for the Queen!" she said jauntily.

It was a spectacle that reduced the once-haughty blonde to an object of pitiful ridicule. Crushed by shame, Hayden didn't even try to remove the improvised gag and blindfold and just curled up on the carpet and broke down in heavy sobs; accepting her abject defeat meekly as Hudgens planted her foot on the hip of her foe and raised her arms in a show of her long-awaited, and much deserved, victory as she basked in the applause of the appreciative crowd.
Match #3: Krista Allen vs. Alexandra Paul

Scene is that of the R&R (Revenge & Resentment) Ranch which has been established by Linda Kozlowski in Central California. There, old grudges and new challenges are addressed by those looking to kick some butt and take names.

Krista Allen has been in an over all sour mood as of late and has spotted Linda's new establishment on the internet. Her curiosity peaked, Krista has made her way to this different sort of place. There are facilities to play baseball/softball/basketball along with a running track plus an indoor arena for boxing and wrestling. Last but not least is a football field and several Olympic size swimming pools. One needs only to find an opponent and have at it.

After a good night's sleep Krista wanders down to one of the pools and finds the triathlete Alexandra Paul. Paul is looking quite stunning in a red bikini and is blazing along in the pool swimming laps.

"Hey what's your reason for being here long legs?" shouts out Krista. Paul stops in mid stroke and looks up at the statuesque dark haired hottie.

"You just answered your own stupid question you hack bimbo," laughs Alexandra. Krista is thin skinned and takes this comeback very personally.

"How about a boxing match then?" challenges Krista regaining her cool.

"I'd love that and I'll have you down on the canvas in no time," brags Alexandra.

"Don't bet the RANCH on it," chortles Krista. "Let's get the word out to the gang here." Krista turns and walks off leaving Paul gazing at Krista's voluptuous figure.

Paul thinks aloud, "...after I wipe you out, I'll bed you for sure."

The next night the two contestants are in the ring with Linda Kozlowski, "The Mistress of Ceremonies" doing the introductions. Linda has decided to ref the opening boxing match held at the R&R. Both gals are sweating as gives them last minute instructions. "Show us some thunder there, ladies," says Linda just before the bell rings for the first round.

Round One - Paul slams Krista with repeated long left jabs which snap the younger woman's head back hard. Allen wades in and hammers Paul viciously with a wicked right hand full in the midsection. Paul bends over in pain and her face shows it. Allen has power.

"If you beat my ass, it won't be with rinky dink b.s. moves there, Alex baby," grins Allen as she wallops Alexandra solidly in the jaw and sends her reeling backwards.

Everyone is one their feet as the two get to mid ring and begin letting it all hang out. Neither has a manager or handler. In this scenario you're on your own. Paul delivers a jarring left hook to Krista's jaw but Allen shakes it off.

"No mustard there sweetie," teases Allen as she fires a volley of killer body shots to Paul's gut. The bell rings and Krista Allen struts back to her corner with gloves upraised as she's taken the first round.

Round Two - Alexandra has been yelled some encouragement from her rooters like Kathy Ireland, Nicolette Sheridan and Elle MacPherson. Krista motions Paul to come to mid ring again but the taller gal (Paul is 5'10" to Krista's 5'7") glides towards a corner. Allen follows to deal out more punishment when Alexandra surprises her with a left hook out of nowhere. This shot slams hard into Allen's jaw and sends her careening to the canvas. The ladies are on their feet cheering in the stands. Krista is hurt but not glassy eyed. 'Payback time' she announces to Paul as she regains her feet. Krista is soaked with perspiration as she muscles in close to Paul and jackhammers her once again with brutal body blows.

"Like the pain do you, Alex baby?" taunts Krista as Paul is backpedaling and hurt; her eyes showing fear.

"Big bad ass triathlete you are," laughs Krista. "You're mine, all mine!"

Allen blasts tall Paul down with a killer right cross and Alexandra hits the canvas and lies motionless as Linda Kozlowski raises Krista's right hand in victory while the arena is enveloped in cheers. Alexandra Paul has been beaten by a determined shorter but younger warrior.

Post Fight- Alexandra's body is wrapped in bandages from the hammering Krista has given her. Her face is swollen though Krista does show some marks around the eyes from the earlier blows. Even so Krista Allen is the FIRST boxing winner at the R&R ranch and feels compelled to challenge anyone to a bout - including Downtown Julie Brown!
Match #4: Naomi Campbell vs. Misty May Treanor

Naomi Campbell had been longing for another 'athletic type' to invite to Manhatten's famous 'Den of Doom'. There had been a number of 'victims' including Josi Maran, Peta Wilson and WNBA star Sue Bird, but Naomi was growing restive once again.

After the Beijing Summer Olympics in 2008, Naomi recalled how much she enjoyed beach volleyball matches and the glamorous ass of Misty May Treanor.

"Now THAT is an ass calling for a good tuning up," she thought so Campbell put out feelers from 'her people' to Treanor's. The response was, "Sure, why not?"

Misty May Treanor had heard of the 'Man with the Golden Gun' set up Naomi had in which Naomi let her quarry stalk her like Christopher Lee had in the film before nailing the prize - the main difference being that Lee had used a gun whereas Naomi used her lightning bolt fists.

It was a rainy night in Manhattan when Misty pulled up in a cab at Naomi's digs - a Tribeca loft.

"Nice place you have here, Naomi," said Misty May.

"Cut the small talk," shot back Naomi. "You know why you're here."

Misty May was looking into some of the most malevolent staring eyes in world of supermodels. Misty dialed her husband, baseball player Matt Treanor, and told him, "I've got some quick and easy business to take care of here. I'll meet you for dinner at '21' around 8 o'clock after I finish this smarmy witch off."

Naomi's second (and personal slave for some time) Sue Bird fetched their gloves while Misty stripped down to her sexy beach volleyball bikini and Naomi to her customary black fighting thong. They met at midring with Bird giving them brief instructions before motioning the gals to have at it.

Round One - May has quick reflexes and fires a good scoring right to Naomi's jaw that whips Campbell's head sideways. She counters with a good left hook to Misty's abs that hurts her and May groans in pain. Naomi goes to work; using a flurry of long left jabs to work over Misty's eyes.

"I'm gonna close those peepers of yours before I finish your buns off, sweetie," laughs Naomi.

Misty can't believe how effective the model is with gloves. May had bragged mightily to partner Keri Walsh about how 'easy' the bout would be for her. Naomi slams the Olympian with a wicked right cross to the jaw and Misty hits the floor hard. Sue Bird counts to six as Misty groggily regains her feet. May's legs are wobbly already and Naomi mounts a brutal assault on Misty May until she goes down again under a barrage of solid left hooks. As May's legs buckle, she staggers back to the ropes, then her eyes roll back and her arms drop to her sides.

Misty May Treanor has been treated to a total one round wipeout by the great Naomi Campbell who is grinning, snarling and primping all at once.

"Get that bikini offa her," Naomi commands Bird.

"Yes Ma'am," says Sue who strips Misty May and leaves her naked body slung facedown over the ropes while Naomi goes to take her shower before returning to enjoy the 'fruits of victory' with the chastened loser.

Hubby Treanor finally gives up his table at the restaurant after continual calls to Misty's cell phone get only her voice mail. While Misty's husband findsd her 'unavailable' until morning Naomi is filling more than Misty's 'voice mail box' all night.
Match #5: Thandie Newton vs. Faith Hill

Hill, looking to avenge the beatings Newton laid on her C&W galpals, Sara Evans and LeAnne Rimes, opened negotiations while her blood was still hot. Thandie was also eager to fight, telling friends she wanted to, "... add Faith's lush golden 'pelt' to my 'cuntry crybaby' collection." Despite both women's eagerness, it had taken quite a time to finalize the showdown.

Each arrived at the R&R (Revenge and Resentment) Ranch with ass whipping on her mind. Hill carried the hopes of the C&W crowd since Thandie had outboxed and beaten down both LeAnne Rimes and Sara Evans. Newton's conquest of Evans was a real shock to all the country crowd who felt Evans should have easily take Newton.

The twosome of Newton and Hill are in the ring with the maiden winner of a previous match, being Krista Allen who will be the ref. Krista motions the two sweating gals to mid-ring for final instructions. The restive crowd is murmuring - and also doing some serious betting! Krista concludes, tells the contestants to 'Tet it on' and the bell rings.

Round One - Newton feints to her right and Faith is fooled by it. Hill fires a long, looping right that misses by a mile and is hammered by a wicked left hook to the belly. The C&W star's knees buckle in pain and before she can get recover, Thandie slams a rocketing right uppercut straight up into the front panel the leggy singer's bikini. The mother of three staggers backward until the hits the ropes pursued by killer puncher Thandie Newton who attacks mercilessly with combos that send Faith's sweaty blonde curls flying in all directions. Faith takes a hammering but recovers and bounces back with a telling right to Thandie's jaw that knocks the slinky Black Beauty back on her heels. The crowd is roaring for Faith who has taken a good hammering early but the bell rings before Faith can finish off Thandie who emerges the winner of the first round.

Round Two - Faith steps up the pace, opening with a good blast to Thandie's jaw that floors the Zimbabwe born star. Thandie staggers to her feet glassy eyed at six and as Krista checks her gloves Newton collects herself. When Faith comes forward, Thandie bores behind a good array of hard body blows that have Faith again reeling in pain. The two women go toe-to-toe at midring; giving it their all and the crowd is on their feet cheering. The betting is swinging toward the blonde as Hill floors Thandie for the second time as Newton falls hard on her ass after a roundhouse right scores a home run. Thandie drags herself up the ropes and sways unsteadily on her feet; badly shaken. As the count reaches eight, the bell rings but there's no doubt the second is Hill's round all the way.

Round Three - They touch gloves in respect and the blows keep on coming. Most are Faith's and Thandies eyes are swelling closed. "You got her Faith!" screams Reba McIntyre who is leading the yelling and waving her arms. Suddenly, Reba falls silent as a Thandie Newton left-right combination to Faith's jaw wobbles the C&W star's long legs. Long tall Faith is hurt big time! Thandie still has plenty of fight in her as she hammers Hill with combos that strafe her eyes and bloody her nose. Thandie drops Faith on her keister with a jump-in, overhand right, that staggers the singer. Faith's eyes roll back as her long legs turn to rubber, then she slowly topples over like a giant redwood and crashes to the mat on her face.

Krista Allen counts but Faith never moves as the crowd sits stunned and silent. Incredibly, petite little Thandie Newton has claimed a third C&W cutie! In the crowd, Nicole Kidman curses at her husband Keith Urban, telling him, "I told you that Newton was too damned much for Faith. Now I'm out ten grand of my hard-earned money."

"Will Nicole Kidman be the next to challenge Thandie?" Urban is asked.

"Probably," he shrugs. "But then, who the hell ever knows what Nic might do."
Match #6: "From A to Z" - Jennifer Aniston vs. Renee Zellweger

The evening on David Letterman had started out friendly enough. He'd invited Jennifer Aniston and Renee Zellweger for a 'show of legs' and while each gal had greeted the other with an outward show of affection, everyone could sense the growing tension as the show dragged on.

Renee wore a short red dress which displayed a pair of seriously good looking stems while Jennifer wore a stunning black mini dress that did likewise. Letterman needled both gals, but his comments seemed more pointed toward Renee - at least judging by her reaction to them. Both Renee and Jennifer had celebrated their 40th birthdays in '09 but only Renee was showing signs of angst at the milestone.

"Well at least I'll get all the good looking 40 year old roles before Jen," Renee bragged.

That didn't sit well with Aniston who shot back, "Whoever said that?"

"Oh hell everybody knows you're a lightweight, Jen," chortled Renee.

"Now ladies..." intoned Letterman, suddenly aware of the building tension.

"Hey, you know what, Ass-iton," growled Zellweger. "You know that place Linda Kozlowski started out in Nevada called the Revenge/Resentment Ranch? Why don't we settle our differences there and find out who is the toughest new 40 year old is!" Aniston smiled at the suggestion and accepted the challenge. "Lead on is all I can say."
* * *
A month later. Jennifer has been training hard with her 'gal pal' Ann Curry and her 'special victim' Courtney Cox.

"I don't think she's fast," said Courtney, "But I believe Renee can hit hard. She looks strong."

Zellweger had been doing the same preparations using her 'special friend' (and recently vanquished wanna-be Welsh Champ) Catherine Zeta Jones, her co-star in "Chicago" and Renee planned to wear her 'Roxie Hart' outfit from the film for this bout.

Jones was still smarting after Downtown Julie Brown had parked her gorgeous ass on the canvas for a KO. It seemed Cath just couldn't bring off the success in boxing she enjoyed in films, having gone down (hard) to Charlize Theron, Peta Wilson and 'Downtown' Julie. But Catherine was proving an adept manager/trainer for Renee, possibly foreshadowing her next career.
* * *
Fight night and there are scads of celebrities on hand - along with glamorous newsbabes Katie Couric and Ann Curry, who are sitting with glorious crossed legs with Curry's beaten opponents Hannah Storm, Angelina Jolie and Courtney Cox. When Cox asks, Curry graciously grants her permission to work in Jen's corner. "Tell her good luck," laughs Ann. "I have plans for her later."

Ann is no Aniston fan and has her own plans for boxing the gal later on. The ref is Sue Ane Langdon who is given a warm ovation. "Let's see you make this place proud," she tells Jen and Renee after giving their instructions. Renee has her frilly flapper girl Chicago outfit on which displays her solid legs. When Jen strips off her robe, she is wearing a silver bikini. The two 40 year olds are creating woodies for the twenty-something males in the stands.
* * *
Round One
- Sue Ane waves them forward and Renee opens up with a scorching roundhouse right that rocks Jen, flipping her head sideways as sweat flies off the tips of her hair. Jen quickly answers with two wicked body shots that make Renee grimace. Aniston fires a left/right combo to Renee's head and the angry gal from Katy, Texas, face turns beet red.

"I'll show you who has the juice," yells Renee.

Jen is already sensing she can take this gal. Renee bores in hard but Jen is set with a volley of body shots including a vicious left hook that backs Zellweger up. Jen slams Renee hard with a right cross to the jaw as the bell rings. This shots stuns Zellweger as she stumbles back to her corner.

Between Rounds - Cat Z is imploring Renee to cut off the ring. "She's too quick and can box and hit too," she warns Renee. "You have to corner her and deliver punishment."

"Got it, Cat," says an inspired Renee.

Round Two - Cox is happy with Jen's strategy and has told her to keep it up. Jen dances quickly away from Renee's efforts to trap her. Aniston whips two heavy jabs into Renee's face and blams her mightily with a tit shot that causes Zellweger pain. Jen continues with the boob blows and this is making Renee back up more.

"Hey nice rack there slugger," teases Jen as she fakes another 'rack attack' but instead connects to Renee's jaw with a left uppercut that buckles Renee's legs as she staggers back. The crowd is on their feet.

“NAIL HER! NAIL HER!” comes the chant as Zellweger is battered and reeling backward across the ring.

"Unnnnngh...ya got me....ya got me, Jen," sighs Renee as she clinches, desperately looking to avoid more punishment.

"Ah yes I do," agrees Aniston. "And down you go, you loudmouth Texas bimbo!" taunts Jen as she slams Renee with a right cross to her jaw.

Renee's eyes roll back as Sue Ane pulls Jen off of her just as Renee topples over and crashes flat on her back to the canvas. Amid the roar of the crowd, Renee Zellweger lays spread-eagled, totally wiped out by Aniston's shots. Sue Ann Langdon doesn't even bother to count, she just steps over Zellweger's twitching body and lifts Jennifer Aniston's right gloved fist in victory. Jen plants her foot on Renee's stomach and grins as she poses for photos.

Postfight - Ann Curry yells at Courtney Cox, "Get your pal over here for an interview."

Jen comes over but isn't cooperative with Ann who wants to ask her a few questions and inquire as to her next fight.

"Maybe it'll be with you hot shot," is Jen's reply. Courtney is NOT in favor of that at all and she shakes her head in silent disagreement - but Jen seems adamant. "I'll fight you anywhere, Curry," she brags menacingly. "And stop your tough act."

"Good," Curry grins. "I look forward to it."

Their exchange is telecast worldwide so everyone knows what to expect.

"Oh I wish you hadn't done that," mutters Courtney Cox as she leads Aniston from the ring, leaving Renee still bombed out cold on the canvas by the hammer shots of Jennifer Aniston.

"Damn! I sure did her in, didn't I, Court?' exults Aniston. Adding a shout-out to her next opponent, "Curry, you old over-rated broad; you're next!"
Match #7: "Bride Wars" - Anne Hathaway vs. Kate Hudson

While the main principals are Anne Hathaway and Kate Hudson, this whole 'bride wars' business actually began when Hudson's mom Goldie Hawn excoriated Anne Hathaway about her acting - and also claiming daughter Kate needed to show some of her mom's old time 'spunk' by kicking upstart Hathaway's ass " the curb." This happened at Spago's where Goldie was dining with Tippi Hedren and Melanie Griffith another famous Hollywood mother/daughter duo who had suffered mightily at the hands of 'The Woman in Red' Kelly LeBrock. LeBrock had twice faced Melanie in the ring and twice had knocked her cold! The first fight had been competitive, but the second had been a slaughter with Melanie hammered senseless bent back over the ropes while Kelly just looked on and smirked.

Hedren/Griffith were doing their best to boost Goldie's morale as she feared her daughter was being bested by Hathaway in too many ways in the acting business. Unbeknownst to the women at the time, Anne had already learned of Goldie's anger and her desire for Kate to fight her and had signed on Kelly LeBrock as her trainer. Anne wanted to master the 'LeBrock Sock' punch which had destroyed Melanie Griffith and Kelly was more than happy to oblige.

Kelly developed a fondness for the young actress and felt that Anne, with her height, would be respectibly competitive as a celebrity boxer. Goldie sent an e-mail to Anne, inviting her to the 'Revenge/Resentment' Ranch, saying that "my Kate is looking to boxing you in a 'charity' event."

When Anne showed the message to LeBrock, she just laughed and said, "Time to get down to business."

For the next month, Kelly worked Anne hard in the ring, sparring with her. Kelly was still cooking on (at least) three burners at the age 49 and more than once Anne had been floored by Kelly's long, unforgiving, right hand. "You're careless," Kelly told her. "That's why that keeps happening." Kelly who was a tad unhappy with Anne's sloppy approach to 'the sweet science'.

Goldie enlisted the help of Diane Lane, a woman who'd beaten Kelly in a bout sometime back. Lane drove Kate hard in the ring and clobbered her viciously with combinations when they sparred; something that sobered up the sexy blonde fast. Lane also mocked Kate, trying to build her anger toward Hathaway.

"She's bragging she can beat your ass, you know," warned Diane.

The motivation was working and revving Kate up. She was ready to 'tangle ass' with Hathaway by the time fight night rolled around and the Ranch was jammed once more with lots of starlets, their husbands/lovers, etc. Krista Allen was the ring announcer and Elke Sommer reprised her role as the referee.

Kate climbs into the ring first in a wipe out sexy red bikini that shows both ass cheeks. Anne is wearing a stunning blue bikini which showcases her long, killer legs. Anne is several inches taller than Kate and she stares down at the sweating Kate Hudson while Elke gives last minute instructions.

"Let's get ready to rumble ladies," Krista roars as she hammers the bell for round one.

Round One - Kate comes out smoking, pumping a solid jab to Hathaway's face. "C'mon!" yells Goldie to her daughter. "Show her whose boss out there!"

Hudson lands several good body shots before Hathaway hits her with the first of the famous 'LeBrock Socks', the punch homing squarely to Hudson's jaw. Kate flies backward into the ropes and hangs with her arms over the top rope, dazed. Elke moves in for a standing 'eight' while Anne is dancing and prancing on her long legs and sizing up this 'little piece of meat' as she had referred to her pre-match. Once Elke steps aside, Anne launches a long left hook that connects with Hudson's right eye, snapping Kate's head back again.

"Measure your punches sweetie," advises LeBrock, jumping up and down in Anne's corner. "Let her feel your might before you finish her."

Anne leers at Hudson who is looking confused and somewhat frazzled, chortling, "I'm going to let you stand around awhile longer there, snooky!" When the bell rings, it's clear Hathaway has won the first round.

Between rounds Goldie is infuriated. "I've spent a bundle on you and this is the best you can do?!" she screams.

"Back off, Moms," growls Lane, who is doing what she can to coach Hudson and get her confidence back so she can answer that abysmal round. "Get inside her arms and stay there," she tells Hudson.

Round Two - Hudson bores in and fires a series of roundhouse left-right body shots which hurt Anne.

"So you want to fight do you?" smiles Hathaway.

Hudson slams Anne's head back with a brutal right cross and the crowd roars their approval. "C'mon Kate, show us what you got!" yells Tippi Hedren and Kate rams Anne again, this time with a blistering combination that staggers the taller, younger actress. Hudson has roared back to life! The sweat is flying off both gals as Kate Hudson is gaining momentum. She connects with a flurry of body blows, then slugs Hathaway with a furious overhand right! Anne Hathaway FALLS to the canvas and the place erupts in pandemonium. She slowly gets up at 'six', hurt but far from done.

The bell rings with the entire crowd on it's feet. This is a freakin’ fistfight fight!

Between Rounds - Kelly is giving Ann a pep talk and rubbing her down and sponging her off. "Slip those punches and measure her damn it!" she chides Anne who nods silently as if in understanding.

Round Three - They touch gloves for the decisive final round, both gals eyes swollen badly. Sommer waves them in. Both are at midring, determined to see just who 'has the juice.' Hathaway nails Hudson with that mighty 'LeBrock Sock' once again, and Hudson's body is propelled clear across the ring before she tumbles onto her ass and her legs fly up in the air. Hathaway has floored her solidly and is looking to finish her! Up at 'NINE' Kate's arms are tiring while Anne still has 'steam' in her punches. Kate stumbles backward, nearly falling again, the crowd senses the different direction this fight is taking as Anne unloads blow after blow to Kate's swollen face. Kate is fading quickly and at ringside, Goldie Hawn is crying and screaming for a comeback by her baby. But Anne has Goldie's progeny lined up for the kill! Anne knocks Kate out with a final 'LeBrock special' and this mother of a young boy is hammered for the last time to the canvas. Kate hits the ropes and is stumbling forward on rubbery legs when Sommer wraps her arms around Anne Hathaway and whirls her around, then shoves her toward her corner. Anne glances over her shoulder and smiles, raising her gloves as Kate Hudson topples onto her face on the canvas.

Goldie Hawn is inconsolable as are Tippi Hedren and Melanie 'Melony' Griffith while Kelly LeBrock climbs into the ring beaming with pride to hug her young protégé; lifting Anne off her feet. She has beaten the trio and they all despise both LeBrock and Hathaway, but it’s clear to everyone who took whose measure tonight.

Anne gets the pleasure of stripping Kate Hudson's bikini and waves it overhead. "Sweet little red number. I really like it!" she chirps as she rudely kicks Kate's nude body out of the ring under the bottom rope, then struts off arm-in-arm with Kelly for her victory party. Anne's hand grab Kelly's voluptuous ass as she tells her, "Hot old lady, you really made it happen for me tonight."

"You think that was something, darling?" leers Kelly. “Wait’ll you see what I make happen later!"

They kiss and walk away, ready to get the party started.
Match #8: Lela Rochon vs. Valerie Bertinelli

Downtown Julie Brown had taken on two new trainers - Lela Rochon and Valerie Bertinelli - who were training her in tandem. Lela would spar with Julie when larger opponents were in the picture - specifically Charlize Theron who, for whatever reason, decided Julie needed 'shutting up' once and for all after Downtown had knocked out Cat Z Jones to claim the Welsh national title. Julie and Charlize had fought once before and it ended in a great knockout win for Charlize after some spirited battling. Julie had sworn vengeance and would, from time to time, accuse Theron of beginners luck and intimated that the South African had been ducking her ever since.

In their training sessions Valerie had been getting on Lela's nerves in a huge way. Bertinelli had scored mightily on the cover of People Magazine in a bikini and was sort of rubbing that in Lela's face. That was one thing, but the crucial issue was that Val had been spotted in an LA restaurant dining with Charlize. One of Lela's good friend's, Paula Patton, had seen the twosome without being noticed by either and reported it to Lela. The next afternoon Lela, Val and Downtown were in the ring for a session.

After Val led Downtown through the speedbag drill and they emerged from that area they were greeted by Lela in her 'fighting outfit' - the black thong she wore in the movie 'Gang Related' in which she played a stripper. Bertinelli looked up into the ring where Lela beckoned her to 'come on up.' It was more like an order, actually: "Get your ass up here hotshot," barked Rochon.

Valerie knew instantly the game was up. "Hope you got your green bikini on, Twink," snarled Lela. "'cause you and me are going 'round and 'round."

"Damn right I do," replied a red-faced Valerie. "I've been ready to do your haughty ass in for a long time."

"Get the gloves on us, Downtown," growled Lela.

Brown snickered at Valerie as she tied her gloves on. Downtown would ref and she called to one of her victims, Lucy Lawless, "Get yur ass over there to do some timekeeping." Lawless arrived promptly and was shoved rudely into the timekeepers chair. "Ring the bell big doofus clown," chuckled Julie.

Round One - Valerie was firing hard shots fromt he get go and connected wickedly to Lela's jaw. Rochon's legs buckled quickly. "Thought you had an easy mark didn't you?" leered Valerie.

Lela had never been hit this hard by anybody but Valerie had been working out hard in secret with Theron and losing that extra weight had made her much faster. Bertinelli was zooming around the ring and taunting Rochon. Val bored inside Rochon's longer reach and delivered more punishment to Lela's midsection. Lela was groaning in pain and was having great difficulty mounting an attack of any sort. When Lawless rang the bell to end the round, Downtown went to Lela's corner to towel her down while Lawless did the same for Valerie.

"I hope you beat her ass," said Lawless in her best stage whisper. Julie and Lela both heard her and Downtown glared over angrily at Lucy.

"You're going down later," Julie threatened Lucy.

Round Two - Lela began cutting off the ring and shooting long scoring left jabs to Val's face. Bertinelli's head snapped back at the force of thse blows. "Time for a comeback there, Twink," announced Lela as she slammed Valerie's jaw brutally with a right cross that dropped Bertinelli on her butt. "Get up Twink!" roared Lela.

Lela was showing her famous glowing smile now as she felt the momentum was going her way. Valerie had used lots of energy in round one and Lela was still fresh. Rochon was dancing on springy hot legs and continually whipping Val across the face with long left jabs and hooks. Val's face was beginning to swell.

"Oh I am the one," bragged Lela. Val was incensed at this taunt and slammed Lela with a slew of hard body blows followed with a good left hook. Still, none of this was enough. "You're a traitor and a loser," snapped Lela as she started belting the shorter Bertinelli with left-right combinations. Valerie was going out on her feet.

"Watch this Downtown; something for your fight with Theron!" said Rochon as she again pounded Valerie with long lefts and then as Valerie wobbled near the ropes, Lela hit the bikini clad beauty with a 'LeBrock sock' that sent Valerie's body up and OVER the ropes into Lucy's lap. Bertinelli was knocked senseless and Lucy was NOT happy to see that. Lawless got to her feet as she lifted Val's unconscious form onto the bench next to her.

Suddenly, Julie popped up next to Lawless. "Well she didn't beat Lela did she!" snarled Downtown as her bare knuckle right cross connected to the exposed jaw of Lawless who crumpled at Julie's feet.

Both Val and Lucy were stripped butt naked and their bodies draped unceremoniously over the bench with their butt cheeks pointed to the ceiling.

"Let's get back in the ring, Downtown," ordered Lela. "You got some serious and hard training to do, girl."
Match #9: Vanessa Williams vs. Kelly O'Donnell

The scene is the Revenge/Resentment Ranch and the gals who are about to have at it are actress Vanessa L. Williams and MSNBC's pert newsbabe, Kelly O'Donnell. At the behest of the foxy and tough Ann Curry, Kelly has shown up to interview several guests to find out why the gals decided to settle things with each other at the brand new R&R Ranch. It turns out that Kelly was billeted right next door to Vanessa L. Williams in a small detached cabin as opposed to the larger, swanker, hotel/condo where most of the guests stay. The cabins cost extra - but afford more privacy.

At the dining hall Kelly has embarked upon her interviews and selects Vanessa Williams as her subject. Kelly's smiling countenace is looking down upon a quietly dining scene - and the quite unapproachable Vanessa. Kelly is all over Vanessa with her microphone and politely embarks upon her first question as a 'lead-in' whereupon Williams spins around angrily and snarls for the the redhead, "Gget the hell outta my face."

"My aren't we thin-skinned," chides Kelly.

"Girl you keep it up with that damn piece of metal," Vanessa says grabbing Kelly's microphone, "and I'm gonna stick that you know where and bust you up all over this place."

"OOOHHhhhh..." goes up from the nearby tables.

"I wouldn't take that if I were you, Kelly," offers Krista Allen.

Kelly O'Donnell's face is redder than her hair and she angrily shoves Vanessa's face into her meal. "I'll box you tomorrow night and win the fight too," boasts Kelly who is greeted with a standing ovation by most of the crowd who have little use for Williams. Kelly turns on her heel and struts confidently out of the building.

Unbeknownst to Kelly, however, Vanessa has set her own little trap. Vanessa always loved playing people and knew Kelly would be around and thought she'd enjoy doing just that.
* * *
The next night Kelly and Vanessa are introduced to the crowd at midring; Kelly is white thong panties and Vanessa stunning everyone with a fabulous body in a black dental floss bikini. The ref is Shirley MacLaine - whacky as ever - who tells them, "Get ready to rumble." Rebecca Romjin is in Vanessa's corner while Ann Curry backs Kelly with some coaching.

Round One - Kelly is a brawler and she comes out swinging! Kelly hammers Vanessa wickedly to the ribs and gets in a solid left hook to William's gut which doubles her over. Vanessa answers with a series of crisp left jabs what snap Kelly's head. The mean and conceited 'Wilhelmina Slater' character is in full evidence in the person of Vanessa who is dancing smoothly on quick legs and jabbing effectively and it's clear Kelly O'Donnell is frustrated by her tactics.

"Get inside her jab, damn it!" shouts Curry and O'Donnell, paying attention, does just that as she delivers some punishing body shots on Williams.

"No free ride with those namby-pamby jabs," Kelly taunts.

Outraged, Vanessa comes after O'Donnell with a flurry of roundhouse punches which the nimble O'Donnell evades, then walks Williams right into a right cross which sends Vanessa skidding to her butt on the canvas.

"Wise ass bimbo, talking head," growls Vanessa as she gets to her feet at "FIVE" just before the bell rings. O'Donnell takes the first round with the difference being her knockdown of Williams.

Between rounds - Rebecca Romijn is imploring Vanessa, "DO NOT try to slug with O'Donnell. She'll beat you, if you trade punches with her," is Rebecca's warning.

Round Two - O'Donnell knows she has Vanessa all wound up and fried and gets inside once again to continue her effective assault on William's body. The former beauty queen is being bashed viciously by the newsbabe who is enjoying handing out this kind of punishment - particularly to someone who had 'dissed' her in front of the crowd in the dining hall.

"I'll crush you this round," hisses O'Donnell as they clinch. Shirley MacLaine pushes them apart and grunts, "C'mon, fight."

They're at mid-ring firing their best volleys and O'Donnell is giving better than she's taking. She whips a left-right combo to Vanessa's jaw that has the actress backpedaling. Kelly is all over the tawny lady; clobbering her with head shots. Vanessa's eyes roll back in her head and MacLaine moves in quickly, seeing the danger looming for the 'nasty one.' Shirley pulls Kelly away and lets Vanessa L. Williams FALL IN DEFEAT, crashing flat on her back as the crowd roars in approval.

Kelly is leaping up and down like her mentor Ann Curry who is embracing her. MacLaine finishes the ten count and motions Kelly to come out for the ceremonial glove raising.

"Congrats kid, you really nailed her ass," laughs Shirley.

Vanessa L. Williams lays stone cold unconscious as Ann Curry takes off Kelly's gloves. "Have your way with her, oh mighty red-headed colleague," laughs Ann.

Kelly pulls off Vanessa's dental floss bikini and waves it for all to see as she's cheered all the louder for the outcome is seen by most as an upset. Vanessa's nude body continues to lay in the ring as Kelly and Ann leave - along with everyone except Rebecca Romijn who tends to her fallen co-star from 'Ugly Betty.'

Later - Kelly is relaxing in her cabin when the doorbell rings. It's Vanessa, clad in a robe and holding a bottle of the bubbly. Kelly has showered and is another pair of bikini panties (red this time). She lets Vanessa in. "I came to congratulate your win Kelly, you killed my ass out there tonight," says Williams with a smile. But Kelly senses she might still be danger and is wary. They sit and enjoy a little chat while imbibing the Champagne.

"You know, I find you hot with those great boobs," leers Vanessa as she slips off her robe to reveal a black thong (ala Lela Rochon.) She and Kelly 'retire to the bedroom' for a little canoodling and they enjoy the tryst. Vanessa notices a chess board on Kelly's table and Kelly brags, "Oh yeah, I was an unbeatable player at Northwestern."

"I'll take you on," coos her newfound lover.

"Sure what not?" laughs Kelly.

Vanessa is nothing if not calculating and she deftly captures Kelly's Queen early with a knight attack and Kelly is dumbstuck, "DAMN how did that happen?" she roars. Vanessa is smiling for all she's worth and Kelly is off guard - which had been Vanessa's plan all along.

"Gotcha! Checkmate!" pipes Williams as the same knight skewers Kelly's King.

O'Donnell is enraged at this defeat and angily flips the board over, telling Williams, "You were just lucky."

"Just like your bullshit boxing win was," ripostes Vanessa as she gets to her feet. Kelly jumps up and fires a right at Williams jaw, but this is street fighting, not Marquis of Queensbury. Vanessa drives a brutal knee into Kelly's gut which doubles the redhead over. "OOFFF," groans Kelly.

Williams does a Reverse Kick to Kelly's kidneys and then finished off the newscaster, who is staggered by the kicks, with a series of hard blows with her bare fists to Kelly's face. Kelly stumbles and mumbles, "Ya got me," just before she falls flat on her face.

"Damn right I got your ass," laughs Williams. "And I'll ALWAYS have it, 'cause now you're mine."

Vanessa strips Kelly and leaves her beaten and naked, stretched out cold on the floor of her cabin.

The next day at breakfast, the dining hall guests are astounded to see Kelly O'Donnell serving Vanessa Williams her breakfast; running her hands over Vanessa's thighs and calling her 'BOSS.' Kelly has well bloused eyes from the beating and the whole scene is a mystery to everyone but the two principals (and those who know Vanessa devious ways!)
Match 10: Naomi Campbell vs. Jennifer Aniston

Once again David Letterman has Jennifer Aniston on his Late Night show, only this time her sidekick is Krista Allen. The two have proven themselves to be 'hot boxers' at the Revenge/Resentment Ranch with Aniston destroying Renee Zellweger while Allen KOed Alexandra Paul.

"So," starts Dave. "Have you two been thinking of having at each other?"

Krista demurs and slyly comments, "That could be in the future, but who can tell?"

"How about you Jen; you want a piece of Krista?" persists Letterman.

Suddenly, out of nowhere, Naomi Campbell upstages the two so called 'boxing stars' and boldly announces that she wants a piece of BOTH gals on the same night!

Aniston is ballistic and needs to be restrained by the more even tempered Krista who inquires, "When do you propose doing this?"

"Soon as you two wusses get doing some training," taunts Naomi. "By the way, you wanna see some boxing footage of me?"

The stage darkens and they roll a videotape of Naomi beating the then highly-touted 'Killer B's' (Victoria Beckham and Kate Beckinsale.) Naomi roars at the two to, "...get yur asses up on the stage and testify to my punching power."

"Felt like I got hit by a truck," is Victoria 'Posh Spice's' comment.

Naomi had fought Posh first and demolished her quickly with an overhand right that sent Beckham somersaulting on the canvas where she came to rest face down and out cold. Naomi was extremely proud of that punch. Posh bent at the waist and curtsied towards Naomi and her eyes still showed fear as she acknowledge what a superior fighter Naomi Campbell is. Beckinsale echoed Beckham.

It's settled that the 'A Team' will face Naomi at the R&R in one month.

Campbell heads to Julie Brown's camp to train with Lela Rochon while Aniston and Allen make their own arrangements. Jen will have Courtney Cox help her again She did a super job coming up with the strategy to nail Zellweger. Allen will train with Linda Kozlowski who, in addition to training fighters, owns and runs the R&R.
* * *
Fight night and Aniston will lead off against Campbell. The ref is Elke Sommer.

Round One - Aniston is confident and plows inside of Naomi's long reach and lands some solid body shots. Campbell uses her strong shoulders to move the shorter Aniston, clad in a silver bikini, backwards. Naomi's long dark legs are dancing as she is in her trademark black thong. Campbell whales Aniston hard in the face with a straight right. Jen's legs buckle from the force of that blow. The runway model is jabbing effectively now with long lefts as Jen's head snaps back. Aniston is being measured by Campbell as her eyes are already glazed over.

"Gonna have me some more fun with you there, sweet cheeks," announces Naomi who glides like a butterfly and continues to sting like a bee with jabs before she delivers a left hook to Jen's jaw. Aniston FALLS hard to the canvas as the crowd is enjoying the great boxing skill of Naomi Campbell. She may not be the best liked person, but she's showing that she can fight and do it quite well. Jen struggles to her feet and is looking towards the corner for relief.

"Finish the round!" yells Krista. "I'm coming to get her."

No sooner is that said than Jen is slammed with an overhand right a la Posh Spice which sends her sailing across the ring, onto her back, and then into a somersault just like Beckham. Also like Beckham, Jen is knocked stiff; laying face down on the canvas while Courtney Cox softly weeps about the vicious fate that befell her galpal

"Keep fighting!" commands Elke Sommer as she waves Krista Allen into the ring next.

Krista immediately proves herself more of a tigress as she wallops Campbell in the jaw with a good right cross. Naomi's head shoots back and sweat flies. Krista looks sensational in a red string bikini as she continues to attack Campbell with a series of telling shots to the gut. Naomi is bent over as Krista hits her with an uppercut and sends Naomi sprawling.

"Thought you had the whole puzzle solved, didn't you asshole?" snarls Krista.

Those are definite fighting words to Naomi Campbell and she loathes this bimbo big time. Naomi motions Krista to come to mid-ring for a slugfest. Krista is confident and obliges. She and Naomi are sending the place into pandemonium with some brutal exchanges to the head. Naomi connects with a punishing right to Krista's gut and now it's the California gal's turn to bend in pain. She never sees the monstrous left hook which will land and send her to defeat this night. Naomi delivers it with incredible force and whips Krista Allen to finish off this challenge. Allen's legs are like rubber as she stumbles back, then falls forward like a bullet has hit her from behind. Her legs splay upwards and she then comes to rest.

Naomi drapes her two victims over the ropes as Aniston had been on the canvas out cold while Naomi fought Krista. Naomi is now smiling for the crowd and shouts at Beckham and Beckinsale, "Get yur asses into the ring!"

The women pose with the unconscious Aniston and Allen whose bare asses are pointed up toward the ceiling after Naomi stripped their bikini's which she would keep as souvenirs.

"Well," shouts Naomi to the crowd. "There are the A's and B's! Any two of you clowns starting with 'C' wanna take me on?"

At the moment, no one responded.
Match 11: Ann Curry vs. Marcia Cross

The mood at the Revenge and Resentment Ranch was for more fights and less talk. Naomi Campbell had performed spectacularly against the duo of Jennifer Aniston and Krista Allen and, true to her word, she'd beaten them as a tandem in an electrifying boxing duel. Aniston and Allen had both fallen to the superior power of the mighty runway model.

Ann Curry, it was rumored, was coming to spend time at the R&R where those in attendance claimed to want to take her down several pegs. Curry had annihilated Courtney Cox, Hannah Storm and Angelina Jolie; the latter bout a solid upset with Jolie the far younger of the two. Ann had dispatched Angelina with her unequaled 'will to win' approach to fighting.

Curry was well regarded in the celeb community and respected along with being envied by some. Resentment had been building in Marcia Cross for some time toward Ann. "That bimbo is called 'fearless' by quite a few," complained Marcia. "Hell, I fought a real tigress in 'Downtown' Julie Brown," she went on.

"Yeah, and she beat your ass after you had her on the ropes," Teri Hatcher reminded her.

Hatcher was one of a handful of fighters ever to beat Downtown Julie Brown but Julie had come back in their rematch to starch Teri. As Marcia was huffing and puffing over this loss, Ann Curry happened to appear next to her.

"Got the word you're looking to take me on, Red," said Ann.

Cross was surprised for an instant, then flamed up and snarled at Ann. "Damn right I am!"

"Well then," purred Ann in that sexy announcer voice. "You've come to the right place. Came looking sexy too, cause I'd like to have you entertain me after the fight - if you still can," taunted Ann.

Cross was enraged by her comment. As Ann turned on her heel and walked away, she shouted, "Next week in the arena. And bring your A-game - if you have one." Curry chuckled at her own comment.

"We have lots of work to do for next week, Marcia," announced Hatcher.

"I'm gonna beat her ass so bad..." bragged Cross as she and Hatcher went into do some solid training. Now and then they'd run into Ann and her trainer/second Katie Couric.

"Hey Couric!" yelled Hatcher on day. "I can kick your ass. I beat 'Downtown' and she wasted you. You're a wuss! I saw you beg her to stop. You're mine after Ann and your slug have it out!" Teri exclaimed as she and Marcia went running off in the opposite direction.

"I'll get that phony skank," Katie said menacingly. She was all worked up. Curry was the coolest one involved in the match while Cross was tear-ass, as was Hatcher and sexy, leggy, Katie Couric.
* * *
Fight night and the place is packed with lots of celebs; quite a few of whom are betting heavily. The odds call it even and Curry isn't happy with that! Sue Ane Langdon is the ref and when she calls the gals to center ring, Ann strips off her robe and reveals her stunning legs and trademark G-string. Cross whips off the fur coat she's worn to the ring to show she's topless with hot red bikini panties. Both are in heels and get accolades for their outfits as Langdon waves them forward as the bell sounds.

Round One - Marcia is the younger and her more youthful legs are gliding over the canvas. Her left jab connects solidly with Ann's jaw and is followed up with an overhand right slam that also lands a scoring shot as Curry is rocked back into the ropes. Cross rips into Curry's body and causes the newsbabe to grimace as she mounts a vicious body attack that is causing Ann pain.

"Nail that phony's ass," roar some in the crowd with Eva Longoria, Cross's castmate in 'Desperate Housewives' leading the charge. Marcia is dominating Ann Curry at the start of this fight and inflicting some early damage.

"I'm gonna hurt you for a little while longer..." brags Cross. "...then I'll knock you and your skanky g-string straight the hell to the canvas." With that Curry FALLS to a Marcia Cross left hook. Ann is up on wobbly legs at 'SEVEN' just as the bell sounds. Cross is barely breathing hard. "Oh your gorgeous ass is mine, Curry!" says Marcia as she saunters sexily back to her corner. Ann plops down hard on her corner stool where Katie Couric works feverishly on her with a sponge and towel. Curry's eyes are swelling already.

"You'll lose this fight if you don't rally this round," warns Couric and Ann nods accordingly.

Round Two - Marcia is totally confident she can outbox and outfight Ann now and she continues to slam Ann with more jabs and connects with another left hook to Ann's jaw. Curry's legs buckle, but she doesn't go down. Marcia is amazed to see Curry still on her feet as she has dished out lots of punishment. Ann has taken all Marcia's best shots and is still standing. Suddenly, Ann springs to life and fires a brutal solar plexus shot to Cross's soft midriff and she doubles over in pain. Ann drives a right uppercut to the jaw that sends Marcia sprawling on her back on the canvas.

Cross is back up but Ann's shots have hurt her and Curry takes the fight to Cross. The crowd is seeing a fiery competitor make a comeback and many have shifted their allegiance to Ann.

"CURRY! CURRY! CURRY!" the cries go up. Cross is perplexed and angry at this.

"Bunch of sell-out bastards," she carps. Curry connects again with Cross's face and her left cross dispatches Marcia to the canvas once again. Cross gets up fighting mad. "Come here and we'll settle this now," she screams at Ann who is willing to oblige.

Curry has an opponent who has 'lost it' and abandoned her game plan. Katie is looking on with pride as her former Today colleague jackhammers Marcia Cross all around the ring. Marcia's punches lack steam and Ann is totally in command. Suddenly, Marcia realizes Ann has her and beseeches her, "I give...I give..."

"Here's WHAT I give!" snickers Curry as she wipes out Marcia out with another left roundhouse that sends the redhead skidding on the seat of her sexy red panties. The 'Desperate Housewives' cast looks on helpless as their pal is counted out by Sue Ane Langdon.

Ann grabs a bottle of smelling salts from Katie and revives Cross as the cheers keep coming. Although Marcia's eyes flutter open - they’re so swollen they’re almost to the point of closing.

"I want you in my cabin - in those panties - in one half that?" growls Ann Curry.

"I'm there…I'm there," mumbles a contrite Cross.

"Here's something extra for you to remember me by," says Ann and she wallops Marcia Cross once more. The gal from Marlborough, Mass., falls to the might of the Oregon-raised Ann Curry's right hook. Ann has demolished Marcia 'just for fun' as Ann put it.

Later, they are reunited in Ann's cabin with Ann treating Marcia to some 'victory champagne' before they adjourn to bed for a little night action. "I gave you all I had, Ann, but you ARE the best," blushes Cross.

"I knew it Marcia, I knew it all along," was Ann's haughty reply. "You know anyone else who wants to try her luck with me?" as Marcia slowly spreads her long legs wide in the ultimate surrender.
Match 12: Julia Roberts vs. Amy Adams ("Charlie Wilson's War")

It had been obvious on the set from day one that Julia Roberts and Amy Adams were NOT kindred souls. Julia had the over all 'star power' and young Amy didn't like it one bit. But there was something else that got under Amy Adams skin about the Smyna, Georgia gal; Julia's overall arrogance and it rankled Adams. The script for 'Charlie Wilson's War' - with Tom Hanks in the title role - required Amy to be subservient to Julia, including fetching her drinks and taking 'other' orders. The 'other' that Adams detested was Jullia showing off her toned 41 year old body in a bikini - a body that was spectacular if you consider Julia is a mother of three!

Adams, by contrast, was fairly well covered up throughout - although she did get to show a pair of nicely sculptured legs in a revealing skirt in one or two scenes; but that was about it! Amy had it in for Julia and when she heard about the R&R (Revenge/Resentment) Ranch outside Las Vegas run by Linda Kozlowski she e-mailed the R&R thru their web site and made arrangements to go there hoping Julia would also be inclined to show up and 'settle the score'.

Kozlowski had contacted Roberts and gave her the word - and Julia was intrigued!

"Damn! That goody two shoes twit wants a piece of my ass, huh? Well hell, let's bring it on!"

Adams and Roberts ran into one another at the Anne Hathaway-Kate Hudson fight.

"Great fight!" gushed Adams.

"Yeah. That's what I'm gonna do to you sweet cheeks," was Julia's reply.

"We'll see about that, won't we?" Adams came back smartly. "You're dead meat."

"See you there next week, there you puny weasel," was Roberts parting shot as both turned to go.

Julia Roberts was training with Kim Basinger while Adams had Sigourney Weaver helping her. Weaver had decimated Basinger in the ring several years before with a blazing knockout; then - after stripping Kim naked - mounted her in the middle of her table which held a birthday cake for Sigourney.

Kim's bare ass was pointed straight up in the air and Sig loved to show the picture of the 'happy event' to everyone since she had been responsible for putting Kim in that position.

"Listen," began Sig's advice. "This gal is a lefty and she's tricky. Don't get faked out by her. She's crafty and fairly strong too. You'll be in a fight, but you can beat her ass." Amy brightened at that last comment.
* * *
Fight night arrived and as both gals climbed through the ropes; Amy stripping off her robe to reveal sexy white bikini panties and ample boobs and sexy legs. "Let's see what MAMA's got to compare to this!" she roared to the crowd.

Julia's face reddened as she whipped off her purple robe with a Georgia Bulldog to show everyone how good she still looks in that bikini as the crowd hooted their approval.

Referee Elke Sommer waved the gals to center ring for their instructions. "Let's make it a good fight, ladies," she purred before the gals slapped gloves and headed back to their corner. The bell rings...

Round One - Roberts is darting around trying to confuse Adams who has been schooled on this move by 'Big Sig' and lands a wicked right cross that slips past Julia's left guard. Roberts staggers back, only to be rocked by another shot.

"There's more - lots more!" taunts Amy as she blisters the Georgia gal with a volley of body blows that leaves Roberts panting and grimacing. "So much for your Erin Brockovich bullshit act," laughs Amy.

The taunt arouses Julia who fires a scoring left to Amy's right eye that shoots Adams' head back. Both gals are at center ring showing their mutual resentment toward the other; both slugging with abandon. Amy's shots to Julia's head land cleaner but Roberts gets in some good answering shots - including a vicious left cross that sends Adams reeling back. There's plenty of fighting and little talking as blue-eyed redhead Adams is slamming brunette Roberts with crushing head blows.

The bell rings and Amy Adams turns on her heel, smirking and looking back over her shoulder at a sagging Julia Roberts. The judges scorecards give the round to Adams - narrowly.

"Keep up your attack and don't let up," instructs 'Big Sig' Weaver.

"Yes Ma'am," is Adams breathless reply.

Round Two - Adams fires a solid right that clobbers Julia's jaw and sends her hurtling backward to the ropes. The crowd is on their feet!

"Get her Amy!" yells one. "Drill that snob!" screams anti-Julia booster Paris Hilton.

Adams obliges, wickedly delivering a series of unanswered head punches that make Julia woozy. Roberts' face is swelling now and she looks like a beaten fighter.

"You're good Amy..." Julia mutters. "Ya got me...I'm yours. Please...stop hitting me," Julia pleads.

"No chance hotshot you're ALL MINE! announces a predatory Amy Adams. "Gotcha, gotcha, gotcha!" she exclaims as three of her most powerful blows crack into Julia's jaw and then close both her eyes.

Elke Sommer grabs Amy Adams and pulls her to her corner. Amy is looking over her shoulder, watching Julia's closing 'salute' with her right glove as she teeters, the topples to the canvas, crashing face down. Julia Roberts, the star, has been brought low by a relative newcomer and the crowd is all over this.

"The 'WAR' for Julia Roberts, is over," Julia admits sheepishly at her postfight conference. "Amy is a top notch fighter and I sit in in total awe of her."

There is a warm hug as Amy waves Julia's bikini over the naked Roberts who - except for a baseball cap - sits naked at the table.

"Stand up Georgia Gal," snaps Amy Adams.

"Yes Ma'am," mumbles Julia as she complies with a bright red, full body blush.

Amy spanks Julia's Julia's bare ass cheeks and tells the world, "I told her I'd beat her ass!"

Sigourney Weaver laughs as she's served iced tea by her long ago victim Kim Basinger who is paying off their side bet. "Be in my cabin in one hour!" Amy directs Julia.

"I'll be there, yes ma'am," the dutifully submissive Roberts' says, her eyes downcast and her head bowed in reverence.
Match #13 'Downtown' Julie Brown vs. Charlize Theron (Rematch)

Intro by Tank
Charlize was a bit hesitant about the suggestion that she interview Downtown Julie Brown. After all, Char knocked Julie out in the 3rd round of their title fight in Caesar's Palace and it was Julie who pushed hard for the interview. The tall blonde beauty was suspicious 'Downtown' might have something up her sleeve but finally agreed. She greeted the tawny vixen at the front door of her Malibu home with all the courtesy and professionalism one would expect from the Hollywood mega-star.

As they lay by the pool of Charlize's ocean front home, Julie moved her beach chair closer to her hostess - much closer than Charlize was accustomed to for these interviews. Julie, wearing a blue bikini, stretched her legs until they touched Charlize, whose white bikini was covered by a red cloak.

Charlize cleared her throat, smiled, and glanced up at the camera before she said, "Welcome Julie. It's good to have you here. Your reputation as a great champion is legendary. Tell me, of your many victories, which was the most satisfying?"

Julie grinned. "I can tell you the most satisfying ROUND I ever experienced was the second round of a fight in Caesar's Palace some time ago against a tall blonde. I hurt her with punishing blows to her body...especially her perky little breasts. I knocked her around most of that round...even knocked her on her ass. When she stumbled to her feet, I could see in her eyes she was on the verge of quitting. Fortunately for her, she was saved by the bell."

Julie smirked as she spoke and Charlize, realizing Julie was talking about HER, was speechless. Charlize, now even more suspicious of Julie's intentions in pushing for the interview, couldn't have guessed her scorn would show so soon. Indeed, it was right off the bat. No beating around the bush; no desire to talk about anything other than THE fight.

Charlize had no doubt that Julie felt herself the scorned woman who was bent on revenge. The lovely South African had always taken great pride in her spectacular knockout of the legendary 'Downtown' Brown and now Julie's insinuation that she was ready to quit - and had been saved by the bell - tainted her victory in some way. It only served to get Charlize's competitive juices flowing that much more.

Still, the interviewer kept her cool. Even more than cool, Charlize's response of feigned ignorance was almost frigid. "But I'm sure you took care of her later in the fight, right Julie? After all, that was only the second round."
* * * *
Match #13: 'Downtown' Julie Brown vs. Charlize Theron (rematch) fight by JackFac

This battle had been brewing for quite sometime. Julie had faced and fared quite well against Charlize Theron before she suffered a bruising knockout at the hands of the South African hottie. Now, they've returned to the 'Revenge/Resentment Ranch' for a showdown before a sell-out crowd. The bout was televised by Hennessey/D.J.Brown Enterprises (which Julie controls 49% of). Her ownership was the result of her strong, but losing, battle against Jill Hennessey who dropped Julie in the third round of their spirited bout.

Tonight's fight has been hyped for weeks and the Vegas oddsmakers are calling it 'dead even'. Julie is handled by Lela Rochon and Valerie Bertinelli who have done a superb job of readying her for what shapes up to as the major match of her successful boxing come-back.

Charlize is managed by her mother, Gerda, who got religion after watching Julie almost beat Charlize in the first fight. Theron climbs into the ring first at the 'Animus Arena' at the R&R Ranch bedecked in gold bikini panties which are revealed when she peels off her black robe. The crowd is thrilled by the sight of her gorgeous body - and a pair of legs voted sexiest in Hollywood.

'Downtown' is perspiring heavily as she enters and takes off her robe to reveal a still compact physique at age 45. Her fists pump rapidly and she gets the crowd revved up as she flashes a series of 'phantom' blows.

The referee tonight is Halle Berry, a long-time opponent and friend of Linda Kozlowski, the managing partner and part owner of the Revenge/Resentment Ranch. The place had been her brainchild - along with the gorgeous Berry who motions both fighters to join her midring for instructions.

Theron appears somewhat apprehensive in spite of her great celebrity and past experience in the ring, no doubt somewhat because she is wary of Berry's allegiance. Theron had been a steady conqueror or Cat Bell who always fought her well but lost more than she won against Theron. Julie senses her nervousness and gets 'psyched up'.

The bell rings for round one as the ladies touch gloves.

Round One - Julie has been told by Rochon to stay inside, using it to nullify Theron's greater reach and size; to work her suspect body with combinations. Early on, the plan works as Julie hammers the blonde with volleys of nasty combos to her gut. Charlize is already feeling pain and Julie is eager to finish. There's lots of noise in the arena but neither of the combatants is making any other than the sound of their gloves against the others body and the squeak of their shoes on the canvas. Julie's right uppercut whips Charlize's head back and sweat flys as Julie drills the sexy blonde with an outstanding left hook to the solar plexus that doubles Theron over in pain! Julie follows up with rock solid head blows and suddenly, both the fight and Charlize seem not long for this world. Brown is dominating Theron in movement and boxing skill; dishing out tons of punishment.

"Keep on her!" shouts Lela Rochon. "Don't let up." Julie complies as she slams Char with another right to the head that makes the blond stumble on wobbly legs. The crowd is on their feet as Charlize Theron swoons to her knees, then topples face first to the canvas. Halle Berry begins the count, "ONE! TWO! THREE! FOUR!..." But the bell rings at "NINE!" and Theron is saved - although she is laying on her face, out cold! The judges score the round 10-8 for 'Downtown'.

Her mother rushes out with smelling salts and shoves them up Charlize's nostrils. Revived, Theron's eyes are glassy and she isn't all that steady on her feet. "Girl you just make it by luck," snarls her angry and disappointed mother. "Want to quit and throw in the towel; or do you have a fighter's heart?"

Charlize is snapping out of it and showing some anger and even a little bit of resolve. Julie is laughing at her across the ring which just inflames the gorgeous, leggy, blond. "You should have stayed down there you dumb, floozie, bimbo," taunts Julie.

"Shut the hell up, Downtown," warns Rochon. "If you know what's good for you! You're getting her blood circulating and you'd best be ready to fight this round, cause that babe ain't done. Got that?"

"Got it," is the still cocky Downtown's reply.

Round Two - Theron finds Julie's head with a wicked 'LeBrock Sock' like the one Anne Hathaway finished Kate Hudson off with and Julie's body is hammered halfway across the ring. She sails into the ropes and falls, but staggers up by "FIVE!" and sways uncertainly as Berry carefully checks her out. 'Downtown' returns to her body shots which again hurt Theron, but the South African is showing her mental and physical toughness as she fires a vicious combination to Brown's head which drives her back again. Charlize follows with a scoring left hook that buckles Brown's knees. The crowd is eating it up big time!

Julie connects again and again with her own flurry of head blows and Charlize's eyes are blackened - the right one almost closing. They hunker down at midring, squaring off in what constitutes 'mortal combat' - hammering each other recklessly and throwing defense to the wind. Julie's shots are more numerous and she floors Theron again with a right cross that Charlize never saw - but felt - and she falls mightily once more, bouncing on her ass. She's up woozy at "SEVEN" but the bell rings as Julie closes in to finish her off. Brown has taken the second round on the judges cards and leads 20-17.

As Julie sits in the corner Lela continues to warn her of Theron's power and the dangers that power represents. Brown is half 'tuned out' to this which isn't in the game plan at all. She is determined to outslug and outpunch the younger, bigger and stronger woman as the bell sounds for...

Round Three - Julie wades in and drills Theron with more of her trademark body shots and Theron lands a roundhouse right that hits Julie right 'on the button'! Downtown is staggered by the punch and is backpedaling with Theron in pursuit; cleaning up on Downtown Julie Brown whose punches have begun to wither. Theron is in her 34th year to Julie's 45th and it's clear to everyone. Jill Hennessey can't believe her co-owner is now looking to be on the short end of a fight she's been dominating!

Charlize Theron is now hammering 'Downtown' Julie Brown at mid-ring, landing wicked long left jabs to her face; left hooks and a mighty right cross that sends the swollen faced Brown down sprawling on her backside.

"You smoked me gal; you got me," the normally victorious Downtown Julie Brown announces to the equally swollen Theron. Charlize still has fire in her punches but Julie is used up. Charlize taunts Downtown Julie as she jackhammers her jaw for the last time this night. Julie topples over and crashes to the canvas on her face. Downtown Julie Brown fought valiantly and aggressively, but the overall might of Charlize Theron proved too much for her for the second time.

Graciously, Charlize doesn't humiliate Julie by dragging her prostrate body around the ring after Halle Berry raises her right glove in victory. Afterward, both gals adjourn to the interview room where it's obvious that both have badly battered faces. Theron can smile though, and Julie's head is bowed as she mumbles congratulations to the blonde who has truly WON. Charlize then quiety orders Downtown to, "Take off that purple thong. That's going to be my keepsake. Something to prove I beat the best tonight."

Julie complies somewhat begrudgingly, but later admits, "Char earned it."

Theron is feted at an afterfight party to which Julie and her trainers Rochon and Bertinelli are invited and attend. By nights end Char has bedded Julie and both seemingly enjoyed it. Char can't resist teasing Julie just a little about Julie's end of fight begging. ("You had me all the way, girl.") ("You're in another league. I knocked your ass out cold and you still came back and took me.") ("Anytime you want my naked ass in the sack again, just say the word; cause you damn well whupped it Char.") And, finally, ("You’re the champ, Champ.")