Melanie Griffith vs. Kelly LeBrock (I) by Jack Fac

Kelly LeBrock was out for a drink at a sports bar with her Brit Babe gal pals Victoria "Posh" Beckham, Kate Beckinsale and Liz Hurley. Liz and Kelly felt bad about Posh and Kate having to be 'vassals' for the hot-tempered, but powerful fisted Naomi Campbell. She'd given the 'Brit/Twits' as she called them, the night off. While the foursome enjoyed one another's company, who should come sauntering in than Melanie Griffith with a couple her 'galpals', Kate Hudson and Jennifer Garner! Kelly and Melanie had something less than zero use for one another so needless to say, Kelly was NOT happy to see 'Mel' invading her turf!

"Well, well; look who's here," blurted Melanie as she walked past their table.

"Just shut your yap and move along you junkie bozo," shot back Kelly.

In a short while, Melanie meandered back over to Kelly's group and challenged Kelly to a 'quick draw' contest. Each would strap on a sidearm and reach for it. Kelly was intrigued since Melanie was a 'Yank' she might be favored. Still, Kelly accepted.

"Draw down, you Steven Segal reject," shouted Melanie.

Kelly discovered she had hands like greased lightning and she handily beat Melanie to the draw.

Melanie was shocked and outraged all at once. "Lucky is all I can say," she muttered.

"You'll be even luckier if you don't get your whipped ass out of here right now," was the reply from Kelly.

Melanie confronted Kelly at this point, "I'm calling you out for a boxing match at Caesar's next month! Put up or shut up!"

"Why my lovely," purred Kelly. "There's nothing I'd enjoy more than pasting your phony botoxed face on the canvas!"

The match drew thousands who were rewarded when Melanie showed up in her "Working girl" panties and garters and Kelly who whipped off her "Woman in Red" to reveal an exquisite body clad in form-fitting red panties. Both women wore four inch stiletto heels which made their legs seem even longer and lovelier!

With all the bad feelings of her former marriage out of the way, Kelly had enlisted Steven to coach her which he eagerly agreed to do. Tippi Hedren helped her daughter Melanie as best she could but the consensus was that Kelly had a huge edge in coaching.

The match started with Kelly easily slipping Melanie's clumsy combos to hammer the blonde's body viciously. Melanie was in pain halfway through the round and as she started to wilt, Kelly skillfully unleashed solid jabs to Melanie's eyes, then followed those with a big overhand right to those full, crimson lips. Melanie was on 'queer street' after that! The first round ended as a wipeout for Kelly!

The second round saw Melanie attempt to mount an offense, showing a good right cross to Kelly's jaw but the Brit ate it up and chortled, "Is that the best you've got luv?" Kelly began firing a barrage of blistering combinations which had Melanie's legs sagging and her thighs jiggling. Melanie's face was swelling badly and Kelly was having a ball, essentially kicking the older woman's ass all over the ring. Melanie caught a brutal right to the jaw and her legs gave way as she fell hard into the ropes and slid down, ending up with her head and shoulders draped over the lower rope out over the ring apron. Tippi started screaming for her girl to quit but Melanie was determined not to although her eyes were both now battered and nearly swollen shut.

In the first minute, Kelly smashed Melanie down again with a solid left hook to the jaw and although Melanie just managed to pull herself up, she and everyone else knew she was beaten. Melanie began to beg Kelly to stop hitting her.

"Why luv," Kelly taunted. "You were so menacing before. What happened?" she cooed cruelly.

Kelly slammed Melanie with a wicked right to the jaw and Melanie's legs just buckled under her. She dropped to her knees and then toppled over face down between Kelly's long lovely stems. Kelly stepped over Melanie and pulled down her undies and garter belt, then tied her ankles together with the panties. She attached the garter belt to the panties and dragged her beaten opponent around the ring on her tits as Tippi Hedren leaned on the ring apron and sobbed aloud for her beaten and humiliated blonde daughter.

The "Woman In Red" had won decisively and was cheered heartily by almost everyone - including the Brit/Twits and Liz Hurley! Score one for the Union Jack!
Melanie Griffith vs. Kelly LeBrock (II) by "Jack Fac"

Tippi Hedren bitterly resented the harsh beating dished out to daughter, Melanie Griffith, by vampy Kelly 'Woman in Red' LeBrock. Kelly had proven herself to be the far superior boxer and puncher but Tippi nevertheless considered the outcome 'just a fluke' and she was pushing her daughter, Melanie, to demand a rematch. Tippi’s first move was to get Melanie into some hard training to improve both her strength and her fitness. Tippi, who runs a wildlife sanctuary in California, brought Melanie back from Europe to train under her watchful eyes at her 'retreat'.

When word got back to the 'Le Brock camp' about Tippi's little plot, Kelly mentioned it to Steven Seagal - her former husband and erstwhile trainer - who checked around and discovered Tippi had enlisted the services of former lightweight champ Roberto Duran (formerly known as 'Manos de Piedra' aka, 'Hands of Stone.' Seagal decided what Kelly needed most was to up-tempo her footwork since she already had it all over Melanie in hand speed and punching power. He also told Kelly to use the whole ring; making Melanie chase her to test the blondes new-found 'fitness.'

Once Tippi was satisfied Melanie was ready for a return bout, she contacted Kelly with the offer. Tippi detested Kelly and was completely obsessed with watching her go down at her daughter's hands. The challenge was immediately accepted by the cool Brit as Kelly was already 'good to go' and match sharp. Hedren arranged a big pre-fight party to celebrate Melanie's 'successful' venture in the rematch but Melanie was kept far away from the booze - and other temptations! Fight night; Caesar's Palace; Las Vegas, NV. Melanie had seen the videotapes of Kelly wiping her out in their first fight, then dragging her limp body around the ring afterward so she was plenty 'psyched up' for this rematch.

Melanie is pursuing Kelly who deftly ducks her charges and connects with really hard body shots. Kelly then slams Melanie with some solid head whacks which snaps Melanie's head back. Melanie is already flustered and more than a little ticked off after Kelly got MANY more 'ooohhh's and aaahhh's' when they were introduced. Kelly's 'Woman in Red' thong got far more applause than Melanie's 'working girl panties and garter belt' outfit.

Kelly is cruising around the ring and picking off Melanie's shots while popping her solidly with hard straight jabs which do not fail to find their mark. Kelly is holding an old fashioned boxing clinic with Melanie and still hasn't unloaded with the 'big artillery'. The first two rounds are all Kelly.

Melanie is trying to let it all hang out as she unloads combinations - most of which hit only empty air. Kelly is actually amused at all this as she's measuring Melanie. The blondes eyes have been all but beaten shut from the punishment Kelly has meted out and with Melanie almost defenseless and blind, Kelly attacks in earnest! She pulverizes Melanie's midriff with a left / right combination followed by an uppercut to Melanie's jaw. Melanie is staggered and her legs are like jelly under her. She's weaving towards the center of the ring. It's THEN that Kelly slams Melanie with a straight right which sends the blonde's body hurtling towards the ropes. Melanie cartwheels over the ropes, lands on the ring apron on her butt, bounces off and lands draped across the laps of husband Antonio Banderas and ex-hubby Don Johnson. As usual, the blonde is totally senseless.

Banderas and Johnson lay Melanie on a stretcher face down but as they try to carry her out of the arena, they’re forced to trail forlornly behind Kelly's triumphant exit procession as the victor is carried on Seagal's strong shoulders where she perches with her arms raised in total victory. Tippi trails the pack looking downcast, her face ashen. There will NOT be a third fight. Kelly Le Brock has conquered Melanie Griffith for the final time so decisively that even her mother recognizes the hoplessness of it. But Tippi's long dormant interest in fighting has been reawakened and, on the sly, she starts training on her own, planning to look up several women from her past in hopes of not only salving her conscience at having pushed Melanie beyond her capabilities, but in dishing out some humiliation of her own!

‘Downtown’ Julie Brown vs. Charlize Theron by “Jack Fac”

It started off as a friendly night out on the town for 'Downtown' Julie Brown who was out with friends, hitting the night spots for drinks and a little dancing in mid-town Manhattan. They were knocking back some white wine at one trendy bistro when in strolled Kim Cattrall (aka 'Samantha' on ‘Sex In The City’). Kim had been wiped out by Julie in the ring a month earlier and when Julie saw Kim's white fur coat, she started taunting her - to the delight of her girlfriends.

“Kinda hot in here ain't it for that cheesy looking hunk of crap you got hanging around you, ain't it loser?'

Kim peeled off the coat to reveal that below it she was wearing only sexy blue panties to go with her stilletto heels.

“Hey look Downtown, I got no truck with you,” Kim admitted. “You got me and I admit it, you're good.”

“That's right,” shot back Julie, coming up to get in Kim's face. “Just don't EVER forget who kicked your ass and who can do it again any time she damned well pleases!”

Kim's pride was starting to hurt and with that, matters quickly got dangerous. Suddenly, Kim took an ill advised swing at Julie who ducked it quickly, then drove her fist up into the front panel of Kim’s sexy blue panties. As the blonde’s knees buckled, Julie grabbed a fistful of blonde hair, twisted her head to the side and jumped in the air, sending a vicious chopping right down on the side of Kim's jaw with her full weight behind it. The big blonde was slammed back against the bar, trying frantically to grab something to hold herself up, but ‘Downtown’s’ punch registered a ten on the ‘Wendy Richter’ scale and Kim plunged face down on the floor and lay without moving.

“Damn that was fun!” laughed Downtown. “Just can't get enough of knocking big doofus blonde broads flat,” she said as she jabbed Kim’s tight, up-turned butt with her foot, her friends laughing as the mature white woman’s ass cheeks rippled.

Just then, Kim's pal Charlize Theron arrived to find her friend face down, surrounded by Julie’s laughing posse, spread out cold on the floor. She put the situation together in a nanosecond and pounced like a big, golden cat.

“You like nailing my mentor do you? How about trying me on for size?” Charlize growled as she jabbed Julie in the chest with her finger. “I'll put my title on the line.”

Julie poked Kim’s butt with her toe again, her friends chuckling, then snarled, “It's your ASS that's gonna be on the line….” Charlize knelt and gently rolled Kim onto her back, then as she lifted the unconsious blonde’s head and held it in her lap, Julie added with a foot to Charlize’s backside that sent her headfirst over Kim’s limp body, “….and your ass is going down too, sista!”

The two women met at Caesar's Palace a month later, after both had trained hard for their boxing match. Charlize respected Julie's abilities although, or perhaps because, 'Downtown' was 12 years her senior, had been in many more fights and had a reputation as a tough cookie. Julie was definitely dangerous and had beaten all the top celebrities at one time or another, her most spectacular win had been a first round KO of the legendary Cat Bell at the Palms Hotel in 2001. Now, no one in the ‘thirty something’ or the ‘forty anything’ crowd wanted anything to do with her, she was just too hot and too hard!

Charlize wore a stunning white bikini while 'Downtown' appeared in her trademark purple thong. They stalked each other cautiously at first, then Julie scored with some skillful body work that forced Charlize to back up, her body cramping in pain. Julie moves after Charlize and hammers her body with more heavy leather before a sneaky quick right to the jaw sends the big blonde clattering in disarray into the ropes where she drops to one knee gasping at Julie’s power. Theron’s up at four, using her long legs to buy time to recover, then as the round winds down, Charlize works Julie's head, snapping it back with some sharp, snappy left jabs that she uses to set up a solid right to her chin. Julie is driven backward but she stays on her feet and the audience is unanimous that the advantage, although slight, went to Julie this round.

Charlize begins hammering Julie’s body and head with great combinations. Her left jabs to the head are making Julie's eyes swell some but ‘Downtown’ is undaunted and she bores inside of the taller blonde's arms and resumes her very effective body attack. Midway in the round, Julie has Charlize wincing as she begins to target her small, perky breasts. They stand toe-to-toe in the middle of the ring, slugging it out and Julie appears to have a slight advantage in hand speed as, time and again, she is able to find Theron’s breasts with mound-mashing punches. As Charlize tries to protect her breasts, Julie clips Charlize’s chin with a right cross and Charlize stumbles backward, her arms windmilling as she struggles to keep her feet. Julie's roundhouse left catches ALL of Charlize jaw and the big blonde goes sprawling on her ass - just as Julie had predicted! She’s up at six but the big blonde is HURTING! Julie again traps Charlize on the ropes and works that long, lanky body until the bell sounds, saving her from further punishment.

Julie is full of confidence, “Gonna finish you off next round you dumb bimbo, then I’m getting me a piece of that ass while I watch your gal pal Kim crying too!” Julie is arrogant alright, but so far she’s backed it up with her fists!.

Charlize is being cheered and bolstered by Kim as she comes out and fires a long right that hits paydirt! Julie is nailed and stopped in her tracks and now it's Julie's turn to be wobbly. Charlize has that 'killer instinct ' going tonight and although her eyes are bruised and swollen, she can still see Julie well enough to hit her and do damage. The crowd is into it as both women are now slugging for all they're worth. Julie's arms are tiring after throwing a LOT of punches in two plus rounds, but she’s been effective and she’s clobbered Charlize harder than anyone has in a long while. The blonde is managing to stay up this round and she continues hitting ‘Downtown’ but she's paying a heavy price as ‘Downtown’ again drives her back into the ropes with a flurry of body punching, then another left rocks the big blonde, bending her forward with her butt wedged in the ropes as Julie comes in for the kill! Julie's eyes are shutting too and the sweat is pouring down both women’s shiny bodies in torrents as‘Downtown’ attempts an overhand right, one labeled for Charlize’s chin which she hopes will end the fight and start another celebration over the prostrate body of a downed blonde. But Charlize anticipates it this time and as Julie is winding up, Charlize lands a hard left to Julie's belly, then a right uppercut she brings up from her knee! Julie’s hurt! Theron nails Brown with a straight right which buckles ‘Downtown's knees. Julie turns away, her eyes unfocussed, she staggers several steps, then her legs collapse under her.

“I’ll getcha next time, bitch,” she mumbles as she collapses at Charlize feet.

Charlize almost trips over Julie’s body as her next punch sails over the falling woman’s head and her momentum carries her forward across the ring. Charlize had worked her buns off to keep her title and as she leans on the ropes and watches Julie being counted out she understands why the rest of the women in Hollywood aren’t enthusiastic about fighting ‘Downtown’ Julie Brown.

Julie receives an ovation after she comes to and as she walks slowly from the ring, she knows she’s been beaten but she also knows that even at her age, she's a strong contender for Theron’s title. And Charlize, sitting in her dressing room holding ice packs to both of her bruised and battered boobs, now knows it too!
Diane Lane vs. Kelly LeBrock by “Jack Fac”

Kelly LeBrock was sitting among a group of 'winning fighters' such as Charlize Theron, Downtown Julie Brown, Naomi Campbell, Sue Bird etal. having a drink. She was spotted from the bar by Diane Lane who took deep exception to her vicious beatings of Melanie Griffith since Mel was really a non-event in a pair of boxing gloves. From Diane's perspective Melanie had been victimized by a bully taking advantage of an easy opponent. She walked over to the group and challenged Kelly outright.

“Why are you sitting with these real fighters? You're nothing but a bogus clown picking on someone like Melanie. She never had a chance and damned well you knew it!”

Kelly cooly smiled up at her antagonist. 'What's it to you luv'? Got a problem with me? Think maybe I can't do the same to your sorry ass?

“Think again!” Diane smiled just as cooly. “You just ran out of rummy opponents. The L.A. forum next month?”

Kelly accepted. Underneath it all she was concerned. Lane was a strong gal and five years her junior. Still, she had no known record in the ring. Fight night and the forum is packed. Dianne is in a bikini showing off those gorgeous legs. Kelly is in her red thong. Her legs also look great but Diane draws more oogles from the guys. Kelly doesn't like this.

Diane was quick to land a couple of left jabs to Kelly's face and followed them with a hard body shot with her right. Kelly had not ever been struck this way. She backed up. Diane was smiling and chatting with Kelly.

'How's that for openers bad ass?' Tippi Hedren and Melanie were in the front row near Diane's corner and cheering for her for all they were worth. Diane slammed Kelly in the face again with that quick left. Her jab and hook were crisp and effective. Kelly hadn't landed anything solid at all. Diane faked Kelly badly with a left and fired an overhand right to Kelly's exposed jaw. LeBrock FALLS and the place is wild. She's up at five but dazed as the bell rings. 'How'd you like that you Brit / Twit challenged Lane. 'There's more coming if you can handle it'. 'You're gonna lose'. Kelly's corner was busy working on her morale.

Diane is in the center of the ring waiting for LeBrock. The 'Woman in Red' is determined to give an account of herself. She scores with a left right combo which backs Lane up. Kelly CAN hit and hit hard. She retaliates even more with a flurry of body shots which make Diane buckle. Kelly is trying hard to turn the tide. Diane is back with a salvo of her own scoring viciously to Kelly's head. She slams Kelly hard in the jaw and Kelly's head spins sideways and sweat flies in all directions. Round two is taken by Kelly. 'Ain't over yet there sweets' chides LeBrock.

Both gals come out firing. They exchange blows at center ring. Once again Diane nails Kelly with a hard head shot. Kelly takes the shot and delivers one to Diane with accuracy. Diane reels backwards ever so slightly. Tippi and Melanie are starting to worry. They want LeBrock put down. Their wishes are granted. Lane summons some extra strength and connects to Kelly's head once more with two gorgeous left jabs and a right cross which sends LeBrock down once more. She's hurt but manages to get up and is staggering. There's still a minute in the round and Lane bores in with a full 'killer instinct'. She crushes Kelly with a right uppercut that sends Kelly reeling backwards.Her legs buckle and she FALLS again right on her ass. She gets to her knees with her eyes swollen and closing. Now she 'begs' Diane to desist. Diane turns to Melanie and Tippi and asks if she should stop.

'That's a negative honey' pipes up Tippi. 'Didn't plan to anyway laughs Diane and slams Kelly flush on the jaw with another right uppercut. Kelly's head goes up and then she pitches face down on the canvas. She's beaten and Diane is smiling and raising her gloves in triumph as the forum crowd roars for her victory. Tippi and Melanie exhort Diane to drag Kelly's senseless body around as she did to Melanie. Diane unties the red thong and connects it to Kelly's ankles. 'This IS FUN' she says as she drags Kelly's form around for all to see.
Diane Lane vs. Ashley Judd by “Jack Fac”

Diane and Ashley got together at their health club for the weekly racquetball matches. Best two of three was the format. They were 'friendly rivals' and each was extremely competitive. This time Ashley beat Diane handily which put Diane in a semi foul mood but she recovered after their shower. They then went out for their customary lunch with the loser buying. Diane returned to a somewhat triumphant mood even though Ashley had literally 'eaten her lunch' on the racquetball court. 'What's with you' inquired Ashley. 'Hey I just kicked Kelly LeBrock's ass the other night or weren't you around replied Diane. 'Oh that' said Ashley in a dismissive way. 'Hell she couldn't fight her way out of a paper bag'. 'Big deal, Kelly wiped out Melanie Griffith' That's supposed to be a triumph? C'mon Diane get a life. Diane was doing a slow burn over these comments. 'So you don't think I fought well is that it?' Ashley came right back 'bottom line is you knocked out someone who won't and can't fight anymore'. 'Well how do YOU think you'd have done against me challenged Diane. ' Ashley just purred softly 'I'd have flattened your ass into the middle of next week just like I just did out on the court'. That answer your question? Diane was tear ass over this reply. 'Let's put on the gloves then'. She had thrown the gauntlet down. Ashley accepted. 'Next month in Caesars' palace Las Vegas.

Unknown to Diane was that Ashley was secretly hoping to take her pal on and was training with Oscar De La Hoya. He'd shown her the finer points of boxing and was impressed with Ashley's footwork.

Fight night and Ashley is in a knockout blue bikini and Diane is in a thong. Ashley gets the most whistles from the guys.

Ashley dances out on those strong legs and pulls a few feints and then hammers Diane viciously in the gut. She follows with a full blown body attack connecting multiple times to Lane's stomach and causing her to back up. De La Hoya is in Ashley's corner and has told her to pace herself. Ashley slams Diane in the face with a left /right combo. The round ends and Ashley is the clear winner.

'Hey where's those punches of yours Diane, ' she teases.

Lane tries forcing the fight. She attempts a roundhouse right and is completely beaten to the punch by Ashley. Judd smacks Lane hard with two left jabs around the eyes and a brutal right cross which sends Diane staggering across the ring. She wants to finish the job now but De La Hoya say's 'not yet'. The rest of the round Ashley has fun toying with Diane and faking her out of that thong big time. Diane is taking major punishment. Her eyes are swollen and closing.

'Want to peg in the towel Diane ' says Ashley. 'You know I got you.'

Diane snarls, “I know nothing of the kind.”

Pride is sustaining her. Ashley is dancing all over the ring and dropping her right hand and daring Diane to hit her on the jaw. Diane tries but misses each time. Her reward is getting starched with Ashley's left hooks. Ashley is making Diane's face look like hamburger. The crowd is getting restive. Ashley is well ahead on points. Round Three- Diane Lane comes out smoking. She slams Ashley hard with a right uppercut which snaps back Judd's head. This is followed by a left hook which sends Judd down. The place is in pandemonium!
Judd gets up and retaliates instantly as those punches have spent Diane Lane. Ashley Judd wallops Diane Lane with a crisp right cross to the jaw. Lane starts to crumple as she never sees the murderous left Ashley hits her with to the jaw as well. Lane's dynamic legs fold under her. Ashley steps aside and watches her fall face down.

Diane is brought to by Ashley with the smelling salts. She's shocked but acknowledges her friend's victory by lifting Ashley up by the waist as Judd fires her gloves skyward as the winner.
Halle Berry vs. Linda Kozlowski by “Jack Fac”

Halle was relaxing over a drink with a few pals at an outdoor cafe in L.A. when Linda Kozlowski happened to spot her while strolling by and paused to tease the Oscar winner..

“Hey Pussycatwoman,” Linda yelled. “That flick was strictly litter city. Know what I mean?” She was letting Halle have it after the movie had gotten more than a few unflattering reviews. “What's next? Gonna do a 'Gigli redux' with J Lo and Burned out Ben?”

Halle had heard enough. Linda was getting at her pride in a big way.

“Seems like I flattened your ass last time there ‘croc lady’. I was waiting for you to fight someone closer to your age before deciding to give you a rematch, but now I've changed my mind.”

“Music to my ears,” piped up Linda.

“Mind if I wear my 'Catwoman’ suit?” said Halle?

“Wear whatever you want cause I'll be peeling if off your bod once I'm done with you. And by the way,” continued Linda. “You feeling lucky? Want to try kickboxing?”

Halle was good to go with that one but she didn’t know Linda had been secretly training with Chuck Norris in the hope Halle would take her up on her challenge. Switch scenes to Caesar's Palace in Las Vegas. Halle comes out in her 'Catwoman' outfit except she has boxing gloves on. Linda is already waiting in the ring with a gray robe with 'K.O. Kozlowski' stenciled on the back in gold letters. She peels that off and the dudes drool to see her in her great black thong. Halle's midriff ripples with muscles from her workouts.

Norris has instructed Linda to be patient since Halle has the speed advantage. Halle flicks two quick shots to Linda's jaw snapping her head back sharply. She dances around and tries a quick slashing kick but Linda slips this. Linda spins rapidly and fires a solid left leg blow into Halle's gut. Halle grunts heavily and is moved backwards in pain. This is followed by a hard right hand to Halle's stomach. Linda is punishing her quickly in this round. Halle backpedals some more but then recovers to bring a solid uppercut to Linda's jaw which buckles her legs. Both clutch until the bell sounds as each woman has been 'heard from'.

Halle smokes Linda with some good punch combinations to the face, landing four unanswered shots including one to Linda's left eye. Linda spins again and scores solidly with that left leg to Halle's exposed gut and, once again, Halle is hurt; her legs wobbly. Linda reverses and lands a brutal right leg kick to Halle's midsection and sends her sprawling to the canvas. Halle is up at ‘seven’ and stumbles right into a left-right combo from Linda. The bell sounds. Linda wins this rounds big.

Halle feints with her right hand in hopes of nailing Linda with her left hook and Linda pretends to bite. As Halle begins that delivery Linda once again does a 360 degree spin and connects solidly with Halle's gut which makes the 'Catwoman's' body jackknife across the ring, sending her sprawling into the ropes from which she rebounds and goes down! Halle is damaged goods and she’s getting up strictly on guts alone. Linda is waiting with her hands on her hips. As Berry rises, she's slammed in the jaw with Linda's powerful knee and it's 'lights out' for Catwoman!

Halle lands face down on the canvas and still isn’t moving while Linda is already putting on her 'victory robe'. She marches triumphantly over her fallen foe and proceeds to slash the Catwoman garment open, then drags Halle's naked body out of it! Next Linda rips off the head piece. She takes a small cord and ties it around Halle's ankles and drags her around the ring on her back, her limp arms dragging behind her. Linda is wearing Halle’s 'Catwoman' mask but Halle doesn't know any of this as she's knocked out stiff as a board. Chuck Norris and Paul Hogan high five as Linda's singing pals from Juilliard jump up and down, ecstatic for her win. It's back to the drawing board for Halle; Linda has proven too much for her to handle!

While Linda beat Halle Berry in the kickboxing bout, she fared less well against her in other athletic contests which took place later. In the L.A. road race both trained extensively but Halle's quicker legs easily outpaced Linda's as she looked over her shoulder and grinned at the dismayed look on Linda's face as Linda 'faded in the stretch'. Then there was a basketball 'one on one' contest which saw Halle dominate Linda without much of a problem. Halle’s shooting skills were complimented by her ability to 'sky' and reject a large number of Linda's attempted shots. In a ‘first to 50 baskets’ match it ended with Halle dominant by a 50-28 margin.

Finally the two ladies met once again in the ring for a straight up boxing match; no kicking this time! Halle knocked out Linda in two rounds as, once again, Halle’s superior hand speed carried the day. Afterward, Linda announced her retirement from the ring as she raised Halle's hand - after being brought to. She also acknowledged Halle's other victories in their other matches and walked away to a standing ovation - led by Halle!