Kate Jackson vs. Jaclyn Smith and Cheryl Ladd by Clyde

Jaclyn Smith and Cheryl Ladd are giggling in their dressing room about how plain Kate Jackson looks.

Cheryl's the loudest as she says, "Can you believe they have her on the same show as us Jackie? I mean, she has the most plain body I've ever seen and her hair...oh my God, do you think she's ever heard of a curling iron?"

Jaclyn's laughter suddenly stops when she sees Kate standing behind Cheryl. Cheryl turns around with her mouth wide open, as Kate says, "Plain huh, well at least I LOOK the part of a private detective."

Cheryl quickly backpedals as she says, "Oh Kate, we weren't talking about you we were talking about someone else."

Kate is starting to get pissed, "First you talk behind my back, then you try to lie to my face? You must be the stupidest blond bimbo in the world, Cheryl. And I'm surprised at you Jackie, I thought we were friends"

Jaclyn stands up and says, "Listen Kate, Cheryl didn't mean anything about your hair or your plain body or you lack of sex appeal...."

"Lackkk oofff SSsseeexxx aaapppeaalll?!" screams Kate.


Kate unloads a wicked punch to Cheryl's tender midsection.

UUuuuuuuhhhhhhhh, cried Cheryl as she doubled over in agony.

Then Kate let loose with a hammering blow to the back of Cheryl's sweet blond head, flooring the smaller Angel. Now wild-eyed, Kate stepped over a stunned Cheryl Ladd, reached out and grabbed Jaclyn's lovely neck; squeezing and hoping to crush her windpipe. Jaclyn's hands tried to pry Kate's steel like grip from her throat, but to no avail. Kate pushed Jackie to the wall and with her free hand, she pounded Jackass washboard belly , until it was tender. She let go of Jaclyn and watched her fall to the ground.

"Now it's time to show these little Barbie bitches what happens when you piss off miss Plain Jane," Kate says in a menacing voice.

Cheryl is still down holding her midsection as Kate walks over and grabs a hand full of Cheryl's beautiful, long blond hair. With a mighty yank, she pulls the little angel to her feet. Cheryl yelps as she's pulled around by her golden tresses. Kate pulls her hair almost into a pony tail as she drags her to the door. Kate stands Cheryl up with her back to the door, then slams the door on Cheryl's hair, pinning the blond against the closed door. Kate just grins as Cheryl squeals, cries and begs her to let her go. "Please, please Kate, it hurts, it hurts, I'm sorry, I'm sorry," begs Cheryl.

As an answer, Kate knees Cheryl in the belly and watches calmly as her nubile body convulses. After several minutes of intense torture, Cheryl is left hanging limp with her clothes torn off, her bra tied around her hands and her panties, soaked with pussy juice, stuffed in her mouth. Cheryl just hangs by her blond mane as Kate makes her way toward the barely conscious Jaclyn Smith.

Jaclyn is laying face down when Kate straddles her and then drops with her full weight slamming into the gorgeous brunette's back. Jaclyn's body arches and she moans in pain as Kate reaches down, grabs two big handfuls of her silken hair and pulls back so far that Jaclyn fears her necks going to break.

Jaclyn screams and begs, but to no avail as Kate slams her face as hard as she can to the floor. Kate rolls Jaclyn's limp body over on her back and tears her shirt open, revealing Jaclyn full, firm breasts.


Kate goes to town, paint brushing Jaclyn's beautiful and tender tits. Smacking them back and forth until Jaclyn's screams fade into silence and she passes out from the pain. Kate stands up and spreads Jaclyn's legs, exposing her full, dark brown bush. Kate steps over Jaclyn and goes over to Cheryl. She opens the door to let Cheryl's body slump forward and crash to the floor on her pretty face.

Kate rolls the blond over and pulls the panties out of her mouth before she drags Cheryl's body over to Jaclyn. She positions the girls 69 with Cheryl's blond pussy covering Jaclyn's face and Cheryl's face buried in Jaclyn's dark pussy. Then she uses their bras and panties to tie Cheryl's wrists to Jaclyn's ankles and vice versa. Once they're securely bound, Kate nudges them with her toe and spanks Cheryl's bare bottom until both the helpless angels start to come to.

Kate tells them with a smile, "I'd love to join you girls, but I guess you don't think I'm sexy enough!"

Then she smiles and leaves the room....leaving the door wide open, with a few blond hairs still dangling off it, so that anyone who passes can see her co-stars with their face in each other's pussy and 'know' what's on their devious little minds.