Janet Jackson vs. Jennifer Lopez by Wildword 3/17/01

After watching Toni Braxton humiliate Christina Aguilera, Janet turns to Toni and sighs, "That was fun and it made me hot. I'm ready for a little more fun. I'll see you later."
She heads down the hall to Jennifer Lopez' dressing room where she bursts in without knocking.
"What the..." Jennifer murmurs as she stands up. "Who da fuck do you think you are to come busin' in without permission!"
Janet smiles, "Oh I just wanted to have a little chat with you." Janet sits down and crosses her firm legs and says, "I'm really glad Puffy finally got wise and ditched you. I could never understand what he was doing with you anyway, not when there's so many hot sista's out there."
Jennifer puts her hands on her hips and flips her long, black hair haughtily, "I'll have you know it was ME who let HIM go - if its any of YOUR business!"
Janet just chuckles as she looks Jennifer up and down, then goes on.
"'nother thing I wondered 'bout. How can anyone say you got the greatest ASS? It's obvious they haven't checked out MY fabulous Black booty if they dumb enough to say THAT stuff."
Jennifer smirks and says, "I don't think they're interested in the FAT-est ass dear. It's pretty obvious you came here to pick a fight with me. Apparently, nobody warned you not to mess with a Puerto Rican."
Janet stands up and pushes her chest into Jennifer's. "Oh, I heard 'bout you caning Carmen Electra's ass at that party. Don't scare me none, cause you ain't gonna get away tryin' THAT shit with me!
Jennifer smiles as she backs up toward her make-up table.
"Yeah I did cane that slut's ass. Hell, I. heard she couldn't sit down for days. You should know I still have the cane and your ass is a lot bigger target than hers."
Janet pulls herself up to her full height and sneers, "Well, then bring it on girl!"
Jennifer launches herself at Janet and immediately grabs her by the hair. Jennifer rips out huge chunks of Janet's hair before Janet finally frees herself from the Latina's grip. Jennifer Laughs at Janet as she brandishes two handfuls of hair she pulled out.
'Nobody messes with J-LO," she says as she throws the hair in Janet's face.
Janet blinks and throws herself back at Jennifer. The two women soon have their hands on each others bare breasts, painfully twisting them into unnatural positions. Jennifer is soon forced to her knees and Janet manages to wrap her long, strong legs around the Puerto Rican's head, effectively pinning Jennifer.
Janet then takes time to return the favor by yanking out several strands of Jennifer' hair and slowly dropping it on her face. But she soon tires of that and so she pulls Jennifer to her feet and slams her back against the wall. Janet uses Jennifer's body for a punching bag, landing numerous rapid-fire blows to her face and breast until Jennifer is defeated and almost unconscious. Her arms hang limp at her sides and she no longer makes an effort to defend herself.
Janet rips a lamp cord out of the wall and uses it to ties Jennifer arms behind her back. Janet leans Jennifer back against the wall and for the next couple of minutes the Black Avenger uses Jennifer's bare breasts like punching bags. Jennifer can only howl in pain and beg for mercy as her beautiful firm breasts are beaten and slammed back and forth until they turn from an ugly red to purple, black and blue.
Finally, Janet steps back and takes a deep breath. As she examines Jennifer's battered body, she says, "Now, THAT was fun! But I never leave a job half done. Come here, we gotta take care of the other end."
Jennifer looks dazed and uncomprehending as Janet pulls the lovely Latina over her lap.
"I think we need to get to the seat of your problem, hon. I wanna see what everyone thinks is so special 'bout your booty."
Janet holds the helpless Jennifer bent over her knee as she grabs the large hairbrush Jennifer had been using to brush her hair.
"This should do nicely," she purrs, looking at the hairbrush.
Sobbing and pleading, Jennifer realizes what Janet has in mind and begs, "NO! Please don't spank me. My ass is my money maker, please don't punish it."
Janet laughs, "Bullshit! I never thought your ass was that great anyway. I can make some improvements on it that'll make it an even bigger attraction than it is now. Well, at least when I am through it'll be bigger - until the swelling goes down anyway. And it'll certainly have more color in your cheeks; like a nice bright red."
Janet brings the hairbrush down in rapid fashion, giving the diva's ass the paddling of her life. Jennifer can only sob, cry and moan as Janet blisters her bare bottom.
As she spanks her, Janet tells Jennifer, "Yeah, I used to give that bitch LaToya spankings like this. Funny, she didn't take it any better'n you. You're both a coupla crybabies."
As Jennifer weeps and squirms in pain, Janet pauses, runs her fingers lightly over Jennifer's crimson cheeks and says, " I don't know what the hell Puffy ever saw in you. You're just a big sissy..."
"...a crybaby..."
"...a wimp..."
Janet's arm finally tires of the spanking, so she pushes Jennifer off her lap and kicks her over into a sitting position in the corner of the room.
Janet stands in front of Jennifer and tells the red-eyed Latina, "Now I'm gonna give you an up close and personal look at a real, great ass."
Jennifer looks up in fear and shakes her head, "No, No!" as Janet turns around and backs her large, bare, black bottom up into Jennifer's tear-streaked face. Janet rubs her bare ass all over Jennifer's face. While Jennifer cries, and whimpers, her perky nose is forced up and down the crack of Janet's ass.
After she's satisfied, Janet lifts Jennifer under the arms and drops her ass in a chair she's prepared specially for her. Jennifer yells as her tender and sore red bare bottom drops on the bristles of two hairbrushes Janet has laid on the seat of the chair.
As Jennifer squirms in pain, Janet laughs, "Bet that really gets to those world famous cheeks, huh girl?"
Janet's enjoyment is interrupted by a knock at the door.
Clapping a hand over Jennifer's mouth before she can cry out for help, Janet warily asks, "Who's there?"
"Toni," comes a whispered reply.
Janet hesitates, then she says, "OK, come in."
Toni Braxton comes in and sees the sight of a naked Jennifer Lopez, crying as she is forced to sit on hairbrushes.
Toni holds her stomach as she laughs and tells Janet, "I wondered where you disappeared to! Looks like you had some fun here today too. Guess we've both had a good day."
Janet nods, "Oh, boy. I sure did! But somehow, it doesn't seem like I've done enough. Think we should get Carmen Electra some pictures of Ms Lopez' well-punished bottom."
Toni states, "Yes, sure. I bet she'd appreciate it. Hold on, I'll go get my camera."
As she leaves, Toni tells Janet, "It looks like J-Lo went from having the worlds best ass to the worlds worst."
Eyeing Jennifer's red sore swollen behind, Janet nods.
"Hurry back with that camera, we have to show everybody our handiwork."
Janet and Braxton spend the next hour forcing Jennifer to pose in various awkward and humiliating positions while they take hundreds of Polaroid pictures of her well-punished and red bottom. With her hands still bound, Jennifer is helpless and in no position to argue and after a brief resistance, she poses for the pictures in every position desired by Braxton and Jackson.
Rumors about the existence of pictures showing a well spanked Jennifer Lopez ass circulated for months afterward, but so far none have turned up on the Internet to "prove" the rumors are anything more than a horny geek fantasy. But is it?