Madonna vs. Janet Jackson (w/Whitney Houston) by nat 5/7/01

Janet Jackson was having a party at her house in honor of her being named an MTV icon. She had invited several celebrities including Whitney Houston and Madonna. Janet noticed that Whitney kept getting Madonna's food and drinks for her. Finally, when Whitney was getting still another drink for Madonna, Janet went over to her.

"Why do you keep serving Madonna?" she asked.

Whitney just said, "Mind your own business Janet."

Angered by this, Janet replied, "Well, then I'll just ask Madonna myself!"

But Whitney begged her not to, saying, "OK I'll tell you. But please, don't tell anyone about it."

Janet nodded.

"Well," Whitney whispered. "We got in an argument a few weeks ago and I called her a no-talent blonde bitch. Then she spanked me and made me promise to be a good little girl and do whatever she says."

Janet's eyes widened. "So now you're her servant?"

Whitney wiped a tear from her eye and nodded. "Yes Janet, there's nothing I can do."

"Well, I can sure do something," Janet replied.

"Oh please, don't get me in trouble Janet!'

But Janet drew herself up to her full height and muttered, "So, Mo likes to spank huh! Let's see what she does with a real woman like me!'

She strutted over to Madonna's table, stopped with her legs apart and her hands on her hips and called Madonna out.

"Hey blondie! Get your ass up, I wanna talk to you - alone!"

Madonna just glared at her for a moment, then leaned back in her chair, put her feet on the table and said, "You're not gonna tell ME what to do."

Janet grabbed Madonna's arm and hissed, "You got two choices; follow me to me my bedroom or I'll drag your ass in there with everyone watching us."

Madonna slapped Janet's hand away and stood up. She looked Janet in the eye and said, "OK, you want me you got me. Let's go! You just made a big mistake."

Madonna followed Janet up to her bedroom and Whitney came scurrying along behind, begging Madonna, "Oh please, don't be mad at me Ma'am. She asked why I was serving you and I told her. I never asked her to fight you for me."

Madonna just stared at her and said, "Just check back here in a little while and I'll decide what to do with you."

Janet interrupted, "Don't waste time girl, cause in a few minutes, you're gonna be on your hands and knees groveling as OUR servant!'

Madonna just growled and followed Janet into her bedroom.

Janet was wearing a tight red dress that was real tight over her ass and thighs while Madonna was wearing a plain T-shirt and tight jeans.

Janet shook her ass as she closed the door and pranced past Madonna saying, "Get a good look at this sexy black ass hon. You're gonna get to know it real good; but you ain't gonna be spanking it, you gonna be kissing it."

Madonna eyed her up and down, then said, "Get your ass over here and we'll see about that."

Janet scowled as she asked, "Why didn't you dress up for my party, can't you afford it blondie?"

"No I'm not getting all dressed up for your party when I'm a real icon bitch and you're just a has-been."

Then Janet pushed Madonna and Madonna slapped Janet's face. The fight was on! Madonna grabbed Janet's hair, pulled her forward and kneed her in the stomach. Janet bent down as Madonna clamped her hands together and swung them from above her head down on Janet's back, knocking her to the floor on her chest and knees. As Janet started to rise, Madonna kicked her in the stomach.

As Janet crawled on her knees, Madonna said, "Oh boy! I'm gonna enjoy kicking your ass!"
That's when Madonna kicked Janet right in her ass sending her sprawling on her stomach. Madonna picked Janet up by her hair and tore off her tight dress, revealing the red lace bra and red thong beneath.

Madonna smiled as she grinned, "Hmmmm, matching bra and panties! How cute."

However brief her hesitation, it gave Janet an opening and she lunged at Madonna, wrapped her hands around Madonna's waist and picked her up to her shoulder. As Madonna screamed n protest, Janet slammed her down on the floor. With Madonna winded and dazed, Janet spun around behind her and clapped her powerful legs around Madonna's neck. As she squeezed her legs together Janet put tremendous pressure on Madonna's neck.

Janet yanked Madonna's hair and told her, "You ain't kicking nobody's ass bitch!"

In a desperate attempt to break free, Madonna reached up and tore off Janet's bra but Janet just squeezed her strong legs even tighter on the gasping blond. But when Madonna managed to get her claws into Janet's tits and twist them really hard, Janet screamed, released her hold and tried to scramble away. Madonna leaped up just as quick, caught Janet from behind and bodyslammed her to the floor.

Madonna rolled Janet over on her stomach and pulled down her thong, leaving Janet totally nude. But while Madonna was engaged in pulling off her thong, Janet had managed to roll onto her back and she kicked Madonna on the side of her head knocking her down flat on her back. Janet rolled over and sat on Madonna's stomach then ripped off her shirt exposing Madonna's imported, expensive French lace bra.

Cackling, Janet punched Madonna twice, momentarily stunning the blond singer and ending her resistance temporarily.

Janet crowed, "OK, now it's ass kissing time, sweetheart."

She turned around and planted her big, sexy black ass right down on Madonna's pink face.

"Kiss my ass, bitch!" Janet laughed as Whitney clapped her hands excitedly at the sight of her heroine perched proudly on Madonna's visage.

Madonna's face was buried by Janet's ass and she couldn't breathe. She would be unconscious in seconds, but she swung her legs back and, with great effort, wrapped her calves around Janet's neck. A quick twist of her hips flipped Janet off of her sideways and Madonna was free! Enraged, she dove on Janet's back and sat with her thighs straddling Janet's waist. She wrapped one arm around Janet's neck while she twisted Janet's arm back behind her in a hammerlock.

Janet screamed in agony as Madonna yelled at her, "Give up bitch?"

Janet refused, even though her arm was going numb. Seeing that Janet wouldn't quit, Madonna let go but picked her up by her hair again and punched her in the face. Janet's knees buckled, she staggered backward and then collapsed on her bed.

Madonna screamed, "You're gonna get it now!"

Janet was still woozy from the punch when Madonna sat on the bed, grabbed her and dragged Janet's body over her lap.

"I'll teach you the same thing I taught little Miss Whitney," Madonna screamed. "Any girl who messes with me gets her ass spanked until she cries for mercy."

Madonna started spanking Janet's bare ass while Janet kicking, screaming and reached her hands back in a futile effort to protect her increasingly warm bottom. But Madonna suddenly stopped spanking, grabbed both of Janet's hands, crossed her wrists and then pinned them both using just her left hand. Leaning forward, Madonna forced Janet's arms up her back while with her right hand, she resumed blistering Janet's bare, unprotected ass until Janet started to cry.

As tears rolled down her cheeks, Janet looked up at Whitney and pleaded, "Please, help me Whitney, please!"

But Madonna snarled and warned Whitney not to interfere. Then she told her to go tell the rest of the guests to leave, saying, "Tell 'em as far as they're participation is concerned, this party's over. Then you get your butt back here pronto!"

Whitney mumbled, "Yes ma'am!" being excited by the sight of Janet's big, black, bare butt being spanked.

Whitney hurried downstairs and told the guests to leave, then ran back up to the bedroom. When she opened the door, she was surprised to find Madonna still spanking Janet whose body now lay draped over Madonna's muscular thighs with her feet waving slowly in the air as Madonna's hand flashed up and down with a steady "SMACK….SMACK….SMACK" sound.

Whitney felt sorry for her friend, but she was afraid of Madonna. Janet's ass was on fire, even redder than her tattered dress laying on the floor at Madonna's feet. Janet was bawling like a baby now, screaming that she was sorry. Madonna finally pushed Janet off her lap and snapped her fingers at Whitney. She ordered her to come over, kneel and take off her jeans for her. Whitney did as she was told and rolled Madonna's jeans and panties off down her long, muscular pale legs.

Madonna then put her bare ass on the crying Janet's face and pinched her hard nipples as she taunted her, asking, "Now, who's the real music icon?"

Between her gasping for air and sobbing, Janet admitted humbly, "You are, Mo."

Madonna sat on Janet's face a long while before she got up and said, "OK Janet. Now, you and Whitney are going to be my servants all weekend. You'll feed me, bathe me and be my sexual slaves for my amusement. If either of you fail me in any way, you'll both spanked with my hairbrush. Do I make myself understood, little girls?"

They both replied meekly, "Yes, ma'am."

"Now," Madonna said as she stood up and wiped her bottom with both hands. "Both of you get out. Go draw my bath ready and Whitney, soothe Janet's ass for her. It's gonna be sore for awhile. Go now my bitches, attend to your duties!"

With that, she slammed the bedroom door on them. But Madonna didn't leave, she was eaves dropping right inside the door after she closed it.

Whitney had to hold Janet up as she said, "You know, if we team up when you feel better, we could take her."

Janet looked up at Whitney and said, "Yeah, probably. But what happens the next time she gets either of us 1:1?"

Whitney purses her lips and nods, "You're right of course, Janet. I don't want to be punished by that bitch ever again."

Janet agreed. "Yeah, look at my eye Whitney, it's going to be black and blue for a while and I won't be sitting on my ass all weekend."

"OK Janet," Whitney said. "Let's just get through this weekend and we'll be rid of her. Come on, I'll rub some ointment on your butt."

Inside the bedroom, Madonna smiled and nodded her head; knowing she'd completely and totally humiliated and dominated her two rivals. But when word of what Madonna had done to her sister Janet got back to LaToya Jackson, she was livid! LaToya swore not just to avenge her sister's humiliation, but to put the "Material Girl" in her "place" once and for all.

Final vote: Madonna-351; Janet-293