Janet Jackson vs. Britney Spears by Bob

As Britney Spears pulled into Justin Timberlake's driveway, she was surprised to see Janet Jackson's car. She'd heard the rumors that Justin had started seeing Janet after he dumped her. Seeing the car not only confirmed it but it made Britney furious. She'd driven past Justin's house continuously since their break up, hoping he'd see her and invite her in. Once she spent time with him she was certain he'd see the error of his ways.

Despite all the rumors that Justin was seeing Janet, Britney doubted they were true. What did he see in Janet Jackson? For one thing, Janet was 15 years older than Justin. Besides, as far as Britney was concerned, she was prettier, smarter, stronger, more personable and definitely far more talented. Why drink ripple when you could have champagne?

But seeing Janet's car was a wake up call. The young blonde pulled into Justin's driveway, smashing into the back of Janet's car and putting a big dent in it. She got out of her car and charged through the door.

"You bastard, I'm going to kick your ass and then I'm going to beat that bitch's ass!"

Janet and Justin were sitting on the couch with an empty wine bottle in front of them. They were laughing and Janet had her hand on Justin's hands and her shapely legs on his lap. The blonde's screaming had caught the muscular African-American beauty by surprise but Janet had a lot of poise. She calmly removed her hand from her man's leg and swung her legs off his lap. She crossed her legs in the sexiest manner she knew how, then smiled a very smug smile at Britney.

Britney told the beautiful and muscular singer it was time for her to go, but Janet just laughed, "I'm not done talking to my man. Besides, everybody knows you're history....honey! "

Britney yelled, "Get out you bitch! Out before I take you apart and throw you out."

Justin got off the sofa and backed away as Janet calmly stood up to face Brit and said, "OK. Go ahead and throw me out - if you're woman enough!"

Britney strode purposefully toward the African-American beauty, then slapped her in the face and grabbed Janet by the front of her dress. With a good firm grip on the dress, Britney grunted as she threw the Black woman down on the floor. Janet was surprised and she stumbled twice as she scrambled trying to get up, but once on her feet, she started walking toward the irate blonde. Janet stopped when she heard Justin say something that sent a shiver down her spine.

"Watch out Janet, she's crazy and she's a great fighter," he cautioned.

"I'm not afraid of her, she just caught me by surprise," Janet replied confidently. "I wasn't ready for her. She can't do that again." The muscular African-American glared at Britney as she thought for a second, choosing her words carefully before saying, "You'd be smart to leave now before I make you very, very sorry dearie!"

Then Janet ran at Britney, catching her by surprise. She grabbed the blonde by the hair and started pulling. Britney screamed as Janet whipped her head from side-to-side until Britney managed to grab Janet's hair and she started to pull as hard as she could. The two gorgeous singers stood toe to toe, struggling, each pulling and dragging the other around the room with their hands buried in their rival's hair - jerking and pulling for all they were worth.

The two beauties finally tumbled to the floor where they rolled around for a short amount of time until Britney got on top of Janet and pinned her muscular foe's arms to the floor. Smiling at Justin, Britney draped her legs spread-eagle across Janet's arms, then started slapping her face repeatedly. The crisp SMACK of flesh on flesh echoed off the walls and Justin winced at the loud sound of each slap which were followed by Janet's screams.

As Britney continued slapping, Janet planted her feet on the floor and started bucking her hips, bouncing her ass up and down. She bucked furiously, continuing to thrash and buck until Britney's legs slipped down until they were no longer covering her arms. With her arms free, Janet reached up and pulled the blonde singer's white halter down around her waist.

Britney wasn't wearing a bra and she was stunned that her full breasts had suddenly sprang free when she lost her top. She stopped slapping Janet as, confused and flustered, the young blonde paused for a second or two trying to figure out what to do next.

Her brief moment of confusion gave Janet the time she needed to plan her next move and react. The older beauty reached up, grabbed Britney's large tits with both hands and started twisting. Having her tits twisted was painful, but it was a wake-up call for Brit. She gave Janet another hard slap across the face, which not only caused blood to flow from the corner of her mouth but also made the tough African-American beauty stop twisting her tits.

The tough blonde sneered, "So....you like playing with my tits? Well, two can play that game."

Britney reached down, grabbed the top of Janet's sexy dress and ripped the top of Janet's dress down. She grabbed Janet's bra and ripped it in two between the cups. As she reached down for Janet's round globes; the African-American beauty's hands flashed up and her claws raked down Britney's tits!

Britney screamed as she grabbed her wounded breasts, giving Janet the opening she needed to reach up and grab a handful of long blonde hair. She pulled Britney's blonde locks as hard as she could, dumping the attractive young blonde off to the side. She landed hard on her left shoulder and grabbed the injured shoulder as she rolled over onto her back.

As Britney lay on the floor holding her wounded shoulder, Janet got up and pulled her torn and twisted dress the rest of the way off, freeing her arms and legs. This took several seconds during which the blonde got to her feet and prepared to resume their fight.

The two divas stood facing each other, both topless with their large, bare boobs bouncing as they moved to each other and locked their muscular arms around the others waist. The two muscular singers held each other tightly, squeezing for all they were worth; trying to crush the air from each other to prove who was the stronger, the dominant one, and which of them had the greater desire to win.

When Janet was unable to make Britney release her powerful bear hug, she dug her long fingernails into Britney's back. She screamed in pain, but instead of releasing Janet, she retaliated and dug her own nails into Janet's back. Now Janet screamed from the pain as they continued to hold each other about the waist, squeezing while digging their nails into each other's back.

Finally, with a sob, Britney released her hold and scratched Janet across her face. Janet released her own bearhug and instinctively shoved the brutal blonde away as her hands went to her face. When Janet looked down at her hand and saw the blood, she snapped! With a scream of rage, Janet kicked Britney in the stomach and when the hardbodied blonde doubled over, Janet reached out and raked both hands across her face. Janet made sure she dug all of her fingernails into Britney's flesh as she ripped at her gorgeous visage.

Just as Janet had done seconds before, Britney immediately straightened up and pushed Janet away from her as she staggered back holding her face to see if she was bleeding. When she saw her own blood, Britney growled and lurched forward, lashing out and punching Janet in the eye.

The blonde moved in quickly and captured Janet's wrists, pulling the African-American toward her and tried to hip toss her to the floor. But Janet used her muscular legs to block the blonde singer's attempt to throw her. But Britney, still holding Janet's muscular arms; again tried to throw her to the floor and she again failed, this time as Janet shifted her hips to thwart the blonde's effort to regain the advantage.

As Britney continued to hold her arms, Janet was starting to smile, having a good time watching the blonde try and fail to throw her. Janet started playing games with her foe, making it easy for the blonde to turn her hips to try to flip her over her hip or try to throw her to the floor, only to shift her weight so her own muscular legs gained leverage that thwarted Britney's efforts.

Janet could see that the blonde was getting very frustrated with her inability to throw her down and she also could sense the muscular blonde was starting to tire from her exertions. Finally, Britney stopped trying to pull and throw Janet around and let Janet's arms go.

Janet quickly threw a wild punch, which she telegraphed allowing Britney to easily avoid the punch. Britney slipped around behind Janet and wrapped her arms around her in another bear hug. She again tried to throw Janet down, swinging her to the right, but Janet stuck out her right leg and swung behind Britney to not only block the blonde from throwing her to the floor, but almost catching Britney.

The blonde tried several times to get Janet down but just as before, Janet effortlessly blocked each attempt. It dawned on Britney that Janet may have deliberately telegraphed her punch to set up just such a situation. Had Janet tricked her? Had she fallen into a trap? Her efforts to throw the African-American down, were taking a toll as she was rapidly tiring.

Britney still held Janet in a bear hug as she suddenly fell to the floor, pulling Janet down on top of her. She continued to hold her slightly shorter opponent in a bear hug as they rolled over. Despite being trapped in Britney's muscular arms, Janet continued to play with her younger opponent.

The blonde tried to roll Janet over, hoping to get Janet on her stomach so she would be in the dominant position, however, Janet continued to use her legs so the blonde couldn't gain an advantage. Britney was getting nervous because she was panting heavily and couldn't get her foe off her. Despite being trapped in Britney's bear hug, Janet was still calm and breathing easily while controlling her foe.

After about eight minutes, Britney had used a lot of energy in an effort to reverse her older opponent and was totally spent while Janet had done a masterful job of using leverage to negate all of Britney's attempts to get on top of her. Janet was actually well-rested while the blonde had been working very hard to try and throw her off. Britney had the strange feeling that Janet could stay on top of her the rest of the night if she had to.

Because of the way Janet used her million-dollar legs, Britney was powerless. It had become apparent to the blonde that Janet was both stronger and the superior wrestler. Unbeknownst to Britney, the muscular African-American was also getting ready to teach her a thing or two before she put an end to the fight.

After nearly ten minutes with her back on Britney's stomach, Janet grabbed the blonde's hands and twisted them apart. She slipped easily out of Britney's bear hug and quickly got to her feet.

She waited patiently until the blonde turned over and rose to her knees. Then, with Britney on her knees, Janet took two steps forward and slammed her high-heeled foot into the side of Britney's head! She went down like a tree being felled!

Britney knew the fight was over before her head bounced off the floor the second time. She lay in a lot of pain as Janet prepared to finish her off. Janet walked over to Justin and hugged him before she returned to Britney who was struggling to get to her feet. As Britney started to get up, Janet put her foot on the blonde's back and slammed her back down, face first, to the floor.

The older singer raised her fist in mock celebration and said, "It's over now sweetie."

Janet then turned to Justin and said, "Your ex- is finished!"

With a smug, superior grin on her full lips, Janet pulled Britney up by the hair and slammed her back into the wall. She clamped her right hand on the blonde's throat to hold her up, then started punching the blonde in her large breasts, laughing as the hard blows bounced Britney's boobs up and down and side to side. Finally, Janet stepped back and watched the blonde slither down the wall to the floor on her knees, her body slumping back on her haunches with her head bowed.

Again, Janet reached down to pull Britney back to her feet, but this time she used the hard, firm nipples jutting out of Britney's mountainous tits to force the blonde up. She propped Britney against the wall, then with a cruel laugh, swept her feet out from under her with her left leg. Britney's feet flew out from under her and she dropped backward, her head smashing into the wall just as her round butt hit the floor. She fell sideways and her head bounced on the hardwood floor. Unconscious, Britney's body began to quiver as soon as she hit the floor. After couple of seconds, her body stopped shaking and went limp.

When Britney came to a few minutes later, both Janet and Justin had gone. However, when Britney saw their clothes strewn across the floor she had a pretty good idea where her former boyfriend and her now hated rival were. She struggled to her feet and nervously paced back and forth for several minutes, trying to clear her head as she figured out the best way to get her revenge.

She thought about several forms of revenge, but she was afraid that most of them would get her thrown in jail. Finally, she started to cry as she slumped on Justin's couch and sobbed for a few minutes. Then she got up, wiped her eyes, put her top on and left. Whatever revenge she took on Janet, if any, would have to wait for another day.
Britney Spears vs. Janet Jackson (boxing) by simguy

Hard to say whether Jackson's really interested in Justin, or if it's all some cagey veteran mind game to rattle Britney. Spears livid at the use of her personal life against her.

Whatever it is, it's a violation, something that isn't done against anyone else and Britney's tired of it, "I used to respect Janet Jackson - who didn't? We all grew up copying her moves in and out of the ring - we all wanted to interview like her, dress like her. Now I just want to smash her. What Janet's doing is unforgivable and not because I want Justin back - I don't - it's that she's trying to humiliate me with personal stuff and she can't get away with that."

Jackson all cool, demure during pre-fight. "I just want to focus on the fight," Janet purrs. "Britney's an exceptional young talent and I'm really glad she's come along to test me. If she's preoccupied with stuff outside of the ring - you know, that's her problem. I'm just out to prove that I'm not finished with this game yet."

Sidebar: rumours have it that Paula Abdul has been retained by Spears management to consult on the fight - a former trainer and choreographer of Jackson's, Abdul knows her very well and would be an invaluable reference if true.

Britney in yellow bikini top, green bikini bottoms, yellow shoes with tassels; Janet in black bustier, tiger print bikini bottoms, black shoes.

Girls get nose to nose during instructions, Britney particularly tense.

Round 1: Spears out quick, darting in off her jab with sizzling right hands, bending back outside to pull a sharp hook into Janet. Jackson with her chin tucked behind that left shoulder, left hand at her side, right at her cheek, slide stepping back from Britney. She's ducking under punches - coming out of a deep crouch, skipping a tight right hand off Britney's abs and stepping off to the right, slowly sucking Spears forward. Midway point - Janet's got Britney flat footed, leaning in, girls are working hard up underneath, whalloping each other's breasts and bellies with thumping combinations.

Janet so slick at close quarters, stepping right as she rides a lazy left arm around Britney's hip, turning the blonde, walking her into those pumping right uppercuts, or turning her shoulder to clout Spears right hands across the mouth. Final minute - Britney looking drowsy, not punching - Janet's just working her with curling right uppercuts to the jugs and chin, butting her with the left shoulder to position her, then digging in with more rights. Spears finally opens up - Janet leans out, beating Spears to the hook, leans in close, pulling a short right hand across Britney's mouth and SPEARS GOES DOWN! Britney's legs switched off, she goes to her rump and hands as Janet insolently steps over her en route to the neutral corner. Spears beats the count, gets out of the round, but she's shaken up during the break.

Round 2: Britney shakes it off, gets back to boxing. Better round for Spears as she works the jab, prompting Janet to roll, bend at the waist - Spears able to step around that closed left shoulder and throw combinations from an awkward angle to force adjustments on the ex champ. Janet trying to lick that tight right hand against Britney's body but not getting close enough this round, Spears managing the ring beautifully with her legs. Down the stretch, girls get supple and flat footed in front of one another once again. Janet bending forward at the waist, making Brit miss over the top, but Spears comes back with splattering hooks against the kidney, reaching down Janet's side to help herself to back. Janet pained, complaining to the official at the bell - Spears garners a warning.

Round 3: Janet jumping in with lead hooks, maybe just a touch slower than in her prime - Spears leaning away, hands down as she falls off to the right. Britney loose and relaxed, comfortable with her range as she feints, steps around, uses the ring. Jackson forces the tempo by charging up the middle, jabbing at Spears' mouth, girls trade vicious right hands, crashing hooks and JACKSON GOES DOWN!

J J flat on her back and WOOZY - barely beats the count! Tears bubbling up in the corner of Janet's eyes as she begs the ref not to stop it. ON COMES BRITNEY! Spears bouncing forward, jabs Janet's forehead to tip the brunette back, then chops a short right straight down into the midriff to gut the ex-champ. Britney bodying up tough on follow through has Janet floundering, reaching for Britney's waist. The blonde just letting her hands go, setting Jackson's head on a swivel. A hard right hand lands flush - Janet's legs shoot out, sitting her into the ropes stunned and defenceless! Britney's punches bash away at that exotic face, Jackson with her hands down, tilting side to side as Britney rampages ….and the REF STEPS IN!

TKO 3 Britney Spears!

Britney leaps away stunned with triumph as Janet Jackson topples to her knees. Huge upset to many, reminds fans and pundits alike of the Nia Peeples execution. Not one expert had predicted a Britney Spears stoppage - it's total pandemonium.

Jackson blubbering, distraught in defeat, demanding a rematch and livid over Spears' vicious kidney punching. Justin Timberlake nowhere to be seen as he slinks away from ringside, beaten by Britney once again.

Spears sobbing with joy - spiritually, it's the biggest win of her career, "Beating Janet, stopping her out at the ropes...this is so HUGE for me!" cries Britney. "I still can't believe I did it!"

Britney had her revenge.
Janet Jackson vs. Britney Spears (2nd rematch) by Bob

Britney was sitting in her den talking on her phone when there was a loud CRAAAAASH! A car had smashed through the front wall of her home. She dropped the phone in horror as she looked at the area where seconds before there had been a solid wall. She was so stunned at first, she didn't realize the car was her own until the driver got out.

It was that bitch, Janet Jackson!

"Sorry about your house - and your car bitch," Janet said with a mocking manner.

Britney stood speechless, just staring open-mouthed at the wreckage.

"What's the matter girl, cat got your tongue?" Janet teased.

Britney started to cry, then stammered, "You….you'll p..pay for t…t..this."

"Not before you pay for it, hon," Janet hissed. "It's just you and me now, mano a mano!"

Britney was more stunned as she recognized the car was hers, "How…..how'd you get MY car?"

"Good question. Maybe I hot wired it," Janet grinned. "Or maybe Justin gave me the keys."

"Justin wouldn't give you my keys."

"Are you sure about that? Go check the car, or at least what's left of it," Janet said as she contemptuously smirked. "Now what about that fight I want?"

"I'll fight you. Obviously you didn't learn anything from the beating I gave you in the ring last time. But now I'm gonna teach you a valuable lesson. Just like I beat you last time, I'll beat you again. Only, this time there won't be a referee to stop it, so there wont' be anything left of you when I'm finished."

"Those are pretty big words coming from a cheating cunt like you," Janet screamed.

"I cheated!? Don't make me laugh. And just how did I cheat? I beat you fair and square."

"Did you really? So who drugged my water?" Janet asked as she pulled out her water bottle from the fight and flung it at Britney.

"Drugged your water? What are you, high? I guess you can't handle the fact that the superior woman won," Britney chirped.

"Oh, I can handle you beating me," Janet snarled. "IF you could beat me. But I know you drugged my water. During the fight I started feeling dizzy and disoriented, had trouble lifting my arms. I was working out a few days after the fight and told some friends about how I suddenly became weak and couldn't fight. There were a few fighters in the gym and they all said I'd been drugged."

"I think you're high right now," Britney snapped angrily. "Let's get this over with."

Britney snapped her foot out for Janet's groin but JJ was quick and got her hands up to deflect the kick. Looking to gain the early advantage, Britney followed with a left-right combination, which Janet easily avoided with a quick slide to the side as she ducked under the wild swings.

Despite Janet thwarting her early efforts, Britney continued on the attack, throwing another left-right combination, which she followed with another kick, again targeting Janet's groin.

"Shit," Britney screamed as Janet jumped back to easily avoid her efforts.

"What's the matter girl? It's a lot harder when I'm straight and sober?"

Then Janet cracked Britney on her chin with her right fist and, much to Janet's surprise, the blonde went down like she'd been shot. Janet stomped down hard on Britney's large melons with her heel, causing Britney to scream. She followed up with more stomping, this time to Britney's hard stomach, causing what sounded like the cry of a wounded animal to emit from the blonde.

With Britney incapacitated by the power of her kick, Janet bent down and took off one of her heavy black boots. Holding the boot in her right hand, Janet mounted Britney, sitting on the blonde's stomach. She grabbed a handful of Britney's hair, lifted her head slightly until she was staring into Britney's wide eyes.

"So now, who drugged my water?"

Britney still gasping for air, thrashed her legs and squirmed he hips as she protested, "I dunno what you're talking about!"

Janet shook her head in disgust and mockingly said, "Britney, Britney, Britney! I want the truth."

Then Janet smacked Britney in the forehead with the boot. Her head snapped backward and her eyes rolled around in her eye sockets as her blonde head bounced off the floor with a hollow THUD!

Janet methodically grabbed the blonde by her hair again and drew back like she was going to give the blonde another whack with her boot.

"No wait," screamed Britney. "It wasn't me; it was my….my…. AGENT! Yes, my agent did it. I didn't know anything about it until she told me after the fight was already over. Really!"

Janet gave Britney another whack with the boot but this time, unlike the first time she hit Britney with her boot, she continued to hold Britney's blonde hair as she ground it into her face.

"I'm glad you didn't know anything about drugging my water. I'd hate to think you tried to cheat."

As Janet started to bring the boot back to hit her again, Britney screamed, "Waaaait! Don't!!"

Janet stopped and waited for the blonde to speak.

"I told her to do it. I wanted to win and I was scared. You beat me so bad when we fought the first time,. I knew I'd only win if I cheated."

"Well congratulations on your win," Janet chuckled. "But now it's payback time."

She dropped the boot and started throwing rights and lefts to Britney's face and tits. Britney tried to put her arms up to protect herself from Janet's barrage but it was to no avail. Janet just kept pummeling her with both fists. When she sensed Britney was no longer in any condition to defend herself, the muscular African-American reached down and ripped open Britney's T-shirt.

The Black beauty's eyes opened wide when she saw that her competitor wasn't wearing a bra. She leaned forwards and sank her teeth into Britney's gigantic right breast. She continued to bite Britney's tit until the blonde passed out from the pain. Janet then let her go, stood up and proceeded to strip Britney of the rest of her clothing. When she'd stripped Britney completely nude, Janet got up and went to Britney's bathroom to get cleaned up and collect some items for the next part of her plan.

Britney woke up several minutes later and couldn't believe the pain in her chest. She looked down at her tit and was amazed to see the indentations left by Janet's teeth in her flesh. It would be awhile before she'd be wearing anything low-cut in public.

Suddenly, Britney started to feel pain throughout her entire body. Although she was experiencing a lot of pain, something else was wrong. Her entire body felt strange, almost numb. She decided to head for the bathroom to get cleaned up. As she passed a mirror, she stopped and took a few steps back so that she could check to make sure that she hadn't imagined what she thought she saw.

She screamed when she looked at her reflection, then burst into tears at the realization she wasn't imagining the end result of her fight.

Janet had shaved her crotch, her head and her eyebrows; she didn't have a single hair left anywhere on her body!

At first she muttered, "Wait'll I get my hands on that bitch!"

However, when she thought about what Janet had done to her, Britney decided there wouldn't be another fight. Janet had beaten and humiliated her twice and she wasn't going to risk being humiliated by her again. She vowed to avoid Janet at all costs and, if by chance their paths crossed, she'd be as submissive as necessary to avoid a fight; even if it meant becoming Janet's slave.