Samantha Janus vs Denise van Outen by Harry 26-Jan-00

Samantha Janus and Denise van Outen were both blonde stars of British TV, whether it be comedy, drama or hostesses. In addition they had modeling careers and frequently appeared in lads magazines. There was no special animosity between them, other than the normal rivalry that is to be expected between two women in the competitive world of TV stars. They sniped at one another in articles and interviews, and tried to out do the other with ever more risqué photo shoots.

But this rivalry turned violent when they were both booked into a Berkshire health spa as part of separate modeling contracts. They were booked to stay in adjacent rooms and both accused the other, in most unladylike language, of trying to upstage them. Angry notes were exchanged and, when they met by accident in the toilets vicious words. Mid afternoon Denise sent a note challenging Sam to come to her room straight from the end of shooting so that they could settle their argument. Despite Denise's reputation as a catfighter, Sam agreed and at just after 7pm she opened the door to Denise's room and walked in.

Denise was waiting for her, reclined at ease in an arm chair. She was dressed all in white, stockings, panties and vest top and her blonde hair was worn long and un-tethered. Samantha was wearing black stockings, black panties and bra and a baggy white shirt that was tied at the front. Having looked her opponent over, Sam released her hair so that it to was free flowing and put the scunchie that had been holding it in place over her right wrist. Denise got up out of the chair and walked towards Sam. The room had a thick carpet and with the furniture moved to the fringes and the curtains drawn.

"Put some music on Denise, I don't want everyone to hear you scream for mercy." said Sam sweetly "As long it is not that ABBA crap you recorded."

"Piss off Sammy! Why don't you stick to fifth rate comedy and panto, we don't want anyone mistaking you for an actress do we."

"Did you invite me here to compare my career to your pitiful efforts to date, or do you want to fight?"

Denise closed on Sam who raised her hands ready to lock up, but she was totally surprised when Denise spat a mouthful of saliva which sprayed across her face. As Sam recoiled in disgust and shock, trying to wipe the spittle from her face, Denise launched a vicious right handed open slap which caught her opponent across her cheek with such force it knocked her backwards.

Sam shrieked with pain at the force of the blow, but before she could react, a fist had been driven into her unprepared stomach causing her to gasp and double up with pain. But she was staring down at Denise's stocking feet, before she was grabbed unceremoniously by the fringe of her hair and her head dragged up, through the pain barrier, until she was face to face with her opponent. Denise was grinning, and to Sam it was an unpleasant sight.

But Denise was over-confident as to the impact of her surprise attack, that she never saw Sam's own stomach punch until it connected, causing her to slump forward with a groan. To protect herself against another such blow, Denise pressed her body up against Sam's and used her hands to take a grip of the hair at the back of her head. Sam countered by also taking two handfuls of blonde hair and the two women started to grapple silently, except for their squeals of pain and unseen. Their bodies pressed and jostled, broke apart and the clashed together again. Their nylon encased legs rubbed together making a slight hissing sound.

Sam's head was pulled backwards by Denise's grip, exposing her neck. Denise needed no second invitation and she moved one of her hands and used it to start choking her opponent. This new attack caused Sam to whimper slightly as her air passage was slowly squeezed, and she retaliated by trying to rake her nails across Denise's face. But because of the position of her head she could not clearly see her opponent and although she broke some skin, she couldn't gouge Denise's eyes. But the attack did cause Den to step backwards slightly, opening up a gap between the combatants and distract her from trying to choke Sam.

Having opened a slight gap between her and Denise, Sam ceased trying scratch the other blonde's eyes out, and instead went to jab a barrage of punches into her stomach. But Denise, as an experienced catfighter, anticipated this and moved a hand to grasp Sam's wrist. The two women grappled anew, using their other hand to pull viciously at the others blonde locks. Sam managed to hook an ankle round Denise's left leg, unbalancing her, and with the assistance of a determined attack, send her to the floor. But in doing this, Sam was also dragged downwards by dint of Denise's grip on her.

The two women collapsed in an undignified heap, and for a few moments slackened their holds to recover from the fall. But this was only momentary before the two combatants resumed their hairpulling and started to roll back and forth across the floor trying to gain a dominant position. As the struggle continued, Denise tried to up the ante (or lower the tone, depending on your point of view) by trying to rip aside Sam's shirt. But she was unable to get a decisive grip until she managed to get on top of hr opponent and spread her body so that she couldn't been rolled over. Having achieved this position Denise changed her posture, so that she was sat astride Sam's waist, but crouched forward with her opponents grip on her hair undiminished.

Denise kept one hand on Sam's hair and used the other to rip open the shirt. Sam countered by also removing a hand from hair pulling and used it to protect herself. Although an inexperienced catfighter, Sam realised that she was at a disadvantage and that she needed to do something quickly. Although she as bucking and writhing trying to throw her opponent off of her it was having no effect. Denise managed to untie the knot in Sam's shirt, only because rather than defending herself, Sam used her spare hand to aim a chopping blow at Miss van Outen's neck.

Denise gave a strangled, gurgling gasp as the blow hit home, and stopped attacking Sam. Now free from being attacked, Sam was able to push Denise off of her, although it took a little bit more effort before Sam could roll free and start to crawl away on her hands and knees. But the blow to Denise's neck had caused no lasting damage, and she was able to start after her opponent.

"Come back here you little bitch!" screeched Denise as she reached out and caught hold of Sam's right foot, causing her to fall on her face forward.

She tried to get up again, and shake off Denise's grip, but to no avail and again she fell forward, this time accompanied by a ripping sound as the lower portion of her stocking came away in Denise's hand. She looked over her shoulder and saw her grinning opponent on her knees clutching the limp piece of stocking and again tried to crawl away. But Denise leapt forward and this time caught hold of both Sam's ankles. Miss Janus could not free herself and could do nothing to stop Denise using this grip to turn her onto her back.

"Not going to run away were we Sammy dearest?" sneered Denise, as she dragged Sam towards her.

As she did so, she released Sam's left leg intent on getting a more painful grip. But Denise was taken by surprise when Sam swung her now free leg and caught Denise on the side of her head sending her sprawling. As Denise hit the carpet with a grunt, she had no chance to get a grip of her senses as Samantha aimed a flurry of kicks at her. With effectively bare feet these kicks battered Denise, but caused no lasting damage, until one blow caught the prone blonde in the crotch. Although it didn't make solid contact it was enough to make Denise scream with pain, and instinctively roll away.

Now that her opponent was out of range Sam took a few moments to catch her breath before getting up and walking towards her opponent. Denise, meanwhile having ascertained that no lasting damage had been done rolled over onto her hands and knees. Seeing Sam advancing towards her, Denise started to lash out with her hands. Sam danced around trying to avoid Denise's claws and to find and opening for an attack, she feinted to launch a kick at Denise's head, but instead leapt forward and got astride of her opponent. Before Denise could escape, Sam sat down heavily driving her butt in to the middle of Denise's back, flattening her into the carpet. Denise let out a cry of pain, both at the weight of Samantha being on top of her and as her breasts were flattened.

Having achieved a dominant position Sam lent forward and started to rip at the top of Denise's white stockings, causing rends and holes to start to appear. But although this looked bad, it wasn't hurting Denise. Whilst this was going on Denise tried to buck and throw Sam off of her, but her efforts were hindered by being winded from when Sam assumed this position. Samantha now turned her attention to Denise's butt, and started to rip aside the skimpy white underwear, which revealed to white cheeks. Without further hesitation, Sam sank her claws into the inviting white globes of flesh, first scratching and then squeezing. Denise let out a scream and tried to arch her back in agony, but Sam continued to pin her to the floor.

"Get of my arse you fucking lezzie slut!" screamed Denise as she tried to fight back the tears.

As Sam's fingers continued to torture Miss van Outen's battered butt, Denise reached back a scratched at Sam's lower legs. But this brought no relief from the pain, and Sam appeared to take no notice. Denise then started to bend back the toes on Sam's uncovered foot, which resulted in Sam emitting a slight scream and looking over her shoulder. She took a hand from Denise's backside, and used it to slap away the hand that was attacking her foot.

Having momentary and slight relief from the assault on her once desirable backside, Denise now put all her efforts in to raising herself up. Sam was concentrating so much on trying to hurt her prone opponent, that she was surprised when she was lifted upwards. So much so that she over balanced and slid slowly from Denise who had just managed to get onto her hands and knees. As a reflex Sam locked her ankles, so trapping Denise in a vice like grip about her stomach. But before she could begin to exert pressure, Denise had lifted one hand and driven it into Sam's crotch. Before Sam could recover to scream in pain at this vicious assault on her womanhood, Denise collapsed falling on her lower leg.

Now Samantha let out a shriek of pain which brought a smile to Denise's sweaty face. The two women were locked in this position trying to recover from their pain. Sam unlocked her ankles and used the foot on her upper leg to push Denise away, but she didn't have to push to forcefully to free herself. Once the two combatants were free from one another, Sam started to drag herself backwards to put some space between them. Denise spent a few moments rubbing her battered backside, attempting briefly to massage away her pain, before getting up her heart now intent on humiliating Sam. Miss Janus had also managed to get up, albeit more gingerly given her battered left leg, which had been trapped beneath Denise.

The two women circled, Denise the more eager to get up close and personal, making clawing motions with their hands. Denise reached forward and took hold of Sam's blouse left sleeve and pulled her towards her. Their two bodies slapped together whilst both women took two handfuls of the others blonde hair. They resumed their hair pulling struggle, grunting with the pain and shouting obscenities.

"Third rate whore." snarled Sam.

"Lezzie trollop!" spat Denise.

Denise tried to break the deadlock by twisting Sam round on her injured leg. But Sam did not break her grip on Denise's hair, and instead the two women ended up side by side, bent over still pulling each others hair. They staggered around, each trying to drag the other into a position whereby they could try to through their opponent into the wall, but to no affect. Sam was not experienced or strong enough to pull Denise her way, but was sufficiently strong and stubborn to prevent Denise doing the same to her. But Denise realised that she had the advantage, and started to kick Sam's injured leg. As a number of painful kicks caused it to start to buckle, Denise twisted dragging Sam with her and forcing her opponent downwards.

The laws of gravity took over and Sam had to stop her hairpulling so as to prevent a painful fall. But Denise did not release her hold and landed at an angle across Sam's back. Before Sam could react, Denise scrambled to sit astride her back, and started to pull her head back by the hair. When a clump came away in her hand, sending Sam's head crashing into the carpet, Denise instead started to pull her opponent up by the back of her blouse, again lifting the sobbing Sam up off the floor.

Sam was all the while bucking and squirming trying to get Denise off her back. This caused Denise to topple to her right, momentarily dragging Sam with her, until the blouse gave away with a loud rip. For a third time Sam fell to the floor, but she was quickly able to realise that she was free and started to move away.

But before she had gone two metres, Sam heard Denise cackle nastily, "Don't run away Sammy, I haven't finished with you yet!"

Sam felt Denise's hands rip aside the remnants of the back of her blouse and take hold of the back of her bra. As Sam tried to more forward, coupled with Denise's pulling crushed her breasts into her chest. Sam screamed in pain, but continued to try to move away from Denise, realising that that would only bring her relief. Denise tried to reach out and grab Sam's hair, but she was bucking her head, and she was more intent on not breaking her hold. But Sam's black bra was of insubstantial material, and after less than a minute it gave way, propelling the two opponents in opposite directions. Sam collapsed to the floor in relief, whilst Denise went backwards and collided with the wall.

When Sam realised that she wasn't about to be leapt on she looked over her shoulder and saw Denise van Outen slumped against the wall clearly stunned. Sam gingerly got up onto her knees, shed what was left of her blouse, and turned to face her enemy.

Realising that Denise had still not recovered, Sam moved forward, reached out and grabbed Denise's stocking clad ankles. Having hit her head against the wall Denise was still coming too, when she felt herself dragged forward. But she only became aware of what was happening when she felt fingers ripping aside her knickers and then start to pull viciously on her blonde pubic mound.

Denise let out a stream of abuse and obscenity, as she was caught between the desire to protect her pussy and attack Samantha. In the end, some of Denise's pubic hair was unequal to the struggle and Sam was forced to release her grip. When Denise's butt hit the floor, Sam looked on at her battered foe, instead of following up. This, despite the pain that she was experiencing, gave Denise the chance to counter attack. She pulled back one of her feet, and before Sam could react, drove it into her stomach. Sam screamed and fell backwards.

Painfully and slowly Denise pulled herself up onto her knees, and looked down at the moaning and sobbing Samantha. Deliberately and roughly, and still hurting, Denise forced apart Sam legs. She the thrust her hands towards Sam's crotch, ripping aside the black silk underwear to expose the untouched blonde pussy. Denise eagerly sunk her claws into the inviting snatch pulling and scratching with a viciousness born of revenge. Sam let out an unholy scream as her womanhood was violated. Now unable to hold back the tears, she used her remaining strength reach up and grab Denise's hair with both hands and drag her away from her minge. As her head was dragged by its roots, Denise stopped pulling at Sam's pussy, and sunk her hands into her opponents disheveled hair.

Both women were at the end of their tether, their bodies battered and bruised, their ego and image had also taken a beating, and neither woman was capable of partaking in a photo shoot of any description. As they rolled across the floor, Denise forced home her advantage by squeezing Sam's breasts, thrusting her pussy into Sam's and spitting into her face. This new assault robbed Sam of what reserves of will she had, and it took only a few moments before she was sobbing her submission. Denise did not release her grip until she was certain that Sam had submitted. She emphasized her superiority by smothering Sam's tear stained face with her breasts until Miss Janus was silent.

The End