Jermaine's Farewell Party by IRISH and TNT
Jermaine was packing the last couple of items in his suitcase before he left for his extended business trip. He was having a tough time closing the lid and was just about to sit on it till the latches met and he was able to lock them shut when the phone rang. He slid off the suitcase that flew open like a jack in the box. "Shit!" he swore as he walked across the room to answer the phone. "Hello?" he said into the phone. He had his new love on his mind and just wanted to slip out of town without a big fuss.

"Hey Jermaine! It's Irish. Meet me out front of your apartment in ten minutes." Jermaine tried to explain that he had some more packing to do, but like a stereotypical Irishman, Irish was thickheaded and would not take no for an answer. "You didn't think I was going to let you leave with out a little send off did you? Some of the troops are meeting us at K&G's bar. We plan on sitting around the table and sharing some of our best stories with each other over a couple of beers. See you in ten." The next thing Jermaine heard was a dial tone. Irish wasn't going to give him the chance to argue his way out of this one. "What the hell?" Jermaine asked himself. "For old times sake!"

Irish arrived in a Shelby Series One and found Jermaine waiting out front. He climbed in and they sped off towards the bar. "Does Karen know that you have her car?" Jermaine asked.

"I won't tell if you don't!" was Irish's answer.

A few minutes later they pulled into the parking lot of the bar. Walking through the bar towards the back, you could cut the cigarette and cigar smoke with a knife. A new addition was the popcorn and peanut shells on the floor. What wasn't new was the smell of stale beer.

"Damn! I'm gonna miss this place." Jermaine muttered under his breath.

"What was that?"

"Huh? Oh, nothing," Jermaine answered.

The two men approached the reserved table and saw that TNT, Blizzard, Oberon, Jackflash, and Samdog had arrived before them. Several chairs still sat empty as Irish hoped that others would stop in, wish Jermaine well, and share a story amongst friends. They weren't sitting long when their hostesses Kimberly and Ginny arrived at their table carrying a tray full of beer and munchies. The two women took seats flanking the guest of honor on either side.

"So Jermaine my brother." Irish started. "Do I have a story for you!"
"Do you remember a certain someone that you spent the night with during my recent, how shall we say this... Difficulties?" Irish began. "Do you mean Kimberly? GOD do I ever remember that night!" Jermaine responded. "Did you ever hear what happened at the mansion right after that?" "No! She said she was going to call but she never did. I feel so cheep!" Jermaine continued. "Well maybe she was tied up so she couldn't call. The story goes something like this...."

Hef was having one of his pajama parties or something at the mansion. Everyone and everyone was there. "Hey I wasn't there!" Jermaine demanded. Like I said everyone who was someone! Irish teased Jermaine. Before the party got started, Kimberly Conrad made her way down to the grotto and laid out on one of the lounge chairs. She was trying to work on her tan prior to the party. Long story short, she fell asleep and awoke about an hour later with a chill, feeling like someone was watching her. The reason was that someone was standing over her casting a shadow over her.

"Do you think you can step aside out of my sun please." Kimberly asked. "You're casting a shadow over me."

"I have been casting a shadow over you for years bitch! I thought that you would be used to it by now."

The voice belonged to one India Allen. Playmate of the Month one month before Kimberly. The two were often compared to each other due to the close proximity of their respective layouts. Allen stole a little of Kimberly's thunder when she was named Playmate of the Year for 1988. During that year, India rubbed it into Kimberly's face whenever she had the chance. As fate would have it, Kimberly had the last laugh. Not only did she succeed India as PMOY, but also she stole Hef from her and wound up marrying him.

"Look India, Get over it! Hef doesn't want any trouble tonight. Now get lost before I kick your ass all over the grounds!" Kimberly threatened. India never moved however, but called out Kimberly instead. "Why don't you move me?"

Kimberly was still licking her wounds from her part in freeing Irish from Aikka, but she had over fifteen years of biting her tongue at Hef's request. And now it was time to roll.

Kimberly jumped out of the lounge chair so quickly; she stumbled over it in her excitement on getting her hands on India. "What's the matter bitch? First day with your new feet?" India taunted. Kimberly grew even more enraged and kicked the chair out of her way as she advanced on India. "Wait! Before you take another step. Let me introduce you to a friend of mine." India said.

"You don't think I'm going to fall for that look behind you trick? Do you?" Kimberly asked. "Fine! Have it your way." Before Kimberly could take another step forward, somebody sank both of their hands into her hair and pulled her back with a harsh yank. Before Kimberly knew what had happened, India buried her fist deep into her belly doubling the blonde over. "You didn't think I was going to fight fair? Did you? You're blonder than I thought!" India said as she stepped forward, fist cocked back for another blow.

India grabbed Kimberly by the hair herself and lifted a knee into Kimberly's face. "What took you so long?" India demanded as she pulled Kimberly upright and shoved her backwards. Kimberly was caught by the second woman and held in a full nelson, free for India to tee off on, which she did. India threw a right cross that snapped Kimberly's head to the side. A trickle of blood appeared from the corner of Kimberly's mouth.

Angry fingers found the front of Kimberly's bikini top and tore it wide open. A quick left-right-left combination and Kimberly's twin treasures where swaying from side to side. India stepped in a drove her knee up between Kimberly's legs. The blonde grunted and dropped to her knees when she was released from behind. "This bitch here... she's the one that gave Hef the crabs ten years ago."

"Oh really..." Stephanie Henirich replied. With that new information she kicked Kimberly squarely in the back of her head sending her face first into the sand. Stephanie dropped her knees down into Kimberly's lower back, and grabbed each wrist, one at a time, and tied them behind her back using the blonde's own bikini. "You fucking tramp! I've been itching for two years because of you!"

Stephanie rolled Kimberly onto her back and straddled her waist. She began slapping the blonde back and forth with slaps to the face. When she tired of that, she sunk her sharpened nails into Kimberly's breast. India just stood there, hands on hips, seeing her long time rival abused by one of Hef's latest flavors of the month. Her mean side began to come to the forefront, and she undid the string ties on either side of her bikini bottom.

"Hey! Save some for me!" India demanded as she stepped forward and allowed the bathing suit bottom to drop to the ground between her legs. She stepped over Kimberly and dropped her ass down onto Kimberly's breast, flattening them against her rib cage. "How about a little pie for dessert?" India asked as she grabbed Kimberly by her blonde locks and lifted her head into position.

India took a moment to enjoy the look of fear in Kimberly's eyes. But it was a moment to long. The next thing she knew, she was flying through the air, landing in a heap at the base of the lounge chair. A split second later, and Stephanie's body landed on top of her, and the two became entangled in the furniture.

Karen McDougal was bringing a drink out to Kimberly when she heard the commotion. She turned the corner of the pool house and saw Kimberly in deep trouble. Karen owed Kimberly her life and just dropped the two glasses were she stood and broke out into a sprint to come to Kimberly's aid. One strong well-placed kick and the two instigators were on a one-way trip to Painsville!

Quickly looking over at the tangle of bodies in front of her, Karen figured that she had enough time to free Kimberly from her restraints.

"Hey Kimberly... you OK?" Karen asked as she sat the blonde up and untied the bikini top from the blonde's wrist. "Let me at that bitch!" came the ex-Mrs. Hefner's reply. Karen extended her hand and helped the older woman up. "Karen, stay out of this. Just keep that little twit Heiny-rich out of my way 'till I'm done with Allen," Kimberly said as she stood, brushed herself off, then confidently strode over to India.

When she reached her, she reached down and grabbed a big handful of hair. Kimberly began to spin India round and round making the brunette more and more dizzy with each rotation. Finally, Kimberly released her hair hold and watched as India flew face first into the side of the pool house. "Wait sweetie! Don't go away mad!" Kimberly called after India as she closed the distance between them.

Karen chuckled at the turn of events. She watched Kimberly walk over to India and tear her bikini top off, leaving the brunette completely nude. Kimberly pulled India to her feet by the hair and gave her a backhanded chop across the chest driving her back against the wall.

"Way to go Ki…MMMMMMMMPH!" Karen's cheer was cut short when Stephanie dove at her from behind and tackled her to the ground with a spear to the lower back. She had caught Karen completely by surprise and driven all the air out of her lungs. The two Playmates landed hard with Stephanie on top.

Stephanie shifted her weight so that she was now sitting on Karen's back between her shoulder blades. Not giving the powerful brunette a chance to catch her breath, Stephanie grabbed hold of Karen's hair and pulled her head up of the ground so that she could wrap her legs around her head. She locked her thighs around and began to squeeze for all she was worth. Stephanie had Karen in a bad way at the moment and glanced over to India to see how she was doing.

Kimberly who had gained control of her match a moment earlier stopped dead in her tracks when she heard Karen cry out in pain. A moment of hesitation was all that India needed to get back in it. When Kimberly's attention was directed away for a second, India slid to her knees in front of Kimberly. When the blonde returned her focus back to India, she threw a mighty fist up between her legs. Kimberly's lips formed a tight little "o" but nothing escaped save air as she gasped. Grabbing Kimberly by the ankles, India pulled her legs out from under her, dumping her flat on her back. India and Kimberly exchanged smiles, as they were both once again in control of their charges.

As India crawled up Kimberly's body and lowered her breast onto the former Mrs. Hefner's face, Kimberly's arms and legs began flailing away as she struggled for air but India just pulled her face deeper into her cleavage as Kimberly's struggles increased in desperation.

Back over by Karen and Stephanie, the brunette struggled to make it to her knees with the blonde's thick thighs still tightly wrapped around her head. Stephanie grabbed Karen's hair like the reins of a mechanical bull as she fought to stay on top of the Playmate. Karen eventually made it to her feet with Stephanie perched on her shoulders like a team in a chickenfight contest. Realizing her head scissors wasn't getting the job done, Stephanie released Karen's hair and reached around and pinched Karen's nose shut while her other hand clapped over Karen's mouth. The effect of the lack of oxygen were immediate as Karen became light headed and began to sway to and fro as her legs began to give way.

Karen knew she had to act fast or be smothered out. Her eyes darted from side to side in a panic looking for an escape. She was about to take her final swan song when her prayers were answered! Karen began to stagger toward freedom, shocking Stephanie with her resiliency; in fact, Karen actually began to pick up speed as she approached her objective. Stephanie looked up too late to see the cabana awning and by the time the impending danger registered, the edge of the awning made contact with the bridge of her nose, knocking her backward off of Karen's shoulders like a knight who'd lost a joust!

Karen bent over with hands on knees, shoulders hunched, gulping down great lungfuls of badly needed air. When she finally caught her breath, she turned to see Stephanie sprawled flat on her back with blood coming from both nostrils of her broken nose.

"Aaaaahhhh!!!!!" Karen's head snapped in the direction of the scream and saw that Kimberly had sunk her pearly whites into India's sensitive tit flesh to gain her freedom. As India rolled away to check on the damage, Kimberly rolled onto her stomach and made it up to her hands and knees. Her eyes never leaving India for a second. India was in tears and wanted the encounter to end. But Kimberly still had other thoughts. She made her way over to where India was on her hands and knees, crying from the pain in her chest. Kimberly just reached around the front of India and sunk her nails deep into each of India's breast. Allen began to regret even coming out to poolside looking for revenge. Kimberly just took a seat behind her and pulled her up against her body. Still not letting go of the breast claws, Kimberly wrapped her legs around India's waist and locked her ankles, and began to squeeze. As India began to cry out in pain, a big smile crossed Kimberly's face as all her own pain drifted away.

When Karen had caught her breath, she walked over to the dazed Stephanie and pulled her to her feet by the hair, and then bent her forward at the waist. Karen lifted about ten unanswered knees to the smaller woman's gut knocking all the wind out of her. Karen grabbed Stephanie around the throat and locked her head in place in the crook of her arm. The former PMOY reached down with her other hand and yanked Stephanie's bikini bottom deep into her ass cleavage giving her a massive wedgie. Using her hold on the material, Karen pulled Stephanie up into an inverted position. McDougal held the vertical for a few seconds before falling backwards, driving the top of Stephanie's head down to the ground. When Karen released her hold, Stephanie's body just continued over the top and she landed flat on her back.

Back in the main event, Kimberly had rolled onto her side and continued to crush India's rib cage and mauled her breast. The former Mrs. Hefner finally released India and kicked her body off to the side. She looked over and saw that Karen had taken care of business, and kept Stephanie from interfering again. Kimberly stood, stretched, and then dropped her own bikini bottoms. She straddled India's head and dropped down on her chest.

Kimberly wanted to make sure that India remembered this day for a long time, so she slapped her face; softly at first but her slaps grew in intensity 'til India came around and Kimberly had her attention. Looking up and seeing Kimberly's thick blonde bush, India knew no good would come of this....she was unable to defend herself.

"India dear... Since you're so concerned with my genital hygiene I figure that you won't mind doing a little inspection for me to check for bugs."

India began to panic and called out for Stephanie to come to her aid, "Help! Step....mmuupppphh...." But her cries were cut short when Kimberly lowered herself into position and drove India's nose deep into the cleft between her legs.

"Now do a good job! We don't want any unwanted we!!"

Kimberly sensed motion behind her and off to her side and when she turned to look, she was relieved to see it was Karen dragging the barely conscious Stephanie by the hair. When Karen got closer, she pulled Stephanie's head back so that Kimberly could admire her handiwork as Stephanie's eyes had the beginnings of two lovely black eyes.

"Hey Kimberly! What do you think?" Karen asked her friend.

"Looks like you've got the raccoon and I have the ant eater," Kimberly joked.

When she had finished, Karen and Kimberly walked back to the mansion to get ready for the evening's party leaving India and Stephanie where they lay.
Chapter 2

Just as Irish finished up his tale of Kimberly's battle with India, Karen walked up to the table and gave Jermaine a big hug and a kiss on the cheek. "Damn Jermaine! We're going to miss you around here. You seemed to give me almost as much attention as Irish does. Thanks for everything!" Jermaine smiled as Karen walked over, and ignoring the empty chairs, sat down on Irish's lap.

Karen quickly turned and looked him in the eye. "Is there something in your pocket?"

"No babe, I'm just happy to see you!" Irish said with a sheepish grin.

"Hand 'em over!" Karen demanded as she got off his lap and extended her hand. Irish pulled the keys to the Shelby out of his pocket and handed them to Karen. "I've been looking all over for these!"

Trying to think quickly on his feet the best thing that came out was, "It's Jermaine's fault! He wanted a ride in it before he left."

Karen glanced over at Jermaine who slowly shook his head 'no' and Irish knew that he was busted. Karen sat back down on his lap, a little harder this time than last. Before she had a chance to scold him, Danny Boy, the Walking' Dude, Fritz and Black Mamba walked in, shook Jermaine's hand, and took their seats at the table. Irish was just about to start another story to change the subject when Ginny signaled to one of the waitresses. She banged on her glass with a knife to get everyone's attention. Irish pulled Karen in tight and planted a kiss on her lips.

"What was that for?" she asked. "Isn't that what you're supposed to do when somebody bangs on a glass?"

"Ladies & Gentlemen...and I use those terms loosely! Kimberly and I have a surprise for Jermaine before he leaves us..."

On cue, the waitress wheeled in a huge cake, stopping right at the head of the table and than stepped off to the side. No doubt Ginny had everyone's attention, as all eyes were on the oversized cake. Karen slid forward onto Irish's knees and peered around TNT to get a better look at the surprise.

With the loud bang of a pyrotechnic charge, the top of the cake blew off and a brunette wearing a black bikini and mask jumped out and took a seat on the top rim, striking a seductive pose. Karen leapt from her perch and began to close the distance between her and the mystery woman at a very quick pace. It seemed that the woman's identity was a mystery to everyone but Kimberly, Ginny - and now Karen.

Just before Karen reached striking distance, the waitress stuck out her foot and tripped her. Karen stumbled but didn't fall and after several halting steps, she regained her balance and stood, casting an evil glance back at the waitress.

"I'll deal with you later!" she threatened.

The waitress just took a step back getting ready to make a quick exit while Karen turned her attention back to the cake. But just as she turned, her breasts were pounded flat against her chest. The pain was instantaneous and she went flying backward through the air until she landed on a table. Her momentum sent her sliding across the table top and off the other side, where she landed heavily on her back with her legs in the air, pulling the tablecloth and the entire contents of the table down on top of her. Karen struggled to catch her breath, feeling like she has just been hit by a cross-town bus. On the other side of the table, the mystery woman got back to her feet after her perfect drop kick. The black mask had been dislodged during her fall, however, exposing the face of Brooke Burke!

Brooke straightened her bikini, ignoring her mask as she began to walk around the table to where Karen lay. The attack caught everyone by surprise and Irish jumped up and ran around the table to try and help Karen up. Unfortunately, he arrived just after Brooke.

"Hey! Leave her alone!" Irish demanded.

Brooke stood and placed her hands on her hips, "Are you talking to me?"

Then before he could answer, Brooke used her knee to drive Irish's gonads up into his throat, effectively neutralizing him as a threat and ensuring he'd be singing tenor for the rest of the night! As Jermaine helped the pale and shaken Irish back to his seat, Brooke dragged Karen to her feet by her hair. Karen still hadn't caught her breath - and wouldn't anytime soon because Brooke doubled the Playmate over with a knee to the belly, knocking what little air remained in her lungs out of her. With Karen doubled over holding her tummy, Brooke pulled Karen's blouse over her head, trapping her arms inside the 'bag', then Brooke broke into a big smile at the sight of the inviting targets that presented! She lifted two more knees into Karen, one pancaking each breast and leaving Karen just about out on her feet and making it easy for Brooke to pull Karen's blouse the rest of the way off, leaving the Playmate swaying unsteadily in a red satin bra and blue jeans.

Using Karen's hair to control her movements, Brooke pulled her head under her armpit and locked on a choke hold. Brooke reached down and grabbed hold of Karen's belt and used it to pull Karen's feet of the ground. In an incredible show of strength, Brooke powered Karen up till she held her completely upright. Brooke paused for effect, and then fell backwards, dropping Karen's body on top of the table. The table gave way under the force of Karen's body's momentum and the Playmate laid there motionless in the center of the rubble of what was once a table.

Kimberly looked over at Irish who was still trying to swallow his balls that had traveled up internally and lodged in the back of his throat. Beads of sweat were pouring from his forehead, and he wasn't even able to see the fight. That surely would have added to his pain.

"You know... She's going to have to pay for that table that she just broke," Kimberly said, but she could tell the taunt didn't even register.

Brooke stood, looked over at Karen and saw that she wasn't going anywhere anytime soon. She took the opportunity to walk over to the table and take a big swig of beer from Jermaine's glass.

"Not looking too good for the home team now... is it?" she said with a smirk and then returned to where Karen was just beginning to stir.

Brooke reached down, grabbed each of Karen's ankles, and pulled towards her as hard as she could. Karen's body left the ground and then hovered a moment before crashing back to the ground. She landed flat on her back and was dazed when the back of her head slammed against the ground. Brooke stepped over Karen's body, undid her belt, top button and zipper and then returned to her ankles. Dropping Karen's shoes to the ground one at a time, Brooke grabbed hold of the legs of Karen's jeans. Like a magician pulling the tablecloth out from under the place settings, Brooke tore Karen's jeans down her legs and off her body revealing red satin bikini bottoms that matched her bra.

Brooke tossed the jeans over towards the table where all of Jermaine's well-wishers sat in stunned silence. She stopped a moment and stood with her hands on her hips at Karen's feet. Now normally bars are dimly lit and Kimberly & Ginny's bar was no exception. But the staff had standing orders that as soon as a fight broke out they were to bring up the house lights so nothing would be lost in the darkness. That and the fact the recording equipment functioned much better in better lighting.

So now she stood above Karen casting a shadow over her fallen body. Brooke licked her lips as she ran her eyes up and down the Playmate's body looking for her next target. Stopping at Karen's breast, Brooke saw that one of her nipples had found freedom from its restraint. "Yeah! I'll tear that bra off and maul her titties!" Brooke thought to herself.

Karen managed to look up at Brooke, but the models face was in the shadows with the bright lights behind her. The lighting caused almost an angelic glow around Brooke's head, but one thing for sure was... Brooke was no angel! Brooke stepped forward and was about to bend down when Karen kicked up with her right leg burying foot ankle deep in Brooke's groin.

Brooke gasped and dropped to her knees, one on either side of Karen's thighs. Karen tried to slip out from under her, but Brooke managed to squeeze her legs together preventing Karen's escape. Almost in a panic, Karen reached up and latched onto Brooke's generous breast and sank her nails into the tender tit flesh. Brooke forgetting about the pain in her crotch, and now her breast, and returned Karen's attack in kind burying her own nails into Karen's breast. Both women dug in... literally, and tried to weather the storm while wearing down her opponent's defenses.

Burke cringed in pain as Karen began to get the better of her. In another moment she felt that she would lose her dominant position, straddling the Playmate. Brooke glanced down through tear filled eyes and spotted Karen's errant nipple that had poked it's way out of Karen's bra. In an act of desperation, Brooke released her breast claw on Karen's left breast and clamped down on her nipple like a pair of vise grips. McDougal let out a shriek and then bit her lip trying to fight off the pain. Brooke was able tighten her grip with her legs, and began to twist Karen's nipple. First in one direction... and then the other.

Karen released her grip on Brooke's tits and grabbed hold of her wrist trying to free her nipple from the torturous hold. When she was unable to break Brooke's grip, she fired a punch at the model's jaw stinging her. Brooke moved her head from side to side trying to shake the punch off. Karen lined her up again and fired another punch to the point of her chin. Karen felt Brooke's grip begin to loosen. With her left hand, Karen reached up and grabbed Brooke's hair and pulled her face closer to her. After four or five short rapid-fire punches from point blank range, Karen forced Brooke to release her hold as she tried to cover up and protect herself.

With Brooke on the defensive, Karen was able to tug on her hair and shift her weight, rolling the model off the top of her. Karen let her momentum continue, and soon was the one on top with Brooke beneath her trying to fight off the attack. Finally Brooke was able to catch hold of Karen's right wrist stopping the onslaught. As the two women arm-wrestled so they could begin swinging again, Brooke bucked her hips sending Karen off to the side. Brooke never broke contact and continued with Karen trying to roll back on top. Over and over they rolled with each woman taking a turn getting in a couple of solid punches. They continued rolling sending everyone scattering so as not to interfere with the fight. Soon they rolled so many times; they wound up under a table, disappearing from site under the skirt of the tablecloth.

Out of everyone's sight the struggle continued until they ran out of room to maneuver. Their final resting place was determined when Brooke rolled Karen off of her one last time and Karen's back slammed into the legs of the table stopping her forward progress. Brooke took full advantage of Karen being caught off guard at an awkward angle and released Karen's hair and lit up the Playmate with a barrage of lefts and rights to the face.

The view from above was of items bouncing around the table as it shook from the battle below. Even worse then, the precious nectar of the gods, was being spilled all over the tablecloth. Soon the pretzels were soggy and the last full pitcher had been dumped over. Somebody had to do something to stop this travesty! Irish still not ready to answer the bell so Jermaine swung into action darting over to the side of the table that the women had disappeared under. Just as he was about lift the skirt, the women appeared in front of him, startling him and causing him to lose his balance and fall over backwards.

Brooke appeared first backing out from under the table with Karen in tow. The model had regained control of the fight under the table with a close quarter assault and Karen unable to use her quickness. Brooke pulled Karen out from under the table by the bra. No it was no longer around Karen's breast. It was now tightly wrapped around the Playmate's neck strangling her. When they both cleared the table, Brooke pulled Karen to her feet by her improvised leash.

Once she had Karen on her feet, Brooke pulled backwards on the leash causing Karen to stumble backwards. She didn't have far to travel though as Brooke used her other hand to form a fist and bury it deep into Karen's lower back. Brooke continued with this move over and over like she was playing with a yo-yo. Karen's fingers were struggling to try and get between her neck and the material of the bra to prevent Brooke from choking her out. She wasn't making much progress.

Finally Brooke pulled Karen back and leaned her shoulder against Karen's back to hold the Playmate upright and prevent her from tumbling over. She then released the bra and moved both her hands to Karen's waist where she felt for the band of Karen's panties. In a flash, Brooke pantsed Karen, yanking down on her undergarments, leaving them bunched at her ankles. With a mighty shove from behind, Brooke sent Karen stumbling forward till she tripped over her wears and fell flat on her face.

Brooke walked over and sat down on Karen's back facing her feet. She reached back and grabbed hold of the bra that had loosened slightly due to the lack of attention and wrapped it around her hand a couple of times to take out the slack and start choking the Playmate again. Brooke then pulled back on the bra bringing Karen's face up off the floor so that she was now facing the table of her friends. It was turning blue from lack of air and showed the signs of a fierce battle. Brooke looked over to Karen supporters and suggested. "It looks like this might be Karen's Farewell Party. Not Jermaine's!"

Brooke let go of the bra and Karen's face crashed back to the floor. She then began to paddle Karen's ass. Slowly at first, and then gaining in speed and severity with each striking blow. Soon Karen's ass was beat red and feeling like pins and needles, as Brooke's palms made contact over and over again like rain beating on the windowpane in a category four hurricane.

Karen pulled the bra from around her throat and threw it as far away from the two of them so that Brooke could no longer use it to control her. One problem was solved, but Brooke was still beating on her ass and she was going to have to do something about that real soon! The assault finally stopped when Brooke paused to rest her hands. She rubbed them together trying to massage some of the stinging away before she went back to work. "Maybe next time I should use a paddle or something." She thought to herself.

Karen looked over at Irish who was huffing and puffing trying to return his breathing to normal. She thought she saw a tear in his eye. Was it because she was getting her ass kicked? Was it because of the ball bust? Or was it over the spilt beer? Karen didn't know. But what she did know was that she wanted to put an end to this right now. Karen struggled to her knees and up onto her elbows. The sudden move completely surprised Brooke who almost fell from her perch. She reached for something to grab onto to prevent from being thrown, but she had completely stripped Karen and she didn't have any clothing on to grab hold of. She was able to maintain her balance however by sinking her long nails into Karen's tenderized ass.

The nails caused Karen to jump and she lurched forward. She was now on all fours and quickly formulated a plan to dislodge Brooke. Low bridge! Karen lunged forward again and dove underneath the table again. Brooke, who was having a hard enough time trying to hold on, didn't realize what was going on till it was too late. The back of Brooke's head smashed into the edge of the table knocking her from her perch.

Brooke's head spun and she bit down on her tongue. It took a moment for Brooke to regain her bearings. When she tasted her own blood she was pissed.

"That's it bitch! You're dead now!" Brooke turned around and roughly grabbed hold of the tablecloth and pulled it out of her way. When she craned her head forward to peer under the table she was shocked to see that Karen wasn't there.

"Where the hell did that little tramp go?" Brooke wondered.

While Brooke cleared the cobwebs, Karen made her way out the other side of the table and slid on top of it. Brooke began to frantically look for Karen under the table but was unable to find her. The model felt a cold chill run up her spine and still kneeling, spun around slowly to see if some how Karen had made her way behind her. And that was exactly what had happened. Karen had made her way over the table and dropped behind Brooke.

When Brooke turned to face her, her face went pale just before Karen crashed a steel-folding chair down over the top of her head. Brooke wavered for a moment, and then pitched forward out cold. Karen moved in and removed Brooke's bikini.

"Hey Jermaine! Get your ass over here and give me a hand."

Jermaine did as he was told and lifted Brooke as Karen had instructed and laid her out on the main table. A couple of quick adjustments and Karen was done. Karen walked over to where Irish was sitting; the color had just begun to return to his face. First it had been green, then white and now was somewhere closer to pink. If she could see the area around his nuts, she could have completed a rainbow of all the different colors. She gingerly slid onto his lap and took her seat again. To her surprise, she found that he had a bag of ice down the front of his pants applied to the injured area. The cold felt great against her wounded ass, and she adjusted herself till it was being applied in the right area.

When Brooke awoke from her forced slumber, she found herself naked in the middle of the table like a centerpiece. Karen had used Brooke's bikini top to tie her right wrist to her right ankle and the bikini bottoms to secure the left to the left. TNT had slid the dented folding chair under Brooke for Karen, at the model was also secured to that in a spread eagle position.

"You guys throw some party!" Karen said to Kimberly and Ginny through swollen lips. "Do you have any more surprises planned for the night?"
Chapter Three by TNT
"Here ya go Ginny, have another one sweetie," the pretty Asian giggled as she handed another delicious concoction to Ginny.

"Why thank ya very much, but Kimberly wants one too, okay you hot little tart?" Ginny chirped as she took a swaying step forward, reached out and cupped her servers' firm left breast. She smiled as she heard a lustful appreciative groan and felt the long nipple turn instantly rock hard through the petite beauties' think silky bra cup and sheer blouse. (One of the many pleasures of owning such a fantastic bar and being good "friends" with the staff).

"Yeah give me another, pronto," Kimberly laughed as she darted in and swatted the girl on her firm tush. Kimberly giggled at the low lustful moan, glanced over at Irish and said, "This party is heating up to the boiling point-I thought we were supposed to have some of the press here."

Irish shrugged his shoulders as if to say, "I don't know?" then took a big gulp of refreshment.

"Uhhhhh, yeah, they're supposed to be here-but they're obviously gonna be a bit late," TNT said as he zipped across the bar and took a quick sweeping glance at the parking lot.

"But there are other surprises, and I do mean very pleasant surprises for our guest of honor, Jermaine," he continued in a loud, expectant voice. "Three special so called "presents" for our favorite writer." TNT smiled as he glanced for at IRISH, Jermaine, Ginny, Kimberly, Blizzard and the others. He alone knew about the special surprises; prepared for the one and only Jermaine who was now looking forward to "whatever."

"Hang tight, stay cool, here comes the press and they looked a little stressed. Yeah, folks they seem to be in a bit of a tizzy and at each others throats," TNT continued

"The press? Whaddya mean the press is coming to our bar?" Ginny asked with an obvious mixture of pride, excitement, surprise and uneasiness.

"Well Miss Ginny there's the lovely Jillian Barberie, Daryn Kagan, Campbell Brown and Heidi Collins," TNT continued as he suddenly began to laugh and then stepped back and motioned for the lovely busty bouncer to get ready to open the door.

"All right-perfect" Jermaine exclaimed, with a bit of anticipation. He could already picture in his minds eye, Heidi Collins getting the royal treatment from a few of the bars' regulars. He could only hope.

"Hey, get out of my way you stupid bitch."

"Stop pushing!"

"I get to cover the story first, you dumbass broad."

"The hell you do, this is my story; I have a special invitation."

(Whooosh) WHAM! The doors of the bar flew open and smacked loudly, instantly catching the attention of the few who were not already staring at the entrance with delightful anticipation. Four lovely ladies from the press, already bickering, pushing, shoving, threatening each other, burst through the doors-the doors of the one and only. "Catfight Bar."


Daryn's scream brought a smile to Heidi's face. She gave the brunette's hair another extra hard pull and continued her pull on the back of her bra.

"Nobody gets special treatment tonight, bitch. We all take whatever story we can find. If you give me any lip, I'll unsnap this little harness, show everybody your perky little boobies and rip out your hair strand by strand, got it?" Heidi snarled in Daryn's ear as she bent her head backwards.

The tiff caught those closest by pleasant surprise.

"Look, trouble is already started," TNT said as he looked over at the four reporters who were slowly moving towards them.

"As you can see the action's already moving nicely along, everybody. Tonight is gonna be long, hot and heavy. Remember it's all for you Jermaine, enjoy. Don't forget to move around, look around and stay alert. Otherwise you might miss something-like over there. See the two lovelies' entering the ring. And remember just like the action right close, there just might be something happening amongst the fans."

Jermaine smiled as he noticed the Asian waitress who had just served Kimberly, Ginny and him, starting to bicker with a busty blonde one table over.

"Take this you smartass bitch. You're gonna be stir fry!"

"Stir fry?"

Jermaine looked quickly at the obvious source of the threat. A quickly executed double take. Not the source. Strange?

"There, look over there, that ring." TNT quickly directed Jermaine's attention to the ring several yards away. A loud cheer erupted at the exciting erotic action that was rapidly unfolding.

"One stir fry comin' up," the lovely Halle Berry continued as she fired a third punch to Kelly Hu's beautiful face and sent her staggering backwards. The petite Asian beauty groaned and her arms windmilled as she tried to stop her fall; a tall heel had obviously broken and added to her frustration.

Halle smiled as she adjusted her tight low-cut evening gown. The fast and furious early assault had left the expensive cleavage revealing gown sliding south, just enough to expose the top of her luscious dark areola and she quickly made the needed adjustments much to the dismay of her attentive audience.

"Her let me help you adjust your dress too," Halle shouted out as she darted in, grabbed the front of Kelly's dress and ripped down. The resounding RIPPPPPP brought a quick cheer.

"Bitch, I'm gonna kill you."

Kelly's threat proved temporarily impotent as Halle drilled three punches to the Asian's face, then delivered a blistering backhand that sent her flying backwards into the ropes. Halle cocked her head, snarled a few unflattering comments and took a good long look at her dazed rival. Kelly's torn dress hung at her waist; her sheer almost see through bra displayed her beautiful stiff-nippled breasts exquisitely and her sheer pantyhose clad legs were spread in a most erotic position. Only one heel remained and one of it's thin straps had snapped. Halle suddenly bent down and yanked the heel off breaking the remaining strap. She tossed it towards two excited fans at a table nearby.

"Nice catch. It'll make for a great trophy. Can't wait to see that little Asian tramp get her pretty little ass kicked," the tall busty redhead said as she watched her tall friend catch the flying heel.

"Yeah after Halle's done with her, maybe she'll let us have some fun with her," Victoria Silvstedt said as she placed the heel on the table and ran her fingers through her silky blonde hair. Angie Everhart smiled as she watched her friend lick her lips and casually run her long index finger across the front of her tight top lightly touching the erect nipple.

"These fights make me sooooo horny-you too right?" Victoria cooed asking a question that she already knew the answer to as she felt the redhead's foot continue the game of "footsie tag" under the table.

"Hey you two dimwits. You mess with Kelly and I'll kill you," an angry authoritative voice suddenly shouted above the roar of the crowd.

"What the hell? Just who do you think you are to order us NOT to do anything, you stupid little twit," Angie snarled as she looked towards the source of the irritating comment.

"A-hah! Trouble's a brewin' and it ain't that far away," TNT said with a grin as he directed Jermaine's attention to the table a few feet away. Jermaine smiled and shook his head as he zeroed his eyes on the two lovely little "twirps" who had dared cause consternation and frustration to Angie and Victoria. Lucy Liu took a sip of her drink, sat it down and shook a fist at Victoria.

"Yeah you two big-boobed bimbos, she means business, and so do I!" Reese Witherspoon said with as much ice in her voice as she could muster. She took a sip of her drink, then looked Angie straight in the eyes to start a stare-down.

"Yeowwwwch. Argggggh." The loud combination scream and shout drew a quick look-see from all patrons. Halle was all smiles. Kelly wasn't.

IRISH, Blizzard, Kimberly, Ginny and most of the crowd had caught the excitement that had just transpired. Halle and lunged towards Kelly who fired a desperate kick at her charging rival. Halle had barely dodged the kick, grabbed Kelly's foot and twisted it. Kelly clung desperately to the ropes as Halle attacked the captive leg. She grabbed the dress and slowly pulled it off. Tossing it aside she went to work on the Kelly's sheer pantyhose shredding them to bits before yanking them off and running her nails up and down the long lovely leg, relishing each moment. Then with an angry snarl Halle reached down, grabbed the other leg and pulled her bra and panty clad rival to the canvas. She buried her fingers in Kelly's hair, shook her head back and forth, then fired several punches to her stomach, ribs and face before once again grabbing her by the hair. Kelly's eyes began to glaze as she suddenly grabbed for Halle's gown.

"Let go of that," Halle hissed as she backhanded her dazed rival. Kelly disobeyed and Halle's beautiful full breasts tasted freedom. A hard kick from the now topless Halle sent Kelly flying and falling backwards. To the crowd's delight she made no attempt to cover her lovely chest before dropping down, delivering a flurry of punches to Kelly's lovely upper body sending her falling backwards over the apron of the ring and quickly scissoring the Asian's legs. Kelly's arms flopped wildly as her upper body hung down squirming most erotically, helplessly.

"Ummmmmm, ummmmmm, mouthwatering and tasting; look what fate has brought us girl."

Victoria's only answer to her red-headed friend's noteworthy comment was jumping up, moving it a few feet right next to the dangling "delicacy", sitting down again and grabbing a handful of Kelly's lustrous dark hair. Angie quickly mimicked her friend's every move and added one extra special one to boot.

"So nice of you to drop in Kelly. You really are quite pretty," Angie laughed as she yanked on her new found "friend's" hair and cupped a firm bra-clad breast with the other. She felt Kelly's nipple stiffen and relished her grunt of protest.

"Think I'll have a feel too," Victoria chirped as she cupped the other breast. Kelly grunted again as she felt the blonde pinch her nipple hard just as Halle added pressure on her legs. To the crowd's delight Halle had pulled her own gown clean up to her waist. The lovely garment had become a bit of interference and she seriously contemplated getting rid of the gorgeous encumbrance. She really wanted to lay it on Kelly good. Her long lean strong leg muscles tightened and she grunted as she stretched her muscular python-like trap to the max.

"Let's see her perky little boobs, shall we?" Angie chuckled as she tugged at Kelly's bra cup. She and her blonde cohort ignored their captive's screams as they slowly, firmly tugged at the sexy fabric until it yielded it's twin treasures. Both blonde and redhead quickly captured the lovely Oriental's stiffening nipples in their fingers.

"Get out of my way. This is an event that I want to cover!"

The loud angry yell was followed by a most erotic ripping sound, a scream and a yelp from Daryn who tried hard to be the first on the erotic fight scene but failed due to her catty rival. Heidi made good on her previous threat, grabbing the back of her hair and her blouse at the same time. With a snarl and a hard pull, the red-haired reporter jerked Daryn off balance and slammed her into a table; spun her around; socked her in the jaw and tore her ripped blouse clean off before she fired a punch into her left breast that almost knocked the pleasure mound completely up and out of it's lace cup.

"Gonna rip your pretty little bra clean off honey!" Heidi snarled.

But as she reached for the intended targets, angry fingers dug into her red hair, "I think not! Take THIS you snotty, arrogant, bitch!"

"Ouchhh. What the hell? Let go of my hair. Arggghhh!"

Heidi reluctantly released Daryn's hair, stopped her attack on Daryn and turned halfway to face her attacker.

"You! Why are you hurting ME?" Heidi asked incredulously at the blonde attacker.

"Because honey, you're the bitch. You're fun to knock around. And we blonde's have more fun," Jillian laughed as she backhanded Heidi's lovely face sending her crashing into Campbell Brown who grabbed Heidi by the hair and treated her surprised face to three good slaps, before she fired a punch into her stomach. Then Campbell grabbed the front of her tight blouse and ripped it open sending buttons flying.

"Allow me please. Miss Collins and I were just having a conversation. Something about fair play and being nice, letting others go first," Daryn said as she grabbed Heidi by the hair and the back of her torn loose blouse and jerked her to her.

"Girl you are mean, nasty, stuck up, arrogant and just a real pain! Ever been in a bar fight before toots? They say its real fun. Now, enjoy THIS!"

WHAMM!! WHAMMM!!! "AIEEEEEEE!" Daryn fired two light but solid punches into Heidi's stomach as she continued her verbal assault.

"You're uppity attitude is gonna cost you tonight Miss carrot top," the brunette said as she treated Heidi's snarling face to an open handed slap. Jillian grabbed a handful of red hair, jerked Heidi's head back as Campbell moved in fast. Eager, hungry hands blazed and Heidi's skirt dropped to the floor and she was instantly in bra and pantyhose.

"Hmmmmmmm, our fun's just beginnin'; but yours just ended," Daryn snickered as she reached up and grabbed a shoulder strap of Heidi's bra. Jillian's free hand slipped down and tugged at her bra clasp. Campbell joined in and grabbed the now frantic redhead's other shoulder strap.

"One, two, three, let's set her titties free," Jillian shouted. Heidi screamed as her three once quite dignified colleagues shouted in a trio of catfight glee as they ripped the redhead's bra off.

"My oh my, what a party," Jermaine exclaimed as he watched the three on one hot action. His friend's smiled as they also soaked up the erotic exciting sight and also noticed some of the bar's lovely dedicated help making their way through the excited crowd.

"Don't see how it can get any better," Jermaine noted as he tried to decide which action to take in; the reporter's tiff or the action in the nearby ring that was spilling out and as erotic as some fantastic cleavage spilling out of a tight low-cut top.

"Get her girl."

The enthusiastic shout and ensuing scream directed Jermaine's attention instantly to the ring. (The difficult choice of which ring in the two ring circus has been made-at least temporarily).

Victoria's "Get her" command was eagerly followed by Angie as the redhead tore Kelly's bra clean off and cupped her small firm breasts and squished them together. As Angie giggled she watched with delight as her tall blonde friend smacked her lips, ran her tongue between them, dropped down and began to kiss and flick the squirming Asian beauties' erect nipples with her tongue teasing them to their ultimate length and hardness. Halle looked on with interest as did all within eyeshot.

The sight of the busty blonde and redhead having such fun with their lovely captive was a sight most could only dream about. Both blonde and redhead wore tight, low cut, cleavage revealing tops and the tightest shortest jean skirts that could be found in any bar. A few good stiff drinks had put the two in a delightful giddy mood and the fights had made them just as excited as any hot blooded blonde and redhead could be. Having such a beautiful, sexy, hot vulnerable "delicacy" dangled a few feet in front of 'em; well who, could resist?

Several feet away, four beautiful eyes met. Lovely eyebrows raised. No words were needed. It was time for action. Action times two.

"EEEEYAAAH!!" Lucy Liu's loud karate battle cry signaled both her and her comrade in arm's intentions; avenge Kelly, blonde and redhead beware.

"Awwwwwwck. Uhhhhhhh." A gasp of surprised pain, the a groan of agony, felt by one startled blonde bombshell. Victoria's beautiful registered her disappointment and agony as she clawed frantically at her attacker's hands that were jerking her to her feet. Lucy had almost snapped the busty blonde's neck when she executed a vicious hair pull and followed up with a punch to Vickie's upper back that winded her.

"Party time is over," Lucy snapped as she sunk a punch deep into the blonde's stomach. Victoria doubled over and Lucy snapped a headlock on her gasping rival. She grabbed a handful of blonde hair and pulled. Relishing her captive's screams, Lucy jerked her to the nearest table and slammed her chest down hard. The petite brunette smiled as she grabbed Victoria's neck and the back of her head and held her down crushing her huge breasts into the table. With a smile Lucy unfastened the back of Victoria's top. She ignored her rival's muffled screams as she reached for the big blonde's skirt. Skillful fingers flashed and the denim skirt slid down past the curvy hips leaving a delicious lower half of one hot blonde exposed. The sight was unbelievably hot; Victoria now clad in her skimpy bikini panties, bent over onto the small table, delightful derriere perfectly positioned for the lovely angry Asian to administer a little 'discipline' (i.e., payback for her friend.)

"Nooooooo...uhhhhhhh. HELLLLPPP!!!" Lucy looked up to see a friend indeed; a friend in need!

"This'll teach you to interfere with a redhead, you silly little blonde bitch!!"

"YIEEEEEEEE!" Lucy looked up a split second before her own hand came down hard on Victoria's firm cheeks as Reese's scream overshadowed the busty blonde's squeal and caused Lucy more than a bit of concern.

The beautiful young blonde was reeling from a series of well placed slaps and punches courtesy the older redhead's wrath. Reese has started well. Her surprise attack from behind had caught Angie off guard and the punches to Angie's back and head had definitely done some damage. Just not enough. The redhead had instantly released Kelly, spun around to face the young spitfire. Soon she blocked Reese's assault and landed a kick right where it counts. The redhead zipped in, cutting loose with blistering slaps and lightning fast jabs to the lovely blonde's stomach and ribs. Angie's was a bundle of determination, quickly picturing in her mind's eye the ultimate goal; to knock Reese silly, then slowly strip her and have some fun. That would certainly teach the lovely little pip-squeak. When Reese landed a lucky punch to her left breast and tore her top, it only infuriated the redhead.

"Uhhhhhh...ohhhhhh...umpppfffh!" Reese grunted and groaned as Angie's blows became faster and harder. A punch snapped her head back as her left breast felt a payback with interest punch. Suddenly long fingers were at Reese's blouse. A terrifying ripping sound erupted. Buttons scattered.

Another groan escaped the young blonde's lips as she felt strong hands grab her, jerk her off her feet. She was moving upward rapidly. She screamed again. "AIEEEEEE." (whooooosssh) Reese screamed as she was hoisted up, up and up by the angry redhead.

Angie snarled like a hellcat as she tried hard to hold onto her squirming captive but she failed to note the petite tigress rocketing towards her as, sensing her friend's imminent danger, Lucy fired a punch to Victoria's head!

"Best stay here! Try and escape and you'll get even worse than you deserve, got it?"

A hard yank on some silky blonde hair was followed by a quicker than quick exit.

"Put her down, bitch!"

WHUNNNK! The fist came in hard and fast slamming into the redhead's tight abs and Angie gasped as her knees began to wobble. She felt her strong arms become rubber as her squirming victim became instantly heavier. Sensing freedom, feeling vengeance; Reese started her descent, twisted her luscious body, kicked her legs out and wrapped them around Angie's neck leaving her hanging upside down. As she tightened her legs, Reese grabbed the edge of the table and with a mighty pull used the power in her legs to bring the busty redhead down hard.

"Thanks!" Reese grunted as she caught her breath, gave Lucy a high five, then chirped, "Better go look to your special blonde friend."

"Oh no you don't!"

"YIEEEEEEE!!" Victoria's hopes of escape vanished in a painful yank of her blonde hair that jerked her head back. She yelped and caught a glimpse of a determined, stern redhead glaring her down.

"You'd best not try to escape honey," Ginny said her voice full of no nonsense attitude although she smiled as Lucy darted back to rejoin the 'party.'

"Thanks girl; you're real cool for an older broad. All of you are!" Lucy said, winking at Ginny as she cast an appreciative look at the bevy of beautiful bar staff. Lucy's comment ended as she leaped at Victoria who was on her feet and unwisely seemingly determined to leave.

"Get back here blondie!" Lucy screamed as she hopped up on a table, then leaped on Victoria's back. Down they went and the fight was on...the action hot!

"Gosh, Ginny and Kimberly, mind if we have some fun with our guests?" Rhona asked, her request echoed by Mia, Pia, Sunny, Charlize, Rhona and Madge.

Feeling like they'd been hit by a verbal machine gun, both Kimberly and Ginny shouted, "Hell yes, get on with it. You each have specific victims...I mean opponents in mind, don't you?" Ginny asked, almost as an after thought.

"Yeah, a few nosy reporters!" Madge said as she suddenly waved her hands frantically and shouted, "Look out."

(whooooosssh) KERTHUNK!

"Ouch. Stop it. Help. Nooooooooo."

"Yeah, get her. Give it to her again. Let's get her girls!"

Heidi charged like a scared, outnumbered antelope in the group of cloistered revelers with Daryn almost on top of her yanking her hair. Right behind the two lovely battlers were Jillian and Campbell, scuffling, pushing and shoving each other; each trying to get in a good pinch, poke or scratch on the lovely, over-matched Heidi.

"Poor little redhead's in a bit of nasty trouble, bless her heart. No time like the present to break into the fun," Madge grumbled as she grabbed Daryn by the hair and yanked her off Heidi, spun her around and gave her a blistering backhand that sent her flying back into Pia and Mia who seemed to be ready and waiting for just such an opportunity.

"Gonna rescue sweetie-pie," Madge laughed. "But I do expect a reward, you know," she laughed as she grabbed a fistful of red hair and dragged the shrieking Heidi toward her. Madge gave her a big hug as she reached around the reporter, her hands sliding down to give her firm shapely derriere a good firm squeezing pinch through her tattered pantyhose and panties.

Heidi yelped and blushed as the busty waitress whispered in her ear, "We redheads need to stick together. You and I are gonna slip away. My kitchen needs cleanin'," Madge chuckled as she dragged the stunned redhead away by the hair, freed from her attackers and headed for the bar's kitchen where Madge would surely supervise Heidi's 'cleaning' with a sparkle in her beautiful, fiery eyes.

"Stop it! What the hell? OUCH! What are you doing? YEOWWWW!" Daryn yelped as Pia and Mia went to quick work on the by-now-topless brunette reporter.

Mia grabbed a handful of dark hair as Pia found a couple of "handles" to latch on to. They quickly pulled her away, both smiling broadly as they contemplated a special interview approaching.

"Why Ms Campbell Brown," Sunny cackled. "How nice to make your acquaintance!"

Sunny, her eyes full of mischief and her face betraying her lustful thoughts, grabbed the reporter's silky hair and winked at Charlize who sprang into action.

"You're in for a real treat, gorgeous," Charlize giggled as she grabbed the front of Campbell's torn blouse and ripped it clean open exposing her overstuffed beige lace-trimmed bra.

"Oh Kimberly dear, please stop staring at me and join us, won't you hon?" Charlize chirped as she reached for the hooks at the back of Campbell's bra with one hand, while with the other she gestured to Kimberly to, 'come on an partake of the exciting things to come'. Both Charlize and Sunny smiled knowingly as they watched Kimberly leap up to follow them and their screaming, frantic captive across the bar and down the hallway. Charlize felt honored but couldn't figure out why Kimberly looked at her so often in such an admiringly way. For some reason, it made her feel incredibly hot!

"Guess that leaves just you and me to play, right sugah?" Rhona asked with a smirk as she dug her fingers into Jillian's lovely blonde hair. Three punches and two backhands softened the lovely reporter's defiance only a bit before the big, busty red-headed bouncer pulled the angry blonde away hoping for some knock-down-drag-out catfight fun.

"HEY YOU GUYS," Ginny screamed out with a voice as loud as a foghorn as she jumped on a tabletop. "IN ONE HOUR, YOU BE BACK HERE. JERMAINE'S SPECIAL TIME. CAPICHE?"

"Noooooooo..." Ginny smiled as she looked over at Angie who had let out an angry but quite impotent yelp of protest as Reese banged the older woman's head on the table. The redhead's hands clawed desperately at the younger blonde's hands but it only seemed to spur Reese on! Those near the two lovely battlers heartily cheered for Reese, some offering down and dirty suggestions as to tactics she might want to try.

"Not a bad view," Ginny muttered as she took advantage of her new found perch to soak up all the action - and there was plenty of action to see! She smiled at Kimberly who was gleefully following Charlize and Sunny in action; Charlize tugging at Campbell's bra strap, urging Kimberly to join her in the fun! Before Kimberly could move, Sunny leaped in and the reporter suddenly turned topless just as they all disappeared out of sight down the hallway.

By now, all the arena's sported battles going full force. Two coeds from the local college were wrestling in the oil pit where the blonde had just pulled off the brunette's bikini top.

In the 'living room' set, two housewives were taking on a new next door neighbor who was too pretty, too young and too flirty; a deadly combination. Strangely, all three were blonde but it was a classic confrontation; two older women against one younger and the 'youngster' was cleaning both older women's clocks! They had lost everything down to their pantyhose while the victor was still fully clothed in a short tight skirt and tattered blouse. Both older women had tell-tale glazed expressions, looking forlorn as the younger woman - who had a shapely muscular physique - banged their heads together.

The boxing ring, like the other arena's, was packed with excited, happy fans. There, two beautiful black women were going at it and both seemed highly skilled. Their tight wet t-shirts and skimpy bikini bottoms gave Ginny a tingle that made her realize this was definitely NOT Ali-Foreman style! The redhead smiled as one combatant started to go down and the other moved in for the kill. Well maybe not, because she was intent on pummeling her rival's big bountiful bosom instead of her face.

Ginny let out a cry of protest as Blizzard, bbb4 and IRISH moving through the crowd temporarily blocked her view; obviously headed for the special arena's that held venue's more to their interest than watching a hammer-fisted black beauty pounding her rival's tits flat as pancakes. (There's no accounting for tastes!)

TNT was already across the room talking with another interesting old duffer, a reputed genius and 'catfight magician' who had not only founded the 'Catfight Resort' but had also designed and built the world's first fully functioning 'catfight time machine.' Hopefully, he and TNT were cooking up something extra-special for Jermaine's night.

"AIEEEEEE!" The loud scream diverted Ginny's attention from the old duffers to Jillian who was trying desperately to escape Rhona but the busty brunette had her cornered at the bar and was slapping her silly. The blonde was soon stripped down to her waist. Rhona suddenly grabbed her, lifted her up and planted her backside on a bar stool. Not your official backbreaker position but close enough. Rhona clamped a large hand on the busty blonde's chin while the other grabbed a leg, then she bent her backward; her two beautiful breasts thrusting skyward as her tight abs assumed a most vulnerable position.

Just then, two perky - quite drunk - coeds happened by and accepted Rhona's invitation to have a bit of fun squeezing, pinching and slapping the screaming reporter's beautiful breasts. Rhona suddenly shouted, sending them scurrying, then when they were alone she slipped her hand underneath Jillian's skirt, smiling as she shot Ginny a mischievous but delightfully lecherous wink that told the if Jillian's long wildly kicking, spasming legs hadn't given it away.

"HELLLLLPPPP!" The desperate but highly erotic scream seemed barely to make it to Ginny's ears, forcing her to turn to look intently over at the assorted group of happy patrons, i.e. customers.

"A-hah! Now that's an interesting thing to see," she mused as she saw one of the bar's beautiful busty young coed temporary hires on a small table. Not in exactly the same upright position as Ginny though. The drop dead gorgeous blonde coed had just been hired. Ginny had made the decision with a bit of hesitation. Pretty young thing was hot and she knew it. Terribly bitchy, arrogant, 'hot on myself' attitude. Ginny smiled as she watched three older but not too bad a lookin' women customers give the young beauty something more than generous tips; including a tall redhead who was ripping the last remnants of the tight t-shirt from of the squirming busty young tart. Another woman had both arms wrapped around one of the coed's beautiful muscular legs while a third's eager fingers groped her overstuffed bra.

"Good. Maybe she'll learn some manners. They gotta learn; 'the customer is always right'," Ginny thought.


"Earthquake? Maybe not."

Ginny's small world seemed suddenly shaky as her table moved courtesy a frantic incoming tall busty blonde. Ginny flailed her arms just enough to maintain her balance, then quickly reached down and grabbed Victoria's silky blonde hair and jerked hard, lifted her foot and then putting it down hard. Effective move! She had Victoria's head pinned on the table by her long, lustrous, golden hair.

"Not all that bright are ya sweetie?" The words and sentiments were spoken as one by Ginny, Jermaine and Lucy who had been the one who sent Victoria Ginny's way. Earlier, they'd been in a rolling around, hair-pulling, kicking, clawing, cussing tussle which Victoria had escaped, broken through the crowd and the unwisely ran smack into Ginny's table!

"Gotcha! Lucy snarled as she jumped the pinned blonde from behind. Ginny needed no instructions, releasing Victoria and stepping back to watch Lucy administer a painful hairpull as she dragged the screaming blonde beauty from the table. All those nearby quickly backed off, giving the two lovely battlers plenty of 'elbow' room.


Amazingly, Victoria still had on her dainties and her torn top. She had succeeded in ripping off Lucy's blouse and the beautiful Asian was wearing a very sexy almost see through bra. Lucy's short tight skirt was short enough to not interfere with her kicking which she quickly started to demonstrate. The first snap kick connected with Victoria's lower abs and knocked her backwards several feet.

"You stupid little slant-eyed bitch. I'm gonna wring your neck!" Victoria snarled in between gasps as she rubbed her stomach, shook her head and balled her fists.

Lucy rolled her eyes and smiled, the unspoken message crystal clear, "Bring it on you ditzy blonde bimbo!"

"EEIIYAH-ARGGGGGH!!" Victoria's battle cry, followed by a most unwise charge was met with another snap kick this time a bit lower. As Victoria fell forward and dropped to her knees, Lucy sidestepped and karate chopped the back of her neck. The petite actress smiled as she grabbed the back of the groaning blonde's top and pulled down. Victoria's beautiful breasts dangled down and proved to be the next target on Lucy's "to do" or rather to maul list as she slipped up behind the kneeling blonde, reached down and latched on to the firm mounds.

"OUCHHH. OH GAWWWWD, LET GO OF MY BOOBS. YEOWWWWW," Victoria bawled as Lucy's fingers spread wide, sunk in deep and began to maul and milk her rival's beautiful breasts.

"This view's great, but I'd better get down nowww...YIEEEEEE!" Ginny bemoaned as her world once again began to rock.

"Stupid slut!" Ginny muttered as Angie slammed into her table and sent it to rocking. Ginny jumped off as gracefully (not!) as possible a split second before it overturned. Angie bounced off and Reese leaped on her.

"Ungggggh!" Angie groaned as Reese's weight knocked the breath out of her. Reese socked her in the face, then laid into her stomach with a series of light punches. "Get offa me you stupid little cunt. YEOWWWWW!" Angie's orders weren't registering with the angry determined Reese who slipped a hand up under her top and clamped onto an erect nipple while at the same time, the young blonde's other hand was digging into a painful stomach claw!

"Hey, what'd I tell ya," Jermaine noted with a big smile. "Little David's winnin' two times over; big Goliath's goin' down!"

Jermaine grabbed whatever he could get his hands on as he "helped" steady Ginny after her rapid dismount. She spun around and slapped his hands away from her ass, then gave him a coy smile.

"Not yet, no siree!" a nearby fan observed as Reese suddenly went flying off of her busty opponent. Lucy howled in surprised pain as her rival suddenly lurched back hard and fast sending the lovely Asian actress smacking into a chair. The back of Lucy's head registered excruciating pain as she felt her fingers lose their precious treasure.

"Oh crap, there she goes!" Both Reese and Lucy watched with sinking hearts as their intended prey made her escape.

Reese recovered quickly and realized that Angie wasn't running but staying put; ready to resume the battle. Victoria leaped to her feet took a look at her stunned and cursing rival, did a quick turn around and leaped into ring. Lucy shook off her pain, wiped her blurry eyes and leaped into the ring after her.

Action in the ring had never really stopped. A good number of appreciative patrons had caught all of it. Halle had worked Kelly over slowly, the tables had turned but once and Kelly had ripped her opponent's dress a bit more and gotten in several good punches. Halle had taken control of things once again as Victoria scampered towards her. Kelly broke free suddenly and the blonde suddenly saw a chance to switch from the escape mode to the let's kick some ass mode. She caught Kelly with a wild swing and knocked her back towards Halle. Halle put her topless rival in a full nelson.

"Hmmmmmmmm, guess I get another feel, huh girl?" Victoria snickered as she gave Kelly's firm but oh so tender breasts several nasty pinches. She was just about to give the erect nipples a go when a brutal fist slammed into her lower back and two sets of angry fingers grabbed her by the hair, pulled hard and sent her flying.

"And Miss Halle, this one's for you," Lucy snarled as she snapped a punch into Halle's ribs, grabbed her arms, dug her nails deep into firm but tender arm muscles, jerked Halle away from Kelly, cocked her leg and snapped off a perfectly devastating kick into the black woman's lower stomach. Kelly breathed a sigh of relief at being set free, then actually broke a smile as she heard Lucy rip her dress completely off.

"Wowza! Oh my! Lookeee there; how hot is that!" The exclamations at the luscious sight of Halle in her silky dainties, garters and beautiful stockings filled the smoke filled air. Halle bristled with anger, adrenaline filling her body with suddenly renewed energy. She balled her fists and prepared to cut loose on the unwelcome, unexpected Lucy.

No need. Victoria had suddenly had a change of heart in regards to Lucy. She attacked with a vengeance, charging in and grabbing her hair. Halle's desire for battle was quenched quickly as she blocked Kelly's punch, countered with her own, grabbed her rival in a headlock, took a run and introduced Kelly's head to a turnbuckle. Kelly grunted as her world exploded in pain. Halle quickly put her dazed rival down, wrestling her backwards onto the second rope. She straddled her rival sitting on Kelly's waist. With a sneer she reached down, removed one of her garters and in a quick move tied one of Kelly's wrists to the rope. She quickly repeated the action and in an instant had her rival secured and ready for her next step.

"Ouch, let go of my hair. That was a stupid mistake, Vickie. Now you're really gonna pay," Lucy shouted as she quickly broke the tall blonde's vicious hair pulling hold. She bent Victoria's fingers painfully and soon had the topless beauty on her knees.

"Noooooo. Stop it. My hair, MY HAIR....YEOWWW!!" Screaming - always an instant attention-getter!

"Time! What's the time? How long till countdown? I mean meltdown? Any predictions?" Ginny's question echoed Jermaine's thoughts. He was really looking forward to his special time, though he had no idea what it would be like. Ginny zipped over towards Reese who was banging Angie's lovely head on a table and snarling out some rather unflattering taunts to a conga rhythm.


"You only have a few more minutes to have fun with Miss Red," Ginny chirped.

She watched the smile on Reese's face suddenly beam with confidence as the blonde buried her fingers in Angie's red hair, jerked her upwards, slapped her several times, then fired a perfect uppercut to her chin. As Angie's beautiful eyes widened, then rolled, Reese snapped a fast punch to the underside of each full breast. Angie screamed as her two pleasure mounds almost rocketed upward, clean out of the top. A hard knee between the legs put Angie in a rather docile mood evidenced by her blank expression and glazed eyes. Reese wrestled her down onto the table. A couple of nearby fans happily offered their newly poured pitcher of ice cold beer.

"Gosh, Miss Angie, you sure do look tired and thirsty, wanna drink girl?" Reese giggled as she hoisted the pitcher and slowly poured the icy golden liquid over her rival's silky red hair, over her beautiful face and then thoroughly soaked her tight top. Angie couldn't have looked hotter, even if she was in a wet t-shirt contest. The nearby fans went wild as Reese gently slapped her face before tearing open the older woman's drenched clinging top, exposing two big beautiful beer soaked breasts that sported thick erect rock hard nipples. To the crowd's sheer delight, Reese moved in, pressed herself up against Angie and began to dish out some most delightful, dreadful treatment. The younger woman kissed and pinched her breasts, kissed her lips, applied a slow painful stomach claw, then tugged at her short tight denim skirt, and slipped her hand underneath the tight waistline. Angie's bright red face and the beads of perspiration on her forehead announced quite plainly what was going through her head.

"My dear, dear Jermaine, are you really enjoyin' the show thus far?" Ginny piped up as she grabbed a bottle from the nearest waitresses tray and poured one for him - and one for herself!

Before Jermaine could answer, Ginny was ringside. "Hey you two, I mean four. Finish up your hot little playtime in the next few minutes. Remember you can take mementos with you. In other words take your playthings with ya if ya want. This is a full service bar!"

Ginny chuckled as she watched both Lucy and Halle turn towards her and flash her a quite mischievous and grateful look.

"Hear that you hot blonde bimbo giant? We get to play after this? I mean, I do. You DO wanna be my Playmate...don't you blondie?" Lucy asked with a coy giggle.

Lucy bent Victoria's fingers painfully, twisted her wrist and put her long lovely body completely down on the mat. In a flash, the petite Asian warrior wrapped her legs around the topless busty blonde's neck and began to squeeze. Victoria grunted, groaned and gasped as she struggled, squirmed and arched her back trying to escape. Lucy tightened her legs, reached over and captured a breast. She spread her fingers out, dug her nails deep into the firm flesh, pressing her thumb into the dark tender areola, then raking the nail against the stiffening, hardening nipple.

"AIEEEEEEE. Noooooo. My boob. You're killing my boob. STOP, PLEASE?" Victoria bawled.

"Why Lucy what a great idea. I think I should try that on your little friend here, whatcha think Lucy?" Halle smirked as she watched Lucy's face morph into sheer anger as she heard Kelly moan and groan. Lucy fought back the impulse to race over, pound Halle and free her friend.

"Yeah, get her Halle. Make that hot little Asian bitch beg," Victoria shouted between gasps.


"Shut your trap!" Lucy snarled as she suddenly released her leg scissors.

The Asian beauty raised a leg, swung it outward and slammed the heel straight down into the blonde's belly. Victoria's scream could have woke up the dead in the next county. In a flash Lucy was straddling Victoria, sitting on her waist. Blistering slaps, both backhand and forehand were followed by some nasty hair-pulling and bouncing out a neat rhythm on the canvas courtesy the screaming, cursing blonde's head. Victoria's long lovely legs kicked frantically as she tried to throw her most unwelcome hated rival off of her. The more Victoria struggled the nastier Lucy got. She slapped the blonde's huge breasts with great force and set them bouncing to the same rhythm as she had with her head.

"Time for something different. Variety IS the spice of life, isn't it sweetie?" Lucy snipped as she suddenly reached back, slid her fingers into her captive's silk panties and put her skillful fingers to work.


"Girls, It's 'bout Time. Tut-tut!!" Ginny smiled as she saw the instant attention all three winner's gave her. Halle, Lucy and Reese stopped their down and dirty treatment for a moment as they turned to listen to Ginny who was climbing onto the table.

"Finish 'em girls, NOW!"



Reese was first to obey as she latched on to both of Angie's breasts, squeezed and twisted them hard, deliver one last nipple pinch, then slide her fingers down the redhead's skirt. A nasty twist and pull brought a bloodcurdling scream.

"Always did wonder. Yes, you are a true redhead," Reese snickered as she sunk her fist into Angie's gut, then drove an uppercut to her chin that bid her goodnight.

"Hey, someone help me carry my prize over there." A half dozen excited fans, both male and female helped Reese haul her at rest rival over and into a back room. Reese sported the expression a child has waiting to open up a present as she bid her helpers goodbye and shut the door.

Halle followed suit with a mischievous chuckle as she ran her fingers over Kelly's luscious body for one last feel, or rather one last feel in the public's eye. She socked Kelly in the jaw, watched her eyes glaze, her eyelids flutter then quickly untied her wrists from the ropes.

"Come on honey, I got special plans for you. I just loooovvve Chinese takeout," Halle whispered in Kelly's ear as she slipped her arm around the dazed Asian's waist, locked her arm in Kelly's and marched her groaning captive toward the hall. She paused to turn, smile at Ginny and mouth the words, "Thanks babe!" Then she disappeared. Ginny smiled, wishing she could watch the fun but better things awaited her.

"Get your pretty blonde ass in gear, toots," Lucy snarled in a loud angry lustful voice. She grabbed Victoria by the hair, jerked her head backwards, swatted her on her firm derriere, grabbed the waistband of her panties and pulled down just enough to expose some lovely cheek. Suddenly she drove her fist into the small of the blonde's back as she pushed her out of the ring, marched her around the ring, stopping at Ginny and Jermaine's table.

With a snicker and a mischievous halfway innocent look she asked, "Well Miss Ginny - and our man of the hour - any suggestions as to what we should do? Just her and know?" Lucy giggled at the temporary stunned look on the two faces before her. "Never mind guys, I can figure out what you're thinkin.' And I'll add a few ideas of my own," Lucy cackled as she gave Victoria's left cheek a nice firm squeeze. Victoria squealed. Lucy spanked her hard twice, then grabbed the waistband of the panties and jerked up hard and fast. Instant wedgie. Instant smiles, instant laughter. "Come on honey, let's go have some fun. Lotsa fun," Lucy chirped as she pushed and pulled her screaming new play mate towards the unknown den of pleasure.

"Good, here they come. All of them. Jermaine are you ready. Looks like the reporter's can still do their reportin.' Bet they've never done stories half naked before, whacha think?" Ginny said as she tried hard not to burst into laughter as the help appeared marching the reporters through the crowd. She spotted IRISH, Blizzard, bbb4, TNT and the whole gang headed toward the action.

"Ladies and Gentleman. Please may I have your attention. Please note the color of your tickets. All green ticket holders stay. All red ticket holders may leave. Hope you've enjoyed the night. Come again. Good night."

Ginny took a quick look around. All the rings were empty - save one. Ginny smiled as one coed suddenly knocked her dazed rival out, ripped her top off and tied her wrists together behind her back, then several others dragged the lovely blonde loser out of the ring. Ginny smiled realizing it was an uppity cheerleader who had challenged another cheerleader. Someone's "pom-pom's" had gotten - and were still gonna get - a good work out for sure.

Ginny watched as most all of the fans slipped out the door, their faces registering the happiness one can only find as the result of a good catfight or female tussle at a bar. The ones remaining were of course all the bar's help, the reporters, and the K&G writers and board's readers.

TNT suddenly quickened his speed. He carried something in his hand, holding it like it was most precious. Behind him, moving fast, with a limp came the old geezer. He was smiling and had a look of wonder as he watched the erotic sight unfolding before him.

"Come on, get your hot little ass in gear."

"Stop pushing me. Stop it. Now."

"I'll push you if I want, carrot top," Madge said as she gave Heidi a hard shove toward a row of four empty chairs set up special for the reporters. Madge, like the rest of the help, had enjoyed their own private "interviews" with the reporters and were eagerly pushing and prodding the lovely press babe's towards their most honored seats. As Heidi came up towards the first chair, Madge slipped up beside her, gave the panty clad redhead a good hard swat on her derriere, yanked her red hair hard, spun her around courtesy a good solid slap, grabbed her shoulders and pushed Heidi down into the seat hard.

"Pay attention now honey, take good notes, sit up straight and stick that chest out, er, uh, excuse me...I mean those perky little milky white titties," Madge laughed as she grabbed a legal note pad and pen from one of the cute coed hire's that were handing out good old fashioned reporting i.e., interviewing supplies to the dazed and whimpering reporters.

"Daryn honey, please sit down over there," Pia and Mia cackled as they pushed the lovely brunette toward her assigned seat. Pia pulled her by the hair, Mia was behind her with her arm wrapped around her waist. The two beautiful Asian's moved as one with their captive and were soon ready to put Daryn in her proper place. Giggles, chuckling, and a few last minute feels, pokes and prods were enjoyed by the lovely Asian duo before they sat Daryn down, handed her pen and paper.

"Too bad you don't have your cameraman, recorder or mic, huh sweetie?" Mia chirped.

"Yeah, too bad she doesn't even have her clothes," Pia replied with mock sincerity as she reached out and gave Daryn's left breast and erect nipple a good squeeze and pinch. Daryn cut loose with some rather unprofessional verbiage bringing laughter and teasing from Pia and Mia who slipped behind her, thumped the back of her head and watched the last minute preparations unfolding.

Ginny, Kimberly, TNT were right up front, on a special elevated platform. The other writers were in seats of honor. The seat of honor was occupied by Jermaine who was taking in another small disturbance in the reporters section.

"YEOWWWWCH!" Jillian screamed as Rhona jerked her lovely head back courtesy a vicious hair pull and planted a well placed fist deep into her flat stomach. The blonde reporter grunted and took an angry swing. Rhona ducked, grabbed the blonde's wrists, jerked her arms out wide and introduced her knee into Jillian's crotch.

"My what these dumb reporters will try to get out of their jobs," Kimberly noted as she watched Jillian's eyes widen and roll and her lips offer up one final groan before Rhona sat her down hard in the chair. An instant expression of resignation flooded the blonde's face as she took the pen and tablet.

"Three down, one to go!" Kimberly said with a smile as she licked her lips. She felt warm and fuzzy at the scuffle that was now in full play.

Several noted the pleased and happier than happy expression, that Kimberly had sported when she, Charlize and Sunny had marched the dazed, completely exhausted looking, Campbell back into the room. Campbell had a curious look in her eyes, one of perhaps reluctant but not totally unsatisfied submission. Her lovely body more scratch marks, welts, and other "badges" of catfight warfare. She wore a torn half-slip and a pair of shredded pantyhose around her neck. A strange yet erotic type of necklace indeed.

"Stop pushing. Stop fighting. Quit resisting. Sit your pretty little ass down, NOW!" Sunny and Charlize were on the verge of all out attack as they tried to block Campbell's sudden burst of angry energy as she jumped up from her seat and refused to sit back down. Sunny yelped as the brunette reporter's sudden slap connected with her face. Charlize replied with a vicious slap that knocked Campbell backwards. Pia and Mia laughed as they grabbed Campbell by the hair and held her bending her backwards. Sunny and Charlize chuckled as they reached up and each grabbed a firm breast. Campbell groaned as her two tormentors squeezed the perky mound at the base, leaned down and teased the erect nipple with their tongues. Campbell's face turned beet red.

"Stop. Please. Nooooooo. I'll behave, I promise," Campbell moaned. Pia and Mia released their captive as did Charlize and Sunny, the latter two most reluctantly. Charlize treated Campbell's lovely face to a good hard slap before both her and Sunny sat the whimpering reporter down hard.

"Hear ye, hear ye!" Ginny smiled as virtually everyone in attendance snapped to attention and listened as she continued. "Tonight is a very special night. In addition to this evening's exciting, hot, erotic, exciting, sensual catfight action, we get to acknowledge and honor one of our favorite writers. The one and only, Mr. Jermaine."

"Hmmmm, er, uh, I wish she'd have added more stuff like hot, erotic, sensual, that kind of stuff," Kimberly whispered to IRISH who snickered as did TNT. Several could swear that even Jermaine felt the urge to crack a stifled smile as he noted Ginny's sudden halt in her continuing speech and her not so nice, "Zip it, will ya?" peeved look she fired Kimberly's way. Kimberly tried hard to keep a straight face but knew it was almost impossible as her eyes met Charlize's and Sunny's mischievous and gleeful stares that seemed to be just begging for some kind of hot, exciting, erotic catfight action.

"We've got some special things for Jermaine. His contributions to our board, the reader's enjoyment, and the morale of all of us has been extraordinary to say the least." Ginny took a quick breath and was about to say more as loud applause broke out, first from the other writers, then the bar's help, then the reporters.

"TNT, what's that you got there in your hand?" Ginny asked as she turned to TNT and motioned him to come forward.

"Uhhhh, er, uhhh, Jermaine, would you please come up here and take a look at this?" As Jermaine strode up to the platform, both Ginny and TNT seemed to struggle a bit placing the huge book on the podium. Ginny looked at the outside cover with as much curiosity as did Jermaine.

"Jermaine, dude, this is a special gift, kind of a real surprise, even to me. But not to the old duffer over there-he put it together. Take a look Jermaine at this scrapbook. I think you'll recognize some of these pictures," TNT said with a broad smile.

Jermaine opened the huge book, stared, shook his head, then stared again as he fired off some questions in a rather stunned manner. He started to talk, stuttered a bit, then shook his head in amazement again as he thumbed through the large book, peering at pictures, looking quite appreciative and happy.

"Well, it's pretty cool when one of us writers is at a loss for words," TNT said. "Let me tell you what he's looking at. Every story that he's ever written is in this here magical book. Along with some really hot pictures. At least one from every fight, every scuffle. From Downtown Julie Brown, to Aikka, to Daryn Kagan, to Paula Zahn, the babes from His Twelve Labors of Love, I mean the Twelve Labors of Karen McDougal, Foxy Brown, the Jottings of Jermaine. He writes it, the old duffer magically took a picture and this is good old Jermaine's keepsake-from all of us."

Jermaine seemed a bit dumbfounded.

"And that's not all, Mr. Jermaine, dude. We've started a Wall of Fame in this here jolly old tavern and you're the first one on it. You can take a stroll to see it later-but first-" Ginny said excitedly. With a sweep of her hand she signaled a bevy of young hotly dressed coeds to come out with bottles of champagne. Soon all were toasting to Jermaine's honor.

Jermaine was quick to return words of thanks. Then TNT bid all the writers to come up and everyone to kind of hang loose. Several gave Jermaine gifts and tokens of their appreciation. TNT gave Jermaine a unique pen. High quality; the top part was the image of two battling beauties locked together as one. Of course the hellcats were cast in gold, or was it gold finish?

"Now remember, not to spoil your fun, Jermaine, but we've got to get you back to the airport in about an hour.

"And I say WE 'cause you may have come here in a taxi, dude, but you're going back in a limo," TNT said as he grabbed a bottle of perfectly chilled bubbly and refilled Jermaine's glass.

"Yeah, and it's a very special limo," a strange voice said above the merry crowd. Jermaine smiled with a bit of curiosity as he stared at the chuckling old geezer that had a mysterious sparkle in his eye.

"Hey Jermaine, let's go look at your picture on the wall of fame."

"Hey Jermaine, can we look at your scrapbook?"

"Jermaine, my main man, I just loved the story you wrote about…"

Jermaine smiled as he realized that this was going to be one special night. Even the reporters couldn't seem to get enough complement's delivered and all their questions answered.

"I get to ask Jermaine my question next."

"Like hell you do, you little flirt. Take this!!"

Chapter Four
"Special request received and noted," the older, strange mystery man muttered to himself with a smile as he headed to through the doors that would lead to the hot babes who would fulfill Mr. Jermaine's fantasy. He smiled as he spotted Lucy Liu and Kelly Hu; both lovelies quite occupied, but upon the loud interruption and upon comprehension, seemed more than happy to cooperate.

"Always wanted to kick the livin' crap out of you," Kelly sneered. "And show you who's the REAL martial artist!" she huffed, casting an angry look at Lucy.

Lucy's calm and cool attitude, her deliciously wicked smile that turned into a fiesty smirk brought a smile to they mystery man's face and a slow deep rage to Kelly who was already making fists and executing karate kicks, pretending to send her lovely rival flying into a world of hurt.

"Calm down ladies-at least for the moment. This delightful bout calls for a quick change of attire!" A strange sound (that like a magic wand "blingggg') filled the air as did a puff of smoke.

"What the hell?"

"I like it. Hell, I love it!"

Kelly and Lucy reacted to their sudden new attire; Kelly a short, tight silky blouse and lovely gold necklace while a short skirt, sexy sheer pantyhose and heels completed the instantly magical outfit. Strangely all her aches, pains and scratched had vanished and she felt invigorated and ready for some serious battle. She stared in disbelief at her intended foe and felt angry, full of admiration, lust, jealousy and a growing warmth all at the same time as she looked at Lucy and bit her lip trying to fight back thoughts other than fighting thoughts as she took in Lucy's outfit and her beauty.

"I love it, I love it, I love it!" Lucy kept muttering under her breath as she caught a glimpse of herself in a nearby mirror. The beautiful Asian warrior's new battle dress was simple, oh so simple; a revealing white lace bra, the sheerest most elegant white stockings, garters and a lacy black and white designer dainties sure to bring sizzle to all who watched the battle about to begin.

"You two had best get on with it. Don't dawdle. High stakes. Winner takes all," the man announced loudly as he pointed to the door.

"Winner takes all? Hmmmmm." Kelly thought cash. She'd caught a glimpse of big stacks of it in a back room earlier before all the excitement had started. Lucy wasn't thinking Cash. After all, there were much more sweeter "spoils" to be had after defeating another woman in an all out battle.

She snarled at Kelly, barked out a threat, then mockingly screamed, "Help, help, help me somebody. She's gonna kill me!" as she ran out towards the ring with Kelly chasing her.

Jermaine smiled big as she watched the two fairly bound into the ring. His request was being honored. What a fight this would be. He shook his head and steeled himself trying hard to ignore the hot wild action behind him as he moved closer to the ring. Given a choice he'd have watched both battles, but sometimes one must choose the most fun battle to watch.

"Ginny and Rhona are gonna have to take care of themselves! This is getting interesting," IRISH said as he took a step back. TNT laughed as did Blizzard and the others as they inched backward, all fighting the big temptation to cheer and shout. Eyes seemed to flit back and forth between the closest action and the battle in the ring.

"Get her."

"Yeah, get her good."

"Grab that arm."

"Pull her hair."

"Slap her. Punch her. Go higher. Go lower."

The heated skirmish (more honestly dubbed a heated multi-babe terrifically hot erotic catfight) had started as the four beaten and humiliated reporters suddenly tried to assign blame for their "bad" night.

"Who's at fault?"

"Who really caused all this crap?" Heidi and Campbell started the angry inquiry, got the other two reporters mad as hell.

"She did. That stupid redhead Ginny did. Let's get her!" Heidi shouted as she suddenly pointed to Ginny. Campbell immediately agreed and the two leaped at Ginny and grabbed her hair. Ginny took a couple of wild swings but the two hellcat reporters were like wildcats.

"That does it. How dare you mess with Ginny?" a loud angry voice bellowed. Faster than a blazing bullet, Rhona charged in, grabbed a handful each of Campbell's and Heidi's hair, pulled them off of Ginny and with a burst of power knocked two noggins together. Heidi grunted and Campbell's eyes rolled as the two began to wobble and stagger.

"New troublemaker. Let's take her down!" Jillian shouted at Daran. Both were inches from attacking Ginny when Rhona moved in. They spun around and lunged at Rhona. Daran ducked down and fired a punch into Rhona's lower stomach while Jillian rocked the big muscular redhead with a right to the chin snapping her head back.

"Hmmmmmm, let's help. Come on girl. Help me get her," Heidi chirped as she rubbed her sore head, blinked her blurry eyes, ignored her headache and zipped in. Campbell copied her reporter friend's actions exactly and each fired a hard punch to Rhona's huge full breasts.

"Unnnhhhhhh. Ohhhhhh. Umppppfffh," Rhona groaned and grunted as she tried hard to fight her attackers off. Her punches and defensive moves soon began to lose power as the four reporters each worked their own luscious territory over expertly.

"Hmmmmm. Should help, but this is sooooo hot and sexy," Ginny mused as Kim seemed to echo her sentiments. The reporters were not doing real serious damage and the sight of a "four on one" was quite appealing. Especially since Rhona was so big, so muscular, so powerful and soooo beautiful.

The erotic sounds of fabric being ripped and shredded filled the air as well as erotic groans and embarrassed yelps and pleas. Rhona's two huge beautiful breasts slowly came into view. Heidi's fingers reached for, found and clamped down on a huge rock hard fully extended nipple. Rhona groaned, then gasped as the pretty redheaded reporter pinched, tweaked then began to kiss, then suck the ultra-sensitive nub.

"That's it. Go for it!" Jermaine's excited yell brought a bit of attention to the place of the hottest action in his eyes.


"Uhhhhhh." Kelly fired another angry punch at Lucy who easily dodged the blazing missile and treated to a blistering SLAP! She smiled as Kelly grunted and tried again. Again. Then one last time! "I thought you were good; hell, you're fight like a schoolgirl," Lucy teased as she ducked each angry fist.

She could sense Kelly's growing rage and frustration. Kelly had chased Lucy around the ring as fast as her high heels would allow her to go. Lucy taunted and mocked her would be attacker and then flashed a knowing smile as in "its about time to ditch the shoes, dumbo." Amazingly Lucy resisted the urge to kick Kelly's lovely ass when she bent over to remove the heels.


"Wowza. Another crafty tactic from Mizz Kung Fu lady," Lucy piqued as she sidestepped a powerful kick courtesy Kelly's long lovely lightning fast leg. A good look was enjoyed by a few lucky bystanders as that beautiful leg shot up high.

"Just love it when they fight in skirts, don't you?"

Laughter and lusty thoughts abounded.

"Look out, here comes another one!"

Lucy didn't need an announcement. She had anticipated Kelly's next move and watched intently as her rival's leg skyrocketed out and upward in a most perfect roundhouse kick. Lucy twisted her head to the side and heard the sound of the air splitting inches from her ear. Her lithe, luscious body zipped out of range, she spun inward, reached up and caught Kelly's foot. With a savage snarl she twisted the leg and pulled it forward. Kelly hopped on one foot before losing her balance. Lucy ducked down and snapped a punch, driving her hard tight fist into her rival's groin.

"Arggggggh," Kelly bellowed as her lovely face grimaced in breathless agony. Lucy released her leg letting the beautiful limp limb drop to the canvas.

"No time to rest you pulverizing princess," a snickering Lucy cackled as she grabbed for Kelly, buried her fingers into her groaning rival's luscious black hair and jerked her to her feet. "And since you can't do the martial arts thing worth squat, care to try a different style?" Lucy taunted, sticking out her tongue, making a face.

Kelly was dazed but not down. Her fingers curled instantly into a fist. She snarled and cut loose with a powerful punch. Lucy blocked it easily. Another punch…and another…then another. Lucy rolled her eyes as she blocked each punch. She began to get a bit irritated as her out matched opponent became more and more angry, frustrated and winded.

Bonk! "Uhhhhhhhh." Kelly grunted as the fist seemed to come out of nowhere and smacked her chin. Another grazed her left cheek. Then her right cheek felt the sting. Lucy seemed to be toying with her.

"No stinging like bee tonight, huh, Mz Ali?" Lucy chirped. She fired a punch hard. It was a fake. A perfect fake. As Kelly raised her hands fast to protect her lovely face, she felt exquisite pain in her left breast. Lucy had said no to the punch and yes to the pinch as she pinched Kelly's luscious firm left breast. She caught the erect nipple and gave the sensitive nub a vicious twist. She relished the agonizing yelp that escaped Kelly's lips.

Lucy giggled and stepped back. "Wanna try any more sizzling fight styles before I get down to business? I hear a guy named Jermaine would love to watch me kick your sweet little, slow as molasses, ass. Think I'll go for my favorite fight style; the classic catfight. Ever heard of it? And I'm gonna enjoy strippin' you slowly. Ready for a good beatin'?" Lucy chirped as she took in Kelly's beauty, every inch of it. She sensed a bit of fear in her opponent's heart. "Oh, Kelly dear. Don't be discouraged. Feel free to kick my ass too. And please do try to strip me. I dare you. Just try to strip me naked. And as you can plainly see, there's less to rip and strip…Uhhhhngggh!"

Lucy sucked air as her solar plexus felt the entire wrath of her petite rival all unleashed at once. Kelly felt delicious exhilaration as her tightly curled fingers withdrew slowly from her gasping rival's body. The frustration of missing Lucy with each punch, each kick and the pain and embarrassment of having her lovely breast assaulted seemed to melt away as she watched Lucy take two steps backward and gasp for the precious air that had swiftly escaped her lungs. Kelly rubbed her sore breast and planned her method of attack. She couldn't believe her lovely bra cups and blouse offered such little protection from Lucy's vicious talons. Thinking payback, her eyes zeroed in on Lucy's chest. The two erect nipples pushing against the sheer bra seemed to begging for some most nasty and painful payback.

"Keiiiayahhh," Kelly shouted as she charged with the speed of an enraged bull, her talons bared and flashing.

"Uhhhhhhungoooffffh." Two gorgeous Asian battlers met. The attacker groaned in unexpected pain as her groin exploded. The intended victim of assault, had launched her own strategy. The small but incredibly hard and fast foot flashed upward. The sickening thud signaled trouble in the "area of paradise" for Kelly. Her devious plan of attack crumbled as she dropped to her knees.

"Only fools rush in. And it ain't just a song, dip," Lucy smiled as she stood completely up, rubbed her sore tummy and grabbed a handful of hair. "No time to relax sweetie," Lucy snipped as she jerked Kelly to her feet, treated her to a blistering backhand and watched her stagger backward. "You stupid bitch. You're mine now," she snarled as she darted in, snapped off two rapid fire punches-one to each beautiful firm breast, then slipped behind her dazed, lovely rival.

A lightning fast arm slipped around under Kelly's chin. Long fingers hooked in the front of her low-cut blouse and tore it downward, then cupped her chin roughly and jerked her head back.

"What? Uhhhhhh. Ouch. Nooooo. Uhhhhhh." Kelly felt stunned, bewildered, outmatched and knew she was in serious trouble as Lucy's free hand ripped the back of her blouse clean open, formed a fist and fired three blows into her ribs, then opened and reached for the back of her bra.

"Such a lovely bitch you are. A most worthy opponent. And such a beautiful blouse. So sorry to rip it to shreds. And quite a lovely bra too. Ooooooh. Whoopsss. Soooo sorry," Lucy mocked as she skillfully unsnapped Kelly's bra, reached up front and tore it off.

"Nooooo. Nuuhuhhhh," Kelly groaned as she felt her blouse shredded, her bra leave her and her head being wrenched painfully backwards.

"Such nice tits," Lucy whispered in her ear as she slipped her free hand around and grabbed a handful of luscious firm breastflesh. She caught the long stiff dark nipple between her fingers, rolled it firmly, then pinched it tenaciously.

"Yeowwwwwhhh. Arggggh."

"Ouchhhh. Noooooo. None of that. You'll regret that move big time you snippy little brat."


Kelly's anger and throbbing up-front pain provided sufficient motivation and power for revenge. Amidst her groans and shrieks she slammed her elbow back hard smashing Lucy's breast. A weak but angry hand found white silk, clawed at the firm tenderness there in contained and succeeded in a bit of catfight style down under hair pulling. Lucy's responding voice hit a high note as her beautiful eyes widened and filled with yes, tears. She released the captured breast, ceasing the fun torment instantly. Her hand dropped down, angry fingers capturing the offending clawing talons. Survival instinct took over as she executed a most painful martial arts style twist of Kelly's fingers.

"Aieeeeee! Don't mess with forbidden territory, toots," Lucy snarled, regaining her composure quickly upon hearing her rival's bloodcurdling shriek. A vicious twist of the wrist, a nasty grab and twist of that lovely dark hair and Kelly seemed an instant Chinese rag doll of the most beautiful sexy, erotic variety. Lucy gave Kelly a hard push that sent her backwards. In an instant Kelly was back, taking up a stance, preparing for battle. Ignoring her pain, she tried to ignore Lucy's scathing comments. Both opponents studied each other intently, delaying the epic battle about to unfold.

"Now you're mine, you little hottie!" Lucy cackled as she took in Kelly's beauty, her vulnerability and the hint of fear in her gorgeous eyes. Kelly's blouse had bid goodbye as well as her bra. Her beautiful breasts bore the erotic marks of a nasty attacker. Her long nipples were rock hard and seemed to scream or rather beg for more unwanted attention. Her lovely silky hair was mussed and that beautiful necklace around her sexy vulnerable throat seemed to be both a prize and a would be weapon for Lucy's hungry fingers. And that incredibly hot short tight skirt!

"Stay calm. You've made mistakes. But isn't over. You CAN take her. You will take her. Look at that arrogant smug face. So pretty. So haughty. So incredibly, ummmmmm." Kelly gave her self numerous rapid-fire instructions as she felt her body being engulfed in a strange somewhat surprising warmth and lust. She stared at her rival's incredible beauty and sexy outfit. The hard backward strike to Lucy's chest and knocked a lovely breast upwards. A delicious dark areola had made its appearance. One quick well executed move and that entire lovely target would be exposed completely. And what a nice tempting "bulls-eye" to focus on! A thin bra strap slipped off of Lucy's shoulder.

"Hmmmmmmm, up front snap. That'll make my job easier," Kelly mused as she shifted her feet and stepped back.

The two had broken battle suddenly. The brief interlude had given each a moment to think, to strategize. Kelly steeled her resolve, thought about the immediate unsuccessful past, planned a bit of nastiness.

"Gonna embarrass the bitch real good…Eeeeeyaaah!"

Kelly's angry charge sent a slight chill down Lucy's spine. She raised her hands in classic defense, hoping to block and sidestep.

WhuMP! The explosion of pain in her left breast meant more than just agony. Score one for Kelly. Unexpected body shift, deadly accuracy.

"Nice tit. Firm. Very punchable, you hot slutty bitch," Kelly rasped as she fired another punch into the tender throbbing pleasure mound. The blow almost knocked the breast clean out of the bra cup. With a snicker, Kelly grabbed the top of the lace cup and peeled it down roughly.

Strong fingers instantly clamped onto the stiffening sensitive dark nipple. Kelly sneered with devilish delight as she heard Lucy whimper. She shot her leg up hard and fast. Lucy twisted sideways. The target missed. Second point lost.

"Ungggggh," Lucy groaned as the hard knee slammed into her thigh. She grabbed Kelly's wrist and dug her sharp nails in deep. The pain in Lucy's nipple lessened as Kelly's agony increased. An instinctive martial arts twist of her attacker's wrist and a snap punch to Kelly's chin began the desired reversal of power. "You're goin' down girl," Lucy snapped as she grabbed Kelly's other hand, twisted it viciously and put her lovely topless rival on her knees.

Kelly shrieked in agony as waves of fire flooded her hands, arms and streaked to her shoulders. Lucy snickered and taunted as she applied excruciating painful pressure almost bending Kelly backwards in half. Suddenly, instant but very temporary relief. Lucy released Kelly's hands, zipped behind her, buried her fingers in her lustrous black hair and began to twist, pull and jerk her pretty head back and forth. Kelly groaned and winced as the top half of her body did a most erotic "dance."

Watching the two angry gorgeous fighters go at it, there was a silent dispute about which was the sexier. The topless struggling Kelly or her knockout opponent Lucy who was now clad in her stockings, garters, and wearing a loose lace bra that was torn in two, that luscious firm breast completely exposed. The questions to be pondered-just how long could that bra stay in place? And which hot babe would go down first.

"Now Mizz Kelly, whatever shall I do next, huh?" Lucy taunted as she watched her rival's lovely eyes begin to cross. Suddenly she released the hair, reached down and grabbed Kelly's beautiful full breasts. As her long fingers began to squeeze the firm captured mounds, she relished her victims every groan and gasp.

"Yeah, squeeze 'em. Twist her titties good!"

Lucy looked up to see the two beautiful Asian lovelies, Pia and Mia cheering her on eagerly. Pia was leaning backwards into her friend. Mia was squeezing her best friend's delicious "pride and joys" but of course with a much different intention.
Warmth, pure sensuous catfight warmth flooded Lucy with overpowering lust as she took in the total battle scene. Her talons sunk in deeper, then caught her captive's rock hard nipples and began to twist, pull, pinch and crush them. Kelly struggled frantically, her own fingers scratching and tugging impotently, futilely at her attackers determined erotic assault. Mia and Pia, and all the rest of the onlookers excitedly cheered.

"And Jermaine, just which one of them is he?" Lucy wondered. Her ears filled with the loud cheers and the increasingly loud noise of her rival. Kelly was hitting all the high, irritating notes with full volume.

"It's time…" Thoughts of the issue of TIME were buzzing through at least three minds.

"Look here at my watch, Jermaine," TNT said with more than a bit of concern as he pointed to his watch and Jermaine reluctantly took his eyes off of Lucy and Kelly to check the watch. He rolled his eyes and uttered a few choice words, knowing as well as TNT and the others it was getting more and more urgent for him to depart if he wanted to make his plane.

"OK, keep your eyes on target for just a moment longer, then you've gotta make tracks."

"Maybe it's about time…" Ginny mused as she watched the angry, lovely reporters continue to work on that gorgeous bodyguard, Rhona. The redhead slapped weakly at the hungry fingers that had shredded her clothing and were assaulting her luscious body. Long, beautifully manicured fingers tugged at her red hair, squeezed, slapped and pinched her huge breasts and thick stiff nipples; eager talons applied sexy but painful claw holds on her flat abs as well as her "southern territory." Both Ginny and Kim got the sense that Rhona was giving up, due to either pain or pleasure. "…for us to find another babe for a bodyguard," Ginny continued her thought.

Incredibly, Kim was thinking the same thing. Both were thinking about the same place to go look for replacement bodyguards.

"Ya know, if her time is up for this kind of bodyguard stuff we could go to that place they call Muscle Beach. I hear they have some hot muscular fight babes over there," Kim said as she seemingly read Ginny's thoughts.

"Yeah, maybe it's about time," Ginny muttered as she watched Jillian and Campbell each seize a huge breast, squeeze it and engulf a jutting rock hard nipple with their mouth. Rhona let out a yell that seemed half pain, half pleasure. Kim smiled as she watched the big bodyguard suddenly spread her legs and snapped them together around an unwary Heidi. Kim and Ginny both smiled and figured they'd have to make a decision later about replacing Rhona.

"It's about to time; to take this hot little bitch down for good, and I'm gonna enjoy every second of this!" Lucy thought.

"Aieeeeeee..." Excruciating pain flooded Kelly's scalp as Lucy suddenly grabbed her by the hair and jerked her to her feet. Kelly had barely cut loose with a scream when a barrage of blistering backhands sent her staggering and reeling across the ring. A snap punch snapped her head back and the topless Asian beauty fell backwards against the top rope her arms flailing. "Ungggggh!" Kelly groaned as she spread her arms and hooked the rope. Lucy slapped her again, then applied a face claw bending her backwards, forcing her lovely chest out and upward.

"Lose the skirt, sweetie-pie," Lucy snarled as her free hand dropped down, unsnapped the skirt, gave it a firm downward tug and watched it drop at Kelly's feet. The applause of the crowd increased as Kelly was now only wearing red silk bikinis. Lucy smiled at the crowd, gave a quick wave with her free hand, then made a fist and sunk it into Kelly's belly button. Kelly sucked air, then felt lightning fast fingers grab the waistline of her bikinis and jerk up hard and fast. "Wedgie time! You likin' this as much as me?" Lucy chuckled as she spotted a smile on Jermaine's face. She felt a bit embarrassed that it took her so long to figure out just who the guest of honor was. She attributed that to her intense preoccupation of all the fantastic catfight festivities and her almost total absorption of each delightful moment.

"Noooo. Uhhhhh. Please, stop," Kelly whispered in a low whimper.

"Don't wanna stop, sweet stuff. Let's have some more fun, then you can have a nice sweet reward. What the hel… Yeowccch!" Lucy's loud bellow signaled the intense pain suddenly emanating from her groin, courtesy a last ditch attempt from her captive, to score big. Kelly's weak but solid punch rattled Lucy's entire southern territory; the intrusive fingers scored a couple more points as they hooked into white lace dainties, yanked down, then captured a portion of "silk forest." Weak pulls equal mighty pain in some parts of feminine country and thinning out "trees" is generally considered total trespassing.

Whunk! Whunk! The sound of two tight, hard angry fists connecting with beautiful cheekbones were Kelly's instant reward. She released her trespassing hand but held onto a bit of the curly "souvenirs" she'd gathered.

"You, uhhhhh, stupid, ungggggh, bitch. I'm gonna kill you for sure now," Lucy screamed as she grabbed Kellys arm, jerked her forward, dropped low and with an expert move flipped her rival head over heels and sent her crashing to the mat.

Would have been a perfect move except on the way down, somehow Kelly's flailing arms, and grasping hands snagged a garter. In spite of the painful landing Kelly hung on to the garter and tore it clean off her growling, snarling opponent. Lucy felt a brief twinge of embarrassment as her torn bikini panties moved south. Watching eyes doubled in size and selected items followed suit as the crowd cheered for the show within the show. Jermaine threw up his hands and did a little dance to show his appreciation.

TNT spotted Sunny and Charlize running towards them with the big book of Jermaine's honors and catfight story pictures. It was a classic handoff as both Jermaine and TNT grabbed for the book and Jermaine's computer laptop that Marge was hurriedly bringing to them. One last, as long as possible look, brought more smiles as Lucy put Kelly down on the mat, straddled her waist and went to work on her face, breasts and stomach with open handed slaps and a few more erotic type assaults. The last backward look saw a smiling Lucy, rip off her own dainties and prepare to give the groaning, squirming Kelly a taste of sweetness.

Several joined TNT and Jermaine on their race across the bar. They stopped just long enough to get a good look at the lovely Rhona who was still being treated to some very up close and personal reporting from the sexy reporters. Ginny and Kim yelled their loud farewells as did most of the bar help. "Rhona needs to clean my kitchen." Everybody chuckled knowing exactly what that meant. Jermaine caught a lustful, anticipatory sparkle in Madge's beautiful eyes.

The big doors of the bar opened. Three long quick bounds and TNT, IRISH, a few others and Jermaine were outside, a few feet from the curb watching a huge fancy limo glide right up to them.

"Man, is this cool or what?"

"Jermaine, our fine friend. You arrived here in class. And you'll leave here in class," TNT voiced everybody's sentiments.

"This is quite a special limousine, Jermaine, dude. I just know you're gonna love the ride to the airport," TNT said with a sly wink. He pointed towards the limo. Many doors.

"Which door?" Jermaine asked as he moved toward the middle one.

"Don't know-just take your pick dude," TNT replied, as he quickly moved towards the door Jermaine was moving towards.

"Just hop on in…EEeiiickkk!" (Whooosh. Whooosh)

As TNT opened the door and Jermaine moved in close a loud shrill scream was heard. Jermaine ducked just in time to avoid two high heel shoes whiz by his ear, almost taking them off.

"Whoaaa. Wow. This is fantastic!" TNT stepped back to give Jermaine a good look. Four gorgeous pantyhose clad legs kicked wildly out the side of the door as screams, curses, threats and promises of feminine bodily harm were uttered in very catty tones. Jermaine looked back at his more than curious friends, then he tried to get in the limousine again. No such luck as he was met with another volley of two mismatched shoes, screams, curses and cussing.

"Oh, sorry, forgot to tell you. This little spat in the back seat here is a little hot and wild. I know you want to watch it-just hop over to the next seat. You'll note the closed circuit TV. Please tape the show for us. Just give it to the driver, OK Mr. Jermaine?"

Jermaine shook his head, not wanting to miss a second of the knockout drag out, roll around, clothes ripping, hair pulling, breast mauling, cunt clawing catfight in the limo.

"I think Tia's gonna win this one!" he said shaking his head and smiling as he finally moved into the seat. TNT slipped in beside him, checked the TV, bid him farewell.

"Ya know, after things get settled down, I'm just gonna have to come back. This place is great. All of you are great. Kim, Ginny, IRISH, Blizzard, bbb4, Bob, Danny, and well shoot, I gotta go. There'll be many more stories to write."

"You stupid bitch. This time, its for real. I'm gonna maul those huge big knockers of yours."

"Oh yeah, I'm gonna yank out that silky dark hair of yours. I'm gonna bald you at BOTH ends this time bitch."

Tia Carrere and Jamie Lee Curtis went at it tooth and nail as good old Jermaine watched every second of the hot action. His thoughts ran hard and fast as he thought of the evening. Of his friends. Of the bar. Oh yeah, he'd DEFINITELY be back!

"AIEEEEE. OUCH! Let go of my boobs, slut. I'm gonna kill yo…Arggggggh!"

"Mr. Jermaine, sir; where to?"