Shania Twain vs. Jewel (c) by John J. (April 2000)

A large number of country singers, both male and female, along with record producers and corporate executives were all at a large party in suburban Nashville. Everyone had started to get rather drunk as the evening grew late, and tempers flared as well. Jewel got nastier in her comments as she had more drink.

Jewel had worn a sexy white dress with matching high heels. It came down to her knees and showed off some cleavage, but wasn't at all daring or provocative. Shania Twain had also drank at the party and her temper had rose as well. Her dress was far sexier and more daring. It was a short royal blue dress that came to mid-thigh. The halter-style top barely contained her full round tits. The outfit was completed with matching royal blue high heels. Jewel was particularly nasty in her comments about Shania Twain.

Jewel wasn't worried about keeping her voice down at all as she commented to some friends of hers, "That damn slut, Shania keeps getting all the hottest new songs. Why the hell does she get first pick, and rest of us get her crumbs? Who the hell does the bitch think she is? There are a hell of a lot of other singers that are just as good as her, if not better, and just as pretty too. I'd love to give that whore a piece of my mind."

Jewel turned slightly to see a very pissed off Shania Twain standing there, with her hands on her hips.

She said with a sneer, "Why don't you say to my face all the crap that you've been saying about me?"

Jewel turned toward the brunette and smirked, "What do you mean? I haven't said anything that wasn't true. I've mentioned that you're a cheap tramp that gets all the hot new songs because you spread your legs for the songwriters. I've said that you can't sing worth shit, and unless you spend half a day fixing your hair and makeup, you look like shit too. That's about it."

Shania fumed as she said, "I see. And that really means a lot coming from a trailer trash whore like you who has a voice like an alley cat and looks like one."

Jewel broke in and said, "This argument is getting nowhere. I'm sick and tired of you stealing all the good songs and getting all the attention. We need to settle this, just you and me."

Shania sneered, "I couldn't agree more, we do need to settle this. I'm going to enjoy shutting your big mouth and wringing an apology out of you."

Jewel laughed, "In your dreams, bitch. You're the one who's going to be crying, when this is over."

Shania interrupted, "When and where are we going to settle this?"

Jewel hissed, "What's wrong with right now!"

She lunged at her brunette rival and tried to tackle her. Shania gracefully stepped out of the way and put a hard kick into Jewel's pussy and the blonde dropped hard to the grass at Shania's feet. A quick kick to the ribs rolled Jewel over onto her back. Shania grabbed a fist of blonde hair and yanked Jewel to her feet. Shania whipped Jewel toward a nearby table. Jewel groaned as her body crashed into the table. As Shania strutted over to her rival, she reached back and unfastened the top of her halter dress. The entire top half of her gorgeous dress pooled around her waist. The speculation was confirmed that there was no bra beneath the dress as Shania's firm boobs glistened in the moonlight and bounced with each step.

Shania reached Jewel and grabbed her hair and smacked her head into the table. Shania grabbed the blonde's legs and flipped her up and over the table and down to the grass in a heap. Shania quickly wiggled her hips out of the dress and put it aside as she walked over to her rival. She once again pulled Jewel up by the hair and smashed her forehead into the table. Jewel flopped to the grass, dazed. Shania grabbed her dress and put it off to the side, where it wouldn't get damaged. She quickly returned her attention to her opponent and kicked her in the tits a few times as she rolled away. Jewel suddenly twisted around and grabbed at Shania's legs, taking the brunette down to the grass.

Jewel tried to maneuver herself to hold Shania down, but Shania locked her legs around Jewel's body and trapped her in a brutal bodyscissors before she could continue and mount an attack on the brunette. Jewel tried to muscle her way out of the scissors, but couldn't. Shania sadistically twisted and took Jewel down to the grass with a thud. Shania repositioned slightly and put more of the pressure across Jewel's ribs and gut. Shania crushed the blonde's ribs between her powerful thighs, while Jewel groaned in pain.

Shania poured on the pressure totally ignoring Jewel's pained yelps. After quite a bit of work, Jewel unhooked Shania's ankles and broke free of the scissors hold. Jewel rolled away and gulped down air. Shania didn't give her adversary even a moment's rest as she lunged at Jewel and splashed her down to the grass again.

Shania held her rival down with a grapevine pin and continued to tire her out. Jewel partially freed herself as she squirmed beneath the brunette. Shania released the blonde's arms. She changed tactics, and tore at the top of Jewel's dress and ripped it open. She sunk her talons into Jewel's tender titflesh. Jewel retaliated and grabbed on to Shania's tits too. The two wildcats struggled in silence as they each tried to inflict as much as pain as possible on the other woman's feminine globes. Shania had a better position, and therefore an advantage in the tit mauling war. Shania applied some more pressure and sunk her nails hard into Jewel's soft feminine globes. Jewel couldn't take the pain and released Shania's tits and grabbed two fistfuls of long dark hair.

Jewel tugged as hard as she could and toppled the brunette. Shania kept her hold on Jewel's tits as long as she could. As she came down and the two beauties separated, she left a set of bloody scratches down Jewel's bruised boobs. The two gorgeous singers rolled apart. Shania got to her feet fast and went after Jewel again. Jewel had only barely gotten to her knees before Shania was on her again. Shania grabbed Jewel by the hair and pulled her into a standing headscissors. After holding the blonde in that hold for a few moments, Shania kicked her legs out and allowed herself to fall down.

Jewel's face smashed into the ground, with Shania's weight coming down on top of her as well. Shania maneuvered into a different position with her legs and clamped them around Jewel's head and neck. Jewel gasped as Shania secured the neck scissors and cut off her air supply. Jewel struggled a bit and couldn't get loose from the scissors. She grabbed Shania's leg and raked her nails across the brunette's thigh. Shania yelped in pain and released the scissors. Shania continued her attack as Jewel tried to get up.

Shania lunged and pounded her knees into Jewel's kidneys as the blonde started to rise. Jewel went down again with a thud, with Shania straddling her back. Shania planted one knee into Jewel's back and yanked back on her arms for a surfboard hold. Jewel moaned in pain as Shania put more and more pressure on her lower back. Shania released the hold suddenly and ripped at the remains of Jewel's dress. She tore the once gorgeous gown apart as she pulled it off.

Shania maintained her position atop Jewel's back as she tossed the dress aside. Shania grabbed at the back of Jewel's bra and yanked back on it hard. Jewel screamed in pain as the cups and straps dug into her already bruised and battered tits. Jewel's pained screams just made Shania pull even harder. As Jewel sobbed in pain, Shania released the hold and got up.

Shania sneered, "Had enough bitch?"

Jewel shot back, "No way, whore! I'm gonna kick your ass!"

At that moment, Jewel got up and lunged for Shania with a pussy punch. Shania was a lot faster though and easily dodged the attacking blonde. Shania saw the intended target of Jewel's punch and paid her back with a pussy punch of her own. Jewel gasped in pain and dropped as Shania's punch landed. Shania maneuvered around and nailed Jewel with a brutal pussy kick. She yanked the hurt blonde to her feet by the hair and whipped her at a table. Jewel crashed into the table with a thud and started to slump down. Jewel reached for a nearby chair.

As Shania approached, Jewel swung wildly with the chair and nailed Shania in the ribs with it. Shania gasped in pain and backed away. Jewel got a better hold of the chair and raised it up. She brought it down hard across Shania's back and put the brunette down. Jewel started to kick at Shania's ribs and tits, with the brunette down on the grass. Shania retaliated as she yanked hard on Jewel's leg and took her down. As she fell, Jewel lost her grip on the chair. The two beauties went after the chair. They both reached it and started to pull and tug on the chair. After a solid kick to Jewel's damaged pussy, Shania yanked the chair away from her.

Shania hissed at the blonde, "That's the way you want it fight. Fine! Now take some of your own medicine, you damn slut!" As she spoke, Shania swung the chair and hit Jewel across the back with it. Jewel went down hard with a yelp of pain.

Shania screamed, "How do you like it? Huh? Get up, bitch! Come on!"

Jewel did start to get up again and Shania slammed the chair down across her back again, putting the blonde down on the grass. Shania tossed the chair aside and yanked Jewel to her feet by the hair. Shania cocked back her fist and plowed a big right hook into the blonde's jaw. Jewel's head snapped as the punch landed. Shania snapped Jewel's head the other way with a left hook, and then a barrage of lefts and rights dropped Jewel to the ground, disoriented.

Shania stepped back and taunted her rival, "Come on tough girl. I thought you're gonna kick my ass. Here I am. Kick my ass." Shania stood back and allowed the groggy blonde to get up. Shania stood back and motioned for Jewel to come on and hit her. Jewel cleared her head and rushed it. She swung with a right that Shania easily dodged. Shania responded with a left to the tits. Shania backed away again, and Jewel lunged for her again. Jewel swung to the body this time, and Shania blocked the punch and then snapped an uppercut into Jewel's chin. Jewel staggered back dazed.

Shania moved in and grabbed the blonde in a headlock. Shania put her down hard with a bulldog. Shania pulled Jewel up by the tits, pulling up on her nipples to force her to her feet. Shania whipped Jewel into the closest table. Jewel groaned as she hit and started to fall over. Jewel flopped over dazed. Shania couldn't stop herself quickly enough and she slammed into the table where Jewel had hit moments earlier. Jewel saw that her rival was slightly hurt and willed herself to try and fight. She swept her legs out and tripped Shania.

Shania went down to the ground. Jewel straddled the brunette and held her down. She wrapped her hands around Shania's throat and started to choke the brunette. Shania gasped as Jewel choked her. Shania quickly came back to reality. With a couple hard bucks, Shania unseated Jewel, and she tried to straddle Jewel. The two started to roll over and over across the grass. Shania took control and stopped the rolling, and seated herself atop Jewel's boobs again. She bounced a couple times to assert her control.

Jewel groaned as Shania bounced her firm round ass on to her tits. Jewel tried to force the brunette off, but couldn't. Shania spread herself out across Jewel's body and full body pressed her against the ground. Jewel struggled but couldn't break free.

Shania pulled herself up and yanked Jewel up by the hair. Shania whipped Jewel a little further across the yard, moving them both closer to the pool. Another whip put Jewel almost to the edge of the pool. Shania hauled Jewel to her feet again, and put a hard left into her chin. Jewel staggered back and flopped down into the pool.

Shania moved in as Jewel flailed around in the shallow water. She grabbed Jewel by the hair and shoved her down under the water. Shania held her there for a few seconds.

Shania pulled the blonde up slightly and demanded, "Do you give, bitch?"

"Go to hell," Jewel coughed.

Shania shoved Jewel back under the water again and held her down a little longer this time.

Shania pulled Jewel up again and hissed, "Next time, I'll fucking hold you down until you're out cold bitch! Now give up!"

Jewel responded with a yank on Shania's leg that took the brunette's legs out from under her. Jewel tried to pull Shania into the water with her, but Shania lashed out with her foot and kicked Jewel in the jaw, preventing that. Jewel floundered back, while Shania pulled herself up to her feet. Before Shania got ready to attack again, Jewel was most of the way out of the water.

Shania held back and waited, fists raised. Jewel pulled herself up to her feet and lunged at the brunette. Shania laughed as she tripped the blonde and shoved her into the closest table. Shania moved in and scooped Jewel up and slammed her down on to the table. Jewel slid off the table with a pained groan. Shania straddled Jewel, and wrapped her hands around the blonde's neck and started to choke her out. Shania choked until Jewel was close to being knocked out, and then stopped. Shania pulled Jewel up by the hair and snapped her head around with a right to the jaw. Jewel flopped to the ground.

Shania grabbed Jewel by the hair and pulled her into a figure-4 head scissors. Shania poured on the pressure into the scissors while Jewel flailed and tried to escape. Jewel finally quit her resistance and went to dreamland, out cold. Shania released the scissors and kicked her rival away. Shania grabbed an ice bucket and filled it with water from the pool, which she splashed on Jewel. Jewel coughed and gasped as she became conscious again.

Shania grabbed Jewel by the hair and said, "Now listen good you little bitch. If I EVER hear you running that mouth of yours off about me again, the beating you're gonna get will make this look like nothing. Are we clear?"

Jewel cried as she shook her head and said softly, "Yes."

Shania said, "Good. Oh, a word of advice for you. If you're gonna go running that smartass mouth of yours, make sure you can back it up next time, or you keep your damn mouth SHUT!"

Jewel just cried as she flopped back down to the ground, with Shania looming over her. Shania retrieved her still pristine dress and put it back on.

Shania glared at the group that had watched the fight and asked nastily, "Anybody else here have a smart comment about me?" Nobody said a word so, grinning, Shania sneered, "Smart group."

She went to the restroom to clean herself up while some of the guests from the party went over to help Jewel.

Shania Twain beat Jewel 268-109