Just Gotta Catfight: Pennelope Jimenez vs. Divini Rae by kit

Whenever a fine, foxy brunette and a hot, sexy blonde discover that they're sleeping with the same man, it's a damn good bet that they're going to meet and take matters into their own hands.

"Oh, how...sob...could you," sobbed Pennelope on his couch as he tried to hold her. "I thought...sob...we were...sob...an exclusive."

"There, there," he tried to console her. "I never said we were."

"But I...sob...thought we were...sob...we've been sleepin' together," she said, punching him in the arm.

"Yeah, so? It's not like you're a virgin," he snapped, wishing he hadn't of said that.

"You bastard," she sobbed, getting up and grabbing her purse.

He tried to stop her at first, but she was hurt and angry and he knew he had to let her leave. Hopefully she'd come around, at least he was pretty sure she would.

Pennelope cried all the way to her apartment. Sure they'd only been dating a short while, but she didn't really think he was seeing someone else. How she wished she'd never found that tube of lipstick in the bathroom. She spent the rest of the night crying and wondering what she should do. Why should she be the one to lose him? After all, he was the best she'd ever had, and she was falling deeply in love with him. No! She wouldn't just let that other woman have him. She'd find out who her competition was and then confront her, and if need be, she'd fight for him.

Across town, Pete was in bed with his other woman. He might have lost one hot fuck, but he hadn't lost the other, and this blonde was just as good in bed as the brunette was.

The next day the brunette did some checking around and eventually found out that her rival was a woman named Divini. She had to laugh at the name, and immediately thought that any woman with that kinda name had to be a slut.


"Yes, is this Divini?"

"Yes, who's this?"

"This is Pennelope. Ever heard of me?"

"No. Why should I? Who are you?" asked the blonde, puzzled and getting irritated.

"Well you should. We both have something in common."

The blonde had had her suspicions about there being another woman in Pete's life, and that immediately came to her mind. But she played it cool. "Uh, I think you must have the wrong number or somethin'. I don't know you or anythin' 'bout you."

"Well here's a little hint, bitch. Pete," snapped Pennelope, getting to the point now.

"What did you just call me?" asked Divini, a bit startled.

"I called you a bitch, but that's not the point. The point is I'm dating Pete and I want you to quit seein' him," said Pennelope sternly.

"Bitch, just who the fuck do you think you are? I can see whoever I want and I suggest that it's you that better back off," spat the blonde.

"That sounds like some sorta threat, bitch," said the brunette.

"Well it is, bitch."

"Then maybe you want to back that up, bitch," said Pennelope, feeling her nipples start to crust over and pop hard.

"I guess I do. Do you, bitch?"

"I called, bitch. I'm prepared to fight for what's mine. Are you?"

"I sure as hell am, bitch. Just when do you want to do this?" asked Divini, the hairs on her neck rising as her body began to tingle.

"Now's good for me. We can fight at your place or mine."

"Well my place is too small."

"Mine's probably not much bigger, but we can fight here. Do you know where Riverside Palace is, bitch?"

"I sure as hell do, bitch. I can be there in twenty minutes."

"I'm in 4C, and I'll be waitin', bitch, so hurry up and get your ass over here."

"You might not be in such a hurry to fight once we get started, bitch."

"Oh, I think I will, bitch."

"You better be, bitch 'cause you're fixin' to get the fight of your life."

"Bitch, just get the fuck over here!" shouted Pennelope, hanging up.

Fighting was nothing new for Pennelope or Divini, although it had been a few years since they'd last seen action. As a blonde, Divini had had her share of catfights with rival blondes and jealous brunettes, and for Pennelope, growing up on the wrong side of tracks as an Hispanic, she'd tangled with her share of minority females.

As Pennelope quickly organized the living room of her apartment, Divini made a beeline in her car for unit 4C. They both wondered just what they were up against. Divini knew nothing of her rival as Pennelope only knew she'd be catfighting with a blonde. They had no idea that they'd be so evenly matched in all areas of beauty, build and brawn.

Slightly bigger (5’8” to 5’7” and 126 to 125 pounds), Divini was a tad more athletically built than her brunette rival. The blonde measured a perfect 36d-24-36 as the brunette was no slouch at 34D-24-35. Both women were in their mid-20s and looked great. Each had nice, thick hair of medium length to pull on. Sweet, soft faces to slap. Divini had sexy blue eyes and Pennelope had enticing brown eyes, good for trying to scratch out. Their breasts were solid and firm while their stomachs smooth and flat. Both had great, brown legs and full, shapely trunks in the back. They'd be evenly matched and evenly jealous when they saw each other.

During the twenty minutes it would take to meet, both ladies had a chance to cool down from their phone conversation. They knew that a hot temper could be an advantage in a catfight, but it could be equally dangerous as well. They decided it best not to let their emotions get the better of them at the start. There was always time during the fight to get hot-headed and throw caution out the window.

(knock, knock, knock)

"Well, it's 'bout time, bitch. I thought you weren't gonna show," said Pennelope calmly as she opened the door and met her rival.

"You're gonna wish that I hadn't 'fore this is all over, bitch," replied Divini, casually entering the apartment. "We alone?"

"Oh yes," said the brunette. "There's no one here to save you."

"I thought you might have called Pete or somethin'," said Divini, looking around.

"Did you?"


The two women stood a few feet apart sizing each other up.

"I guess we'll fight in here," Divini said more as a comment than a question.

"It's either here or in my bedroom on the bed," said Pennelope, running her hair behind her ears.

Divini sorta smirked.

"What? Somethin' funny, bitch?"

"Nothin'. I just thought it might be nice to kick your ass on the bed you've been sleepin' with Pete in,'' said Divini, tossing back her hair. "But it doesn't matter."

Pennelope didn't say anything for a few seconds as she simply locked eyes with the blonde.

"Mind if we fight with our jeans off, bitch," suggested the blonde, breaking the ice.

"No, not at all," nodded the brunette, as they both started to step out of their shoes and undo their tight jeans. "Did you know 'bout me, bitch?" asked Pennelope, peeling down her jeans.

"Not you exactly, but I suspected there might be another bitch around," said the blonde, stepping out of a pant leg. "How'd ya find out?"

"Your lipstick, bitch. I found it in the bathroom," said the brunette, coming out of her jeans.

"Hhhmm, so that's where it was," said Divini, tossing her jeans on top of her shoes.

Pennelope adjusted her baby blue thong and red, spaghetti strap top as Divini hiked the waistband of her yellow thong over her hips and pulled down on her plum cotton-knit V-top.

"Well," said Pennelope, cocking her hands on her hips and spreading her legs.

"Well, what," Divini simply echoed as she matched the brunette's pose.

"You still wanna see him, bitch?" asked the brunette.

"Yeah, bitch. Do you?" asked the blonde.

"I'll say one thing, bitch," said Pennelope, taking a step and deliberately reaching for the blonde's hair.

Divini stepped and reached with her, asking, "Yeah, what's that, bitch?"

"I'm gonna enjoy pullin' this blond mop," Pennelope stated, running her hands in high and deep.

"Um, and I'm gonna enjoy pullin' on your's, bitch," moaned the blonde, combing her fingers thru the chestnut tresses.

Twisting their fingers tightly in the hair, Pennelope and Divini slowly but firmly pulled back as they looked past their noses at each other. Shifting their weight, the women eased their bodies closer as the ends of their breasts slightly started to touch and their legs over-stepped.

"Uumm," Pennelope softly groaned, asking, "how long...uumm...you been seein' him, bitch?"

"Aaahh," winced Divini under her breath, "'bout two months, bitch."

"Ow, really," huffed the brunette, having only been seeing Pete for three weeks.

"You? ouch," asked Divini as Pennelope gave her hair a jealous tug.

"Almost as long, bitch," lied the brunette, twisting the blonde's head sideways.

"Ooww. Jealous?" asked the blonde, turning more hair in her fingers.

"Of you? aahh."

"Yeah. 'Cause I've been...ooww...sleepin' with him longer...ooww," grunted Divini, her hair stretched back.

"Obviously he started sleepin'...uumm...with me cause you weren't good enough...aahh," Pennelope winced, her hair pulled harder.

"Oh, I'm plenty...uumm...good enough, bitch," groaned the blonde, pushing her breasts into the brunette's breasts.

"Um...Obviously not," Pennelope grunted, running her breasts across Divini's breasts.

The blonde and brunette started bumping and rubbing their breasts together as they turned up the heat in their hair fight with harder and more longer, firmer pulls and tugs. In a circle they started to roll. Leg over leg the two women stepped as they pulled each other over at the waist and tried to twist the other down. Pennelope groaned out loudly and threw her right fist blindly in the direction of Divini's face. It was a rather weak blow, but it was chopping and effective as her knuckles scabbed the flesh over the blonde's cheekbone. Divini let go and staggered back a few steps as Pennelope grabbed the neckline of her top with one hand and a big handful of tit with the other.

"Uung!" grunted the blonde as her right tit took a firm squeezing.

Divini peddled back, prying at Pennelope's hands and trying to get free. Pennelope lost her hold on the orb, but did manage to tear the top halfway down the middle as the blonde jerked free.

"You bitch!" exclaimed Divini, noticing her ruined outfit.

"Well, it's not a catfight til somethin's ripped," taunted the brunette, but poised for attack.

Divini sprang forward and latched on to Pennelope's little red top. The brunette grabbed the blonde's top and tore it further down the middle as her thin spaghetti straps had no chance of holding in place on her shoulders. Swearing, they thrust their bodies together as they took each other by the hair, and Divini hip/hair tossed Pennelope to the floor. Naturally Pennelope dragged the blonde down with her by the hair. Divini landed semi-straddled over the brunette, but Pennelope quickly whipped her down next to her on the floor by the hair. Turning into each other, the two women filled up their hands with hair as they tried to throw a leg around and roll on top. They both barked as their knees cracked once, but they kept on fighting and trying to get on top.

"Uuunnn...bitch," grunted Pennelope, finally hooking a leg around Divini's hip and forcing her way on top.

With a handful of hair, Pennelope thumped Divini's head against the carpet and squeezed on her right tit with the other. Divini had both her hands in the back of Pennelope's hair and was bowing back her head as she bucked her hips into the brunette's ass. Pennelope ripped Divini's top some more and got her hand over her bra.

"Oooowww!" cried the blonde, feeling the nails sink in over the cup.

Divini jerked back and bucked even harder. Pennelope wailed out as her neck rolled over her shoulder and her body slipped to the floor. Divini hooked a leg around the brunette's waist and flipped her way on top. Pennelope popped a slap across Divini's cheek, but the blonde slapped her back as she nestled her way on top.

"Fuckin' bitch," cussed the blonde, completely shredding the brunette's top down and clamping both hands on her bra.

"Ooowww! My tits!" howled the brunette, prying on the blonde's squeezing hands.

"How's it feel, slut?" shouted the blonde, digging the brunette's tits out and getting a better grip on them.

"Aaaahhhh!" cried the brunette, now going for the blonde's jugs dangling out of it's bra.

"Ooowww!" Divini wailed, throwing back her head and trying to pull Pennelope's hands off her tits.

Divini ran her fingernails down Pennelope's forearms, freeing her tits, but instantly getting her face slapped off and her hair viciously pulled.

"Yeeoooww!" screamed Divini, falling quickly off with the force of the hair pull.

The two women kicked clear of each other and rolled apart a few feet. Other than the hair pulling that they had done to start the fight, this initial exchange on the floor had been rather quick lived but pretty nasty. Already they were showing signs of a good catfight as both were panting rather hard and aching in various places.

"Fuckin' bitch," grumbled Divini, examining her completely ruined top.

"Fuck you," spat Pennelope. "You shouldn't have worn it, stupid slut."

"Oh, bitch, you're gonna pay for this," growled Divini, shaking her fist. "I'm gonna beat you black an' blue."

Pennelope rolled her eyes, "Bitch, you haven't shown me nothin'. I'm not scared of you."

Both women removed their tattered tops, but adjusted their bras back into place.

"Alright, you fuckin' slut," said Divini, rising. "Get up an' let's finish this shit."

Pennelope was already up with her as they closed their hands into tight balls and raised them up.

"I'm gonna knock your fuckin' ass out, bitch," threatened Divini, moving to her right.

"I don't think so, slut," spat the brunette, then lunging with a punch.

The blonde just did duck back in time, and then snapped out a fist of her own that caught the brunette on the point of the chin. Pennelope's pretty head popped back and she stepped back dodging Divini's right hook. The blonde stepped again, snapping out that left jab and striking the brunette on the corner of the mouth. Pennelope spun to her left and moved directly into Divini's right fist, catching it flush on the cheek. Pennelope stumbled back into the wall as the blonde had to take a second to shake out the pain on her right hand. It was just enough time to allow the brunette to clear her vision and block the hands that were suddenly reaching for her tits. Shoving Divini sideways in the shoulders, Pennelope scooted in behind her and grabbed her by the back of the hair.

"Oooww!" howled the blonde, suddenly yanked backwards.

"Fuckin' cunt," swore Pennelope, savagely shaking Divini like a rag doll and then yanking her into a headlock. "Take this, slut!" shouted the brunette, balling up her left fist and sticking it in Divini's cheek.

Divini's legs went out from under her and she dropped suddenly to her knees. Pennelope grabbed her by the top of the hair and slung her face down on the carpet and then straddled across her lower back.

"Thought you'd just come over here an' kick my ass, huh, bitch. Well, I'll teach you to wanna catfight with me and fuck my man," said Pennelope, reigning back on Divini's silky hair as the blonde bucked, squirmed and screamed beneath her.

Shoving Divini's face into the carpet, Pennelope rubbed it back and forth as Divini clawed at her hands and bucked her ass against her's.

"Fuckin' shit!" cursed Pennelope, pulling back on Divini's hair as she was thrown off.

"Fuuuuuuck!" screamed the blonde, losing a wad of her hair in the back.

Hurt, angered and desperate for some revenge, Divini's temper took over as she didn't hesitate to pounce at her rival. Caught half way on her ass and knees, Pennelope yelped out as Divini dove on her and took her to the floor. Swearing like a sailor, Divini rolled on top and bitch-slapped the shit out of Pennelope's face as the brunette's animal instincts took over and helped her to fight back. As the blonde tried to mount the brunette, Pennelope answered with a bitch-slap of her own and knocked Divini down on the floor with her.

"Slut!" shouted Pennelope as they grabbed each other by the hair.

"Cunt!" yelled the blonde as they went into a roll pulling tresses.

Each woman had a leg hiked around the other's hip as the two other legs hooked behind the knees as they rapidly rolled back and forth in one spot with each other. Divini on top. Pennelope on top. Blonde back on top. Brunette back on top. And so it went for several moments as neither could gain the advantage over the other.

"Oooww, you bitch," grumbled Divini as Pennelope rolled on top.

But a crisp, hooking left fist in the jaw knocked the brunette over on her back with the blonde now coming out on top.

"Ooowww!" cried Pennelope as her bra was jerked down and both her precious titties squeezed.

"Give it up, slut," Divini ordered, pushing Pennelope's tits together and squeezing them.

Pennelope had no intentions of giving up as she bucked and shoved Divini in the shoulders, making her fall off.

"Bitch," swore the blonde, as neither missed a beat in fighting while going to their knees and yanking each other in by the hair.

Throwing an arm around the other's neck, Divini and Pennelope trapped each other in a headlock and socked each other in the face. Pennelope put her knuckles under Divini's right eye as the blonde pulped the brunette's bottom lip with her fist. Both women dropped awkwardly down on their butts, facing each other and with their legs kicked out. Now in this sitting position in front of each other, neither woman gave it any mind as they snaked their legs around the other's hips and reached for two handfuls of hair.

"Oooww!" cried Pennelope as her head was yanked back.

"Uuunngg!" Divini groaned hoarsely as she was looking at the ceiling.

"Aaaahhh...give it up, bitch," groaned Pennelope, tightening her legs tighter around Divini's waist and drawing her in even closer.

"Ooouuuch...never, bitch. You give it up," the blonde huffed, flexing her thighs around the brunette's shapely hips.

"Uuuumm," moaned Pennelope, suddenly feeling pressure on her sex.

"Ooomm," the blonde moaned right with her as she noticed it also.

They didn't like each other! They weren't aroused! They had never been bi! They weren't going to enjoy this! And they certainly weren't even thinking about! But as the crotch of Divini's yellow thong pressed against the crotch of Pennelope's baby blue thong, they didn't hesitate in letting these two parts of their body go against each other. After all, this was the object of their envy, and this was the area that had been sharing the same cock. And this was the area that could best settle a catfight between two such lovely and sexy women.

"Uuumm, fuckin' slut,'' groaned Pennelope, pushing back with her vagina.

"Aaahhh, fuckin' cunt," moaned Divini, flexing with her vagina.

"Move your fuckin' pussy, slut," cursed the brunette softly.

"You move your's, bitch," whispered the blonde as they continued to firmly pull back on hair.

Grinding down together, the two women let go of a handful of hair as they leaned back on one hand and pumped down on each other while still trying to control each other with a handful of hair.

Thong-to-thong the two pussies tangled in a very spirited grinding, pumping and thrusting match. Both women grunted and groaned as their vaginas began to open and grow fat with the pounding.

"Ugh, ugh, ugh, ugh," grunted the brunette, pumping and pulling hair.

"Um, um, umph, umph," Divini groaned, pounding and pulling hair.

Thrusting, pumping, pounding and grinding, Divini's felt her sex start to boil and swell. She knew that she couldn't take it much longer. But the brunette had similar thoughts and feelings as her sex was also cooking. She too didn't know how much more of this she could take.

"Give it up, bitch," panted Divini, pushing her thong hard into Pennelope's thong.

"Uuumm, never," puffed the brunette, leaning forward and putting her arms around Divini's neck.

The blonde hugged her arms around the brunette's back, drawing their breasts into the fray as they lay their head on the other's shoulder and hunkered down.

"Alright then, bitch...uumm...le's settle it with our..uumm...pussies," whispered Divini heavily in Pennelope's ear.

"Uuumm...okay...an' you'll see why he started...uuumm...fuckin' me," breathed the brunette deeply in the blonde's ear.

"Uuumm...yeah, well...uuumm...he never left me for you...uumm...an' my body's better, bitch," moaned Divini, noticing that their nipples were lined up with each other now.

"Aahh...I don't think so, bitch...ooohh," moaned the brunette as each had a nipple inverted.

Pennelope hugged Divini tighter around the neck as the blonde pushed her hips more squarely with the brunette's. With their cheeks touching, both could smell the aroma as their perfume and cosmetics seemed to clash just as violently together as their bodies were. There was absolutely no feelings here for the other. Before today they'd never met, and after today they never wanted too meet again. This was going to be it. They were both very hot, very fine and very determined to prove it to each other. It was hot blonde verse sexy brunette at it's finest, and their erect nipples and wet pussies were the proof of it.

"Uuumm...uuummm," moaned Pennelope, rubbing tits and pussies with her rival.

"Aaahhh...ooohhh," echoed Divini as they rubbed their faces across each other and lay their head on the other shoulder.

"Uuumm...you wanna give or cum, bitch," panted Pennelope, noticing the heavy wetness of their pussies.

"I'll...oohh...do neither, bitch," huffed Divini, trying to hold back the tide she felt rising.

"I think you will...uuummm," groaned Pennelope, feeling her cunt start to widen and cover Divini's cunt.

"Mmmmmm," Divini really moaned it out, knowing that her end was near if she didn't fuck back harder.

Divini leaned in tighter. Pennelope was close also, and she realized that the race was now on.

"Ah, ah, ah...bitch," moaned Divini, bucking harder into the brunette.

"Ung, ung, ung...slut," grunted Pennelope, matching bucks and fucks.

Their tits oozed together, Pennelope's nipples inverting Divini's as the blonde threw back her head and tried to hold on. Pennelope's tits forced Divini's out under her arms as her pussy enveloped the blonde's and even seemed to pinch it as they fucked.

"Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah...Ooooooommmmmm! Oooooooommmmmm! Uuuuuuunnnnn!" bellowed the blonde, blowing her load and soaking both their thongs.

Pennelope bit her lip and tried to hold on but the blonde's hot, sticky sex made her spill her load as well. "Uuuuuuuummmmm! Ooooooohhhhhhh! Uuuuuuummmmm!"

Upset, but not completely pissed, Pennelope drew back her fist and punched Divini as hard as she could in the left tit as they broke apart.

"Ooommmppphhh!" grunted Divini, falling to her backside and cupping her bruised tit with both hands.

"Bitch!" grumbled Pennelope, rolling away and leaving the blonde on her back moaning.

Sweaty, sore and completely exhausted, Divini folded her tent and went home. She'd had quiet enough of Pennelope, and realized that if Pete was fucking another woman of equal and perhaps greater beauty, then she must not be making a difference in his life. She promised Pennelope that he was hers and swore she was no longer a threat, sexually or physically.

"I'll say one thing," Divini said as she was about to leave. “He does have great taste in women."

Pennelope nodded and forced a smile.

"Maybe another time, another place...we might have been friends," suggested the blonde.

"I doubt it, bitch," said Pennelope, shaking her head 'no'.