Scarlett Johansson vs. Kristen Kreuk by The Walkin’ Dude

Prologue: Marsh’s Wharf, Innsmouth Massachusetts, the night before the show…
“Well,” Nightscape mused before taking a long thirsty pull from his ever present bottle of Mountain Dew, “As far as rotting wharves in nearly forgotten New England fishing towns go, I think it makes a pretty good setting for a photo shoot.”

The view in question was of the nearly century old Marsh’s Wharf, a small but notable landmark in the isolated town of Innsmouth. It was a long, creaky, windblown wooden walkway leading out into the blue-gray seascape of the Atlantic, a view that was unmarred save by the jutting black hunk of rock a mile or so out. The locals called it “Devil’s Reef,” and ‘Scape’s boss, Richard Fannin, had loved the colorful moniker so much that he’d named the bar at the Gilman House hotel after the craggy hulk. Observing the scene with a critical eye, the photographer concluded that the dilapidated appearance of the wharf, along with the subtly ominous pairing of wind, water and rock would provide a great contrast for his model for the evening, that is of course, provided that she showed up.

The slender brunette he was working with tonight had a rather dark reputation with the rest of the locker room and a lot of the folks in the front office. But he’d worked with her before and ‘Scape had managed to form a pretty good working relationship with the Hellcat. And speak of the devil… the drone of an engine reached his ears and Nightscape turned around just in time to see a blood-red Crossfire roll to a stop at the end of the wharf. A moment later, the engine died and Kristin Kreuk slipped out from the driver’s side door. Closing the car up without a second glance, Kristin took in her surroundings for a moment and then let her gaze come to a stop on the photographer. Smiling slightly, the green-eyed brunette asked, “Here to make me look pretty, ‘Scape?”

Returning the smile, he adjusted the camera and replied, “You make that job especially easy Kristin. Ready to get started?”

Kreuk nodded. “Sure. Let me just ditch the jacket.” She slipped the light denim jacket off her shoulders and draped it on the hood of the Crossfire, leaving her clad in a dark blue spaghetti strap tank top and a short black skirt that ended a good four inches above her knee. Walking carefully down the wharf, Kristin slipped past Nightscape and said, “I don’t know if you wanted any ring-gear shots or not, so I’m wearing it under this.”

Still working with the dials and buttons on his rig, ‘Scape looked up at her and answered, “I don’t think Rich cares one way or another. We’ll take a series of shots with you in street clothes and if the light holds, we’ll do a few in the ring gear. I think the blue and the black will work better with the setting, but since this is supposed to be the June shot for the calendar, it’d probably wrong to not do any where you’re all bikini clad and possibly a wee-bit sweaty. Sorry, that’s my moment of lechery for the evening. We can get started now.”

Taking a position she liked, Kristin leaned back against an old wooden crate and joked, “Don’t worry ‘Scape, I don’t give photographers trouble. In the age of Photoshop, I’m afraid you guys would give me a second mouth, no eyes or something like that. So I’ll be good. Just keep the lewdness to a minimum. Now, what do you want me to do?”

Starting to snap away, he replied, “Just do what you do best Kristin and everything will just fall into place.” She nodded and fell silent, moving quickly through a series of poses and gestures with a fluidity and grace nothing short of hypnotic. After ten minutes of minimal communication, Nightscape lowered the camera for a moment and said, “We’ll just do a few more in this outfit, then finish up in street clothes, then a few in your ring gear. Before we do that though, can you gimme that evil little smirk, you know, the one usually makes an appearance right before you lock some poor girl in ‘Kreul Intentions’?”

That expression crept onto her face as Kristin put her hands on her hips, “Not a problem. Any other special requests?”

Shaking his head, the photog answered, “Just try to blend sexy and intimidating. That should do just fine.”

He’d only taken a few pictures when a voice from the other end of the wharf said, “C’mon Nightscape, if you wanted her to look intimidating, you should’ve done this in November…and since when do you do ‘charity’ work anyway?”

Scape looked over his shoulder and spied Scarlett Johansson sauntering down the dock, clad in black leather pants and a tight red tee-shirt that exposed a few inches of her toned, flat midsection. Cocking an eyebrow in the blonde’s direction, ‘Scape asked, “What can I do for you Scarlett?”

The curvy beauty looked in Kristin’s direction and said, “Just out enjoying the sights and I stumbled across you and the kitty here. Thought I might drop by and see what passed for impressive a few years ago.”

Staring hard at the interloper, Kristin brushed past the photographer and locked eyes with Scarlett. “And just what is that supposed to mean?” she said flatly.
Scarlett’s smile got a little wider. “I don’t think you’re dumb enough to miss the subtext there. At least I hope you aren’t.”

Edging a little bit closer to the blonde Kristin tucked a few strands of hair behind her ear and said softly, “Why don’t you go ahead and say it anyway. I want to see how brave you are when you aren’t hiding behind innuendo.”

Smirking openly now, Scarlett never let her eyes drop as she fired back, “All right I will. If ‘Scape here wanted to get a good picture of you, he should have done it months ago before Neve kicked your ass and nearly shattered your knee. You know, back when you were someone to be feared and not just pitied.” Scarlett finished, then waited silently, smiling insolently as the brunette watched her with no discernible expression.

Externally, she might have looked almost serene, but inside Kristin was roiling. It took every ounce of her considerable control to keep from pouncing on the blonde and gouging her eyes out. Finding her voice after nearly ten seconds of tense silence, the Hellcat smiled coldly and commented, “Why do I think this has less to do with me and more to do with a frustrated mid-carder looking to get some cheap heat at my expense? Do me a favor and go bother Michelle Trachtenberg. I don’t make trash famous.”

Scarlett’s pretty face twisted into a sneer and she lashed her left hand up in a stiff slap that smashed off the brunette’s cheek with a stiff little CRAACK! Kristin’s head snapped to the side and the Hellcat didn’t bother to turn back to Scarlett until the blonde snarled, “The only thing that frustrates me is the fans calling a spiritually broken, used up, washed out shell of her former self has been like you the best submission specialist on the roster. That distinction clearly belongs to me, and if you’ve got any guts left, Rich will put us in the Main Event tomorrow night. Then I can show the world how much of a pussy the Hellcat has become.”

Kristin’s green eyes seemed to glow from the inside with a hellish green light that made her appear more feline than ever. Lightly chesting into the blonde, Kristin hissed back, “You’re on bitch! And just so you think about backing out…” She brought her hand arcing up and Scarlett steeled herself for the slap that she was sure was coming, but at the last moment, Kristin’s hand stopped, hovering an inch from the blonde’s cheek. Just as the question was beginning to form in Scarlett’s eyes, Kristin curled her fingers into a vicious claw and tore her nails down the pale blonde’s cheek, leaving a path of four angry red welts in their wake. Her grin growing more feral as the blonde winced in pain, Kristin spat, “That’s just the FIRST mark I’m gonna put on you Scarlett. I’m gonna humble you slut.”

Not used to being so openly disrespected, Scarlett growled, “I’m gonna cripple you Kristin! I can’t wait to hear your knees POP. Oh, your screams afterward will be nice; but it’s that POP I’m lookin’ forward to!”

Not backing down from the sadistic vixen threatening to end her career, Kreuk fired off an ultimatum of her own, “And I’ll lick your blood off my fingers before tomorrow night is over. Fight hard Scarlett, it’ll make you taste better.” Figuring she got the last word in, Kristin brushed past Scarlett and stalked down the dock toward her car. Then pausing to look back over her shoulder, she added, “Be ringside tomorrow ‘Scape. You’re the only one I trust to capture my destruction of this overmatched whore accurately.”

Watching the venomous brunette drive away, Scarlett glanced at the photographer and sneered, “I’m so going to tear her into very tiny pieces. You be there and I’ll make sure you get one of the few recognizable ones!”

Then Scarlett turned on her heel and headed back up the wharf. Putting the lens back on his camera, Nightscape chuckled quietly and said, “Eat your heart out Theo Ehret.”


It was getting on into the later half of June in the small Massachusetts town of Innsmouth and even though the first swell of summer tourists had started crowding the locals a few weeks back, things were going pretty well. After all, it had been an especially harsh winter and despite the problems the tourists brought with them, the year round citizens of the tiny burg were grateful to deal with any problem that didn’t involve several feet of snow or ice. Pile that onto the fact that it just happened to be a Friday and things were looking considerably up. It being Friday night and all, a large chunk of the populace, both local and imported made the trek out to the Gilman House hotel and more specifically the hotel’s bar, a lushly decorated, but rather cavernous space known as Devil’s Reef.

And it wasn’t just the promise of dollar margaritas and all you can eat wings that drew the crowds, oh no. Tonight, Fannin’s wrestling promotion was making a return to Innsmouth after a lengthy absence and word had gotten out that the eccentric promoter had put together one hell of a good show for the residents of ’The Mouth.’ Tonight was a rare battle between two equally adept and equally despised heels as, for the first time ever, the brilliantly cruel submission machine Scarlett Johansson would take on emerald-eyed Hellcat, Kristin Kreuk!

The backstory of how these two came into conflict wasn’t widely known, but by the end of the week, all erstwhile fans would know how Scarlett had interrupted a promotional photo shoot for the brunette and tossed down a verbal punk card; openly questioning Kristin’s ability to beat her in a match. Naturally, Kristin didn’t take too well to the disrespect and after a few more barbs had been hurled, the time for diplomacy had passed and the match was on the fast track. And with that adequately explained, let’s direct our gaze to ringside where the Ring Announcer is all ready to kick off the feature match…

“Ladies and gentleman, its time for tonight’s Main Event! Introducing first; she stands 5’4”; they call her ‘The Hellcat’….she is Kristin Kreeeeeeeuk!”

‘Beautiful Disaster’ announces Kristen’s arrival as the lithe brunette strolls through the curtain. The fans in attendance know that Kristin’s one of the most vicious competitors in the league, often bending to downright breaking the rules to secure a win, but they can’t help but cheer her. Like Kreuk or not, you couldn’t boo her talent and she had that in spades. As per custom, Kristen was wearing her requisite two piece red bikini with black pads and boots, her long black hair hangs back loose on her shoulders She approached the edge of the ring and slid slowly inside. In the squared circle, the Hellcat slides gracefully to her full height, and walks to her corner, awaiting the arrival of her newest and possibly most sadistic opponent

Catching his breath for a moment, the Announcer brings the mic back up and shouts, “And her opponent; all of 5’4”… ladies and gentlemen, it gives me great pleasure to announce an up-and-coming superstar… Scarlettttt Jo…hansson!”

‘Remedy’ by Seether pulses through the confines of Devil’s Reef as Scarlett stalks through the curtain and down the aisle. For her war with the Hellcat, the voluptuous strawberry blonde vixen is clad in a simple two-piece black bikini with matching knee and elbow pads. Her boots are a simple matte gray, a basic but appealing look for an equally appealing fighter. Striding to the ring, Scarlett enters the ring with a walk that’s not quite a swagger and goes to her corner, awaiting the official beginning of the contest.

The bell sounded its usual announcement and an unusual thing happened. Instead of growing louder and more vocal, as was often the case at the beginning of the match, the crowd in Devil’s Reef actually quieted down, waiting with an almost silent expectancy for the slender brunette to do battle with the curvy blonde. Apparently, Richard Fannin wasn’t the only one with reservations about putting Kristin and Scarlett in the same ring. Leaning casually in her corner, Kristin kept her smoky green eyes locked on Scarlett and silently pushed free of the buckles. Striding to mid ring in a tense sort of stalk.

Watching Scarlett closely, Kreuk put her hands on her hips as she cocked a questioning (and slightly mocking) eyebrow in Scarlett’s direction. “Second thoughts?” she asked casually. Regarding the brunette with a small, condescending smile, Scarlett rolled her shoulders and left her corner, heading in Kristin’s direction in a slow, insolent walk. Drawing to within a foot of the brunette, Scarlett came to halt and regarded Kristin coldly. Not intimidated for a second by the blonde’s mind-games, Kreuk smirked and said, “Here to teach me some respect Scarlett?”

Scarlett smirked back. “Respect is too mild a word for what I’m going to instill in you tonight, Kristin. I’m thinking ‘awed fear’ is closer to the state you’ll end this match in. If you’re awake when it’s over of course. That remains to be seen.”

Rolling her eyes dismissively, Kristin sneered, “I’ve faced down bigger and badder than you before Scarlett and nine out of ten times they end up broken at my feet. You’re no different!”

Openly hostile now, Scarlett fired back, “Oh I’m very different from anyone you’ve ever faced before Kristin. By the time I’m done with you tonight, you’ll be wishing that Neve had ended your pathetic farce of a career when she had the chance. You’re pathetic Kristin Kreuk. You don’t even belong in the same ring as me.”

Campbell’s name was one of the few things that could get an instant reaction out of the Hellcat and this evening proved no exception. Glaring furiously at the blonde, Kristin stabbed her left foot out, placing her toes down at an angle on the mat between them. Drawing an invisible line between them, Kristin dropped into her stance and sneered, “You want to teach me about fear and humiliation? You think you can out-wrestle me? Cross that line and I’ll show you just how delusional you really are Johansson.”

Not rising to the bait (at least not yet) the blonde looked down at the canvas and then back up at Kristin. With disdain clearly showing on her face, she replied, “A line in the sand? Isn’t that a tad bit melodramatic?”

Kreuk shook her head no. “Not at all. THIS would be a tad bit melodramatic!”

The word was barely out of her mouth when she stepped forward and spit directly into Scarlett’s face. She grimaced and took a half step back, left hand flying to her face to wiping the glob of saliva off her cheek. Scarlett looked down at the glistening substance on her fingers, then disgustedly flicked it on the mat.

She glared evilly at her impudent rival and hissed, “Your career ends tonight.”

Curling her fingers toward the blonde, Kristin dropped back into her crouch and started circling to her right, “Then I’ll take you with me.”

Answering Kristin’s challenge, Scarlett assumed a crouch of her own, circling smoothly with the brunette as both coldly calculating beauties looked for an opening. After three revolutions, Kristin made the first move silently lunging forward and going for Scarlett’s right thigh, trying to take the blonde off her feet with a Single Leg Takedown. But Scarlett wasn’t taken in so easily and she pulled back quickly leaving the brunette grasping at air. In the split second that Kristin was off balance, Scarlett answered with a lunge of her own, aiming for the Hellcat’s right ankle, hoping to take Kristin off her feet and gain possession of her leg at the same time. Just as Scarlett had done a moment before, Kristin pulled back from her opponent’s hands before they could clamp down on their intended target.

They continued to circle and feint until Kristin brought her hands up to shoulder level and beckoned the blonde in, “Care to join me?”

Bringing her own hands up in response, Scarlett said, “Delighted.”

Knowing that her opponent wasn’t going to shy away this time, blonde and brunette exploded forward and came together in a tight Collar and Elbow Lock-Up. For several moments they pushed and pulled at each other’s shoulders and neck; first rising up on their toes and then sinking to one knee as they sought to impose their physical will on the other. After nearly ten seconds of this clenching stalemate, Scarlett suddenly shifted her grip, catching Kristin’s left wrist in one hand and snagging her under the armpit with the other. The instant her hold was in place, Scarlett simultaneously tossed Kreuk over her hip and dropped to her knees, depositing the Hellcat on the canvas beside her with a simple Arm Drag.

Fiercely intent on proving her technical superiority to the brunette, Scarlett kept her hands locked on Kristin’s arm after the landing and rudely jammed her left knee into the side of her opponent’s head, and pulled back on the captive limb. Arm Bar firmly in place, Scarlett ground her padded knee back and forth across Kristin’s temple while she tried to wrench the Hellcat’s shoulder out of socket. Enjoying the tiny grunts of pain coming from Kreuk.

Scarlett increased the pressure and commented, “See how easy that was? I could ride you all over this canvas for as long as I wanted and you couldn’t do shit about it. Well, you might tap out, but if you did that too soon, you really would have to retire, because everyone would see that the Hellcat has been turned into a pathetic pussy.”

Scowling angrily as Scarlett’s taunts rang in her ears, Kristin stopped scrabbling her free hand against the mat and palmed it hard against the blonde’s interfering knee. Wanting to be free from the hold as quickly as possible, she shoved hard and managed to dislodge Scarlett from her perch. Aggravated that her arm was still in Scarlett’s possession, Kristin got her feet under her and quickly regained her vertical base, forcing Scarlett to rise up with her in the process. Not thinking about what she did next, Kreuk leaned down, placed her free hand on the mat and somersaulted forward, executing a perfect one handed cartwheel that brought her back to her feet and alleviated the pressure on her left arm in one fell swoop.

Still working one handed, Kristin moved with the liquid grace that had become a trademark over the last few years, bending down fast and wrapping her unencumbered arm around Scarlett’s right leg. Resting the crook of her elbow against the back of the blonde’s knee, Kristin pulled back and stood up quickly, dumping her rival onto her back with the Single Leg Takedown she’d attempted earlier. When Scarlett lost her balance, she finally gave up her grip on Kristin’s wrist and the brunette wasted no time in adding her newly freed hand to the grip around the blonde’s knee and upper thigh.

Staring snidely down into Scarlett’s startled face, Kristin sneered, “You’re the one getting retired tonight Scarlett. How do you expect to intimidate anyone with two broken legs?”

Preparing to answer her own question, Kristin pulled up higher on Scarlett’s leg and started to turn to her right, attempting to turn Scarlett onto her belly and then lock in the Single Leg Crab. Scarlett had other plans though and she enacted them quickly, dragging both herself and Kristin towards the ropes where she grabbed hold of the bottom strand.


Knowing it would be pointless to maintain her control over Scarlett’s leg for another five seconds, Kristin tossed the limb down at ‘ONE’ and sauntered back to the center of the ring.

Smirking in Scarlett’s direction, Kristin taunted, “I thought you were supposed to be tough.”

Refusing to let Kristin get the better of her in a war of words, Scarlett replied, “I’m tougher than you can imagine, smarter too.” She paused for a moment and then smiled. Raising both hands over her head she added, “Not to mention stronger.”

Knowing full well she was being challenged, Kristin remained silent as she brought her right hand up and laid it against Scarlett’s palm. The two beauties laced their fingers together and one half of the Test of Strength was locked in place. Staring defiantly into Scarlett’s face, Kristin brought up her left hand but it only got about halfway there when the Hellcat suddenly ducked low and dipped around behind her startled foe. Yanking her hand free from Scarlett’s grip, Kristin took full advantage of the small opening.

Keeping her body pressed tightly against Scarlett’s back, Kristin reached around the strawberry blonde’s body with her left leg so it looped around Scarlett’s side and between her legs, hooking Scarlett’s left leg with the entangling limb. With that done she yanked back on Scarlett’s right arm, forcing the limb up and behind Kristin’s midsection. Finally, using both hands, she pushed down on Scarlett’s head and neck, stretching her foe’s torso painfully across Kristin’s knee. Amused by how easy it had been to lure Scarlett into her trap, Kristin stayed silent for several seconds, jostling her body up and down to increase the pain of the Abdominal Stretch. After a few more seconds of this treatment, Kreuk pulled one hand away from Scarlett’s ribs and slowly traced a long nonsense pattern across Scarlett’s belly with her index finger. The tactic wasn’t painful, at least in a physical sense, but it let the audience know how much control the emerald eyed hellcat had over her rival. Listening to Scarlett grunt and groan as she tried to wrench free of the hold, Kristin pinched a roll of the blonde’s belly with her thumb and index finger, pulling it out and stretching the supple skin so everyone could see it.

Jiggling it lightly, Kristin purred, “So, ya wanna give up Scarlett?”

Shaking her head violently ‘no’ Scarlett growled. “You dumb bitch! I’m gonna make you suffer for trying to embarrass me.”

A wide grin broke over Kristin’s face. “Dumb? I’ve been accused being a lot of things Scarlett, but dumb is certainly not one of them. Allow me to show you why...”

She was silent for an instant and then the brunette suddenly Kristin snapped her own head backward and screamed, “ARRGH! HAIR REF! SHE’S GOT MY HAIR!”

When the official swooped around behind the Hellcat to check on the supposed infraction, Kreuk released her pinch of on Scarlett’s belly and shoved her hand down on the front of the blonde’s trunks. She curled her hand into a claw as she latched onto the front of Scarlett’s bottom, twisting and kneading her talon into the blonde’s sensitive regions.

Screaming in pain and indignation, Scarlett roared, “LEGGO OF MY CROTCH, YOU BITCH!”

Her exclamation brought the zebra back around font to investigate but by then, Kristin had already relinquished the claw and gone back to pressing on Scarlett’s ribs. Questioned by the referee, Kristin feigned innocence and said, “She’s just outclassed and knows it. Watch her closely, she’ll probably try more stunts like that.”

Regarding the Hellcat warily, the official knew he couldn’t call what he didn’t see, so he stepped back and resumed his vigil over the action.

Fuming at the way she’d been abused by Kristin’s ruse, Scarlett silently vowed to make the brunette pay for it and went about trying to escape the Abdominal Stretch. Ignoring the pain as best she could, the blonde let herself catch the rhythms of Kristin’s ups and downs and when she was confident of the pacing, she started rocking in time with her captor. At the lowest point in one of these dips, Scarlett suddenly pushed upward as hard as she could and leaned yanked forward, attempting to toss Kristin to the mat in a jury-rigged Hip Toss. She was partly successful in that Kristin did go sailing over her hip, but a failure in the fact that the Hellcat again planted a hand against the canvas and cartwheeled out of the predicament.

Wanting nothing more than to see the look on Scarlett’s face after she’d escaped another of her counters, Kristin whirled around on her heel and smirked, “Got anything else in your bag of tricks dumba…AAHHHH!”

There was no acting in Kristin’s voice this time, Scarlett saw to that by shooting a hand out and jabbing a thumb into the brunette’s eye. Staggering around in a drunken circle she was an easy target for Scarlett who was feeling more than a little vindictive after being made to look the fool in Kristin‘s last assault. Grinding up against the brunette’s back, Scarlett slapped a Half Nelson on Kristin’s right arm before using her left hand to capture the Hellcat’s right wrist and pull it roughly across Kristin’s throat, cinching in one of her favorite holds, the Cobra Clutch.

Whipping Kristin back and forth with violent twists of her hips, Scarlett pressed her lips to the brunette’s ear and whispered, “I usually save this move for the end of a match, but I think I’ll make an exception tonight. I want you to suffer long and hard before you finally black out.”

Putting the first part of that statement into action, Scarlett started to run forward in great loping strides with Kristin still trapped in her clutches. After crossing more than half the ring, she leapt into the air and came down hard, driving Kristin face first into the mat with one of her finishers, a Cobra Clutch Bulldog she called ‘Red Sky at Morning.’ With Kreuk still effectively locked up in the Clutch, she was unable to get her hands up to protect her face and took the full force of the drop on her chin and cheek. Grinning maliciously as Kristin flopped around beside her, Scarlett kept the Cobra Clutch locked in tight and pulled back sadistically, bending Kristin’s neck to the breaking point. Jerking back hard on the Clutch, Scarlett added to Kristin’s misery by pulling left and right, wrenching even more pained wails from the brunette’s lips. Relishing the Hellcat’s gurgled screams, Scarlett leaned back a bit further and hissed, “Wanna give it up whore? All you have to do is tell these nice people who the best submission wrestler on the fuckin’ planet it and I’ll let you get back to whatever pathetic delusion it is you call a life.”

Hating herself for giving Scarlett the satisfaction of hearing her scream, Kristin blinked back the tears welling in her eyes and took in the situation. Despite the considerable agony she was in, her outlook brightened quite a bit when she realized that Scarlett’s trek across the ring had brought them closer to the ropes than the blonde had intended. Ignoring the pain as best she could, Kristin reached out with her free hand only to find she was still about two feet shy of freedom. Digging into her reserves, the brunette pushed her torso up off the canvas and used her free hand to drag herself ever so slowly towards the cables. It took her nearly fifteen seconds to do so, and in that time Kristin thought her head might be pulled off her shoulders but she did make it and few things in her career had brought as much pleasure. (Or relief, lets be honest here)

Mildly rankled that Kristin hadn’t succumbed to her finisher, Scarlett kept the move locked in until the ref reached ‘FOUR’ on his count and then released her grip, letting Kristin’s head fall forward with a wet THUD. Not letting the dazed brunette get her bearings, Scarlett grabbed Kristin by the back of her briefs and hauled her to her feet.

“Up you go Hellcat. I’m not done stretching you out yet.” Getting no cogent response, Scarlett marched her adversary to the middle of the ring where she seamlessly switched her grip between Kristin’s red togs and her sweat-dampened hair. Getting right into Kristin’s face, Scarlett seemed to have a whole monologue prepared but instead settled for, “I am gonna tie you in KNOTS Kristin.”

Intent on doing just that, she booted Kristin right in the navel and then dumped the winded girl onto her butt with a simple Snap Mare. Sitting down behind her foe, Scarlett reached forward and took hold of Kristin’s wrists, grabbing one in each hand. Pulling the brunette’s arms out behind her, Scarlett lay back on the canvas and brought her legs up around Kristin’s arms, making sure the insides of her knees were roughly level with Kristin’s armpits. Almost done now, Scarlett crossed her ankles at the base of the brunette’s neck and pressed down, cinching the Lotus Lock in tight. Despite the set-up involved, the Lotus war really nothing more than a Full Nelson applied with the legs, but given the curvy blonde’s leg strength, it didn’t need any other gimmicks attached. Letting go of Kristin’s wrists, Scarlett put her hands palms down on the mat and pushed up, adding even more pressure to the hold. Watching coldly as Kristin’s legs started to flail helplessly, Scarlett only took that as more motivation to continue her torture and she squeezed down as tightly as she could, dead-set on breaking down Kristin Kreuk’s supposedly iron constitution.

Biting her bottom lip in a coy smile, Scarlett waited for Kristin to quite down before she asked, “Ready to give it up pussy?”

Shaking her head ‘no’ as best she could, Kristin growled, “Not a chance bitch!”

Settling back down on her butt, Scarlett replied, “Good, I’ve still got to pay you back for that Crotch Claw.” Proving that payback was indeed a bitch, Scarlett leaned forward and laid both hands across Kristin’s unguarded chest. Locating the brunette’s nipples through the slick fabric of her bikini top, Scarlett purred, “Scream all you like bitch; I’ve been known to have very selective hearing at times like these.”

Without another word, she clamped down hard on the soft flesh, pinching and twisting the nipples to their elastic limit. Kristin could do nothing but scream in undisguised agony. Suffering through the torment of Scarlett’s claw augmented Lotus Lock, the sole thought that kept Kristin from submitting was the fear that Scarlett wouldn’t let her go after the bell rang. Knowing this fight wasn’t going to end with both of them still conscious, Kristin shoved aside the pain in her breasts as best she could and tried something she hoped the blonde wouldn’t expect.

Planting her feet flat on the mat, Kreuk bridged up and back, rolling Scarlett up onto her shoulders in the process. Seeing that the submission had just been turned into a potential pin-fall, the ref raised his arm up and counted off ‘ONE… TWO’ before Scarlett got wise and released the hold, avoiding the worst kind of surprise defeat a wrestler could endure. Rising to her knees, Scarlett crawled over to Kristin’s head and sat down again. Muscling the brunette over onto her belly, Scarlett grabbed a handful of her hair and yanked up, forcing the Hellcat to look into her eyes.

Snarling softly, she said, “I bet you thought that was pretty clever. Let’s see you wriggle your way out of this one.”

Extending her legs at a rough 45-degree angle around Kristin’s head, Scarlett scooted forward and grabbed hold of the Hellcat’s right wrist. Pulling the limp arm towards her, Scarlett made sure she positioned the arm at such an angle that the uppermost part of Kristin’s arm was resting tightly under the brunette’s chin. Closing the vise of her legs around Kristin’s neck, Scarlett jutted her hips forward, ensuring that her crotch was only inches from her victim‘s sweating face. Still holding Kristin’s wrist, Scarlett purred, “You liked clawing my crotch so much Kristin, tell me how much you enjoy being face to face with it” Scarlett ended her taunt by squeezing her thighs together with all her strength, instantly putting diabolical pressure on Kristin’s head, neck and arm with the Triangle Choke.

The lithe brunette’s green eyes popped open almost immediately and frantic twisting and thrashing followed that as she fought to escape the embarrassingly simple choke. Leaning back on the hold, Scarlett thrust her hips up, forcing Kristin’s flushed, humiliated face to be ground against her groin. Scarlett was so intent on torturing Kristin with the Triangle Choke that she didn’t notice when Kreuk managed to get her feet under her and slowly rise to her knees. Only when the Hellcat get to her feet did Scarlett realize the angle was suddenly wrong and she looked up in surprise, obviously disbelieving what her own eyes were telling her. Before the blonde could tug her back down to the canvas Kristin bent her knees and rolled forward, executing a makeshift somersault of sorts that landed her in a tight bridge, the small of her back now pressed wetly against Scarlett’s face. Scarlett didn’t understand the point of Kristin’s little display until she began to hear the ref count off another pin. Scarlett’s eyes widened in shock as she realized the cunning bitch had put her shoulders on the mat for a second time and were again trying to steal a victory.

Releasing the choke as quickly as possible, Scarlett kicked forward as hard as she could and managed to break the pin a microsecond before the ref’s hand came down for ‘THREE’. Thoroughly pissed at what she perceived to be the cowardly tactics Kristin kept using to try and steal the victory, Scarlett rolled to her knees and stormed over to where Kreuk was just beginning to recover.

Helping herself to a savage double handful of the brunette’s locks, Scarlett snarled, “Think you’re clever Kristin? Huh? Do you?” She jerked the dazed Hellcat to her feet and immediately cinched her up in a skull mashing Front Face-Lock. Guiding them both towards the center of the ring. Scarlett used her free hand to take a hold of a generous portion of Kristin’s tights and yank them vilely upwards, giving the crowd a pleasantly unobstructed look at Kris’ rear end. Holding her victim in place, Scarlett continued her diatribe. “Maybe you’re smarter than you look; maybe you’ve started to realize there’s no way you can force me to submit so you’ll take the cowardly bitch route and try to roll me up for a pin. Actually, I think you’re a fuckin’ brain-dead moron, because there’s no way anyone with normal cognitive function would’ve stepped into the ring with me!”

Getting nothing pithy in the way of a reply, Scarlett blew some hair off her forehead, spat, “Figures” then dropped back hard and fast, driving the crown of Kristin’s head into the top of the mat with a DDT so strong it actually held the lithe beauty up in a makeshift headstand for a couple of seconds before allowing her to crumple onto her back. Sitting on her butt next to Kristin, Scarlett knew it would be wise to keep the brunt of her attacks focused on Kristin’s head and shoulders, that way when the end came around, it would be all but impossible for the brunette to escape the Scarlett Fever.

Insolently slapping Kristin’s back, Scarlett proclaimed, “I’m gonna CRUSH your head. I’m sorry there’s not a prettier way to say it, but there’s no disguising it. I’m just gonna CRUSH it.” With her intentions made crystal clear, Scarlett scooted over to Kristin’s head and grabbed another handful of hair. Yanking the Hellcat’s head off the canvas, Scarlett grabbed the brunette’s head and forced it between her thighs. Crossing her ankles, Scarlett locked on a no frills added Head Scissors, trying to crush Kristin’s head Just like she said she would. As she abused Kristin’s skull, Scarlett took the time to tease her adversary using one hand to slap lightly at Kristin’s forehead while she curled the other into a nasty fishhook and slipped it into the brunette’s cheek.

Beginning to rip and tear Kristin’s mouth, Scarlett asked, “How’s THAT feel you, stupid bitch? Starting to wish you hadn’t spit in my face? Don’t worry, by the time I’m done, ya won’t ever spit on anyone; less of course somethin’ gets stuck in your FEEDING TUBE!“

Continuing to let Kristin wail, Scarlett clamped down harder on the scissors, trying very hard to make sure the color of her opponent’s face ended up several shades darker than her namesake. Trapped between in the iron vise that was Scarlett’s thighs, Kristin’s mind recoiled at the idea of being forced to submit to the blonde. Rejecting the concept with every fiber of her being, Kristin gripped Scarlett’s knees and dug in hard. Using all the strength in her upper body she was able to twist just enough to maneuver around and get her knees under her. Before Scarlett could force her back onto her side, Kristin pushed up and forward, somersaulting onto Scarlett’s chest, while simultaneously pulling free of the Scissors with a vaguely sweaty sounding POP! Not taking the time to catch her breath just yet, Kristin scrambled up Scarlett’s frame until she was able to bring her butt down heavily across Scarlett’s ample assets. Making sure the blonde’s arms were pinned under her shins, Kristin drew in several ragged breaths before locking eyes with the furiously wiggling girl trapped beneath her. There was a cruel, vengeful look in Kristin’s eyes as she reached down with one hand and sank her talon into Scarlett’s mane.

Pulling the blonde’s head up off the canvas, Kreuk palmed her rival’s head almost gently as she whispered, “Spitting in your face was only the first half of a two part plan. The second half involves me punching right through your stupid skull. But since you seemed to enjoy the first part so much.”

Her pretty face twisted into an ugly grimace for just a second and then Kristin spat in Scarlett’s face a second time. Smiling sweetly as Scarlett went absolutely ballistic with rage, Kristin brushed a few stray hairs off the blonde’s forehead before she pulled back her fist and started peppering Scarlett’s forehead, cheeks and chin with a vicious deluge of closed fist punches. Acutely enjoying the sensation of Scarlett’s skin being mashed under her knuckles, Kristin came very close to disqualification when she didn’t cease the pugilistic assault until the ref reached ‘FOUR’ on his count.

Unwilling to concede the match that way (or concede it all for that matter) Kristin pulled her hand back and was surprised to see she had blood on her knuckles. Glancing down, she saw that she’d busted open Scarlett’s bottom lip with one of her shots and that even now a thin rill of blood was running down the blonde’s chin. Knowing she had the perfect opportunity to get into Scarlett’s head. Kristin waited until Scarlett’s eyes opened and locked onto hers. Riding out the trapped girl’s wild struggling, Kreuk brought her punching fist up to her mouth and ever so slowly licked Scarlett’s blood off her knuckles. Finishing her rather grisly bit of intimidation, the hellcat purred, “Tastes like fear.”

Tiring of such a base assault on her opponent, Kristin pulled up from the straddle just enough to roll the blonde onto her stomach. Scrabbling into a more comfortable position, Kristin grabbed hold of Scarlett’ right arm before lying tightly across Scarlett’s sweat-slicked back. Locking her elbows, Kristin shook the hair out of her face and said, “I’ve never broken someone’s arm before. Looks like you get to be my first. Hope you don’t scream too much.“

She planted her feet on the mat and leaned back across Scarlett‘s body, cinching on the Fujiwara Arm Bar to draw a terribly pained shriek from the blonde’s formerly clenched lips. Grinning wildly up into the lights, Kristin rocked up and down on the Arm Bar; at best she’d snap Scarlett’s arm in about three places. At worst, she’d hyperextend the bitch’s elbow and put her on the shelf for at least a month. Leaning back as far as she dared, Kristin waited for Scarlett’s screech to go up another octave or two before she snarled, “GIVE IT UP SCARLETT! GIVE UP OR SNAP YOUR ARM RIGHT OFF AT THE FUCKIN’ SHOULDER!”

Trying and mostly failing to hold back the tears running down her cheeks, Scarlett shook her head ‘no’ when the red asked for her surrender and she answered Kristin’s demands by firing back, “FUCK OFF KRISTIN! YOU HAVEN’T GOT SHIT!”

Despite the fact that her last statement was patently untrue, it gave Scarlett a small measure of joy to say it and it cleared her head just enough to decide what to do next. Placing her free hand palm down on the canvas, she pushed up as far as she could and then placed the top of her head against the mat, tucking her chin into her chest. After a moment’s deliberation, she got her knees under her and somersaulted forward onto her back. Not only did this measure alleviate most of the pain of the Arm Bar, it brought her boots into contact with the bottom rope and she instantly locked her ankles around the cable.

Shrieking triumphantly she hollered, “GET OFFA ME YOU STUPID WHORE!”

Snarling silently at the ref and Scarlett, Kristin released the pressure on the Arm Bar but she did not relinquish her grip on the blonde’s wrist. Getting slowly to her feet, Kristin grabbed the wounded limb in both hands and walked toward mid-ring, even as a protesting Scarlett tried to make the official make Kristin let her go. Ignoring both of their demands, Kristin chided, “You only need one arm to tap to ‘Kreul Intentions’ Scarlett, and I mean to make sure that’s all you have when the time comes for me to slap it on you.” Saying no more, she bent her knees and yanked back violently, breaking Scarlett’s tenuous ankle-hold on the rope and pulling her roughly into the center of the squared circle.

Hoisting the weak-kneed blonde to her feet, Kristin held Scarlett’s wounded arm tightly in both hands as she leaned into her face and asked, “You’re such a brilliant technician Scarlett, do you know what they call this move? Better yet, do you know how to get out of it? I’m betting the answer to both questions is no.”

Putting her theory to the test, Kreuk stretched Scarlett’s arm out away from her body and suddenly leapt into the air. In what could only be described as a breathtaking show of athleticism, Kristin pulled her victim’s arm down, while bringing her own legs up and scissoring them around both sides of Scarlett’s arm. In an instant, Kristin locked her heels above Scarlett’s shoulder and clamped down tight locking the hold in place. The end result was essentially a Cross Arm-Breaker applied to Scarlett while she was standing and Kristin clinging onto her arm like some wicked brunette remora, the top of her head hanging barely a foot off the canvas.

Holding in a silent scream as her arm was pulled past the breaking point, a small part of Scarlett’s mind thought that she actually did know what the move was called. It was Six Second Magic and the name came because it usually took that long for the victim to voice her surrender. Refusing to do anything of the kind, Scarlett valiantly fought to keep her balance and managed to do so by using her free hand to grab a hold of Kristin’s crossed ankles and hold on for dear life. Knowing the match would be all but over if Kristin was able to pull her down to the canvas, Scarlett maintained her death-grip on the brunette’s feet as she began to slowly walk (it was more of a stagger really) towards the nearest set of ropes. After nearly falling on her face more times than she’d care to admit, Scarlett reached the sanctuary of the ropes and let go of Kristin’s feet only to grab the top rope and scream at the top of her lungs, “LET GO OF MY ARM YOU TENACIOUS BITCH!”

Beginning to feel dizzy from being upside down for so long, Kristin actually did as she was bade without any more prodding and the Hellcat deftly rolled away from her crippled foe while she took a few moments to recover. Rolling easily to one knee, Kreuk got to her feet and spied Scarlett leaning heavily in the ropes, still clutching tightly at the arm Kristin had softened up with her last bits of offense.

Licking her lips in a predatory smile, Kristin murmured “Bulls Eye.” as she stalked forward to continue the attack on her blonde rival. Oblivious to her opponent’s arrival, Scarlett was trying to douse the fire in her left arm when a cold voice asked, “Arm hurt?”

Scarlett’s eyes went wide with an uncharacteristic look of fear and she was in the process of pulling her head up to see her attacker when Kristin slammed a fist into her shoulder, dropping the normally sturdy beauty to both knees with a howl of pain.

Grabbing Scarlett by the back of the head, Kristin tossed her face first into the center of the ring and commented, “I suppose it would be opportunistic of me to simply target one body part until you whimpered a surrender. I know, I’ll pick out another part of you to shred, that way your arm won’t feel picked on.” Dropping down beside her victim, she lay down perpendicular to Scarlett’s head and grabbed the blonde’s weakened left arm. Stretching the limb out as far as it would go, Kristin scissored the arm between her thighs and completed her hold by lacing her hands across Scarlett’s nose and pulling back as hard as she could.

Kristin knew the crowd was cheering wildly at the application of the Crossface, the smart marks that frequented Fannin’s shows loved the move, but the Hellcat was honestly having a hard time hearing them over the terrible gurgling screams that were coming out of Scarlett’s mouth. Keeping her hands locked across the blonde’s face, Kreuk leaned back even further, trying her best to break Scarlett’s nose, wrench her neck and dislocate her shoulder all on one fell swoop. Knowing it would be pointless to ask Scarlett herself, she glared over at the referee and panted, “ASK HER!”

Doing as he was told, the zebra leaned down into the wailing girl’s face and asked, “Whaddaya say Scarlett? Wanna give it up?”

Shaking her head ’no’ Scarlett yelled something that was probably a denial and continued to pry at Kristin’s torturing hands with her one free hand. Closing her eyes so she wouldn’t have to look into the blinding lights of the club, Scarlett knew from the dull fiery bursts of pain in her neck and shoulder that she was close to passing out or sustaining a serious injury, and quite possibly both. Painfully aware that there was no way in hell for her to reach the ropes from her current position, she opted to try a trick Kristin had played n her earlier. Pulling her head back as far as she could, Scarlett got her upper body off the mat and planted her free hand palm down on the canvas, using it like a kick stand. Steeling herself for the pain that was sure to come, Scarlett pushed up and rolled to her left. The strength and speed of her counter was just enough to roll both her and Kristin onto their backs, with Scarlett now lying heavily across the brunette’s chest. Not thinking about what she was doing, Scarlett reached down with her free arm, hooked whichever one of Kris’ legs that she found and pulled it in close to her, locking the suddenly trapped Hellcat into a tight cradle.

Unable to comprehend the sort of reserves Scarlett was tapping into, the ref was still clearheaded enough to drop down and make his count. He’d just made it passed ’TWO’ when Kreuk rolled through the pin attempt and brought both girls back onto their stomachs, once again trapping Scarlett in the torturous submission. It was not a lie to say that Scarlett’s will to fight almost vanished then, but ALMOST was the operative word and the blonde somehow managed to hold on for a little longer. Afraid that she didn’t have the arm strength necessary to attempt another cradle, Scarlett suddenly realized that after the two rolls she and Kristin had executed, they were well away from the middle of the ring. Opening her eyes, she glanced frantically around and almost sobbed with relief when she saw the ropes less than two feet away. Being driven by a nearly fanatical desire to visit the worst kinds of punishment on her tormentor, Scarlett pushed off the mat once more and slowly but surely dragged herself to the bottom rope.

Grasping the cable limply, Scarlett screamed a muffled cry that sounded sort of like, “KANNNT MAAAKE MEEEE TAAPPPHH!”

Disgusted with both herself and her opponent, Kristin milked the Crossface for another four seconds and then released it, tossing Scarlett’s sweat soaked head down onto the mat with an air of absolute disdain. Getting to her feet, the Hellcat took a moment to adjust the rumpled edges of her togs and then sauntered over to where Scarlett hadn’t even begun to recover yet. Helping herself to a lank handful of the blonde’s damp mane, Kreuk pulled her opposition to her feet and unceremoniously marcher her out to the middle of the squared circle. Adjusting her grip slightly, Kristin used her free hand to rudely squeeze Scarlett’s cheeks together in the old ‘fish face’ gesture that anyone who had a childhood will remember without too much difficulty.

Gazing hatefully into the blonde’s dazed face, Kristin whispered, “Let’s see you scream now.”

Taking her hand off Scarlett’s cheeks, she curled her hand into a talon and jammed her middle and ring fingers into the blonde’s mouth, slipping them Scarlett’s tongue and pressing down viciously to lock in the Mandible Claw. The blinding pain and numbing paralysis of the unique claw hold almost dropped Scarlett to her knees, but the blonde stayed on her feet if only by grabbing hold of the wrist of the Hellcat’s clawing hand. Wanting to bite Kristin’s fingers more than anything in the world, Scarlett settled for bringing up her other hand and clamping it down on Kristin’s face, digging her fingers deep into the brunette’s temples. Enjoying the startled and suddenly muffled cry that issued from Kristin’s mouth, Scarlett was still very much aware that she couldn’t keep up the Iron Claw for as long as Kristin could keep up the Mandible Claw.

Electing finesse over brawn, Scarlett jerked her head back and gurgled as loud as she could, “HHAAAAAHHRRRR REEEHHHFFF!” Knowing a scream of ‘HAIR!’ when he heard it, the ref spun around to see if Kristin was tugging on the blonde’s hair.

Seeing that the ref had taken the bait, Scarlett pulled her left leg back and brought it pistoning forward, burying the toes of her boot in that cute little crease in the front of the Hellcat’s trunks. Kristin’s hidden face turned several shades paler as she collapsed to her knees and pulled the claw free of Scarlett’s gullet. Finally able to breath unimpeded for the first time in several minutes, Scarlett took several deep ragged breaths and settled a vicious, hateful gaze on Kristin’s face.

Finding her voice, the blonde snarled quietly, “You’re not the only one that knows how to manipulate people you dumb bitch!”Then Scarlett trapped the kneeling girl in a tight Standing Headscissors and then wrapped her arms around the limber brunette’s waist. Almost ready, Scarlett took a few steps forward; making sure that Kristin would be well away from any ropes when the move connected. Tightening her grip, Scarlett taunted, “They‘re not going to find all your pieces Kreuk. No matter how long they look.”

She hoisted the Hellcat upside down and held her there for a moment before sitting out and spiking her victim’s skull into the canvas with a Pile Driver. Still sitting on the mat a moment after the Pile Driver put a dent in Kristin’s head, Scarlett shoved the suddenly very docile brunette over onto her back and then got to her feet. Calling upon all her training and conditioning to ignore the pain in her neck and shoulder, Scarlett lined herself up with Kristin’s head and took half a dozen paces back, allowing herself plenty of room to work. Glancing around at the crowd for a moment, Scarlett flashed a small smile and then returned her attention to the task at hand. Sprinting forward, the blonde cut the distance between her and Kristin with ease and just as it appeared she’d hop right over the brunette to continue on to the ropes, she dropped into a deep crouch and exploded upwards in a beautiful Vertical Leap. At the height of her momentum, Scarlett tucked her knees under her, lining up the left so that it came down squarely across Kristin’s forehead when she reconnected with the mat.

Scarlett’s Knee Drop drew an ‘oooohhh’ from the audience and an ‘AAAAHHHH!’ from Kristin.

For her part, Scarlett watched dispassionately as Kristin’s entire body gave a convulsive jerk while Kreuk shot both hands up to protect her aching head. More than able to relive the agony that Kristin had put her through over the last several minutes, Scarlet was anything but sympathetic to the brunette’s pain, a feeling she aptly demonstrated by savagely grabbing hold of Kristin’s hair and yanking her to her feet. Slipping around behind the punch-drunk Hellcat, Scarlett easily applied the Half Nelson on Kristin’s right arm and used her other hand to seize the Hellcat’s right wrist. Pulling the captive limb across the Hellcat’s windpipe, Scarlett had applied the Cobra Clutch a second time but instead of just yanking back and starting the pain immediately, she held Kristin in place so she could press her lips against the brunette’s ear.

Speaking in a low, cold tone, Scarlett whispered, “Get used to being choked out Kristin, because I’m going to do it to ya over and over and over again. And when you can’t do anything besides look up at me and plead for mercy, I won’t just spit in your face. I’ll sit on it. I’ll sit on it for as long as I want, because there’s nothing you or anyone else can do to stop me.”

Hearing nothing but a moaned denial, Scarlett ceased the verbal barbs and went a more visceral route cinching the Cobra Clutch on as tight as she could before twisting her torso first left and then right, strangling Kristin with her own arm and speeding her trip to the Land of Nod all at the same time. Listening to Kreuk groan and gag as the Clutch stole her air, Scarlett rocked her hips forward, rudely grinding her crotch against the curve of Kristin’s frantically trembling rear as she pressed her lips to Kristin’s ear and demanded softly, “Scream my name!”

Lightheaded and weakened by the Clutch, Kristin still knew a humiliation tactic when she heard one, so she responded appropriately, “Never.”

Licking Kristin’s earlobe, Scarlett cooed, “Yes you will baby. Because I can keep this up ALL… NIGHT… LONG.” She punctuated each word with an especially violent smash of her hips against Kristin’s helpless rump.

Hating to admit that Scarlett was right, Kristin was also forced to acknowledge the fact that if she couldn’t find a way to escape the Cobra Clutch soon, the blonde really would choke her out and Kristin had no doubt that Scarlett was cruel enough to carry out the promises she had made a few moments ago. Blinking away the dots that had started to trail across her vision, Kristin came up with a plan. It was a little bit desperate, and it could backfire on her, but it was the only thing she could think of so it’s what she went with. Taking as deep a breath as she could, the Hellcat suddenly rose up on her toes and let out a long, steady shriek like steam leaving a teakettle. When it subsided, she went limp in Scarlett’s grasp, slumping forward and doing her best impression of deadweight. Feeling Scarlett’s hold relax a little bit, Kreuk kept her eyes closed as Scarlett said to the ref, “ Check her arm. She’s done.”

The zebra grabbed her free wrist and raised it; held it for a second and let it go. Kristin let it fall limply to her side. ‘ONE!’ he signaled before grabbing her wrist again. Lifting it up a second time, he let it drop and again, Kristin made no attempt to stop it. ‘TWO!’ he called out. When he lifted her arm up a third time, Kristin stayed still even though it took all her will to do so. This time, when the official let her hand drop, she let it fall halfway before she surged forward violently, knocking the clueless dope out of the way as she stampeded her way to the ropes with Scarlett trailing behind her. Realizing her victim had been playing opossum, Scarlett cursed herself for being gullible and did everything she could to prevent Kristin from reaching the ropes, but it as a losing effort. The Hellcat reached her destination with no real problems and it didn’t take long for her to start taunting the blonde.

“You wanted me to scream your name bitch? All right, how about: SCARLETT JOHANSSON’S A DUMBASS TRAMP!”

Scarlett growled and held onto the Clutch for as long as she thought she would be allowed, but after several seconds (and several demands from Kristin) had gone by without a single word from the official, Scarlett realized her problem might not be a problem. Looking over her shoulder she confirmed that the zebra was just now beginning to get up from the spot where Kristin had planted him when she charged for the ropes. Smiling wickedly, Scarlett turned back to Kristin and taunted, “Word to the wise Kristin. If you’re going to whine and beg for the ref to make me let you go, you might not want to knock him on his ass before you do. Because if he’s not around to see you in the ropes, he’s also not around to stop me from doing this.” She drove her knee up, slamming it directly between the juncture of Kristin’s thighs. Kristin let out a howl of agony and this time when she went limp, there was no denying the authenticity.

Dragging the spaghetti-legged girl away from the ropes, Scarlett tightened down on the Clutch a final time and said to herself, “God this move is versatile.”

Demonstrating why, she bent her knees slightly and then lifted up and back, hauling Kristin off her feet and viciously dropping her on the back of her head and shoulders compliments of the Cobra Clutch Suplex. Finally releasing her hold, Scarlett nudged the battered brunette over onto her back. Usually, she’d go for the cover after a move like that, but she knew a pin-fall would prove nothing; she wanted to force Kristin to submit, there was no way around it. Scooting into place behind the Hellcat’s head, Scarlett extended a leg to either side of Kristin’s head and pulled the brunette’s head up slightly so that the back of her skull was resting against the blonde’s bell. Curling her right leg up so that the crook of her knee was cradling Kristin’s chin, Scarlett shifted her left leg so the back of that knee was pressing down tightly across her right ankle. With the Figure Four Headscissors in place, all Scarlett had to do was apply pressure and she wasted no time in doing exactly that. Watching enraptured as her thighs crushed Kristin’s head, Scarlett planted her hands on the canvas and rocked up and down, adding extra pressure to the hold.

Letting Kristin’s face get several shades darker, Scarlett rubbed her center lightly against Kristin’s neck and murmured, “Tell me you’re beaten.”

Shaking her head ‘no’ as best she could in the circumstances, Kristin gasped, “Go to hell” and kept trying to pry Scarlett’s leg from around her throat.

Keeping up the squeeze, Scarlett used one hand to pinch Kristin’s nose shut, compounding her misery, “Tell them who’s better.”

“Go fuck yourself,” Kristin snarled breathlessly.

“You’re the one who’s fucked Kristin. At this point, I can do whatever I want to you. And what I want to do is humiliate you worse than anything you’ve ever experienced at the hands of Elisha or Neve even. I’m going to reacquaint you with a hold with which you’re intimately familiar.”

She released her grip on the Headscissors and got to her feet, strolling casually over to Kristin’s feet. Bending down, she grabbed an ankle in each hand and stood up, holding Kristin’s legs out in a rough approximation of the letter V. Holding both tawny limbs in that splayed, just bordering on obscene angle, Scarlett stretched Kristin’s legs a bit wider, placed her right leg between them, and then executed a 180-degree turn to her left over the helpless brunette’s left leg. Completing the revolution, Scarlett grabbed Kristin’s free leg and fell backwards. Landing easily on the mat, Scarlett laced her free leg over Kristin’s bent ankle and pressed down, applying Figure Four Leg-Lock, a move that Kristin Kreuk knew all too well.

Kristin had been in pain before, but until that moment, Scarlett hadn’t targeted her legs. When the blonde cinched on the leg lock, it wasn’t just the pain that came roaring back, it was the memories as well. For a moment she could almost feel concrete underneath her and chilling winter rain falling onto her face. But then the illusion was gone and she was back in Innsmouth though her reality wasn’t that far removed from the fantasy. In both, she was being tortured by the Figure Four and she knew her defeat was all but inevitable if she couldn’t escape the hold. Brought back to stark reality in an instant, Kristin’s face contorted in maniacal determination as she WILLED herself not to tap out or even worse, voice her submission. Pulling her hands away from Scarlett’s entwined legs, she placed them palms down on the mat. Shaking her head an emphatic ‘no’ when the ref asked for her submission, Kreuk tried her best to push off the mat and alleviate even the slightest bit of pressure on the tortuous hold.

On the less agonizing end of things, Scarlett was rocking up and down on her hands, alternately tensing and relaxing her strong legs in an effort to drain the last of her opponent’s urge to fight. Flipping hair out of her face, Scarlett pushed up as high as she could on her hands and glared directly at Kreuk. Smiling raggedly, Scarlett tensed up on the hold once again and taunted, “Feel that Kristin? That’s your knee and your pride. Both are about to be broken.”

Hearing her nemesis’ voice burn in her ears, Kristin’s green eyes opened wide and Scarlett’s words dropped off in mid-sentence when she saw the almost demonic look of rage pouring out from the two emerald pools. Ignoring the slick mist of sweat that flew off her head when she again refused the ref’s query of surrender, the Hellcat forced her hands flat against the mat and locked eyes with Scarlett.

Her face twisting into a sick, tortured grin, Kristin snarled, “If Neve couldn’t take my pride, there’s no way a second rate ham-n-egger like you is gonna break me. Fuck off Johansson, otherwise your ass belongs to ME when I get out of here.“

The words were still coming out of her mouth when she twisted hard to the right with more strength than anyone thought she could muster at that point. Scarlett watched with horrified eyes as her once controlling position was stolen and she immediately felt fire coursing up her legs as Kristin reversed the Figure Four. Grinning with sadistic pleasure as she heard Scarlett start to wail, Kristin put as much pressure on the hold as her condition would allow.

With both hands still pressed into the canvas, she rocked up and down and screamed, “SEE THAT SCARLETT? DO YOU FEEL THAT? YOU‘VE GOT NOTHING BITCH! YOU’RE NOTHING!”

Her pretty face twisted in anguish, Scarlett vehemently denied the zebra’s questions of submission and instead screamed back, “YOU THINK YOU‘RE THE ONLY ONE THAT CAN REVERSE THIS MOVE? YOU REALLY ARE A DUMB CUNT AREN‘T YOU?”

Not caring if Kristin got a response off, Scarlett executed a twist of her own and ever so slowly rolled back onto her butt to return the Figure Four to its original position. Screaming in helpless rage as her legs came under assault again, Kristin was bordering on desperate when she noticed how all of their twisting and rolling had brought them much closer to the ropes than they had previously been. Knowing there was no other way to have the hold broken (aside from submission of course, but that was out of the question) Kristin dug her claws into the mat and ever so slowly began to drag both of them toward the ropes. Down near Kristin’s feet, Scarlett was enraged to see that the brunette still refused to be broken by the Figure Four. Cursing loudly as Kristin’s hands reached the bottom rope, Scarlett pushed herself to the brink of disqualification by releasing the hold after ’FOUR’ but before ’FIVE’.

Despite Kristin’s continued resistance, Scarlett knew she was in firm control of this match and she wanted to keep piling on the punishment for as long as Kristin was willing to take it (And even when Kreuk wasn’t willing to take any more, there was noting to stop Scarlett from working her over until she was thoroughly satisfied that the brunette knew her place) Walking slowly to the middle of the squared circle, Scarlett took a small breather, allowing herself time to catch her breath as Kristin gamely fought to her feet and held onto the ropes for support. After several seconds of this, both blonde and brunette appeared to grow tired of the inaction and each made a slow, shambling beeline for the other. Going nose-to-nose once again, Scarlett and Kristin glared into one anothers faces for a long time, with neither of them saying anything.

Scarlett’s lips curled up in a cruel grin and she asked, “How’s it going peg-leg? Knee still bothering you?”

“Not enough to stop me from sticking my boot clear up your FAT ASS!”

Taking a step back, Scarlett countered with, “The only part of you going in my ass is that pretty little nose. But before I do that, it needs to be made official.” Her voice trailed off then and she assumed a slight crouch. Not letting her eyes leave Kristin’s face, she continued, “C’mon and lock up with me Kristin, I’ll prove you can’t hang with me.”

Dropping into a crouch of her own, Kristin fired back, “I sure don’t want to hang WITH you Scarlett, but I’ll be more than happy to simply hang you.”

Lunging forward, blonde and brunette met in another tight clinch and for several seconds it appeared as though the latest skirmish in this war was going to end in a stalemate. But just then, Scarlett drove her right knee forward, smashing it into Kristin’s weakened left knee. The Hellcat let out a pained moan and dropped to one knee and Scarlett pounced on her instantly. Standing against the brunette’s left side, Scarlett forced Kristin over, holding her by the hair to keep her from falling over.

In one easy motion, she scissored her right leg around the Hellcat’s left, making sure her thigh was pressed close to the brunette’s s ribs. In the same motion she reached over her foe’s bent torso and hooked Kristin’s right arm with her left arm. Finally, she swung her left leg up and slung it over Kristin’s neck, the back of the blonde’s knee resting comfortably against the side of the brunette’s face. The crowd went nuts as they realized that Scarlett had the ultimate embarrassment planned for Kristin; apparently she intended to make the Hellcat submit to her own finishing move, the modified Abdominal Stretch she called ‘Kreul Intentions.’ With the hold locked in, Scarlett pulled up with her arm and pushed down with legs, bringing incredible pressure to bear on Kristin’s ribs and neck. The brunette groaned and tried to fight the hold, but Scarlett had been practicing this move and she had it locked in perfectly.

Jostling her thigh up and down against Kristin’s neck, Scarlett grinned deliriously and spat, “Does this seem familiar Hellcat? How does it feel being on the receiving end of this for once?”

Humiliated and enraged beyond the capacity for rational thought, Kristin ignored the blonde’s taunts and focused her remaining will on the ‘escape hatch’ she’d devised for her finisher just in case she ever found herself in the unlikely scenario she was now suffering. Looking down at the mat (it was in fact, the only place she could look) Kristin reached out with her free left hand grabbed hold of Scarlett’s right ankle, the one that was currently locked around her left leg. Biting back the cry welling up in her throat, Kristin fumbled with Scarlett’s ankle for a few seconds and was finally able to tear the invading limb free from her own leg. In the next second she yanked forward on Scarlett’s ankle and shoved back with everything she had left. The surprised blonde was pulled off balance and she went tumbling onto the canvas behind Kristin in a dazed, breathless heap.

Still holding Scarlett’s foot in one hand. Kristin looked over her shoulder and spat, “Are you really stupid enough to think I wouldn’t have devised an escape fro my own finisher? I’m going to hurt you even more for thinking so little of me.”

She lifted her right leg up and brought it slamming down onto Scarlett’s groin in a move that was almost casual but there was nothing casual about Scarlett’s reaction as the stunned blonde suddenly became the shrieking blonde!. But even though she twisted and flopped violently, Kristin refused to relinquish her grip on the blonde’s ankle. The reason for her determination was revealed moments later when she maneuvered around so that she was now facing towards Scarlett, the blonde’s right ankle now held firmly in both hands.

Smiling down evilly into Scarlett’s sweat dappled face, Kristin said, “It’s time you found out what real pain feels like!”

Having made her statement, Kreuk pulled Scarlett’s captured right ankle higher into the air. Keeping Scarlett’s ankle tightly in her grasp, Kristin ducked slightly before draping the curvy blonde’s leg parallel across her shoulders, making sure that Scarlett’s knee was resting across the back of her neck. Almost done, Kristin maintained her grip on Scarlett’s ankle and snaked her free arm across her prey’s thigh. In the same motion, she straightened up and then turned over, flipping Scarlett onto her belly.

Roaring triumphantly, the Hellcat sat down hard on Scarlett’s lower back and leaned back as far as gravity would allow. Scarlett’s spine and right knee exploded in agony almost the second her tormentor successfully applied ‘The Stretch Muffler‘ a much more painful variation on the Single Leg Boston Crab. Pulling down on Scarlett’s tortured limb, Kristin leaned back as far as she could go, bringing the sole of Scarlett’s boot dangerously close to the back of Scarlett’s head. Truly not caring whether or not Scarlett was ever able to wrestle another match, Kreuk lifted her body up and then brought it hammering back down, driving Scarlett a little closer to submission each time she did so. Glaring up into the hot white back of overhead lights, Kristin ignored the sweat pouring down her face and instead focused on listening to Scarlett scream. Leaning back even further she roared, “GIVE IT UP YOU BITCH! GIVE IT UP BEFORE I RIP YOUR FUCKING LEG OFF!”

Clawing helplessly at the mat, Scarlett retained just enough of her will to fire back, “SCREW YOU ASSHOLE! YOU HAVEN’T GOT WHAT IT TAKES TO MAKE ME TAP!”

Growing very impatient with the blonde’s stubborn refusal to concede, Kristin growled, “Is that what you think? Let’s see how strong that will of yours actually is.” Quickly standing up, Kreuk pulled Scarlett’s leg off her shoulder, transitioning into a more traditional application of the Half Crab. She’d been holding that position for less than three seconds when she let Scarlett’s leg fall from her hands. In the same move, she sat down hard, and leaned back, so that she was laying on the blonde’s back facing her head, while at the same time scissoring her legs together, keeping Scarlett’s right leg bent and trapped between her thighs. To complete her hold, she looped her left arm under Scarlett’s chin and locked her hands together. With the STF in place, Kristin pulled back as far as gravity would allow, now putting pressure not only on Scarlett’s knee and back, but her neck as well.

Feeling the once arrogant blonde squirm helplessly in the STF, Kristin spoke softly in her, “I won’t let you pass out Scarlett. I’m going to wring every drop of resistance out of you and then FORCE you to tap the mat in submission. Then… well, then I sit on your face. And I’ll stay there all night if I have to, but before we leave the ring tonight, you’re going to apologize for ever having the gall to try and punk me out. Still think I don’t have what it takes to make you tap bitch?”

Being tortured both mentally and physically by the Hellcat, Scarlett’s mind would not even consider submitting, let alone the thought of having her face ridden by a girl not fit to lick her boots. Reaching her hands out in front of her, Scarlett clawed the mat desperately and shrieked, “I… WILL… BREAK…YOUR…NECK!”

Pushing aside all thoughts not involving her escape from the STF, Scarlett poured all her reserves into dragging her way across the mat towards the sanctuary of the ropes. The going was painful and much slower than she would have liked, but after several seconds, the cables were in sight and she reached for them the way a drowning person seeks a lifeline. Her grasping fingers had just brushed the bottom rope when Kristin released the hold and quickly got to her feet and grabbed the severely weakened blonde by the ankles. Kristin dragged her out into the center of the ring and flipped her over onto her belly.

Still holding Scarlett’s feet, Kristin asked, “How are you going to break my neck after I’ve broken your back? Run me over with your wheelchair? I don’t think so.”

Turning around so that she was facing towards Scarlett’s feet, Kristin bent Scarlett’s right leg at the knee and then crossed it across the extended leg, creating a rough 4 shape. Grabbing the straightened left leg in both hands, she placed one foot on Scarlett’s legs where they crossed and fell back, pulling the blonde’s legs and lower body up off the mat at a hideous angle. Kristin landed on her shoulders beside Scarlett, pulling and pushing the twisted legs simultaneously, while also putting tremendous pressure on Scarlett’s lower back. Scarlett screamed long and loud as she suffered in the Hellcat’s latest bit of offense, a modified take on the Texas Cloverleaf that was more often than not used as one of the finishers of the Huntress, Ashley Scott.

Regardless of the gimmick infringement, the Black Vise was still a very effective weapon in the Hellcat’s hands as was plainly evidenced by Scarlett screaming and crying as she tried to fight out of the hold. Knowing that there was really only one way out of the Vise, Scarlett gamely got her palms down on the canvas and pushed up as high as she could. The increased pressure on her spine almost forced the blonde to submit right then and there, but before the pain got too unbearable, she placed the top of her head flat against the canvas and pushed up a little more. As soon as she felt her skull leave the mat, Scarlett tucked her chin into her chest and pulled forward hard. With the added height, she was just able to roll out of the terrible curve Kristin had trapped her in and bring her spine back into alignment. Despite being free of the Black Vise, however, Scarlett was still mired in Kristin’s clutches, a point the brunette quickly proved by getting to her feet and bringing Scarlett along for the ride.

Staring deep into Scarlett’s eyes, Kristin snarled, “Keep pushing me Scarlett. See how far I’m willing to go. I dare you.”

Kristin gripped Scarlett over the shoulder and behind the neck with one hand. Then she threaded the other hand through Scarlett’s legs and grabbed a hold of her butt. With a growl of exertion Kreuk hauled Scarlett off her feet and held her perpendicular across her chest. Making a measured circuit of the squared circle, Kristin waited long enough to let every side get a glimpse of her decimated adversary before she rose up on her toes and then dropped to one knee, nearly shattering the blonde’s spine with an Over the Knee Backbreaker. Scarlett let out a wavering, whimpering scream as Kristin pressed down on the hold for a few more seconds before shoving the blonde off her knee and sending her limp body rolling across the mat. Kristin waited to see what Scarlett would do and damned if the blonde didn’t roll over on her belly, then start to push herself up to her feet.

Shaking her head in amazement, Kristin said softly, “You really don’t believe me do you? That’s going to change.”

Limping over to Scarlett, she ungraciously jerked the blonde to her feet and stood beside her. Without speaking, the Hellcat bent at the waist and looped one hand between the blonde's legs while the other found its way around her victim’s chin. Groaning with toll the move was taking on her, Kristin lifted Scarlett off the mat, holding the curvy vixen draped parallel across her shoulders, trapped in the insidious Torture Rack. Listening to the audience applaud while Scarlett squirmed, Kristin stayed rooted to one spot, perfectly content to hold her prey in place while the audience cheered her on to even greater acts of violence. Choosing to give the crowd what it wanted, Kreuk roared, “SOMEBODY GET A STRETCHER READY!”

Bending her knees slightly, she took two giant steps forward and then sat out, landing on her butt with Scarlett still draped across her shoulders. The impact bent the blonde even more forcibly for a moment but then Kristin released the hold and Scarlett assumed a more normal shape before she rolled off Kristin’s shoulders and lay sprawled helplessly on the canvas. Indulging her whim to torture Scarlett in the most painful and humiliating way imaginable, Kristin got to her feet and nudged Scarlett over onto her belly. Moving to the blonde’s head, Kristin bent down, grabbed both of Scarlett’s wrists and proceeded to slowly drag her to the near side of the ring. When her back hit the ropes, Kristin dropped Scarlett’s wrists, leaving her hands less than six inches from the ropes. Smiling knowingly as the crowd started to buzz, Kristin walked around and knelt besides Scarlett’s feet.

Resting her hands on her thighs, Kristin took a deep breath and said, “You know Scarlett, there is such a thing as being TOO clever. I think you’re about to find out why.”

Hoping to hasten Scarlett’s epiphany on the subject, Kristin grabbed Scarlett’s ankles and folded them over, crossing them at the ankles. First stage complete, Kristin sat down, placing the full weight of her butt atop Scarlett’s crossed limbs, pinning her helplessly to the canvas. Moving to the second stage of the hold, Kreuk yanked Scarlett’s right arm up and behind her in a Hammerlock, forcing it between the downed girl’s shoulder blades. Finishing the hold, Kristin used her free hand to grab hold of Scarlett’s right wrist and quickly threaded the trapped blonde’s right arm under her jaw. The audience roared and Kristin smiled. She was moments away from locking Scarlett in her own finisher, the vile and patently inescapable Scarlett Fever, and the hell of it was, Kreuk was making sure the ropes were right in front of Scarlett’s face. She could see freedom only inches from her nose, but with both arms tied up and no way to move, she was helpless in the throes of a hold that had sent dozens of women to sleep in the last two years.

Pulling back gently on Scarlett’s trapped right arm, Kristin asked, “Irony’s funny isn’t it?”

She leaned back hard, devastating Scarlett’s knees, back and shoulders while simultaneously choking her with her own arm. Down on the mat, Scarlett’s mind raged at the possibility of suffering what would have to be one of the most ignominious defeats in the history of Fannin’s promotion. Refusing to let her name be attached to such a feat, Scarlett relaxed as best she could, trying to get any slack she could from either herself or Kristin. After a few seconds, the pressure of the hold was reduced by the tiniest bit but nowhere near enough to ensure her escape. Fully aware that her next idea might result in a dislocated shoulder or worse, Scarlett steeled herself for the pain and violently pulled up with her right arm, dragging the strangling limb ever so slowly away from her throat and up the curvature of her face. Screaming aloud as her lips and nose were mashed in her arms passing, Scarlett’s shriek of pain changed to one of triumph as her arm rose to her forehead. Thinking that it was now or never, Scarlett tugged her captured arm forward with everything she had left and somehow managed to yank it free of Kristin’s clutches.

Acting on instinct, Scarlett grabbed the bottom rope and roared, “I’LL NEVER TAP!”

Obviously stunned that her rival had engineered an escape to a seemingly hopeless situation, Kristin leapt up off Scarlett’s body and stalked around the ring in furious circles; hoping that somewhere in the circuit she would stumble across the solution that would help spell the end for Scarlett. After nearly five trips around the squared circle, she was still no closer to an answer, but suddenly having a concrete plan didn’t bother her any more.

Cracking her knuckles in an ominously calm gesture, Kreuk muttered, “If I have to break every bone in your body, so be it. Remember Scarlett, you challenged me. And now you’re beginning to understand why no one challenges me.”

She had just finished her little monologue when Scarlett’s voice called out, “You got something to say to me Kristin, why don’t you say it to my face instead of mumbling it into the canvas. What’s the matter, you afraid I’ll spit in your eye or something?” Kristin’s head snapped around at the sound; it didn’t take her long to locate Scarlett, the wounded blonde had crawled over to the closest set of turnbuckles and was sitting with her head leaned against the bottom buckle. Locking eyes with the Hellcat, Scarlett smiled and continued, “Or maybe you should just shut up entirely. You’ll need your breath for when I’m making you scream ’I QUIT’ at the top of your lungs.”

Regarding her rival with hateful, incredulous eyes, Kristin responded, “I’d die before I’d submit to you.”

Making no effort to leave her corner, Scarlett fired back, “You just might.”

The supreme confidence in Scarlett’s tone finally drove Kreuk past her limits and she let out a feral sounding hiss just as she lunged for the sitting blonde. Watching Kristin carefully as she charged forward, Scarlett waited until the last possible moment to shoot her left arm forward and grab a handful of Kristin’s trunks. Scooting to the side at the same time as jerked forward, Scarlett barely missed a collision with Kristin as the brunette was yanked off her feet and dropped face-first onto the middle turnbuckle. The Hellcat let out a loud groan as she hit the thinly padded steel, but aside from that there was no other activity on her part. Getting her feet under her, Scarlett stood over Kristin’s body and, after securing handholds on the top rope, she climbed onto the middle rope, resting both of her feet dangerously close to each side of her opponent’s head.

Looking down at Kristin with a look that went beyond hate, Scarlett said, “Not everything I had planned for you involves tying you in a knot. I think you’ll find this next move to be a terribly painful diversion from everything you’ve experienced so far.”

Not wanting to keep Kristin waiting any longer, Scarlett started rocking up and down on the second rope; it really wasn’t a bounce because her feet never left the rope, but it was as close to a bounce as you could get without actually doing so. After several more of these pseudo-bounces, Scarlett sank into a very deep crouch, with her butt almost touching Kristin’s shoulders, but then she finally did leave her feet, exploding upwards in a soaring vertical leap that probably would have sent her soaring out of the ring if she hadn’t kept her grip on the top rope. As it was, she merely floated up into an almost perfect headstand for a split second before gravity reclaimed her and sent her hurtling back down with both feet slamming directly into Kristin’s upper back. The sheer force of the ingeniously delivered Stomp smashed Kristin’s face into the buckles harder than could be imagined and after a mercifully brief fit of jerking and twisting, she lay limp and still with Scarlett still perched on her back.

The maneuver was doubly impressive in that it was able to drive the air from the lungs of the capacity crowd, the whole of which was silent for nearly three seconds before bursting into wild cheering and the requisite ’HOLY SHIT’ chants. Paying the crowd’s reaction only the slightest bit of attention, Scarlett hopped down on Kristin’s back and grabbed hold of her ankles. Without any theatrics, she dragged Kristin out of the corner and into the middle of the ring, a task which Scarlett performed with no discernible emotion, aside from a small smile that crept across her face when Kristin’s head pulled free of the pad and dropped to the mat with the sound of an overripe pumpkin hitting concrete. Estimating that she was pretty close to the exact center of the ring, Scarlett tossed Kristin’s legs aside and then kicked the brunette over onto her belly.

Taking a moment to adjust the battle-worn edges of her briefs and top, Scarlett put her hands on her hips and said, “I told you that I meant to bent you in half, and that’s what I’m going to do. The only question is just how long you can stay that way before you snap for good. I for one am eager to find out.”

Breaking her reverie, she bent down and grabbed hold of Kristin’s ankles, one in each hand. Pulling them up, she spread the limbs into the 45-degree angle that almost all wrestling fans recognized as the beginning to any number of Leg Locks. Enacting her plan, Scarlett bent Kristin’s left leg so that the shin was behind the knee of the straightened right leg; then she tucked the Hellcat’s right ankle into her right armpit. Pausing for a moment, she wrapped her right arm around Kristin’s ankle and through the gap in the brunette’s legs so she could lock her hands, thus creating a virtually inescapable loop. Now at this point, the savvy fan has recognized Scarlett’s actions as the beginnings of the Texas Cloverleaf and they would expect the blonde to simply step over her victim and flip her onto her stomach to complete the hold. But Scarlett surprised the purists. Instead of simply sitting down on Kristin’s back when she flipped the brunette onto her belly, Scarlett stayed facing the same direction as her victim while still keeping her legs locked in the Cloverleaf Position.

Kneeling right beside her opponent’s hips, Scarlett was able to apply even more pressure to Kristin’s legs, spine and abdomen. The final result was a sort of Inverted Cloverleaf that brought a roar of approval from the mob and a roar of agony from the Hellcat. Keeping her hands locked tight around Kristin’s legs, Scarlett rocked back and forth, each forward motion bringing the soles of Kristin’s boots a little closer to the back of her head. Realizing she was actually going to succeed in making her hyperbole a reality, Scarlett cranked down on the insidious hold even further.

“Holy shit, I actually did bend you in half. ISN’T… THAT… JUST… A… KICK… IN… THE… HEAD?” She punctuated each of these words be pulling down on Kristin’s legs as hard as she could, not only literally bending the brunette in half, but also kicking her with her own feet.

Screaming in abject pain as Scarlett bent her to the snapping point, Kristin frantically vowed that she wouldn’t give this arrogant bitch the joy of making her submit or even choking her out. Offering up a small prayer to whoever or whatever might be listening, the Hellcat got her hands flat on the mat and pushed it. While this ploy actually exacerbated the pressure on her spine, it did give the brunette a little more leverage to work with and she used all of it gladly. Calling upon reserves she didn’t even know she possessed, Kristin crawled and clawed her way towards the nearest set of ropes, dragging a disbelieving Scarlett in her wake. Seeing that she was close enough, Kristin reached out her right hand and felt the tips of her fingers begin to brush the cable when Scarlett released her legs.

Standing up to her full height, Scarlett hissed, “I don’t think so.”

She stomped down hard on Kristin’s outstretched hand. The brunette let out a low wail and immediately drew her hand back in, but that was what Scarlett wanted because it meant she didn’t have to worry about a struggle when she sat down behind Kristin and pulled her to a sitting position. Cinching on the Cobra Clutch again, Scarlett twisted hard, turning Kristin onto her belly. Now sitting comfortably on the Hellcat’s decimated back, Scarlett planted her feet and leaned back as far as she could, single minded in her purpose to snap Kristin in half, regardless of what hold she had to use. She’d put everything she had into the hold for the better part of ten seconds when the helpless girl pinned beneath her would still not surrender.

Finally reaching the end of her considerable patience, Scarlett wrenched the Cobra / Camel Clutch left and right snarling, “YOU’RE BEATEN YOU DUMB SLUT! GIVE IT UP BEFORE I KILL YOU!

Trapped in the hellish prison of Scarlett’s hold, the two things that kept Kristin from was the building frustration she heard in Scarlett’s voice and the almost euphoric delight she’d achieve when she made that blonde bitch pay for what she’d done. Letting loose with a scream that was part pain, part denial and part war cry, Kreuk started thumping her feet wildly against the mat. For the first time in a very long time, she was hoping the crowd would get behind her. To her amazement, the mob did just that, stomping and clapping along to the pace of her frantic tapping. Soon the whole arena was echoing with the sounds of their labors.

Feeding off this reaction more than she’d ever admit, Kristin screamed another wild cry and forced her way to one knee and then to the other. After that it was relatively easy to get to her feet, despite the notable handicap of having Scarlett latched onto her with the Cobra Clutch. Unable to believe the Hellcat’s resilience, Scarlett bore down on the Clutch and held on tight, trying her damnedest to keep the Hellcat from reaching the ropes.

Panting openly in her rival’s ear, Scarlett muttered, “That was your last gasp Kristin and what did it accomplish? Nothing, except ensuring that you’re on your feet when I choke you out.”

Shaking her head as best she could, Kristin answered back, “No Scarlett, THIS is my last gasp.”

The words were still hanging between them when Kristin fired her left leg up and back in half-assed Mule Kick that caught Scarlett squarely between the thighs. The blonde let out a low gasp and her arms instantly dropped away, allowing Kristin to breathe again. Ignoring the aches and pains coursing through her system, Kreuk whirled around on her heel and caught Scarlett by the hair, pulling her up straight before she could collapse onto her back. Standing slightly to right Kristin wrapped her right arm over Scarlett’s left shoulder while her left arm snaked under Scarlett’s right shoulder, the brunette locked her hands together when they met between Scarlett’s shoulder blades. Not hesitating an instant, Kristin pulled backwards and fell, driving Scarlett face first into the ring with the Downward Spiral.

Lying on the mat next to Scarlett, Kristin unclasped her hands and stared over into the blonde’s stunned, hurt face. Finding her voice, Kristin whispered softly, “You could never out-wrestle me on the mat Scarlett. Here’s where I prove it.”

Doing just that, Kristin hooked her far leg (her left, for those playing along at home) and pulled it up fast, hooking it across Scarlett’s neck just under her chin. With the hard part out of the way, Kreuk threaded her right arm under her leg and her left arm over her leg before clasping both hands directly behind Scarlett’s neck. Almost done, Kristin finished the hold by pushing forward with her leg and pulling backward with her arms, effectively strangling the blonde with her thigh. To say the crowd went ape-shit at this point would be an understatement. All but the most hardcore among them had never seen the Koji Clutch performed before and so they’d come to know it by the name Kristin gave it, ‘The Hellcat’s Embrace.’ Regardless of nomenclature, the maneuver was still cutting off the blood-flow to Scarlett’s brain and as much as she wanted to ball up her fists and strike at Kristin’s face, she just couldn’t muster the energy.

The trapped blonde wriggled and squirmed, thrashed and writhed, but try as she might, she could not escape. Fearing the worst, she fought the blackness creeping into her vision for as long as she could. She just didn’t know how long that would be. On the more coherent end of things, Kristin never let her eyes pull away from Scarlett’s even as the Hellcat’s embrace dimmed the formerly bright eyes to a dull, glazed nothing. Totally aware that Scarlett was about to pass out, Kristin relaxed the pressure on the hold just enough to allow Johansson to move her lips. Wanting this more than anything in a very long time, Kristin demanded softly, “Submit!”

Scarlett’s eyes cleared for a second, then the blondes mouth opened. “Fuucck yooooooooo,” she gasped, a thin stream of saliva trickling down from her swollen bottom lip and dropping on the canvas between her heaving breasts.

Kristin was about to make the demand again when Scarlett’s head slumped forward on her thigh and the last trembling twitch passed through her body. Knowing unconsciousness when he saw it, the referee knelt down and took Scarlett’s left wrist in his hand. Raising it up, he held it for a moment and when he let go it dropped to the mat. ‘ONE!’ he called out. Repeating the process, he held Scarlett’s arm up a second time, let it go and again it fell bonelessly to the mat. ‘TWO!’ Understanding he had to do it a third time to make things official, he was going for her wrist a third time when Kristin released the hold and struggled to her knees.

Not quite sure what was going on, the official asked, “What are you doing? She’s totally out!”

Kristin nodded. “Yes, and if her hands drops a third time, I win by KO but I want a submission. And since Scarlett here isn’t going to give it up tonight, I’ll have to wait til the next time we cross paths. But that doesn’t mean I can’t make a statement with this victory.”

Turning her attention away from the official, Kristin scooted forward until her knees were framing either side of Scarlett’s upturned head. Reaching behind her, Kristin traced the edge of her bottoms with her fingers and ever so slowly tugged the material down to bare her butt for the already redlining crowd.

Scooting forward a few more inches, Kristin smiled down into Scarlett’s blank face and said, “Can you believe this is the best ending you could have hoped for?”

With that she sank down, coming to rest with the weight of her ass resting heavily on Scarlett’s mouth and nose. Using her knees to pin Scarlett’s arms in place, Kristin started to grind very slowly, making sure her center never left her rival’s face. Keeping up the subtle grind, she didn‘t hear the ref administer the three count, in fact, she didn‘t even know the match was over until her theme song had reached the first chorus. Slowly opening her eyes, Kristin rose up, pulled her briefs back into place and stood over Scarlett, watching the defeated and yet still defiant blonde sleep the slumber Kristin had induced. Planting a boot on her foe‘s chest, Kristin ignored the crowd and directed her last comment of the evening to a girl who certainly couldn‘t hear it.

“I know you‘re going to wake up soon Scarlett and I know the first thing on your mind is going to be revenge. But you should try to understand that despite all that happened here tonight, despite how badly you THINK I humiliated you, what you just went through was the least I could‘ve done. If you get in my face again, you‘ll be awake when I finish you off, and it‘ll be hours before you‘re able to stop screaming.”

Then the toll of the evening‘s battle finally caught up with Kristin and she exited the ring and started heading slowly up the ramp. She’d just about made it through the curtain when the crowd’s buzz went up by several decibels. Standing at the top of the tramp, Kristin looked over her shoulder and saw that Scarlett had sat up and was gingerly cradling her head. Smiling, Kristin thought, ‘I can’t wait for you to come looking for me again Scarlett.’ Then she turned away and vanished through the curtain.