Scarlett Johansson vs. Kristin Kreuk (rematch) by The Walkin’ Dude

It was the second full week in January and the good folks on Arkham Massachusetts were just beginning to recover from the inevitable letdown that followed the double whammy of Christmas and New Years. Yes things were starting to get back to whatever passed for normal in the sleepy college town (Miskatonic U students had been returning in fits and starts over the previous weekend) and while a return to normalcy was often a downer, the new year meant the Yellow Sign Tavern was opening it’s doors after the holiday break and if the Yellow Sign was up and running it meant that it wasn’t going to be too long before Richard Fannin and his wrestling promotion wouldn’t be far behind. Indeed the good fans of Arkham didn’t have to wait long. The sign had been open for less than a week before the gorgeous grapplers rolled back into town.

And to kick off the season, Fannin had set up a hell of a card and an equally hellacious main event. In tonight’s ultimate contest two of the greatest and most sadistic submission wrestlers on the roster square off as Kristin Kreuk does battle with Scarlett Johansson. The savvy fan would recognize that this was actually a rematch from the summer when the arrogant blonde called out the brunette hellcat. After a vicious war, Kreuk choked Johansson out with the ‘Hellcat’s Embrace’ then put the icing on the cake with a Reverse Face-Sit for the three count. Needless to say, Scarlett wasn’t going to let that ignominious loss go unavenged and now - almost six months later - she finally gets what she asked for.

Waiting for the proper break in the crowd’s murmur, the announcer brought the mic up and exclaimed, “Ladies and Gentlemen, it’s time for our Main Event. Introducing first, she stands 5’4” tall, please allow me to introduce… Scarlett Johansson!”

‘Remedy’ by Seether growls through the Yellow Sign’s speakers as Scarlett stalks through the curtain and down the aisle. For her second encounter with the Hellcat, the stacked strawberry blonde vixen is clad in her trademark two-piece black bikini with matching knee and elbow pads. Her boots are a simple matte gray, a basic but appealing look for an equally appealing fighter. Striding to the ring, Scarlett enters the ring with a walk that’s not quite a swagger and goes to her corner. Eyeing the entryway, Scarlett’s usually calm face is set in a tense sneer as she awaits the arrival of the woman who humiliated her back in Innsmouth.

When the audience finished pouring adulation on the blonde, the announcer caught his breath and finished, “And introducing her opponent who stands 5’4”…they call her The Hellcat…Kristin Kreuk!”

‘Beautiful Disaster’ announces Kristen’s arrival as the lithe brunette strolls through the curtain. The fans in attendance are perfectly aware of Kristin’s penchant for rule-breaking and cruelly vicious tactics, but even knowing all that, they can’t help but cheer her. Whether you loved her or hated her, Kristin was a spectacular wrestler and it was awfully hard to jeer a talent of her caliber. As per usual, Kristin was wearing her favorite two-piece red bikini with black pads and boots, her long black hair hangs back loose on her shoulders she approached the edge of the ring and rolled slowly inside. In the squared circle, the Hellcat slid gracefully to her full height, and walks to her corner. Turning a cold glance in Scarlett’s direction, Kristin rolled her shoulders and waited patiently for the bell.


The first Main Event of 2007 is officially underway as Scarlett, the curvy blonde, pushed out of her corner, immediately on her way to the other side of the ring. In most instances she played it cool; letting her opponent come to her; but in the case of the Hellcat - with the stinging memory of that loss back in June still cutting deep - wasn’t about to let it go unanswered for another second. No one choked her out you understand? No one, especially Kristin ‘fucking’ Kreuk!

Over on the opposite side of the ring, the slender brunette’s reaction to the bell was much the same; forgoing her typical nonchalant stroll from the turnbuckles to the center the Hellcat stalked her blonde opposition without the slightest trace of her usual subtlety. Crossing the ring on a diagonal, the lithe brunette’s smoky green eyes tossed off obvious sparks as she was drawn into her second war with Scarlett. The first time they’d met, she’d choked Scarlett out and for most women that would have been good enough, but Kristin wanted a tap-out more than anything and Scarlett had denied that satisfaction. Now grinding her ass on the smug vixen’s oblivious face had been a pleasant trade-off, but tonight Kristin was looking to end her rival’s burgeoning legacy and nothing short of a howling surrender would sate her needs.

Both of their thoughts were cut off quickly and efficiently when the pair of technicians met in the center of the squared, smacking into one another chest-to-chest like a pair of eighth grade toughs arguing on the playground. (Trust me when I tell you that THIS will be a far more interesting encounter.) Gray eyes glittering, Scarlett continued to chest into her lithe foe as she whispered, “I’ve been waiting a long time for this bitch.”

Absolutely unintimidated by Scarlett’s presence, Kristin’s lips turned up in a feral smile before she replied, “Then I guess I didn’t hurt you badly enough the first time.”

Scarlett’s grin was equally malevolent. Arching an eyebrow, the blonde bombshell asked, “The last time we shared a ring, you sat on my face. You know what that means don’t you?”

Without missing a beat, Kristin answered, “It means you liked it and wanna come back for more I’m guessing.”

Shaking her head ‘no’ Scarlett leaned her head forward and placed her lips almost directly against Kristin’s ear. Speaking in little more than a breathy whisper she purred, “It means I’m going to fuckin’ kill you.”

Supplying the other half of the whispered exchange, Kristin nuzzled her chin in the hollow of Scarlett’s shoulder when she cooed, “Not if I kill you first.”

And just like that the time for words was over. Moving with the swiftness and grace that had made her one of the premiere gamine’s of her generation, the Hellcat stabbed both arms out, secured a grip on Scarlett’s right wrist and took a single giant-step back, stretching the captured limb out to its full length. Before the blonde could move forward, Kristin rose up on her toes and twisted her prize in a wide, smooth circle, putting pressure on Scarlett’s shoulder and elbow with the Arm Wringer.

Grimacing at the twinges in her arm, Scarlett’s smile returned almost instantly. Taking possession of Kristin’s wrists with her free hand, the sadistic technician replied, “You’re going to have to do A LOT better than that Kris.”

The words weren’t even out of her mouth when she tugged her hand free of the brunette’s clutches and snagged her left wrist. Moving with the same scary speed that her opponent accessed so easily, Scarlett popped up on her toes and torqued Kristin’s in a wide circle, giving the Hellcat a taste of the Arm Wringer.

More than willing to exchange holds with Scarlett all night if that’s what was necessary, Kristin ignored the pain in her shoulder as she sneered, “That’s what’s so funny about this Scarlett. I DON’T have to do a lot better than that. BUT I WILL, just because embarrassing you is so much fun.”

The trapped brunette dipped into a crouch and placed her free hand palm-down against the mat. Before Scarlett could stop her, Kristin flipped forward, executed a gorgeous one-handed cartwheel and popped to her feet, the pressure of the Arm Wringer all but forgotten. Disliking the fact that her left hand was still in Scarlett’s grip, the Hellcat took hold of the blonde’s intruding hands and returned things to how they’d started, attempting to wrench her nemesis’ shoulder out of socket with a second Arm Wringer.

Hissing through clenched teeth, Scarlett slapped at her shoulder and thought, ‘This cunt is NOT going to show me up again.’

Hoping to make that statement a fact, she yanked Kristin towards her, pulling the limber beauty off balance for a split second. That was all the time the blonde needed to whirl around behind Kristin’s back and pin the brunette’s left hand against her shoulderblades with a simple but agonizing Hammerlock. Blowing a strand of errant hair off her forehead, Scarlett rubbed her cheek against Kristin’s when she queried, “How’re you gonna get out of this one pussy?”

Smirking despite the pain razoring up and down her arm, Kristin answered, “The same way I break all of your holds; by being the classier, better trained wrestler.”

Not waiting for what was sure to be an indignant response from the blonde, Kristin shot her free hand up and snaked it behind Scarlett’s head, applying a loose Three-quarters Facelock. Bending her knees in a deep crouch, the Hellcat pushed up with all her strength, exploding off the canvas in a beautiful leap that sent her sailing a good quarter of the way over Scarlett’s head. When gravity started to bring her back down, the brunette tucked her knees under her and simply waited. The second she hit the mat, Kristin pulled forward with all her strength, yanking Scarlett off her feet and sending her tumbling onto the mat in what was basically a ridiculously elevated Snap Mare.

Getting her feet under her, Kristin was rolling the aches out of her left shoulder when Scarlett rolled to one knee and rose to her full height. Allowing herself a moment to adjust her briefs, Scarlett rolled her shoulders once, twice, three times, then lunged forward without so much as a word of exposition. Meeting the blonde’s charge head on, Kristin trapped her in a tight clinch that almost instantly became a Knuckle-Lock, which as old school fans will know as the beginnings of a Test of Strength. Wanting nothing more than to dominate the Hellcat in some simple but effective way, Scarlett poured all her considerable strength into forcing Kris down, but the brunette proved resilient and neither of the rivals was able to impose their will, even after several shifts of position and just as many effortful grunts. Trying to ignore the slow but steady tremble creeping into her shoulders and biceps Scarlett went against conventional wisdom and pulled her foe’s arms down, until there was a rough 45-degree angle between Kristin’s limbs and her torso.

Unable to decipher Scarlett’s motive (that irritated her greatly) Kristin licked her lips and sneered, “I see all the peroxide has finally eaten into your brain. You’re supposed to force ME down, not just my arms.”

Scarlett only smirked. “Just setting the trap sweety.”

Seeing the question form on the Hellcat’s face, Scarlett suddenly lowered her head and wedged it under Kristin’s left armpit. In the same motion, she bridged up and back, taking the surprised brunette from her feet to her back in less than a second compliments of the Wrist-Clutch Northern Lights Suplex. Savoring the THUD and the breathless grunt that accompanied Kristin’s landing, Scarlett maintained her Bridge as the ref dropped down to count, ‘ONE… TWO…’ Kristin’s eyes went wide as she realized what Scarlett was trying to do. Gathering her wits, the lithe beauty went into a Bridge of her own and rolled hard to her right, just as the ref’s hand was coming down a third time.

In an incredible show of balance and grappling prowess, the warring grapplers managed to keep the Test of Strength locked in place as they rolled back to their feet. Eager to keep Scarlett from doing something like that again, Kristin went nose-to-nose with the blonde as she said, “That was very clever Scarlett. I didn’t expect it coming from the likes of you.”

Unfazed by the brunette’s venom, Scarlett taunted, “Now-now, Kristin, just because I almost pinned you in less than two minutes, there’s no need to be immature about YUUUNNGHHH!”

The blonde’s missive was cut off nicely as Kristin used the distraction to leap off the mat and wrap her thighs around Scarlett’s head. Clamping down tight, the Hellcat fell back and tore Scarlett off her feet, depositing the voluptuous grappler on her back with a Hurricanrana that ended with Kristin sitting pretty on her rival’s chest. Laughing haughtily into Scarlett’s surprised face, Kristin chided; “You’re not the only one who knows her takedowns Red.”

Ignoring the communiqué between foes, the official swooped in and counted off ‘ONE… TWO…’ The blonde bucked hard, sending Kristin tumbling off of her with less than a second to spare. Thoroughly pissed that the brunette had basically sat on her face a second time, Scarlett scrambled to her feet and stalked towards the recovering Hellcat. The instant Kristin whirled to face her; Scarlett lashed her right hand out and with asp-like efficiency, slashed her talons across Kristin’s eyes. Openly enjoying the slender beauty’s cry of pain, Scarlett followed after the blinded girl, easily dodging the few wild Haymakers Kristin threw in her direction. When the brunette left herself open, Scarlett drew back her foot and buried it in Kristin’s belly with a swift Toe Kick.

Ignoring the burst of air that ripped out of the Hellcat’s mouth, Scarlett straightened her foe up with a handful of hair and stepped in close. Whirling around, she reached behind her and trapped Kristin’s head in both hands, securing a much tighter Three-quarter Facelock than the one Kris had used on her. Digging her hands into the brunette’s silky locks, Scarlett rose up on her toes, and then dropped to her knees, tossing Kristin onto her ass with your basic Snap Mare. Her movements an exercise in ring tactics, Scarlett resumed her full height and drew back her left foot. Taking less than a second to line up her shot, she pistoned her foot forward, blasting the Hellcat between the shoulders with a vicious Soccer Kick that rang CRAACK through the confines of the club. Smiling beatifically as Kristin shrieked, Scarlett sighed and said, “A belated resolution: ‘Kick Kristen more often.’ It’s fun and burns calories.”

Reassuring herself she’d do it again later, Scarlett dropped to her knees once more and snuggled in behind her wincing adversary. Wrapping her right arm around Kristin’s neck, Scarlett cupped the back of her skull with her other hand and pressed forward, cinching on the Sleeper. Disappointed she wouldn’t be able to watch the brunette’s face go from pink to red to crimson to (dare she think it?) scarlet, the blonde cranked forward on the hold, forcing Kristen to bear her weight. Jerking the Sleeper from side to side, she taunted, “Time for you to sleep little kitty.”

Gurgling in frustrated rage, the trapped brunette clawed at Scarlett’s elbow, but she couldn’t affect an escape. At the moment, the best she could do was get a knee under her, but for a grappler of her caliber, that might be all that was necessary. Taking the deepest breath the hold would allow, Kristin pulled her hands away from her throat and placed them on the mat. Refusing to waste what little oxygen she had on grunt or a roar, the Hellcat pushed up as hard as she could and was able to get her feet under her. With one problem solved, all she needed to do now was deal with the blonde that was trying to choke her out.

Using the pale, hazy swirls streaming across her vision as motivation, Kristin trudged towards the ropes, dragging Scarlett behind her like some unwilling remora. After what seemed like an eternity, but was in truth less than ten seconds, the brunette felt her fingers brush the cable and she made that final lunge. Gripping the top rope with all her might, the Hellcat croaked, “Lemme go bitch.”

Squeezing down as tight as she could, Scarlett waited until the zebra got to ‘FOUR’ then relinquished her grip. But the blonde sadist wasn’t willing to let her nemesis off the hook that easily. The rules of the ring said she just had to break the hold, they never said for how long and that was a loophole she was going to exploit beautifully. Burying her hands in the Hellcat’s ebony mane, Scarlett snarled, “That the best you could do you talentless whore?” even as she was hauling the protesting brunette back into the center of the ring.

When the ropes were well out of reach, Scarlett released her hold on Kristin’s hair only to go on her next attack. Nuzzled up against the brunette’s back, Scarlett slapped a Half Nelson on Kristin’s left arm before using her right hand to capture the Hellcat’s left wrist and pull it roughly across Kristin’s throat, applying what had become one of her trademark submissions, The Cobra Clutch.

Ragdolling Kristin back and forth with violent jerks of her hips, Scarlett pressed her lips to the brunette’s ear and purred, “You remember this don’t you Kristin? Remember how I made you cry with this hold? How I made you scream? Scream for me now Kristin, and maybe I won’t break your neck.”

Refusing to debase herself with something as pathetic as begging, Kristin focused her thoughts and hatched an escape plan. Moving with a smoothness that was almost frightening given her oxygen deprived state, the brunette brought her right foot up and then stomped down, raking her heel down Scarlett’s bare shin on her way to mashing the blonde’s toes. Grinding Scarlett’s toes under her heel, Kristin was finally able to tear away from the hateful choke and she wasted no time in putting some distance between her and the blonde. Forgoing a complete recovery for the moment, Kristin spun around on her heel, spied Scarlett nursing her hobbled foot and she smiled. It was not a pleasant thing to see.

Dropping into a tense, almost feline crouch, Kristin charged forward and let loose a bellowing roar, she WANTED Scarlett to see her coming. When the blonde brought her face up, Kristin did the same with her left foot; catching Scarlett dead to rights with a running Yakuza Kick that THWAP rattled off her face. Scarlett’s head snapped around a perfect 90-degrees and then the blonde was pitching forward to land face down on the mat in a moaning heap.

Growling with the sheer joy of kicking the smirk off Scarlett’s supremely arrogant mug, the Hellcat stalked over to her foe’s head, dropped to one knee and grabbed her by the shoulder straps. Scraping the blonde off the mat, Kristin marched Scarlett over to the ropes and smeared her against them. Threading her victim’s arms over the top rope, Kristin slipped through the middle rope and stood on the apron.

Balancing carefully on the narrow ledge, Kristin grabbed a handful of the blonde’s hair and pulled back, stretching her painfully across the upper cable. Glaring nastily into Scarlett’s crimped face, Kris taunted, “You want to abuse the ropes Scarlett? Let me show you how to abuse the ropes.”

Wrenching down on the blonde’s roots, the cruelly creative brunette waited a few seconds before snapping her left foot up in a High Kick that caught Scarlett across the back of the head. Scarlett let out a pained groan and dropped to her knees, but only because Kristin was kind enough to release her hold on the blonde’s mane. Stepping back into the squared circle, Kristin stepped in behind her staggering foe and waited for Scarlett to put some distance between them. When she had enough room to work with, Kristin sprinted forward, eating the space with frightening rapidity. When she was bearing down on the blonde Kristin executed a tight front flip; when she was passing over Scarlett’s head, she lashed her hands out, grabbed the blonde’s head and jerked down. Scarlett was yanked off her feet and driven face-first into the mat compliments of the Flipping Facebuster.

Getting to her feet, Kristin snapped her bottoms back into place across her hips and flashed the crowd a smug smile. Strutting over to Scarlett’s side, Kristin placed her foot on the blonde’s ample assets and ground back and forth, as if stomping out a particularly loathsome bug. Sneering down into Scarlett’s face, Kristin hissed, “You’re nothing Johansson; you deserve to be treated as such.”

Speaking no more, the lissome brunette bounded towards the ropes, bounced off ‘em and headed back towards her foe. When there was still a few feet separating them, Kristin went into a beautiful tumble, transitioned into a Cartwheel and finished with a handstand that lasted just long enough for the audience to appreciate the aesthetics of it. Then she flopped to her right, bringing all her weight crashing down across the blonde’s chest to complete the Handspring Splash. Pressing down tight across Scarlett’s quivering undercarriage, the Hellcat hooked Scarlett’s far leg and bore down on the cover. Seeing the pin, the zebra swooped in and counted off, ‘ONE… TWO…’ Scarlett bucked her legs free of the cradle, breaking the count.

Patting the blonde’s cheek in supremely condescending fashion, the green-eyed brunette looked down and muttered, “You never did know when to stay down.” Without another word, she tugged Scarlett off the mat and maneuvered her into a loose Front Facelock.

Cupping her foe’s chin in her left hand while the right grasped the blonde’s left wrist, Kristin leaned her weight onto her left foot before suddenly twisting to her right and dropping to the mat, jarring Scarlett with a picture perfect Swinging Neckbreaker. The instant she hit the mat, Kristin planted her feet and somersaulted backwards. Rolling onto Scarlett’s chest, Kristin made quick work of tucking the blonde’s head under her left armpit and squeezing down tight to cinch on the Front Sleeper.

Rising to one knee, the brunette leaned back as far as she could, forcing Scarlett into a half-assed sitting position while she attempted to choke her out with the simple hold. Ignoring the frantic feel of the blonde’s hands pushing at her hips or worrying at her elbows, the Hellcat shook the hair out of her face and asked, “You wanna give it up bitch?”

Growling her response into the depths of her cleavage, Scarlett replied, “To a fancy Facelock? No fucking way!”

Looking for the humiliation as much as the hurt, Kristin craaaancked back on the Sleeper and lowered her head, placing her cheek against the smooth, sweating plane of the blonde’s upper back. Licking her lips, the brunette stunner kissed the defenseless expanse of skin and followed up with, “You sure about that candyass?”

Bristling in unappreciated rage, Scarlett renewed her efforts to escape the Sleeper and roared, “WHEN I GET OUT OF HERE I’LL TEAR YOUR FUCKING FACE OFF!”

Patently unimpressed, Kristin applied more pressure and teased, “When you get out of here the only thing you’ll be doing is whimpering my name, or possibly kissing my ass. Hell, maybe you’ll do both…UNNGGHHH!”

Kristin’s smug sureness degenerated into a pained grunt as Scarlett finally found the sweet spot and powered a sick left directly into the Hellcat’s liver. Her hold instantly forgotten, the brunette scrambles up and away. She gets away from Scarlett without further incident but she can’t leave without fetching her rival a stiff kick to the chest as payback. Trying gamely to cope with the bomb that just went off inside her; Kristin leans drunkenly against the ropes, clutching her middle and just trying to get oxygen back into her lungs. Turning her narrow-eyed glance on the equally wounded blonde, Kristin’s breathing evens out after a few seconds and she’s almost completely recovered by the time Scarlett rolls onto her belly and starts trying to get her hands and knees under her.

Refreshed by the sight of the other young woman’s anguish, Kristin stalked over to Scarlett and pulled her up via a damp handful of hair. Cinching in a tight Front Face Lock, Kristin marched Scarlett to the center of the ring, making sure that the redlining crowd got a good long look at Scarlett’s jiggling backside. Putting the theatrics aside, Kristin grabbed a handful of tights while simultaneously working Scarlett’s near arm over her shoulders.

Set for the Suplex, Kristin waited for another second before popping her hips, taking the curvy girl over with a scintillating Snap Suplex. And unlike many wrestling moves, this one actually lived up to it’s name, in more than one way even. Not only was it fast, but there was a loud snapping noise as Scarlett’s bare back slammed into the canvas, causing her whole body to arch violently upward. But if Scarlett thought her plight was over, she was destined to be sadly, sadly mistaken. Upon completion of the Suplex, Kristin maintained the Facelock, and twisted her hips smoothly to the side, getting her feet under her to bring both she and Scarlett back to a vertical base.

Resetting her footing, Kristin popped her hips a second time, taking Scarlett up and over with the second Snap Suplex in as many minutes. If anything, the landing was louder and more violent this time but still Kristin wouldn’t let her prey loose. Getting to her feet one more time, Kristin hauled Scarlett’s nearly limp bulk to her feet and adjusted her grip on the weakly protesting blonde’s disheveled bikini bottom. Speaking so quietly that only Scarlett could hear, Kristin said, “I already proved I could choke you out and pin you Scarlett. This time I’m going to show everyone just how easily I can BREAK you. And this is where I start.”

Not caring if she got an answer or not, Kristin hauled Scarlett over her head, holding the blonde inverted over her head in an impressive display of strength. Keeping Scarlett, Kristin counted to three and then sat out, dropping Scarlett face-first into the mat with a Sit-Out Gourdbuster. There was an ungodly WHAM as Scarlett bounced up off the canvas, then flopped her over onto her back. Thinking her last chain of offense might have been enough to put Scarlett down for good, Kristin flung herself across the blonde’s chest and hooked the far leg. Bearing down on the pin, her face was totally obscured by a cascade of dark hair, but it was obvious from her posture that she was counting along with the ref, ‘ONE… TWO…’ Scarlett pistoned her right shoulder off the mat, ending the count with one second to go. Flipping the hair out of her face, Kristin glared at the ref for a moment, but quickly turned the full force of her hate back on the blonde. Pulling Scarlett back to her feet, Kristin trudged over to the corner and tossed her chest-first against the buckles.

Molding herself to the blonde’s quivering back, Kristin purred, “All right you stubborn slut, you want to keep this up? Then I’ll be more than happy to clue you in as to why they call me the Hellcat…observe!”

Pushing off Scarlett’s back Kristin brought up both hands and placed them between Scarlett’s shoulders. Grinning ferociously, the brunette suddenly tore her fingers downward, leaving eight almost parallel red-welts along Scarlett’s previously unmarred skin. Unprepared for the viciousness of the tactic, Scarlett threw her head back and shrieked; she tried to back out of the corner, but Kristin just pushed her back against the buckles and flayed the blonde with her talons a second time. After a few more passes, Scarlett’s back looked like a lunatic’s road map and the blonde had dropped to her knees, wailing helplessly as Kristin loomed over her.

Very pleased with her efforts thus far, the brunette buried her hands in Scarlett’s hair and pulled her to her feet. As soon as she was sure the blonde could sustain verticality, Kristin shifted to a Waistlock and pulled Scarlett in even closer. Digging her clasped hands into the blonde’s paunch, the Hellcat bridged up and back, depositing her nemesis on her head and shoulders with a textbook German Suplex. Maintaining her bridge after the landing, Kristin heard the ref reach ‘TWO’ and then Scarlett jerked free; apparently even a prolonged session under the brunette’s hateful claws wasn’t enough to quash her spirit.

More than willing to do the quashing for Scarlett, Kristin got to her feet and stalked over to the blonde’s legs. Taking one in each hand, she sneered down into Scarlett’s pain-ravaged face and said, “You tried to break me with this move the first time we met and since then I’ve been dying to show you how it’s really done.”

When no response was immediately given, Kristin dropped the blonde’s right leg and spun around, performing the motion that every wrestling fan knew as the beginning to the Figure Four Leglock. The submission was regarded as one of the most effective in the industry but wrestlers and fans alike would tell you there was one glaring flaw in the set-up; namely it required you to turn away from your foe for a moment. And a moment was all something someone like Scarlett needed!

Utilizing every second of her brief window, the blonde pulled up her free leg and jammed it forward, booting Kristin in the ass. The unexpected shot knocked the brunette off balance and she went tumbling forward only to be met by the unrelenting sturdiness of the middle turnbuckle. Groaning, the brunette sank to her knees and cupped her head in her hands as she unknowingly occupied the position Scarlett had held only moments ago.

Smiling despite the pain she was in, Scarlett sat up and got to her feet. Resisting the urge to taunt her foe, Scarlett closed the gap between them and quickly applied a Half Nelson on Kristin’s right arm before using her left hand to capture the Hellcat’s right wrist and pull it roughly across Kristin’s throat, locking in the Cobra Clutch for a second time. Hauling the disoriented beauty to her feet, Scarlett bore down on the hold as she whispered, “The only thing that’s going to break tonight is your NECK. And I’ll do it with the greatest of pleasure.”

Repaying Kristin’s earlier generosity, the blonde hoisted up and back to drop Kristin on the back of her neck with the visually impressive and phenomenally dangerous Cobra Clutch Suplex. Rolling to one knee, Scarlett took several seconds to adjust the edges of her black bikini and smooth out her hair; it wasn’t like Kris was just going to shake off that landing. Feeling much better about the situation, Scarlett surveyed the situation and said softly, “All right little Hellcat, you like to break things? Well so do I. And I can think of no better place to start than your greasy, sallow looking back.”

Scarlett scraped Kristin off the mat, scooped her up and held her perpendicular across her chest. Treating herself to a meandering tour of the ring, Scarlett put Kristin’s wriggling form on display for almost thirty seconds before she rose up on her toes and then dropped to one knee, apparently attempting to snap the Hellcat in two equal pieces with the Over-the-Knee Backbreaker.

The brunette let out a shrill, reedy scream as Scarlett pressed down on her thigh and chin doing her best to elicit sobs of surrender from the prone vixen. With the whole of Kristin’s underbelly totally exposed, Scarlett removed her hand from Kristin’s chin and sank her fingers deep into the brunette’s abdomen, adding the pain of a Belly Claw to the already sadistic Backbreaker. Speaking like someone discussing such mundane issues as the weather or grocery coupons, Scarlett asked, “Not so tough now are you cunt?” She punctuated this statement by digging the steel tines of her fingers even deeper into Kristin’s midsection.

Replying through clenched teeth, Kristin turned her head to face Scarlett and croaked, “Still tough… tough enough… to do this!”

The brunette jabbed a hand up and Face Raked Scarlett. While it wasn’t much of a counter, it was enough to force the blonde to relinquish her holds. Shoving the brunette off her knee, Scarlett scrubs at her face for a few seconds before returning her glare to the Hellcat. Arrogant features twisted into a rictus of murderous rage, the blonde strides over to Kristin; YANKED her to her feet and kept her standing on spaghetti legs. Backing up a step, Scarlett spins around in a tight little circle and on the way back around, she brings her right arm whipping up to smash forearm first off Kristin’s cheek. The Roaring Elbow nearly decapitated Kristin as her once sturdy legs fail her and she’s sent sprawling onto her hands and knees. Pulsing with fresh rage, Scarlett stalked over to Kristin’s head and went back on the attack. With no wasted motion, Scarlett stepped forward and clamped Kristin’s skull between her thighs to apply a Standing Headscissors.

Slapping the other girl’s hands aside, Scarlett bore down on the hold, taking special care to rub and slide her thighs against Kristin’s ears and cheeks. Grinding her crotch against the back of the Hellcat’s neck, Scarlett reached down and slapped at her victim’s hips. More than happy to humiliate Kristin into submission, Scarlett treated her hapless rival to a violent Wedgie that brought a scream of approval from the crowd and a plain old scream from Kristin. Sawing the distended material back and forth, the curvy blonde battler sneered, “Here’s just another bit of offense that I do better. I hope you have thick skin slut.”

Shifting her grip from Kristin’s tights to her waist, Scarlett put her hands flat on Kristin’s back and dragged them up, scoring the Hellcat’s flesh with her claws. Hardly satisfied with one pass, Scarlett repeated the maneuver over and over again until Kristin’s typically flawless skin was as marred and raw looking as her own. Suddenly sick of the baser tactics, Scarlett ceased her assault and wrapped both hands around Kristin’s sweat-shiny waist. Locking her hands, the blonde lets out a little grunt of effort as she hoists Kristin up into the stall position for a Piledriver.

Keeping the brunette inverted for a few seconds, Scarlett stared out at the audience and shouted; “YOU ALL SEEM TO HAVE FORGOTTEN ABOUT ME, SO LET ME REMIND YOU JUST WHO THE HELL I AM!”

The last word was still coming out of her mouth when she dropped forward and down, pancaking the full length of Kristin’s torso against the canvas with a unique modification of the Flapjack. Laughing quietly as Kristin trembled on the mat; Scarlett scrambled over her flattened foe and whirled around, taking a comfortable seat on the back of the Hellcat’s knees. Cracking her knuckles in ominous fashion, the blonde curled her fingers and purred, “Now this might not work on someone like Jennifer Lopez, but I think it’ll do just fine on a skinny, narrow ass bitch like you.”

Forming her hands into talons, the blonde sank her fingers into the meat of the brunette’s thighs, just below the swell of her buttocks. Digging in deep, Scarlett’s Claw tore at Kristin’s hamstrings, putting the slender vixen in indescribable anguish with her newest variant on the Claw Hold. Jiggling her grip back and forth, Scarlett’s voice dripped with poison as she asked, “Wanna submit asshole?”

Tearing at her hair to keep from doing just that, Kristin shook her head and gasped, “Kiss my ass!”

Tightening her grip, Scarlett sneered, “Maybe…but only after I tear it off.”

Ignoring the numbing pain in her hindquarters, Kristin jerked her hands from her tangled mane and dug them into the mat. Clawing and scratching as if her life depended on it, the Hellcat dragged her and her tormentor across the mat until she was able to grasp the bottom rope in both hands. Absolutely overjoyed to be free of Scarlett’s grasp, the brunette screamed, “LEMME GO BITCH!”

Milking the count for all it was worth, Scarlett sneered, “Pussy” as she released the hold. Fully aware that Kristin wasn’t going to just spring to her feet, Scarlett helped her along with a double handful of hair. Whipping around behind the brunette, Scarlett released her grip on the Hellcat’s locks only to immediately apply the Cobra Clutch yet again.

Whipping Kristin back and forth with all the strength she could muster, Scarlett pressed her lips to the brunette’s ear and whispered, “I think you’re starting to like this hold Kristin. But tell me, do you enjoy THIS part?”

Showing Kristin exactly what THIS entailed, Scarlett sprinted forward, cutting across the ring in great loping strides with Kristin still trapped in her clutches. After traversing almost the full length of the ring, she leapt into the air and came down hard, driving Kristin face first into the mat with one of her trademark finishers, a Cobra Clutch Bulldog she called Red Sky at Morning!

With Kristin still beautifully trussed up in the Clutch, she wasn’t able to get her hands up to protect her face so she took the full force of the drop on her chin and cheek. Grinning maliciously as Kristin spasmed beside her, Scarlett kept the Cobra Clutch locked in tight and pulled back sadistically, bending Kristin’s neck to the breaking point. Torquing the hold back and forth, Scarlett added insult to Kristin’s injury by pulling left and right, wrenching even more pained wails from the brunette’s lips. After one final tug, Scarlett released the hold and rolled Kristin over onto her back. Straddling the brunette’s gulping waist, Scarlett placed both hands against Kristin’s face and ground them back and forth as the ref counted off, ‘ONE… TWO…THR’ Kristin shot her hands up and shoved Scarlett off of her, breaking the count.

Fixing the Hellcat with a flat, hateful gaze, the blonde hissed, “That’s the last time you’ll ever lay a hand on me.”

Pushing up off the battered brunette, Scarlett strutted towards the nearest corner and climbed onto the top turnbuckle. Standing up straight, she formed her hands into single fist and raised them high overhead. Taking her time, Scarlett waited until Kristin got her knees under her and started to turn towards the blonde. When Scarlett saw the whites of the Hellcat’s eyes, she leapt off the top and came crashing down with the club of her fists aimed directly at the brunette’s forehead. And while her aim never faltered, Scarlett’s landing was anything from pleasant. The moment before she could take Kristin’s head off, the limber brunette stepped aside and took hold of Scarlett’s left arm. In the blink of an eye, the Hellcat tossed Scarlett face-first onto the canvas and dropped down with her.

Still hooking Scarlett’s arm, Kristin adjusted her position and panted, “I know I promised to break you, but this will probably be more of a snapping sensation. Hope you don’t mind.” She planted her feet on the mat and leaned back across Scarlett‘s body, nearly breaking the blonde’s elbow with the Fujiwara Arm-Bar. Cranking back on the hold as far as physics would allow, Kristin ground the back of her skull against Scarlett’s shoulder and demanded, “LET’S HEAR YOU BEG SCARLETT!”

Shaking her head ‘no’ at the ref’s inquiries of surrender, Scarlett sobbed uncontrollably as she fought against the debilitating pain of the joint lock. Twisting her right leg out as far as she could, the blonde inched her way across the mat and got close to the ropes, but she still wasn’t close enough to escape. Focusing all her energy, Scarlett let out an ear-piercing roar and LURCHED forward a few more inches, just enough to get the toes of her boot on the bottom rope. Hating the feel of the tears pouring down her cheeks, Scarlett growled, “GET OFF ME!”

Kristin wasn’t about to let Scarlett go just because she’d made the ropes though. The rules said she had five seconds to break the hold and she intended to use four and a half of them to put Scarlett through as much hell as she could. Alternately relaxing and increasing the tension on her bridge, Kristin locked eyes with the ref and glibly followed his droning lead, ‘ONE… TWO… THREE…FOUR…’ Kristin broke the Arm-Bar and rolled onto one knee.

Smirking at the zebra, she muttered, “You’re so good at your job.”

From somewhere behind her, Scarlett let out an exhausted moan and the Hellcat’s attention was immediately redirected. Scrambling to her feet, the brunette whirled around and saw that Scarlett was cradling her left arm across her chest which was the pro-wrestling equivalent of marking the limb with a giant neon bulls-eye. Licking her lips, Kristin bent down, snagged a handful of Scarlett’s hair and pulled her off the mat. Taking Scarlett’s upper arm, Kristin squeezed down hard and cooed, “Aww what’s the matter? Did baby hurt her arm?” When all she got was a muttered curse and a halfhearted tug, Kristin sneered, “I’m gonna do nasty things to your arm bitch. And I won’t even need a sledgehammer to do them.”

Pulling the unresisting beauty into her, Kristin threaded one arm through Scarlett’s thighs and the other over her shoulder. With no discernible effort, the Hellcat scooped her rival off the mat and held her over her shoulder, in preparation of a basic Body Slam. But Kris was looking for something a little fancier at this point, so she shifted her grip so that both arms were wrapped around the blonde’s waist. Muscling Scarlett into position, Kreuk soon had her in place for what appeared to be a Tombstone Piledriver, but even that wasn’t what she wanted.

Her face framed by Scarlett’s thighs, the Hellcat looked to the mob and smirked, “She’s probably enjoying this a lot more than I am, but I think that’s about to change.”

As the crowd started to cheer, the brunette rose up on her toes and dropped to one knee; spiking Scarlett’s wounded left shoulder against the posted joint. Clamping down tight as a violent shudder passed through the blonde’s frame, Kristin took a deep breath and then pushed back to a standing position. Deciding to reward those that had cheered for her, Kris executed a slow half turn, letting the folks on the opposite side of the arena get a better look at Scarlett’s destruction. Still smirking, the Hellcat lifted up on her toes and dropped down a second time, decimating Scarlett’s arm with another Shoulder Breaker. This time Kristin released her grip on the blonde’s waist and let her go sloshing onto the mat.

Absolutely loving the way Scarlett instantly went back to protecting her injured arm, Kristin brushed a strand of hair behind her ears and mused, “Seriously Scarlett, it’s like you WANT me to break it.” Saving her breath for the task ahead, the Hellcat grabbed a handful of the woozy girl’s top and yanked her to her feet. Quickly switching over to another two-handed grip on the blonde’s left wrist, Kristin extended the arm full length and added, “I know I used this move on you last time, and I hate to repeat myself, but I just can’t help it. You screamed so LOUD when I put it on you and I want to hear that again.”

Kristin took a single step back and suddenly leapt into the air. In what could be described as the single most visually impressive move on the roster, Kristin pulled her victim’s arm down, while simultaneously shooting her own legs up and scissoring them around both sides of Scarlett’s arm. Before the audience could even start to clap, Kristin locked her heels above Scarlett’s shoulder and clamped down tight locking the hold in place. The end result was a Hanging Cross Armbreaker applied to Scarlett she was still vertical. That might change any moment now though, Kris was reefing away on the trapped arm and Scarlett’s legs had developed a noticeable tremble.

Biting down on the inside of her cheeks to keep from screaming, Scarlett held steady as the oddly named Six Seconds Magic shredded her shoulder and elbow. Refusing to submit to a hold she had escaped previously, Scarlett thought back to their last fight and how she’d escaped then. Recalling the situation with frightening clarity, the blonde shot her free arm up and secured a grip on Kristin’s ankles. Leaning back to keep her balance, the blonde staggered towards the ropes and the release they promised. Over on the slightly more upside down end of the scale, Kristin had her eyes closed to ward off the dizziness usually associated with the 6SM but even in her blinded state, she could feel Scarlett start to move and she didn’t like it one bit. Gritting her teeth, the Hellcat mouthed; “Oh no you don’t!” and TUGGED down with all her strength.

The sudden shift causes Scarlett to lose her footing and she comes crashing down on her face with only a few feet between her free hand and the bottom rope. Howling in undisguised agony now, the blonde gamely fights to her knees and continues to trudge forward, even as Kristin tries to rip her arm off at the socket. Finally, FINALLY Scarlett gets a hold of the bottom rope. She’s too exhausted to say anything pithy; she just shudders and hopes the ref will do his job properly. Oddly enough, she doesn’t have to wait on the zebra. Kristin breaks the hold without question and rolls onto one knee; it seems the Six Seconds Magic is almost as draining for the attacker as it is for the victim. But that isn’t really true at all. Kris might be tired, but her arms are feeling fine and she recovers much faster than her blonde opposition.

Pushing up off the canvas, the tawny brunette stalked over to Scarlett and grabbed her by the hair. Tearing the curvy girl away from the ropes, Kristin dragged her back into the center of the ring and tossed her down face-first onto the mat. Taking a seat on Scarlett’s upper-back, Kristin allowed herself another deep breath as she opined, “You know, Bell may be a mouthy, annoying bitch, but I have to hand it to her, she’s got a hell of a finisher. Let’s see if I can’t improve on it a little.”

Attempting to do just that, Kristin immobilized both of Scarlett’s arms by trapping them between the brunette’s arms and then locking her hands in an unbreakable loop. Almost done, Kristin flipped forward and landed on her feet, holding a high bridge while she still had Scarlett’s arms in her grip. Kristin had just applied the finishing maneuver of another Kristen, namely Kristen Bell’s Bridging Double Arm-Bar; it was called the Bell Curve.

The crowd cheered and somewhere in the back a snarky blonde nearly spit cola all over the monitor as she shouted, “HEY, THAT’S GIMMICK INFRINGEMENT!” (I’d like to tell you more, but that my friends is a story for another day)

Back in the ring, the brunette Kris was doing her blonde counterpart’s favorite hold a great bit of justice, as evidenced by the pained screams that were issuing forth from her flattened victim. Bouncing up and down on the bridge, Kristin continued to wrench on Scarlett’s shoulders as she spat, “GIVE UP!”

Unwilling to accept the fact that Kristin might take a two fall lead in their series, the decimated blonde screamed back, “FUCK YOU BITCH! YOU CAN’T EVEN USE YOUR OWN MOVES!”

Focusing what little energy she had left, Scarlett suddenly rolled hard to her right, upsetting Kristin’s balance and breaking the bridge in the process. Just glad to be free of the torturous hold, the blonde curled into a ball and cradled her arm in hopes of relieving the worst of the pain. This might have worked just fine if she wasn’t sharing the ring with a pissed off brunette, but as fate would have it, Kristin was no less than two feet away from her and the Hellcat wasn’t about to halt her momentum by letting Scarlett have a breather. Rising up off her knees, the furious beauty grabbed a handful of Scarlett’s trunks and scraped her off the mat in a motion that was more wedgie than friendly gesture. Standing just behind the curvy vixen, Kristin reached around her victim, took possession of Scarlett’s left wrist and pulled the limb up and back, locking it across Scarlett’s throat in a Half-Straightjacket Choke.

Using her free hand to cup her foe’s chin, Kristin pressed in close and snarled, “You don’t want to submit? Fine, I’ll be happy to cripple your stubborn ass.”

The missive was still hanging between them when the Hellcat left her feet in a low leap that culminated with her tucking her knees up and against Scarlett’s back. As gravity started to take over, the brunette leaned back and let herself fall gently to the mat. The landing was nowhere near gentle for Scarlett however. The brunette’s knees nearly busted through her chest cavity and if that wasn’t bad enough, her injured arm was subjected to another mind-numbing wrench.

As soon as the Straightjacket Lungblower connected, Kristin shoved Scarlett off her knees and pounced across the blonde. Hooking the far leg in a tight cradle, the Hellcat nodded in time with the official’s count of ‘ONE… TWO…THR-NO!’ The tenacious blonde battler kicked free of the predicament, ensuring that the match could go on for at least another three seconds.

Knowing perfectly well that Scarlett couldn’t take much more of this concentrated assault on her arm, Kristin snuggled in on her foe’s left side and grabbed hold of her wrist. Pulling the crippled limb out straight, the brunette scissored it between her legs, making sure the full weight of her thighs was resting heavily against Scarlett’s face and chest. Locking her ankles, Kristin sat up and whispered, “And here’s where you get your cast.”

She fell back flat on the canvas, stretched as far as her five foot four inch frame would allow as she tortured her adversary with the Cross Armbreaker. Intent on getting the submission as soon as possible, Kristin added another insidious layer of pain to the proceedings by twisting the blonde’s wrist and mashing her fingers.

Trapped in the Hellish confines of the Armbreaker, Scarlett knew that she didn’t have much time left. If she couldn’t escape this and escape it now, she was going to have to tap, or spend the next several weeks as the second member of the ‘Richard Fannin Busted Arm Club.’ Not wanting such a dubious honor to go on her record, Scarlett dug deep into her memory and searched for the best way to free herself. She examined and discarded several potential candidates before fixing on what she hoped was the right answer. Taking as deep a breath as she could, Scarlett went limp for several seconds and tried to move as little as possible. Her ploy worked because after a few moments of inactivity, Kristin told the ref, “She’s done. Check her arm.”

When the official started to move in on her, Scarlett exploded in a flurry of motion, rolling to her left and up onto Kristin’s surprised form. Before the stunned brunette could force her back down, Scarlett clasped her hands together, forming a nigh unbreakable loop. Scrambling to get her feet planted properly, Scarlett radiated the blackest sort of hate down into Kristin’s stunned face as she prepared for what came next. Roaring in equal parts pain, frustration and triumph, the blonde picked her foe off the mat and ever so slowly lifted her into position for what was most likely a Powerbomb. And though the set-up and execution were a little shaky, the end result was damn near perfect. Without a sound, Scarlett dropped to her knees and just SLAMMED Kristin onto the mat.

The Cross Armbreaker fell away and the blonde rest easy for the first time in several minutes. Now if only she could find the energy to take advantage of the situation. As it was, she was so depleted by her ingenious escape that it took her nearly all of the official’s ‘TEN’ count to get back to her feet. And by then, Kristin was beginning to recover as well, so after all her efforts, Scarlett had only succeeded in leveling the playing field, but at least she was back on her feet and not trapped in one of Kristin’s diabolical holds. Staring a hole through her opponent, Scarlett was motionless for several heartbeats and then she slowly brought up her left arm and flipped Kristin off. Smiling at the brunette’s obvious rage, Scarlett panted, “Come… and … get it… bitch!”

Kristin snarled and replied, “You asked for it.”

Scarlett settled into her stance, the Hellcat lunged forward, aiming her claws for the blonde’s face. As the brunette’s talons closed in, Scarlett charged forward to meet her with a Knee Lift that just BARELY cleared the line of Kristin’s trunks. Positively beaming into Kristin’s stunned face; the blonde dragged the Hellcat to one corner of the ring and wasted no time in pounding her head on the top turnbuckle over and over again. The crowd counts in time with the impacts; they’d reached ‘TEN’ before Scarlett released her grip and let the brunette slump in the corner. Feeling slightly more human, Scarlett allowed several deep, steadying breaths before going back to work.

Moving with amazing sureness for a girl that had been on the receiving end of a hellacious beating for several minutes, Scarlett buried her hands in Kristin’s ebony locks and pulled her to her feet before muscling her up onto the top turnbuckle, so that she’s facing out towards the audience. Turning her back to Kristin, Scarlett reached back and looped both of her hands around the brunette’s chin, lacing her fingers for the strongest possible grip. Smiling at the thought of what was going to come next, the blonde cooed, “I may be wearing a sling when this match is over Kristin, but you’re going to be sporting a halo. And not the benevolent golden kind; the ugly, which way to the physical therapy wing?’ kind.”

The blonde lunged towards the center of the ring and leapt forward. Kristin was pulled off the turnbuckle and she was hauled through the air for more than two seconds before she and her opponent fell to the canvas. The impact on Scarlett was minimal; a mere shiver ran through her as she hit the mat. For Kristin though the impact was worse than anything she’d ever experienced. The entire length of her body slammed against the canvas from a height of at least five feet, the back of her head and neck taking the worst of the fall. Yes, Scarlett’s Hangman’s Neckbreaker was a thing of sadistic beauty and the blonde thought there was no better way to show her appreciation for the move than by sprawling on top of her victim and going for the cover. Smiling down into Kristin’s pain-twisted face, Scarlett tossed the Hellcat’s earlier words back at her, “What’s the matter? Did baby hurt her head?”

Truth was, yes, baby had hurt her head but that didn’t stop Kristin from kicking out just after the ‘TWO’ had been ticked off. Annoyed, but not really surprised, Scarlett helped herself to a handful of Kristin’s top and pulled the dazed Hellcat to her feet. Making sure they were well away from anything that looked like ropes, Scarlett pulled the limber brunette into her and easily looped her arms under Kristin’s armpits. Bringing her hands up in front of the Hellcat’s face, Scarlett clasped her fingers under Kristin’s chin and started pressing backwards, bending her foe’s neck with an ingenious Inverted Full Nelson.

Applying as much pressure to Kristin’s neck as possible the blonde looked to regain some of the momentum she’d lost over the course of the fight. Grinding her chest and belly against Kristin’s sputtering chassis; Scarlett leaned forward and slowly licked the Hellcat’s cheek. Laughing evilly as Kristin wriggled and fumed, Scarlett cooed, “Almost done.” and proceeded to reef down on the hold even harder. Trying to fight off the numbing pain in her neck, Kristin steadied her thoughts and brought her right knee up, aiming for Scarlett’s groin. But the blonde tactician had foreseen such an occurrence, twisted her hips accordingly and absorbed the blow with little more than a wince. Highly irritated that Kristin was still fighting her, Scarlett leaned in again and whispered, “Just for that, I’m not going to choke you out yet. Think about that when they’re carting you away on the stretcher.”

Unclasping her hands, Scarlett doubled the brunette over with a sharp Knee Lift to the belly and swiftly marched her into the ropes. Forcing Kristin to face the audience, the blonde bent her victim over and shoved her upper body through the space between the top and middle ropes. Standing Kris up straight, Scarlett cupped her left hand under the Hellcat’s chin and pulled back, bending her neck painfully across the top rope. With Kristin totally exposed, Scarlett dropped her right arm and twisted away from her victim. After a split second’s hesitation, Scarlett torqued back around, smashing the full length of her forearm against the back of Kristin’s skull with a European Uppercut.

The blow would have knocked Kristin loose of her moorings in most cases, but Scarlett reset her grip on the Hellcat’s chin and made her suffer through another pair of Uppercuts, each one of which echoed through the confines of the club with a loud CLAP like thunder! Scarlett would have gladly kept up this treatment until Kristin either submitted or lost consciousness, but unfortunately for her, the official started his ‘FIVE’ count and she had to get Kristin out of the ropes. But just HOW she did it was entirely up to her - and for that she was grateful.

Maneuvering the boneless brunette back under the top rope, Scarlett turned around and forced the back of Kristin’s head against her right shoulder. Digging her fingers into her foe’s chin, Scarlett took two giant steps forward and sat out, pulling Kristin free of the ropes only to level her with another version of the Hangman’s Neckbreaker. Finally through of fooling around with her opponent, Scarlett got to her feet and insolently ground the sole of her boot against Kristin’s protesting features. Drawing her index finger across her throat, the vindictive beauty told the audience, “I’VE GOT A BULLET WITH HER NAME ON IT!”

As the crowd wondered just what the hell that meant, Scarlett pulled Kristin to her feet and forced her to bend double with virtually no resistance. Satisfied the Hellcat wasn’t going anywhere, Scarlett reached down and locked up Kristin’s arms, pinning them in an unbreakable snare. Hoping her battered arm could take the burden she was about to inflict on it, Scarlett bent her knees and hoisted straight up, lifting Kristin off the mat by a good two feet. But instead of falling back or dropping down; Scarlett pulled Kristin in close, letting the brunette’s knees come to rest on her upper thighs while her head was tucked conveniently under Scarlett’s right armpit. Jerking the Elevated Butterfly Lock back and forth, Scarlett poured all her strength into forcing the brunette to yield. Speaking through gritted teeth, she growled, “Submit!”

Shaking her head ‘no’ as best she could, Kristin wriggled her fingers and gasped, “Fuck you!”

In no mood to deal with this insolence, the blonde countered, “No Kristin, fuck you!”

Displaying incredible strength, Scarlett hauled Kristin off her hips, holding her perfectly inverted for a full three count before falling back to send Kristin crashing to the canvas with a Double Underhook Suplex. Releasing her hands upon contact with the mat, Scarlett floated over and hooked both legs; in her heart she knew Kristin was done, but she was taking to chances. Silently impressed with the cruel blonde’s innovative offense, the ref swooped in and counted off, ‘ONE… TWO… THRE-NO!” Kristin rolled a shoulder clear at the last possible second, bringing the count to a screeching halt.

Growling low in the back of her throat, Scarlett took Kristin’s right wrist in both hands and pulled her off the mat. Stepping in close to the wounded brunette, Scarlett spat, “I’m through fucking around with you bitch.”

To illustrate, the blonde planted her feet and whipped Kristin towards the ropes. She was just starting to release her grip on the Hellcat’s wrist when the brunette dug her nails in deep and jerked forward, hauling Scarlett towards her. Scarlett didn’t even have time to look surprised before Kristin brought her knee up and buried it in the pale beauty’s unprotected belly. As the wind chuffed out of Scarlett’s gullet, Kristin grabbed her left wrist and pulled her up straight.

Staring the blonde dead in the eye, Kristin purred, “That’s too bad Scarlett. Because I have JUST BEGUN to fuck with you.”

Ignoring anything that might have been a reply, Kristin took off at a run toward the ropes, hauling Scarlett awkwardly behind her. When she was within a few feet of the ropes, Kristin executed a beautiful leap, sailing over the top rope with Scarlett’s wrist still in her hand. Kristin landed gracefully several feet below, but Scarlett’s landing was anything but pretty. When the brunette sailed over the ropes, she pulled down violently on the blonde’s wrist before letting go. The effect was to bend the elbow joint brutally over the rope. Scarlett screamed in agony and fell back clutching her arm to her chest, tears filling her eyes. The crowd gasped at Kristin’s heartless ingenuity; that was a pretty wicked spot, even for a girl who called herself the Hellcat.

Leaning against the apron, Kristin took several seconds to collect herself before hopping back onto the apron. Seeing that Scarlett was still lying prone into the middle of the ring, Kristin turned her attention to the nearest set of turnbuckles and mused, “Ya know, it’s been far too long since I went to the high rent district; it’s time to remind little Scarlett that this Hellcat can fly.”

The agile vixen sprinted over to the corner and hopped up onto the top buckle in one sleek, feline motion. Settling into a deep crouch, the brunette ignored the ref’s drone and focused entirely on the slowly recovering blonde. When Scarlett got to her knees, Kristin straightened up, and when the blonde got to her feet, she leapt out into the void. Down on the mat, Scarlett suddenly realized that she didn’t know where Kristin was, and her normally calm features flooded with panic. Whirling around, she went into a wrestling crouch just as the Hellcat descended on her, dropping the point of her right elbow directly across the ball of the blonde’s injured shoulder. Scarlett went down like a felled tree, she wanted to get up and fight, NEEDED to in fact, but the pain in her arm was just too terrible. And unfortunately for her, Kristin was about to give her a whole new set of aches to worry about.

Standing near her victim’s feet, the Hellcat flipped hair off her face as she panted, “Remember the first time we fought and you almost bent me in half? I’m going to show you what that feels like.”

Beginning to make good on her statement, Kristin reached down and grasped Scarlett’s right ankle in both hands before lifting it into the air. Keeping Scarlett’s ankle tightly in her grasp, Kristin ducked slightly before draping the blonde’s leg parallel across her shoulders, making sure that Scarlett’s knee was resting across the back of her neck. Almost done now, Kristin maintained her grip on Scarlett’s ankle and looped her free arm across the buxom beauty’s thigh. In the same instant, she straightened up and then turned over, flipping Scarlett onto her belly. Smiling triumphantly, the Hellcat sat down heavily on Scarlett’s lower back and leaned back as far as gravity would allow. Scarlett’s lower back and right knee exploded in agony almost the second her tormentor successfully applied the Stretch Muffler, a brilliantly modified Half Boston Crab.

Pulling down on Scarlett’s tortured limb, Kristin leaned back as far as she could go, bringing the sole of Scarlett’s boot dangerously close to the back of her own head. Truly not caring whether or not she crippled the hateful blonde bitch, Kristin lifted her body up and then brought it crashing back down, drawing a tortured wail from Scarlett’s lips each time she did so. Flattened out on the canvas, Scarlett was going through hell. Over the course of her career, she’d experienced the worst submissions the girls on Fannin’s roster could throw at her. The Bell Curve, the Trachtenberg Twist, even Kristin’s own Kreul Intentions, it didn’t matter, she’d escaped them all. But this… this hold that Kristin was using on her felt like it was going to split her from groin to gullet in the next five seconds or so.

And yet, despite all the vocalizing she’d done earlier Scarlett didn’t scream and she didn’t submit. Because she had already lost to Kristin once, and there was no way she’d ever let the Hellcat defeat her again. Willing herself to open her eyes, Scarlett saw that in the frenzy of her last attack, Kristin hadn’t made sure that they were away from the ropes. In fact, the bottom cable lay less than a foot out of the blonde’s reach and she demanded that her faltering frame stave off submission long enough for her to crawl those few inches. Reaching an arm out in front of her, Scarlett waited until Kristin rose up off her again and then she lunged forward, grabbing the bottom rope with both hands she howled, “ROPES!”

Righteously pissed that Scarlett had been able to wriggle her way to safety once more, Kristin mused, “Oh what will I do with these five precious seconds I have left? Wait! I know!”

Pulling her right hand away from Scarlett’s leg, Kristin formed her hand into a spade-like claw and BURIED her fingers in the center of Scarlett’s black trunks. Working the Claw Hold like a professional sadist, Kristin kept it up until the ref reached ‘FOUR’ and then released both holds without a word of protest. Adjusting the edges of her crimson bottoms in a gesture that was almost prim, the slender brunette made a few circuits around the ring as tried to decide what she was going to torture Scarlett with next. Suddenly, she froze in her tracks.

Turning to face the wreckage that was Scarlett Johansson, Kristin smiled a chilly, spine-tingling, grin. Strutting over to the battered blonde, Kristin pulled her up by the hair and pointed her toward the corner on the opposite side of the ring. Making sure to grab Scarlett’s left wrist, Kristin chested into her rival and cooed, “It’s almost over now creampuff, don’t you worry. In a few minutes you’ll be back in your locker room and you can bawl the night away for all I care.”

When Scarlett started to respond, Kristin cut her off by whipping her across the squared circle and into the unforgiving steel buckles. Pausing just long enough to make sure the blonde wasn’t faking, Kristin exploded forward, moving across the ring at a dead run. When there was no more than three feet between the adversaries, the Hellcat left her feet and pistoned them forward, smashing Scarlett’s abundant assets flat under both booted heels. As Kristin’s feet connected, the brunette displayed her incredible agility once more by using Scarlett like a springboard, flipping back off the blonde to land on her feet almost directly in front of her breathless opposition.

Sauntering up to the semi-coherent vixen, Kristin slapped Scarlett across the face and sneered, “I’m going to hit one more move on you Scarlett Johansson, and then I’m going to pin you. If you should EVEN THINK about trying to kick out, I will make it my goal to break your arm before I leave this ring. Do you understand me?”

If she did, Scarlett didn’t give the brunette the courtesy of a reply, but honestly, Kristin really didn’t care. Getting set for the task at hand, Kristin pulled Scarlett back towards the corner, positioning herself so that she was back first against the buckles while Scarlett was facing her, the blonde’s head lolling weakly on the brunette’s bare shoulder. Looking to put Scarlett out of her misery, Kristin hopped onto the top buckle and sat there comfortably, still holding Scarlett in place. Pulling Scarlett in even closer, Kristin grabbed hold of the blonde’s left arm and yanked it up, holding the limb tightly in place across her chest.

Looking at Scarlett’s pain-wracked face, Kristin was about to hurl an insult when she thought the better of it. There would be plenty of time for talking when she was on her way to the back and Scarlett was on her way to the infirmary. Pushing out of the corner, she twisted her frame around 180-degrees and then fell straight back, all the while maintaining her grip on Scarlett’s arm. The hapless blonde was taken along for the ride and driven face first into the mat, not to mention the fact that her injured arm was almost tore out of joint in the landing. The Single Arm Tornado DDT drew an appreciative roar from the crowd and a muffled sob from Scarlett. Sincerely hoping that the stubborn grappler had taken her warning to heart, Kristin rolled the blonde over onto her back and hooked both legs this time.

On his end of things, the official promptly dropped to both knees and slapped the mat, ‘ONE… TWO… THRE-NO!” Scarlett rolled her good shoulder off the mat. Apparently she hadn’t taken Kristin’s advice to heart after all.

Resting on her haunches Kristin shook her head in disbelief and muttered, “You are one stupid, stupid slut.”

Slowly rising to her feet, Kristin kicked Scarlett onto her belly and stalked into position by her feet. Attempting to soak every inch of the blonde in agony, Kristin stood on Scarlett’s thighs, just above the knee. Bending down, she pulled her captive’s lower legs up and locked them inside her calves. The first half of her hold complete; she bent further and grabbed hold of Scarlett’s wrists, one in each hand. Holding her prey tightly, Kristin pulled back and fell until she was on her back on the canvas with Scarlett suspended in the air above her. With the Mexican Surfboard locked on in the middle of the ring, Kristin knew victory would be hers in mere moments. Bouncing her legs and pulling back on her arms, Kristin bent her foe to the breaking point and asked; “HOW’S THAT FEEL SCARLETT? STARTING TO WISH YOU’D STAYED DOWN?”

Scarlett only shook her head ‘no’, tugging and squirming in a nearly impossible exercise. Yet Scarlett had done the nearly impossible before and this proved to be another example of that particular talent. Thanks to luck more than skill, she was able to pull her left hand free from Kristin’s grip, upsetting the brunette’s tenuous grip on the hold. Motivated by her partial freedom, Scarlett twisted again and was able to wrench herself free, only to land on Kristin in an undignified sprawl. Kristin grunted as Scarlett landed on her but the tawny brunette knew she still had control of the match. Kicking Scarlett off her, Kristin rolled to her feet and grabbed hold of Scarlett’s wrist before jerking her captive back to her feet.

Going nose-to-nose with her shell-shocked nemesis, Kristin said softly, “After all the pain I’ve put you through tonight, I can’t believe I forgot to give you one of these. My apologies.”

Smiling the tiniest bit, Kristin brought her right Knee knifing up into the blonde’s groin, doubling her over in breathless, woozy agony. Through toying with her victim, Kristin stepped forward, shoved the blonde’s head between her thighs and then wrapped her arms around Scarlett’s traumatized waist. Knowing that it was finally time to finish Scarlett for good, Kristin paused for a moment to catch her breath.

“Two and out for you Scarlett.” she muttered.

Pulling up, she lifted the insensate girl into position for a traditional Powerbomb. With Scarlett’s legs hanging limply on either side of her head, Kristin deviated from the normal course of action. Instead of slamming Scarlett down, Kristin pushed up and out on the blonde’s legs sending them trailing out behind the rest of her, Scarlett’s head now much closer to Kristin’s hands. As gravity began to pull the blonde down Kristin grabbed Scarlett’s head in both hands and sat out hard. Scarlett landed face and chest first on the mat, hitting with an ungodly crash, the lovely blonde becoming the latest victim of Kristin’s finishing move, a brutal Powerbomb/Facebuster combination she called The Beautiful Letdown.

The crowd was on its feet as Kristin pushed Scarlett’s unconscious bulk on to her back. Knowing the match was over, Kristin went for a nonchalant, yet dominating cover, with one hand pressed on Scarlett’s stomach while placing her other forearm roughly across the bridge of the beaten girl’s nose. Pleased to see this massacre come to an end, the zebra swooped in and counted off, ‘ONE… TWO… THRE--NO!’ The audience couldn’t believe it. The ref couldn’t believe it. Most importantly, Kristin couldn’t believe it. But it was true. Scarlett had somehow kicked out of the Beautiful Letdown.

Finally reaching the limits of her considerable patience, Kristin let out a frustrated scream and scrambled to her feet. Looming over the blonde’s head, Kristin peeled Scarlett off the canvas and whirled her around, so that the brunette was at her back. Pressing in against Scarlett’s back, the Hellcat snarled, “This is where you break.”

Staying close against blonde’s right side, Kristin shoved Scarlett over, holding her by the hair to keep her from falling down. In one practiced motion, she scissored her right leg around the blonde’s left, making sure her thigh was pressed close to Scarlett’s ribs. In the same motion she reached over Scarlett’s bent torso and hooked Scarlett’s right arm with her left arm. She swung her left leg up and slung it over Scarlett’s neck, the back of the brunette’s knee resting comfortably against the side of her victim’s face. With Kreul Intentions finally locked in, Kristin pulled up with her arm and pushed down with legs, bringing incredible pressure to bear on the blonde’s ribs and neck. Bouncing and jerking the hold to increase the pressure of the sadistic hold, Kristin grinned triumphantly as Scarlett wilted in her grasp.

But despite the fact that she could FEEL the quit pouring out of Scarlett, the trapped beauty would not concede. Unable to accept the fact that Scarlett might have the wherewithal to resist submission for even another few seconds, Kristin poured EVERYTHING she had left into the stretch and STILL Scarlett remained silent. Screaming over the maddening cacophony of the crowd, Kristin roared, “SUBMIT YOU STUPID CUNT! THERE’S NO WAY OUT OF THIS UNLESS YOU WANT TO SPEND THE NEXT MONTH IN BODY CAST!”

Suffering undreamed of agonies at the hands of Kristin’s finisher, Scarlett ignored the Hellcat’s threats and focused on doing nothing but turning her head the several inches necessary to make good on her escape. Refusing to acknowledge the steady stream of tears pouring down her cheeks, Scarlett suffered in silence until she was finally able to snuggle her lips up against the back of Kristin’s thigh. Overjoyed with the thought of how Kristin would scream, she opened her mouth and clamped down hard, her sharp teeth sinking deep into the bare, slick muscle.

Caught completely off guard by the blonde’s counter, Kristin gritted her teeth and tried to keep the hold cinched in, but it felt like Scarlett was going to gnaw her leg off. Tossing her head back, Kristin screamed into the lights and unlocked Kreul Intentions, letting Scarlett fall to her hands and knees while she hobbled back, snarling hatefully at the reddened circle of bite marks that was clearly visible on her formerly unmarred thigh. Turning her fury on Scarlett, Kristin’s glare was pure murder as she stalked over to the kneeling blonde. Settling her hands in Scarlett’s sweat-soaked hair, Kristin tugged Scarlett’s head so the blonde was looking up at the Hellcat.

Loving the beaten, glassy look in Scarlett’s eyes, Kristin spat, “I’m going to kill yo-AAARRRRGGGH!”

Kristin’s missive devolved into an ear-piercing shriek as Scarlett balled up her right hand and SMASH drove it into the center of Kristin’s trunks. Hardly satisfied with one shot, the penitent blonde added another two to go with the first. As Kristin started to sink, Scarlett started to rise and the sore, aching, supremely vindictive blonde had hurtin’ on her mind. Staggering around behind Kristin, she wearily applied the Half Nelson and the cinched the brunette’s unencumbered arm across her throat, securing the Cobra Clutch one last time.

Breathing hard, Scarlett panted, “You just reached the end of your nine lives Hellcat!” She reared back and dropped forward, smashing Kristin face and chest first into the mat with the Cobra Clutch Face-Plant she had started calling ‘The Scarlett Letter.’

Feeling Kristin shudder in her grip, Scarlett released the Cobra Clutch and immediately scooted back so that she was sitting near the brunette’s feet. In most circumstances, she’d make a bigger show of what was coming, but even though she hated to admit it, she was running on fumes and if she didn’t finish Kristin now, she wasn’t sure if she could. Taking just a second to make sure they were well out of reach of the ropes, Scarlett grabbed Kristin’s feet and folded them over, crossing them at the ankles.

First stage complete, Scarlett sat down, placing the full weight of her butt atop Kristin’s crossed limbs, pinning her to the canvas like a bug on a card. Showing just how effective the most basic holds can be, Scarlett proceeded to yank Kristin’s left arm up and behind her in a Hammerlock, forcing it between the downed girl’s shoulder blades. Finishing the hold, Scarlett used her free hand to grab hold of Kristin’s right wrist and snaked the trapped brunette’s right arm under her jaw. Scarlett smiled; it was all about to come together. All she had to do was lean back. And that’s just what she did. She pulled back with all her remaining strength, annihilating Kristin’s knees, back and shoulders while simultaneously choking her victim with her own arm.

When Scarlett locked in the Scarlett Fever, Kristin’s previously hazy consciousness returned with frightening swiftness, only to discover she was trapped in the vile hold. Straining and tearing at her bonds, the Hellcat tried to inch her way towards the ropes, but with Scarlett’s weight planted on her legs, the best she could do was a feeble wriggle. Doing her best to fight off the fear creeping into her mind, Kristin put every last ounce of her strength into wrenching free from the blonde’s hellish trap, but Scarlett just clamped down tighter, keeping her locked in place. As the blackness of unconsciousness started to fill her vision, Kristin heard Scarlett’s voice taunting, “Scream my name Hellcat. Lemme hear you beg.”

Already sinking down into the darkness, Kristin had just enough left to mumble, “Go… to…. Hell…” and then she was gone!

As the brunette FINALLY went slack in the blonde’s grasp, the official turned to call for the bell only to see Scarlett release her finisher. Pausing in mid turn, the zebra watched in stunned amazement as Scarlett rolled Kristin over onto her back and straddled her waist. Cupping the defenseless beauty’s face in both hands, Scarlett chided, “Do you think I forgot what you did to me the first time around? How you put your bare, nasty ass on my face and pinned me? I’ve waited a long time to return that favor baby, and now I’ve got my chance.”

Reaching behind her back, the blonde peeled off her black bikini top and tossed it aside, leaving her bare to the waist. Ignoring the roars and nearly blinding explosion of flashbulbs, Scarlett lowered her vaunted rack down onto Kristin’s oblivious face in a totally unnecessary but visually pleasing Breast Smother pin. Loving the feel of Kristin’s sleepy breath on her bare skin, Scarlett ground her chest back and forth, buffing the beaten girls face just because she could. Knowing the referee would soon break out of his stupor, the blonde made things official by taking Kristin’s wrists in either hand and pinning them high over her head. Moving to readjust the face-to-jugs seal, Scarlett turned her head in the zebra’s direction and said, “Would you mind doing your job? Oh, and count real slow. I want to savor this.”

Shaken from his reverie, the ref dropped to one knee and counted off “ONE…. TWO… THREE!”

When the bell rang, Scarlett released the Breast Smother, but not after a final slow baaaccck and fooorthhh across Kristin’s defenseless features. Still straddling her victim’s waist, the victorious blonde slowly crawled up Kristin’s frame, not stopping until the fork of her crotch was pressed tightly against the Hellcat’s mouth. With her good hand on her hip, Scarlett reached town with her bad arm and lightly tapped Kristin’s nose.

Speaking softly, Scarlett promised, “Next time you WILL quit. And I’ll make sure you’re awake for everything that comes after. And trust me, what comes after will make this look like benevolent by comparison.”

The brunette couldn’t respond, so Scarlett got her feet under her and strutted out of the ring. Just as she was about disappear through the curtain, the crowd cheered loudly and Scarlett turned around to see Kristin rolling onto her hands and knees. Flashing her nemesis a grin that went unseen, Scarlett murmured, “Now we’re even Kristin. But it sure doesn’t feel that way does it?” The voluptuous blonde vanished through the curtain, leaving Kristin to start mulling the details of their third and presumably final encounter.