Scarlett Johansson vs. Kristin Kreuk (IC Title Qualifier) by The Walkin' Dude

The capacity crowd at the Torchwood Tavern was still buzzing over Fannin's announcement of Katie Holmes impending return to action when the Announcer stepped into the ring and said, "Ladies and Gentlemen it is time for our Main Event! The following contest is scheduled for one fall and is the second of three qualifying matches for an Intercontinental Triple Threat set for July. Introducing first, she stands at 5’4”…she is the Hellcat…Misssss Kristinnnnn Kreeeeeeeuk!"

The subdued, melancholy strains of 'Beautiful Disaster' roll through the Torchwood speakers as Kristin slinks through the curtain. The reaction to the brunette Hellcat would politely be called 'mixed' as some fans have embraced her for her spectacular wrestling ability while others have condemned her for her use of questionable tactics and sometime downright savage treatment of her opponents.. For her rubber match with her blonde nemesis Kristen was sporting her trademark red bikini with black pads and boots while her long black hair hangs back loose on her shoulders Approaching the ring without a lot of fanfare, she paused to survey a 'BE AS KREUL AS YOU LIKE' sign in the front row before sliding under the bottom rope. In the squared circle, the Hellcat slides gracefully to her full height and walks to her corner to await the arrival of one of the few women that could match (some might even argue surpass) her vicious streak.

When the fanfare for Kreuk had died down, the Announcer brought the mic back up and continued, "And her opponent, she stands at 5’4”, Ladies and Gentlemen…Scarlett JO-hansssssssssson!"

Seether's 'Remedy' rumbles to life as Scarlett stalks through the curtain and pauses at the top of the ramp Much like her opponent for the evening, Scarlett's not exactly universally loved. While the pure wrestling fans in attendance can't help but root for her, those more concerned with morals, ethics and general humanity boo her mercilessly. Patently ignoring a small but emphatic 'YOU'RE SO HOT!' chant, the blonde grappler sets her sights on the brunette in the squared circle and starts moving. For her third and presumably final battle with the Hellcat, the curvaceous strawberry blonde is clad in a basic but by no means unflattering black bikini with matching knee and elbow pads. Her boots are matte gray, a simple but appealing look for an appealing fighter. Striding down the aisle, Scarlett enters the ring with a walk that's not quite a swagger and goes to her corner, never once letting her eyes leave the brunette that was the penultimate obstacle on her road to the Intercontinental Title.

The bell rang but aside from the slightest narrowing of her smoky emerald eyes, there was no noticeable change in Kristin's demeanor. And while Kristin had never been quoted as saying she had anything like psychic powers, the lissome brunette was very good at guessing what her opposition was thinking and as much as it galled her to note it, Scarlett wasn't thinking about her. The blonde would never come right out and say it of course, but she had already moved past Kristin and was focusing her attention on what she was going to do to Allison and the third member of the Triple Threat Match.

Scarlett obviously thought that she had 'solved' the Hellcat problem but Kristin was going to take the utmost joy in proving that Scarlett had no idea what she up against. Scowling a bit as she recalled the ending of her last encounter with the calculating blonde technician, Kristin used the memory of succumbing to the Scarlett Fever and the subsequent Breast Smothering to focus all her attention on the silently preening vixen. Bouncing lightly on the balls of her feet, Kristen clasped her hands and rolled her wrists, an old Judo trick used to loosen the joints.

Speaking for the first time since she'd entered the ring, the brunette whispered, "You think I'm just a speed bump on your road to the title Scarlett, but I've got news for ya bitch, I'm no bump, I'm a fucking brick wall."

More than ready to prove this statement, Kristin allowed herself a final tug of the ropes before she stalked out of her corner and slinked towards Scarlett. At this particular moment it was stunningly clear to see why someone had dubbed her the Hellcat and God willing, she'd be lapping Scarlett's blood off her claws before the night was over.

Scarlett was indeed thinking about the Triple Threat Match (and how enjoyable it would be to win it) but she wasn't as utterly dismissive of her current adversary as Kristin might have thought. As much as it galled her to admit it, Kristin had taken their initial conflict by choking her out with the sadistic Koji Clutch she called the Hellcat's Embrace. Even more galling, the brunette had foregone the chance at a KO victory and had instead rolled Scarlett onto her back and pinned her with a BARE ASS Reverse Face Sit. Sure, she'd avenged that loss by humiliating an unconscious Kristin with a prolonged Breast Smother to win the second match, but that didn't change the fact that Kristin's ass had been on her face. And as a final mocking slight, while the record books said they were even; Scarlett knew for A FACT she was better than Kreuk could ever hope to be! Fannin and his meddlesome booking had actually done her a favor; she had a chance to devastate this pathetic bitch on her march to the gold and maybe, MAYBE, she'd be kind enough to leave Kristin enough cognitive function to serve as a warning for Allison and the other dumb slut she'd face for the title.

Smiling a smile that would have been beautiful if not for the hateful gleam in her eyes, Scarlett licked her lips and said softly, "But that's just a maybe. It's time for me to find out just how many ways there are to skin a cat." Blowing a strand of hair off her forehead, Scarlett fixed her eyes on Kristin and began her march towards destiny. A few heartbeats later, the two rivals met in the center of the squared circle and they wasted no time in letting the smack fly. Gray eyes glittering with malicious intent, Scarlett chested into Kristin and said, "Hello Allis - I mean Kristin - I almost didn't recognize you without my rack on your face!"

Taking the barb in stride, Kristin's lips curled up in a cruel smile as she answered, "I didn't have any problems recognizing you Scarlett, once I had that nasty little pug-nose of yours wedged up my butt, I knew I'd never forget the sensation. Can't wait to get reacquainted with it though."

Hands curled into white-knuckled fists, Scarlett growled, "I'll make sure you're intimately familiar with..." CRAACCK! Scarlett snapped her left hand out and spun Kristin’s head around with a slap that echoed off the back walls.

Wincing, the Hellcat turned back to face the blonde and snarled, "You always did hit like a..." CRAACK! That particular chestnut remained dusty as Kristin clipped off the last word with a scathing Bitch Slap of her own.

In the split second that Scarlett’s head was flung back, Kristin leapt off her feet and pistoned both feet towards Scarlett's chin. But that split second was all that the blonde needed to recover and as she saw the soles of the Hellcat's feet rushing in, she shot out both hands and swatted them aside, sending Kristin to the mat in an awkward heap. The brunette had barely touched the ground before she was up again and Scarlett was more than happy to greet her with a stiff Kick to the Gut.

With the wind rushing out of the Hellcat, Scarlett stepped in, grabbed Kristin’s right wrist and whipped her into the ropes. Keeping a sharp eye on the brunette's progress, Scarlett waited until Kristin was almost on top of her before she slipped around behind the brunette and wrapped her arms around the gamine's slender neck, cinching on a Sleeper Hold. Planting her feet, the golden-haired grappler wrenched her hips back and forth, trying to wring as much fight from her opponent as quickly as she could.

After a few emphatic tugs, Kristin’s hands found her forearm and the Hellcat dug those infamous claws into Scarlett's flawless skin. Holding back a groan, Scarlett sneered, "All right bitch, you don't like it from the back, well let's see how you like it head-on."

Loosening her grip on Kristin’s windpipe, Scarlett whirled her foe around only to immediately CLAMP down once more, forcing the brunette's frantic face into the swell of her cleavage. Wrenching her hips again, Scarlett threw her head back and roared, "WELCOME HOME BITCH! WE'VE MISSED YOU!"

Shrieking furiously into the sweaty canyon of the blonde's jugs, Kristin thought about biting her way out only to dismiss it for something more effective. Ceasing the frantic flailing of her arms, Kristin wrapped those bronzed limbs around Scarlett's curvy waist and LIFTED her off her feet. She held Scarlett in that position for less than a second before she dropped to one knee and posted Scarlett's groin against her knee with a makeshift Inverted Atomic Drop.

Scarlett moaned and released her handhold on Kristin’s neck only to wedge them between her thighs. Watching Scarlett's staggering retreat with a malicious joy, Kristin sprinted forward, left her feet and wrapped both legs around Scarlett's head. Locking her ankles, the brunette torqued herself backwards and yanked the blonde off her feet with a lightning-fast Hurricanrana. As soon as Scarlett’s back hit the mat, Kristin bore down on the blonde's chest, hoping to keep her pinned for an embarrassingly fast three.

But Scarlett wasn't going to be undone so easily and she proved it before the ref could even swoop in to make the count. Bucking her hips, Scarlett slung her legs up and under the brunette's armpits. With a sharp TUG she forced Kristin off her perch, rolled her onto her back and sat up, trapping the Hellcat in something like the end of a Sunset Flip. With the cover made, the official dropped to his knees but couldn't even slap the mat before Kristin somersaulted off her back and hopped to her feet in front of a sitting Scarlett!

Kristin hopped into the air and thrust both boots towards the blonde's face in another Dropkick attempt. But it seemed fate was still not with Kristin’s feet because Scarlett pulled up her arms and blocked the strike with a minimum of pain. Pulling her arms aside, Scarlett saw Kristin hit the mat and as soon as she made contact, the blonde pounced, swarming over the stunned Hellcat to trap her in another breath stealing Front Sleeper while trying to secure a Double Leg Grapevine as she mashed her assets into the brunette's features.

"I thought you were supposed to be tough Kristin. Who knew you'd enjoy kissing my tits so much?"

Spitting and cursing as Scarlett's flesh overwhelmed her breathing passages, Kristin tore her legs free of the Grapevine and scissored them around Scarlett's waist. Burying her hands in Scarlett’s gold mane, Kristin bucked her hips and ROLLED as hard as she could. After a few more seconds of blind squirming, she felt the ropes brush against her shoulder and she grabbed hold of the saving cables. Sending a baleful glance at the counting ref, Scarlett turned her attention back to Kristen and took the brunette's head in both hands. Pulling Kristin to a sitting position she pulled the Hellcat's face forward as hard she could, not in an attempt to smother, but to possibly break the brunette's nose against her sternum.

Choking back a giggle as Kristin's hands scrabbled at her back, Scarlett sneered, "HOW'S THAT FEEL KRISTIN?" As the official reached 'FOUR' Scarlett tossed the Hellcat's head aside and got to her feet. Strutting away from the flattened grappler, Scarlett licked her lips and made a dainty show of adjusting the edges of her top before she returned her attention to the brunette. Kristin got to her feet and glared death at the blonde who, unable to help it, sauntered forward until she was less than a foot away from the Hellcat. Bringing her hand up, she tapped her upper lip and cooed, "You've got a little bit of tit-sweat right THERE!"

CRAACK! She tagged Kristin with another slap, sending the brunette's head rocking back at a terrible angle. Kristin's vision cleared a moment later and when her eyes settled on the blonde the casual observer would swear they were throwing sparks. Stalking towards the blonde, Kristin was within a few feet of her adversary when she left her feet in a high leap, lashed her right leg out and THWACK the arch of her foot struck Scarlett’s temple with a beautiful Enziguiri. Scarlett's eyes glazed over and her legs gave a shimmy, but she didn't go down - a noble but misguided effort because Kristin scrambled to her feet and scooped Scarlett up across her chest. Marching the blonde over to the nearest corner and dropped her onto the canvas with a sweaty PLOP.

Backing into the center of the ring, Kristin dropped into a low crouch and then sprinted towards the turnbuckles. When she was within reaching distance the Hellcat thrust both arms out, grabbed the top rope on either side of the buckle and pushed up into a beautiful handstand. Holding the pose for several seconds, Kristin eventually swung back down and let go of the buckle only to come down with the point her left elbow directly between Scarlett's heaving breasts. The innovative delivery of the Elbow Drop didn't diminish the pain any if Scarlett's pained thrashing was any indication. Forcing the ridge of her forearm against the bridge of Scarlett’s nose, Kristin hooked the blonde's far leg with her free hand and waited for the ref's count. Impressed with the brunette's quick turnaround, the official dropped down and counted off, 'ONE... TWO...' Scarlett darted out a hand and grabbed the bottom rope.

When the count ground to a halt, Kristin sat on her haunches and muttered, "That won't save you next time bitch."

Arms crossed across her chest in a tight X, Scarlett panted, "Fuck you."

Shaking her head 'no' Kristin purred, "You're the one fucked Scar; and I'm gonna take my time in doing you just right."

She buried her hands in the blonde's hair and pulled her to her feet. Switching her grip from Scarlett's head to her wrist, Kristin pointed her towards the opposite corner and sent her towards the buckles with a hard Irish Whip. The Hellcat was about to release her hold when Scarlett dug her heels into the mat and reversed the momentum of the toss, sending the brunette to the buckles in her place. Kristin wasn't dissuaded by this turn of events in the slightest. Keeping her wits about her, she picked up speed and left her feet, landing on the top rope in a beautifully graceful leap. Demonstrating the same feline quickness, Kristin leapt off the top buckle and twisted her body around 180 degrees so that she was soaring towards Scarlett with a Flying Crossbody delivered from deep in left field.

This would have worked to perfection if Scarlett had been where Kristin thought she was, but unbeknownst to the Hellcat, Scarlett had put on the brakes at mid-ring and when she saw the brunette go airborne she simply stepped aside and let Kristin slam into the mat with a dull THUD! Knowing just what she was going to do next, Scarlett stalked around behind the breathless brunette and scraped her off the mat. Grinding up against the brunette's back, Scarlett applied a Half Nelson on Kristin’s right arm before using her left hand to capture the Hellcat's right wrist and pull it roughly across Kristin's throat, cinching the Cobra Clutch that was the basis for so much of her offense.

Not bothering to cinch back on the hold, Scarlett bridged up and back, dropping the incredulous Hellcat on the crown of her head and shoulders with a neck-snapping Cobra Clutch Suplex. Releasing her, Scarlett got to her feet and quickly pulled the slender brunette to hers. Stepping behind Kristin, Scarlett bent her backward and wedged her chin in the crook of her armpit to secure the Inverted Facelock. Staring down at the helpless curve of Kristin’s belly, Scarlett spat, "Let's see how tough you are with a concussion Hellpussy."

The taunt was still leaving her mouth when she rose up on her toes and sat out, spiking the back of Kristin’s skull against the mat with a Reverse DDT. Wondering if the brutal combo of head-based offense had done enough damage to keep the brunette down, Scarlett hooked her foe's far leg and waited for the ref to make the count. Cringing at the wicked trouncing the Hellcat had absorbed in the last few minutes, the zebra swooped in and slapped the mat, 'ONE... TWO...'

Kristin kicked out, and while Scarlett was irritated that the Hellcat hadn't been dumb enough to stay down, another part of her was more than happy to lay some more pain on the slimy brunette. Helping herself to a handful of the brunette's shoulder-straps, Scarlett scraped her opponent off the mat and spun around so they were both facing the came direction. Reaching back over her left shoulder, Scarlett laced both hands behind the Hellcat's neck and pulled her down, with a simple wrestling technique known as the Cravate.

Holding Kristin in place, Scarlett smiled and said, "Just so ya know, I'm gonna snap your fuckin' neck before the match is over." She steadied her aim and then THUD brought her knee arcing up into Kristin's forehead. The Hellcat let out a groan and tried to pull away, but Scarlett clasped the Cravate a little tighter and repeated the eye-crossing maneuver over and over again. What's worse, the brutal bludgeoning tactic didn't stop her from taunting her victim.


The conclusion of her missive finally took the last of the strength out of Kristin's legs and she dropped to her knees with a woozy groan. But even then, Scarlett didn't release the Cravate. Turning her hands to the side, she used the hold to twist Kristin's neck and haul her to her feet at the same time. More than happy to keep the pain coming, Scarlett shifted her grip so one hand was under Kristin’s chin while the other cradled the top of her head. Taking three loping steps forward, Scarlett hopped off her feet only to fall to the mat so she could take Kristin down with a hard Swinging Neckbreaker. The classic maneuver bounced the brunette's head off the mat a few times and left her curled up in the center of the squared circle with both arms cuddled over her aching head.

Scarlett snapped her black briefs into place and asked, "Nothing like the basics, right ya cunt?" Not getting an appropriate answer from her opponent, Scarlett turned to the crowd and asked, "You see that you inbred hicks? THAT'S how you dissect a cat; with style, finesse and superior ability, not clothespins and a rusty pocketknife. You idiots could learn something from me if you'd just take notes."

From somewhere in the booing mob a voice replied, "AND YOU MIGHT BE TOLERABLE IF YOU WEREN'T A TOTAL...BITCH!"

Scarlett tilted her head to the side and smirked, "Oh look, it's trying to form words. Kiss my ass douche bag!"

Dismissing the crowd with a derisive spank of her butt, Scarlett wheeled around and sauntered back over to the wounded brunette. Mildly irked the Kristin had been able to push to her hands and knees, the blonde fired a short kick into her exposed belly that sent Kristin 'ooff' back to the mat. Hands on her hips, she snarled, "Keep your face on the mat until I say otherwise bitch." The brunette growled and tried to rise so Scarlett kicked her again, this time in the side of the head. Grating the sole of her boot against Kristin's temple, Scarlett’s pretty face twisted into a hateful sneer as she said, "WHAT did I just tell you?"

Slapping the blonde's foot away, the Hellcat growled, "Go to hell Scarlett."

Fed up with the brunette's insolence, Scarlett dropped to one knee, buried both hands in Kristin’s dark tresses and tugged her to her feet. Slapping on a high, tight Side Headlock, Scarlett mashed Kristin's protesting face into the side of her left breast as she replied, "Not before you worship my tits Kitty."

When Kristin's adulation was not immediately forthcoming, Scarlett bore down on the Headlock and led her protesting adversary over to the edge of the ring. Releasing her hold on the brunette's skull, Scarlett forced Kristin to kneel with her throat across the middle rope. Turning her back on the crowd, Scarlett sat on Kristin's shoulders, trapping the helpless brunette in a cleverly delivered Stranglehold. Tugging her briefs into a comfortable position, Scarlett looked down the curve of Kristin’s back and muttered, "Shit Kristin, your ass looks terrible. Is there ANYTHING you can do better than me? OH YES…you nuzzle a mean boob, AND you make a great cushion! I see a bright future for you in trashy fetish videos, cuz it sure as hell isn't in wrestling!"

Kristin's thrashing was reaching the frantic stage and the ref had finally started his 'FIVE' count. Bouncing in time to the zebra's droning, Scarlett waited until he'd reached 'FOUR' before popping up off her perch to sprint towards the other side of the ring. Watching Scarlett bear down on the Hellcat like a sadistic blonde freight train, the majority of the audience believed that she was going go jumping into the air only to come crashing down on Kristin’s defenseless back - but Scarlett had made a career out of fooling the peons (her words, not mine!) and tonight was no exception. Instead of going high, Scarlett went low, slipping into a graceful Baseball Slide that took her under the bottom rope and onto the floor.

Whirling to face Kristin, she grabbed the brunette by the hair and cooed, "Special delivery!" CRAACCK! Scarlett slashed out her free hand and tagged Kristin under the chin with a sharp Uppercut that knocked Kristin out of the ropes only to go sputtering and limping back toward center ring. Watching from the outside, Scarlett hopped up onto the apron and jogged towards the nearest corner. Climbing to the top turnbuckle, she laced her fingers together in single fist and raised them over her head. Waiting for the Hellcat to turn around, Scarlett told an invisible biographer, "Any idiot can flip and dive off the top rope, that takes no talent at all. But it takes real skill to hit the moves that everyone else seems to miss..."

It seemed like she was about to go on, but then Kristin wobbled around to face her so Scarlett leapt into the void and came crashing down with both hands THWOCK off the Hellcat's skull to complete the Double Ax-handle. Kristin’s legs betrayed her again and she went slopping onto the mat in a discombobulated tangle of tawny limbs. The move might have been straight out of 1980 but that didn't stop it from hurting!.

Shaking off the tingle in her hands, Scarlett quickly gazed up and down the full length of Kristin’s splayed frame and decided that keeping her attack focused on the Hellcat's head was the best idea. That way, when she finally applied the Scarlett Fever, Kristin would be sobbing and mewling within seconds. Already hearing that delightful chorus of agony between her ears, Scarlett moved around to Kristin’s head, grabbed a handful of hair and pulled her to her knees. Taking a spot in front of her kneeling foe, the blonde used her right hand to hold the brunette's head in place while she made an elaborate show of reaching back with her left arm. Curling her fingers in an ominous fashion, Scarlett held the pose for another heartbeat then darted her arm forward and CLAMPED her hand down across Kristin's face in a temple-crushing Iron Claw.

Moving her non-clawing hand from the back of Kristin’s head to the base of her left wrist, Scarlett worked the hold to perfection, alternately relaxing and increasing the pressure of her grip to keep Kristin in constant agony. After an especially hard thrust of her palm threatened to break Kristin’s nose, Scarlett sent a glance at the official and demanded, "ASK HER!"

Scooting in beside the writhing brunette, the official asked, "You wanna submit Kristin?"

Squirming madly as she tried to prize Scarlett's claw from her features, Kristin's reply was muffled but perfectly understandable, "PHUCCCKKNO!!"

Huffing a little, Scarlett arranged her thumb and pinkie against the ridge of Kristin’s cheekbones while her index, middle and ring fingers were evenly spaced along the brunette forehead. Digging in as hard as she could, Scarlett added a subtle jiggling motion to the claw and asked, "I'm sorry honey, I couldn't hear you over all that pathetic blubbering. WHAT did you say?"

Trying her best not to surrender to those five fiery tines, Kristin gathered her energy and moved her grip from Scarlett's wrist to her forearm. Digging in with her own nails, Kristin PUSHED her way to her feet and even though her face was still covered, it didn't stop her from answering, "AYYYSEDPHUCKNO!" She concluded by trying to kick the blonde's gut, but Scarlett anticipated the move and twisted to the side, letting the blow glance off her hip.

Angry that the Hellcat continued to defy her, Scarlett spat, "The next time you answer, it'll be 'oh gawd yes, please Scarlett, whatever you say, just stop hurting me!"

Before Kristin could contradict her, Scarlett started moving forward, leading the blinded brunette on a short stumbling journey that only ended when Kristin’s spine met the steel of the turnbuckles. Ensuring the Hellcat's compliance with a single rough Knee Lift, Scarlett released the Iron Claw just so she could wrap both hands around Kristin's waist and HOIST her onto the top buckle. Once she was seated in a most unenviable position, Scarlett climbed to the middle rope and went to work!

Trapping Kristin in a Front Facelock, she threaded the brunette's near arm over her shoulder while her free talon grabbed a handful of tights. Taking a deep breath, Scarlett lifted Kristin up to start the Superplex - at least, that's what she tried to do, but what actually happened was Kristin buried a lightning-fast series of punches in Scarlett’s belly! Suddenly gasping for air, Scarlett was secretly horrified when Kristin clamped down on HER instead.

Then Kristin whispered, "You're gonna TAP tonight Scarlett. If you pass out on me, I'll break your neck before anyone can stop me." With that chilling threat still hanging between them, she lifted Scarlett off her perch and almost brought the wriggling blonde up over her head before simply letting her go to drop face-first onto the canvas below. Scarlett hit with a ring-shaking BWAM! almost overshadowed by the mingled cheers and sympathetic groans from the audience. Rising to her feet, Kristin watched carefully as Scarlett writhed on the mat below. After a few seconds, the oblivious blonde rolled from her belly onto her back and that was all that Kristin needed. Green eyes glittering with delight, Kristin purred, "Of course I might not get to break your neck if the medics carry you out of here with crushed ribs."

In the next instant the brunette executed a tiny hop and a blindingly fast 180 that brought her around to face the audience. The moment her feet touched down, Kristin went into a deep crouch and SPRANG up and back, soaring through the void in a back flip so perfect she seemed to hang at the apex for much longer than she should. But gravity took over as it always does and Kristin’s descent ended with a frightful midriff on mammaries landing that saw Scarlett's girls nearly squashed out from under the confines of her top. Having connected with the Moonsault, Kristin hooked the gasping blonde's far leg and waited impatiently as the official counted, 'ONE... TWO....' Scarlett rolled a shoulder off the mat, but I'd be lying if I said it was anything like emphatic.

Shaking her head in disappointment, the Hellcat sighed, "Now I don't know WHICH part of you I want to cripple. Guess I'll just have to hurt you all over and see which makes for the most fun."

Kristin reached down and easily tugged the busty beauty up by the roots. After pulling Scarlett to the center of the ring, Kristin lowered her shoulder and spooned the other girl up across her shoulders in a Fireman's Carry. Looking to extract a little verbal payback on her opponent, Kristin did something rare for her. She turned to the audience. Strutting around the ring, Kristin slapped Scarlett's defenseless ass and asked, "ANYTHING SPECIAL YOU PEOPLE WANT TO SEE ME DO TO THIS TITBAG?"

After a few seconds of mindless cheering, a solitary voice rang out, "FUCK HER SHIT UP HELLCAT!"

Licking her lips, the brunette replied, "Gladly."

On a wave of applause, Kristin pushed up on her toes and tossed the blonde over her head. As Scarlett began falling toward the canvas directly in front of her, Kristin dropped to one knee and waited the split second it took her curvy opponent victim to smash belly-first onto her posted joint. The Gutbuster folded Scarlett up and she would have dribbled off Kristin's knee almost instantly if the Hellcat hadn't shifted her grip around and lifted the blonde up across her chest. Helping herself to another jiggling palmful of Scarlett's butt, Kristin stalked back to the corner and without a word of explanation, wedged her victim horizontally between the middle and top ropes. With the small of Scarlett's back posted against the unyielding steel, Kristin took a step back and grabbed the top rope in both hands. Locking eyes with her trapped opponent, Kristin sneered, "Let's see if I can't kick some of those fulsome curves off your flabby ass Scarlett."

Scarlett opened her mouth to offer a protest but was cut off when Kristin began BURYING a rapid-fire deluge of Boots in her defenseless belly. Scarlett's scream were brief as the incessant barrage of shoe-leather stole her breath, but the silence didn't mean the hurting had stopped, not by a long shot. If there was one saving grace to this terrible beating, it was that Kristin could only maintain it for the length of the ref's count and he started it up very shortly after Scarlett stopped shrieking. When the zebra reached 'THREE' Kristin halted her kicking, spun around on her heel and sprinted away. Reaching mid-ring, she wheeled around and roared right back towards the strung-up blonde. With less than three feet between them, Kristin left the canvas and DROVE both boots into Scarlett's gulping paunch with a Dropkick made all the more vicious because Scarlett didn't have anywhere to go.

Ignoring the ref's protestations, Kristin grabbed a savage handful of the blonde's hair, tugged her free of the corner and draaaged her into the middle of the ring. With Scarlett pooled on the mat at her feet, Kristin dusted off her hands and murmured, "Seriously Scarlett, you should think about hitting the gym more often. I've seen mud wrestlers with better physiques than yours and EVERYONE knows they're like pudding inside..."

On the heels of that disparaging remark, the slender brunette bounded into the ropes, bounced off 'em and headed back towards her groggy rival. When her shadow was long and spidery across the swell of Scarlett's curves, Kristin went into a flawless tumble, transitioned into a Cartwheel and finished with a handstand that lasted just long enough for the audience to appreciate the agility of the former gymnast. Then the floor routine was over and she flopped to her right, bringing all her weight crashing down across the blonde's chest to complete the Handspring Splash.

Normally Kristin would've have tried for a pin after the Splash connected but after all the crap Scarlett had put her through, she wanted to make the blonde suffer some more. Pushing up on her haunches, she patted Scarlett's cheek and said, "One good thing about pudding, it makes a nice squishy place to land." Treating the blonde's cheek to a condescending pat, Kristin scrambled around behind Scarlett and pulled her to a sitting position. Taking a moment to slooowly extend her legs around Scarlett’s waist, Kristin locked her ankles and started to apply gentle pressure with the Body Scissors. Palms flat on the canvas, Kristin cocked her head and asked, "Tell me Scarlett, if I squeeze your middle, does all the buttery goo inside you balloon UP into your tits - or ooze DOWN into your ass?"

Burning with rage and humiliation, Scarlett worried at Kristin’s thighs and growled, "You're going to have BOTH pressed into your fuckin' face before the night is over KristENNNNGGHHHERRHH!"

The Hellcat took the opportunity to apply the first real pressure on Scarlett's waist and the increased constriction nearly brought tears to the blonde's eyes. Keeping up the pressure on the Scissors, wrapped both arms around Scarlett's ample chest, pinning her arms to the side in the process. Gripping her own elbows to keep the makeshift Bear Hug locked, Kristin dug her sinewy forearms into the blonde's jugs and sneered, "God you're just so JIGGLY! So before you got famous, did you ever wrestle under a mask as 'La Lava Lampa?"

Hissing in frustrated rage, Scarlett tried to wrench her way out of the brunette's holds, but Kristin held her tight. Panting, the blonde growled, "When I get out of this, I'm gonna fucking KILL YOU!"

Smiling nastily as she continued to crush the air from Scarlett's lungs, Kristin snuggled her chin into the hollow of Scarlett's shoulder and pressed her lips to the blonde's ear. "How are you gonna do THAT?" she asked. "Drown me with your muffin-top?"

Roaring in mindless fury, Scarlett screamed, "GET THE FUCK OFFA MARRRGGHHHH!"

Kristin didn't let Scarlett go, at least not all of her. While maintaining the Scissors, she released her grip on her elbows and then RAKED her claws across Scarlett's décolletage, bringing about the scream you heard moments ago. Tired of playing with her goopy victim, Kristin dropped onto her back and snaked both arms around Scarlett’s chin. With little more than a tug she had cinched in the Rear Naked Choke and soon Scarlett's face was as red as her namesake. Gurgling in frustrated agony, the blonde tried to roll her way towards the ropes, but for every move she made, Kristin did the opposite and she stayed trapped well away from the sanctuary of the cables. Running out of options, Scarlett reached up with both hands, dug her nails into the Hellcat's forearm and pulled the choking limb towards her mouth. The second she tasted the brunette's loathsome sweat, Scarlett CHOMPED down with all her might and was subsequently rewarded with a pained scream and a blessed release from the Choke.

Rubbing the nasty burn out of her gnawed arm, Kristin popped to her feet and stalked over to the red-faced blonde. Peeling Scarlett off the mat with absolutely no theatrics, Kristin spun around behind her and spat, "Say goodbye to your neck bitch!"

Staying close against blonde's right side, Kristin shoved Scarlett over, holding her by the hair to keep her from falling down. In one practiced motion, she scissored her right leg around the blonde's left, making sure her thigh was pressed close to Scarlett's ribs. In the instant she reached over Scarlett's bent torso and hooked Scarlett’s right arm with her left arm. She swung her left leg up and slung it over Scarlett's neck, the back of the brunette's knee resting comfortably against the side of her victim's face.

Fighting the panic welling up inside her, Scarlett started to thrash the moment Kristin’s leg pressed down against her neck and the wild twisting allowed her to reach down just far enough to grab hold of the brunette's ankle. Pulling up as hard as she could, the shift in balance was enough to disrupt Kristin's footing and the Hellcat was sent sprawling onto her back with a surprised little squawk. Still holding Kristin's ankle, Scarlett noted that the ref still wasn't sure what had just happened and she used that to her fullest advantage. Pulling up her right foot, Scarlett didn't even hold it for a second before she Stomped her heel down on Kristin's crimson clad crotch! Kristin’s face lost all color as she let out a keening wail as Scarlett's brutal low blow robbed her of any and all momentum she might have built up.

Grinning savagely, Scarlett stepped away from Kristin and caught her breath. After inspecting her top for any signs of serious damage (there was none) the blonde stalked back to Kristin’s head and pulled her to her feet. In the blink of an eye, she had Kristin wrapped up in the Cobra Clutch again and this time, Scarlett wasn't going for the hurt, at least not immediately. No, she was going to make an EXAMPLE of Kristin. Digging her feet into the canvas, Scarlett torqued her hips back and forth, throttling the life out of the Hellcat with her favorite maneuver.

With Kristin's neck crimped by her own arm, Scarlett cooed, "You thought you could embarrass me? Hellpussy, you don't know WHAT you're in for."

Scarlett took a step back and started to spin in a slow circle. After a few revolutions, the blonde started to pick up speed, forcing the trapped brunette to scramble along with her. Eventually, Scarlett’s pace got to be too much for Kristin's footing to handle and she was lifted off the mat and swung in several delirious loops by her vindictive foe. When the dizziness started to wear on her, Scarlett just released her grip on Kristin's neck and sent the Hellcat whirling through the air to land on the mat with nauseating, THWAP!

Steadying herself after the innovative Cobra Clutch Toss, Scarlett let out a deep breath and whispered, "Ya know Kristin, I might have been a bit premature when I said I was gonna break your neck. I think I'll break your neck AND your back."

Rolling her shoulders as she tried to wipe the last traces of Kristin's slimy funk from her skin, Scarlett was deciding which part of the brunette she was going to enjoy breaking the most. Honestly, she wasn't ready to make a decision yet, but she was going to have oodles of fun trying to figure it out. Hoping to make her choice a little easier, she strutted over to the splattered Hellcat and scraped her off the mat with a handful of tights and top. Taking her time, Scarlett muscled her victim before burying her hands deep in the brunette's hair.

Pressing in against Kristin’s ear, Scarlett cooed, "You should REALLY learn when to keep your mouth shut Kristin. Before this fight started, I was just going to beat you on my way to the Title Match. But now that you had to go and piss me off... well, let's just say I'm going to spill your blood all over these curves you can't seem to stop talking about."

Kristin’s eyes cleared and it looked like the brunette was trying to reply but Scarlett wasn't in the mood to hear it so she just SHOOK the Hellcat's head as hard as she could to deflect any returning verbal barbs. With Kristin sufficiently silenced, Scarlett marched her foe over to the nearest corner and THUP drove her face-first into the top turnbuckle. Flashing a smile so sick it could curdle cream, the blonde whispered, "That's only the BEGINNING Krissie."

Pulling the brunette's head off the thinly padded steel, Scarlett looked out into the dim sea of faces and demanded, "IF YOU MORONS CAN GET PAST THREE, I WANT YOU TO COUNT!" Order made, Scarlett rammed Kristin's head forward over and over and despite the rude way she had imposed her wish upon them, the crowd counted off 'ONE TWO THREE FOUR FIVE SIX SEVEN EIGHT NINE...'

As she reached the penultimate smash, Scarlett paused and everyone in the audience waited with bated breath for whatever cruel jest the blonde had in store for her cross-eyed adversary. Instead, she pulled Kris out of the corner, made a ninety-degree turn and sprinted to the next corner where she and the crowd picked up where they had left off. 'ONE TWO THREE FOUR FIVE SIX SEVEN EIGHT NINE..'

Scarlett reached 'NINE' a second time, only to pause once more and that's when the sadistic nature of her plan became clear. Leading the increasingly limp-kneed brunette to the third corner, Scarlett DROVE Kristin’s head into the buckle as the mob counted 'ONE TWO THREE FOUR FIVE SIX SEVEN EIGHT NINE..'

By this time the Hellcat's eyes were sporting a wicked coat of glaze but that didn't stop the blonde from trudging her nemesis towards the fourth and final corner. Positively beaming, Scarlett said, "THIS IS THE LAST TIME, I SWEAR!"

Molding Kristin’s forehead to the buckle, Scarlett actually counted along with the crowd as they ticked off, 'ONE TWO THREE FOUR FIVE SIX SEVEN EIGHT NINE..'

Scarlett paused for a moment and then sneered, "Fuck you bitch." Then she SLAMMED Kristin down into the top turnbuckle as the audience offered up a joyous 'TEN!'

After a skull-battering 37 smashes against the buckles, everyone expected Scarlett would finally let Kristin fall to the mat, but they'd be wrong. Instead of releasing her grip, Scarlett sidled in on Kristin’s left side and spun them both around so that they were both facing the center of the ring. Wrapping her right arm behind Kristin’s shoulders while she snaked her right leg around the brunette's left leg, Scarlett leaned forward and then yanked herself backwards taking both ladies off their feet in a Russian Leg Sweep that ended with the back of Kristin's head slamming off the bottom turnbuckle.

Ignoring the thrumming TWANG of the ropes, Scarlett scrambled to her feet, grabbed the Hellcat by the ankles and dragged her out into the center of the squared circle. When there was no danger of Kristin grabbing the ropes, the blonde pounced on her helpless foe and hooked the far leg. Marveling at how Scarlett could demolish her opposition with such a simple offense, the zebra sank to his knees and counted off, 'ONE... TWO...' Kristin rolled a shoulder off the mat, breaking the count.

Perturbed but not really frustrated, Scarlett tapped her index finger against the tip of the brunette's nose and said, "Still got some resistance knocking around that ugly head of yours? That'll change soon enough."

Scootching around to the Hellcat's abused noggin, Scarlett grabbed a mean-spirited handful of hair, pulled Kristin’s head off the canvas and wedged it between her thighs. Locking her ankles, Scarlett applied a simple Headscissors made all the more vile thanks to the merciless beating she'd taken a few minutes prior. As she abused Kristin's skull, Scarlett took the time to tease her adversary using one hand to scratch Kristin's forehead while the other pinched the brunette's nose wiggled it from side to side. Pouring every ounce of her considerable strength into the Headscissors, Scarlett continued to tear at Kristin's delicate features while she sneered, "Give it up bitch! Tap out while you still have the power to use your arms!" She punctuated this demand by squeezing down even harder on Kristin’s skull.

Trapped between in the murderous vise of her rival's thighs, Kristin refused to entertain the idea of tapping out to the arrogant blonde. Picturing the stupid look that would dominate Scarlett's vacant cow-eyed face when she made her escape, Kristin gripped Scarlett’s knees and dug in hard. Calling on reserves she didn't even know she had, Kristin was able to twist just enough to maneuver around and get her knees under her. Demonstrating remarkable balance for someone in her situation, the Hellcat planted her hands flat on the mat and pushed herself up into a headstand.

Watching the brunette's progress with equal parts disdain and amazement, Scarlett mused, "I bet you're feeling pretty clever aren't slut? Well..." She lifted her legs several inches off the mat and held the position for a moment before dropping her gams back to the canvas to THUD the crown of Kristin’s skull with something almost like a Piledriver. Giggling cruelly as Kristin grunted and flopped back to the mat, Scarlett said, "What's the matter Hellpussy, got nothin' left?"

Kristin didn't offer any response aside from another groan but that was still too much activity for her taste. Pulling her thighs away from the brunette's head, Scarlett took the Hellcat by the shoulder-straps and pulled her to her feet. Whirling around behind Kristin, she applied the Half Nelson and cinched the brunette's free arm across her throat, securing the Cobra Clutch once again.

Savoring the impending collision, Scarlett sighed, "You're not just gonna tap baby. You're gonna BEG to tap."

She reared back and dropped forward, fusing Kristin's face and chest first into the mat with the Cobra Clutch Face-Plant she called 'The Scarlett Letter.'

Unclasping her hands, Scarlett pulled away from the flattened brunette and went about finishing her off. Taking a seat at the Hellcat's ankles, the blonde grabbed Kristin’s feet and folded them up across her butt in a rough X. Scooting up to take a seat on the brunette's folded gams, Scarlett took hold of Kristin's left arm up and wedged it up behind her in a Hammerlock, forcing it between the crippled girl's shoulder blades. With Scarlett Fever almost cinched in, Scarlett reached down, grabbed Kristin’s right wrist and started to thread it under the Hellcat's chin. Down on the mat, the haze in Kristin's head suddenly cleared and she knew there wasn't much time left. Focusing her strength, the brunette pulled back with her right arm. It wasn't much, but it was enough to bring Scarlett's wrist within chomping distance of her teeth and the Hellcat proceeded to give her opponent one ferocious Bite.

Hissing in pain and surprise, Scarlett yanked her hand from Kristin's maw and scrambled away. Cradling her mangled wrist, Scarlett growled, "Bitch, I am gonna drive those teeth down your fucking throat!" Looming over the recovering Hellcat, Scarlett yanked her to her feet and shoved her hard into the corner. Without the tiniest bit of preamble, Scarlett impaled her foe's navel with a stiff Knee Lift that left Kristin slumped and gasping against the post. Backing up to mid-ring, the blonde warrior settled into a tense crouch before exploding forward in a flat-out run. Just when it looked like she was gong to run right through Kreuk, Scarlett brought her left boot arcing up and THWAP, drove the sole of her foot against Kristin's cheek. The brunette's knees came unhinged and she would have fallen flat on her face if Scarlett hadn't caught her in a loose Bear Hug. Leading her helpless foe out into the no-mans-land of center ring, Scarlett looped around behind Kristin and tied her up in the Cobra Clutch.

Crimping down on the brunette's neck hard as she could, Scarlett hissed, "I don't care what I do, you ARE gonna TAP OUT!"

Kristin groaned as her breath was stolen but the brief taste of fresh air had refreshed her just a bit and she shared this new vitality with Scarlett by lifting her right leg and RAAAKING it down the blonde's shin. Scarlett howled and almost let the Hellcat escape, but she managed to clamp down on the brunette's left wrist as Kristin surged forward. Planting her feet against the mat, Scarlett reeled her victim back in and brought her free arm slashing forward in a Clothesline that nearly tore Kristin's head from her shoulders.

The strike turned Kristin inside out and under most circumstances she'd have paused to taunt the Hellcat, but Kristin’s resilience was REALLY starting to piss her off and she wanted the brunette gone for good. Looming over the battered vixen, Scarlett dropped to one knee, settled her hands in Kristin's sweat-soaked hair and tugged her to her feet. Going with what she knew would work, Scarlett whirled her opponent around and slapped on the Half Nelson that was the first step of the Cobra Clutch. But before Scarlett could complete the hold, Kristin brought up her other arm and smashed the point of her elbow into Scarlett's chin. The blonde let out a clipped, "UNGH!" and released the Half Nelson, leaving Kristin free to maneuver for the first time in several minutes.

Knowing that the elbow wasn't going to be enough to stop Scarlett for long, Kristin glanced over her shoulder and murmured, "C'mon you bitch; come and get me."

Scarlett didn't hear Kristin's words, but that didn't stop her from obeying them. With hate roaring in her eyes, the blonde lunged forward and that's when Kristin executed one of the damnedest feats of agility the promotion had ever seen! As Scarlett bore down on her, the brunette bent her knees in a slight crouch and then popped up in a straight vertical leap. It wasn't going to set a record for high-jumping but it was enough to seat the Hellcat on the incoming blonde's shoulders and that was more than enough. Locking her ankles, Kristin clamped down on Scarlett’s skull and then PULLED herself back, falling belly-and-chest first to the mat while Scarlett was yanked off her feet and dropped on the top of her head compliments of a Reverse Hurricanrana.

Feeding on the stunned roar of the crowd, Kristin popped to her feet, snapped her fingers and screamed, "THAT'S ALL IT TAKES!" Turning her ire on the trembling blonde, Kristin jogged over to Scarlett and growled, "Get the fuck up Scarlett!"

Forcing Scarlett to comply, Kristin took her wrist, yanked her to her feet and Irish Whipped her to the ropes, then headed for the opposite side of the ring. Bouncing off the cables, the Hellcat met her nemesis back in the middle of the ring with a Low Dropkick that hit SMAACK on the blonde's thighs. Scarlett's legs were sliced out from under her and she went down hard on her face only to gamely push back to her knees. This would have been far more impressive if Kristin hadn't been waiting to heap more punishment on her! Unfortunately for Scarlett, the beating only instilled new fury in Kristin - a fury Scarlett was about to experience first-hand! Remembering the wicked kick Scarlett had tagged her with earlier in the fight, Kristin's green eyes narrowed to slits as she thought about the proper way to return the favor. Settling on something simple, the Hellcat hissed, "I wonder how your submission is going to sound through a mouth of broken teeth?"

Hoping for an answer to that question, Kristin drew back her right leg and swung it forward in a short, vicious arc that ended with the point of her boot slamming into the shelf of Scarlett's chin. There was a nasty little grating sound as Scarlett’s teeth clacked together, but that might have all been in the Hellcat's head because it was almost impossible to hear anything over the howling madness of the crowd.

Genuinely hoping she'd cracked Scarlett's jaw, Kristin pulled the edges of her bottoms back into place and purred, "Now where was I? Oh yes, I was trying to find out how something as bonelessly gooey as you could bend."

Continuing her previous experiment, Kristin pulled Scarlett up with a stern handful of hair and easily transitioned to a two-handed grip on her wrist. Stepping away, she Irish Whipped her away only to bear down even tighter and tug the blonde back in. As Scarlett closed in, Kristin released Scarlett's wrist then reached around Scarlett’s torso and locked her hands. In the same motion she hauled Scarlett off her feet and spun her around nearly 270 degrees right before she dropped to one knee and slammed Scarlett down across the posted joint, nearly snapping the blonde in two with a Tilt-a-Whirl Backbreaker.

Shoving the curvaceous grappler off her knee in a jiggling pile of limbs, Kristin threw herself across Scarlett's midsection and hooked the far leg. Offering the beauty pinned beneath her a feral grin, Kristin cooed, "I didn't even know you HAD a backbone Scarlett." While Kristin was taunting her opposition, the official swooped into place beside the warring women and counted off, 'ONE... TWO...'

Despite the terrible shellacking she'd taken in the last couple of minutes, Scarlett still had her wits about her and she proved it by tearing her leg free of Kristin’s grip to bring the pin to a grinding halt. Smoothing out her hair with both hands, Kristin caught her breath and mused, "I just remembered, you tried to cave in my skull with the turnbuckles not too long ago. Now I'm as much a fan of draconian ethics as anyone else, but I'd rather leave that slutty face of yours intact if only because my victory picture will look that much better with something recognizable trampled under my boot."

Hoping for something pithy from her semi-coherent foe, all Kristin got was a mumbled curse, so she ended her reprieve and hauled Scarlett to her feet. Trudging the spaghetti-legged blonde over to the corner, Kristin tossed her victim back-first into the buckles and then took hold of the top rope in both hands. Choosing brute force over finesse for once, the Hellcat brought her right leg up over and over again, driving the sole of her boot into Scarlett's belly with a monotonously eerie 'THUP THUP THUP THUP THUP THUP THUP' that didn't subside even after the blonde had sank to her butt. It was only when she heard the ref reach 'FOUR' on his count that Kristin paused to observe the depth of the mud-hole she'd Stomped in Scarlett’s midsection.

Ignoring the referee, Kristin took hold of the top rope on either side of the top buckle and leapt into the air. Holding herself inverted in the headstand for just a second, Kristin suddenly swung herself back down and nearly drove both boots through Scarlett's sternum with an ingeniously delivered Dropkick. Grinning from ear-to-ear as she felt the quit bubbling up through Scarlett, Kristin rolled to her feet, grabbed the blonde by the ankles and dragged her into the middle of the ring. Circling around to Scarlett’s head, Kristin pulled the puddled beauty off the mat and quickly trapped her in a Standing Headscissors.

Helping herself to a handful of Scarlett's black tights, Kristin YANKED up on her victim's togs and chided, "My god Scarlett, it's called a tanning bed, look into it would ya?" Kristin helped her foe along the road to brighter coloration by quickly scraping her nails across the blonde's ivory butt cheek.

Pleased with Scarlett’s pained wriggling, the Hellcat wrapped her arms around Scarlett's waist then and hauled her prey skyward, lifting Scarlett into position for a Powerbomb. Not bothering to hold Scarlett in the stall position, Kristin simply SLAMMED the hated blonde down as hard as she could, shaking the ring with the force of her landing. The second Scarlett's shoulders hit the canvas, Kristin bent her knees and did a Tight Front Flip that brought her into a perfect Bridge with Scarlett’s thrashing legs still in her clutches. Pouring all her strength into the Jackknife Pin, Kristin glared up into the lights as the ref counted, 'ONE... TWO... THR-NO!' Displaying remarkable tenacity, Scarlett smacked both fists into the brunette's trim midsection to break the pin.

Grunting in surprised irritation, Kristin rolled onto her side and popped to her feet. Looking over the mauled blonde, Kristin flipped hair out of her eyes and promised, "You're going to wish you hadn't done that." Intent on showing Scarlett exactly why she’d regret her intestinal fortitude, the brunette Hellcat hoisted her opponent off the mat and slowly backed her into the ropes. Pressing in close, Kristin put her lips against the tip of Scarlett’s nose and added, "When I'm finished, you won't be able to draw a full breath. So would you like to beg me now?"

Huffing and puffing, Scarlett lolled her head back and panted, "I'm begging you Kristin.... quit while you're still walkinGGNNNGHHH!" Kristin pistoned a Knee Lift deep in the blonde's heaving belly to short-circuit her mocking comeback.

Grinding her modest-yet-still-impressive assets into Scarlett's near-mythic mammaries, Kristin grabbed the blonde's wrist, stepped back and sent her running to the other side of the ring. And just to make sure Scarlett couldn't try anything clever, Kristin followed along right behind her. In fact, the blonde had barely managed to turn around before the Hellcat tore into her gut with a second sadistic Knee Lift. Not even pausing to let Scarlett wheeze, Kristin tightened her hold on Scarlett's captured wrist and whipped her back the way they had came. After a third Knee Lift, Kristin released Scarlett from her clutches but only so she could back up to carry out her next attack.

Eyeing Scarlett like a lioness eyes a lame gazelle, Kristin exploded forward and extended her right arm to smash Scarlett flush across the chest with a Clothesline that was strong enough to lift the blonde off her feet and dump her over the top rope to the floor below. Cackling maniacally as Scarlett hit THUD on the thinly-padded concrete, Kristin grabbed the top rope in both hands and planted her left foot on the middle cable, pushing up as she posed for the mob.


Trailing off so she could savor the 'FUCK HER UP HELLCAT!' chant that broke out, Kristin's pretty face twisted in a devilish grin as she asked, "You believe Hellcat's can fly?"

Some rapier wit in the front row answered, "Not at the moment, no!"

Kristin smirked. "You will..."

She hopped off the ropes and sprinted towards the far side of the ring. Picking up a monstrous head of steam, the lissome brunette timed her return to coincide with Scarlett's creaky recovery and just as the blonde was regaining her feet, Kristin left hers and DOVE between the top and middle ropes to plow through Scarlett with a flashbulb worthy Suicide Dive. The flying tackle tore Scarlett from her moorings and mashed her against the barricade - and almost put Kristin into the laps of the first row fans!

Both collapsed in a moaning heap against the steel rail; Kristin's dive might have been effective, but it took a lot out of her too, they didn't call it a 'suicide' dive just for fun. After several tense seconds (the ref had reached 'FIVE' on his 'TEN' count) Scarlett let out a loud groan, shoved Kristin off of her and pushed to her feet. Following the sound of the referee's voice, the blonde lurched under the bottom rope and crawled to her feet just as Kristin was getting to hers. Realizing Kristin hadn't made it back into the ring yet, Scarlett turned when she heard Kristin shamble onto the apron. More on instinct than conscious thought, Scarlett lashed out with a Front Kick to the brunette's belly.

Kristin doubled over as Scarlett grabbed the top rope in both hands, pulled back and then TWANG let it go right into the Hellcat's face! Kristin let out a startled shriek that became a muffled grunt when Scarlett wrapped her up in a tight Front Facelock. Seizing on a particularly brilliant plan, the blonde used her free hand to grab Kristin's waistband. Stepping back slowly, Scarlett didn't stop her backwards march until Kristin’s ankles were folded over the middle rope. Holding her prone, Scarlett blew some hair off her face and purred, "I hope this concussion won't keep you from cheering me on in the title match, bitch." Scarlett rose onto her toes and dropped back, spiking Kristin into the mat like a 5’4” lawn dart!

Kristin flopped once and then lay still so Scarlett rolled her over onto her back and went for lateral press without bothering to hook either leg. Regarding the audience with a smug smile, she simply waited in silence as the zebra counted, 'ONE... TWO... THRE…NOOO!' Some way, somehow Kristin dug down and rolled over onto her side, foiling the plot started by Scarlett's brutal DDT.

Openly questioning the official's ability to count, Scarlett quickly redirected her anger to the proper target. Burying her hands in the brunette's hair, Scarlett pulled Kristin to her knees and instantly wrapped her up in a Standing Headscissors. Remembering the embarrassing Wedgie the Hellcat had visited on her earlier, the blonde grabbed the edges of Kristin's crimson bottom in both hands and sneered, "THIS is a proper wedgie you slut." She yanked up hard enough to lift Kristin's feet off the mat. Once she had the brunette high enough, Scarlett sat out and drilled Kristin’s head into the canvas for the second time in as many minutes with the Pulling Piledriver she loved so very much. Keeping the pressure on, Scarlett shot the Half Nelson on her; rolled her onto her back and hooked her far leg. Bearing down with all her weight the blonde sneered, "C'mon bitch STAY DOWN!"

Helping the blonde make her wishes come true, the zebra slid in and slapped the mat, 'ONE... TWO... THRENOOO!'

Either Kristin's head was made of stronger stuff than anyone knew or the Hellcat had gone so numb she just couldn't feel pain but either way, she kicked out microseconds before the 'THREE' could be reached. Slamming her fists against the mat in frustration, Scarlett pulled the rubber-legged grappler to her feet and roared, "I'M GONNA TEAR YOU APART!"

Scarlett jabbed both hands forward and SANK her nails deep into the sloping swell of Kristin's breasts. The fiery needles mauling her chest acted like a dose of smelling salts for the Hellcat though she really didn't appreciate the heightened awareness of her own destruction. After a few futile attempts to pry Scarlett's talons out of her ravaged rack, Kristin decided the sometimes it really was OK to fight fire with fire. Forming her fingers into savage hooks, the brunette grabbed hold of Scarlett's copious bounty and SQUEEZED until she thought her knuckles were going to crack.

Shrieking in agony, Scarlett increased the pressure of her own claw and added a twisting motion in hopes that she could force the Hellcat to relent. Instead, after a wavering scream from her opponent, Kristin's fingers found the blonde's nipples and suddenly Scarlett was suffering a torture worse than almost anything she'd ever experienced.

Doing her best to separate Kristin's breasts from her torso, Scarlett ratcheted up the pressure and grumbled, "Let... go... let go of my... my tits you cunt!"

Unwilling or quite possibly unable to shake her head 'no' Kristin responded to the increased pressure with some of her own and added, "I'll... I'll let... go... go when you do.!"

Seeing an opportunity present itself, Scarlett sneered, "Fine!" She released her death-grip on the brunette's rack but it was no act of charity, far from it. No sooner had the blonde removed her hands from Kristin's chest than she wrapped both arms around the back of the Hellcat's neck and pulled her face into the buxom blast furnace of her décolletage. The sudden loss of air and balance forced Kristin to let go of Scarlett's jugs so she could escape her Front Sleeper. Unfortunately, at this late stage of the battle, Kristin didn't have enough strength to simply pull free of the Smother, so unless she wanted to go into that good night with a faceful of Scarlett’s hulking endowment, she was going to come up with something impressive - and do it pretty damned fast!

For her part, Scarlett really didn't care what Kristin did as long as it involved the brunette taking a nice, long jug-induced nap, Scarlett grabbed her elbows and pulled Kristin’s protesting face even deeper into her cleavage. Ignoring the frantic, panicky rabbit-esque strikes against her sides, Scarlett laid her cheek against the top of Kristin's head and whispered, "Kiss my tits baby. Allison already has, now it's your turNNGGGNNNNHH!"

Scarlett’s missive devolved into a pained scream as Kristin fought back with the only counter available to her, namely a brutal Knee Lift to the groin. Scarlett's iron grip turned to rust in an instant and it was with a growing sense of horror that she found herself sinking to her knees in front of a breathless but righteously pissed off Hellcat. She had just enough time to process this information before Kristin shoved the blonde's head between her thighs. From there, things went from bad to worse.

Settling her hands on Scarlett's back, Kristin spat, "I'm gonna SHRED you before this is over!"

At the last word, she raked her nails up Scarlett’s back, leaving eight parallel streaks to mark her presence. Through screwing around with the blonde, Kristin wrapped her arms around Scarlett’s waist and slowly lifted the woozy girl into position for a second Powerbomb. With Scarlett's legs draped limp on either side of her head, Kristin pushed up and out on the blonde's legs, sending them trailing out behind the rest of her leaving Scarlett's head close to Kristin's hands. As gravity began to pull the blonde down. Kristin caught Scarlett’s head and sat out - hard! Scarlett hit the mat face-and-chest first with an ungodly CRASH! The curvaceous battler once again experiencing the brutality that was Kristin's 'Beautiful Letdown'.

Kicking Scarlett onto her back, Kristin straddled her waist with both hands on her shoulders - a domineering cover. Smiling down into Scarlett's face, Kristin’s expression was surprisingly neutral as the official counted, 'ONE...TWO...THRE-NO!"

It might have been the lackadaisical cover, or maybe Scarlett's ungodly will, but whatever it was the blonde shoved Kristin off with less than a half-second remaining on the count. Her expression suddenly far less serene, Kristin angrily hair-hauled Scarlett to her feet and trapped her in a Front Facelock. Working the blonde's near arm over her shoulder, Kristin hooked a handful of tights and hoisted Scarlett off her feet into position for a Brainbuster.

Well, she was in position for a Brainbuster for a second or two before she floated out and landed heavily behind the stunned brunette. Moving faster than anyone expected her to, Scarlett pounded a right into the Hellcat's liver and allowed her to slop back into the blonde's grip. Wrapping Kristin up in the Cobra Clutch for what she hoped would be the last time, Scarlett bent her knees and then LIFTED Kristin off the mat as far as she could go. When the brunette started to come down, Scarlett dropped to the mat on her belly, splattering Kristin against the canvas with a ring-shaking Cobra Clutch Slam!

Breaking the clutch to go for the cover, Scarlett wrapped Kristin in a tight Cradle and screamed in triumph as the zebra ticked off, 'ONE... TWO... THRE…NO! NO! NO!'

Kristin didn't so much break free as jab a thumb in Scarlett's eye; but it was enough to make the blonde relent - all Kristin wanted or needed. By this point in their war, the sheer amount (not to mention the impact) of their collective offenses began to take its toll on the rivals and they both stayed on the mat until just past 'EIGHT' on the ref's count. Rising up on legs that looked like they could give way at any moment, Scarlett and Kristin regarded one another with baleful, hate-filled eyes for several silent seconds before Kristin croaked, "I'm going to that Title Match bitch. Deal with it!"

"I don't fucking think so. That belt's MADE for my waist!"

Despite the pain, Kristin couldn't help crack a joke. "I didn't know it had been coated in bacon grease. No wonder you want it so much."

Too overcome with rage to form a cogent response, Scarlett stormed forward and took Kristin by the wrist. With a primal shriek of rage, the blonde hurled her foe towards the corner and followed her in so she enjoy the sensation of Kristin’s frame shattering against the steel. But Kristin had a plan of her own and as she approached the buckles, she acted! Grabbing the top rope in both hands, she popped into a Headstand again and held the pose just long enough for Scarlett to close in. When the blonde was within reach, the Hellcat swung back down and kicked both boots into Scarlett's face in a wicked Mule Kick!!

Scarlett's already shaky base gave way and it made her easy prey for the brunette to pick up and toss into the buckles. Before she even knew what was going on, Scarlett found herself wrapped up around the waist and hoisted onto the top buckle. Even worse, Kristin had joined her up there and the Hellcat's crotch was inches from her face. Basking in her impending triumph, Kristin tugged Scarlett's head from side to side and whispered, "You lose bitCHITTTT!!!"

Contrary to Kristin’s statement, Scarlett hadn't lost anything yet and that meant her Low Blow, though unsavory, was completely legal. The vicious blow to her trunks crippled Kristin's balance so that all it took was push from Scarlett to send her to the canvas several feet below with a loud THUD!

Refusing to acknowledge how close she'd come to disaster, Scarlett steadied her perch on the top rope and watched wearily as Kristin rolled onto her belly and pushed to her hands and knees. Unable to contain a smile, Scarlett straightened up and said, "How sweet is this? I'm going to beat you with something off the top rope and that means there's NOTHING I can't do better than you."

She waited until Kristin had got her feet under her, then with the brunette still doubled over, Scarlett leaped into the void and seemed to hang there for a second or two before she came down CRASH belly-first across Kristin’s back with a version of the Frog Splash that differed only in how the opponent was positioned when it connected. The sudden crushing weight on her back took Kristin off her feet and mashed her down into the canvas with Scarlett riding her back. And if you can believe it, the Hellcat's troubles didn't end there! Knowing full well that they were in the middle of the ring, Scarlett scooted alongside the downed brunette and immediately applied the Half Nelson to Kristin's right arm with her right arm while she also wedged her left arm under Kristin's chin; grabbed the brunette's right wrist and pulled it tight across the Hellcat's throat. She locked her hands behind Kristin’s neck and, all but done now, planted her feet on the mat and BRIDGED up into simplest - and quite possibly most brutal - variant on the Cobra Clutch, the Cobra Stretch.

Jerking and twisting with all her might, Scarlett closed her eyes and screamed, "GIVE UP! GIVE UP, OR I'LL fuckING KILL YOU!"

Trapped in the indescribable agony of the Cobra Stretch, Kristin tried to wriggle forward by digging her free hand into the canvas, but every attempt she made was thwarted by another maddening jolt of pain running up and down her spine. Holding her arm straight out in front of her, Kristin's hand wavered for another five seconds before she brought it slapping down on the mat!!

The ref saw Kristin submit and as she pushed up off his belly - someone grabbed his ankle and in the blink of an eye, the unseen interloper dragged the black and white clad dope out under the bottom rope where he landed on the arena floor with a dull THUD! As the official was being waylaid, Scarlett released the Stretch and popped to her feet with a triumphant cry of, "YEEESSS!"

But the blonde's elation quickly turned to fury as she realized the bell hadn't rang and the ref was nowhere to be seen. Her face a perfect study in 'what the fuck' incredulity, Scarlett spun to check all four sides of the ring before she heard a slight groan from behind her. Understanding that it wasn't coming from Kristin, she stalked to the edge of the ring, peered over the side and saw the official..... FWHOOMP!

Scarlett had less than a second to note a blur of movement and a bright blonde streak before her world was filled with the blinding white agony of a handful of salt. Shrieking in pain, Scarlett reared back only to have her unseen tormentor grab her by the hair and pull her down onto the floor. The landing was awkward, but even worse, the bitch that had her wasted no time in pulling Scarlett to her hands and knees and dragging her over to the THUD! Scarlett let loose with another scream as she was thrust against the steel steps, then BASHED back against them. Still unable to see, Scarlett could definitely feel a weight pressing down on her and she didn't need clear vision to guess whose!

"Allison you bitch.... I'll kill you for this." Her tormentor leaned in and put her lips against Scarlett’s ear but when she spoke, the accent was all wrong for Allison Mack!

"Wrong blonde sweetie!" Billie Piper cooed. "But I'll bet she's enjoyin' the 'ell out of this." As Scarlett started to wriggle, Billie pulled the blonde's head forward and then drove it back into the steps over and over again, each impact ringing out with a clanking metallic BWONG! After more than a dozen bone on steel smashes, Scarlett was limp so Piper got up and pulled the demolished beauty to her feet. Holding Scarlett up, Billie snarled, "Ya don't even deserve a shot at my title Scarlett. And I'm 'ere ta make sure ya don't get one."

Billie reached out and snagged her foe's left wrist with her right hand and levered Scarlett's arm behind her back in a Hammerlock, holding the levered limb in place while she reached around Scarlett's back with her left arm, took Scarlett's wrist in her left hand and used her now freed right hand to reach down and grab Scarlett's left leg behind the knee. Filling her lungs a deep breath, Piper bent her knees and lifted Scarlett straight up off the mat, holding the smaller blonde high enough that her crotch against Billie's navel while her legs were wrapped around the Piper's hips.

Grinning wickedly at the crowd cheered her on, the IC Champ let go of Scarlett’s knee and snaked her right arm across the back of Scarlett's neck before pulling her head down into a tight Front Face-Lock. With the hardest part behind her, Billie rose up on her toes, executed a smooth half turn and sat out hard, landing easily on her butt with Scarlett still in her lap. The return-trip to the mat was not nearly so pleasant for Scarlett; her Hammerlocked arm was nearly wrenched out of socket and her head was bent down and forward at a hideous angle with the point of her chin disappearing into the top of her cleavage!

The moment they hit, Piper released her holds on Scarlett and the blonde sprawled backwards, landing stretched out on the arena floor between Billie's legs. The unlucky blonde had just been treated to a U.K.O on the outside of the ring and given her already exhausted state, it was no wonder she was doing little more than twitching. Getting to her feet, Billie rolled Scarlett under the bottom rope just as Kristin was getting to her feet.

Locking eyes with the Champion, Kristin asked, "Why?"

Billie smiled. "Because yer the lesser of two evils in this situation, luv."

Kristin didn't like the tone of the word 'lesser.' Lips curling in an angry sneer, she fired back, "I'll remember that when you're tapping out to me."

Billie held up both hands and wiggled her fingers at Kristin in a mocking 'Ohhh, scary.' gesture. "Yer terrifyin' kitty. Now, ya think ya can finish off Miss Push-up Bra, or do ya need MORE a’ my 'elp?"

When Kristin just turned her back on the newcomer, Billie muttered, "Yer welcome" and helped the ref to his feet. Shoving the groggy zebra under the bottom rope, Billie muttered, "Sorry 'bout that mate. Next time I see ya, pints are on me." Her work done, Billie sauntered up the ramp to watch from a comfortable distance as Kristin picked Scarlett’s bones.

The Hellcat plunged her claws into he blonde's tangled tresses and tugged her to her feet. Pressing in against Scarlett's back, the brunette whispered, "I'm gonna hurt you down deep Scarlett. And you've earned every second of it..."

Staying close against blonde's right side, Kristin pushed Scarlett over, holding her by the hair to keep her from falling down. In one fluid motion, she scissored her right leg around the blonde's left, making sure her thigh was pressed close to Scarlett’s ribs. In the same motion she reached over Scarlett's bent torso and hooked Scarlett's right arm with her left arm. She swung her left leg up and slung it over Scarlett's neck, the back of the brunette's knee resting comfortably against the side of her victim's face.

With Kristin Intentions locked in, Kristin pulled up with her arm and pushed down with legs, bringing incredible pressure to bear on the blonde's ribs and neck. Bouncing and jerking the hold to increase the pressure of the sadistic hold, Kristin grinned triumphantly as Scarlett started to wriggle in her clutches. Pressing down on Scarlett's neck with every ounce of her weight, Kristin added the humiliation of a kneading, squeezing Breast Claw and demanded, "SUBMIT SCARLETT! SUBMIT OR YOU LEAVE HERE ON A STRETCHER!"

Tears were running down Scarlett's face, some from the pain, but most from the colossal injustice of it all. She had made Kristin TAP and by all rights should be in the Triple Threat Match for the IC Title, but Billie had stolen the win right out from under her and handed it to this skinny bitch. Nearly choking on rage and shame, Scarlett promised Billie Piper would suffer all the torments of hell for this travesty and then she whispered, "I give..."

Kristin should have been satisfied but she wasn't. Cranking down on the hold she screamed, "LOUDER!"

Unable to keep the tremor out of her voice, Scarlett sobbed, "I GIVE!"

Having recovered his senses just in time to see Kristin apply her finisher, the ref heard Scarlett’s concession and immediately called for the bell. As she was announced the winner, Kristin released the hold and collapsed to her knees a second after saluting the crowd. It might not have been the most honest win of her career, but that wasn't going to bother her one bit as she slipped that IC gold around her waist.

From her place on the ramp, Billie Piper offered Scarlett a sarcastic grin and then blew her a kiss. "Enjoy yer seat from the sideline…ya wankin’ loser!" she taunted before turning around and strutting back through the curtain.

Laying on the mat in a shivering, used up heap, Scarlett Scarlett didn't know what Billie had said to her just then, but she knew what the blonde Eurotrash whore would say in the future: 'Please Scarlett, I'm beggin' ya, don't snap my neck. I'll do anything ya want...' Finding her voice in a ragged little whisper, Scarlett hissed, "I just want you to die Billie. And by the time I get done with you... you'll want to die too."
A little while later...

The room, to put it very, VERY kindly was in shambles. When Scarlett had pushed her way through the curtain after the match, she had immediately gone looking for Piper only to be told by that giant jerk George Stark that the interfering British bitch had already left for the evening. Stark had then suggested that it might be best for the blonde to head back to her locker-room to take a show, if only to 'cool down' a bit. Well she'd gone to her room, but she hadn't cooled down one bit.

Before the door had even slammed shut behind her, Scarlett was moving through the confined space like a whirlwind, destroying anything and everything she could get her hands on. After less than five minutes the dressing room lay in utter ruin and Scarlett still wasn't satisfied. Standing in the middle of it all, her shoulders rose and fell, rose and fell as she glared around for something else to vent her wrath upon. She was just about to go after the fixtures in the bathroom when her cell-phone (quite possibly the only thing she HADN'T smashed or ripped) trilled into life.

Pleased with the thought of tearing into whoever had the gall to call her at a moment like this, Scarlett searched through the rubble and found the noisy gadget by the third ring. Flipping it open, she put the phone to her ear and snarled, "What?"

A calm voice on the other end of the line replied, "I saw what happened to you tonight. That wasn't very fair was it?"

Scarlett thought she recognized the caller, but she couldn't be absolutely sure and the phone just said 'private number calling' so she sneered, "Travesty is more like it. Now who are you and what the fuck do you want?"

There was a s slight pause and Scarlett could almost hear the woman on the other end smiling. "You know who I am Scarlett, I just haven't been around for a while. As for what I want... well, I'm been traveling the world and in the process I've brought together a few like-minded individuals who want to help make the promotion a more just place. I'd like you to join our number."

Scarlett rolled her eyes. "No fuckin' chance! I work alone; that's just the way I like it."

She was going to hang up when the voice on the other end offered, "What happened tonight was no accident Scarlett. You KNOW that Fannin could have stopped Billie from doing what she did and he didn't. He wanted to teach you a lesson for what you did in the Circle, not to mention what you did to his precious Allison after her match with Selma. Ask yourself this, do you want to be the one getting taught, or do you want to be the one doing the teaching? Because that's what I'm offering."

Mulling this for a moment, the blonde asked, "How many do you have?"

"Three not including myself? You'll make five."

"Who're the others?"

Again, the silence that felt like a smile, "All in good time Scarlett. I'll just say, you're not alone in your hatred of Piper. She's on our list whether you join or not. So the question I pose Scarlett Scarlett is...what do you want?"

Licking her lips, Scarlett whispered, "I want Piper's blood...all over me!"

"Can I take that as a yes?" asked the voice.

"A tentative yes. I still want to know who I'm dealing with. When would be a good time to..." The word 'meet' was still coming out of her mouth when someone rapped on her door. Growling at the intrusion, Scarlett hissed, "NOT a good time..."

She stalked over to the door, more than ready to tear into whoever was in the hall. She threw open the door and the insult died on her lips. NOW she recognized the voice on the phone!

Snapping her phone shut, Elisha Cuthbert smiled and said, "Oh I don't know. I think now's as good time as any. Aren't you going to invite me in?"