Scarlett Johansson vs. Lindsay Lohan by Freefall

Scarlett proudly carried her title belt as she walked briskly to the ring. The crowd was deafening in their support of the Champion as she confidently slid into the ring and then climbed each corner post; showing off a body barely contained by a red sports bra and matching shorts. She was all the rage in the fed and had taken the scene by storm with an unrivaled mix of grace and athleticism.

Lohan had earned her shot at Scarlett after an Impressive string of victories. Some called her ring antics dirty, others called her sadistic, but everyone agreed she was formidable. Lohan had spent the last month harassing the champion at every turn; telling anyone who would listen she was going to humiliate Johansson. Most chalked it up to natural rookie cockiness, but some pundits quietly believed her.

Lindsay approached the ring to a mixed reaction of boos and cheers. She wore a black bikini top and leather short shorts that left little to the imagination. She climbed into the ring and ignored the crowd as she said something to Scarlett that was inaudible to anyone outside of the ring - but Johansson clearly wasn’t happy about it.

The crowd had been whipped into a fever pitch by the time the bell rang and the title match got underway. The two combatants met in the middle of the ring in a mutual grapple. Scarlett assumed control and whipped her rival into the ropes and flipped the red head over her shoulders on the way back. The crowd popped as Scarlett gracefully leg dropped Lindsay. Scarlett picked Lohan up by the hair and quickly turned her around with a hammerlock. Lohan screamed in pain as the Champion wrenched her arm, somehow Lindsay was able to disengage from Johansen and retreat to a corner with the champion in hot pursuit.

Scarlett engaged the winded challenger and threw her into the turnbuckle. As Lohan's back slammed into the corner she reacted by wildly kicking out a leg and catching a stunned Johansson in the crotch. Scarlett's hands immediately found themselves between her legs as she fell to her knees in front of a grinning Lohan. The crowd gasped as Lindsay unloaded an open hand bitchslap to the Champs unprotected face. Scarlett saw stars as she hit the mat. Lohan pounced on her and without delay attacked her heaving breasts. Scarlett shrieked as Lindsay dug her claws into her revered rack.

On her back and straddled by the maniacal challenger the shell shocked champion fought to free herself from Lohan's cruel talons. Scarlett managed to summon all her strength and finally force Lindsay's hands off of her. The moment Lohan lost her grip she slammed her jugs with all her might into Scarlett's wounded chest. The champion tried to scream as Lohan's rack squashed her famous breasts but she couldn't find the air.

Scarlett panicked and mustered enough muscle force the redhead off of her, she scrambled as far from Lohan as she could and cradled her throbbing chest as she tried to get her bearings. Lindsay played to the booing crowd as she mocked Scarlett. Lohan charged the hurt champ and swung wildly, Scarlett saw it coming and ducked Lindsay's blow. Johansson caught Lohan from behind and German suplexed her into the middle of the ring.

The crowd erupted when the Champion applied a camel clutch onto the thrashing Lohan. Scarlett grimaced as she pulled back Lindsay's chin as far as it would go. Scarlett knew she had the match if she could only hang on...she wrenched back with all she could as Lohan squealed. Lohan was just about at her breaking point as her out reached finger grazed the rope. Scarlett's heart sank as the ref broke the hold; both spent combatants separated and attempted catch their breath as the audience roared.

Lindsay and Scarlett stared each other down from one corner to the other. The smacking of Jug on Jug echoed though the arena as they collided in the middle of the ring. Neither hellcat could get a hold of each other as they backed off and rammed rack to rack again and again. Scarlett appeared to be relenting as she slowly lost ground to Lohan. The arena was in a tense frenzy Lindsay's chest overwhelmed the blonde’s.

With a final heave of her rack, the redhead forced the fading champion back into the corner where Scarlett's back hit the turnbuckle. Now there was nowhere else to go and Scarlett came face to jug with her worst nightmare as Lohan pulled her face into her heaving sweaty bosom. Lindsay smashed the blonde into the corner and forced her face into the depths of her cleavage. Scarlett fought to breathe but instead of air was met only with sweltering jug. She tried to scream but her cries where lost in the depths of Lohan's pitiless smother.

"Not like this.." was all Scarlett could think as she was devoured by Lindsay.

The arena was eerily silent as Johansson went under and gave in. Lohan had a wicked grin as she released the beaten Champion, letting Scarlett slump in the corner cradling her breasts as she tried to get her breath. She was beet red and her once majestic blonde hair was matted and stuck to her face. She watched Lohan hold her belt high as she taunted Scarlett’s fans and soaked it all in. She had just destroyed the invincible Scarlett Johansson but Lindsay wasn't through with the former champ.... Scarlett could do little but hold her breath as Lohan stormed back to the corner with the belt around her waist, her chest thrust out - and an malicious smirk on her face.