“No Holds Barred Battle of the Blondes” Scarlett Johansson vs. Sarah Paulson by Danofclubs

Scarlett stood in front of the dressing room mirror, carefully examining her lush body. She smiled, admiring her near naked form, clothed only in a black bikini bottom decorated with gold stars. She LOVED "No Holds Barred" contests and couldn't wait to get into the ring with Sarah Paulson, the pretty young star of "Studio 60." She felt an exhilaration fighting topless, a FREEDOM... having her full, heavy - near-perfect - breasts unrestrained; able to sway, bounce and jiggle in response to her body's sharp, abrupt movements as she fought. As she continued to face the mirror, she regretted the busy schedule that kept her from spending more time in the gym...she wasn't perfectly 'fighting fit" and had put on a pound or two since she beat Aria Giovanni a few weeks ago. And it always seemed to find its way to her belly where a little 'pudge' was beginning to form around her deep navel.

She cradled her belly with both hands and stared into the mirror after turning sideways. ‘Damn..’ she thought. ‘This won't do....my belly is getting much too soft.…’

Weirdly, it seemed to her, she suddenly thought of Aria and their recent brawl...how she'd thrashed her soundly.....finishing her off with belly punches. Her face became warm and flushed......her hands started to tremble slightly as she kept them clasped gently to her rounded little belly. She admitted to herself, for the first time, how strangely good it felt to bury her fist in another woman's belly...... the flesh so soft and yielding. She shook herself out of her drifting mental state and refocused on the situation at hand. She'd be in the ring again in minutes.

Sarah was new to the Posh Fight Club and was understandably nervous as she faced Scarlett in a bright royal blue bikini bottom. “No Holds Barred” wasn’t the usual fight for a newcomer, but Sarah was brimming with youthful confidence, and wanted to prove herself immediately. Her slim, sensuous body, with its modest but well-formed, rosy-tipped breasts and slim, supple belly was a delight to the wealthy audience.

Scarlett, the overwhelming crowd favorite, studied the slender body she was about to battle and thought, ‘She’s MUCH slimmer than Aria, but she still looks soft.. and she's inexperienced...this should be quick and easy.’

Both women charged as the bell sounded to begin the match, reaching straight out with open hands, attempting to claw each other's breasts. They 'yeoowed' as their naked breasts were grabbed, and Scarlett seemed to be taking the worst of it, as Sarah's fingers dug deeply into her soft, luscious tits. She took her hands off Sarah's breasts and brought them around, up, and down. Her clasped hands smashed into Sarah's forearms, breaking her hold, and causing the slimmer woman to cry out. Scarlett immediately forced the smaller girl back into the ropes and threw a beautiful right uppercut into Sarah's soft belly, just above her bikini. Scarlett noticed right away that her fist had gone pretty deep into the young girl's gut.

‘Nice and flat, but just as soft as Aria,’ Scarlett told herself.

Sarah withstood the blow and drove a forearm smash into Scarlett's chest, at the top of her breastbone. She brought her knee up, aiming for Scarlett's crotch, but the veteran fighter saw the move in time, twisted, and caught her opponent's knee with the side of her well-muscled thigh. Sarah sent a side-arm knife-blade blow towards the bigger woman's throat; the forceful, stinging blow landed painfully on her opponent's cheek. Scarlett cried out, hands to her face. Taking advantage of her stunned foe, the newcomer aggressively went for a front choke hold and, while grabbing Scarlett’s neck, Sarah sent a knee again into her crotch. The blow THUMPed the gold star directly over her pubic mound and the bigger blond grunted as she doubled over.

‘So THAT'S how you want to play it, huh kid?’ Scarlett thought. She lashed out with her right leg, catching Paulson full in the solar plexus, halfway between her breasts and her navel. As the slender woman gasped and folded up, Scarlett put her in a side headlock. Sarah broke the hold by punching her tormentor hard and deep in her beautiful right breast.

"AUGGGHHH!" Scarlett screamed as she released her hold around Sarah's head, so she could clutch her wounded tit. A big fist from the slim blonde sank deep into Scarlett's soft, rounded belly, and had her doubled over again, and a-double-axe-handle smash to the middle of her back knocked her face first to the mat.

With a combination of instinct and experience, Johansson rolled onto her back as soon as she hit the floor, and lifted one knee as Sarah left her feet in an attempt to send her entire body crashing onto her prone opponent. Paulson's enthusiasm and inexperience, mixed with a measure of carelessness would prove costly. Sarah impaled herself on Scarlett's upraised knee, her own momentum driving the bony joint deep into her slender, feminine belly!

Sarah let out a loud "OOOUUUFFFFF" and curled up into a ball, rolling on to her side with a look of unbearable pain on her face.

Scarlett rose slowly, took two steps towards the agonized woman, and dropped both knees into her exposed flank. Sarah cried out softly this time, her lack of air making a louder cry impossible. Scarlett grabbed the fallen fighter by her hair and kept pulling on it even after she had yanked her up onto wobbly feet. Sarah screamed as loud as she could and latched on to Scarlett's hands with her own, trying to free her blonde locks from Johansson's painful grasp.

Sarah’s inexperience at this critical juncture was to prove more deadly than she was capable of imagining! With her arms up in the futile attempt to end the searing distress in her scalp, her lissome, youthful body was totally, dangerously, exposed.

Scarlett rifled a straight jab that simply crushed her left breast. Sarah's hands flew to clasp her wounded tit. Scarlett kept her hair in the solid grip of her left hand, and planted her right fist into the helpless woman's wide open, defenseless belly. It went in deep, penetrating to the wrist in the woman's plush softness.

"OOOOMMPPHH, AAARGGHH, OOUUFFF," all Paulson could do was grunt as she struggled for breath; her face turning bright red as Scarlett sent a dozen massive punches into the center of her agonized body. Ribs...breasts...solar plexus....belly....all felt the thudding impact of Scarlett's right hand. She began to smile. She knew she had won.

Her smile widened noticeably as she drove a sharp left - low - into Sarah’s gut just below the top of her bright blue bikini. Her smile grew into a grin as she wound up and buried another vicious right into the jelly softness of Sarah's belly below her navel. She finally let go of her hair and pushed her back into the ropes with both hands. Sarah flew back, then careened forward toward the waiting Scarlett.

As she roared by out of control, Scarlett unleashed a monster right hand that slammed Sarah squarely between her small, bruised breasts....smashing the center of her breastbone! Sarah staggered under the force of the blow, almost as if she was drunk, then collapsed face first. She couldn’t break her fall with her hands and her nose broke as it smashed down on the thin canvas padding; staining it with the blood flowing from her nostrils.

Sarah lay still as Scarlett triumphantly bounced around the ring, arms raised, acknowledging the cheers of the crowd. She didn’t disappoint herself or her rabid fans. She was elated, proud and quite satisfied with her quick, easy triumph!

Paulson demonstrated guts and enthusiasm, agreeing to a "No Holds Barred" contest against such a worthy veteran. But unfortunately her guts and youthful exuberance wasn’t enough. Still, the 'regulars' at the Posh Fight Club hope she’ll soon return to their ring again.