Scarlett Johansson vs. Piper Perabo by The Walkin’ Dude

Considering it was the second week of August, it was a remarkably cool day in Wolf Lake Colorado. Smiling slightly, Richard Fannin leaned back in his chair and cranked the volume on the sound system in his office above the little club. The throaty roar of Metallica increased quite a bit and the promoter’s grin got a bit wider as he put his feet on the desk. Eyeing the object draped in velvet at the end of his desk, he thought, ‘Things are going pretty damn good. The Darkness has been dealt with, the promotion’s going stronger than ever, and with the exception of the ‘nastiness’ at the culmination of the July 4th festivities, everything was just fine.’ Breaking his silence, he spoke to no one, “And it’s only going to get better from here on out…..”

He was about to start humming along to Enter Sandman when a knock at the door interrupted his quiet time. Looking at the clock he muttered, “Right on time. Come in!” The door opened and Michelle Trachtenberg poked her head in.

Smiling at Fannin, she said, “Am I on time?”

“You are. C’mon in and grab a seat, I expect our other guest will be here momentarily.”

Michelle nodded and she slipped through the door, closing it quietly behind her. Crossing the carpet, she sat down in one of the two chairs in front of Fannin’s desk. This being her first time in Rich’s sanctum sanctorum, she quickly took in her surroundings and appeared to be on the verge of saying something when her eyes fell upon the velvet covered something. Eyes widening a bit, she asked curiously, “What’s that?”

Fannin’s grinned and answered, “That’s the reason you’re here. But I won’t say anything else until….” There was as second knock on the door. Continuing his train of thought, he said, “Well, until now. Come in!”

The door opened again and Alexis Bledel appeared in the opening, taking in the office with quiet calm. Eyeing the promoter and the other brunette, the fresh faced rookie said, “Sorry I’m late; sparring session ran a little long.”

“You aren’t late at all, come in and take a seat.” Alexis did as she was bid and sat down in the other chair, giving Michelle a quick nod as she seated herself. Leaning back in his chair, Fannin cracked his knuckles before speaking. That done, he began, “As you both know, things are going pretty well for the promotion. After all that crap with the Darkness ended, things have been going pretty smoothly and that’s good, it makes running this place a whole lot easier. And with no one planning a coup d’etat, I can get back to some of the issues I had to neglect during Darkfall. As you both may be aware, I always have the staff asking questions of our fans, asking who they like, what they’d like to see more of, that sort of thing. Of the myriad questions I had to ignore over the last several months was ‘Who’s the most impressive rookie to debut this past year?’ We got several thousand responses and three names kept coming up. Michelle Trachtenberg and Alexis Bledel were two of them. The third was Lacey Chabert, who thanks to some bad travel arrangements can’t be here today, but it’s cool because I already had this conversation with her by phone.” Fannin paused then, waiting to see if either brunette had a question.

They looked quickly at each other and then back to him. Finding her voice first, Alexis said, “Well I’m flattered Rich, but I’m not sure I know where you’re going with this.”

Michelle nodded and chimed in, “Yeah, it’s nice to know we’ve got fans, but you didn’t call us into your office to tell us that.”

Fannin leaned forward and put his hand on the velvet covered something. “You’re both correct. I didn’t call you in here to tell you that. I called you in here to show you this.” With a smooth flip of his hand, Fannin pulled the velvet away, revealing the object beneath. Both girls gave voice to a low gasp when they saw the nearly two foot tall trophy. Made entirely of a block of some dark wood, it sides were plated with gold and it was topped with a piece of perfect marble. On top of the marble were two golden figures, female grapplers locked in a Collar and Elbow Tie-up. But perhaps most important was the words inscribed on the gold panel on the front of the trophy. Right now it simply read: “ROOKIE OF THE YEAR, 2005” The space where the name would go was currently empty. Feeling the silence had lasted long enough, Rich addressed his visitors. “Are things getting a little clearer? In less than a week’s time, the three of you will face off in a single elimination triple threat match. The girl who wins the match will not only be named Rookie of the Year, but she’ll also receive a 100,000 dollar bonus.” Rich’s grin got huge when he saw both brunette’s jaws drop.

“You’re not kidding?” Michelle asked. “The winner gets a trophy and 100 grand?”

“Yep.” Fannin nodded his head.

“What’s the catch?” Alexis asked.

Rich answered, “None. No gimmicks, no catch, no strings. In fact you haven’t even heard the best part. Along with the trophy and the cash, the winner will receive a contract that lets her name any match she wants - with the exception of a world title shot. It’s good for twelve months; any opponent, any gimmick, any time. I figure it’d be added incentive. Though you can’t get a title shot, there’s nothing preventing you from asking for a number one contenders match. Lacey’s already agreed, can I safely assume you both are also in?”

“Hell yes!” Michelle answered, bolting up out of her chair. “I’m taking it all; the match, the trophy, the cash AND the contract. No one’s going to stop me.”

Fannin shifted his eyes to Alexis as the other brunette rose out of her chair. Facing off with Michelle, she retorted, “It’s not going to be a walk in the park for you Michelle. I want everything just as bad as you. And I have no problem going through you and Lacey to prove it,” she ended with a determined glare; her clear blue eyes locked on her future opponent.

Her competitive drive being fueled by Fannin’s offer and Alexis’s rebuke, Michelle leaned into the other brunette’s face and said, “ You get in my face Alexis and I’ll drop you like a bad habit. And if you insist on being stubborn, I’ll be sure to present you with a Trachtenberg Special.” The chestnut-haired girl’s face lit up in an icy smile as she said this. She added to the threat by running her hands slowly along her butt, indicating where Alexis’s face would wind up if she were to be on the receiving end of Michelle’s finisher.

Her rival’s threat heard loud and clear, Alexis refused to back down, “You even think about sitting on my face, and I’ll slap that condescending smile off yours. I always get the Last Word.” the brunette finished, making a veiled reference to her own finisher.

Michelle’s eyes narrowed a bit. “I’d love to see you try Alexis!” Her tone suggested Bledel didn’t stand a chance.

“Care to see right now?” Alexis responded, dropping into a low crouch. Michelle responded in kind and the 2 lithe beauties seemed to be on the verge of tearing into one another when Fannin cleared his throat.

Getting their attention he said, “Ladies, as much as I would enjoy a sneak preview, I’ll settle for waiting for the actual match, just like everyone else. Until then, I’d ask you to refrain from any physical contact.”

Alexis seemed to calm down and she nodded. Speaking to Fannin, but glaring at Michelle she said, “Fine by me. I’ll give both of them more physical contact than they can handle during the match. You can count on it.” Looking back at Rich, she said, “I’m in.” Then she gaze one last look at the trophy before spinning on her heel and exiting the office.

Watching the other brunette retreat, Michelle whispered, “You’re mine poser. I’m the future of this promotion and you’re a one hit wonder. Lacey too. You’ll both learn that the hard way.” Turning to Rich, her pretty face broke into another smile and she said, “I’m in too. You won’t regret this Rich. We’re going to tear the house down that night. And I’m going to walk away with everything.”

“I don’t doubt it.” Richard answered. “I can hardly wait.”

“That makes four of us.” Michelle said. “See you in a week Rich. Get that trophy ready for me.” Then the brunette made her exit, leaving the promoter alone in his office yet again.

Turning Metallica back up, Rich grinned to himself and said “This is going to be fun. And in this case, I think it’s safe to say that sometimes good things come in threes.”

Well it seems that another week has slipped out of summer’s grasp and as a new week dawns, your as of yet nameless (I don’t think names are much important in my case anyway) narrator finds himself in the small Colorado Town of Wolf Lake. Things in Wolf Lake were hairy (pardon the pun) this time of year, what with the annual horde of tourists crawling all over the place, and bringing their usual bevy of summer person problems. The locals were more than willing to put up with the foibles of these seasonal visitors to a point, but there was only so much any one person could take and after long hours of dealing with their nagging issues, the denizens of the little burg craved a place of their own, a place so small, indiscreet and dimly lit, that the tourists couldn’t find it, even in a town so small.

In Wolf Lake, the only place that fit that bill was The Cabinet of Curiosities, a tiny club and pub that had been operating under the tourist radar for the better part of five years now. And by now you’re wondering what the hell this has to do with what you came here for and I won’t keep you waiting any longer. The Cabinet was one of the smaller establishments owned by Richard Fannin and as you well know, any den of iniquity owned by Rich was fair game to play host to his wrestling promotion. Tonight, the Cabinet had been chosen and the locals were in luck. Not only were there no tourists in site, but also the promoter had dropped a huge bombshell at the top of the show, announcing next week’s Main Event was a Rookie of the Year Triple Threat Challenge, a match that would pit crowd favorites Lacey Chabert, Alexis Bledel and Michelle Trachtenberg against one another.

The stakes in this contest were quite high; not only would the winner receive 100 grand, but they’d also get the opportunity to make any match they wanted (with the exception of a title match). Suffice to say, each lady was gunning to win this match, and if the rumors of the conversation that took place behind Rich’s door this afternoon were true, Michelle and Alexis had nearly come to blows merely discussing the stipulations of this match. (How much of this is true, I cannot say because I wasn’t privy to that conversation) but lest we forget the Main Event for THIS evening. Tonight the patrons of the Cabinet would witness the first Main Event matches of two extremely talented rookies, and if I may… Oh never mind, the Announcer is starting his deal and he hates when I talk over him. Let’s go to ringside...

“Ladies and Gentleman, it’s time for our last match of the evening. Please allow me to introduce the first participant in tonight’s contest; she stands at 5’ 7” she is… Piper Perabo!”

Audioslave’s Set it Off rumbles through the club and the lithe blonde wastes little time in introducing herself to the masses. Breezing through the curtain, the tall, slender blonde is a sight to behold, clad simply in an electric green one-piece number that is complemented by matching pads on her knees and elbows. The look is completed by midnight blue boots that reach to just below her pads. Smiling and slapping hands, Piper jogs to ringside and rolls under the bottom ropes before popping to her feet and heading for her corner.

“And her opponent stands 5’ 4” tall, ladies and gentlemen, allow me to introduce… Scarlett Johansson!”

Remedy by Seether pulses through the confines of the Cabinet as Scarlett makes her way through the curtain and down the aisle. For her battle tonight, the strawberry blonde beauty is clad in a simple two-piece black bikini with matching knee and elbow pads. Her boots are a simple matte gray, a basic but appealing look for an equally appealing fighter. Striding to the ring, Scarlett enters with a walk that’s not quite a swagger and goes to her corner, awaiting the official beginning of the contest.

DING! DING! DING! As the bell clanged its customary signal, the match was underway and rushing quickly out of their corners, both blondes jogged to the center of the ring where they both dropped into low wrestlers crouches. Flipping a lock of strawberry blonde hair from her dark eyes, Scarlett kept her gaze steady with Piper’s watching the taller blonde carefully for the first sign of her attack.

Moving cautiously with her rival, Scarlett exhaled a tiny breath and said, “You should quit right now Piper. It’ll save me a lot of time and save you a lot of pain.”

Piper responded to the threat quickly. “Your reputation doesn’t scare me Scarlett. You may be tough and you may be mean but I’m the better wrestler and you KNOW that. Maybe it’s you who should be thinking about giving up.”

Not used to receiving this kind of backtalk from her opponent’s, Scarlett curled her lip in a snarl of distaste, “Have it your way slut; just don’t say I didn’t warn you.”

Before Piper could think of a retort, Scarlett lunged forward and locked up with the taller blonde. But if she had hoped to take Piper by surprise, she was destined to be disappointed as Piper leaned into the clinch with gusto, pushing and shoving hard against Scarlett’s lean shoulders. The two blondes stayed locked in this position for the better part of a minute, grasping and groping at one anothers shoulders as the blundered around the ring fighting for purchase. Eventually, Piper managed to shove Scarlett back into the corner and the ref was there to break them up. Easing deftly between the two, the zebra forced a clean break, but as Piper was stepping away from her opponent, Scarlett shoved the ref aside and tagged her rival across the face with a stinging Forehand Slap. Scarlett’s eyes flashed gleefully as Piper cried out and staggered back. Dropping into her crouch again, Scarlet crept forward and purred, “That’s just the first bit of red that’s gonna creep into your cheeks today bitch. By the time I’m done with you you’ll be red all ov…UNNGHHHH!”

Scarlett’s clever (but apparently long winded threat) was abruptly cut short as Piper lunged forward and belted her across the cheek with a slap of her own.

More than willing to slap the taste out of the other blonde’s mouth, Piper curled her hands into claws and taunted, “Watch who you’re slapping bitch, unless you’re wanting to have your face smacked right the hell off your head.”

Recovering from the blow, Scarlett tucked her hair behind her ears as she fixed an acidic glare on Piper. “I’m gonna make you beg before I’m through.”

She shot forward and grabbed Piper’s right wrist in both hands, then before the startled blonde could react, Scarlett twisted her arm in a circle, wrenching it painfully before releasing her grip with one hand. She cocked her arm at the elbow before bringing the bony joint slamming down on Piper’s bicep. She winced but she wasn’t one to easily be beaten. Getting her wits about her, the taller blonde dropped to her knees and yanked forward, pulling Scarlett toward her with a lurch. Leaning into her rival, Piper muscled Scarlett onto her shoulders before tossing her onto the canvas in the same move with a painfully simple Fireman’s Carry.

Scarlett let out a little grunt when she hit the mat but the resilient blonde was on her feet in seconds, watching Piper warily as the other girl regained her footing. Closing the distance between them, Scarlett raised one hand over her head and curled her fingers, daring Piper to accept her challenge. Piper nodded and stepped forward, raising her hand to lay against Scarlett’s. Locking one half of the Test of Strength in, Piper was bringing her second hand up when Scarlett raked her hand across the blonde’s face, blinding her. Piper cried out and tried to pull away, but Scarlett doubled her over with a knee to the belly that had the green clad girl sucking wind.

Pulling her hand free of Piper’s grip, Scarlett chided, “I can’t believe you were dumb enough to actually fall for that. Well that’s OK, I can test my strength in other ways.”

With Piper still bent over, the smaller blonde buried both talons deep in her prey’s mane and held on tight. Planting her feet on the canvas, Scarlett put all her strength into the throw, tossing Piper all the way to the other side of the ring by nothing but the roots of her hair. Smiling cruelly at the solid thud her rival had made against the canvas, Scarlett sauntered over and sank both claws into Piper’s hair again.

Pulling the other blonde to her feet, she said, “Once is good…” She tossed her again, sending her skidding into the canvas with another hair assisted toss. Haughtily brushing some hair off her hands, Scarlett sniffed, “Twice is better…” She cut the distance between her and Piper once more. Securing a grip on Piper’s roots for a third time, Scarlett pulled her to her feet and stared into her face. “But the third time, that’s the charm.”

Then she threw her a third time, putting everything she had into the discus like toss. Feeling firmly in control of the situation, Scarlett preened for a moment, adjusting the edges and ripples in her black bikini as she stood arrogantly over her mewling prey. Finishing her cosmetic adjustments, Scarlett bent down and pulled Piper to her feet. Not wasting a movement, Scarlett scooped her victim up and tossed her down in one smooth motion, executing a textbook Body Slam. Maintaining her vantage point over the downed girl, Scarlett raised one arm over her head and cocked it at the elbow. She held this pose for only a moment before dropping the elbow down across Piper’s neck, the full force of the strawberry blonde’s weight behind the basic maneuver. Rolling to one knee, Scarlett scooted up behind the gagging blonde and pulled her roughly to a sitting position.

Getting her hands cupped under Piper’s chin, Scarlett pulled back, bending her captive’s neck painfully against the curve of her posted knee, cinching the Chin Lock in place as she cooed, “Feel this Piper? This is a Chin Lock. Very basic but as I’m sure you’re aware, also very painful. Of course I’ve found ways to make it even more unbearable. Allow me to demonstrate.”

As Piper moaned an incomprehensible reply, Scarlett pulled her left hand free and placed it palm down on Piper’s face. Microseconds later she curved it into a nasty claw and raked it up the full length of her victim’s face, taking special pains to gouge at Piper’s lips, nose and eye sockets. Scarlett’s smile got wider Piper’s thrashings got a bit more desperate and it did nothing to dissuade her from repeating the face scoring maneuver a few more times. On the canvas, Piper was more than a little tired of taking Scarlett’s special brand of abuse and she looked to make good on her escape. Waiting for Scarlett to take a quick break from the raking, Piper twisted her torso and was able to get her feet under her. Ignoring Scarlett’s cry of anger, Piper forced her way to her feet and laced her hands together before slamming them into her captor’s belly.

Scarlett gasped and her grip got a bit looser but she didn’t relinquish it entirely. Only when Piper punched her in the gut twice more did she finally relent. Free of the painful hold, Piper sprinted away from her foe, hoping to bounce off the ropes and floor Scarlett before the other blonde had fully recovered. Sadly, she had made it less than two full steps when Scarlett grabbed her hair and yanked back hard, slamming the taller girl back to the mat with a nasty Hair Slam! Piper’s back arched when she hit the canvas and she rolled onto her side, trying to alleviate some of the ache but Scarlett pulled her to her feet less than five seconds later and Piper found herself trapped in a Front Face Lock, being set up for a Vertical Suplex.

Holding her lanky prey tight, Scarlett said, “Fighting only means you’ll have less energy left to tap out when I finish you off. Of course there’s no guarantee I’d let you go even if you tapped out, but still the possibility is there…”

She secured her grip on Piper’s tights and hoisted the bigger blonde over her head, holding her inverted for the Suplex. But Piper’s love for innovative counters was one of her biggest strengths and she was about to demonstrate why to the unsuspecting Scarlett. As she was at the apex of the upward momentum, Piper leaned forward with all her weight and was rewarded as she continued forward, landing comfortably on her feet almost back to back with her startled adversary. Before Scarlett could even blink Piper reached back, cupped her hands across the blonde’s chin and fell to the canvas, bashing Scarlett’s head and shoulders with a Neckbreaker from out of nowhere.

Scarlett cringed and held the back of her head when she hit the mat, trying her best to shrug off the painful surprise. The smaller blonde’s ring training soon took over and she was on her feet in seconds, rolling her shoulders as she moved in on the recovering Piper. Bringing her hands up, Scarlett threw a series of nasty jabs and hooks at her rival that the taller girl returned punch for punch and for several seconds it was more boxing than wrestling, that is until Scarlett stunned Piper with an Uppercut, then proceeded to charge the staggered girl with arm extended, dead set on flattening her with the Clothesline. Turns out Piper wasn’t intrigued with the possibility of the Clothesline but she didn’t have a problem with ducking low and tossing Scarlett over her shoulders and into the lights with a scintillating Back Body Drop. Piper smiled for the first time in several minutes as she heard Scarlett’s cry of pain when the blonde hit the canvas from a height of several feet.

But Piper was well aware that the Back Drop would only keep Scarlett down for a moment and she needed to keep her attention focused on just what the hell Scarlett was up to. Keeping that in mind, Piper whirled on her heel and got in position just as Scarlett was peeling herself off the canvas and lunging back towards her with claws extended. Remembering the trifecta of Hair Tosses, Piper wasn’t above using a move more than once, a concept she demonstrated when she hurled the over-eager Scarlett over her head once again with the Back Drop.

Scarlett’s THUD was just as musical to her ears this time and Piper watched the strawberry blonde like a hawk, just waiting for her to get to her feet so she could flatten her. Moments later, Scarlett powered to her feet and lurched forward, intent as ever about locking up with her taller foe. But Piper was just as adamant in her refusal to mindlessly grapple with Scarlett so she ducked low once more but this time instead of simply tossing Scarlett over her shoulders, Piper muscled the other blonde across her shoulders and rose to her full height. Holding Scarlett in place, Piper strode around with a big smile on her face, presenting her helpless rival for everyone’s approval.

Beginning to turn in a slow circle Piper called out, “Red here isn’t the only one likes the basics. I’ve always been fond of this little move.”

Piper began to spin in a circle, picking up speed with every revolution until it appeared that she would lose her balance and send them both tumbling to the canvas, but just before Piper tripped over her own feet (and thus ruined the mystique of the Airplane Spin) she stopped suddenly and tossed Scarlett off her shoulders, letting the smaller blonde crash down hard on her belly in a nauseated pile. Doing her best to keep her own balance, Piper backed up a few steps and dropped to one knee, watching carefully as Scarlett got a hold of herself and fought back to a vertical base. As soon as Scarlett turned her gaze toward Piper, the bigger blonde was in motion, pushing off her knees and streaking toward Scarlett like a shot.

Getting within mere feet of her target, Piper leapt into the air and as she sailed past Scarlett, she looped both hands up and around the other blonde’s chin. Knowing her grip was secure, Piper yanked down as she fell, jerking Scarlett off her feet and slamming her shoulders, neck and head into the canvas with another innovative Neckbreaker application. Scrambling to her feet as Scarlett writhed beside her, Piper didn’t waste any time as she draped herself across the moaning blonde and hooked a leg, going for her first cover of the match. Well she managed to get a “TWO!” count, but Scarlett denied everything afterwards, thrusting a shoulder off the canvas just after the deuce.

Brushing some loose hair from her face, Piper breathed heavily as she addressed her downed rival, “I figured that wouldn’t be enough to keep you down - and frankly I’d be disappointed if it were. I waited a long time to show these people what I can do in the ring and you’re the perfect stepping-stone. Beating the ferocious Scarlett Johansson to a pulp is gonna make me a star!” She pulled Scarlett to her feet and slapped a Front Face Lock on the strawberry blonde. Threading Scarlett’s loose arm over her shoulders, Piper hooked a handful of black tights and marched her foe towards the edge of the ring, Piper paying careful attention to make sure her own back was facing the audience. Tightening her grip she spoke again, “We have something in common Scarlett. You like Suplexes and so do I. But you like the basics whereas I like to modernize a bit. Observe.”

Pulling up, Piper hauled Scarlett off her feet and fell back, the Vertical Suplex going swimmingly until Scarlett’s outstretched legs bounced against the top rope. In an incredible display of balance, Piper used the bounce off the ropes to her benefit, pulling Scarlett back into position over her head before turning in a full circle and falling backwards the other way, depositing Scarlett in the middle of the ring with her ingeniously delivered Vertical Suplex. Thrilled with the reaction she was getting from the crowd, Piper got to her feet and gave the audience a little pose before turning her attention back to Scarlett, “See, that’s how I like to do things. Of course there’s nothing wrong with sticking to the basics. They usually work pretty well too.”

Before the downed girl could respond, Piper leapt into the air and extended her leg, bringing the toned limb slamming down right across Scarlett’s exposed chest. Getting to her feet, Piper bent down and yanked Scarlett up, not feeling any sympathy for the other blonde as she tugged nastily on her hair. Looking to press her advantage, Piper secured a two handed grip on Scarlett’s wrist and hurled her towards the ropes, Scarlett was on her way but before Piper could release her, the smaller blonde put on the brakes and reversed her momentum, sending Piper into the ropes instead. Regaining her senses quickly, Scarlett set herself in position and waited for Piper to get in range. When her victim had passed the point of no return, Scarlett ducked and scooped the lanky blonde onto her shoulders, meaning to fall back and smash her with a Samoan Drop. But she had barely got Piper across her shoulders when the bigger blonde was floating free of her grip, landing lightly on her feet right next to Scarlett. In less than a second, Piper trapped her dazed rival in another Front Face Lock and fell back with all her weight, driving Scarlett face first into the mat to complete the Wraparound DDT. Listening to Scarlett’s head thud dully off the mat, Piper was ecstatic. The green clad girl popped to her feet and shot both hands over her head, crowing with pleasure as she left Scarlett dazed on the mat.

Circling her opponent at a rapid clip, she announced, “Time to finish her off! Let’s see if Mz. Scarlett is sooo tough when she has to endure the punishment.”

Darting forward, she dropped to her knees and pulled Scarlett to hers. With a quickness that was almost scary, Piper had hooked up her foe’s right arm in a Hammerlock and snaked her left across Scarlett’s throat, cinching on the Sleeper. To complete the package she threaded her legs around the smaller blonde’s waist and locked her ankles. Falling back to the canvas, Piper put all her strength into this threesome of submissions, hoping she could force surrender from Scarlett without too much more hassle. On Scarlett’s end of things, she was suffering immensely, but if Piper thought she could make Scarlett submit this early in the battle she was more than just sorely mistaken, she was tragically misinformed.

Fighting the pain of the holds as best she could, Scarlett waited patiently for an opening and she got one in very short order. When Piper moved her arm to reset the Sleeper, Scarlett opened her jaws wide and clamped down on the soft meat of Piper’s arm. The surprised blonde screeched in pain and kicked Scarlett away from her, more shocked than anything else. Nursing the half moon of teeth marks near her elbow, Piper scowled as she realized that Scarlett had tricked her into her releasing the hold.

Speaking low, Piper hissed, “Fight hard as you like Scarlett, but I’ve been in the shadows long enough. Tonight is MY coming out party - whether you like it or not.” Getting her feet under her, Piper stalked over to where Scarlett was recovering and pulled her to her feet. Still woozy from Piper’s rapid-fire offense, Scarlett let out a low growl and fired wild, looping Haymaker at Piper’s face. The limber blonde saw the move coming and ducked nimbly aside. With Scarlett still off balance, Piper lashed a boot up and caught her foe right in the gut, just above the line of her black briefs. Scarlett doubled over and Piper stepped forward, grabbing hold of the sides of her captive’s head as she did so. Still speaking under her breath, Piper chided, “Strike One Scarlett, you’re out.” Then she leapt into the air and sat out, driving Scarlett’s trapped head face first into the mat with a wicked Leaping Face Buster. Recovering quickly from the landing, Piper muscled Scarlett onto her back and went for the cover, hooking the far leg this time. Unfortunately for her, Scarlett was more than able to beat the “THREE!” lifting her shoulder just after two. Sighing in mock exasperation, Piper got up and put her hands on her hips, “Guess you’ll have to experience the unfriendly skies before I can finish you off Red. No, no, don’t get up; I’ll come to you.”

She stomped on Scarlett’s belly a few times before heading to the edge of the ring and slipping through the ropes. Perched on the apron, Piper waited until Scarlett was up and had turned to face her before leaping onto the top rope and launching herself into the ring with a gorgeous Springboard Cross Body. Sadly, the high risk stuff carries that designation for many reasons, one of which Scarlett demonstrated when she ducked out of the way, leaving Piper to sail through unoccupied air before slamming into the canvas. Piper gaped and fought for breath when she landed, cradling her injured ribs as best she could. It was a testament to her fortitude that she was on her feet as quickly as she was. And it was a testament to Scarlett’s meanness that she was able to put the other blonde back on the canvas just as quickly. Stalking the wounded blonde, Scarlett waited just long enough for Piper to regain her feet before sprinting forward and drilling her with a short, hard Lariat that knocked the bigger blonde head over heels. Feeling refreshed now that she was dealing out more punishment, Scarlett adjusted her trunks before pulling Piper back to her feet.

Gazing evenly into the bigger girls face she purred, “I’m gonna break your neck tonight slut. Then you’re going back to the minor leagues forever.” Not allowing a response, Scarlett kicked Piper in the gut, doubling her over. Before the wind had finished rushing from Piper’s lungs, Scarlett stepped forward and cupped one hand tightly under the blonde’s chin while the other gripped the one of the girl’s dangling wrists. In one sadistically smooth motion, Scarlett twisted to the side and fell to the mat, wrenching Piper’s neck with the Swinging Neckbreaker. Getting to her feet, Scarlett tugged her bottoms back into place before pulling Piper to her feet again. Assuming the position for another Neckbreaker, Scarlett looked out at the crowd and purred, “Make it a pair?” Not caring whether the crowd said yay or nay, she hit a second Neckbreaker, putting even more force behind this one. Rolling to her knee before getting up, Scarlett regarded her downed foe with a sardonic smile before pulling her up and into position for a third Neckbreaker. Digging her cupped hand cruelly into the shelf of Piper’s jaw, she said, “Everybody likes threesomes.” Then she fell to the side, completing the trifecta.

The constant assault on her neck had left Piper in agony and helpless as Scarlett pulled her slowly to her feet before turning her roughly around. Standing with her back pressed tightly against her foe’s, Scarlett reached her hands up and back, looping them tightly around the other blonde’s chin. Making sure the back of Piper’s head was pulled tight against her skull, Scarlett treated the audience to the slightest grind of her hips before dropping hard to her butt. The Reverse Neckbreaker worked to perfection and Piper’s head was snapped brutally back against Scarlett’s shoulder before her strawberry blonde tormentor let her fall limply to the mat. Entertaining the idea that her series of Neckbreakers might have been enough to finish off the other blonde, Scarlett draped herself leisurely across Piper’s torso and hooked a leg, only to receive a two count for her trouble.

Not deterred in the least, Scarlett rose to her full 5’4” and kicked Piper over onto her belly. Strutting over to the mewling blonde’s head, Scarlett put both hands on her trim hips before putting her right foot on the back of Piper’s neck and grinding down dismissively. A superior smirk on her pretty face, Scarlett kept grinding her foot, breezing right through the ref’s count only to release the illegal maneuver microseconds before she would have been disqualified. Tuning the annoying drone of the ref, Scarlett pulled Piper to her feet and marched the other blonde over to the edge of the ropes, throwing her chest first on the cables so the taller beauty was hung up on the top cable. Getting a steady grip on Piper’s damp locks, Scarlett positioned her prey so that her eye sockets were resting against the cable.

Leaning in so Piper could hear her, she whispered, “I’m having so much fun Piper are you? I’d hate to think you weren’t enjoying this. Actually come to think of it, I don’t give a shit whether or not you’re enjoying yourself or not!”

Receiving a low groan in response, Scarlett pressed down on the back of her rival’s skull and proceeded to march the full side of the ring, raking Piper’s features against the thinly protected cable that was the rope. Piper thrashed and wailed, but she was unable to get a grip on her tormentor, and her pain only ended when the ref was able to pull Scarlett off of her, scolding the smaller blonde into releasing her hold. Scarlett glared daggers at the ref, really beginning to get annoyed with his meddling. She decided that clocking him wasn’t worth the DQ and turned her aggression on Piper who was only now getting to her knees.

Standing regally over her injured rival, Scarlett chided, “Is the wittle pipsqueak learning what its wike to fight wif a big mean gurl?” Piper looked up then, sneering angrily into Scarlett’s face, but the injured girl was currently in no position to make Scarlett retract her statement. Tired of the reprieve, Scarlett bent down and pulled Piper to her feet, standing the girl on wobbly legs. Piper tried to pull away, but Scarlett held her firm. “No way you’re leaving Piper. You wanna fight like a big shot then you’re gonna get beaten like one. And I LOVE beating up phonies like you."

Simultaneous with her last word, Scarlett wrapped her claw around Piper’s throat and cinched down tight. Right after that, she slammed her captive forward and dropped to one knee at the same time, slamming the back of Piper’s neck into her planted knee with an oddly modified Neckbreaker. Scarlett released her grip and tossed Piper to the canvas before going for the cover, lazily hooking one leg as the ref made his count. Piper might have been hurt, but she was a tough customer and kicked out right after “TWO!”

Running her tongue along her teeth in an unconscious gesture of frustration, Scarlett got to her feet and pulled Piper to her knees. Standing slightly to the side of the kneeling blonde, Scarlett grabbed a double handful of damp blonde hair and pulled Piper’s head into the rough material of her kneepad. Holding her grip firm, Scarlett began grinding her victim’s face back and forth across the pad, abrading Piper’s fine features against the unforgiving material. Scarlett’s confident smile grew a bit more satisfied as she worked this grating maneuver for the better part of a minute before pulling her knee back and rocketing it forward, smashing it into Piper’s temple. Piper went down like a felled tree and she could only groan in weary hurt as Scarlett stood over her, pulling her top back into the places she wanted it, even checking her nails before the cruel blonde returned to the task of dismantling her prey. Scarlett’s eyes filled with a curious anger as she seated herself behind the wounded blonde before pulling her to an awkward sitting position. Kneeling behind her prey, Scarlett buried one hand in Piper’s hair while the other rained blistering slaps across the girl’s unprotected face.

As she went about this demeaning tactic, Scarlett sneered, “Fight me! Fight me or just give up. I didn’t bust my ass getting to this promotion to have my very first main event fight spoiled because the idiot I was paired against wasn’t in my league. Shit I’d settle for Trachtenberg at this point. At least SHE keeps things interesting.”

She concluded by sinking her slapping hand deep into the muscles at the juncture of Piper’s neck and shoulder. Gritting her teeth as she suffered Scarlett’s indignities, Piper was suddenly furious. She had worked too long and too hard to get recognized to have this cruel bitch rip her apart in front of a capacity crowd. Roaring her anger, she bucked and scratched, trying to get free of Scarlett’s poisonous grip. She had just dug her claws into Scarlett’s thighs when her torturer released the Nerve Hold only to slap a temple crushing Face Claw over her vision.

Piper was about to voice her rage when she heard Scarlett’s voice in her ear, “Listen up little girl. You keep fighting and I WILL cripple you. You’re a nothing and no one… do you hear me? NO ONE! Will miss you when you’re gone.”

Piper’s anger finally took control and all she managed to hiss was, “I could say the same of you!”

Then she pushed forward and sank her teeth into Scarlett’s clawing hand. The strawberry blonde wasn’t expecting that kind of tactic and she was shocked into releasing the hold, scooting quickly away from the bigger blonde as she nursed her chewed hand. Furious at being caught flat-footed like that, Scarlett pushed off the canvas and streaked over to where Piper was just getting to her feet. Sidling up next to the slender beauty, Scarlett wrapped both her arms around her skull and pulled Piper’s head into the point of her hip, securing a tight Side Headlock.

Bouncing the hold to increase the pressure, Scarlett hissed, “Don’t you ever bite me …Agaaerrrgghhh!”

She didn’t get to finish saying ‘again’ because Piper got her hands on the small of Scarlett’s back and shoved with all her might, sending the smaller blonde pitching forward, her stumbling lurch not coming to an end until she rammed chest first into the Turnbuckle. Gagging as the air rushed out of her, Scarlett wandered backwards and right into Piper’s clutches! Bending low, Piper slapped a Waist Lock on her foe and muscled her head in between Scarlett’s body and her left arm, the traditional set up for a Back Drop Suplex. Piper stayed with tradition through the lift, holding Scarlett aloft for a moment before she was supposed to fall back and dump her on the canvas. But just as that downward movement began, Piper slipped out from under her victim and slung her free arm across Scarlett’s chest as she began to fall. Piper added her own momentum to Scarlett’s freefall, pushing down with all her weight as she slammed the smaller blonde into the canvas with something that ended up most closely resembling the fabled ‘Rock Bottom’ of yesteryear.

Knowing she wasn’t getting paid by the hour, Piper wasted no time in going for a cover and she came damn close to winning the match then and there, but Scarlett was able to get a shoulder up after “TWO!” Feeling better after having nearly driven Scarlett through the canvas, Piper got to her feet and stalked the other blonde as she got wearily to her feet.

When her gaze met Scarlett’s a second later, Piper mouthed, “C’mon and get me bitch!” inciting a furious Scarlett to charge her with claws extended.

Waiting for the right moment, Piper lunged forward and snaked her arm under one of the incoming limbs. In the blink of an eye, she was falling back and tossing Scarlett easily over her head, using the charging blonde’s own momentum to get the most bang out of the Japanese Arm Drag. Rolling easily to her feet, Piper set herself again as Scarlett recovered and charged once more, the other blonde all the more furious that Piper was even still in the fight at all. Scarlett’s second charge ended much the same as her first, as did the third and fourth attempts, and when she pushed to her feet after the last toss, she had lost much of her former quickness.

Closing in on her dizzy foe, Piper slapped Scarlett, a brazen act of defiance. “What’s wrong slut? Am I too much for your overrated ass to handle?”

Knowing full well that she was being mocked, Scarlett hissed, “You impetuous bitch!”

Scarlett began swinging wildly at the multiple Piper’s she saw dancing in her vision, but tragically she was way off and Piper took full advantage of her disorientation. Slipping behind her foe, she darted forward and gripped Scarlett’s left wrist in her right hand and vice versa. Pulling up and back, she crossed Scarlett’s captured arms across her own face before falling back hard, slamming the full length of Scarlett’s back and head into the mat with her Straightjacket Driver.

Looking to teach Scarlett a little lesson in humility, Piper scooted forward and sat roughly on her rival’s upturned face, grinding her hips lightly as the ref made has count. And as lovely as it would have been for her to finish Scarlett in this manner, the smaller blonde wasn’t going to just allow that embarrassment and she proved it by shoving Piper off her just after “TWO.” Relishing her control over the match, Piper tugged her outfit back into place before sauntering over to Scarlett and pulling the dazed girl to her feet. Getting a grip on Scarlett’s reddish blonde locks, Piper marched her over to the corner, positioning them both so that she her back was to the corner and Scarlett was facing her.

Glaring into Scarlett’s face, Piper hissed evilly, “You wanna break my neck so bad Scarlett go ahead and try. But keep in mind that I’m gonna do my damnedest to snap your spine.”

Ignoring Scarlett’s unintelligible reply, Piper bent low and hooked her captive behind the calves. Holding tight, Piper fell backwards, coming within inches of slamming the back of her skull into the buckles. Instead, Scarlett was hurled over her and it was the smaller blonde went face first into the thinly padded steel. And her punishment wasn’t over yet; when she bounced off the buckles and began to fall back, Piper held her grip and pulled her backwards. As Scarlett began to fall towards her, Piper brought her knees up and planted them, watching with cold satisfaction as Scarlett landed with the small of her back ramming against the planted joint. Her ingenious modification on the Backbreaker has worked perfectly, but Piper didn’t waste any time celebrating, after all, she had a match to win. Shoving Scarlett’s limp, mewling body away, Piper rolled to her feet, stalked over to Scarlett and grabbed her ankles. Lifting them, Piper dragged Scarlett’s protesting butt to the middle of the ring well away from the ropes where she tucked the trapped blonde’s boots under her arms.

Piper looked down and sneered, “No one’s EVER going to forget me Scarlett. I’ll go down in the record books as the woman who broke you in half.”

She turned, flipping Scarlett onto her stomach but instead of just sitting down to complete the Boston Crab, Piper dropped to one knee, driving it down on the small of Scarlett’s sweating back, THEN leaned back as far as gravity would allow, bending her victim to the breaking point with an Elevated Crab old school faithful knew as ‘The Lion Tamer.’ Scarlett was in agony, thrashing wildly on the canvas as she tried to devise an escape to this insidious hold. Roaring an emphatic “NO!” at the zebra when he asked if she wanted to give it up, Scarlett managed to get one of her hands on the bare expanse of Piper’s right calf. Knowing this was her only chance, Scarlett clawed as nastily as she could, a small, reptilian part of her mind hissed in jubilation when she saw the blood start to ooze from Piper’s leg. Reaching deep into her reserves, Scarlett pulled her head forward and up as far as she could before sinking her teeth into her torturers leg.

For a moment there was nothing and Scarlett feared she might have to concede the fight but right as this thought passed through her mind, Piper released the hold and pulled her gnawed leg away from Scarlett’s maw. This was an issue that Scarlett did not press. She was in too much pain to care about hurting Piper right now. Wincing in anger, Piper reluctantly released the Crab if only to be free of the agony in her leg. Surveying the damage from a safe distance, Piper’s fury at Scarlett’s brutal tactics grew exponentially. Wiping the blood off her leg as best she could, Piper stalked over to her nemesis and grabbed hold of her right wrist and ankle. Holding tight, she dragged Scarlett’s weakly thrashing carcass towards the ropes, dropping her prize when she was still a few feet away. Going to the edge of the ring, she slipped through the ropes and made her way long the apron until she was lined up with Scarlett’s prone form.

Gripping the top ropes in both hands, she leaned back and whispered, “You made me bleed Scarlett, so I promise I’ll do the same to you. You’ll be wearing the ol’ crimson mask when this match is over.”

Then she slingshotted herself forward, using the top rope as a springboard to launch herself onto Scarlett in an impressive Body Splash. A collective groan passed through the audience when they saw that Piper hand driven the full weight of her belly onto Scarlett’s upturned face. Apparently the bigger blonde was deadly serious about making her foe bleed. Watching contentedly as the impact jackknifed Scarlett’s body, Piper grabbed one of the flailing limbs and hooked it tight, going for the cover. But Scarlett wasn’t giving in just yet, presenting her rival with another close “TWO” before pulling off the canvas.

Getting her feet under her, Piper pulled Scarlett to her feet, holding the smaller blonde loosely against her as she decided her next move. Fixing a gaze on the ropes, Piper’s eyes lit up and she looked to make her fantasy a reality as she tossed Scarlett towards the cables. Normally when a body encounters the ropes, they bounce off them, but in Scarlett’s abused state, she actually managed to slip through the gap between the top and middle ropes and land awkwardly on the apron. Why she didn’t just tumble through the ropes and land on the floor of the club was anybody’s guess, perhaps fate likes to give the heels a break every now and then.

Regardless. Piper saw her opponent struggling to get to her feet and the slender blonde decided that she didn’t want Scarlett resuming her vertical base. With a low, breathy cry, Piper charged forward, already initiating the Shoulder Block that would knock Scarlett out of the ring and send her crashing to the concrete below. But at the last second, Scarlett’s impressive ring sense returned and she got her talons up and into Piper’s hair as the bigger blonde charged in. In the same instant, Scarlett stepped back and dropped off the apron, dropping Piper’s throat across the top rope in a makeshift Hangman. Piper gagged and fell back, landing on her knees in the middle of the ring as she clutched at her injured windpipe. From her vantage point on the floor, Scarlett knew she didn’t have much time before Piper would shake off the effects of her little surprise attack.

Springing into action, she scrambled back onto the apron and headed to the corner, ascending the turnbuckles with a speed many didn’t think she could’ve mustered at this juncture. Making sure her footing was secure, Scarlett sacrificed a second to make sure her target was still in place. To her infinite relief, Piper was still massaging her throat and only just now beginning to get her feet under her. Not wasting another second, Scarlett leapt off the tope rope, cocking back her elbow before ramming it home into Piper’s forehead in a wicked smash. Piper grunted and collapsed, her long, lean legs failing her as she sprawled gracelessly on the canvas at Scarlett’s feet. Kneeling beside her inured nemesis, Scarlett knew she should be going for the cover, but she didn’t for one simple reason. She wanted to make Piper suffer for the pain she’d put her through. Smoothing her hair back, Scarlett got up in a move that was almost feline before she stalked around her foe, deciding how she wanted to attack next. She scanned up and down Piper’s lean form several times, but ultimately her discerning gaze stopped on the flat plank of Piper’s belly.

Licking her lips in anticipation, Scarlett cooed, “I bet you’ve got a pretty hard stomach Piper. I wonder just what I’ll have to do before it gets all soft and gooey. I bet it’s a lot. I HOPE it’s a lot."

Not getting an answer (truth be told, she probably would’ve ignored it even if she had gotten one) Drawing back a pace or two, Scarlett brought up her booted heel and held it aloft for a second before bringing it whistling down into Piper’s gut. The taller blonde wretched and tried to turn onto her side, but Scarlett wouldn’t let her, moving with the crippled girl to ruthlessly kick her onto her back several times just so she could administer more unprotected shots to her hated adversary’s stomach. After nearly three dozen of these stomps, Scarlett changed tactics, leaping into the air and tucking both toned legs under her butt as she came crashing down, driving the points of both knees into Piper’s navel. After only four of those, the ref thought Piper was going to lose her lunch right there in the ring, but right before he could pull Scarlett away to check on her victim, Scarlett changed tactics again, this time running the ropes before coming back and leaping into the air over her prey, driving all weight downward in an insidious double stomp that forced Piper to twist and jerk spasmodically on the mat.

Brushing the meddlesome ref aside, Scarlett reset her bottoms once more (giving her backside a teasing little slap on the process, a move that drove one side of the arena mad with appreciation for her) and bent low, pulling her limp kneed victim to her feet.

Pulling Piper close, Scarlett brushed a bit if damp hair from the other blonde’s forehead, before speaking in a low, soft tone, “I’m gonna do something I’ve never done before Piper. Because you were a much worthier adversary than I ever thought you’d be, I’m giving you an out. Give up right now and you won’t spend tonight in the hospital. Whaddya say?”

Piper gathered her breath and spat back, “I say go fuck yourself! That’s what I say.”

Scarlett’s nose crinkled in dark humor as she spoke her reply, “That’s good because I was lying. I don’t give twats like you the option of an easy way out.” Before Piper could do anything but squawk in indignation, Scarlett scooped her up and walked her towards the corner. Reaching her appointed destination, Scarlett slammed Piper into the buckles, lacing the taller blonde’s boots tightly over the top rope, thus securing her to the infamous Tree of Woe. Knowing it would only be a matter of moments before the obnoxious ref would start trying to break up her fun, Scarlett dished out as much damage as she could as fast as she could. She started with punches, using Piper’s defenseless abs like a speed bag as she drove fist after fist into the slowly wilting flesh. Then she switched over to a vicious Belly Claw, sinking her needle like fingers in as deep as they could go, twisting and prying with reckless abandon as she tried to force a submission. But alas, all this punishment only took place for the better part of ten seconds before the zebra began his droning five count.

Knowing she could put Piper away if she could make this next move connect, Scarlett moved as quickly as she could. Reaching down, she grabbed hold of Piper’s shoulders and pulled up, muscling the nearly unresponsive blonde up so that she as now sitting with her butt resting on the top turnbuckle, her pain addled face staring blankly out at the audience. That stage of the hold in place, Scarlett turned to face the ring but not before reaching back and hooking both arms up and across Piper’s chin.

Cinching her grip as tight as possible, Scarlett was all smiles as she exploded out of the corner, taking Piper with her in the process. She got a solid three steps behind her before gravity began to take over and when it did, she leapt into the air, adding to the momentum as they both fell to the canvas, Piper’s already injured head, neck and shoulders taking the brunt of the Hangman’s Neckbreaker. Supremely confident that this move had won her the match (the Holy Shit chants seemed to reinforce this point) Scarlett went for the cover and was most righteously pissed when Piper got a shoulder off the canvas at the absolutely last possible instant.

Genuinely surprised for the first time in the conflict, Scarlett pulled off her opponent and stood over her. A slight frown creasing her features, she thought about the best way to finish Piper for good. Sorting through the options quickly, she settled on an old standby and decided it would do just fine. Pulling Piper up by her hair, Scarlett bent the girl over and wrapped her arms around the lanky blonde’s waist, preparing to hoist her into the air to deliver to a spine shattering Powerbomb. But as she pulled Piper into position, her would-be victim drove several quick jabs into her face, stunning the smaller blonde. And before Scarlett even new what was going on, Piper was looping one arm around Scarlett’s neck as she pulled free of the blonde’s shoulders, trapping her in a hastily applied Front Face Lock that in no way weakened the effectiveness of the huge DDT that Piper leveled her with.

As her forehead slammed into the canvas, Scarlett groaned and for several seconds her vision was nothing more than a haze the same shade as her namesake. Her head began to clear a little bit when Piper jerked her to her feet, but her equilibrium was not helped in the slightest when Piper left her feet and drilled them both into the strawberry blonde’s chin with a magnificent Standing Dropkick. Rolling to her knees, Piper took a deep breath, pausing to collect herself as she watched Scarlett’s decimated form sprawled on the mat. Pulling her hair back, the tall blonde rose to her full height and stalked over to her prey.

Looking down, an uncharacteristically sadistic expression crossed over her normally friendly features and she spat, “If you wanted to break my neck, you should have succeeded on your first try. Giving me a chance to retaliate was not smart. Now I get to hurt YOU.”

Ending her reverie, Piper bent down and grabbed a handful of Scarlett’s matted locks. Smiling evilly, Piper pulled the other blonde to her feet only to double her over immediately with a stomach destroying Knee Lift. The force of Piper’s actually lifted the slender blonde off her feet and Scarlett would’ve fallen back to the canvas if Piper hadn’t been there to hold her in place. Enjoying the boneless, wobbly feeling of her rival’s frame, Piper’s lips curled back in a smile that was really more of a snarl and she drove half a dozen more Knee Lifts into Scarlett's helpless belly. After the last one had connected, Piper scooped her limp adversary over her shoulder and held her there for nearly ten seconds before she rose up on her toes and tossed Scarlett down, nearly driving the blonde through the ring with a simple Body Slam. Nodding smugly at the slight wet smear Scarlett left behind upon impact, Piper pulled the smaller girl to her feet and slipped behind her. Ducking low, she stuck her head through Scarlett’s thighs and after securing a tight grip on Scarlett’s knees, she stood up, lifting the other blonde up on her shoulders, holding her there in a rather precarious position. Huffing with exertion (this was easily the longest match she’d ever wrestled) Piper walked forward slowly, plodding toward the edge of the ring.

Stopping with several feet between her and it, Piper called up to her nemesis, “You liked using the ropes to hurt me Scarlett, but you should’ve remembered that they’re equal opportunity punishers. They’ll just as gladly hurt you as long I’ve got a creative way to do it. Tell me what you think of THIS!”

Then she tossed Scarlett off her shoulders, heaving Scarlett forward and down, allowing gravity to drop her foe chest first across the top rope, a remarkably unpleasant landing from the already unpleasant Electric Chair Drop. Surveying Scarlett’s landing, Piper was pleased that the black clad girl had stayed draped over the top rope and not slipped off the cables. Smiling maliciously she whispered, “Perfect” before slipping through the ropes and easing onto the apron, staying as far away from Scarlett as she could. Steadying herself, Piper released her grip on the ropes and sprinted forward, charging at Scarlett’s exposed upper half. When there was little more than a few feet between them, Piper brought her left leg arcing up, looking for all the world like a field goal kicker trying to put one between the uprights from 70 yards.

Unfortunately for Scarlett, her chest was playing the part of the ball this evening and Piper’s punt caught her square between the breasts. There was a sound like a bat hitting a rug and Scarlett snapped back, falling back into the ring and landing already curled into the fetal position, sobbing as she tried to discern whether or not Piper had cracked her sternum. The other blonde was unconcerned with Scarlett’s health at this point; she just wanted to put her away. Staying on the apron, she headed to the corner and climbed to the top rope where, crouching like a bird of prey, she waited patiently until Scarlett got to her feet.

Piper then leapt toward her victim and at the apex of her leap, she extended her right arm, the straightened limb smashing across Scarlett’s chest in a ruinous Flying Clothesline. Knowing Scarlett HAD to be finished, Piper rolled onto rival and hooked both legs, counting along with the ref and fans as he ended the match. But Scarlett wasn’t ready to let the curtain fall on this little human drama just yet and she kicked out just before the “THREE!” was heard. Slapping her hands on the mat in frustration, Piper quelled her fury as best she could. Getting to her feet, she grabbed Scarlett by the hair and pulled the semi-responsive blonde to the middle of the ring.

Stepping around to Scarlett’s feet, Piper grabbed hold of her right leg and sneered, “Everyone goes on and on about how great you are with submissions. I’d like to see you escape THIS ONE!”

She threaded her right leg over Scarlett’s planting her foot so that it was next to Scarlett’s hip, then she bent Scarlett’s trapped leg over her own, resting the strawberry blonde’s shin across her thigh. Holding this somewhat awkward position, Piper turned both her and her victim over so that Scarlett was now resting on her stomach. In a flash, Piper had fallen forward, taking care to Scissor Scarlett’s twisted leg between her own gams. As she was doing this, Piper slipped both her hands around the front of Scarlett’s face and pulled back, cinching in a painfully simple Crossface. Jiggling her grip to make sure the Crossface was secure, Piper completed the hold by rolling onto her back, bending Scarlett in a horrible upside down U shape. Every synapse in Scarlett’s body was screaming for the tortured blonde to submit, the Inverted STF was too deadly a move to endure for very long. But Scarlett’s gift (sometimes she believed it was a curse) was her ability to force her body to comply with her will and she staved off submission, at least for as long as it took for her to open her mouth and then clamp down like a Pit-bull on Piper’s hand. Piper screamed in surprised agony and the tall blonde let the hold go, if only to stop the pain in her hands.

Scowling hatefully as she shook off the pain, Piper whispered, “You’re not gonna live to regret that.”

She hauled Scarlett to her feet. Granting no quarter, Piper whipped Scarlett into the ropes and waited for her to return, ducking low in anticipation of hitting the smaller blonde with a Back Body Drop. But Scarlett’s escape from the STF had galvanized her and the clever grappler had a counter attack prepared. With no room between them, she grabbed a double handful of Piper’s and jumped into the air. At the apex of her leap, she bent her legs and fell to one knee, driving Piper’s exposed face into the unforgiving joint. The Facebuster variation caught Piper flat-footed and she let out a pained “OOOFFF!” as she was knocked upright by the strong blow. Staggering around in a drunken circle she was an easy target for the recovered Scarlett who was feeling more than a little vindictive. Grinding up against her opponent’s back, Scarlett slapped a Half Nelson on Piper’s right side before using her left hand to capture the other blonde’s right wrist and pull it roughly across Piper’s throat. Cinching in the Cobra Clutch,

Scarlett cooed breathlessly in Piper’s ear, “I LOVE this hold. There’s so many things I can do with it…and this is just ONE of many variants I’ll show you before I’m through.”

She jerked up as hard as she could, the force of her lift sending Piper’s feet trailing out in front of her. As her victim began to descend, Scarlett dropped down, flinging her legs out behind her to add more force to her fall. The effect was a sort of Cobra Clutch Slam that drove the back of Piper’s head and shoulders into the mat from a diabolical height. Feeling her opponent go limp in her grip, Scarlett temporarily forgot about the promise to make her foe suffer and she went for the cover, hooking the leg tightly as the ref made his count.

He got as close to THREE as one can without reaching it, but wrestling is neither horseshoes nor hand grenades so the match continued. Unwilling to believe that her slam hadn’t finished Piper; Scarlett pulled to the protesting girl to a sitting position and snuggled in behind her. Cinching on the Cobra Clutch again, Scarlett twisted hard, turning Piper onto her belly. Now sitting comfortably on her victim’s back, Scarlett planted her feet and leaned back as far as she could, single minded in her purpose to snap Piper in two with the torturous hold. She’d held her position on Piper’s back for a few seconds but grew frustrated when she heard the deafening emptiness of Piper not submitting.

Her temper finally wearing out, Scarlett jerked her hold violently back and forth, demanding, “GIVE THE FUCK UP, PERABO!”

Trapped in the hellish prison of Scarlett’s talons, the only thing that kept Piper from submitting was the thought of having her first Main Event outing ended in such an ignominious fashion. Screaming out her pain and frustration, Piper surged forward once, twice, three times, the last desperate lurch culminating with her hand grabbing the bottom rope and shaking it wildly, making sure the ref couldn’t miss her impending escape. Suddenly furious with Piper’s stubborn refusal to see her place in the scheme of things, Scarlett slammed the other blonde’s face down as she released the hold, bouncing her skull off the canvas with a dull little thud in the process. Ignoring the ref (knowing damn well she’d released the Clutch before five) Scarlett grabbed hold of Piper’s ankles and yanked her back into the center of the ring, grating the taller blonde’s upper thighs along the canvas as she did so. Reaching her destination, Scarlett dropped the sweating limbs and stalked over to Piper’s head. Placing her hands on her thighs, Scarlett gave the sinewy muscles an ominous rub down before she sat down with a leg extended on either side of Piper’s neck. Grabbing another handful of hair, Scarlett yanked Piper’s head up and snaked her thighs shut around the other blonde’s head, taking special care to make sure her victim’s mouth and nose were snuggled firmly against her groin.

Her face glowing with cruel rapture, Scarlett looked down into Piper’s frantic eyes with an expression usually reserved for art critics viewing their favorite piece as, brushing several locks of hair off Piper’s fevered forehead, Scarlett ground her hips forward in a tight little circle and purred, “This is where your head goes SNAP, CRACKLE, POP! Piper. Look into my eyes as you go and remember who beat you tonight.”

Black spots flitting across her vision, Piper refused to end this match with her face buried in the other blonde’s center. Drawing in her last bit of air (and quite a lot of Scarlett’s scent) she managed to crane her neck to the right and absolutely bury her teeth in Scarlett’s thigh and hold on tight. An inferno raced up Scarlett’s leg and she threw back her head, letting out a hideous shriek of pain as she tried to free herself from Piper’s maw, beating wild, flailing slaps against the other blonde’s head. It took several of these shots, but Scarlett finally forced Piper to relent and the second she was free, Scarlett scrambled away, getting slowly to her feet to ascertain the damage done by Piper’s chewing.

Seeing a small but steady flow of blood trickling from her gnawed leg, Scarlett looked up quickly, fixing her stare on the slowly rising Piper. The expression on Scarlett’s face didn’t really go with the scenario. The blonde looked serene, almost kind. Those who didn’t know her well would have said she looked peaceful. But those who did know her would have been terrified. If Michelle Trachtenberg had been anywhere near ringside to see that look, she would have screamed for Piper to head for the hills while she still could.

Unfortunately, this bit of wisdom was left unsaid and seconds later Scarlett surged forward, maneuvering herself behind the taller blonde in a delightfully sinuous movement. Not bothering to taunt any more, Scarlett fell back on one of her favorite holds. Quickly she applied the Half Nelson on Piper’s left side while she used her free right hand to grip Piper’s left wrist and draw it across her throat. She was a microsecond from having the Cobra Clutch locked in again when Piper brought her foot up and then rocketing down, smashing Scarlett’s unguarded feet. The smaller blonde cried out and stumbled back, everything but her damaged foot temporarily forgotten. But Piper hadn’t forgotten Scarlett’s threat about her neck and she was more than ready to try and return the favor.

Taking a step back, she reached over her shoulder and grabbed Scarlett by the head. Pulling her close, she tucked Scarlett’s chin against her shoulder while securing a Three Quarter Face Lock (basically a headlock applied only to the top of Scarlett’s head). With a decided lack of emotion, Piper charged forward, sprinting toward the corner with Scarlett still in tow. As she neared the corner, Piper continued at full speed, running up the turnbuckles while she was still clutching at Scarlett’s head. As she cleared the top buckle, Piper used her momentum to float gracefully over Scarlett’s head where she seemed to hang for a second before her weight pulled her over Scarlett, the taller blonde falling hard to the mat on the full length of her torso.

Tragically for Scarlett, Piper maintained her grip during this fall so as she started to fall, she was yanked off her feet as well, only to be driven viciously into the mat, her head, shoulders and upper back taking the brunt of the amazing Inverted DDT variant that Piper had dubbed ‘The Ugly Coyote.’ (Why it was called this was a heated topic of debate among those who cared). Regardless of its nomenclature, the move all but destroyed Scarlett and she lay spread out on the mat as Piper wearily draped herself over Scarlett, the bigger girl barely able to hook the leg as the ref started to count.

Everyone in the arena thought the 3 was inevitable, but I seem to recall saying the move had almost destroyed Scarlett, not completely destroyed her and she proved as much by rolling a shoulder weakly off the canvas before the third slap of the mat. Lying exhausted on the canvas, Piper couldn’t believe the fight wasn’t over yet. Silencing the screams of her agonized joints, the limber blonde pushed to her feet as Scarlett was getting to hers.

Locking eyes for what would turn out to be the last time in the contest, Scarlett said wearily, “You got too fancy Piper, simple always works best.”

Almost before the words were out of her mouth, she charged forward and blasted her foot up, trying to destroy Piper with the Low Blow. But as her foot was sailing towards its target, Piper stepped back and caught her boot in midair. Holding Scarlett on one foot, Piper stared down her nemesis and hissed, “So I’m learning.”

She tossed the foot aside and fired her own punt while Scarlett was still off balance. Her shot to the trunks connected with a muffled thud that was almost impossible to hear over Scarlett’s roar of pain. Before the smaller blonde could fall back, Piper lunged forward and caught her, spinning her around in one deft movement. Grabbing a handful of hair, Piper bent Scarlett backwards, trapping her chin under Piper’s left armpit as if for a Dragon Sleeper. But instead of a submission, Piper used her free hand to cinch up a handful of black briefs. Pausing only to set her footing, Piper hauled up and backwards, less than a second away from ending the mat with her finisher, a diabolical Inverted Suplex that transitioned into a Stunner, she called it ‘The Ripple Effect.’

But as Scarlett sailed over her captor, the smaller blonde focused her thoughts and pulled back as hard as she could, managing to slip free of Piper’s grasp and land right behind her. Before the bigger blonde could turn around, Scarlett had locked on the Cobra Clutch and was sprinting forward in great loping strides. After about four such steps, she leapt into the air and came down, driving Piper face first into the mat with one of her finishers, a Cobra Clutch Bulldog with the esoteric name of ‘Red Sky at Morning.’ With Piper locked up in the Clutch, she was unable to get her hands up to protect her face and took the full force of the drop on her chin and cheek. Sighing with pleasure, Scarlett felt the bigger blonde go limp in her grasp, but she didn’t want the pin; now that Piper was helpless, she wanted to have some fun…at least a few seconds worth before the useless ref decided to end the match. Kicking Piper onto her stomach, Scarlett stood at her opponent’s feet and struck a subtly dominant pose, hands on hips.

Scarlett purred to the crowd, “I don’t think this dumb bitch has been inoculated. Sucks for her don’t it?”

The mob replied that it did suck, but none of them were willing to help the fallen blonde out. Taking her time, Scarlett made a final adjustment to her rumpled trunks before she went to work. Bending down, she grabbed Piper’s ankles and folded them over, crossing them at the ankles. First stage complete, Scarlett sat down, placing the full weight of her butt atop Piper’s crossed limbs, pinning her helplessly to the canvas. Demonstrating her love for basic wrestling holds used in brutal new ways, Scarlett proceeded to yank Piper’s left arm up and behind her in a Hammerlock, forcing it between the downed girl’s shoulder blades. Finishing the hold, Scarlett used her free hand to grab hold of Piper’s right wrist and snaked the trapped blonde’s right arm under her jaw. Scarlett smiled; it was all about to come together. All she had to do was lean back and that’s what she did, pulling back with all her remaining strength; annihilating Piper’s knees, back and shoulders while simultaneously choking her with her own arm!

As ‘Scarlett Fever’ ravaged what remained of Piper’s will, the sheer fiendish genius of the hold became apparent to those who’d never witnessed it before. Scarlett had effectively tied up all of her opponent’s limbs, making it impossible for her to physically tap out. And with Piper’s own arm cinched tightly across her throat, she couldn’t nod her head or even voice her surrender verbally. Scarlett’s sadistic mind had fashioned a submission hold where the victim had no choice but to endure the pain until she passed out. There was literally no escape from the Scarlett Fever, not until it’s mistress was satisfied that was. The ref was watching closely and after less than thirty seconds, he saw Piper’s eyes close and the blonde slumped ever so slightly forward. Recognizing that she’d finally gone unconscious, he signaled for the bell, declaring Scarlett the winner. Releasing the choke, Scarlett, stayed seated on Piper’s legs for just a moment before pushing gracefully to her feet. Blatantly ignoring the whine of the referee, she sauntered over to the edge of the ring and motioned for the Ring Announcer to hand her a mic. Second later her wish was granted and she headed back to the center of the ring.

The zebra flitted into her line of sight once more and Scarlett finally had enough, belting the oblivious clod upside the head with the mic, the blonde watching contentedly as he crumpled to the mat in a heap. Continuing on her way, Scarlett stood over the conquered Piper before planting her foot between her shoulder blades and leaning down to grip the beaten girl’s right wrist, pulling the limb back across Piper’s throat once more. Holding her choke firmly, Scarlett fixed her gaze on the entryway and brought the microphone to her lips.

Speaking in a low, soothing voice, Scarlett purred, “Now that you all now what I’m capable of, I feel no qualms about making you aware of a great injustice that has been handed to me. But before I air my grievance, I need to invite out the only person who can change this travesty. None other than our wonderful boss, Richard Fannin. And Rich, I’d suggest you get out here quick, I don’t know how much more tugging Piper’s arm and neck can stand.”

She lowered the mic then and waited, watching the entrance expectantly. For almost a minute nothing happened, then just when everyone thought Scarlett’s request was going to be ignored, the speakers spat a burst of static and the ominous, yet somewhat melancholy opening chords of 311’s ‘You Wouldn’t Believe’ thrummed to life. Scarlett looked puzzled as this wasn’t the music for anyone that she was aware of, but her confusion melted away when Richard Fannin pushed through the curtain and made his presence felt, nodding to the fans that cheered his sudden appearance. Smiling as the chorus blasted on around him, he made the universal ‘cut the music’ gesture and then looked towards the ring and Scarlett. Bringing his own mic up, he saluted, “Hiya Scarlett. Like my new music? I figure everybody else has a theme so I should have one too. But anyhow, that’s an impressive win you got yourself there. What can I do for you?”

Tightening her grasp on Piper’s wrist, Scarlett leveled her gaze on the promoter and said, “I’ll make this remarkably simple Rich. That Triple Threat Rookie of the Year match you announced earlier is a joke. Bledel and Chabert aren’t fit to lick my boots, and Michelle Trachtenberg has licked my boots on several occasions. Simply put; I WANT IN. And if you don’t put me in the match, I’ll snap this tramp’s neck right now.”

Smiling slightly, Fannin said, “Now, now; there’s no need to cripple her. Let her loose; I’ll add your name to the contract.” Scarlett regarded him with suspicion, but finally as she was bade. “There. That wasn’t so hard was it?” he asked.

Smirking, Scarlett replied, “Hell, if I knew it’d be that easy, I’d have just ASKED for a title shot. I thought you had some backbone…but I guess not!”

Fannin’s smile grew wider. “Oh it’s there all right Red. I’ve got another announcement to make, so perhaps you should just shut up and listen…after all it involves you.” Scarlett was quiet then. She didn’t like the cold tone the promoter had just taken with her. Still staring at the victorious blonde, Fannin continued, “Lacey, Alexis, Michelle, I hope you’re listening to this. The Triple Threat match is now a Fatal Four Way, same rules apply, winner still gets the same prize, but I’ve added a little incentive. I’ll throw an extra 10 grand to whichever of you pins Red here. Or makes her submit, I don’t care. And to make things even more interesting, should more than one of you be involved in the effort that removes Miz Scarlett from the match, say two or even all three of you, for that matter, I’ll give you EACH ten grand. That sound like adequate compensation for dealing with this mouthy ingrate?”

Scarlett’s face went several shades paler upon hearing Fannin’s proclamation and she spoke her next words very low and very cold. “ Make things as unfair as you want Fannin. I’ll still tear those three sluts apart.”

Rich looked nonplused, “No Scarlett, what’s not fair is you using a beaten girl to leverage yourself into a fight that isn’t yours. I don’t respond well to blackmail; you should’ve known that. Whether you like it or not, you and everyone in that locker room is going to learn that this is MY game and my rules. And I’m more than willing to fight fire with fire these days. Be warned Scarlett, I‘ve got a head full of ideas that you wouldn‘t believe.”

Then she turned and went back through the curtain, leaving an exhausted Scarlett to start planning how she was going to survive the onslaught of three very highly motivated young ladies.